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Proceedings at the celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the incorporation of the town of Dedham, Massachusetts, September 21, 1886 online

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Proceedings_ at the_ celebration of >rr;




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77^6' Covenant here pholoi^rnpiied ivas '' %viih one accord agreed
upon'' at the first recorded viceting of the Dedham Proprietors,
Attg. 1 8, 1636. // is in the hand-writing of Edward Ai.i.eyn, the first
Town Clerk, and the leader of the Company, who was, withoi/t donbt,

the author.

Don Glkason Hill,

Town Clerk.
July I, 18S7.

^eAWm, i\)a5f> .




CtDo f^uuDren and Jfiftiet]^ ^nnittxm^v





September 21, 1886.


SSniijEtsitg ?Press.



Extract from Records of the Colony of the Massa-
chusetts Bay in New England ix

Prcliminarg ^ttion of tl)e S^oton.

Town- Meeting, April 6, 1885, and Appointment of Com-
mittee 9

Action of the Dedham Historical Society:

Preliminary Meeting, June 3, 1885 9

Adjourned Meeting, Sept. 2, 1885 10

Public Meeting, Sept. 14, 1885 10

Annual Town-Meeting, March i, 1886, and Report of

Committee 10

IVlEETiNG OF Committee of Arrangements appointed by

THE Town ij

List of Sub-Committees 16

Invited Guests 18

dtl^t GlclcbmUon.

Morning Concerts 22

The Procession 23



Original Ode and Verses. By Frederic J. Stimson . 32

Prayer, by Rev. Joseph B. Seabury 34

Address of the Presiding Officer, Hon. Thomas L.

Wakefield 36

Original Hymn, by Rev. Seth C. Beach 39

Historical Address, by Erastus Worthington .... 40

Forty-Fourth Psalm 104

Benediction, by Rev. Seth C. Beach 104


Address of the President of the Day 107

Invocation, by Rev. George W. Cooke 108

Address of Hon. Frederick D. Ely 108

„ Governor Robinson 112

„ Hon. Hugh O'Brien, Mayor of Boston . . 121

„ Dr. George E. Ellis 123

„ Dr. William Everett 128

„ Dr. Dvvight 131

„ Erastus Worthington, Esq 132

„ Colonel Ellis 135

„ WiNSLOw Warren, Esq 139

„ Rev. Robert J. Johnson 141

„ Alonzo B. Wentworth, Esq. ...... 149

Closing Exercises at the Tent 151

Evening Concerts, Fireworks, etc 151

Final Meeting of Committee of Arrangements . . . 152



The Historical Collection 153

Report of Committee on Historic Tablets and Monu-
ments 155

The Burial-place 157

The Training-field 163

The First Dam and Mill 165

The Pillar of Liberty 170

The Powder House 177

Historic Houses and Places 185

The Avery Oak 185

The Fairbanks House 185

Houses of the Ministers of the Dedham Churches . . . 186

The Dexter House 187

House of Dr. Nathaniel Ames 188

House of Fisher Ames 189

The Haven House igo

The Dowse House 191

The Shuttleworth House 193

The Woodward Tavern 193

Site of other Historic Places 194

Final Action of the Town 196


I. Ode and Verses. Music by Arthur W. Thayer . 199

II. Anniversary Poem, by Charles A. Mackintosh . 205

III-IX. Notes 208-214


At the Generall Court houlden at Boston, September
8'\ @ 1636.

Ordered, that the plantation to bee setled above the
falls of Charles Ryver, shall have three yeares iiiiunity fro
publike charges, as Concord had, to bee accounted from
the first of May next, & the name of the said plantation is
to bee Deddam to enioy all that land on the southerly &
easterly side of Charles Ryver not formerly graunted to
any towne, or pticuler psons, & also to have five miles
square on the other side of the ryver./

Shurtleff, Vol. I. pp. 179, 180.


A T a Town Meeting held April 6, 1885, the sub-
■'^^ ject of celebrating the Two Hundred and
Fiftieth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the
Town of Dedham was referred to a Committee
consisting of

Waldo Colburn. Benjamin Weatherbee.

Erastus Worthington. Daniel A. Lynch.

