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3 1833 01738 4287


IV. 5

Digitized by the Internet Archive

in 2010 with funding from

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center


i Mrs. Marian Thomas Cobb Smith, 2 Mrs. Mildred Spottswood Mathes,

N. No. 612. Vice-President General, Georgia. N. No. 1426. State Regent, Tennessee.

3 Mrs. Eva Hart Goff,

N. No. 3633. State Regent, West Virginia.

\ Mrs. Mary I,. Duncan Putnam, 5 Mrs. Florence Anderson Clark,

N. No. 616. State Regent, Iowa. N. No. 1326. State Regent, Texas.


National Society


Daughters of the American Revolution.




Elizabeth Bryant Johnston,

Historian General.


Printed by

Harrisburg Publishing Co.

Harrisburg, Pa.:




The Fifth Volume of the Lineage Book embraces members of the
National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution en-
tering in the years 1893-94. There has been no change in present-
ing these records except that more stress is laid upon tracing the
several lines of ancestry. It is the result of greater care having been
bestowed by applicants upon their papers, but in larger degree due
to the untiring research of those in the office, who have become
experts, not infrequently instructing members in their vain efforts to
untangle ancestral claims. I take pride in calling attention to this
as the work is valuable and will greatly aid in future publications.

Historical precision is a myth, or can, perhaps, be better symbol-
ized by shifting sands. Facts accepted for a century are suddenly
discredited by the publication of an old letter, or a resurrected orderly
book. Pivotal events are not subject to such disturbances, but many
legends, stories and traditions cherished for generations have for
want of proof been rejected.

Names continue to give trouble. Let no one become unamiable
over mistakes in a name, as long as we have records sent where the
family names have been three times changed since the Re\ _»lution.
From such inattention to patronymic accuracy some one, of course,
is injured. We have no national chirography, neither the delicacy
of the French, the grace of the Germans, nor the sturdy "bold
round hand " of the English. We have a something that partakes
of each without the character or excellence of either. In a gener-
ation, through the labors of our public schools, we may anticipate
a development in our penmanship claiming the dignity of being
American, meantime the editors of Lineage Books must patiently
struggle on.

This is the last volume in which a member who entered on a col-
lateral line will appear, the constitution having been changed so as
to limit membership to lineal descent by the Fourth Continental
Congress. In these five volumes are the names of many young sol-
diers whose lives were given for liberty ere they had been crowned
by family ties ; also in these books the " Roll of Honor " has been
glorified by illustrious heroes, notably Francis Marion, Francis
Nash, Nathan Hale, Nicholas Herkimer and George Washington .

E. B. J.




Plate I.

i. Mrs. Marian Thomas Cobb Smith, N. No. 612,

Vice-President General, Georgia.

2. Mrs. Mildred Spottswood Mathes, N. No. 1426,

t State Regent, Tennessee.

3. Mrs. Eva Hart Goff, N. No. 3633, State Regent, West Virginia.

4. Mrs. Mary L. Duncan Putnam, N. No. 616, State Regent, Iowa.

5. Mrs. Florence Anderson Clark, N. No. 1326,

State Regeut, Texas.

Plate II

1. Miss Virginia Miller, N. No. 161,

State Regent, District of Columbia.

2. Mrs. Martha Cilley Bouton Clarke, N. No. 124,

State Regent, New Hampshire.

3. Miss Susan Carrington Clark, N. No. 944,

State Regent, Connecticut.

4. Mrs. Sarah Isabelle Hubbard, N. No. 635,

State Regent, California.

5. Miss Amelia Sumner Knight, N. No. 1675,

State Regent, Rhode Island.

Plate III.

1. Mrs. Kate Davis Hinkle, N. No. 2490, . . State Regent, Ohio.

2. Mrs. Anna M. Harris O'Fallon, N. No. 1844,

State Regent, Missouri.

