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Alma Mater. In spite of his many engaging
forms of student activity, Hugh has found
time for a large number of engaging courses,
and he consequently spends a great part of
his time in kidding the profs along. English
is his hobby, and we once heard him quote
from Dryden to express his opinion of
women: "A dear, damned, inconstant sex."

Whiteville, N. C.

WhiteviUe High School: Hesperian Literary Society.
Marshal (i), Auditor (3), Secretary (3), Vice-Presi-
dent (4), Critic (4); President (4); Commencement
Marshal (2); Class Baseball (i, 3); Assistant
Manager Tennis (1. 2. 3); Manager Tennis (4);
Associate Editor Chanticleer (3); Editor Wayside
Wares Department of the Archive (4); Sandfiddlers'
Club, President { 3 ) ; Recording-Secretary Greater
Trinity Club (4) ; Classical Club; Y.MCA.; Tombs;
Thcta Nu Epsilon: Red Friars

Red started with the class of '20. marked
time for a year, and then continued his tri-
umphant march toward diploma and tennis
managership with the good Class of 11.
In Hesperiahe has been constantly in touch
with problems of vital interest, and we wonder
at his amazing diplomacy because he is able to
express himself emphatically and all the time
enjoy the lo\e and fellowship and brotherhood
of all members concerned. His pleasant rela-
tions with the \arious English and Science
professors and with the athletic directors
have been very gratifying, in view of the
hard work which he has done for his honors,
.^nd, speaking of honors. — he has them all.



Trinity Park School; Trinity Park Sch(X>l Club;
Columbian Literary Society. Clerk Tribunal (i, 2);
Recording-Secretary (1, 2); Chaplain (3. 4); Sand-
fiddlers' Club; Ministerial Band, Choir Leader (2).
Program Committee (3. 4); Folk Lore Society;
Y.MCA. Religious Committee (3); Pastor Pelham
Church (2, 3); Pastor Orange Circuit (4).

And here we have the Beau Brummel of
the ministerial band. Oglesby has firm con-
victions, and he is swayed by none other
than his own, even when it comes to falling
in with moves that Dr. Few and other celeb-
rities think are bordering on the radical.
What's a class or two when principle is
involved? We once heard that Oglesby
raced to his room between classes to slick
his hair, and we know that he has occasion-
ally journeyed to Danville on other than
ministerial duties. We once heard of him
winning a bet, but our bet is that he will
make the Eastern Conference a strong man.


x'^7^B?>vS!R~S?^^ F>>[^

Norwood, N'. C.

Weaver College (i); Columbian Literary Society.
Clerk of Tribunal (2). Business Committee (3. 4I;
Chairman Executive Committee (4); Class Track
(2); Class Baseball (3, 4); Class Football (3, 4I,
Captain (4); Ministerial Band; Historical Society;
Stanly County Club; Classical Club; Wea\er Col-
lege Club. \ ice-President (4); V'arsitv Football 14I

Carl is one of the men w ho has put Nor-
wood, and incidentally Stanly County, on
the map. He found after a year's trial that
\\'ea\er was too small a place for him, and.
therefore, he has settled at Trinity for the
past three years, all of which is entirely in
Trinity's fa\or. The first thing one con-
cludes from his picture is that he is a gentle-
man, and in that respect his looks do not
belie his character. Carl is not heard from
so often as some of us and not seen so much
as many of us, but he has been heart and soul
with his Alma i\ later since he cast his lot
here. His record on the gridiron has been
especially brilliant, as any one will tell you
who saw him tear through that W'offord line
last Thanksgi\ing. and we will venture to
say that when he starts out on his acti\e
duties as a minister, old Satan is in for a
pretty tough time.

Lexington, N. C.

- ^

Greensboro College (1. 2); Literary Editor of the
Archive. .Athena Literary Society; Glee Club; Citi-
zenship Club; Eko-L; Delta Phi' Rho .Alpha, Y W.
C. A.

