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of Butte.
OA Smelting of copper and zinc ores.

Hotel: Montana. Well-kept hotel. 120 rms., 50 WB. E. 2WB $4.00.
Gar. 50c. Pets P.

BELTON, MONT. Pop. 180. Alt. 3,219'. (Shell C-2) 32 Mi. N.E. of
The western entrance to Glacier National Park.

Summer Cottages: Apgar's Cottages. 3 Mi. N. at foot of Lake Mc-
Donald. Open May 1 to Oct. 31. 25 simple cottages with wood stoves, cook-
ing equipment. Reasonable people should be comfortable. 6 WB. E. 2NB
$2.00. 2WB $3.00. FPark. Pets P.

BILLINGS, MONT. Pop. 23,750. Alt. 3,119'. (Shell H-6) 238 Mi. E. of

& 87 Third largest city in Montana.

Hotel: Grand. Mr. Carter certainly knows how to operate a hotel to make
it pleasantly remembered. You are a guest and not a rm. number. 100 rms,.
mostly WB. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB $3.50 to $4.00. FPark. or Gar. 50c.
Pets P.

Hotel: Northern. ACond. partially. Another good hotel, well-furnished
and operated. Turkish bath in connection. 200 rms., 125 WB. E. 2NB
$3.00. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Motor Court: Amigo. 517 N. 24th. Well-operated by Mrs. Kortzeborn
and one that I am sure will give satisfaction. 12 units, all WB. E. 2WB
$2.50. FGar. Pets.

Motor Court: Westward Ho. At W. city limits. ACond. First-class in
every way. One of best in Montana. Furnace heat. 22 cottages, all WB.
E. 2WB $3.00 to $3.50. FGar. Pets P.

BOZEMAN, MONT. Pop. 6,850. Alt. 4,754'. (Shell F-6) 100 ML S.E.
of Butte.
9 & 191 Home of Montana State College.

Hotel: Baxter. This attractive place is worth making for when night
comes on. 100 rms., 60 WB, all WT. E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 50c.
Pets P.



BOZEMAN, MONT, (continued)

Guest Ranch: Nine Quarter Circle. 65 Mi. S. of Bozeman on US 91.
High-class ranch in the heart of the Rockies. Private buffalo herd. Riding,
pack trips, fishing. Restricted clientele. Res. reauired. Open June 1 to
Nov. 15. 40 guests. A. SNB $50.00 per week. FPark. Pets P.

Motor Court: Nicholson's. 8th and Main. Open April 1 to Nov. 1.
Architecturally nothing to get excited about, but clean and comfortable. 21
cottages, all WB. E. 2WB $2.50. FGar. Pets P.

BROWNING, MONT. Pop. 1,172. Alt. 4,462'. (Shell D-l) 128 Mi. N.W.
of Great Falls.

87 Roads from all parts of the Blackfeet Reservation converge here.

Summer Cottages: St. Mary's. 47 Mi. N.W. at St. Mary's. Open May
1 to Nov. 1. Here in one of the wildest parts of Montana, you will find cot-
tages with private baths, inside toilets. 50 in all, 20 J WB. Not elaborate, but
comfortable and clean. Riding, fishing, swimming What more can you ask?
Better phone during July and Aug. E. 2NB $1.50. 2WB $5.00. FPark.
Pets P.

BUTTE, MONT. Pop. 55,500. Alt. 5,755'. (Shell D-5) 65 Mi. S. of Helena.
10 & 97 "Richest Hill on Earth." Rodeo in July.

Hotel: Finlen. First-class. Recommended. Be sure and notice Russell
western paintings, meet Mr. Weiss, and ask him to show you pictures in office.
120 rms. WB., 80 WT. E. 2WT $2.50-$3.00. 2WB $3.50-$4.00. Gar. 50c.

CABIN CITY, MONT. /P. 0. De Borgia.) Alt. 3,100'. (Shell A-3) 85 Mi.
W . of Missoula.

10 Lodge: Trout Valley. 5 Mi. from De Borgia. 6 gayly furnished rms.
main bldg.. and 15 log cabins, some WB. Attractive place. If you expect am
thing "citified" pick out some other place to stop. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB $3.(
FPark. Pets P.

CHOTEAU, MONT. Pop. 1,000. Alt. 3,800'. (Shell D-3) 103 Mi. N.

