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Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Guest House: Eggert Home for Tourists. Open to 16 guests who will
enjoy its hospitality and grounds. E. 2NB $2.00. FPark. or Gar. Pets P.

CLINTON, IOWA. Pop. 26,000. (Conoco L-5) 38 Mi. N.E. of Davenport.
30 & 67 Where you cross the Mississippi. Birthplace of Lillian Russell.

Hotel: LaFayette. One of the "Eppley Hotels" offering city conveniences,
200 rms., 150 WB. E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Guest House: Bickle's. 1720 N. 2nd St. Neatly kept and one that will
make you comfortable. 5 rms. 10 guests. No meals. E. 2NB $2.00.
FPark. Pets P.

COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA. Pop. 43,470. (Conoco B-6) 3 Mi. E. of
Omaha, Neb.
6, 73 & 275 Outfitting point during the '49 Gold Rush.

Hotel: Chieftain. Some prefer to stop here rather than across the river..
Modern and up-to-date. 180 rms., 110 WB. E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00.
Gar. 50c. Pets P.

CRESTON, IOWA. Pop. 10,000. (Conoco E-7) 108 Mi. W. of Ottumwa.
34 Industrial city. Creston Junior College.

Hotel: lowana. One that suited me and I think the best between Ot-
tumwa and Council Bluffs. 100 rms., many WB. Meals. E. 2NB $2.50 r
2WB $3.50. Gar. 50c. Pets P.



DAVENPORT, IOWA. Pop. 65,500. (Conoco K-6) 85 Mi. S.E. of Cedar
6 & 61 The first bridge across Mississippi River was built here in 1853.

Hotel: Blackhawk. Part ACond. Just what you expect in these large
cities. 400 rms., all WT, 350 WB. E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $3.50. FPark.
Pets P.

Hotel: Mississippi. 3rd and Brady Sts. This first-class hotel has apts.
with kitchenettes, as well as 200 hotel rms., all WB. Meals. E. 2WB $4.00
up. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

DENISON, IOWA. Pop. 4,500. (Conoco C-4) 74 Mi. S.E. of Sioux City.
30 & 59 Hotel: Denison. A remarkably good hotel for such a small place.
Ceiling fans. 80 rms., 24 WB. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB $3.50. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

DBS MOINES, IOWA. Pop. 150,000. (Conoco F-5) 350 Mi. W. of Chicago.
6, 65 & 69 Capital and largest city in the state.

Hotel: Brown. Satisfactory in every way. Not the largest but size does
not always mean everything. 244 rms. E. SNB $1.25. 2WB $4.00. Gar.
50c. Pets P.

Hotel: Fort Des Moines. ACond. Iowa's largest. 400 rms., all WB. E.
2WB $4.50. Gar. 50c.

Hotel: Kirkwood. ACond. Still another dandy place to stop. Fine beds.
300 rms., all WB. E. SWB $3.50. 2WB $5.00. Gar. 50c.

Apt.-Hotel: Commodore. Grand Ave. at 35th St. An apt. hotel open to
transients. Large landscaped grounds. E. Rms. about $3.50 up. Gar. 50c.

Motor Court: Service Inn. 3201 Lower Beaver Rd. Not startlingly
magnificent in architecture, but nice lodgings for nice people. Well-furnished.
6 rms., all WB. No meals. E. 2WB $2.50. FPark. Pets P.

DUBUQUE, IOWA. Pop. 42,000. (Conoco K-3) 72 Mi. N.E. of Cedar
20 & 61 Oldest town in Iowa. Crystal Lake Cave. Trappist Monastery.

Hotel: Julian Dubuque. Main and 2nd Sts. 300 rms., mostly WB. E.
2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 50c.

FAIRFIELD, IOWA. Pop. 6,960. (Conoco 1-7) 53 Mi. N.W. of Burlington.
34 Hotel: Turner. Mrs. Turner took a second-class place, remodeled and
modernized it, making it a desirable stopping place. Small. 42 rms., 33 WB.
Meals. E. 2NB $2.25. 2WB $3.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

FORT DODGE, IOWA. Pop. 22,000. (Conoco E-3) 50 Mi. N.W. of Boone.
20 & 169 Cardiff Giant was started on his road to fame from here.

