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main bldg. and cottages. 40 WB. A. 2NB $9.00. 2WB $12.00. FPark.

GADSDEN, ALA. Pop. 42,600. (Texaco C-7) 66 Mi. N.E. of Birmingham.
11 Goodyear Tire Co. plant. Site of Blount House. Nocalula Falls.

Hotel: Reich. Nice rms. Pleasant service. Perfectly O.K. in every way.
Said to be the best stopping point between Chattanooga and Birmingham.
150 rms., all WB. Meals. E. 2WB $4.00 up. Atchd. Gar. 50c. Pets P.



HUNTSVILLE, ALA. Pop. 12,500. (Texaco A-6) 120 Mi. N. of Birmingham.
72 & 241 Big Springs (24,000,000 gals, per day) in center of- city. Textile mills.

Hotel: Russel Erskine. Above the average. Satisfactory in every way.
150 rms., all WB. Meals. E. 2WB $4.00 up. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

LIVINGSTON, ALA. Pop. 1,150. (Texaco H-2) 65 Mi. S.W. of Tuscaloosa.
11 & 80 State Teachers College.

Hotel: Livingston. Maybe nothing amazing to look at but within are
good rms. for a country hotel. 16 rms., 9 WB. Meals. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB
$3.00. FPark. Pets P.

MOBILE, ALA. Pop. 69,000. (Texaco M-2) 214 Mi. S.W. of Montgomery.
31 & 90 Winter resort. Alabama's only seaport. Each spring the Azalea Trail
attracts over 100,000 visitors.* Bellingrath Gardens on Fowl River.

Motor Court: Old Spanish Fort Tourist Village. 11 Mi. E. at Junc-
tion 31 and 90. ACond. A fine, nicely furnished court. Running ice-water.
Sound insulated. Attractively landscaped. No kitchenettes. 98 guests. Lounge
rm. Recommended. Meals. E. 2WB $2.50-$3.50. FPark.

Motor Court: Olsson's. 1 Mi. W. A modern UMC Court, having 18
well-spaced cottages, all WB. Lawns and lounging chairs. Meals. E. 2WB
$2.00. FGar. Pets P.

MONTGOMERY, ALA. Pop. 80,000. (Texaco H-7) 109 Mi. S. of Birming-

31 & 80 State capital. Manufacturing center. First White House of Confed-
eracy. The Birthplace of "Dixie."

Hotels: Graystone (150 rms., all WB) and Jefferson Davis (185 rms., all
WB). Both are high-class, well-run, satisfactory city hotels. Some prefer
one and some the other. E. 2WB $4.00 up. Gar. 50c.

Motor Court: Green's. 3 Mi N. on 31. Not old. Several, pleasant white
cottages well operated. Another UMC Court. 19 rms., 44 guests. E. 2WB
$2.00-$2.50. FPark. Pets P.

ROBERTSDALE, ALA. (Texaco N-3) 31 Mi. S.E. of Mobile.

3 Motor Court: Latchstring. IMj Mi. N.E. Much above the average through
here. 6 log cottages with fireplaces. All WB. A cheery place to stop. Well-
run. Meals. E. 2WB $2.50. FPark. Pets P.

TUSCALOOSA, ALA. Pop. 27,000. (Texaco F-3) 57 Mi. S.W. of Birming-

11 University of Alabama, home of the "Crimson Tide." Named from Indian
chief Tuscaloosa, meaning Black Warrior.

Motor Court: Moon Winx. 4 Mi. E. ACond. Very good. Recommended.
6 cottages, 2 rms. each in wooded park. All WB. Meals. E. 2WB $2.00 up.
FPark. Pets P.

YORK, ALA. (Texaco H-2) 29 Mi. N.E. of Meridian.

11 & 80 Motor Court: Touresta. Comfortable, clean, and one of those spots
that sometimes is mighty convenient to know about. 5 cottages, all WB. Meals.
E. 2WB $2.00. FPark. Pets P.



