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1992 Cornucopia

Delaware Valley College Doylestown, PA

"Positively Ours"

Editor: Linda Schempp


Kristin Bainc
Amy Cupples
Kyle Mackes
April Book
Jen Duran
Tara Grady
Andrea Kline
Erica Shick
Sue Weaver

The Cornucopia is published by

Jostens Printing & Publishing,

Box 296, State College, PA,



Merin Studios, Inc.

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Welcome to the 1992 Cornuco-
pia. "Positively Ours" is the theme
chosen for the 1991-92 year. We
felt this was appropriate and fit
Delaware Valley College to a tee.
There were times in the past when
our independence was being test-
ed. Would we remain on our own
and be capable of surviving the
times? Someone must have felt we
deserved a chance, so here we are
with a new president and a chang-
ing attitude. Delaware Valley Col-
lege is positively ours; we help
make the difference.

For recent graduates, this is their
time to discover all that the world
has to offer. With a DelVal educa-
tion behind them, they can't go
wrong. For seniors, this year will be
the one to remember. Enjoy it
while you can; it will fly by quickly.
The junior class probably feels that
1994 will never get here. Don't
worry about graduation. You are
currently at the peak of your col-
lege days. Everyone you talk to
can't believe you are a junior in
college already. Time does seem to
be flying by and the next thing you
know, you will be calling yourself a
college senior.

The sophomores have one year
under their belts and are ready for
this year to be over. Now they can
see what they were were like their
freshmen year by observing the
Class of '96. The freshmen class is a
special class. When they graduate,
Delaware Valley College will be
celebrating 1(X) years. Positively

The Cornucopia wishes all DVC
students the best of luck.

This year's book would not have
been possible without the initial
encouragement and support of
Ched Baker. Without his guidance
first semester, the Cornucopia
would be dull and boring. His
ideas helped us develop a standard
to follow in future years. Thanks
Ched, for all your positive thoughts
and ideas!

I would personally like to thank
everyone on the yearbook staff for
their constant support and dedica-
tion. Thanks for making this book
so spectacular.

To the entire student body, the
staff of the '92 Cornucopia hopes
that you will enjoy the book and
cherish the memories we strived to

Here's to 1992! It is "Positively



Top left: The year started off with a big picnic
and entertainment. Some of DVC's own got up
and gave it a shot. Far left: Newly crowned
Homecoming Queen Lisa Gerity and her escort
Rob Clifford smile for the camera. Lisa repre-
sented the Cleass of '92. Middle left: Lori Bori -
soff and Wayne Culp share a few words in the
bookstore. Right: The Beach Party took a
strange twist when a large piece of plastic with
colored dots was placed on the floor. Above:
The volleyball team gets a pep talk from Coach
Quinn before the big game.


Positively DVC

Atxjvt: Jayme Finafrock re-
joices when he realizes that he
doesn't need to make anymore
milkshakes for A -Day. Top left:
Raquel Laino and Frank Kitch-
ener join a friend for the
Homecoming festivities. Right:
A colorful scene from campus.
Far right: Stephan Walters, An-
gela Allen, and Jake Mickens
take time out for the camera.




Positively Fresh
A Freshman Perspective

I was asked to write this article from a freshman's view of college,
particularly Delaware Valley College. The problem with writing this wasn't
what to write but more of where to start. I learned so much this year. I think
we all have. I still remember the first day; resident assistants, peer counselors,
and faculty members on all sides trying to make our orientation run smooth-
ly as possible. It seemed that during orientation, all the basic fears; of will my
roommate like me and will the faculty be helpful and will I make friends
were halted. Everyone seemed like they wanted me here. It was only the first
day and I was already making friends. It would be impossible to describe
how we did it for the methods ranged from meeting a group in the student
lounge to doing the electric slide behind Segal Hall. It didn't matter how we
made our friends; the point was "We did it!" and were off into our first
semester and the beginning of our involvement in our campus community.
Whether we joined sports, clubs, or organizations, we managed to arrange
our schedules so we still had time for a social "party" life. As the semester
dwindled down, our first college finals came near and so did spring course
registration. Where was that guy who gave me my pre-made schedule in the
beginning of the semester? It was good thing winter break was just around
the corner.