Henry O. Hildreth. Alonzo B. Wentworth.

Don Gleason Hill. John W. Chase.

Henry Smith. John Crowley.

Erastus E. Gay. Stephen M. Weld.

Calvin S. Locke. Julius H. Tuttle.
Chauncey C. Churchill.

Pending the action of this committee, a meeting
of the Dedham Historical Society was held June 3,
1885, at which it was unanimously voted that the
Society celebrate the two hundred and fiftieth anni-
versary of the settlement of Dedham ; and Messrs.
Erastus Worthington, Carlos Slafter, and Don
Gleason Hill were appointed a committee to con-


sider the subject, and report at an adjourned meeting,
June 17. At this meeting the following gentlemen
were appointed a Committee of Arrangements : —

Alfred Hewins. Cornelius A. Taft.

John H. Burdakin. Joseph Guild.

Julius H. Tuttle. Arthur M. Backus.

At an adjourned meeting held September 2, it
was voted, in accordance with the recommendation
of the Committee of Arrangements, that a public
meeting of the Society should be held at the Uni-
tarian Vestry on Monday evening, September 14,
and the Committee were instructed to give a general
invitation to all residents of Dedham, and to others
interested in the history of Dedham, to attend.

In accordance with this vote the meeting was
held Monday evening, Sept. 14, 1885, at the Uni-
tarian Vestry, which was filled with a large and
attentive audience. The meeting was called to order
by Henry O. Hildreth, President of the Society;
and interesting papers were read by Erastus
WoRTHiNGTON upon " Indian Titles and the In-
dian Village of Natick;" by Carlos Slafter upon
" The Ancient Burying Place of Dedham ;" by Rev.
Calvin S. Locke upon " Incidents in the History
of West Dedham;" and by Henry O. Hildreth
upon " Some of the Old Dedham Houses."

At the Annual Town Meeting, March i, 1886,
the Committee appointed April 6, 1885, submitted


the following report through their chairman, Eras-
Tus WoRTHiNGTON, Esq. : —

The Committee appointed at the last April Town Meet-
ing, to whom was referred the article in the warrant for
said meeting respecting the celebration of the two hundred
and fiftieth anniversary of the incorporation of the town,
with power to procure any necessary authority from the
General Court respecting the same, do now respectfully
report as follows : —

Having assumed it to be the will of the people of Ded-
ham that there should be some appropriate observance of
the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the incorpo-
ration of the town, the only questions remaining to be
considered relate to the manner of such observance. For-
tunately we find a good precedent to guide us in the second
centennial celebration of 1836. The most substantial de-
parture from the observances of that occasion which we
would recommend is the expenditure of a moderate sum
in restoring and preserving a few historical monuments,
now in danger of decay, — such as the Powder House,
erected by a vote of the town in 1766, which needs re-
pairs, and the stone erected by citizens in the same year
to commemorate the repeal of the Stamp Act, which should
be replaced and suitably protected, — and marking them by
tablets giving their history, and also placing similar historic
tablets upon the Avery Oak, the old cemetery, and the
training-field, and perhaps a few other historic spots. We
shall thus leave permanent marks of our interest in their
preservation for the example of future generations.

The expense of a centennial celebration in many of the
towns has been met by an appropriation from the town
treasury. It was so done in this town, either wholly or
in part, in 1836, although not then authorized by law.


Such celebrations have been generally regarded as events
of a deeper and wider significance than mere holiday-
entertainments. They interest all the citizens of the town,
and so the practice has been nearly uniform to provide for
them at the common expense. For several years such
appropriations have been authorized by general laws, now
incorporated with the Public Statutes. But in order to avoid
the possible question that a centennial anniversary is not a
two hundred and fiftieth anniversary, and also to obtain
the needful authority to raise money for historic tablets
and monuments, in pursuance of the authority given us,
we applied to the General Court, and a special law has
been passed giving to the town full power to raise money
for these purposes.

