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Nash, Frederick, enl. 27 Mar., 1863; dis. 11 May, 1864. Born in

Nash, William, enl. 25 May, 1863; dis. 13 July, 1864. Born in

Naudin, Theodore F., enl. 11 Apr., 1863; deserted 21 Dec, 1863.
Born in Bloomingdale, N. Y.

Nichaus, John, enl. 9 Apr., 1863 ; dis. 22 Apr., 1864. Born in Ham-
burg, Germany.

Nichols, Edwin W., enl. 13 Apr., 1863 ; dis. 12 Apr., 1864. Bom in
Providence, R. I.

Nolan, Charles, enl. 29 May, 1863 ; dis. 28 May, 1864. Born in Ire-

Nolan, Charles P., enl. 3 Apr., 1863. Born in Newcastle, Me.

Nolan, Daniel, enl. 15 June, 18(53; dis. 6 Aug., 1864. Born in Ire-

Nolan, William, enl. 28 May, 1863; dis. 13 July, 1884. Born in
Damariscotta, Me.

Norwood, Charles N., enl. 9 June, 1863; dis. 26 July, 1864. Born
in Hampden, Me.

Nurse, Wtlltam, enl. 1 Apr., 1863; deserted 4 Mar., 1865. Born in

Additional Records,

Including Danvers residents who served in out of state
organizations, and present residents not natives nor
citizens of Danvers prior to 1865.

Edward Rogers,

m. 22 July, 1864, Co. E, 5th
Inf.; dis. 16 Nov., 1864.
Credited to Marlboro.

1). Danvers. 28 Sept.. 1846; son of
William (b. Salem. 14 Feb.. 1814)
and Susan Jane (Reed), b. Danvers.
11 May. 1S64) Alley; d. at Marl-
boro, 9 Jan.. 1895.

AMES. (Eames.)
Daniel Bradford.

m. 5 July, 1861, Co. 1, 1st H.
A. ; dis. '28 Dec., 1864, disa-

On the rolls this man is given as
aged 40. of Danvers on first enlist-
ment. He is again given as Eames,
aged 19, of North Bridgewater, and
as enl. same organization, 12 Dec,
1863. "Out" is the same.

Roswell D.,
ra. 24 Mar., 1865, Co. C, 1st
Batt., Me., Inf. ; dis. 5 Apr.,

1). Winthrop, Me.
mander. Post 90.
Lives in Danvers.

Past Com-


m. 9 Aug., 1862, Co. K, 17th
Inf.; dis. 22 May, 1865, ex.
term. Credited to Danvers.

Resided in Danvers;
Lives Joliet, 111.

set. 22 at enl.

George F.,
m. 28 Sept., 1861, Co. G, 23rd
Inf. ; wagoner ; dis. 6 Aug.,

1862, disability.

Aged 47 at enl. ; " of Beverly, stone-
mason." On hospital rolls "Dan-
vers." A George T. Bragdon. shoe-
maker, died in Danvers, 29 Mar..

1863, set. 52. a native of Shapleigh.
Me. ; buried in Beverly. Left one


Additional family record. He was
born 15 Aug., 1835; now lives Grand
View. Jackson Co., Mo. Son of
Stephen and Judith N. (Peaslee.
not Clark) Burton; m. Ahbie M.
Elliott at Danversport. Ch. : James
E., b. Peabody, 11 Nov.. 1802.
Alice P., b. 17 Dec, 1865. Asa. b.
Woodville. X. 11.. 18 Nov., 1S75.
Eulan, b. 28 Oct., 1877. Helen A..
1). 18 Apr . 1880.


Frank M.,

m. 6 Oct., 1864, Co. M, 2d
Maine, Cav.; dis. 10 Oct.,
1865, ex. term. Residence at
enl. Shapleigh, Me.

Lives in Danvers.

Benjamin P.,

m. 24 Aug., 1861, 3d Inf.. N.
H. V. ; trans. 28 Oct., 1863,
to U. S. Signal corps, dis. 24
Aug., 1864. Credited to
Rochester, N. H.