Coming back second semester we got to see all the friends we missed over
break and were generally more sure of our goals. Knowing our way around
campus made it easier to locate information and accomplish tasks making
our college a better place. The professors at Del Val were great and easily
accessible for help. They, however, only added to the personable college
DVC is. Everyone here is willing to pitch in and show their support,
especially for events including sports, games, Pride and Polish Day, and the
notorious A -Day to name a few. It is rare to see a school commit to the pride
Delaware Valley College has and that's only another important characteristic
of the college.

As a freshman, I personally am very glad I chose this college for I enjoy
our campus community. No matter what our involvement is, whether it is
through sports, clubs, or organizations, I hope that our freshmen class will
contribute to positively reinforce the values for which our college stands.

Cindy Mlczivu
Class of 95


Introclut tion







11 1



Never Give Up

No matter where you are,

Look above and find a star.

Never give up,

Never give in,

You can conquer,

You can win.

Don't keep your feelings locked inside,

For you, my friend, have nothing to hide.

So when you feel your world has come to

an end, |U

Remember me, I'm your friend.
I'll be here day and night,
For you, my friend, will be alright.
Just remember,
Never give up,
Never give in,
You can conquer,
You can win.



Our Time!

August. 1988. The beginning of great
friendships, lasting memories, and good

Who would have ever guessed that we
would take with us so much more than
just an education when we left:' The time
spent together has been special and is
never to be forgotten.

Just think of all we have experienced
together. First there was the Cooke Hall
fire, then a new dairy, a rally to get more
out of our tuition dollars, a new equine
center, two new presidents, wrestling
championships, a win in football over
Widener. and much, much more. The
college has undergone many changes
since we have been here. More impor-
tantly, we have each experienced our own
changes. To put it simply, we have grown
up. Although we may not want to admit
this, it is true. Just look at how far we
have come. We should all be proud of
our accomplishments. Now, we can only
look forward to challenges we will meet
in the future.

Although the time has come for us to
move on, never lose the memories cap-
tured over the past four years. We have-
just experienced a special time in our
lives. Many of us found that wonderful
person who will be by our side forever.
Others found unbreakable bonds of
friendship that will remain strong until
the end of time. Cherish these memories
always; they will carry us through the
good times and the bad. They will always
be a part of us.

Thanks DVC for adding such a posi-
tive segment to our lives. Thanks also, to
the Class of '92 for being a special part to
my life. I will cherish you forever.

Linda Schc







Top left: Michelle Infante rides on the Horticulture Soci-
ety's Homecoming float Far left: Steve Wagner stands
proud in front of the Theta Chi Sigma banner. Guess he's
the bouncer. Middle left: Erica Shick and Danyele Pino
enjoy each other's company. Left: Spring has sprung on the
DVC campus! Above: Dave Good helps a newborn calf
with its nursing technique at the Farm Show.



Good Luck To
All Underclassmen

From The
1992 Class Officers

+ -■— - —

Left to right: Chris Tice, Jimmy Marini, Lisa Gc-rity, l.inila Schcmpp, and Kdly Martii


1992 Cornucopia

Dedication To

Mr. Robert Sauer

We, the members of the Cornu-
copia staff, are extremely honored to
dedicate the 1992 edition of the
yearbook to Mr. Robert Sauer.

Many of us have received letters
from him but do not know who he
really is. Mr. Sauer has been part of a
staff which offers many students the
opportunity to experience what Del-
aware Valley College has to offer.
He is currently the Director of Fi-
nancial Aid and as a '65 graduate, he
knows firsthand about the Del Val

Upon graduating with a degree in
Dairy Husbandry, Mr. Sauer worked
for Agway and Merck, Sharpe, and
Dohme. In 1967, he returned to
DVC as an Assistant Dean. He has
been involved with many extra-cur-

ricular activities including the year-
book, A -Day, and lacrosse. He has
advised each of these organizations
and is responsible for starting the
lacrosse team.