3. Mrs. Sallie M. Ewing Pope, N. No. 615,

State Regent, Kentucky.

4. Miss Anna Smith Mallett, N. No. 100,

Registrar General, Connecticut.

5. Mrs. Helen Lincoln Green, N. No. 2167,

State Regent, Massachusetts.




Daughters of the American Revolution.

Organized at Washington City October 11, 1890.

National Board of Management.

President General.

Mrs. Adlai E. Stevenson.

President Presiding.

Mrs. William D. Cabell.

Uice-President in Gbarge of Organization of Chapters.
Mrs. H. V. Boynton.
Uice-Presidents General.
Mrs. Jas. R. McKee, Mrs. M. MacDonald,

Mrs. E. H. Walworth, Mrs. Richard Hays,

Mrs. Joshua Wilbour, Mrs. A. S. McGill,

Mrs. O. H. Tittman, Mrs. D. R. Barclay,

Mrs. Jno. R. Putnam, Mrs. Henry Heth,

Mrs. A. C. Geer, Mrs. Ben Butterworth,

Mrs. L,. P. Beale, Miss Loraine Dorsey,

Mrs. A. H. Cox, Mrs. J. C. Breckinridge,

Mrs. S. B. Buckner, Mrs. C. H. Stranahan,

Mrs. A. G. Brackett, Mrs. Jas. McMillan.

treasurer General.

Mrs. F. W. Dickins.

Recording Secretary General.

Miss Eugenia Washington.

Corresponding Secretary General.

Mrs. A. Howard Clark.

Registrars General.

Mrs. Rosa Wright Smith. Mrs. Charles Sweet Johnson.

Surgeon General.

Mrs. M. S. Lockwood.

fitstorian General.

Mrs. Henry F. Blount.

Cbaplain General.

Mrs. E. T. Bullock.

State Regent*.

Arkansas, Mrs. C. R. Breckinridge.

California, " William Alvord.

Connecticut, " deB. R. Keim.

District of Columbia, " T.H.Alexander.

Georgia, " T. S. Morgan.

Illinois, " S. H. Kerfoot.

Indiana, " C. C. Foster.

Iowa, " C. E. Putnam.

Kentucky, " S. K. Pope

Maryland, Miss Alice Key Blunt.

Massachusetts, Mrs. Samuel Eliot.

Minnesota, " R. M. Newport.

Missouri, " F. M. Cockrell.

North Carolina, " M. McK. Nash.

New Hampshire, " Arthur Clarke.

New Jersey, " W. W. Shippen.

New York, Miss L. W. McAllister.

Ohio, Mrs. A. H. HinklE.

Oregon, " J. B. Montgomery.

Pennsylvania, . . " N. B. Hogg.

Rhode Island, Miss A. S. Knight.

South Carolina, Mrs. R. C. Bacon.

Tennessee, "J- Harvey Mathes.

Vermont, " JESSE Burdett.

Virginia, " Wm. Wirt Henry.

Wisconsin, " J. S. Peck.

honorary Uice-Pre$ident$ General.

Mrs. Thomas A. Hendricks, Mrs. David D. Porter,
Mrs. B. W. Kennon, Mrs. Margaret Hetzel,

Mrs. Iceland Stanford, Mrs. Roger A. Pryor.

Advisory Board

Justice Brewer, Chairman.

Gen. J. C. Breckinridge, Gen. G. H. Shields,

Hon. Hoke Smith, Judge H. M. Shepard,

Mr. A. Howard Clark, Mr. William D. Cabell,

Mr. Jonathan Trumbull, Gen. Horace Porter,

Gen. H. V. Boynton, Gen. A. W. Greely,

Mr. John C. Wood, Mr. D. J. Whittimore,

Col. M. MacDonald, Mr. Frank H. Orme.






Daughters of the American Revolution.

Miss Ida Melissa Lewis. 4001

Born in Connecticut.

Descendant of Col. Jonathan Baldwin, of Connecticut.