(Colcord Continual.)
b. Oldtown, Me., 22 May. 1836; son
of Noah E. ;ind Belinda (Canney)
Colcord of Tuftonboro, N. II-: m.
Annie S. Kirk of New Albany, [nd.
Oh.: Melvin V.. b. 6 Nov., L879.
Susan, b. 28 -May. 1882. Now a
planter at Beresford, Fla. Lives in



Additional record. He was 1>. in
Cork, Ireland, Apr., 1800; d. 7 Apr.,
1877; m. 1st, Bessie Fanning: in.
2d, Marg't O'Reilly. Oh., by 2d w. ;
Mary E., b. 10 Nov., 1845; m. Thos.
R. McDermott, q. v. Thomas, b. 10
Nov., 1845, d. y. Julia A. Mar-
garet. James I). Winifred T.
Thomas F. Elizabeth.


Benjamin P.,

m. 25 May, 18(51, Co. B, 2d
Inf.; dis. 21 Feb., 18(33, disa-

1). Shapleigh, Me. Lives in Dan-


Benjamin M.,

m. 14 Oct., 1861, Co. G, 1st

Maine Cav. ; dis. 25 Nov.,
1864. b. Hartford, Conn.

Lives in Salem; lived in Danvers
a hunt 1870-80.

Webster S.,

m. 29 Feb., 1864, Co. E. 31st
Maine Inf.; dis. 15 July,

Now lives in Danvers; 1>. Edmunds,

William T.,

in. 23 May, 1861, Go. A, 1st
Inf.; dis. 23 May, 1864, as


Horn in North Reading; lives in
Danvers. Last Commander, Lost


Putnam T.,

m. 18 May, 1851, Co. D, 8th
Inf. : dis. 1 Aug., 1861, ex.
term. Credited to Salem.

ML 24 ai enl. Co. I. 8th was the
famous Salem Zouaves: ('apt. Ar-
thur L Devereux, formerly Co. A.

7th M. M. Now lives in Danvers.


Additional information. He was

horn in Dublin, Feb., 1841. Now
lives in Danvers. His mother's
maiden name was RuRsell. The
correct dates of birth of children,
are .lames, b. 23 Feb., 1866. John
IL, b. 14 Apr., 1867. Charles D., b.
16 July, 1869. Wm. F., b. 3 Mar.,
1872. Jos. R., b. 29 Sept., 1873.
He was in forty-four battles and


Additional information. He was
born 17 Mar., 1844, at Dublin, lie
was appointed corporal April, 1864;
sergeant Sept., 1864. He was
wounded twice, in 1864, face and
knee. His wife's name is Cather-
ine E. Loftus. < h. : John Han-
cock, b. 22 May, 1887. Fred'k Bean,
b. 15 Oct., 1889.

Hesays "after the battle of Cold
Harbor, our regiment numbered IS
men and a sergeant. I was
wounded in that battle. When I
returned to my regiment at the bat-
tle of Reams Station, when the bat-
tle was over, I counted twenty-nine
guns in our regiment." The regi-
ment was armed with the Enfield
rifle and consequently were con-
stantly called upon for skirmishing

William Winslow, (M. D.,)

in. 27 June, 1862, asst. sur-
geon, 16th Me. Inf. : dis. 15
June, I860.

b. Brunswick, Me., 26 May, 1836; son
of William Eaton; m. 1865, Agnes
II. Magoun of Brunswick. Lives in
Danvers. Last Commander, Lost




m. 19 Nov., 1864, Co. A, 32d
Inf. ; dis. 4 June, 1865.

b. Yarmouth, X. 8.. 1844; son of
John and Susan (Perry) Ellis; m.
at Danvers, 8 June, 18(34, Mary E.
Raymond, b. Danvers, 1846.
Buried in Danvers.


m. 8 June, 1861, Battery G,
2d U. S. Artillery ; reenl. 22
Feb., 1864; dis. 22 Feb.,
1867, ex. term.

On hospital rolls, reference to Dan-
vers. His first enl. was at Boston ;
no credit; his second credit to New
York. No further information.

Willard P.,

m. 13 Sept., 1862, Co. B, 42d
Inf. ; reenl. ; final dis. 27
June, 1865, from 16th Lt.

b. Holliston; lives
Past Com. Post 90.

in Danvers.

