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the adequate education grant for each school distric

Paid Directly from State




pay Directly to State



The Deny Community Cable (Cable Channel 17) began operating in the lower level of
the Deny Municipal Center a little over one year ago. C-17 continues to make progress
with the necessary upgrades to make the station one of the finest community based in
southern New Hampshire.

During the past year the station has
continued to broadcast all of Derry's
public meetings, many of them live, such
as the Town Council, Planning, Zoning
Board meetings and recently added bi-
monthly Conservation Commission
meetings. Additionally, C-17 provided
television coverage for special town
events, Denyfest, the Memorial Day
Parade, the Fall Holiday Parade. We
continued the tradition of broadcasting a
live call-in show during the March
election cycle including a series of informative sessions with school board members and
school administrative officials explaining the school bonding issues. C-17 staff and board
members hosted a live show complete with children operating the cameras fi-om age 7 to
16 to show how easy one can get involved with your station and produce a program. We
welcome the public to participate and to get involved.

Examples of these shows are "Capitol Chat with Phyllis and Pat", "Derry, NH's Place

To Be" with Town Administrator Carol Granfield and recently added is "Merchants on
Main Street with Joe Bucchino". This program is produced with the aid of two
Pinkerton Academy students. We also have currently many programs with themes such
as health, cooking, animal care, music and sports. A new program to be added to our line-
up very soon will feature monthly information on public awareness produced by the
Derry Fire Department. We are always looking for new producers and welcome new
program ideas and suggestion you may have. We can be reached by calling 425-203 1 and
leaving a message.

Now that we are settled in, we are working to make this station a community aid in
troubled times. Post 9-1 1 world has given us a wake-up call and we are working with the
Derry Fire Department and the Office of Emergency Management to use this commimity
resource to its full potential. We have purchased a digital signage and message system
that during bad weather or any emergency situation will broadcast to the residents who
subscribe to cable, emergency messages and or instructions for that particular situation.
For example, a fuel truck roll over on route 28 and the road is closed. The Fire
Department would be able to put up a message on a crawl on the bottom of the screen
advising residents of the situation. This system is being installed and tested as this is
being written.


C-17 is also working on upgrading to DVD

format and has already installed one unit for

testing. We have installed a second

modulator for Channel 6. This will allow us

to begin to broadcast school board meetings

from the Deny Municipal Center live

without interrupting C-17 broadcast. We plan

to upgrade the C-17 mobile unit in 2004 to

make that resource available and up to date

for special town events. All this is fiinded by

a franchise fee from Comcast Cable and not

taxpayer funded, a win, win for the town. We look forward to serving the town in the best

possible way and we are open to your suggestions and participation.

I would be remiss in this report if I did not tell you that none of this would happen
without the hard work of the staff and members of the Cable Advisory Board Members
who are non-paid volunteers. Our head cheer leader and administrator Barbara
Ellingwood recently attended a national conference in Tacoma WA. on community TV.
While she was selected by a jury of her peers to represent the northeast, airfare was not
included. Using her own money and vacation time, off to the left coast she went, talk
about dedication! Chris Martin our chief technician who keeps the station going and
prepares the mobile unit for every special event and is on call 24/7 we thank you for
keeping us up and running. Our Vice Chairman, Jim Richardson who spends countless
hours working with Barbara on software issues and coordinating with the Fire Dept. on
the Emergency bulletin board. Last, but certainly not least, our committee members who
put up with me and volunteer their time to attend meetings, run the equipment and have
the vision for the future, James "The Bear" Turner, Roy Feinauer, Janet Conroy, Roberta
Robie, thank you one and all for your time and effort.

Respectfully submitted,
fBoA iteiewineau. Chair
Derry Cable Committee



It has been a busy year for the department. Housing starts have continued at a modest rate
compared to the late 90 's but commercial and industrial activity continues to be strong.
Many commercial projects were permitted in 2003 and several more are in the planning
or approval stages for the coming year including a state of the art, 12 screen cinema.

All this activity has kept department personnel very busy as inspections are conducted on
everything from residential decks to large commercial/industrial buildings.

Other duties of the department include zoning compliance and responding to health
related complaints and issues. We are a self-inspecting Town with regard to food service
and license and inspect the various food service establishments located in the Town. We
continue to be involved with the State in monitoring and transporting specimens for
testing for both West Nile Virus and rabies. As has been the case for the past couple of
years, citizens can call our office at 432-6148 to report dead crows or blue jays and
arrange for pickup for transport to the State lab.

I would like to extend my thanks to the other Town Departments for their assistance
throughout the past year and to my staff for their continued hard work - Fred Kelley,
Assistant Building Inspector/Deputy Health Officer, Gloria Hebert, Administrative
Secretary and Virginia Rioux, Secretary/Receptionist.

