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such elaborate preparation, there is no
reason why he should not make himself

Raleigh, N. C.

Woodberry Forest School; Raleigh High School;
Class Basketball (i); Varsity Basketball (i, 2, 3).
Captain (2); Class Baseball (i); Varsity Baseball
(i. 2. 3) ; Varsity Track (2, 3, 4), Captain (4) ; Class
Football (3); Rcprcsentati\'e on Athletic Council
(1, 3) ; Class Vice-President (2) ; Class President (4);
Assistant Business Manager Chanticleer (3) ; Tied
Intercollegiate High Jump Record (3). Wake
County Club; Navy Club; Hades Club; Vice-Presi-
dent Greater Trinity Club (4) ; Y. M.C.A. Entertain-
ment Committee (4) ; Red Friars; Tombs; Y.M.C..'^.

Here we have Cole, alternately from
■Raleigh and Broadway. It requires an
amazing amount of space to enumerate his
many honors in basketball, baseball, track,
and other phases of student activity.
Behold his newest quest — a very strong
hair tonic. Cole has one record of which he
has a right to be proud. It is said that he
never has bought a pack of cigarettes since
he entered College — and yet all the time he
has smoked his favorite brand. He forgot
to mention one honor in his above list.
He made Varsity line-shooters squad in his
Senior year, but wethinkthat heaccomplished
this chiefly by booting Captain Roy Giles,
who had already made his letter and two
stars in his popular form of student activity.


DLirham High School; IXirhurn I ligh School ( '.kih

Here is a girl w ho is a happy combination
of seriousness and fun. She is a good pal,
as is shown by her host of ardent admirers.
Mary is a born musician, and we hope that
some day her name will be flashed on Broad-
way as the chief attraction in Grand Opera.
She may well look forward to a successful
career and a life made happy by her man\

Dallas, N. C.

Dallas High School; W'offord ( 2) ; Columbian Liter-
ary Society; Class Tennis ( 1 ) ; Varsity Tennis (3,4) ;
"T" Club; Gaston County Club; President (4);
Tombs; Theta Nu Epsilon; Red Friars; qoiq.

"C-" has been a loyal member of '21 for
three years: howe\er he spent the winter of
191 8-' 1 9 in Spartanburg, and came back to
Trinity the next fall si.\ inches taller. It is
a re\elation to see him play tennis. He is
perfectly at home with any kind of racket;
especially the Dreadnaught Driver and that
racket turned out by cuspidor rollers. We
would also ad\ise e\erybody to hear him
laugh. It costs nothing, is always a\ailable
and in\ariably chases the blues.


Albemarle. N. C.

Chowan College ; University of Richmond ; Student
Council (3); Vice-President (4); Editor Exchange
Department of Archive (4). Hades Club; Stanly
Count V Club: Women's Athletic Association:

Emma left us one year, hut, like the Pi'odi-
gal son, she had to return : and we immediate-
ly gave her many responsible offices which
she has successfully filled. She looks like a
vamp, doesn't she^ She denies the accusa-
tion, however, and we cannot prove how-
many men have fallen before those eyes,
but we can vouch for the fact that she has
captivated all the co-eds by her attractive


Hemp, N. C.

Elise High School : Ministerial Band ; Chairman Pro-
gram Committee (4I: Columbian t,iterary Society,
Associate Tribune (3), Business Committee (3, 4):
Classical Club: Y,M.C, A.

Davis lives according to the old adage that
actions speak louder than words, and his
college career should stand as an example to
those who follow him We can wish him
little better than to li\c hereafter in the
manner he has done while we have known
him — a staunch Methodist and a man who
is not afraid to stan;.l by his own conxictions.





Warrenton, N. C.

Shenandoah Collcpiatc Institute; Hesperian Liter-
ary Society. Chairman Executive Committee (3);
Class Vice-President (3); Class Track (1), Captain
(1): Glee Club (3). Manager (3); President Trinity
Musical Clubs (4) ; Assistant Business Manager
Archive (3): Business Manager C^hanticleer (4
Assistant Lecturer in Chemistry (4I ; Scrub Faculty
(4) ; Historical Societ\ : Biological Club; Hades Club;
Red Friars; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (1.3).

"' — and just as he did that, — by the way,
did I tell you about what Kirby did last
night, — look yonder — ", And so it goes on
and on forever. Leon is a great wire-puller,
and it is a pity that such an except iona
politician should be warped into a bum
doctor. Tuesdays. Thursdays, and Saturdays
are his lucky days: that is, at the post office.
His thoughts, howe\er. far outrun the days
between, and it is nothing unusual for one
to find him in the midst of a day dream,
murmuring softh' and sweetly and gently

and hopefully, "J M ."" At all

other times he is a bundle of neryes, and his
time is fully taken up with his Chem courses,
the Chanticleer, the Glee Club, and his


Windsor, N. C.

Windsor High School; Hesperian Literary Society;
Class Track (3. 4) , R O.T.C. (3); Folk Lore Society;
Frcnch("lub. Treasurer (3), President (4); Assistant
in .'^panish (3); qoiq.