89 Motor Court : Rice. Open June 1 to Sept. 1. 1 unit, 8 cottages all with ti
bath. E. 2WB $3.00. FGar. Pets P.

COOKE CITY, MONT. Pop. 150. Alt. 7,500'. (Shell G-7) 129 Mi. S.W.

12 Near northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

Cottages: Shaw's. Open June 15 to Nov. 1. Old, established, well-kej
well-liked. 7 rms. in main bldg. 33 cottages. Many WB. Meals.
For 2, $2.00-$6.00. FPark. Pets P.

DAYTON, MONT. (Shell B-3) 30 Mi. S. of Kalispell.

93 Guest Ranch: Hiawatha Lodge. Open June 1 to Nov. 25. Res. desir*
On a 4,500-acre island of evergreen forest, in the middle of Lake Flath(
Ranch life, hunting, fishing. 6 rms. in main ranch house. 40 rms. in c(
tages. A. For 1, $50.00 per week up. No extras.



GALLATIN GATEWAY, MONT. Pop. 150. Alt. 4,906'. (Shell E-6) 14 Mi.
S. of Bozeman.
\191 Gateway to Yellowstone Park.

Hotel: Gallatin Gateway Inn. June 12 to Sept. 12. Operated by the
Milwaukee R.R., this is one of the choicest places in Montana to stay. A.
2WB $12.00. E. SNB $2.50, 2WB $5.00. Two-day pack trips to nearby lakes,
$10.00 each.

GARDINER, MONT. Pop. 525. Alt. 5,267'. (Shell F-7) 56 Mi. S. of
89 North entrance to Yellowstone.

Motor Court: Hillcrest Cottages. Open May 1 to Oct. 15. 10 white,
well-kept, comfortable cottages. Some kitchenettes. Some WB. E. 2WB
$3.00. Lower rates out of season. FPark. Pets P.

Motor Court: Jim Bridger. 28 log cabins, 46 rms., some WB. E. 2NB
$2.00. 2WB $2.50. FPark. Pets P.

Motor Court: Mt. View. 10 clean cottages. Well-managed. E. 2NB
$2.00. 2WB $2.50. FPark. Pets P.

GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, MONT. (Shell C-l) 32 Mi. N.E. of Kalispell.
2 Straddles the Continental Divide between the Canadian boundary and Marias
and Theodore Roosevelt Passes. 1,534 sq. miles.

Accommodations: Glacier Park Hotel. June 15 to Sept. 15. 200 rms.,
50 WB. A. $14.00 up. Going-to-the-Sun Chalets. June 15 to Sept. 15. 50
rms. A. $10.00. Lake McDonald Hotel. June 15 to Sept. 15. 75 rms., 10
baths. A. $18.00. Many Glacier Hotel. June 15 to Sept. 15. 200 rms., 100
WB. A. $13.00. St. Mary Chalets. June 15 to Sept. 15. 40 rms. A.
$10.00. Two Medicine Chalets. June 15 to Sept. 15. 30 rms. A. $10.00.

GLACIER PARK STATION, MONT. (Shell C-2) 90 Mi. N.E. of Kalispell.
2 Cottages: Staley's. Accommodations for 75. In winter skiing, in summer
autoists. Several WB. Many WT. E. For 2, $2.00. FPark. Pets P.

GREAT FALLS, MONT. Pop. 33,500. Alt. 3,300'. (Shell E-3) 95 Mi. N.E.
of Helena.

87 & 91 Giant Springs, 390,000,000 gals, per day.

Hotel: Rainbow. Many ACond. A city hotel of the kind I think you will
like. 140 rms, 70 WB. E. 2NB $2.50 up. 2WB $3.50 up. Gar. 50c.

Motor Court: Nichols. 300 N. River Drive. Open May 1 to Nov. 1.

Swimming pool. Located in City Park beside river. 35 cottages, 15 WB. E.
2NB $2.00. 2WB $2.50. FPark.

HAVRE, MONT. Pop. 6,375. Alt. 2,495'. (Shell G-2) 113 Mi. N.W. of
Great Falls.

2 Home of Northern Montana College.

Hotel: Grand. Only recently have the owners finished completely over-
hauling this hotel. It is not magnificent, but it is clean and has good beds
and should satisfy any reasonable person. 82 rms, 25 WB. E. 2NB $2.00.
2WB $3.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.