The provisions of the act are very similar to those of an
act passed in 1885 relating to the two hundred and fiftieth
anniversary of the town of Concord. It authorizes the
town of Dedham to raise by taxation a sum of money not
exceeding one tenth of one per cent of its assessed valua-
tion in 1885, — being the same hmit fixed in the Public
Statutes, for the purpose of celebrating the two hundred
and fiftieth anniversary of the incorporation of the town
of Dedham, and of erecting tablets or monuments to mark
places and objects of historic interest, and of restoring and
preserving any such existing monuments in said town.
The maximum limit fixed by this act is very much larger
than we shall need to raise, and of course it may be any
sum below that limit.

Following the plan of a similar committee in 1836, we
have agreed upon a general plan of the celebration, which
we recommend for adoption by the town.

We recommend that Tuesday, the 21st day of Septem-
ber, be observed as the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anni-
versary of the incorporation of the town, — Sept. 21, 1836,


having been celebrated as the two hundredth anniversary, —
it being a convenient day therefor.

We further recommend that the exercises of the day
be substantially as follows : —

1. That the bells of the town be rung and a salute of fifty guns
fired at sunrise.

2. That there be a concert in the morning by the children of
the public schools on the green of the First Parish Church.

3. That there be a procession with an escort, which shall move
with the invited guests to one of the churches in Dedham village,
where there shall be appropriate exercises, including an historical
address and vocal music.

4. That the citizens be invited to decorate their houses.

5. That at the conclusion of the exercises the procession be
re-formed and march to Memorial Hall, where a dinner shall be
provided for the invited guests and holders of tickets.

6. That his Excellency the Governor, the member of Congress
from this district, members of the General Court from Norfolk
County, the judge of the Probate Court and other county officers,
the selectmen of the respective towns that once formed a part of
Dedham, the presidents of the Massachusetts Historical Society
and New England Historic Genealogical Society, and of other
historical societies in Norfolk County, and such other persons as
the Committee of Arrangements may decide to be Qntitled to such
invitation, be invited to attend the exercises in the church, and also
the dinner, as guests of the town.

7. That the bells be rung and a salute fired at sunset.

We also recommend that a committee of arrangements,
to consist of seven members, be chosen at this meeting,
with full power to carry out such arrangements, and also
any further arrangements that may be found necessary by
them, including the selection of an orator, president of the
day, and chief marshal, and the appointnaent of any special


committees they may deem expedient, and the filling of
any vacancies occurring in their own number.

We further recommend that a committee to consist of
three members be appointed at this meeting to erect
tablets or monuments to mark places of historic interest,
and to do what may be necessary to restore and preserve
existing monuments.

We recommend that the sum of fifteen hundred dol-
lars be raised and appropriated to carry into effect all the
foregoing recommendations, from which a sum not ex-
ceeding five hundred dollars may be expended for tablets
and monuments.

We would respectfully recommend that the following
named gentlemen serve as the Committee of Arrange-
ments : —

WiNSLOW Warren. John R. Bullard.

Henry Smith. George Fred. Williams.

Erastus E. Gay. John Crowley.

Charles A. Mackintosh.

We also recommend that the following named gentle-
men serve as the Committee on Tablets and Monu-
ments : —

Erastus Worthington. Henry O. Hildreth.

Don Gleason Hill.

Respectfully submitted.
Dedham, March i, 1886.

It was voted that this report be accepted and
its recommendations adopted, and that the sum of


fifteen hundred dollars be raised and appropriated
for the purposes set forth in said report.

At an adjourned Town Meeting held April 19,
1886, the Committee of Arrangements having asked
for an additional appropriation of one thousand
dollars, the town voted the sum asked for, coupled
with the condition that no part of said sum, or of
any sum heretofore appropriated by the town for
the celebration, should be expended for alcoholic
liquors, or for wines, ale, or beer.

The Committee of Arrangements appointed by
the Town for the celebration, Sept. 21, 1886, —
Messrs. Winslow Warren, Henry Smith, Erastus
E. Gay, John R. Bullard, George Fred. Williams,
John Crowley, and Charles A. Mackintosh, — met
March 8, 1886, at the Town Clerk's office, and
organized by the choice of

Winslow V^arren Chairman.

Charles A. Mackintosh Secretary.

John R. Bullard Treasurer.