Lewis Ebenezer,

Additional record. He appears al-
so as Ebenezer L. ; m. 18 Dec, 1868,
Sarah J., dan. of Robert and Mar-
garet Finley.

John H.,

m. 22 June, 1861, Co. D, 12th
Inf. ; dis. 1 Apr. 1863, disa-

b. Danvers.
Lives in Danvers.



m. 5 Sept., 1861, Co. H, 7th
Conn. ; dis. 4 Sept., 1864.

b. Mansfield. Conn.; lives in Dan-

Joseph W.,

m. 22 July, 1861, Co. A, 17th
Inf. ; dis. 8 May, 1862, disa-

b. Charlestown. Lives in Danvers.



m. 25 Sept., 1861, Co. C, 20th
N. Y. Inf. ; dis. 29 Jan., 1866.

b. Blenheim, N. Y. Lives in Dan-

Walter R.,

m. 17 Apr., 1861, Co. I, 1st
R. I. Inf.; dis. 1 Aug., 1861;
reenl. R. I.

b. Charlestown, R. I. Lives in Dan-

Frank Henry,

m. 1 Sept., 1862, Co. E, 11th
N. H. V. corp. ; sergt. ; 1st
sergt. ; dis. 13 July, 1865. 0.
W. dept.

b. Hampstead, 19 Oct., 1843; son of
Nathaniel Hale and Almira (Tuks-
bury) Little of Hampstead, N. H. ;
m. Helen Matilda Dow of Atchin-
son, N. H. ( !h. : Ernest Hale, b.
18 Apr., 1870; Frank Werter, b. 20
Aug., 1872; Helen Josephine, b. 3
Nov., 1873; John C. b. 29 June,
isTr.; Geo. Henry, b. 2S Nov., 1870;
Emma Louisa, b. 24 Mar., 1878;
Marv Eliz., b. 30 June, 1880; Hattie
Atwood, b. 23 Dec, 1882; Henry
Curtis, b. 12 Feb., 1885; Minnie Al-
mira, b. 13 Oct.. 1SSG; Jay Carle-
ton, b. 22 July, 1891. Now a resi-
dent of Danvers Centre, Mass.


Daniel W.,

m. 5 Jan., 1865, Co. H, 61st
Inf. ; dis. 16 July, 1865, as

b. Andover. Lives in Danvers.



(Lovejoy Continued.)
Walter S.,
m. 11 May, 1861, Co. F, 2d
Inf., corp. ; dis. 6 July, 1861 :
m. 3 Aug., 1861, Co. C, 19th
Inf. ; dis. 28 Aug., 1861.

1). 25 Aug., 1831, at South Danvers;

son of Walter and Mary (Barrett)
Lovejoy; m. Anna H. Mailey. Ch.:
Mary Anna, b. 2 Am;.. 1804; Edw.
Franklin, b. 1 Mar., 1863. First
enl. recorded as Win. S. Love joy.
Lives in Danvers.

Thomas Riley,
m. 30 May, 1862, Co. H, 12th
N. Y. Inf.; dis. 8 Oct., 1862 ;
m. 30 June, 1863, Co. G, 12th
N. Y. Inf.; clis. 30 July,
1863; m. 27 Nov., 1863. Co.
E, 2dN.H. Inf.; dis. 14 June.
1865, on account of wounds.
Taken prisoner at Harper's
Ferry, 15 June, 1862.
Wounded 30 June, 1864, at

b. Sligo, Ireland, 29 Sept., 1845; son
of Patrick and Winifred (Manning)
McDermott; m. Danvers, 10 Nov.,
1868, Mary Ellen Coleman, dan. of
David and Margaret (O'Reilly)
Coleman, b. 10 Xov., 1845. Ch. :
b. all in Danvers. Winifred C, b.

25 Oct., 1869; James M., b. 19 May,
1872; Thos. P., b. 2 April, 1874;
Francis J., b. 5 July, 187(5; Michael
E., b. 25 Sept., 1878; d. 24 July,
1879; Edw. E., b. 17 May, 1880; d.