"Has the bell rung? " "Where's the les-
son?" "What time is it^" If we hear these
questions, there is no doubt as to who the
questioner is — Helen, of course. She is a
rather inconsistent combination of beauty,
brilliancy, and absentmindedness. Her capac-
it\ mentally is large, and her capacity physi-
cally is larger — ask the dope shop man; he
knows more about Helen s real capacity
than anyone else. Her fa\orite pastime is
\amping the baby Freshmen and the \arious
English Professors, and howe\er slim her
method of camouflage may be, she certainly
gets results. But for all of this she is an ideal
Senior and a wonderfully delightful friend to
those who are so fortunate to be acquainted
with her.










^ f^


Durham, N. C.

Varsity Track (i. 2. 3); Class Football (3). Captain
(3); Varsity Football (3); "T"Club; Tombs.

Since he has been a student with us, Mac
has di\ided his activities between playing
football, pole vaulting, studying, and "social-
ing". To him belongs the very distinctive
honor of making Trinity's first intercollegiate
touchdown after football was reinstated. He
got a good many others during the season
and opposing halfbacks learned to fear him
We all know chat he was doing it all for
Trinity, but we are not sure that his inspira-
tion may be attributed to an extremely
interested spectator on the sidelines in whose
company he may be seen at almost any time
except during a game. Mac evidently
believes that "faint heart ne'er won fair
lady ". His heart is certainly strong on the
gridiron: we have no reason to believe that
it is not in the parlor.

Rowland, N. C.

Norlina High School; Columbian Literary Socictv:
Class Track (1. 2); Class Baseball (3) ; "R.O.T.C.
Second Lieutenant {3); Glee Club (3, 4); College
Quartette (3, 4); Ministerial Band; Hades Club;

Woodley is another of our class poets;
however all his lyrics, in contrast with the
writings of the others, usually incline to the
mushy and slushy. Back of all his odes, son-
nets, and so forth there runs one central
themenamely,"Mygirl ismine." Asaconcrete
example, he prefers Watts Hospital as a
background for his works, possibly because
his wide and pleasant experiences there
have enabled him to get a great amount of
local color in his poems. Woodley is a
\aluable member of the Glee Glub and the
quartette, and he is past master with the
"Song box , often times to the dire confusion
of "Gurbie" Harrington, the result of which
is a rapid decrease in the morality of the
campus should an average of emphatic
language be taken at certain times. Woodley
ought to learn that he ought not to play his
guitar in "Gurbie's " room after one o'clock
when "Gurbie " is trying to go to sleep.




-r< t;



Trinity Park Schcxil; Trinity Paris School Club;
Class Baseball (i. 3); Varsity Baseball (2); Class
Basketball {[, 3); Varsity Basketball (3, 4); Class
Track (3); Varsity Track (3); Class Football (3);
"T" Club: A.E.F. Club; Mountain Boomers' Club;
Tombs; Y.MCA

Moore has distinguished himself princi-
pally as forward in basketball. At this
position he has earned the reputation of
being one of the fastest in the State, and he
pro\ed it in the game w ith Carolina and the
one with Florida. Moore is essentially a
man's man, but he has been seen prowling
around the Shack on several occasions, and
one time he was inveigled inside. All great
men, however, may make one mistake, but
no more, and Moore has proved that in this
respect he is a man of great prominence.

' without
touching the neck. Perry is a great fellow
for all of his primitive instincts, and a very
worthy member of '21 — one of whom we
are justly proud. He is a great companion, a
"jolly good fellow", and a far famed-leader
of bull feasts.




Pete is the editor of our famous semi-
annual magazine, the Archive, and under his
direction we hope that it will he transformed
into a monthly publication before the year is
over. Other familiar acti\ities of Pete are
expounding Woolley, flunking Freshmen, and
smoking his corn-cob pipe. English is his
long suit : consequently he is adept in jour-
nalism. He is quiet and unobtrusive, but
staunch and trusty as a pal. Dr. Brown
swears by him, probably because Pete is
such an artist in bull, especially on paper.
Never was truer saying than: "The pen is
mightier than the sword."