Hotel: Wahkonsa. Part ACond. Another of those satisfactory stopping
places for the night. 155 rms., many WB. Meals. E. 2NB $2.75. 2WB
$3.50. FPark. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

FORT MADISON, IOWA. Pop. 14,000. (Conoco J-8) 18 Mi. S.JT. of
61 10 Mi. from Nauvoo, the first home of the Mormons.

Hotel: Anthes. Handy spot to stop for the night. 71 rms., 50 WB. Meals.
E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $3.50. Gar. 50c. Pets P.



GLENWOOD, IOWA. Pop. 5,000. (Conoco B-7) 18 Mi. S. of Council
1 275 Formerly a Mormon settlement.

Guest House: Estes. Probably all right. E. For 2 around $3.00. Gar.

IOWA CITY, IOWA. Pop. 18,000. (Conoco J-5) 27 Mi. S. of Cedar Rapids.
6 & 218 Home of University of Iowa. Grant Wood holds out here.

Hotel: Jefferson. A typical city hotel of 150 rms., 100 WB. Res. usually
necessary during school year. Meals. E. 2NB $2.75. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 50c.

KEOKUK, IOWA. Pop. 15,250. (Conoco J-8) 43 .Mi. S. of Burlington.
61 & 218 Keokuk dam across the Mississippi.

Hotel: Iowa. Still another typical American hotel. 156 rms., 120 WB.
Meals. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB $3.50 up. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

LOWDEN, IOWA. Pop. 750. (Conoco K-5) 44 Mi. E. of Cedar Rapids.

30 Guest House: Elizabeth's. N. part of town. Those who prefer to spend
the night in a small town will welcome this simple, comfortable home. 12
guests. Res. advised in summer. Meals. E. 2NB $2.00. FGar.

MARSHALLTOWN, IOWA. Pop. 20,500. (Conoco G-4) 51 Mi. N.E. of
Des Moines.
30 Large grain-growing and stock-raising territory.

Hotel: Tallcorn. Still another fine, typical city hotel. 250 rms., 150 WB.
E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 50c.

MASON CITY, IOWA. Pop. 23,500. (Conoco G-2) 82 Mi. N.W. of Waterloo.
J8 & 65 Named for Masonic Fraternity to which all first settlers belonged.

Hotel: Hanford. Much above the average for a city of this size. First-
class. 225 rms., all WB. Meals. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB $3.50. Gar. 50c.
Pets P.

MUSCATINE, IOWA. Pop. 16,940. (Conoco K-6) 29 Mi. S.W. of Davenport.
61 The pearl buttons on your clothes probably came from here.

Hotel: Muscatine. 125 rms., many WB. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB $4.00 up.
Gar. 50c.

NEWTON, IOWA. Pop. 12,340. (Conoco G-5) 32 Mi. E. of Des Moines.
6 Home of Maytag Washing Machine Co. 3 parks.

Hotel: Maytag. ACond. 100 rms., 40 WB. Very good. Meals. E. 2NB
$3.00. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

OTTUMWA, IOWA. Pop. 30,000. (Conoco H-7) 90 Mi. S.E. of Des Moines.
34 & 63 Meat packing center.

Hotel: Ottumwa. Probably the best place to stop between the Mississippi
and Omaha. 150 rms., all WB. Meals. E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00. Gar.
50c. Pets P.



ROCK RAPIDS, IOWA. Pop. 2,225. Alt. 1,345'. (Conoco B-l) 70 Mi. N.
of Sioux City.
75 Fine farming country.

Hotel: Marietta. 110 Boone St. Though small, having but 32 rms.,
this is so well-run that it is a pleasant place to turn in for the night. Meals.
E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $3.00. FPark. No Pets.