26 Jan., 1882; Mary V., b. 15 Aug.,
1882; Annie J., b. 18 Dec, 1883.
Past Commander, Post 90. Lives
in Danvers.


m. 18 Apr., 1861, Co. D, 11th

Inf.; dis. 24 June, 1864.


b. Ireland, lives Danvers.

Elbridge M.,

m. Sept., 1862, Co. C, 11th
N. H. ; dis. 12 June, 1865.

b. Lynn, Mass. ; lives at Danvers

George M.,

Enl. 14 Feb., 1865, Co. A. 1st
Batt'v Arty.; dis. 20 Oct.,

b. Safford, Me.; d. 31 July, 1887:
buried in Danvers. He was a res-
ident of Danvers prior fo the war.

John W.,

m. 29 Aug., 1864, 29th unat-
tached Co. H. A.; dis. 16
June, 1865.

1>. Salem, lives Danvers.

Patrick Henry,

m. 5 July, 1861, Co. E, 14th
Inf. ; taken prisoner at Pet-
ersburg, Va., 22 June. 1864;
dis. 10 Jan., 1865.

b. Ireland. Escaped from Confed-
erate prison. Lives in Danvers.
Past Commander, Post 90.


George A.,

m. 20 Mar., 1865, Co. K, 14th

Maine Inf. ; dis. 28 Aug.,

1865 ; of Canaan, Me.

1>. Nova Scotia. Lives in E. Dan-
vers. Never married.

Henry A.,

m. 8 Sept., 1862, Co. B, 8th
Inf.; dis. 7 Aug., 1863.

Formerly Danvers resident, now
lives in Topstield.


John N.,

m. 21 Aug., 1862, Co. A, 48fch
Inf. ; dis. 7 Aug., 1863, ex.

b. Newburypoi't. Lived at Danvers.
after the war.


JohnC. H.,

m. 21 Aug., 1862, Co. F, 12th
N. H. ; dis. 21 June, 1865.
b. Epsom, N. H. Lives in Danvers.




Charles Frank,

m. 1861, Co. E, 6th Inf. ; dis.

16 Apr., 1862. Reenl.

b. Salem. Lives E. Darners.
Harvey H.,

m. 3 May, 1864, Co. C, 3d un-
attached Co., Mass. ; dis. 5
Aug., 1864 : credited to Ames-

b. Newburyport. Lives in Danvers.
l'ast Commander, Post 90.

Henry H.,

m. 21 July, 1864, Co. D, 8th

Inf.; reenl. 17 Sept., 1864, 2d

H. A. ; dis. 26 June, 1865,

Credited to Topsfield.

b. Topsfield. Lives in Danvers.
Past Commander. Post 90.

Samuel S.,

m. 23 May, 1861, Co. H, 1st
Inf. sergt. ; dis. 28 May,
1864, ex. term, as sergt. ;
Credited to No. Chelsea.

b. Xo. Chelsea. Past Commander
of Post 90. Lives in Danvers.

Jeremiah H.,

m. 31 Oct., 1861, 1st Maine

Cav., sergt. ; dis. 1861.

b. Danvers. resident of Shapleigh,
Me., at time of enlistment. Mt. 29.
m. Dorothy Joy.

James W.,

m. 27 Sept., 1861, Co. B, 8th
Conn.; dis. 15 Feb., 1863,

Mt. 34 at enl. "of Enrield, Conn."
Danvers resident. Now lives at
Thompsonville, Conn.


George J., (Rev.)

m. 11 Nov., 1862, 42d Inf.,
Chaplain; dis. 20 Aug., 1863.

b. Framingham; lived in Danvers
now lives in Essex .

J. Warren,

m. 28 Feb.. 1865, Co. E, 2d
Mass. Cav. ; dis. 20 July,
1865. Credited to Newbury-

b. set. IS at enl. Lives at Danvers-

Dennison F.,

m. 12 Feb., 1862, Co. K, 7th
Vermont; dis. 15 May, 1865.

b. Roxbury, lives in Danvers.



m. 21 Oct., 1861, Co. II, 5th
N. H. Inf.; dis. 6 Apr., 1863,
on account of wounds.

b. Wolfboro, N. II. Lives Danvers-


William H., (Rev.)

m. 29 July, 1861, Co. G, 3d
N. H. private ; dis. 2 Aug.,
1862 as major.