HELENA, MONT. Pop. 14,500. Alt. 4JOO'. (Shell E-4) 66 Mi. A'.JF. of
10 & 91 State capital. Much wealth here.

Hotel: Park. 432 N. Main St. On second floor, above stores. Small, not
attractive in appearance but rms. that are clean and satisfactory with real
hospitality. 70 guests. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $2.50-$3.50. FPark. No dogs.

Motor Court: Capitol, llth and Montana. ACool. First-class, modern
and up-to-date. Some kitchenettes. Some WB. 22 rms., 50 guests. E
2NB $2.00-$2.50. 2WB $3.00-$3.50. FPark. or Gar. Pets P.

KALJSPELL, MONT. Pop. 8,500. Alt. 2,959'. (Shell B-2) 248 Mi. N.W. of
2 & 93 Hunting, fishing, and dude ranches.

Motor Court: Blue and White. 196 6th Ave. High rating from Montana
State Board of Health. Near swimming pool. 10 neat, white cottages all
nicely furnished, with kitchenettes and all WB. E. 2WB $3.00. FPark
Pets P.

Motor Court: Davis. Another well-liked place to stop. Modern. Well-
kept. 14 cottages, all WB and kitchenettes. E. 2WB $3.00 up. FPark.
Pets P.

LEWISTON, MONT. Pop. 5,358. Alt. 4,990'. (Shell G-4) 110 Mi. S.E. of
Great Falls.
87- The geographical center of Montana.

Hotel: Calvert. 216 7th Ave S. New paint, new furnishings, but the same
old hospitality and courtesy await you here. 60 rms., many WB. E. 2WE
$2.50 up. NB less. FPark. Pets P.

LIVINGSTON, MONT. Pop. 6,391. Alt. 4,491'. (Shell F-6) 26 Mi. E. of

10 & 89 The largest locomotive repair shops of the Northern Pacific Railwa)
are here.

Motor Court: Willow Park. On W. Callender St. Mr. Bliss operates a
court of which he may well be proud and one that should please you. 75 guests
16 WB. E. 2NB $2'.00. 2WB $2.50-$3.00. FGar. Pets P.

MILES CITY, MONT. Pop. 8.500. Alt. 2,371'. (Shell K-5) 153 Mi. N.E. o


10 & 12 Situated in the heart of a great cattle country.

Hotel: New Milligan. 601 Main St. Not a bad place at all to stop fo
the night and meet Mr. Milligan. New beds add to your comfort. 130 guests
Many rms. WB. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $2,50-$3.50. FPark. or Gar. 50c
Pets P.

Motor Court: McRae. Satisfactory accommodations through here are
and far between. This one is well-kept, quiet, comfortable. 10 cottages, all
WB. E. 2WB $2.50 up. FGar. Pets P.

MISSOULA, MONT. Pop. 14,670. Alt. 3,223'. (Shell C-4) 124 Mi. S. of
10 & 93 Home of University of Montana. Fort Missoula.

Hotel: Missoula. 147 W. Main. ACond. Recently remodeled and re-
furnished from top to bottom. 120 rms. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB $3.50. Gar.
50c. No dogs.



MISSOULA, MONT, (continued)

Hotel: Palace. On Broadway. Clean and reasonable. New addition
ACond. 115 rms. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $3.50. FPark. Pets P.

RED LODGE, MONT. Pop. 3,100. Alt. 5,580'. (Shell G-6) 58 Mi. S.W.
of Bill ings.
12 On magnificent new highway to Yellowstone Park.

Motor Court: Red Lodge Tourist Park. First-class, well-liked, and well-
managed. 7 acres of grounds. Best anywhere near. 46 cottages, 53 rms., 125
guests. E. 2NB $1.75. 2WB $2.50. FPark. Pets P.

SILVER GATE, MONT. Alt. 7,470'. (Shell F-7) 133 ML S.W. of Billings.
12 A delightful summer resort, in grand scenic country.

Motor Court: Park View Cottages. Open May 15 to Oct. 15. 6 peeled
log cabins, all WB and some with kitchenettes. More cottages being added.
Well-operated. E. 2WB $3.00. FPark. Pets P.

Motor Court : Whispering Pines Camp. Open May 15 to Nov. 15. 25
rustic log cabins in woodland setting. Rustic furniture and comfort. E.
2WB $3.00. FPark. Pets P. Horses and pack trips if desired.