SIOUX CITY, IOWA. Pop. 79,900. (Conoco A-3) 99 Mi. N. of Council
75 & 20 44 parks. Livestock. Meat packing leading industry.

Hotel: Warrior. At present this seems to me to have the preferen
250 rms., all WB. E. 2WB $4.00 to $7.00. Gar. 50c


WATERLOO, IOWA. Pop. 46,500. (Conoco H-3) 90 Mi. W. of Dubuqu
20 & 63 Grain growing. Stock raising.

Hotel: President. 200 rms., mostly WB in an up-to-date hotel. E. 2WB
$3.00 up. Gar. 50c.

Hotel: Russell-Lamson. Another well-kept and first-class hotel which
should satisfy anyone. 250 rms., 150 WB. E. 2NB $2.75. 2WB $3.50 to
$4.50. Gar. 50c. Pets P.



Flower: Sunflower. Nickname: Sunflower State.

Population: 1,886,000. Area: 81,774 sq. mi. Max. speed:
Reasonable and proper. Reciprocity: Yes. Gas Tax: State 3c.
Federal Ic. Total 4c.

ABILENE, KANS. Pop. 5,900. (Conoco H-4) 39 Mi. S.W. of Manhattan.
40 A famous old cow town. Near Fort Riley.

Hotel: Sunflower. ACond. An excellent hotel in a small city. Radios.
100 rms., all WB. E. 2WB $3.50. FPark. Pets P.

ATCHISON, KANS. Pop. 73,750. (Conoco K-3) 23 Mi. S.W. of St.
Joseph, Mo.
59 & 73 Birthplace of Amelia Earhart. Home of St. Benedict's College.

Hotel: Atchison (formerly Whitelaw). A good hotel of 80 rms., all WB.
E. 2WB $3.00 up. Gar. 50c.

BELLEVILLE, KANS. Pop. 2,500. (Conoco H-3) 59 ML W. of Marysville.
36 & 81 Hotel: The Elliott. 1802 L Street. 55 outside rms., 23 WB. E.
2WB $2.00 up. FPark. Pets P.

COLBY, KANS. Pop. 2,250. (Conoco C-3) 236 Mi. E. Denver.
24 Hotel: O'Pelt. One of the best in western Kansas. 100 rms., 50 WB. E.
2NB $2.00. 2WB $3.00 to $4.00. FPark. Gar. 35c. Pets P.

DODGE CITY, KANS. Pop. 10,250. Alt. 2,485'. (Conoco D-6) 52 Mi.
S.E. of Garden City.
50S, 154 & 283 End of the Chisholm Trail.

Hotel: Harvey House. Of the well-known Fred Harvey group. 46 rms.,
many WB. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB $4.00. FPark. Pets P.

Hotel: Lora Locke. An up-to-date modern hotel where all luncheon
clubs meet. 125 rms., 85 WB. E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00. FPark. Pets P.

FORT SCOTT, KANS. Pop. 10,940. (Conoco L-6) 87 Mi. S. of Kansas City.
54 & 69 Gen. Scott's Headquarters during Civil War. Center of dairy industry.

Hotel: Goodlander. This is a simple, good hotel. 100 rms., 35 WB. E.
2NB $2.00. 2WB $3.00. FPark. Pets P.

GARDEN CITY, KANS. Pop. 6,750. Alt, 2,830'. (Conoco C-6) 52 Mi.
N.W. of Dodge City.

50N, 50S & 83 Center of large irrigated district.

Hotel: Warren. 80 rms., many WB. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB $3.50.

Motor Court: Broadview. 800 Jones Ave. 14 cottages, well-kept. All
WB. Hot-water heat. E. 2WB $2.25. FGar. Pets P.



GOODLAND, KANS. Pop. 3,750. (Conoco B-3) 39 Mi. W. of Colby.
24 Hotel: Waiters. 70 rms. Running water in all, several WB. Meals. E.
SNB $1.25 to 2WB $2.75. FPark. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

HAYS, KANS. Pop. 6,756. Alt. 1,994'. (Conoco E-4) 105 Mi. W. of Salina.
40 & 183- -Largest dry-farming experiment station in world, 7,000 acres.