At a subsequent meeting, Mr. Mackintosh hav-
ing, on account of necessary absence from the town,
resigned as a member of the Committee, Julius H.
TuTTLE was chosen in his place as a member of the
Committee and as Secretary.

The Committee invited Erastus Worthington
to deliver the oration, Thomas L. Wakefield to
preside at the exercises in the church, Frederick
D. Ely to preside at the dinner, Gen. Stephen M.


Weld to act as chief-marshal, Rev. Seth C. Beach
to write a hymn for the occasion, Arthur W.
Thayer to conduct the musical exercises, and
Charles J. Capen to act as organist. These gen-
tlemen having accepted, other committees were
chosen as follows : —

deception Committee,

Lusher G. Baker, Jr., chairman. Charles M. Boyd.

John L. Wakefield. Albert F. Fisher.

Harry B. Alden. Lewis D. Smith.

Edward Capen. Harry E. French.

©gfierfl; for t^e Cjrercifics at tlje (JD!)urc[), ^Dinner, anU €i)entiiff
entertainment at ;j[Hemorlal |)aU.

Lusher G. Baker, Jr., chairman. Lewis D. Smith.

John L. Wakefield. Harry E. French.

Edward Capen. Fred, E. Smith.

Harry B. Alden. Moses E. Baker.

Charles E. Conant. Alfred B. Page.

John W. Boyd. Gardner Perry.

Charles M. Boyd. Benjamin Fisher.

Albert F. Fisher. Theodore T. Marsh.

Frank M. Wakefield. Bernard T. Schermerhorn.
Fred. W. Rice.

£) inner Committee.

Charles W. Wolcott, chairman. Harry B. Alden.

Charles E. Conant. Edward Capen.

Edward T. Baker. John L. Wakefield.

Fred. A. Cormerais. Lewis D. Smith.

Albert F. Fisher. Fred. E. Smith.



Committee on 2)eforation£5.

John H. BuRDAKIN, chairman.
Henry Hitchings.
Cornelius A. Taft.
Edward Capen.

Frank M. Bailey.
Philander S. Young.
J. Varnum Abbott.
Carl L. T. Markward.

Committee on JFiretoorfeg.

George R. Johnstone.

Committee on ^ell^rinffins,
Erastus E. Gay. George W. Phillips.

Committee on |)tstorie Collection.

Henry O. HilDRETH, Chairman.

Henry G. Guild, Secretary.

Edward Capen, Treasurer.

Mrs. George F. Fisher.
Miss Sadie B. Baker.
Miss Helen A. Browne.
Miss Anna F. Colburn.
Miss Ellen H. Crehore.
Miss Susan D. Ellis.
Miss Annie R. Fisher.
George F. Fisher.
Mrs. Joseph Fisher.
Erastus E. Gay.

Miss Abby E. Guild.
Mrs. Alfred Hewins.
Henry Hitchings.
George W. Humphrey.
Elmer P. Morse.
Thomas Murphy.
Miss Delia W, Southgate.
Mrs. Cornelius A. Taft.
Miss Mary L. Talbot.
Mrs. Julius H. Tuttle.
John L. Wakefield.
Mrs. George E. Whiting.
Miss C. M. Worthington.

The following gentlemen were invited to the
celebration : —



His Excellency Gov. George D.

Robinson and Staff.
Lieut.-Gov. Ames.
Hon. Henry B. Pierce.
Hon. A. W. Beard.
Hon. E. J. Sherman.
Hon. Charles R. Ladd.
Hon. Marcus Morton.
Hon. Lincoln F. Brigham.
Hon. George F. Hoar.
Hon. Henry L. Dawes.
Hon. Horace Gray.
Hon. L. B. Colt.
Hon. Robert C. Winthrop.
Hon. John D. Long.
Hon. Leverett Saltonstall.
Hon. George M. Stearns.
Hon. A. E. Pillsbury.
Hon. John E. Fitzgerald,
Hon. J. Q. A. Brackett.
Hon. Hugh O'Brien.
Hon. George White.
Hon. William Gaston.
Dr. William Everett.
President Charles W. Eliot.
President Timothy Dwight.
Hon. Warren E. Locke.
Hon. John H. Gould.
Rev. Dr. George E. Ellis.
Hon. Marshall P. Wilder.
Hon. Thomas Russell.
Hon. Henry Cabot Lodge.
Hon. Robert R. Bishop.
Hon. S. C. Cobb.
John Quincy Adams, Esq..
Everett- C. Bumpus, Esq.
Henry A. Whitney, Esq.
Albert A. Folsom, Esq.
Hon. F. W. Bird.