Just to help you if you should happen to go to Alaska this sum-
mer I am listing a few hotels there. Don't think you will have
to "rough it" up there, for the new hotels are as modern as any-
thing in the U. S.

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA. 1,940 ML N. of Seattle.

Hotel: Anchorage. A fine hotel of 76 rms., 26 apts. E. 2WB $5-$7.

CURRY, ALASKA. 135 Mi. N. of Anchorage.

Hotel: Curry. Still another first-class hotel. 84 rms., practically all WB.
E. 2NB $3.50. 2WB $5.00.

MT. McKINLEY NAT'L PARK, ALASKA. 235 ML N. of Anchorage.

Hotel : Mt. McKinley Park. Open June 1 to Sept. 15. A fine tourist hotel
built by Govt., opened June of last year. Marvelous location. 86 rms., 50 WB.
E. 2NB $4.00. 2WB $7.00.


To fully understand the reason for and the purpose of this book
please read the complete introduction.



Flower: Saguaro Cactus. Nickname: Baby.

Population: 406,000. Area: 113,810 sq. mi. Max. speed:
Reasonable. Reciprocity: 4 months. Register at once. Gas
Tax: State 5c. Federal Ic. Total 6c.

ASH FORK, ARIZ. Pop. 894. Alt. 5,200'. (Shell C-3) 52 ML W. Flagstaff.
89 & 66 N.W. edge of Coconino National Forest.

Hotel: Escalante. A Fred Harvey Hotel. 27 rms. 5 WB. E. SNB $2.00.
2WB $4.00-$5.00. FPark.

BISBEE, ARIZ. Pop. 8,025. Alt. 5,300'. (Shell F-7) 100 Mi. S.E. of Tucson.
80 Built on side hills. Copper mining. Many dude ranches nearby.

Hotel: Copper Queen. Very good for locality. 55 rms. 21 WB. E.
SNB $2.00. 2WB $4.00. Pets P.

BEAVER DAM, ARIZ. (P.O. Litchfield) (Shell B-l) 97 Mi. E. Las Vegas,


91 Practically no town. About half-way Los Angeles to Salt Lake City.

Hotel: Beaver Dam Lodge. ACond. Excellent. Very nice rooms. Free
swimming pool. 30 rms. hotel, 30 cottages, all WB. E. 2WB $2.50-$3.50.
FPark. Pets P.

BENSON, ARIZ. Pop. 925. (Shell E-7) 49 Mi. S.E. of Tucson.
80 Auto Court: Camp Benson. A UMC court. 8 cottages. E. 2WB
$2.50-$3.00. FPark.

CAMERON, ARIZ. Pop. 75. (Shell D-2) 52 Mi. N. of Flagstaff.
89 Gateway to Painted Desert, Rainbow Bridge, and Grand Canyon.

Hotel and Cottages: Little Colorado Trading Post. ACond. A sur-
prisingly modern place in the Navajo country. Accommodations for 60. Most
rms. WB. Some cooking facilities. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB $3.50-$4.00. FPark.
Pets P.

CASA GRANDE, ARIZ. Pop. 1,400. (Shell D-6) 66 Mi. N.W. of Flagstaff.
84 Near Casa Grande National Monument.

Auto Court: Morgan's. V 2 Mi. E. of town. ACool. 6 cottages, 11 rms.
all WB. No meals. E. 2WB $2.50. FGar. Pets P.

CASTLE HOT SPRINGS, ARIZ. Pop. 50. Alt. 1,970'. (Shell C-4) 64 Mi.
N. of Phoenix.
89 Beautiful winter resort 22 Mi. northeast of US 89.

Hotel: Castle Hot Springs. Open Dec. to April. Caters to high-class
Eastern clientele. A "crack" winter resort. A. SNB $10.00. 2WB $20.00.



COOLIDGE, ARIZ. Pop. 1,000. (Shell D-6) 65 ML N. of Tucson.
87 The Casa Grande Monument nearby.

Guest House: Vah-Ki Inn. Small attractive Spanish hacienda. Extreme-
ly popular. Quiet. 6 rms., 4 CB. A. 2WB $10.00. E. 2WB $3.50. FPark.
Pets P.