Hotel: Lamer. Entirely redecorated in 1938. Hospitable, well-run, well-
liked. 100 rms., 75 WB. E. 2WB $3.50. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

HUTCHINSON, KANS. Pop. 36,490. Alt. 1,530'. (Conoco G-6) 59 Mi.
N.W. of Wichita.

508 Harding Memorial.

Hotel: Bisonte. At Sante Fe Station. One of the best Fred Harvey
Hotels. 70 rms., 30 WB. E. 2NB $3.50. 2WB $4.50. FPark.

Motor Court: Brown's. 1505 W. 4th St. An old court but well-kept anc
operated. 12 cottages, many WB. 9 kitchenettes. Children's playground.
E. 2NB $1.50. 2WB $2.00 up. FGar. Pets P.

INDEPENDENCE, KANS. Pop. 13,000. (Conoco J-7) 175 Mi. SW. of
Kansas City, Mo.

75 & 160 Night Baseball games. Fine park, and swimming pool.

Hotel: Booth. 104 rms., all with electric fans and running water. 85 WB.
Well operated by Mr. Gottschick. E. 2NB $1.50. 2WB $3.50. FPark. Gar.
35c. Pets P.

LAWRENCE, KANS. Pop. 15,000. (Conoco K-4) 43 Mi. W. of Kansas City.
24, 40 & 59 Home of University of Kansas. Haskell Institute for Indians.

Hotel: Eldridge. Some of these hotels may not be marvelous, but they
are mighty welcome in the middle west. This has 200 rms., 100 WB. E.
2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00.

Motor Court: El Navajo. 1 Mi. W. of city. Clean, comfortable, well-
run. 18 rms., all WB. E. 2WB $2.25. FPark. Pets P.

LIBERAL, KANS. Pop. 5,500. (Conoco C-8) 84 Mi. S.W. of Dodge City.

54, 83 & 270 Hotel: Warren. Excellent for the size of the town. Steam heat.
80 rms.. all with running water, many WB and some WT. E. 2NB $2.50.
2WT $2.75. 2WB $4.00. FPark. Gar. 35c.

MANHATTAN, KANS, Pop. 11,000. (Conoco 1-4) 56 Mi. W. of Topeka.
24 & 40 Kansas State College of Agriculture.

Hotel: Wareham. Comfortable and good. 90 rms., all WT, 70 WB. E.
2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 35c.

McPHERSON, KANS. Pop. 8,650. Alt. 1,496'. (Conoco G-5) 56 Mi. N. of
SON & 81 Home of McPherson College.

Hotel: Warren. Fireproof. Only eight yrs. old. 60 rms., many WB. E.
2NB $2.50. 2WB $3.50. Gar. 35c.



NEWTON, KANS. Pop. 11,250. Alt. 1,445'. (Conoco H-6) 25 Mi. N. of

m & 50S Home of Bethel College.

Hotel: Ripley. 114 E. 5th St. This has 100 rms., 47 WB, 20 WT. E.
2NB $2.00 up. 2WB $3.00 up. Gar. 35c.

OAKLEY, KANS. Pop. 1,250. (Conoco C-4) 195 ML W. of Salina.

|40 & S3 Motor Court: Service Oil Homes. % Mi. S. of town, at inter-
section. Guest House in connection. Large lawns. Many miles from any
sizable city. Modest but may be welcome. 9 cottages, all WB. E. 2WB
$2.25. FPark.

RUSSELL, KANS. Pop. 2,530. (Conoco F-4) 77 Mi. W. of Salina.
- Center of State oil industry.

Motor Court: Monte Carlo. ACond. New, clean and well-run. 19
cottages all WB. 4 kitchenettes. Gas heat. E. 2WB $2.50 up. FPark.
Pets P.

Motor Court: Sunflower. ACool. An older court but well kept up. 15
cottages, all WB. Some kitchenettes. Meals. E. 2WB $2.50. FGar. Pets P.