Dunstan is another member of '2 1 who has
surprised e\erybody in his Senior year. He
waited till last December before he decided
to exhibit his poetic talent, and when we
read his Krics in the Archive, we could
hardly beliexe that our own R. T. was the
author. But once started. Dunstan has kept
at his task faithfully, and now he has made
a place for himself beside Prof. Spence. John
Small, and other famous American poets.
Dunstan is a popular man and his friends
are of the best.

SiLER City, N. C.

Siler City High School ; Hesperian Literary Society.
Marshal (3); Class Baseball (i. 3); Commencement
Marshal; Assistant Manager Tennis (i); "T" Club;
Manager Tennis (4); Chronicle Board (3, 4); Biolog-
ical Club, Assistant Secretary (4); Student Lite
Committee (3); Chatham County Club, Vice-
President (4); R.O.T.C., Sergeant Major Battalion
(31; Y.M.C.A^

Lee is a quiet sort of a chap who never fails
to make friends. He always gets there, and,
therefore, he can he depended upon to pro-
duce the goods at the psychological moment.
A glance at the responsible positions he has
held will convince anybody that his class
mates have not failed to take advantage of
his abilities. We never heard him say any-
thing about the ladies, pro or con, but,
"'Still water runs deep." Lee is also a poet,
and has spent a large part of his time this
year in composing stanzas that have won for
him the admiration of all readers of the


Winston-Salem, N. C.

Leaksville-Spray Institute; Weaver College (1);
Weaver College Club; Hesperian Literary Society;
Hades Club; Glee Club (3. 4); Science Club; Biologi-
cal Club; William Howell Pegram Chemistry Club;
Scrub Faculty; Chanticleer Staff (3); Business
Manager Archive (4) ; Assistant Instructor in Biology
(4); College Quartette (2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A.

Kirby, or "Curbie" (as the girls write
him), is a super-diplomat, and he has a very
practical way of using his talent to his own
advantage. He made one mistake in this
work, however, when he decided that he
would annex the honor of being business
manager of the Archive. He had a remark-
ably easy time getting fellows to vote for
him, and he carried the election easily; and
now his duties as manager have caused him
to flunk on Chcm 5 and Embryology ! He is
a strong member of the sachet brigade, and
it is said that upon one occasion he stated
that he knew of no girl who had a reserve
so invulnerable that he could not by careful
scrutiny detect in it some essential weakness,
provided he scrutinized through his tortoise-






Dl RHAM. N. C.

A E F Club,

Ferrell, coupled with the fact that he is
Durhamite, comes from a line noted for
forensic achie\emcnts. He is strictly a
product of Durham, and upholds the trait
w hich runs through the proteges of Durham
High School — that of hard, earnest labor.
We do not see so much of him on the campus
because as soon as his classes are over, he
hurries alxjut his o\\ n business. The lure of
the bull feast seems to ha\e little hold upon
him, but those of us who ha\e learned to
know him well will testify that he is as good
as thev are made.


Durham, N. C.

Here we have another staunch son of
Durham, who has upheld the honor of his
town at Trinity. He has occupied the
major portion of time at the College with
killing the profs, and has left the bright
lights for the more ambitious, W'e ha\e it on
good authorit\' that he shines on Economics,
howe\er, and that he has no objection
to pulling cords w ith Tubby, either of which
accomplishments are more than a great
many of us can boast of. Although he has
not been such a regular attendant at our
regular bull feasts, his consistent work has
stamped him as being a true student.

"'Who does his task from day to day,
And meets w hate\er comes his wav. "





Gatcsville High School: Freshman and Sophomore
Honors; Sophomore and Junior Scholarships; Class
Relay ( i ) ; Hesperian Literary Society, Treasurer (2 ),
Chairman Executive Committee (3), Auditor (3),
President (4), Critic (4); Freshman Debater's
Medal; General Debater's Medal (2); Intersociety
Debate (i); Trinity-Swarthmorc Debate (i. 2, 4)
Trinity-Emory Debate (3); Trinity-Richmond (4)
Debate Council (2. 3, 4) ; Recording Secretary (2, 4)
Chronicle Staff (2); Chronicle Board (3, 4); Assistant
to College Registrar (2, 3, 4); Stenographers' Club;
Hades Club; Wake County Club; Corresponding-
Secretary Greater Trinity Club (4); YAIC.A.,
Treasurer (3); Chairman Finance Committee (3);
Blue Ridge Delegation (4); Debater's "T"; goiq;
Tau Kappa Alpha.

Henry has a con\incing line, which he
turned to selling hooks a few summers ago.
The formula, he says, is B U La, which in
practical terms is nothing more than the
good old adage, "Think little and talk
much." The same line has worked fairly
well with the Profs at Trinity, for Henry
is an honor man. If you want the latest
dope on anything that happens at faculty
meetings, ask Henry or John Love, — they

"I will speak, though Hell itself should
gape and hid me hold my peace."