SUPERIOR, MONT. Pop. 500. Alt. 2,725'. (Shell B-3) 67 Mi. N.W. of
10 Lumbering and mining.

Motor Court: Far Away. Open June 1 to Sept. 30. Simple but should
be satisfactory. Rms. in main bldg. and 4 cottages. 19 guests. E. 2WB
$2.0043.50. FPark. Pets P.

TERRY, MONT. Pop. 800. Alt. 2,244'. (Shell K-4) 40 Mi. N.E. of Miles

10 Guest Ranch: Kempton Ranch. 3 Mi. S. of town. Open May 1 to Nov. 1.
Cool, quiet comfort, and if you desire, you can ride a "boss." Probably you
will like it so well that you will stay longer. A. $3.00 up single, $5.00 up for
2. FPark. Pets P.

THREE FORKS, MONT. Pop. 875. Alt. 4,061'. (Shell E-5) 68 Mi. E. of

10 The three rivers, Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin merge at this point to
form the Missouri River.

Inn: Sacajawea. Formerly this place was not good, but since Mrs. Scott
took it over two years ago it has become one of the best on this route. I rec-
ommend it. 60 rms., 16 WB. E. 2NB $2.00-$2.50. 2WB $3.50 up. FPark.
Pets P.

WEST YELLOWSTONE, MONT. Pop. 350. Alt. 6,665'. (Shell E-7) 62
Mi. N.E. of Ashton.

191 The western entrance to the park. Touring information at Texaco office
during summer months.

There are a number of good-looking Motor Courts here and new ones being
built but I have no exact data. Inasmuch as it seems that the accommodations
are better than the cabins in the Park and cheaper, I would advise my readers
to investigate.

WHITEHALL, MONT. Pop. 553. Alt. 4,371'. (Shell E-5) 32 Mi. S.E. of

180 Hotel: Borden. This hotel of 25 rms., 3 WB, may be all right to know
about some dark night. E. 2NB $2.5. FPark.



Flower: Goldenrod. Nickname: Cornhusker.
Population: 1,364,000. Area: 76,808 sq. mi. Max. speed: Rea-
sonable and proper. Reciprocity: Yes. Gas Tax: State 5c. Fed-
eral Ic. Total 6c.

CHADRON, NEB. Pop. 4,870. Alt. 3,383'. (Conoco B-2) 23 Mi. N.E. of
20 Gateway to the Black Hills from Nebraska.

Cottages: Chadron State Park. 9 Mi. S. Open April 1 to Oct. 1.
ACool. A vacation camp which though simple offers much comfort. 30
charming cottages from 1 to 3 rms. 8 WB. Meals. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB
$3.00. FPark. Pets P.

COLUMBUS, NEB. Pop. 7,500. (Conoco J-4) 47 Mi. W. of Fremont.

30 & 81 Hotel: Evans. If you take the trouble to travel a few blocks off the
highway into the town, I think you will be surprised how nice this hotel really
is. 100 rms., 30 WB. E. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

FREMONT, NEB. Pop. 12,500. (Conoco K-4) 51 Mi. N. of Lincoln.
30 & 77 A nice city named after General Fremont.

Hotel: Pathfinder. Part ACond. An excellent hotel for the size of the
city. In fact, I've been in many worse in big places. 125 rms., all WB or WT.
E. 2NB $1.50 to $2.00. 2WB $3.50. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Motor Court: Cedar Motel. 1 Mi. N. of Fremont at Junction. ACond.
An excellent court of 8 cottages, well arranged, decorated and furnished.
Steam heat. All rms. WB. 4 kitchenettes. E. 2WB $4.00-$5.50. FGar.
Pets P.

GRAND ISLAND, NEB. Pop. 18,350. Alt. 1,862'. (Conoco H-5) 66 Mi.
S.W. of Columbus.
30 & 281 One of the largest horse and mule markets in the country.

Hotel: Yancey. Recently there have been many changes in this hotel
newly decorated rms., etc. Always good, it is now still better and one of
the few left where you sit in easy chairs on the sidewalk. 185 rms., mostly
WB. E. 2NB $2.00 up. 2WB $3.50 up. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Motor Court: Courtesy. 2301 W. 2nd. New, modern, and very good.
19 cottages, all WB. 60 guests. E. 2WB $2.50 to $3.00. FGar. Pets P.