SALINA, KANS. Pop. 21,957. (Conoco H-4) 100 Mi. N. of Wichita.
$0 & 81 Center of wheat belt.

Hotel: Lamer. ACond. Another of the well-liked Lamer hotels. Very
good. 160 rms., many WB. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB $3.50. FPark. Gar. 50c.
Pets P.

TOPEKA, KANS. Pop. 76,760. (Conoco 3-4) 73 Mi. W. of Kansas City, Mo.
40 & 75 State Capital. Fine rose garden.

Hotel: Jayhawk. Partly ACond. A typical metropolitan hotel, offering
all the gadgets. 300 rms., all WT. 225 WB. E. 2NB $3.50. 2WB $4.50.
Gar. 50c.

WICHITA, KANS. Pop. 123,250. (Conoco H-6) 375 Mi. W. of St. Louis.
54 & 81 Important manufacturing and educational center.

Hotel: Allis. ACond. Kansas' tallest bldg. Another typical city hotel.
350 rms., mostly WB. E. 2WB $4.00 up. Gar. 50c.

Hotel: Broadview. Waco at Douglas. Recently remodeled at cost of
$100,000. 300 rms., 200 WB. E. 2WB $3.50 up. Gar. 35c.

Hotel: Lassen. ACond. Still another good hotel. This has 350 rms., all
WB. E. 2WB $3.50 up. Gar. 50c.



Flower: Passion Flower. Nickname: Blue Grass State.

Population: 2,883,000. Area: 40,181 sq. mi. Max. speed: 45.
Reciprocity: Yes. Gas Tax: State 5c. Federal Ic. Total 6c.

Note: Co-ordinates are those of the Standard Oil of Kentucky
referred to as KYSO.

ALBANY, KY. Pop. 1,000. (KYSO H-7) 25 Mi. S.W. of Monticello.
35 & 90 Named for the capital of New York.

Guest House: Wade's. Small, attractive home serving 8 guests. E.
2ND $2.00. FPark. Pets P.

ASHLAND, KY. Pop. 30,000. (KYSO M-3) 71 Mi. W. of Charleston, W. Va.
23, 52 & 60 Largest and most important city in Eastern Kentucky.

Hotel: Henry Clay. Typical Kentucky hotel having 150 rms., all WB.
E. 2WB $3.50 up. Gar. 50c. No pets.

BARDSTOWN, KY. Pop. 2,000. (KYSO H-5) 40 Mi. S. of Louisville.
31E & 150 Second oldest town in the State.

Inn: Old Talbott Tavern. Court House Square. One of the first hotels
west of the Alleghenies, built in 1779. Besides being comfortable, it is an
interesting place to spend the night. 25 rms., 10 WB. Res. desired. E. 2NB
$2.00. 2WB $3.50 up. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Guest House: Colonial. 406 N. 3rd. Contrary to appearances, this beauti-
ful old Ky. home is a guest house and not a private residence. 16 guests. Im-
mense rms. Bath on each floor. Bfksts. E. 2NB $2.00. FPark. Pets P.

Inn: The Old Inn, Court House Square. Here John Fitch, the inventor
of the steamboat, lived. For over a century it has rendered friendly service
to those seeking lodging for the night. Beautiful rms. and what is still nicer,
genuine comfort. One of those places that linger in your memory. 16 rms.,
5WB. E. 2NB $2.00 to $3.00. 2WB $2.50 to $3.50. FPark. Pets P.

BEREA, KY. Pop. 2,000. (KYSO J-5) 42 Mi. S. of Lexington.
25 Home of Berea College, doing magnificent service for the mountain people.

Inn: Boone Tavern. Operated by the College. A delightful place to
visit. Fireproof. No tipping. All work done by students. 70 rms., 40 WB.
E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00 up. FPark. Gar. 50c.

Note: There are several attractive and satisfactory Guest
Houses in Berea.



BOWLING GREEN, KY. Pop. 12,500. (KYSO F-7) 67 ML N. of Nashville.
68 College town. Vinegar Hill. Home of the Duncan Hines Kentucky Hickory-
Smoked Hams.