Enfield, N. C.

North Carolina College for Women ; .Athena Literary
Society. Current Events Club: Chairman (3, 4),
Critic (3): Chairman Program Committee (4);
Class Secretary (3): Sophomore Honors: Junior
Scholarship: Glee Club (3, 4): Y.W.C.A. ;Treasurer
(4) . Eko-L.

"Where women are. the better things are
implied if not spoken."

"No, no, I haven't got time. I've got
two term papers to write for history, and
the Current Events Club meets at four
oclock. Be sure to come' It matters not
how much Irene has to do, she alua\s has
time to stop and tell you how we did things
at the Normal and to give you a bit of friend-
ly advice Where could we find a more
ardent politician, more competent financier
for the Y.W.C.A., a more deserving member
of the Eko-L, a more enthusiastic supporter
of Athena, or a truer friend than Irene!'




Dover, N. C.

Dover High School; Hesperian Literary S(x:iety;
Historical Societ\'; Sandfiddlers' Club; YMC.A.'

Rich is another of these quiet and conser\-
ati\e fellows who are always on the job.
His best known haunt is the section of the
Inn just under Cat's Head, although he is
often seen on the bench under the big oak
just outside. He hasn't made himself so
prominent as many other members of '21.
but he has been there just the same. He
carries a rather heavy line of bull, but he
always waits till he gets back to his domicile
before he unloads; therefore no one knows
how close a race he might have shown Bill
Towe for first place in the rank of artists
if the two had ever locked horns across some
bit of gossip. Rich has unlimited possibili-
ties, — and his best friend is his pipe.

A 2 $, * B K

Monroe, N. C.

Freshman Honors; Columbian Literary Society;
Class Basketball (i. 3); Varsity Basketball (3. 4);
"T" Club; Alumni Editor of the Archive. A.E.F.
Club; Union County Club, Tombs; qoip.

Like attract like, and, therefore. Long
Rich falls for long women. "Plupoo's '
ine of Parisian bull is effervescent, and
becomes mellow with age. All tongues cease
to rattle when his line begins to flow.
"Plupoo " rivals the brightest stars, and
iterally shines in academics, especially in
English. As to athletics, he gets there in
basketball, and there also is where he be-
comes "Xn' HERO" to a certain Co-Ed.
At center, he towers abo\'e his opponent.

■"Wine, 'Women, and Song, for then we
can work the better.

— Richardson



► J-

Martin County Club; Morriss Har\cy College;
Biological Club; Assistant to Biological Department.
Scrub Faculty; Cosmopolitan Club; Y.MC A

Lewis Cass came to us from the land of
fast horses and fine women. His first addi-
tion was his nick-name, Ikey, by which he
has been knoun ever since. He did not like
the class he entered with; therefore he was
not satisfied until he had established himself
in proper company. Now he is a true Senior
because he is always seen with a derby and
a cane. Yet with all his studying he has
found ample time to take dancing lessons
in the afternoons. As he has gone for medi-
cine in good earnest, we predict that it will
be only a short time before he will be one of
the best known quacks in Kentucky,

Durham, N. C.

Durham High School; Durham High School Club;
Orchestra; Glee Club; Chemistry Club. Secretary
(3), President (3, 4);Assistant to Chemistry Depart-
ment (4); Scrub Faculty.

Abe is studying his science courses dili-
gently, and the result is that he has nearly
turned Crowell Science Hall into a syna-
gogue. He is a true Israelite, and has a great
share of his race's talent for music. He has
done good work in the Orchestra, in class
meetings, and as assistant to Chemistry
Department. Any objections, Farrington!'
He knows all the formulas from .Xdam to
Harding; a regular Chem-Bull







Dl'rham. N. C.

Durham High School: IXirhani 1 lij^h School Club.
Women's Athletic Association.