1>. Exeter, Me. Lives in Danvers.
Past Dept. Com. of X. II.


m. 19 Sept., 1862, Co. B, 5th

Mass., corp. ; dis. 2 July, 1863.

b. So. Scituate. Lives in Danvers.
Past Com. Post 90.

Charles F.,

m. 2 Feb., 1865, Co. I, 61st
Inf. : dis. 2 Aug., 1865.

1). Boston. Lived in Danvers;
moved 181)4; now in Haverhill.


m. 25 July, 1832, Co. E, 23d
Inf. ; dis. 28 Sept., 1864 ; re-
enl. 16 July, 1865, V. R. C. ;
dis. 15 Jan., 1866.

b. Vinenia. Me. Lives in Danvers.


WOOD (Woo< I Continued.)

William H., ''■ Cornwallis X S.. 12 June, 1818;

< r\ loci n T r „,,, d. Danvers, 23 Aug., 1894; son <»l

m. 4 Dec, lnbl, Co. iv, 24th William II. and Margaret (Butler)

Inf.; dis. 23 Apr., 1863, disa- Wood; m. Martha, A. Murton of

i-i-j. r« j. o x> Cornwallis. \. S. Cn. : Fernando,

bility. Credited to So. Bos- b. 19 Dec, L859; Qriana P., b. 24

ton. June. 1862; Win. <>., b. 23 Sept.,

1864. Came to Danvers about 1889.

*In reply to a letter sent out by the Adjutant General, dated 9 Dec.,
1865, seeking information as to the character and behaviour of dis-
charged soldiers, etc., the following answer was returned from Danvers.

" The soldiers who have enlisted from this town have, on the whole,
come back better men than when they entered the service. Up to
this time none have been convicted of crime, and those who, before en-
tering the army, were addicted to intoxication have some of them re-
formed, and almost all drink less. So far as we know they have gone
to work immediately, and no families are in better circumstances than
those of the soldiers."

(Signed) J. A. Putnam, for the Selectmen.

Brief Historical Sketches of Organizations of which
I )anvers Men Formed a Part.

1st Regiment Infantry.

Composed chiefly of the 1st Reg. M. V. M. and left camp the 15th
of June, 1861 ; passed through Baltimore, the 17th of June and ar-
rived at Washington the same day.

It was engaged at Bull Run, the 21st of July, 1861 ; at Williamsburg,
Fair Oaks, Glendale, Malvern Hill, Kettle Run, 2nd Bull Run, Chantilly
and Fredericksburg, in 1862, and at Chancellorsville, Gettysburg and
Locust Grove, in 1863. In August, September and October it was on
garrison duty in New York Harbor. Engaged in the Wilderness and
Spottsylvania Court House in 1864. Mustered out the 28th of May, 1864.

This regiment lost 171 men killed, and 643 discharged for disabil-
ity. At Chaucellorsville, Stonewall Jackson was killed by his own
men while reconnoitring, but the 1st Mass. claimed that on that very
day a party of rebel officers approached their lines so closely, thinking
them rebels, and under the conditions described by Jackson's party
that they were enabled to open fire at close range. They elaimed that
Jackson was wounded by that fire.

This was the first three year volunteer regiment that reached Wash-

2nd Regiment Infantry.

Mustered in the 11th of May, 1861, and left the state the 8th of
July, 1861, and that year was engaged at Jackson, Va. In 1862 it
was at Mont Royal, Winchester, Cedar Mountain, Antietam and
Fredericksburg, and in 1863 at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, and
like the 1st was ordered to New York City for the suppression of the
draft riots, in the late summer of 1863. In 1864 it was a part of
Sherman's army in his march through Georgia.

A great many of this regiment re-enlisted. Mustered out the 14th
of July, 1865. Passed through Richmond the 11th of May, 1865, on
the march home from the South, where they had taken part in Sher-
man's campaign in the Carolinas.

5th Regiment, M. V. M.