HASTINGS, NEB. Pop. 16,250. Alt. 1,940'. (Conoco H-6) 100 Mi. W. of

6 & 281 Hotel: Carter. 2nd and St. Joe. If you knew the old hotel under
another name, I want you take a look at it now, for it has been refurnished
and redecorated from top to bottom. It is now excellent in every way. 100
rms., many WB. E. 2NB $2.00 up. 2WB $3.50. Also many rms. CB. FPark.
Pets P.



HASTINGS, NEB. (continued)

Hotel: Clarke. You are lucky here for you have a choice of two good
hotels. This has 170 rms., 115 W*B. E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00. FPark.
Pets P.

Motor Court: Show Boat. MJ Mi. E. of city. Mr. Miller let his fancy
go and constructed a boat-cafe for his modern camp. He can take good care
of 40 people in 17 nice cottages. E. 2WB $2.00 to $2.50. FGar. Pets P.

Guest House: Steeple House. 502 E. 25th St. Operated by Mrs. Clarno.
Steam heat. Well-kept. Convenient. 5 rms., 1 bath. E. 2NB $2.00. FPark.

KEARNEY, NEB. Pop. 9,750. Alt. 2,146'. (Conoco G-6) 190 Mi. S.JT.
of Omaha.
30 & 83 Famous outpost during Western immigration.

Hotel: Fort Kearney. 4 blocks S. of US 30. Very good and comfortable.
100 rms., 60 WB. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB $3.50 to $4.50. FPark. Gar. 35c.
Pets P.

Motor Court : St. John's. West side of town. 18 neat cottages built
around a court. All insulated, well-furnished, and WB. E. 2WB $2.50.
FGar. Pets P.

KIMBALL, NEB. Pop. 2,000. Alt. 4,703'. (Conoco A-5) 37 Mi. W. of

30 Seed potatoes raised here.

Hotel: Wheat Growers. This is one of the few regular old-time hotels left
on the Lincoln Hwy. Real cuspidors and such. Clean, homelike, and mighty
comfortable. However, if you want city doodads, drive on. 70 rms., 35 WT.,
a few WB. E. For 2, $2.00 to $3.00. FPark. Pets P.

LINCOLN, NEB. Pop. 81,900. (Conoco J-6) 57 Mi. S.W. of Omaha.
6, 34 & 77 The Capitol Bldg. is a beauty. Home of University of Nebraska.

Hotel: Cornhusker. Many rms. ACond. They do not come much better
than this. First-class from cellar to roof. 300 rms., all WB. E. 2WB $4.00
to $6.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Motor Court: Deluxe. 4432 N. 70th St. Not large, but well operated.
10 insulated, well ventilated cottages, all with kitchenettes, and WB. E. 2WB
$2.25. FGar. Pets P.

McCOOK, NEB. Pop. 8,000. Alt. 2,700'. (Conoco E-7) 74 Mi. S. of North
6 & 34 The last Indian fight in Nebraska was here.

Hotel: Keystone. Mr. Merrell is one of the hospitable sort of managers,
so between him and his well conducted hotel, you will be most comfortable
and satisfied. 95 rms., 70 WB. E. 2WB $3.50.

NORTH PLATTE, NEB. Pop. 13,000. Alt. 2,809'. (Conoco E-5) 96 Mi.
N.W. of Kearney.
30 & 183 Buffalo Bill's ranch is three miles northwest.

Hotel: Pawnee. Pine and 5th Sts. This is first-class having pleasant rms.
and fine lounges. Quiet location, although in the center of the city. 150 rms.,
130 WB. E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.



NORTH PLATTE, NEB. (continued)

Motor Court: Stanford Motor Lodge. 1400 E. 4th St. About 1M> Mi.
E. on US 30 you are going to find one of the best courts between Chicago
and the Pacific Coast. Not only is it well-built, with a nice central garden,
but it also has everything you want in an auto court. 20 clean, quiet, nicely
furnished cottages, all WB, some with twin beds and tubs. 12 with kitchenettes.
Gar. connecting. But you will find it full unless you get in early or mal
reservations. 2WB $3.00.

Stanford Motor Lodge

OGALLALA, NEB. Pop. 2,750. Alt. 3,300'. (Conoco D-5) 52 Mi. W. o
North Platte.

26 & 30 Farming and cattle raising. Second largest earth dam in world unde
construction 5 Mi. N. End of the Old Texas Trail.