On a personal note, Mr. Sauer en-
joys hunting, fishing, gardening, and
being a grandfather. He is the father
of two sons, one a DVC graduate.

Mr. Sauer may not always get the
recognition he deserves so we want
to let him know how much he is

Thank you lor being a special part
of our college family. His dedication
to the yearbook for 18 years as advi-
sor helped set a standard for the
Cornucopia. Without his past devo-
tion, the yearbook would not be
what it is today.


"I have found the faculty to he dedicated, sup-
portive and always willing to give the students
that extra incite to keep them focused on their
respective paths."

Angela Allen





E v -

t w sZ*. » V




Our President

Mr. George F. West

To The Members Of The Class Of 1992,

How quickly your time at our College went by — it seems only
yesterday you were a new student going through orientation.
Now you move toward a career equipped with a foundation of
knowledge. We are very proud of your accomplishment; we are
confident that you will achieve success, personally and
professionally, by utilizing your experiences at Del Val to
advance a world in need of excellence. Stay in touch with
us: you are our reason for being.

Best regards ,

George F. West



Dean of the College







Director of Development


The DVC Administration is responsible for making the college a
success today and into the future. They combine their people and
professional skills to create opportunities for students today and

Director of Computer Service


Dean of Enrollment Managerr

Business Manager

Executive Assistant

Coordinator of Public Informant



Agricultural & Environmental Studie


People and the environment we sustain,
food and fiber are our game, Agribusiness
is our name.

-Dr. Avery


Mrs. Peggy Hinkcl

Agronomy and Environmental Science

Mr Lawrence Hepne

l>, William Pallto



Animal Science

On behalf of everyone in
Animal Science I extend my
congratulations and best wishes
to the class of 1992. May all of
your dreams become a reality.
-Dr. Hofsaess

Dr. Gordon Faton

Mr. Rodney Gilbert

Dr. Frederick Hofsa.

Bring home the bacon, Class of "92!

Dr. Gary Brubaker

Mr. Hans Luginbuhl

Ms. Lynne Willoughby

Dairy Science

Dr John Plun

Mr. Larry Morris

Mrs. Mileen Altie




Food Science & Managemen


Dr. Mary Palumbo

Mr. William Porter

Mrs. Daren Grr

Mr. Richard Dommel

Yes, we do prepare food in several of our courses - but that is not all we do. (And no, we are not a home ec depart-
ment). We prepare students to work in the many -faceted food industry as scientists and managers.

-Mary S. Palumbo, Ph.D.

Ornamental Horticulture & Environmental Desigi

A Winning Team - The Class
of 1992 and the Ornamental
Horticulture and Environmental
Design Faculty and Staff.

-Dr. John Martin

Senior Mike Kutzmonich

Mr I>me, Kai

Mrs Helen ll.ilkn




The Horticulture Depart-
ent provides a career -oriented
ogram to help students to be-
ime environmentally-aware
ecialists in the edible horti-
ltural plant industry from
oduct development by the
^technologists to product use
the consumer.
Dr. Barbara Muse, Chairman


Dr. Barbara Musi

Dr. Ronald Mu

3usiness & Computer Information

usiness Administration

pportunities come and go but
ccess is a conscious choice.
-Dr. Dominic A. Montileone
ssociate Dean of the College
\rts and Science Departments

Dr. Edward Goldberg

Dr Gerald Handler

Mrs. Dorothy Koch



Computer Information Systems Managemer

Best wishes from the faculty
of the CISM department and
remember "A computer is the
means to an end and not the

-Mr. Michael Simone


Dr. Boyd Ghering

Mr. Kenneth Lee

Criminal Justic

A degree in Criminal Justice
Administration prepares stu-
dents for many and varied ca-
reer opportunities within the
radically growing criminal jus-
tice system. Graduates might
enter the fields of law enforce-
ment, corrections, probation &
parole, security, or correctional

counseling & services. As a re-
sult of criminal justice's broad -
based curriculum students will
graduate as well-educated peo-
ple with specialized tools to
perform as professionals in their

-Mr. Roberts, Director CJA

Mr. Gordon Roberts

To the graduating class of 1992

Thank you for the opportunity of having one more chance to talk with you before you
leave. I have had the good fortune to speak with many of you in the academic setting as well
as informally.