Hotel: Helm. A good hotel of 100 outside rms., 75 WB. Popular. E.
2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00 and up. FPark. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Note: There are many nice Guest Houses on State Street,
main southern entrance to City.

CAVE CITY, KY. Pop. 800. (KYSO G-ti) 6 Mi. E. of Mammoth Cave
National Park.
3JF Floyd Collins Crystal Cave.

Motor Court: Wigwam Village No. 2. 15 cottages built to simulate
wigwams. Might appeal to you. Well-kept. All WB. E. 2WB $2.25.
FPark. No pets.

CORBIN, KY. Pop. 8,200. (KYSO K-7) 107 Mi. S. of Lexington.
25 Motor Hotel: Sanders' Court. ACond. Messrs. Sanders and Adams have
had the gumption to build, in the East, a first-class Motor Court. Practically
everything is here a person could wish to find at end of a travel day. 17
rms., all WB. Tastefully furnished in maple. Sound-proof insulation. Meals.
E. 2WB $2.50 up. FPark. Pets P.

CUMBERLAND FALLS, KY. (KYSO K-7) 18 Mi. S.F. of Corbin.
90 gg f ee t high and 125 feet broad, the falls flow 3,600 cubic feet of water a

Hotel: Du Pont Lodge. A convenient place to stop when you visit the
falls. 87 rms., 16 WB. in main bldg. and cottages. A. 2NB $7.50. FPark.
Gar. 50c. Pets P.

DANVILLE, KY. Pop. 6,279. (KYSO J-5) 45 Mi. S.W. of Lexington.
27 & 150 Centre College. Fishing headquarters.

Hotel: Gilcher. Fireproof and modern. In heart of city. 120 rms., 75 WB.
Recently redecorated. E. 2NB $2.00 up. 2WB $3.00 up. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY. Pop. 2,590. (KYSO G-5) 27 Mi. 8.W. of


9 AW & 62- Cottages: Burnett's Hotel & Tourist Court. N. Dixie Ave.
27 rms. in main bldg. and 8 cottages, many WB. E. For 2 $2.00 up FGar
Pets P.

ERLANGER, KY. Pop. 1,855. (KYSO J-2) 10 Mi. S. of Cincinnati.
25 & 42 A residential town.

Guest House & Cottages: Alton Home. 534 Dixie Hwy. Handy to the
city and quiet. Large brick house, and 6 cottages having many rms. WB.
Well-kept. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $2.50. FGar. Pets P.

FRANKFORT, KY. Pop. 15,250. (KYSO 3-4) 20 Mi. N.W. of Lexington.
r )0 State capital. One of the finest museums of America.

Hotel: New Capital. A typical Southern hotel which you "Nawthuner"
folks will enjoy. 85 rms., 45 WB. Meals. E. 2NB $2.75. 2WB $4.00. Gar.
50c. Pets P.



HARRODSBURG, KY. Pop. 5,000. (KYSO J-5) 34 Mi. S.W. of Lexington.
68 First permanent white settlement in Kentucky. Interesting.

Inn: Beaumont. Delightful and unique. Colonial style. Old trees and
"restfulness." A favorite place to stay. 25 rms., 15 WB. A. For 2, $10.00.

Guest House: Mrs. Smalley's. 336 E. Lexington. Attractive home on a
quiet street. 9 rms., 2 baths. E. 2NB $2.00. FPark.

HENDERSON, KY. Pop. 12,000. (KYSO E-5) 13 ML E. of Evcmsville, Ind.
41 & 60 Big tobacco market.

Hotel: Soaper. 100 pleasant rms., 80 WB. Meals. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB
$3.50. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

HODGENVILLE, KY. Pop. 1,200. (KYSO G-5) 11 Mi. S.E. of Elizabeth-
31E Lincoln's Birthplace National Park. A beautiful town.

Guest Houses: There are several satisfactory and pleasant guest homes

HOPKINSVILLE, KY. Pop. 13,000. (KYSO E-7) 72 Mi. N.W. Nashville.