Hotel: Duchess. One block off highway. Quiet. Some fine night you ma
welcome knowing about this satisfactory hotel. 60 rms., 30 WB. E. 2NB
$2.00. 2WB $3.00. FPark. Pets P.

OMAHA, NEB. Pop. 222,000. (Conoco K-5) 492 Mi. W. of Chicago.
6, 75 & 308 Winter quarters of the Mormons in 1846.

Hotel: Blackstone. An excellent, quiet, refined hotel away from th
downtown traffic and noise. 250 rms., all WB. E. 2WB $4.00 up.

Hotel: Fontenelle. Douglas and 18th Sts. Part ACond. This is a famous
old hotel which has been modernized and kept up to date. 400 rms., all WB.
E. 2WB $5.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Motor Court: Tower Village. 78th and Dodge St. 32 apts. E. 2WB
$2.50 up. FPark. Pets P.


SIDNEY, NEB. Pop. 3,350. Alt. 2,094'. (Conoco B-5) 67 Mi. JT.

30 Motor Court: Sunnyside. 1 Mi. W. 60 guests. Steam heat. Unless new
courts have been built recently, this is the best for many miles. E. 2NB $2.00.
2WB $2.50. FPark. Pets P.



Flower: Sagebrush. Nickname: Silver State.
Population: 100,000. Area: 109,821 sq. mi. Max. speed: Rea-
sonable and proper. Reciprocity: Yes. Register within 5 days.
Gas Tax: State 4c. Federal Ic. Total 5c.

BOULDER CITY, NEV. Pop. 6,000. Alt. 2,500'. (Shell F-8J 23 Mi. S.E.

of Las Vegas.

93 & 466 Hotel: Boulder Dam. ACond. When you roll into Boulder City,
you are due for a surprise when you see this hotel. First-class in every way.
100 rms., all WB. E. 2WB $5.00. FPark. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

CARSON CITY, NEV. Pop. 1,600. Alt. 4,690'. (Shell B-4) 30 Mi S. of


50 & 395 Smallest state capital in country. The Nevada Board of Health in-
spects auto courts and issues certificates of approval.

Motor Court: Carson Motor Lodge. Not beautiful from outside, but
well-furnished rooms within. 7 cottages, all WB. E. 2WB $3.00. FGar.
Pets P.

Motor Court: De Luxe Apts. N. Carson St. Well-managed and kept up.
30 guests. All WB, some tubs. Kitchenettes. Steam heat. E. 2WB $2.50.
Kitchenette 50c extra. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: Dorothy's. Another court which many like. 8 rms., all
WB. E. 2WB $3.50. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: Jones. Here you will find 10 cottages, comfortable, and
nicely furnished. All WB. E. 2WB $3.00. FGar. Pets P.

ELKO, NEV. Pop. 3,850. Alt. 5,200'. (Shell E-2) 300 Mi. E. of Reno.

40 -Hotel: Commercial. In the new part one will find as fine rms. as anyone
could wish. 100 rms., 60 WB. E. 2NB $2.00 up. 2WB $3.50 up. Gar. 50c.
Pets P.

Motor Court : Elko. 21 modern cottages, all WB. Steam heated. E. 2WB
$2.50. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: Jay's. 12 white cottages with tile roofs. Insulated. Radio.
Kitchenettes. A Bendix Laundry machine for those wishing it. E. 2WB
$2.50. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: Wood. 1276 Idaho St. Mrs. Wood offers you one of the
better courts on this route. Clean and well-kept. ACond. Venetian blinds.
28 guests. All rms. WB. E. 2WB $3.00. FGar. Pets P.

ELY, NEV. Pop. 3,360. Alt. 6,050'. (Shell F-4) 324 Mi. E. of Reno.
50, 6 & 93 Mining district copper, gold, and silver.

Hotel: Nevada. A city hotel not remarkable, but the best place to stop
in Ely. E. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.



LAKE TAHOE, NEV. Alt. 6,225'. (Shell A-4) 45 Mi. S.W. of Reno.

50- -Inn: Glenbrook. Open June to Oct. A fine resort offering golf, fishing,
tennis, riding, and many other amusements. Rms. in cottages and annex, also
in large residence. 100 guests. A. 2NB $12.00. 2WB $14.00416.00. FPark.
No dogs.

LAS VEGAS, NEV. Pop. 10,000. Alt. 2,034'. (Shell F-8) 290 Mi. N.E.
of Los Angeles.
91 One of the last of our "frontier" towns, going full blast 24 hrs. every day.

