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venant under which David and Paul lived,
and on which they built their hopes of eter-
nal salvation, but a different dispensation of
the same covenant. The one looked for-
ward to a promised Messiah, and a saha-
tion which was to be accomplished in the
fulness of time ; the other believed in a Sa-
Tiour w^ho had actually come in the flesh,
and in a salvation already wrought out by

SER. lo. cod's covenant. 469

his obe^Uence unto death. David, as well
as Abraham, saw the day of Christ afar off,
and vas glad. Through the veil of types
and shadows, they beheld the promised seed,
and rejoiced in that great atonement uhich
He was to make, in the end of the world,
for the sins of his people.

This is the covenant to which David look-
ed for comfort in the midst of his trouble.
It has its foundation in that grand mysteri-^
ous transaction, in which the distinct per-
sons m the adorable Trinity are represent-
ed as sustaining different parts in the eco-
nomy of man's redemption ; the Father as
choosing the objects of mercy, and appoint-
ing his well- beloved Son to be the Surety
and Saviour of sinners — the Son as under-
taking to accomplish the arduous work of
man's redemption — the Holy Spirit as en-
gaging to apply to the souls of men those
gifts which the Father hath decreed, and
the Son hath purcliased. This noble, this
glorious plan of salvation, where all the per-
fections of the divine nature are most illus-
triously displayed^ and the rights of the di-


vine government completely vindicated, is
the foundation of that covenant which God
makes with his people.

He may be said to make this covenant
with his people, when he brings them with-
in the bond of his everlasting covenant —
■when he opens their eyes to perceive the
sinfulness, misery, and danger of a natural
state, and persuades and enables them to
embrace the Lord Jesus Christ, the Medi-
ator of the covenant, as all their salvation
and ail their desire. This is what is called,
in the lanjxuao-e of the Old Testament, a Icni-
ing hold of God's covenant^ which is the
same thing in the new Testament with he-
lieving the record of God, and receiving it.
as a faithful saying, and wortliy of all ac-
ceptation, that Christ Jesus came into th^
world to save sinners.

When we are enabled thus to credit the tes-
timony of God revealed in the covenant of
grace ; resting our hopes of eternal salva-
tion on the sure foundation that is laid \^
Zion ; then God, becomes our God in cov^-^

$£r. 15. god's covenant.

nant, our Friend, our Father, our portion,
and everlasting inheritance. What he is in
himself he becomes to his people ; his wis-
dom IS theirs to guide them, his power to
protect them, his faithfiilness to support,
and his goodness to bless them. ^ His pro-*
vidence is engaged for their safety ; his pro-
mises are all yea and amen to them in Christ
Jesus ; angels are their ministering spirits ;
the saints, the excellent ones of the earth,
are their companions ; and heaven at last
will be their eternal home.

Nor is this all,' when God says in his gra-
cious covenant, I will be your God., he im-
mediately subjoins, and ye shall be my peo-
ple. He imparts the dispositions, as well
as the privileges of ♦children. He sends
forth the Spirit of his Son into their hearts,
enabling them to cry Abba^ Fat her. Ha
gives them a new heart and a right Spirit,
causing them to walk in his statutes. He
puts his laws into their inward parts, and
his fear into their hearts, so that thev shall
not depart from him.

472 SUPPORT IN SEIl. 15.

Thus are they formed for himself a pecu-
liar people, to shew forth his praise. They
are separated from the world in their spirit,
aims, and conduct ; and trained up under
the discipline of the word, and providence,
and Spirit of God for a nobler inheritance,
that is incorruptible^ undefiled, and unfad-
ino- in the heavens.


Such, then, my Brethren, is the nature,
such the foundation of the covenant which
God makes with his people. But mc shall
have a fuller, and more distinct view of this
subject, if we proceed as was proposed,

11. To consider the excellent properties
of this covenant, mentioned in the text : It
is everlastmg, — ordered in all things — and

1. It i$ everlasting. This covenant has
its date in eternity, and the blessings it con-
tains shall endure for ever. It sprung from
the eternal purpose and counsel of Jehovah,
and when millions of ages are past, it will
still be unfolding its fulness and glory. As

sEii. 16.

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