41 & 68 Hotel: Latham. A popular stopping place, although 40 yrs. old.

105 rms., 54 WB. Meals. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $3.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

LEXINGTON, KY. Pop. 65,000. (KYSO J-4) 84 Mi. S. Cincinnati.
25 & 60 Much of interest. Plan to spend several days in this beautiful blue
grass country.

Hotel: Kentuckian. ACond. Southern hospitality. 75 rms., in main
bldg., 19 in old colonial home. E. 2NB $3.00 up. 2WB $4.00 up. FPark.
Pets P.

Inn: Whitehall. 7 Mi. S. on Rt. 25. Old typical Colonial bldg. on a hill..
One in which it is a treat to stay. Large grounds. 8 rms. Bkfsts. E,
2NB $2.00. 2WB $3.00. FPark. Pets P.

Guest House: Mrs. Earl G. Robbins. 1131 Richmond Rd. Attractive
tree-shaded home, typical of the South. 5 rms., 2 baths. E. 2NB $2.00.

Motor Court: take View. (At Nicholasville. 12 Mi. S.) Tastefully
furnished in maple are these 10 very good cottages. Well operated. All
WB. Bkfsts. E. 2WB $2.50. FPark. Pets P.

Motor Court: Maple Rest. 2% Mi. S. Well-managed Court of 9 cottages.
all WB. E. $2.50 up. FPark. Pets P.

LOUISVILLE, KY. Pop. 336,000. (KYSO G-4) 311 Mi. S. of Chicago.
31 & 60 "Likker" and baseball bats. Tobacco and racing. Travel Bureaus:
Gulf Tourguide Bureau, 1901 S. 7th St. Rd., and Standard Oil Touring Service,
426 W. Bloom Ave.

Hotel: Brown. ACond. Offering the most finical guest everything he
could wish. 700 rms., all WB. E. 2WB $5.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Apt. Hotel. Mayflower. 425 W. Ormsby. For those desiring this ty
of accommodation. Kitchenettes. 96 apts. E. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 50c.





LOUISVILLE, KY. (continued)

Guest House: Marquette Terrace. 1249 S. 3rd St. Shady grounds. Popu-
lar. 33 rms., 9 WB. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $2.50. FPark. Pets P.

OWENSBORO, KY. Pop. 23,000. (KYSO E-5) 135 Mi. S.W. of Louisville.
\60 Oil town.

Hotel: Owensboro. Well-liked hotel of 150 rms., all WB. Meals. E.
SWB $2.00 up. 2WB $3.00 up. Gar. 50c.

PADUCAH, KY. Pop. 33,550. (KYSO C-6) 170 Mi. N. of Memphis, Tenn.
45 & 60 Irvin Cobb's native city.

Hotel: Irvin Cobb. Built a few years ago, but already one of the famous
hotels of the U. S. 200 rms., all WB. E. 2WB $4.00. FPark. Gar. 50c.
Pets P.

RICHMOND, KY. Pop. 6,500. (KYSO K-5) 27 Mi. S.E. of Lexington.
25 & 227 Tobacco raising and horse breeding. Site of Civil War battles.

Hotel: Glyndon. It's "lots of fun" to stop in some of these smaller towns
in Ky. and enjoy the atmosphere. E. From single $1.25 to 2WB $3.50. Gar.
50c. Pets P.

Guest Houses. On the north side of town there are several pleasant homes
open to the traveler.

SOMERSET, KY. Pop. 5,500. (KYSO J-6) 48 Mi. S. of Danville.
27 Known as the Gateway to the Mountains.

Hotel: Beecher. 203 Main St. 100 rms., 50 WB, E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB
$4.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

VERSAILLES, KY. Pop. 2,500. (KYSO J-4) 13 Mi. W. of Lexington.
60 Beautiful countryside.

Hotel: Woodford. A small hotel of only 25 rms., 7 WB, listed because it
may come in handy some night. E. For 2, $1.75 to $3.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.



