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employer of labour, and a friend of the working classes.
The Neiv Zealand Herald, the Wellington Posl, the Posly
the Observer, and other journals say so ; the unions have
declared the Conciliation Boards useless ; oven " Earnest
Hope" says so ; and wo know they are, because in the
South both employers and workpeople are joining to
set up voluntary Boards of Conciliation, which the Em-
ployers' Association in Auckland joined with Knights
of Labour, and the Trades and Labour Council to do in

Fifthly, because it is a waste of public money. Boards
of Conciliation stump the country at great expense, and
a new ]udge has had to be appointed to deal with disputes
encouraged by the Act.

Sixthly, the chairmen ought not to be young ministers
of religion, ^vith no knowledge of law and the practical
every-day working of trade and industry, but lawyers,
as Mr. Justice Cooper said from the Bench publicly at
Christchurch on Thursday, 25th ult.

Seventhly, it does not prevent strikes, false witnesses
to the contrary notwithstanding. There was a strike
at the Parliamentary Buildings. In October last there
was a painters' strike at Hastings, there were two strikes
of gold miners at Nelson, a coal truckers' strike at Grey-
mouth, and a strike of ballast hands on the Grey-Hok-
itika railway. Last Friday there was a strike of railway
workmen in the South, and last Monday there was a
strike of painters at Napier.


The newspapers and the pulpits which have guiltily
remained dumb, instead of denouncing the gross
injustice of the Act in placing non-unionists on an
inequality with trade unionists before the law, are as
much to blame as the slavish, self-seeking majority of
members of Parliament who, rather than lose place and
pay, put the unjust law upon the Statute Book ; but
Nemesis is coming. " The mills of God grind slowly, but
they grind exceeding small ; though with patience He
stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all." вАФ I am, etc.,


Auckland, May 16, 1901.



It is necessary to draw attention to one or two
important intentional omissions in the following Biblio-
graphy. Perhaps the most important is the entire
absence of any reference to the numerous detailed
reports of particular arbitrations which have from
time to time been pubUshed. Many of these reports
are indicated in the Bibhography to S. and B. Webb's
History of Trade Unionism and to their Industrial
Democracy. Another important omission is that of
all the rules of the various voluntary boards of con-
cihation and arbitration, and also of all awards of
arbitrations. It may not be out of place here to
mention a few publications, where copies of rules and
awards will be found : Keports of the Eoyal Com-
mission on Labour ; De la Conciliation et de I'Ar-
bitrage dans les Conflits Coilectifs entre Patrons et
Ouvricrs en France ct a I'Etranger ; Reports of the

o 2


American Industrial Comuiis&iun ; Reports on the
Changes in the Wugcs and Hours of Labour ; Reports
on Strikes and Lockouts ; Reports of Proceedings
under the ConciUation Act, 1800 ; Bulletins of the
U.S.A. Department of Labour; the Labtmr Gazette;
W. J. Ashley, the Adjustment of Wages ; J. B. M'Pherson,
Voluntary Conciliation and Arbitration in Great
Uritain, etc. The awards, recommendations and
agreements made under the various Australasian Com-
pulsory Arbitration Acts will be found in the publica-
tions of the Departments of Labour of the respective

With regard to the Statutes, in several cases older
enactments have been omitte(l where recent reforming
and consolidating Acts have been passed. With one
or two exceptions, the annual reports of various boards
of conciliation and arbitration have been omitted.
No mention either is made of the many economic text
books which contain references to industrial concilia-
tion and arbitration.

In compiling this Bibliography, I have recorded only
those works, articles, etc., which I have read or to
which I have found references, and there has been no
attempt to make it complete.


Abott, L. Compulsory Arbitration. Arena, December,

[The author is very favourable to compulsory
Adams, C. F. Investigation and Publicity as Opposed

to Compulsory Arbitration. New York, 1903.
Alpers, 0. T. J. See Irvine, R. F.
Altgeld, J. P. Arbitration to Prevent Strikes.

Chicago Legal News, July 30th, 1887.
American Academy of Political and Social Science.
Social Legislation and Social Activity, being addresses
delivered at the Sixth Annual Meeting. New York,
American Industrial Commission, Reports of the.
Washington, 1900-2.

[The whole of these Reports contain much valuable
information concerning Industrial Conciliation
and Arbitration, but the following are the most
important references : V. 148-60 ; VII. 121-
36 ; VIII. cxxxviii.-cxlii. ; XII. clv.-clviii. ;
XIV. cxli.-cxlviii. ; XVI. 172-221 ; XVII.
423-507 and 691-707 and XIX. 833-862.]
Annuaire de la legislation du Travail. Office du

Travail, Bruxelles. Annually since 1898.
Arbeiterausschusse, Industriegenossenschaften
UND Einigungsamter. Gutachten der Handels-und
Gewerbekammer in Briinn. Briinn, 1892,

198 RIliLIOrjRAl'HY.

Arbeitseinstellungen rNDFouTbiLbUNQ DES Arbeits-
VERTRAGS. Bcrichtc von E. Auerbach, W. Lotz
und F. Zahn. Im Auftrago des Vereins fiir Sozial
Politik au.sgegcben uiul eingelcitet von L. Brentano.
Leipzig, 1890.

Arbitrage entre Patrons et Ouvriers, L', d'apr^s une
Coinnumication dc M. Finance, avcc discus.-^ion.
Rt forme Social e, 1891.

Ashley, W.J. Methods of Industrial Poate, Economic

Bemew. July. 1892.
Tho Adjustment of Wages. A Study in the Coal

and Iron Industries of Great Britain and America.

Londcjn, 19C)3.

[In the copious Appendices attached to this work
will be found a large number of rules of boards
of conciliation, sliding scales, joint agreements,
etc., connected with the British and American
Coal and Iron Industries.]
AUBERT, P. Les greves et les recours k la conciliation

et a I'arbitrage en 1894. Socioiogie Cathoiique,

Aubrey, W. H. S. Conseils des Prud'hommes. Con-

temporari/ Bemexo, April, 1883.
Auerbach, E. See Arbeitseinst

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