Daughter of Burritt Horton Lewis and Harriett Melissa Hull, his

Granddaughter of Garry Hull and Melissa Baldwin, his wife.

Gr.-granddaughter of David Baldwin and Hannah Leavenworth, his

Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Noah Baldwin and Elizabeth Ives, his wife.

Gr.-gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Jonathan Baldwin and Mary Bronson,
his wife.

Jonathan Baldwin was lieutenant colonel of the Tenth Regi-
ment of militia at the battle of Harlem Heights and present
when Tryon attacked New Haven. He resigned in 1779.

Also No. 3251.

Mrs. Julia Mather Croft. 4002

Born in Connecticut.

Wife of Charles P. Croft.

Descendant of Ens. David Phelps and of Col. Noah Phelps,
of Connecticut.

Daughter of William Mather and Emma Phelps, his wife.

Granddaughter of Noah Amherst Phelps and Charlotte Wilcox, his

Note. — The number at the end of the name represents the National Number of the
Member of the Society.


Gr.-granddaughter of Noah Phelps and Lydia Griswold, his wife.

Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of David Phelps and Abigail Pettibone, his

David Phelps left a creditable record as a brave soldier.

Noah Phelps was the first to gather a volunteer company
in the colony and one of a "committee of war" appointed to
carry the project of the capture of Ticonderoga into execution,
"that the military stores and cannon contained there might be
used to defend the people of Boston." Being familiar with
the fort, having served under Gen. Amherst, who captured it
from the French in 1759, he visited it in disguise and reported
the dilapidation and the lack of discipline to Col. Ethan Allen.
The next morning, May 10, 1775, he participated in its capture,
"one of the most brilliant exploits of the war, and accom-
plished without the loss of a man." In 1776 he commanded
a company in Col. Andrew Ward's regiment, and was at White
Plains, in the Jersey campaign, the battles of Trenton and
Princeton; was promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel in
1778 and colonel of the same regiment in 1779.

Also Nos. 1064, 2223.

Miss Emily Augusta Lynes. 4003

Born in Connecticut.

Descendant of Capt. Jonathan Maltbie, of Connecticut.

Daughter of Dr. Samuel Lynes and Emily Augusta Sherry, his wife.

Granddaughter of Stephen Coley Lynes and Hannah Maltbie, his

Gr.-granddaughter of Jonathan Maltbie and Elizabeth Allen, his

Jonathan Maltbie was commissioned by President Hancock
in 1776 lieutenant, and in 1780 served on the "Trumbull," one
of the first cruisers built for the Continental Navy, commanded
by Dudley Saltonstall. His services in the war of Inde-
pendence were recognized by President Washington when
he nominated him captain in the United States Navy.

Miss Hannah Hobart. 4004

Born in Connecticut.
Descendant of Justin Hobart, of Connecticut.
Daughter of Justin Hobart and Desire Burr, his wife.

lineage: book.

Granddaughter of Justin Hobart and Hannah Penfield, his wife.

Gr.-granddaughter of Peter Penfield and Mary Allen, his wife.

Justin Hobart, after the burning of Fairfield, July 8, 1779,
opened his home to those who were without shelter. This
house, owing to its nearness to British headquarters, had been
saved, and was used for church services and courts until the
court house was built in 1780.

Mary Allen Penfield was the mother of Capt. Peter Pen-
field, who fought at Long Island.

Mrs. Mary Augusta Hyde Sherwood. 4005-

Born in Connecticut.

Widow of Edwin Sherwood.

Descendant of Ens. Ebenezer Jesup and of Deacon Joseph
Hyde, of Connecticut.

Daughter of Joseph Hyde and Arete Jesup, his wife.

Granddaughter of Ebenezer Jesup and Eleanor Andrews, his wife.