We are witnessing a world wide evolution, with events happening at a lightening pace,
(liven Mr. Roberts' is having trouble keeping up). You are the first graduating class to have
the opportunity to be a part of this change. Yesterday's adversary is today's neighbor and
friend in need of help. Your knowledge in the areas of Agriculture, Science, and Business are
the tools necessary to unite this changing world into a better and more peaceful community.
The choices available to you will be unlimited and the opportunities to get involved will be
too numerous to count. lintire countries are opening up and asking for our help. The need
to feed their citizens and to enter the free enterprise community of nations is exciting to
watch. You have the golden opportunity to do more than watch.

The college family also wants the opportunity to stay in touch with you as you face the
l hallenges that lay ahead. Please, stay in touch and let us know how we can continue to help

As I gain in the years, I

nt to thank you for keeping me feeling young.

■Dr. Handler,
Business Athninistnition



Arts & Sciences


Biology is the study of life's diver-
sity. The Department's strength is
rooted in the application of basic sci-
ence to it's many aspects.

- William H. Allison

Dr. Robert Berthold

Dr. William Allis


Dr. John Mr:

Dr. Richard Mulstay

Mr. John Standing

Dear Class of 1992,

Thanks for asking me to contribute
a few lines to the 1992 Cornucopia.
During our years together here at
DVC, we have had the opportunity to
learn, socialize, to participate in athlet-
ics and in other College related activi-
ties together, and to share many
thoughts and ideas. My hope is that
for the many of you in the Class of
1992 with whom I have been involved,
the experience has been as stimulating
and as rewarding for you as it has been
for me.

-Robert Berthold

Congratulations on attaining your
baccalaureate degree as you start on
your lifetime professional career and
ongoing education. All of us have en-
joyed the years you have spent with

-William H. Allison




Dr. Robert Or

To the chemistry graduates of
the Class of 1992,

On this very special occasion
we wish to extend our most sin-
cere congratulations and best
wishes. We are proud of your
many academic and extracurric-
ular achievements. We compli-
ment you for your dedication
and diligence and know that
these virtues will enable you to
achieve worthwhile goals in the
real world. We will miss you as
individuals, whose energy and
enthusiasm has been assets to
your program and to our Col-
lege. We know that you will
impress your future mentors
and employees. Do remain in
touch with us and visit your
alma mater as time allows. May
each day provide you with new
challenges and unlimited op-


Chemistry Department

Deena Di Stefano

Dr. Michael Gai

Dr. Richard Lugar

Dr. Jfrn-ph Stcnsoi

Dr. Charles Wcbtl




The need for people who can
write well and communicate ef-
fectively with others is growing
in all areas of business, the pro-
fessions, and academic life.
There is more to any career than
just the technology of that ca-
reer, and good communications
skills can make an impressive

Dr. Alice Clark

Dr. Linda Kuehl

Mr. Edward Lawrence


Congratulations from the
Mathematics Department. Re-
member you can always count
on us.

Dr. Francis Hofstaedter
Mathematics Department

T^^f ^™

Dr. Francis Hofstaedter

Mr. Theodore Christie

Mr. James Popha

Mr. Michael Tabachnick

Mrs. Eleanor Price



Liberal Arts Department

In addition to the informa-
tion, wisdom, and skills you
have accumulated here, I hope
you will take with you another
observation: People want to
know how much you care be-
fore they care how much you

Dr. Richard Ziemer
Liberal Arts Department

Mr. Edward O'Brien. Jr.

Mrs. Joann Roberts

I have enjoyed working,
teaching, and having fun with
you these last few years. I know
your futures will be as bright as
your ideas and smiles.