Scott's Hill, N. C.

Littleton College; Athena Literary Society. Vice-
President (4); Current Events Club; French Circle;
Folk Lore Society; Sandfiddlers' Club; Eko-L;
Y.W.C.A., Vice-President (4) ; New Hanover County

"There is no jewel in the world

So \aluable and chaste as virtuous

Josie came to us in her Junior year from
Littleton College. She is good — almost too
good. The rest of us look at her in awe
and admiration and wonder how she manages
to keep good in spite of the trying offices she
has had to fill. But "Josie is not only good;
she is smart. In her we find those qualities
that are most sought after and are so
seemingly unattainable.




; 's






Carolina College for Women (i. 2): Y.W.C.A.;
Athena Literary Society; Glee Club; Duplin County
Club, Secretary Cj); Sandfiddlers' Club. Secretary
(3), Vice-President (4); French Club; Folk Lore
Society; Women's Athletic Association; Delta Phi
Rho Alpha.

"Do you not know that I am a woman ^
When I think, I must speak".

And so is Tiny admired all the more he-
cause she speaks Just what she thinks. One
would think after talking w ith Tiny that she
has been sent out as an ambassador from the
Philosophy Department. We understand
that her room-mates always receive full bene-
fit of Dr. Cranford's lectures, so interested
is Tiny — By the way, why call her "Tiny?"
Do you think it is exactly descriptive?

Rose Hill, N. C.

Class Baseball (:. 4); Class Basketball (3, 4): Hes-
perian Literary Society; Historical Societv; Hades
Club; Sandfiddlers' Club; Y MCA.

"A heart of sunshine that would fain
o'errun. '

Shorty' is another blossom from Rose 1 lill.
(~ome w hat may. he grins from year to year,
"for he's a jolly good fellow." Tennis is
attractive to him, perhaps because of the
courts' proximity to the Shack, and his
famous basketball playing resembles some-
thing like a cannon ball gone crazy. No
hard luck has e\er taken that well-known
grin from his face or compromised in the
slightest, his en\ied good-naturedly way of
going about his work. TruK', he has a
lovable disposition He is the incarnation of
eternal youth- the kin^l that ne\er grows











Durham High School; Class Basketball (3), Captain
(3); Class Football (3): Class Track (4): Class Tennis
(4); Varsity Basketball (2. 3, 4); Hesperian Literary
Society; Durham High School Club; "T" Club;

Bob is in everything hut love' He has tack-
led politics, economics — uhich is about the
same — The Orpheum. and athletics. He is
noted for his most frequent saying, "Shoot
a nickel", and the town he is from, Hillsboro.
He is always in a good humor — with no
thought to sorrow. Basketball is his chief
occupation; however he has managed to
crowd in a few courses, and the grades he
draws on them are surprisingly large, some-
how, someway. If Hillsboro resembled Bob
more than it does Hillsboro, probably its
citizens would not have to depend on above-
speed-limit taxes collected from Trinity stu-
dents to pay their cop.

Marion, N. C.

Rutherford College; Oak Ridge Institute; Class
Baseball (i, 2); Class Track (i. 2, 3, 4); Class Relay
(2, 4), Captain (4); Varsity Track (2, 3, 4); Com-
mencement Marshal (i); Hesperian Literary
Society, Secretary (2); Executive Committee (3);
Historical Society; Cheer Leader (2); Chief Rooter
(3, 4); Glee Club (2, 3), Assistant Manager (3);
Assistant Baseball Manager (3); Pan-Hellenic
Council (4); Pi Mu Kappa; Tombs; Thcta Nu
Epsilon; Y.MC.A.

Old Man Roy Giles has a pretty hard
time — ("How was that. now?"). It has taken
him about seven years to finish with a
diploma — ("What did I say'?"). Of course,
he stayed in the army about three years, pos-
sibly to be able to enter with a better class —
("Now, what did I say?"). He's a handsome
boy. That is shown by the fact that this is a
bad picture of him. He is very, very popular
with the girls. They all like the kind of
tobacco he chews when he goes to see them —
("How was that, now!'"). He likes them
too, and when a snow comes, he "rolls"
"those suckers", but usually you can find
him shooting for the line whcnc\cr the
ground can be seen.







Kannapolis, N. C.

Concord High Sch«)l ; Historical Society: Ex-Scr-
\icc Men's Club; Hesperian Literary Society;
Class Track (i); Class Baseball {i, 3);" Folk Lore
Society. Y.MC.A.

Glass has prefaced his debut in the busi-
ness world by taking hold of the Athletic-
Pressing Club and show ing students how it is
possible to go to Trinity College and sa\e
money on the deal. He thereby wrecked a
theory to the contrary which had attained
wide popularity and uni\ersal acceptance,
and at the same time he made for himself a
name as being a consistent worker. He also
lifted the Pressing Club abo\e the reputation
it had tor being an "organization" solel\- for
the purpose of graft.

Lawndale, N. C.

Class Basketball (3. 4) ; Columbian Literary S

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