RespectfiiUy submitted,
StoSml S. Macke^

Code Enforcement Director







Single Family

S-uyi'it Condon

Sivimming Pools
Utility Buildings

Mobile Homes




Failed & New Septics

Other Radio Touozk^




VzKmlt Re.vzna2A,...$'l 52,840.50

ZBA Revenues 7,908.00

Hzalth RQ.v2.naz^ 7,000.00

Uoblld Liczn^ing . . . 650.00

Total Codn Reuena^-6 $168,598.50

















1 ,425,000

1.017. OOP.

1 .642,30 0.



444, ^00

7 ,100.



31 ,885.00


1 ,425.00




1 ,^77 .00




BO. 00



Respectfully Submitted,

Robert S. Mackey l7^

Code Enforcement Director



Fiscal Year 2003 continued to be a busy year for the department despite a slowdown in the
national economy. A majority of the department activity in our office was concentrated in the
commercial and industrial area. We also saw residential subdivisions of five lots or less which
are permitted imder the Growth Management Ordinance as well as our first applications for "55
and over" senior/adult housing.

In our continuing attempt to make Derry a business-friendly community, our office in conjunction
with Public Works, Code Enforcement and Police Department, as well as the Fire Prevention
Office and Conservation Commission reviewed development plans for approximately 260,000
square feet of new construction. These plans included a 9-hole luxury golf course and
restaurant/function hall on Route 111, three professional office/medical buildings,
warehouse/industrial buildings, additions to St. Thomas Aquinas Church and the SportsZone.
Additionally, we reviewed preliminary plans for the renovation and conversion of the historic
Chase Mill Building into 36 units of "55 and over" housing and a new 12 screen, state-of-the-art,
stadium seating movie cinema next to the Derry Meadows Shopping Center. The movie cinema
project has generated a good deal of interest from national retail and restaurant chains of possibly
locating a new establishment in Derry. Finally, we reviewed several applications for new
businesses locating in our downtown business district continuing the revitalization efforts begun a
few years ago. The downtown continues to improve each year!

This past year as part of our staff assistance to the Planning Board, the Master Plan Update was
completed and adopted by the Planning Board as well as the adoption of the recodification of the
Zoning Ordinance and Land Development Confrol Regulations. With the Master Plan Update we
proceeded with the new zoning amendments to create new office, medical and commercial zones.
The staff also worked with the Planning Board and the Office of State Planning on a
SmartGrovv1:h Toolkit Pilot Program to develop policies and regulations in anticipation of the
fiiture widening of Interstate 93 and the potential grovi^h impact.

Our office worked very closely with the Deny Economic Development Corporation, Town
Council and Cooper Homes in the purchase of a multi-family property on Ash Sfreet (which
could have yielded 212 apartments) to allow for the fiiture creation of an office/light industrial
park which will help to expand the town's tax base as well as creating jobs.

Another project this past year was working with the Southern New Hampshire Planning
Commission in developing a Hazard Mitigation Plan. The plan is developed to help the town
become disaster-resistant by taking measures to reduce future losses from natural or man-made
hazardous events before they occur. A community's eligibility for hazard mitigation fimding in
the fiiture will depend upon it having adopted a Hazard Mitigation Plan. Mitigation measures
contained within the plan may be sufficient to warrant a grant from the Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA). The plan is currently being reviewed by the State of New
Hampshire Office of Emergency Management (OEM). It is anticipated the plan will be approved
by late Fall 2003 by the OEM and adopted by the Derry Town Council by the end of this year. I
would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people - Paul Hopfgarten, Derry Town
Councilor; Paul Dionne, Chairman, Derry Conservation Commission; Robert Mackey, Code
Enforcement Director; Mark L'Heureux and Alan Cote, Public Works Department; Doug
Rathbum, GIS/IT Manager, Captain Malcolm Maclver, Derry Police Department; Chief Ronald
Stowers and Captain Richard O'Brien, Derry Fire Department/Emergency Management Office
for contributing their time and assistance in developing a Hazard Mitigation Plan for Derry.


Finally, this past year I had the great pleasure to be a member of the Derry School Board's Long-
Range Planning Committee. I had the opportunity to meet some very dedicated people from
different backgrounds who worked together for many months to come up with a long-range plan
to address the overcrowding school space problem and the future needs of the Derry School
District given the Town's past high population growth and the potential for future residential
development over the next ten to twenty years. Although challenging at times, I feel as a town
official, the committee work and final report helped to develop a partnership between the School
Department and the Town in working together.

In closing, I would like to thank all the Planning Board members for their continued support and
assistance. I would also like to acknowledge David Nelson for his dedication as chairman this
past year and greatly assisting our office and department. We now welcome aboard Brian
Chirichiello as the new chairman!