It was out for three months in 1861, taking part in the Battle of Bull
Run, and upon the call for troops for nine months, volunteered as an
organization and went into camp at Wenharn. In Oct., 1862, it was
ordered to Newbern, N. O, where it took part in the various engage-
ments, as Kingston, Whitehall, Goldsboro, and performed much ardu-
ous service.

July 28, 1864, the regiment was again mustered into the United
States' service and left for Washington. During its first term of ser-
vice, Col. Lawrence was in command. Col. Pierson, of Salem, was in
command during the two later campaigns. Quite a large number of
Dan vers men went out in the first three month's campaign.


6th Regiment, M. V. M.

This was the second regiment to leave the state on the call for
troops, and in passing through Baltimore on the 19th of April, was
attacked by a mob.

It was also out for nine months in 1862 and 1863 and stationed at
Suffolk, Va., and again in 1864 for 100 days when it was stationed at
Fort Delaware, Md.

8th Regiment, M. V. M.

This was one of the first regiments to respond to the call for troops
in April, 1861. The Salem Light Infantry left Salem in the morning
of the 18th and under the command of Gen. Benj. F. Butler arrived at
Annapolis on the 21st of April, where was lying the old frigate, Con-
stitution, which was manned and carried to X. Y. The regiment was
on duty about Washington and Baltimore.

In 1862 upon the call for nine months men, the Eighth responded
and went into camp at Wenham, and in November sailed for Xewbern,
N. C, where the regiment was repeatedly called upon for sharp work in
reconnoitring, etc., besides having many of its companies detached
upon garrison duty. Leaving Newbern in June, they were detained at
Baltimore and attached to the Army of the Potomac, but were finally
mustered out Aug. 7, 1863.

In 1864 they performed garrison duty at New Bedford. Co. K of
this regiment, Capt. Albert G. Allen, was a Danvers company.

9th Infantry.

This regiment was mostly composed of men of Irish parentage. It
arrived in Washington the 29th of June, 1861, aad was engaged in
the battles before Richmond, and in 1862 at Fredericksburg and in
1863 at Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and Mine Run. During the win-
ter of 1863-64 the regiment were looking after the rebel raiders, espec-
ially Mosby and the Black Horse Cavalry.

In 1864 it took part in the battles of the Wilderness, Spottsylvania,
Shady Oak, Cold Harbor, etc. Mustered out on the 21st of June,
1864. Loss, 174 killed.

10th Infantry.

It left the state the 25th of July, 1861. It was engaged in the bat-
tles before Richmond, and at Fredericksburg in 1862. In 1863 it took
part in the "battles of Chancellorsville, Gettysburg and Rappahannock
Station. In 1864 at the battle of the Wilderness, the regiment lost
one third of its force in killed and wounded on the first day. During
the succeeding engagements it was constantly in action. It was ordered
home in June and mustered out on the 8th of July, 1864. Lost 110

11th Infantry.

It was mustered in the 13th of June and left the state the 24th of
June, 1861. It was at the battle of Bull Run, and in 1862 in the bat-
tles before Richmond, second Bull Run and Fredericksburg. In 1863
it was in the battles of Chancellorsville, Gettysburg and Locust Grove.


hi 1864 it was in the battles of the Wilderness, Spottsylvania and
North Anna.

In June those whose term of service had expired, returned to Boston,
ami the remainder were strengthened by men from the 1st and 16th
regiments. The regiment was engaged at Cold Harbor, Petersburg,
and several other lesser battles. Discharged the 14th of July, 1865.

12th Regiment.

It was raised by Col. Fletcher Webster who fell in battle. It left
the state the 23rd of July, 1861, and was engaged at the battles of Ce-
dar Mountain, 2nd Bull Run. Antietam and Fredericksburg in 1862,
and at Fredericksburg and Gettysburg in 1863.

In 1864 it was a part of Grant's army in his campaign against Rich-
mond. It was engaged in the Wilderness, Spottsylvania, North Anna,
Cold Harbor, Petersburg, etc. Mustered out the 8th of July, 1864.