Ebenezer Jesup was surgeon in the Continental Army and
in 1777 ensign in Capt. Nash's company of Connecticut
militia on duty at Peekskill. During Tryon's invasion his
house and entire property were burned. His devoted patriot-
ism subjected him continually to persecution from Tories.

Joseph Hyde drove a team with supplies for the army at
White Plains, and in 1777 was under the command of Gen.
Gold Selleck Silliman at the burning of Danbury, the battle
of Ridgefield, and was wounded at Crompo Hill April 28tfi.

Miss Cornelia Koff Pomeroy. . 4006

Born in New Jersey.

Descendant of Rev. Benjamin Pomeroy, Elihu Pomeroy,
Daniel Judd, Isaac Williams and Corp. Stephen Barber, all of

Daughter of Isaac Pomeroy and Mary Jane Taylor, his wife.

Granddaughter of Benjamin Pomeroy and Jerusha Williams, his
wife; Charles Taylor and Emily Alice Judd, his wife.

Gr.-granddaughter of Elihu Pomeroy and Lydia Barber, his wife;
Solomon Judd and Mary Barber, his wife; Isaac Williams and Phebe
Williams, his wife; Joseph Taylor and Esther Foote, his wife.

Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Benjamin Pomeroy and Abigail Wheelock,
his wife; Daniel Judd and Lydia Jones, his wife; Stephen Barber and


Alice Cass, his wife; Wareham Williams and Rebekah Satterlee, his
wife; Jeremiah Foote and Ruhamah Northam, his wife.

Benjamin Pomeroy, from 1777-78, was chaplain of the Third
Regiment under Col. Samuel Wyllys.

Elihu Pomeroy turned out at the Lexington Alarm.

Daniel Judd joined the militia and was at the siege of Bos-
ton. In 1781, he was wounded at Fort Griswold and rolled
down the embankment into the Thames, but was rescued by
comrades who returned to bury their dead.

Isaac Williams served in militia regiments during the war.

Stephen Barber, in 1775, was corporal in a company from
Hebron that marched to the relief of Boston.

Abigail Wheelock Pomeroy was the mother of Ralph Pom-
eroy, paymaster in the Third Regiment, Continental Line, and
lieutenant from 1777-81.

Rebekah Satterlee Williams was the mother of Wareham
Williams, Jr., a soldier in the Connecticut militia.

Ruhamah Northam Foote was the mother of Stephen and
Ambrose Foote, who are found in the list of Connecticut

Also No. 3685.

Mrs. Grace Melville Hall Wakeman. 4007

Born in Connecticut.

Wife of Howard Nichols Wakeman.

Descendant of Hannah Lacey and of Abigail Selleck Silli-
man, mothers of patriots.

Daughter of Henry Hall and Catharine Silliman Lacey, his wife.

Granddaughter of Benjamin Lacey and Peggy Weeks, his wife.

Gr.-granddaughter of David Lacey and Catharine Silliman, his wife.

Gr.-gr. granddaughter of Benjamin Lacey and Margaret Hall, his
wife; Jonathan Silliman and Ann Burn, his wife.

Gr.-gr.-gr.-granddaughter of David Lacey and Hannah Lacey, his
wife; Ebenezer Silliman and Abigail Selleck, his wife.

Hannah Lacey was the mother of Josiah Lacey, a soldier
at the Lexington Alarm. In 1776 he was quartermaster of
Wadsworth's brigade and in 1780, when ill health compelled
him to resign, had risen to the rank of captain, Connecticut

Also No. 3205.


Abigail Selleck Silliman was the mother of Gold Selleck
Silliman, who entered the army as colonel in 1776, and when
in command of the Connecticut militia in 1779 he was cap-
tured and carried to Long Island.

Mrs. Susan Warner Wakeman. 4008

Born in Connecticut.

Widow of Zalmon Wakeman.

Descendant of Ephraim Nichols, of Connecticut.

Daughter of Bradley Nichols and Charlotte Banks, his wife.