"Beloved of all, to all a friend in need,
And loving; she is a friend indeed."
Eva talks incessantly, hut she usually
says something. She is a great fa\orite w ith
her French Professor because of her know-
ledge of foreign customs, or rather that is
what we credit her good marks to. She is
also interested in her science courses, all of
which shows that Eva is able to tackle
something big in the professional world.
But if she doesn't succeed as a scientist,
those who ha\e played basketball against
her will readily recommend her as being an
accomplished athlete.




.^shville High School; Class Secretary (2); Y.W C..A.
Cabinet (2); Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 4); Mountain
Boomers' Club. Secretary (3). President (4);Stenog-
graphers' Club, President (3); .Athena Literary
Society; Short Story Club. Chairman (4I; Folk
Lore Society ; Glee Club. Historical Socict\ ; Women's
Athletic Association; Delta Phi Rho .Alpha.

Marguarite is another worthy addition to
'21. She started with the class ahead, but
she lost a year — therefore, we are able to
call her our own. Her make-up combines
beauty, vi\acity, and common-sense, but it
must be said for her that she practices her
\amping almost entirely on the English
Department. Dr. Brown being her fa\orite
target; howe\er judging by the size of the
marks she draws on all the others, there is
no room for doubt but that she has a lot of
sense under her "lot' of black hair. There's
not so much of her, but w hat there is, is of
the best. She has a smile for e\erybody;
never an unkind thought — a most excellent






Durham High School; Durham High School C'lub;
Columbian Literary Society; Y.MC.A.

Louis is kept down street most of the
time. He rarely gets up to the campus for
anything except Economics Classes and
physical exercise. He has distinguished
himself greatly in Track work. His record
for throwing the hammer and the 5b-lb.
weight at the Olympic games last summer
will probably never be broken, unless by
himself. He is very popular with the boys
on the campus, it having been said that he
knows every Freshman two days after the
opening of College in the fall. He has been
a very busy man since his election as Presi-
dent of the First National Bank, and where-
ever you meet him he is usually all dated up.


Norwood, N, C.

Norwod High School; Oak Ridge Institute; Colum-
bian Literary Society. Orchestra ( i ) ; Glee Club ( i ) ;
Class Track (i); Class Tennis (i); Varsity Tennis
(z, 3, 4), Captain (3); Assistant Manager Track (3);
Manager Track (4) ; Southgatc Short Story Prize
(2); Assistant to the English Department (3, 4);
Scrub Faculty (4); Editor-in-Chief of Ch.antk.lf.er
(4); Historical Scxicty; Folk l^orc Society. Vice-
President (3); Stanly County Club; "T" Club;
Tombs; Y.MC.A.

He is still as he was at the first — absent
of mind, loose in purpose, and aimless in
amble. And he is Editor of the Chanti-
cleer. He likes to sleep late, and eats more
than any other animal.

"No farther seek his merits to disclose."





Hesperian Literary Socictv; Class Baseball; Sand-
fiddlers' Club; Y, NIC A

"Tub" could if he would, but he won't.
If you want any dope about odds, ho\\e\er.
he is the man you are looking for. Be sure
to get his advice; then be sure to gamble the
other wa>', and nine times out of ten you'll
win. The chief e\ent of Tub's Senior year
was the break which came between him
and Ca\enaugh — a break which has since
caused both parties great anguish, and
Tub became so affected that he withdrew
from College. 'We all hated to see him
go. especially the boarders at Mrs.
Dennis', where Tub and B. Ware had been
entertaining the other more illiterate boys
with lengthy psychological dissertations at
each meal. But he certainly has an admir-
able disposition. Luck to you. Tub!

• J-



Georgeville, N. C. >^-

Mount Pleasant Military Academy; Rutherford
College ( 1 ) ; Weaver College ( 2 ) ; Class Track ( 3 , 4 ) ;
Class Baseball (4); Class Relay (4); Ex-Scr\'ice

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