It left Massachusetts the 30th of July, 1861. It was engaged in
the battles of 2nd Bull Run, Antietam and Fredericksburg in 1862 and
at Fredericksburg and Gettysburg in 1863. It was engaged at Spott-
sylvania and North Anna, Cold Harbor and Petersburg. During this
campaign the regiment numbered on duty but about 150_men. Dis-
charged the 16th of July, 1864.

17th Infantky.

This regiment was recruited at Lynuheld and was composed, with
the exception of one company each from Suffolk aud Middlesex, of
Essex County men. Co. C was almost entirely composed of
Danvers men. Mustered in July 22, it left the state under the com-
mand of Lt. Col. Fellows, 23 Aug., 1861, but was soon after joined by
its colonel, Capt. Amory, U. S. A.

During 1861 the regiment was stationed near Baltimore and in Ac-
comac Co., Va.. but in the spring of 1862 ,was ordered to Newbern,
N. C, where it engaged in its first battle of consequence, viz., at
Kinston and Goldsboro, behaving with great gallantry.

At Goldsboro, Co. C, commanded by Capt. Fuller, did good work on
the skirmish line. In the expedition to relieve Washington, N. C, the
regiment had to retire with the loss of several men as it was impossible
to face the great odds brought against them. The second attempt
was successful. During the remainder of the year the regiment was
constantly on the alert and took part in several small engagements.
On Feb. 1, 1864, while supporting the 132d N. Y. Inf., near Bachel-
der's Creek, Col. Fellows, with 7 officers and 58 men were captured.

In July, Co. C was stationed at Brice's Creek.

July 16, the men whose term expired July 21, embarked for home
and the remainder of the regiment was consolidated into companies A,
B, and C, under command of Capt. Henry Splaine. This battalion
was mustered out 11 July, 1865. In Mar., 1865, 450 recruits from
the 2d H. A. were transferred to the 17th,


At the battle of Wise's Forks near Kinston, 7th to 10th March, the
regiment did gallant work and contested against overwhelming num-
bers every inch of ground.

On the 24th March, junction was made with Gen. Sherman and line
of march for Raleigh taken up. The regiment reached home July 19,

23rd Infantry.

It left the state, the 11th of Nov.,. 1861, and was encamped for a
time at Annapolis, Md. In Jan., 1862, the regiment sailed for Roa-
noke Island and took part under Burnside in his campaign. In March
they landed at Newbern and took part in the operations about there in
1862 and were in the battles of Kingston, Whitehall, Goldsboro, Wil-
cox's Bridge and Winton in 1863.

April 26fch, 1864, they embarked at Portsmouth for York river and
joined Gen. Butler, but in May were detached to reenforce the army
of the Potomac and took part in the battles of Cold Harbor and Pe-
tersburg. In September they embarked again for Newbern. Those
whose terms expired were mustered out the 28th of Sept., 1864. The
balance of re-enlisted men and recruits the 25th of June, 1865.

The 23rd took an active part in the so-called second battle of Kings-
ton, see the 17th Inf.

There were quite a number of men from Danvers in the various com-
panies of this Regiment.

35th Infantry.

Mustered into the service the 21st of Aug., 1862, and left the state the
next day. This'-regiment participated in the battles of Antietam,
Fredericksburg, Jackson, Spottsylvania, North Anna, Cold Harbor,
Weldon R. R., South Mountain, Vicksburg, Petersburg, and many
other engagements.

The regiment had a large number of foreigners sent to it while in
the field, which caused jealousy and some bad feeling. This feeling
passed away in time and the report of the commanding officer is that
these men behaved well. Mustered out the 9th of June, 1865.

There was quite a large number of Danvers men in this regiment.

14th Regiment Infantry afterwards 1st Heavy Artillery,

This was organized almost entirely from Essex County and was fre-
quently alluded to in '62 as the " Essex County Regiment." It was
mustered in at Fort Warren the 5th of July, 1861 and on the 7th of
August left for Washington. Co. I of this Regt. was a Danvers company.

The regiment did garrison duty at Ft. Albany and Ft. Runyon,
before Washington. On the 1st of Jan., 1862, by orders of the War
Dept., the regiment was changed to 1st Mass. Heavy Artillery regiment

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