Flower: Magnolia. Nickname: Pelican State.

Population: 2,122,000. Area: 45,409 sq. mi. Max. speed:
Reasonable and proper. Reciprocity: 120 days. Secure permit
within 30 days. Gas Tax: State 7c. Federal Ic. Total 8c.
A bayou is a natural waterway. A canal is artificial.

ALEXANDRIA, LA. Pop. 26,000. (Texaco G-6) 116 Mi. N.W. of Baton
71 & 765 Only city in U. S. without a cemetery.

Hotel: Bentley. 3rd and DeSoto St. One worth making the extra effort
to reach. Good management. 300 rms., 150 ACond., all WB. Meals. E.
2WB $3.5a up. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Motor Cottages: Colonial. 8 Bolton Ave. on through Rt. 71. ACool.
4 attractive white cottages, neat, clean and comfortable, all WB. 8 rms. in
main bldg. New and good. Morning coffee and paper complimentary. E.
2WB $2.50 to $3.50. FGar. or Park. Pets P.

BALDWIN, LA. Pop. 850. (Texaco K-8) 125 ML W. of New Orleans.

90 Guest House: Twin Cedars. Mrs. Menuet will welcome you to this
modern home, having 9 guest rms., 2WB. All this country is most interesting
and should be visited. Meals. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $3.00. FPark. Pets P.

BATON ROUGE, LA. Pop. 64,250. (Texaco 1-9) 85 Mi. N.W. of New
61 & 71 Huey Long's Capital. University of Louisiana.

Hotel: Heidelberg. A typical, large city hotel of the South having 250
rms., all WB. Part ACond. Roof garden. E. 2WB $3.50 up. Gar. 50c.

Guest House: Shilg's. 2337 Government St. If this place is not clean,
it is certainly not the fault of Mrs. Shilg, as she uses 5 Bendix Home Laundries
in a house caring for 36 guests. Early American furniture, large yard, and
claiming "the best butler in the South." No meals. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB
$3.00. FGar. Pets P.

COVINGTON, LA. Pop. 3,500. (Texaco 1-12) 68 Mi. N. of New Orleans.
190 On Lake Pontchartrain. I l /% hours from New Orleans.

Hotel: Southern. 508 Boston St. Surrounded by pine forests. Southern
in style. Small, having 34 rms., 28 WB. Meals. E. 2NB $3.50. 2WB $4.50.
Gar. 25c.

FRANKLIN, LA. Pop. 4,000. (Texaco K-8) 28 ML N.JT. of Morgan City.
90 In the heart of the sugar cane belt.

Hotel: Commercial. 801 Main St. Electric fans, steam heat. Automatic
sprinklers. 100 guests, 50 rms., 35 WB. Meals. E. 2NB $2.00 up. 2WB
$3.00 to $4.00. FPark. Pets P.



LAFAYETTE, LA. Pop. 14,000. (Texaco J-7) 75 Mi. E. of St. Charles.
'90 "Evangeline" country. Founded by Acadians from Nova Scotia.

Hotel: Evangeline. 300 Jefferson St. Typical for this country. 125 rms.,
many WB. E. SWB $1.50 up. 2WB $3.00 up. Park. 25c.

Motor Court: Azalea. 841 St. Johns St. ACool. Not only good but kept
first-class by fine management. One of the best along this route. 16 cottages,
26 rms., all WB. Some kitchenettes. Meals. Morning coffee and paper
complimentary. E. 2WB $2,50 to $3.00. FGar. Pets P.

LAKE CHARLES, LA. Pop. 26,000. (Texaco J-4) 64 Mi. E. of Houston,
90 & 171 Center of vast oil fields. Longest straight canal in U. S.

Hotel: Majestic. Pujo and Vilbo Sts. One of those pleasant, restful
southern hotels, with spacious porches. 150 guests. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB
$3.50. Twin beds $4.00 up. FPark. Pets P.

METAIRIE, LA. (Texaco K-12) 10 Mi. W. of New Orleans.

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