Hon. M. M. Fisher.

Fisher Ames, Esq.
Hon. Horace Fairbanks.
Hon. George H. Monroe.
Fisher A, Baker, Esq.
Hon. John J. Clarke.
Hon. George Sheldon.
Samuel B. Noyes, Esq.
Rev. Edward G. Porter.
Thomas Dunbar, Esq.
Charles H. Walcott, Esq.
B. B. Torrey, Esq.
Joseph W. Clark, Esq.
Albert W. Nickerson, Esq.
John J. Loud, Esq.
W. C. Burrage, Esq.
Henry W. Dwight, Esq.
The County Commissioners and
other Officials of Norfolk
The Town Officers of Dedham.
The President of the Dedham

Historical Society.
The President of the Dedham

Public Library.
The Chairman of the Select-
mfj^ of . . . Medfield.

„ „ Wrentham.

„ „ Needham.

„ „ Bellingham.

„ „ Walpole.

„ „ Canton.

„ „ Franklin.

„ „ Dover.

„ „ Hyde Park.

„ „ Norwood.

„ „ Norfolk.



And also Ira Cleveland, Esq., surviving member
of the Committee of Arrangements, and the follow-
ing gentlemen, surviving marshals of the procession
at the Two Hundredth Anniversary: —

Ira Russell. John D. Colburn.

Benjamin Boyden. Theodore Metcalf.

Cfie Committee on Cablets,

Erastus Worthington. Henry O. Hildreth.

Don Gleason Hill.

This Committee removed the Pitts Head monu-
ment to the Church Green, renewed its inscriptions,
and placed upon it a bronze tablet ; repaired the Old
Powder House ; appropriately designated by stone
monuments the Old Training Field, the Old Burial
Place, and the First Dam built in the town ; and
upon the day of the celebration designated by con-
spicuous inscriptions the sites of the old houses and
other points of interest. A full report of the work
of the Committee will be found in another part of
this volume.


* I "UESDAY, Sept. 21, 1886, was one of the most
beautiful of our autumnal days. Through
the efficiency of the Committee on Decorations,
aided by the enthusiasm of the citizens generally,
the town was elaborately decorated, and presented
a most attractive holiday appearance. The Uni-
tarian Church, where the address was delivered, —
the same building in which the exercises at the
* bi-centennial celebration in 1836 had been held, —
was tastefully decorated with flowers and evergreen ;
the vestry, near by, was filled with a most interest-
ing collection of historical relics ; a large tent had
been erected for the dinner upon the Richards Field
on High Street; band-stands had been placed at
prominent points ; and the public buildings and
residences were gay with flags and bunting. At
sunrise a national salute was fired from the hill
opposite the Dye House at East Dedham, and
the bells of the various churches were runsf. At
an early hour crowds of people poured into the


town, and at least fifteen thousand persons witnessed
the celebration.

From 7.30 A. M. to 8 a. m. a concert was given by
the Norwood Band at Boyden & Bailey's Square at
East Dedham ; from 8 to 9 a concert was given on
the Church Green by the Cadet Band of Boston ;
and the children of the public schools, gathered in
front of the church, sang national airs under the
direction of Mr. Arthur W. Thayer. This was one
of the most attractive and interesting features of
the celebration.

At 10 o'clock an express train arrived from Bos-
ton, bringing the Independent Corps of Cadets
escorting the Governor and staff and invited guests,
who were at once assigned carriages, and a long
procession, which had been promptly formed under
the marshalship of Gen. Stephen M. Weld, moved
over the designated route, a governor's salute being
fired from the hill as the procession started.