Mrs. Daren Gross

food Science Management



n Memorial

Mrs. Sally Smith

Sally Smith will be remembered by students and colleagues for many qualities. She had great enthusiasm
for language and literature. Her goal always was to provide the best education possible. Her students
benefitted from her dedication and from her clear sympathy with their efforts. Her colleagues loved her for
her generous devotion to the shaping of educational goals, for her cheerful determination, and most of all for
her great courage.

Alice Clark
Department of English

Aside from her commitment to teaching and her active participation in school affairs, Sally Smith was a
"profile in courage." Battling a debilitating disease for fourteen years, Mrs. Smith refused to see herself as ei-
ther a victim or invalid. A positive and optimistic attitude helped her to lead a productive, happy life even
during the years of illness, and her unflagging spirit served as an inspiration to all her colleagues.

Linda Kandel Kuehl
Department of English


Mr. Paul Trembeth

Paul D. Trembeth passed away on July 8, 1991. He was a valued member of the Mathematics Department
of Delaware Valley College for 18 years. He previously taught at Germantown Lutheran Academy.

Paul graduated with honors from Central High and received a BA and an MA in Mathematics from
Temple University (Summa Cum Laude). He was a member of Big Brothers for over 10 years and a loyal
member of the Delaware Valley College Band. He played the recorder and the French Horn. Paul had a
curious Mathematical mind. His perpetual "Math Puzzles" will be remembered by all who knew him.
To honor his memory a Paul D. Trembeth Scholarship Fund has been established.

Dr. Hofstaedter

Math Department Chairperson




Mr. Dick Acker

Mrs. Julie Ambrose

Mr. Frank Massino


1 ~ 4

w! i

' L


Mr. Jack Mazak

Mrs. Elaine McGeady

Mrs. Dawn Ridgeway

Ms. Kathryn Walter


It's sad to see you leave but thrilling to see you graduate. W
have seen you come to DVC as young freshman and leave ;
maturing adults. What a change 4 years has made. Don't los
sight of your goals but remember happiness should be your moi
important goal.

Ms. Mary Ann Ely

Admissions Office/C.C. Work Ha

Ms. Audrey Daniel

Ms. Mary Ann Rly


Mr. Stephen Zenko

M-. Shannon w,l

Joan Hock and Diana Sco




Ms. Helen Donahue

Left to right: Mary Lewis, Jenn Singer, Irene Keyser, Reinhild Dornfeld.

Allman I '^

■> to bottom, left to right: Adam Adamczyk, Larry Beck, Ale
ichman, Gary Raymond.

Congratulations to each and everyone of the Class of 1992. Every class is special and
unique and the class of '92, is no exception. Your class along with other graduating classes
have left fine examples with such things as DEDICATION and HARDWORK. Your pride
is our accomplishments including your support for the extracurricular programs.

Well class of '92, You made it! I know there were times a lot of you thought you would
not, but you worked at it and look at you now, walking the last few steps and into a world
that awaits you, and I know with Pride and Determination, you will succeed in everything
you do. Whether it's the profession you chose or whether it is to continue on with a higher
education, utilize the knowledge you have obtained and continue to broaden your horizons.

njoy seeing you again, and we
whatever this

GOOD LUCK and come back and see all of us,
wish you all the happiness in whatever you choose t
is to be. Again CONGRATULATIONS.



Mary C. Bowes
Housekeeping Dept.

Ms. Flame Hanrahan





Left: General Ag. is responsible for
the management of the college's farm

-• - Right: Farm #3 is a beef and swine ■£*
V production center for educational «^T^
purposes. ^K


Larry Queripel

George Coulton

George Gross

Scr* Robencllo

Jennifer Nagele

The college's orchards produce field and tree products. Many of the
products are sold in the roadside stand. The orchard provides an excel Ian t
chance for practible experience.

The college greenhouses serve as a place to grow many different plants f<
production and educational use. Hands on experience is easily attained an
that is what makes our school's reputation.



eldman Computer Center



Dr. Richard Laz

rround Crew

Timothy Varacallo

Robert Carver


Marie StOugh

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