Granddaughter of Ephraim Nichols and Miriam Bradley, his wife.

Ephraim Nichols, in 1776, was a soldier in Capt. Jonathan
Dimon's company of militia and in 1777 served under Capt.
Ebenezer Hill on the Hudson.

Mrs. Amelia Gilbert Bulkley. 4009

Born in Connecticut.

Wife of Oliver Bulkley.

Descendant of Joel Gilbert and of Sergt. Isaac Gilbert, of

Daughter of Stephen Gilbert and Amelia Potter, his wife.

Granddaughter of Isaac Gilbert and Esther Ailing, his wife.

Gr.-granddaughter of Joel Gilbert and Elizabeth Bradley, his wife.

Joel Gilbert, in 1775, served in the Fifth Regiment.

Isaac Gilbert was a private at the Lexington Alarm, and
seven of the same family entered the army in 1775. He was
sergeant in Col. Samuel Canfield's regiment at West Point
in 1 78 1, and received a pension for his services.

Also No. 3595.

Mrs. Kate Amelia Bulkley Jennings. 4010

Born in Connecticut.

Wife of Arthur Osbourne Jennings.

Descendant of Eleazer Bulkley, Joel Gilbert and Isaac Gil-
bert, all of Connecticut.

Daughter of Oliver Bulkley and Amelia Gilbert, his wife.

Granddaughter of Moses Bulkley and Catherine Bulkley, his wife;
Stephen Gilbert and Amelia Potter, his wife.

Gr.-granddaughter of Eleazer Bulkley and Mary Ogden, his wife.

See No. 4009.


Eleazer Bulkley, when a lad, enlisted in 1776, on the "De-
fense," which was fitted out at New Haven by the State of
Connecticut. The "Defense" had several engagements, se-
cured numerous prizes and captured Col. Campbell, who was
exchanged for Ethan Allen, then confined in London. When
discharged he enlisted in the militia for the defense of the State,
and for these services, on sea and land, received a pension.

Mrs. Elizabeth Hale Gilman Vredenburgh. 40 n

Born in Illinois.

Wife of John S. Vredenburgh.

Descendant of Judge Joseph Gilman, of Exeter, N. H.

Daughter of Benjamin Ives Gilman and Mary Elizabeth Miles, his

Granddaughter of Benjamin Ives Gilman and Hannah Robbins, his

Gr.-granddaughter of Joseph Gilman and Rebecca Hale Ives, his
wife; Dr. Chandler Robbins and Jane Prince, his wife.

Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Rev. Philemon Robbins and Hannah
Foote, his wife.

Joseph Gilman was chairman of the Committee of Safety of
New Hampshire.

Also No. 1652.

Hannah Foote Robbins was the mother of Ammi Ruhamah
Robbins, chaplain in Col. Burrall's Connecticut regiment.

Mrs. Mary Ogden Bulkley Gilman. 4012

Born in New York.

Wife of Charles Miles Gilman.

Descendant of Eleazer Bulkley, of Connecticut.

Daughter of George Bulkley and Elizabeth Andrews, his wife.

Granddaughter of Eleazer Bulkley and Mary Ogden, his wife; Ben-
jamin Andrews and Eliza Hobby, his wife.

See No. 4010.

Gr.-granddaughter of Thomas Andrews and Abigail Davis, his wife.

Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of John Andrews and Temperance Cable, his
wife; Benjamin Davis and Eunice Nash, his wife.

Gr.-gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Thomas Nash and Rebecca Hull, his

Temperance Cable Andrews was the mother of John An-
drews, a soldier in the Connecticut Line, who volunteered in
1776, and later served in the regiment of Light Dragoons.

lineage; book.

Rebecca Hull Nash was the mother of Thomas Nash, a cap-
tain of Connecticut militia.

Mrs. Virginia Bulkley Perry. 4013

Born in New York.
Wife of John Hoyt Perry.
Descendant of Eleazer Bulkley.

