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dead ? Whi/ spend your money for that
which is not bread, and your labour for that
which satisjieth not ? Hearken diligently
unto me, says the merciful Redeemer, hear,
and your souls shall live ; and I will make
an everlasting covenant with you, even the
sure mercies of David,

Believ e it, my friends, nothing can pre-
vent your happiness, but your own impeni-
tence and unbelief, your wilful and obsti-
nate rejection pf Christ and his blessed co-
venant. The blessino;s of salvation are as
free as they are complete. The gospel
proclaims pardon and peace to them that
are afar off, as well as to them that are nigh.
Therein is the righteousness of God brought
nigh to every guilty despairing sinner, who


49'^ SUPPORT IN, &C. SER. 15.

feels his need of mercy, and is willing to be
saved in God's appointed way, to the praise
of his glorious grace. Listen therefore to
the voice of sovereign mercy. Believe on
the name of the Son of God. Forsake every
false and wicked wr.y. Turn to the Lord with
all your hearts, and join yourselves to him in
a perpetual covenant, never to be forgi)tten.
Then shall you enjoy the comfort of which
you have been hearing. This covenant will
prove to you a perennial spring of jo v^, amidst
all the changmg ?ircamstahces of your lot. It
will be your staff through life, your sup-
port at death, and the source of unutter-
able bliss through eternity. Amen and

TURN BULL ^ CALL, Printers,
Old Assembly Close,

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Online LibraryDavid BlackSermons on important subjects → online text (page 23 of 23)