Hotel: Sal Sagev. ACond. Get rms. facing the patio, for Las Vegas is
an all night town, people working in three shifts. 100 rms., mostly WB. E.
2WB $5.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Motor Court: De Luxe. 1701 S. 5th. For several reasons there are many
excellent auto courts in Las Vegas. This has 29 cottages all ACond. and WB.
Kitchenettes. E. 2WB $2.50-$3.50. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: Nevada Motel. 704 S. 5th. ACond. Sound-proof, fire-
proof, tile-block construction. Monterey type furnishings. Radios. All WB.
E. 2WB $3.00 up. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: Traveler's. 1100 Fremont St. ACond. Well-managed.
Shade trees. Recommended. 20 cottages. All WB. E. 2WB $2.50 up.
FPark. Pets P.

Motor Court: Ye King's Rest. 526 5th St. ACond. A first-class court
of 15 cottages, all WB. All with kitchenettes. Electrical heat. Solarium in
connection. E. 2WB $4.00-$5.00. FGar. Pets P.

MINDEN, NEV. Pop. 475. (Shell B-4) 14 Mi. S. of Carson City.
395 A small town on the popular route from Reno to Southern California.

Hotel: Minden Inn. Small, nice, with every comfort a sane person should
wish. 40 rms., 30 WB. E. 2WB $3.00-$4.00. FPark. Pets P.

RENO, NEV. Pop. 23,000. Alt. 4,500'. (Shell A-4) 246 Mi. N.E. San

40 & 50 Wide open gambling goes on 24 hours a day, but the general air of
the city is certainly NOT "rough neck."

Hotels: El Cortez, Riverside. Both ACond. The first, a modest hotel
of 75 rms., all WB, a little away from the business center. E. 2WB $4.00-
$5.00. The Riverside is a fine city hotel, out by the Court House on the
banks of the river, inclined to be "swanky" and expensive. 100 rms., all WB.
$6.00 up. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Guest Ranch: Farley's Dude Ranch. 2 Mi. S. on 395. 38 guests, who will
be well taken care of. Meals. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB $3.00. FPark. Pets P.

Motor Court: Cremer's. An old but well-operated court. Many rm.
combinations. Kitchenettes. 80 guests. E. 2WB $2.50 up. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: Moana. 2 Mi. S. on US 395. 20 insulated cottages, 12
with kitchenettes. Well kept up. All WB. E. 2WB $3.00. FGar.

Motor Court: Silver State. V 2 Mi. W. on US 40. Pleasantly different.
Faces Truckee River. 18 cottages, all WB. Radios. Electric irons. Swim-
ming pool. Fireplaces. E. 2WB $3.00. FGar. Pets P.

The El Reno Court at 1307 S. Virginia St. is also highly recommended.



WINNEMUCCA, NEV. Pop. 2,500. Alt. 4,347'. (Shell C-2) 128 Mi. W. of

40 The "Jumbo" Mine, which sold for some $10,000,000, is just north of here.

Hotel: Humboldt. An old hotel with much atmosphere and still the best
here. 90 rms., 40 WB. E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Motor Court: Capt. Acree's. 25 units, 60 guests. E. 2NB $1.50. 2WB
$2.50. FPark. Pets P.

Motor Court: Neda Motel. 333 W. 3rd. ACond. Probably the best here.
20 guests. Well furnished. All rms. WB. E. 2WB $3.00. FPark. Pets P.

Storker's Motor Court is also well thought of.

WENDOVER, NEV. (Shell G-2) 101 Mi. E. of Elko.
40 & 50 On edge of great salt desert.

Hotel: State Line. It may be a comfort to know that if you stop here,
you will not fare at all badly. 40 rms., some WB. E. For 2, $3.00-$4.00.
FPark. Pets P.


Flower: Purple Lilac. Nickname: Granite State.

Population: 508,000. Area: 9,031 sq. mi. Max. speed: 45.
Reciprocity: Yes. Gas Tax: State 4c. Federal Ic. Total 5c.

Note: Since skiing and winter sports have become the rage,
many of the hotels, inns, and camps of New England, which ordi-
narily are closed during the winter, now remain open. However,
some of the managers get cold feet with the first snow storm, sud-
denly decide to close their hostelries and hop to Florida. Conse-

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