The procession was formed in the following
order : The first division on Church Street, with
the right resting on High ; the second division on
Washington and Bryant streets, with right at
School ; the third division on Washington Street,
with right at Bryant ; the fourth division on School
Street, with right on Washington Street ; the fifth
division on Washington, north side of High Street,
with right resting on High. Each division was
ordered to be in line at 9.30 a. m., at which time
they were inspected by the chief marshal. The


route was as follows, starting at Memorial Hall :
High to Eastern Avenue, Eastern Avenue to East,
East to Walnnt, Walnut to High, High to Wash-
ington, Washington to School, School to Court,
Court to Village Avenue, Village Avenue to High,
High to Court. The parade was dismissed at
Memorial Hall Square.


The formation of the procession was as follows

Platoon of Police, mounted.

Chief Marshal.

Color Yellow.

Chief of Staff Amasa Guild.

Adjutant-General .... Joseph H. Lathrop.

Quartermaster E. Scott Morse.

Surgeon Dr. John W. Chase.

Chaplain Rev. E. A. Howard.

Bugler Theodore Colburn

Special Aids.

Col. James M. Ellis. Charles E. Conant.

Fred. J. Baker. Henry P. Ouincy.

Horatio G. Turner. Owen J. Reynolds.

John B. Fisher. George W. Weatherbee.


General Staff.

Franklin Copeland. James Y. Noyes.

Daniel A. Lynch. Herbert French.

Philander S. Young. Frank E. Morse.

William H. Lord. Charles H. Ellis.

Joseph Colburn. Charles Warren.

John L. Wakefield. Gardner Perry.

Henry Fuller. John R. Bullard, Jr.

William B. Gould. A. R. Weld.

Joseph L. Fisher. F. F. Norris.

Henry E. Weatherbee. E. M. Weld,

Theron B. Ames. Edgar Murphy.

Creighton Colburn. H. T. McClearn, Jr.

Joseph H. Walley. Joseph C. Hoppin.
Fred. E. Smith, Color-Bearer.


Color Blue.

Chief of Division, Gen. Thomas Sherwin.

Col. Joseph Stedman. Edward Sherwin.

David L. Hodges. Joseph Guild.

Post 144, G. A. R., Dedham, Henry W. Weeks, Commander.

Post 117, G. A. R., Medfield, John H. Pember, Commander.

Norwood National Band.

Post 121, G. A. R., Hyde Park, E. S. Churchill, Commander.

Post 157, G. A. R., Walpole, J. C. Madigan, Commander.

Post 169, G. A. R., Norwood, Albert G. Webb, Commander.

Post 181, G. A. R., Needham, A. D. Kingsbury, Commander.

Boston Cadet Band.

First Corps of Cadets, Lt.-Col. Thomas F. Edmands commanding,


His Excellency, Governor George D. Robinson and Staff.

Invited Guests and Town Officials, in carriages.



Color Red.

Waldo Weatherbee, Color-Bearer.

Dedham Fire Department.

George A. Guild, Chief Engineer.
Ebenezer Gould, Francis Soule, Assistants.

Norwood Band. 27 pieces.

Steamer Relief and Hose Co. No. i, Dedham, H. A. Phipps, Foreman,
15 men ; with Steamer and Hose Carriage.

Hero Hose Co. 2, with Carriage, J. Keehn, Foreman. 12 men,

Niagara Hose Co. No. 3, East Dedham, with Carriage,
James Finn, Foreman. 14 men.

F. H. Walker and F. W. Turner, Assistant Engineers of Nor-
wood Fire Department.

Norwood Hook and Ladder Truck No, i, Edward Moore, Fore-
man. 15 men.

George A. Morse, Chief Engineer of Medfield Fire Department.

Excelsior Hook and Ladder Truck, Medfield, E. Bullard, Foreman.

20 men.

Hyde Park Fife and Drum Corps. 20 men,

H. G. Balkam, Chief Engineer of Hyde Park Fire Department.
R. Williams, R. Corson, Assistants.

Hose I, A. R. Williams, Foreman.

Hose 2, M. Rogers, Foreman.

Hook and Ladder Truck No. i, R. Scott, Jr., Foreman.
(Three companies. 30 men in line.)

Apparatus, Steamer 2, Truck i, Hose i.

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