This past year saw our first year in the new municipal center as the Community Development
Department which now includes plaiming, zoning, code enforcement and health. Our location
together has greatly enhanced the efficiency of the department. I want to acknowledge Jeanne
Owen for doing a great job on the planning side and Bob Mackey, Code Enforcement for keeping
organized a very hectic paced work environment dealing with code violations, health,
building/development plans, and Zoning Board cases. He is greatly assisted by Fred Kelley,
Gloria Hebert and Ginny Rioux in making the office fiinction efficiently. The Conmiunity
Development Department including the Fire Prevention Office, has collectively made a smooth
transition to the new municipal center and our goal in providing better service to the community
has been met.

Respectfiilly submitted,
Qejo^ige 3i. SioJiaa




At the time of last year's report, the ComeHusen Farm Conservation Area project was
virtually completed. In mid August 2002, there was a dedication/celebration on the
property. Representatives from the Town, State & Federal governments were present, as
were folks from The Trust for Public Lands, Land & Community Heritage Investment
Program, Save Our Neighborhood group and Derry citizens. This is the latest property in
town protected from development, thanks to the hard work of the Commission members,
the Town Council, and the support of the commvmity in general.

Site walks were conducted at least once a month, with the exception of February and
March. There was so much snow this winter that inspections were not practical.
Boy Scout Eagle Community Service Projects continue on conservation lands. This past
year, we had frails and bridges installed at the Broadview Farm conservation area. The
Grinnell Farm land, on which the Town holds a conservation easement, now has a series
of frails for the public to enjoy. In addition, there are frailhead signs that were part of this
Eagle Scout project.

The community gardens at Broadview Farm have really grown in popularity, so much so,
that we may increase the size of the garden spot next year.

For the fifth year, we had a booth at Derryfest that was a great success in getting
information out about all the lands we have in town.

With the help of the Adminisfration Department, we have newly designed brochures and
frail maps that are available at the Mimicipal Center.

Within the past few weeks, we have received approval for a $100,000.00 grant from the
federal Land & Water Conservation Fund that was part of the Comeliusen fimding effort.
That money should be received shortly and it will be used for further land protection

In March, the voters, allowing the Commission to expand to 7 regular members and 4
alternates, approved a warrant article increasing the Commission membership.
Elections were held in April: Paul Dionne, Chairman; John Dooney, Vice-Chairman;
Margaret Ives, Secretary/Treasurer. Regular members include Albert Doolittle, Allen
Grinnell, Bill Hoyt, and Dennis Wiley. Alternates are Eleanor Sarcione, Craig Durrett,
and Paul Moriarty. We are pleased to have Beverly Ferrante as our Council

Our meetings are the second and fourth Mondays of each month. They are held in the
third floor meeting room at the Municipal Center and are open to the public. In addition,
the meetings are now televised on channel 17.

RespectfiiUy submitted on behalf of the Derry Conservation Commission,





The DEDC is a private, non-profit local development organization. An Executive Board
consisting of 9 members and a Council representative oversees the day-to-day operation
while the full board can compliment 40. The Executive Board meets twice monthly or as
needed and the full board currently meets a minimum of twice yearly or as needed.

Our organization consists of dozens of volunteer professionals whose goal is to help
make busmesses successful. We have a full time Economic Development Director and a
"Special Projects Manager".

We are located in the fi-ont of the Sovereign Bank building. The new office is much
larger, brighter and has a large boardroom in which we host our board meetings along
with some Deny Chamber Committee meetings.

The function of the DEDC is to provide businesses with a single, networked source for
information and resources to simplify the relocation or expansion of their businesses as
well as provide support to new businesses. We develop and implement strategies to
encourage businesses to relocate to Deny. We act as a "guide" to developers when
considering Deny as well as actively recruit development here. The DEDC takes a seat
at the table in all areas that may touch economic development. We serve on boards and
committees that include Chamber, Main Street, Cable, Planning, Exit 4A, CEDDS,
Strategic Plaiming, REDC, Salem Chamber, as well as interact with all departments of
the town of Deny. We are building lasting relationships with local reahors, state officials
in the Office of State Planning, Department of Resources and Economic Development,
Business Finance Authority and Department of Environmental Services. We are using
our prior relationships to springboard new ones with those at state and federal levels that
can assist Deny in a myriad of ways.

The DEDC has been working with the Planning Director to review the Master Plan and
look for ways to create the space needed for development, while protecting the quality of
Deny. We attend hearings that affect our community and continue to lobby for ways to
make our Town the best place to work and live.