Daughter of George Bulkley and Elizabeth Andrews, his wife.
Granddaughter of Eleazer Bulkley and Mary Ogden, his wife.
See No. 4010.

Miss Eliza Andrews Bulkley. 4014

Born in New York.
Descendant of Eleazer Bulkley.

Daughter of George Bulkley and Elizabeth Andrews, his wife.
Granddaughter of Eleazer Bulkley and Mary Ogden, his wife.
See No. 4010.

Miss Annie Burr Jennings. 401 ^

Born in California.

Descendant of Col. Abraham Gould, of Connecticut.

Daughter of Oliver Burr Jennings and Esther Judson Goodsell, his

Granddaughter of Abraham Gould Jennings and Anna Burr, his wife.

Gr.-granddaughter of Isaac Jennings and Abigail Gould, his wife.

Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Abraham Gould and Elizabeth Burr, his

Abraham Gould was colonel in the Fifth Regiment of militia

raised in Fairfield county. He was killed at Ridgefield, April
27, 1777, when in pursuit of the British, who had burned Nor-
walk and Danbury and were retreating to their ships.

Miss Mary Catharine Gould. 4016

Born in Connecticut.

Descendant of Col. Abraham Gould and of Capt. Eliphalet
Thorp, of Connecticut.

Daughter of John Gould and Mary Wakeman Thorp, his wife.

Granddaughter of Jason Gould and Catharine Carson, his wife;
Walter Thorp and Ruamah Sherwood, his wife.

Gr.-granddaughter of Abraham Gould and Elizabeth Burr, his wife;
Eliphalet Thorp and Eunice Perry, his wife.

See No. 4015.

Eliphalet Thorp, in 1776, was granted letters of marque by


the Council of Safety for the' privateer "Broome," and was
ordered to transport powder to Fairfield. He marched to
Peekskill in command of a company under Colonel Whiting.

Miss Elizabeth Burr Gould. 4017

Born in Connecticut.
Descendant of Capt. Eliphalet Thorp and of Col. Abraham
Daughter of John Gould and Mary Wakeman Thorp, his wife.
See Nos. 4015, 4016.

Mrs. Harriet Hoyt Perry. 4018

Born in Connecticut.

Widow of Oliver H. Perry.

Descendant of Capt. Peter Penfield, of New Fairfield, Conn.

Daughter of Eli Thatcher Hoyt and Mary Matilda Wildman White,
his wife.

Granddaughter of Enos Hoyt and Sarah Penfield, his wife.

Gr.-granddaughter of Peter Penfield and Hannah Lewis, his wife.

Peter Penfield, in 1776, was lieutenant in the Sixth Com-
pany, Sixteenth Militia Regiment. He rose to the rank of
captain and commanded a company in defense of New Haven.

Also No. 3502.

Mrs. Mary Josephine Pomeroy. 4019

Born in Connecticut.
Wife of Benjamin Pomeroy.

Descendant of Eleazer Bulkley, of Connecticut.
Daughter of Andrew Bulkley and Sally Dimon, his wife.
Granddaughter of Eleazer Bulkley and Mary Ogden, his wife.
See No. 4010.

Mrs. Abbie Gillette Chamberlin Browne. 4020

Born in Connecticut.

Wife of William Strong Browne.

Descendant of Capt. Zaccheus Gillette, Benoni Gillette, John
Dean, Thomas Sanford, Jairus Sanford, all of Connecticut,
and Jacob Chamberlin, of New Hampshire.

Daughter of Cyrus Chamberlin and Adeline Gillette, his wife.

Granddaughter of Elephus Gillette and Amarilla Sanford, his wife.

Gr.-granddaughter of Benoni Gillette and Phebe Dean, his wife;
and of Jairus Sanford; and of Jacob Chamberlin.


Gr.-gr. -granddaughter of Zaccheus Gillette and Ruth Phelps, his
wife; and of John Dean; and of Thomas Sanford.