We have made a substantial financial investment in the Downtown. We currently own
one lot in the middle of Town and have a purchase and sales agreement on two others.
We are the Master Tenant in a building that had been under utilized and have invested
thousands to bring professionals into the area. The building has market rate apartments
that will help to keep people downtown in the evening. The building is currently 100%


We have assisted in the redevelopment of the train depot. The new Steakhouse has been
an economic boom for the downtown. We have assisted the owners of the Steakhouse
with financing, planning and construction. The Steakhouse has created over 25 new jobs,
again strengthening our economy.

We were successful in convincing the Town to purchase an 18 acre parcel which means
that 200+ multi-family units will not be buih. We are working with several professionals
to build office/medical imits for their practices. This alone, will create over $285,000
yearly in new tax revenue for Deny.

We have an impressive list of developers that are looking to do projects in Deny. They
are in need of the right land to build for clients they represent.

We are proud of the efforts that the volunteers and staff of the DEDC have made and will
continue to expand the economic opportunities for the citizens of Deny.

Respectfully submitted.
Executive Director



Fiscal year 2003 was one of transition for the Finance Department. I joined the
department just before the beginning of that year and am blessed with a very capable staff
that had been led on an interim basis by Controller Janice Mobsby. The staff was open to
and eager to become a team oriented department that had the respect of the other Town
departments and, more importantly, the Town Council. Broadening the staffs overall
understanding of the Finance Department's operation has lead to a more knowledgeable
staff that is better able to deal with requests from the Town Council, fellow employees
and the citizens we serve. While the primary nature of the work performed in this
department is managing the Town's overall finances, a key role of the department is as a
provider of financial services, information and training to other Town departments.

During this past year, the reporting of quarterly financial information to the Finance
Committee, the Town Council and the Citizens of Derry has been improved. More
detailed financial information is presented in a format that is easily understood by those
who are reviewing it, enabling them to understand the current status of revenues and
expenditures as compared to the approved budget. The presentation of financial updates
will continue to be refined and enhanced to improve imderstanding of the Town's

I took a more active role in the FY04 budget process, assisting in setting guidelines for
the budget process, standardizing Town-wide where similar items were budgeted and
reviewing budgets with all Town departments before the overall budget was submitted to
the Town Administrator. This allowed for a cleaner presentation to the Town
Administrator for her review and subsequent meetings with the various departments.
While this was my first budget cycle as the Town's Chief Financial Officer, I am told that
that the budget process flowed very smoothly compared to other years.

A significant event during the year was the selection and acquisition of a new Town- wide
enterprise financial management software system that provides modules to integrate all of
the Town's financial systems, with the exception of the Town Clerk's fiinctions. A
Software Users Group made up of eighteen key Town Staff members reviewed various
software vendors, including presentations and site visits, and unanimously recommended
the acquisition of the MUNIS software solution. MUNIS, a subsidiary of Tyler
Technologies, has over 800 municipal clients and clearly stands out from its competitors
as a premier software company. Implementation of the new system began in early 2003,
with the accounting and accounts payable modules going 'live' on July 1, 2003.
Completion of all modules in the 4-phase implementation plan will be accomplished by
April 1,2004.

I am pleased to report that the Town's finances are in excellent shape, under girded by a
healthy fund balance. While the audit of FY03 is ongoing as I write this report, it is
expected that fiind balance will increase as a result of prudent operations during fiscal
year 2003. I am also pleased to report that the Town's Comprehensive Annual Financial


Report (CAFR) for the year ended June 30 2002 was awarded a Certificate of
Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting. The Certificate of Achievement is
the highest form of recognition in governmental accounting and financial reporting.

In the pages that follow, you will find the following financial information: a copy of the
CAFR award mentioned above; the independent auditors opinion for the year ended June
30, 2002; preliminary, unaudited financial information for the year ended June 30, 2003;
statements showing trust fund investments and capital reserve funds as of June 30, 2003;
schedules of long-term debt, notes payable and capital leases; general financial
information; and the budget for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2004.

In closing, I want to thank the staff of the Finance Department for their professionalism
and their ongoing effort in serving the Town's needs. I am pleased to be a part of such an
excellent department. I also want to thank the Town Administrator and the Town
Council for their strong support dicing my first year as the Town's Chief Financial

RespectfiiUy submitted;
Chief Financial Officer


Certificate of


for Excellence

in Financial


Presented to

Town of Deny,
New Hampshire

For its Comprehensive Annual
Financial Report
for the Fiscal Year Ended
June 30, 2002

A Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial

Reporting is presented by the Government Finance Officers

Association of the United States and Canada to

government units and public employee retirement

systems whose comprehensive annual financial

reports (CAFRs) achieve the highest

standards in government accounting

and financial reporting.


Executive Director





The Deny Fire Department is a full service department. It has been an extremely
productive year for the Ambulance, Communications, Fire Prevention, Public Education
and Emergency Management Divisions.

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