Benoni Gillette was in Capt. Lucius Tuttle's company of
militia in the Burgoyne Campaign and received a pension for
his services.

Zaccheus Gillette responded to the Lexington Alarm and
served in the State militia, 1775-76.

John Dean, whose name is on the roll of honor of Wolcott,
died in 1776, on returning from camp in New York.

Thomas Sanford enlisted for the war in 1777, and his son
Jairus was a Revolutionary pensioner.

Jacob Chamberlin served in the militia under Capt. Nathan
Wilson, Col. Thomas Stickney's regiment, and fought at Ben-
nington in Stark's brigade.

Miss Jennette L. Gaylord. 4021

Born in Connecticut.

Descendant of Ebenezer Gaylord and of Lieut. Zephaniah
Briggs, of Connecticut.

Daughter of Irwin Briggs Gaylord and Louisa P. Jewett, his wife.

Granddaughter of Daniel Harvey Gaylord and Phebe Briggs, his

Gr.-granddaughter of Ebenezer Gaylord and Catherine Chittenden,
his wife; Zephaniah Briggs and Patience Newton, his wife.

Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Aaron Gaylord and Phebe Smith, his wife.

Ebenezer Gaylord was a minute man and served as home
guard. He was at the Danbury Raid, and in 1780 inspector
of provisions.

Zephaniah Briggs was a lieutenant at the battle of Danbury.

Phebe Smith Gaylord was the mother of Aaron Gaylord,
lieutenant in the Sixth Company, State regiment.

Mrs. Alice Merwin Bostwick. 4022

Born in Connecticut.

Wife of Henry E. Bostwick.

Descendant of Deacon Benjamin Gaylord and of David
Merwin, of Connecticut.

Daughter of Henry Merwin and Susan Gaylord, his wife.

Granddaughter of Daniel Gaylord and Rosanna Seely, his wife;
Orange Merwin and Tryphena Warner, his wife.


Gr.-granddaughter of Peter Gaylord and Sarah Hartwell, his wife;
David Merwin and Mary Noble, his wife.

Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Benjamin Gaylord and Tyrall Morehouse,
his wife.

Benjamin Gaylord, in 1780, was ensign in the Fifth Regi-
ment, inspector of provisions and a member of the Vigilance

David Merwin was a private in Col. Canfield's regiment from
New Milford.

Mrs. Katharine Arnold Nettleton. 4023

Born in Connecticut.
Wife of Charles H. Nettleton.

Descendant of Col. Noah Phelps, of Connecticut.
Daughter of Joseph Arnold and Mary Louisa Phelps, his wife.
Granddaughter of Noah A. Phelps and Delia Clark, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of Noah Amherst Phelps and Charlotte Wilcox,
his wife.

See No. 4002.

Mrs. Ellen Stevens White. 4024

Born in Massachusetts.

Wife of Dr. Theodore Columbus White.

Descendant of Sergt. Gersham Rust, of Massachusetts.

Daughter of Ira H. Stevens and Melvina C. Bulkeley, his wife.

Granddaughter of Ira Stevens and Sarah Matthews Rust, his wife.

Gr.-granddaughter of Gersham Rust and Sarah Matthews, his wife.

Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Gersham Rust and Mary Cooley, his wife.

Gersham Rust, in 1776, was sergeant under Capt. Shepard
at Mount Independence, and in 1777 responded to the Ben-
nington Alarm.

Also No. 1713.

Miss Greta Burnet Coolidge Pomeroy. 4025-

Born in Ohio.
Descendant of Surg. Gen. William Burnet, of New Jersey.
Daughter of Charles Coolidge Pomeroy and Edith Burnet, his wife.
Granddaughter of Robert Wallace Burnet and Margaret Groesbeck,
his wife.

Gr.-granddaughter of Jacob Burnet and Rebecca Wallace, his wife.

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