DOUGLAS, ARIZ. Pop. 10,000. Alt. 3,985'. (Shell F-7) 100 ML S.W.
Lordsburg, New Mexico.
80 On Mexican border. Visit Tombstone 48 Mi. N.W.

Hotel: Gadsden. Very good for size of town. Well-managed. 170 rms.
all WB. E. 2WB $3.50 up. Gar. next door 50c. Pets P.

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZ. Pop. 5,000. Alt. 6,907'. (Shell D-3) 206 ML N. of


66 & 89 Boyhood home of Andy Devine. Near San Francisco Peaks. All-Indian
Pow Wow and Rodeo July 2-4.

Motor Lodge: Arrowhead Lodge. % Mi. E. Hardwood floors, Navajo
rugs, nicely furnished. 3 cottage units surrounding a central lodge. 10 rms.
all WB. E. 2WB $3.50. FGar. No pets.

Auto Court: El Pueblo. 3 Mi. E. 8 adobe type cottages all with shower
baths. Built in 1937. E. 2WB $3.00. FGar. Pets P.

Guest House: Oak Creek Lodge. 20 Mi. S. on Rt. 79. One of oldest
homes in northern Ariz. Smack against mountain side surrounded by or-
chard and ranch. 2 trout streams. Carl and Ethel Mayhew, son and daughter,
are your hosts. 10 rms. all WB. Reservations desired. (Phone Oak Creek
No. 1.) A. 2WB $10.00. FGar.

Lodge: Todd's Lodge. 22 Mi. S. on Rt. 79. Open April 1, to Nov. 30.
Beautiful location. Fine hospitality. Trout stream, jersey cows, orchard, out-
door games. Capacity for ten. A. 2WB $7.50. FPark. Pets P.

FLORENCE, ARIZ. Pop. 1,410. Alt. 1,493'. (Shell D-5) 35 ML N.E. Casa
80 & 89 Interesting country for the archeologist or the mere loafer.

Desert Cottages: Cactus Forest Ranch. 6 mi. S. of town. Interesting
spot. Desert life. Most people stay weeks, so make reservation in winter.
7 adobe cottages all WB, fireplaces, complete cooking equipment. Meals
from chuck wagon. E. 2WB $2.00. No phone. Write Box, 396, Florence.
FPark. Pets P.

THE GAP, ARIZ. Alt. 5,300'. (Shell D-l) 83 ML N. of Flagstaff.
89 In heart of Navajo Indian reservation. In Painted Desert.

Cottages: The Gap Trading Post. Not much to look at from outside
but clean accommodations within for 12 guests. E. 2NB $2.00. FPark. Pets P.

GLOBE, ARIZ. Pop. 7,150. Alt. 3,517'. (Shell E-5) 95 ML E. of Phoenix.
60 & 90 Famous Apache Trail. Largest copper mining town in Ariz. Coolidge
Dam is 26 miles S.E.

Motor Court: El Rancho. % Mi. E. on US 60. ACool. 4 simple cottages,
nicely furnished Monterrey type. Only a few months old. Guest capacity.
14. All WB. Meals. E. 2WB $3.50. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: El Rey. East city limits. Another pleasant stopping place.
Well furnished. ACond. Spick and span. 14 cottages all WB. Capacity, 47.
E. 2WB $2.50. FGar. Pets P.



GRAND CANYON, ARIZ. Alt. 6,800'. (Shell C-2) 58 ML N. of Williams.
64 Too well-known to require comment. See North Rim.

Hotel: El Tovar. On canyon's rinx. Built of logs and boulders. One of
America's famous hotels. 80 rms. 60 WB. E. 2NB $3.50. 2WB $5.50. FPark.

Lodge: Bright Angel. A wide range in moderate prices accommodations.
Two lodges and many cottages. E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00 up. FPark.

Phantom Ranch. A two-day trip to bottom of Grand Canyon where the
night is spent in small cottages. Swimming pool. Reservations necessary.
A. $18.00 each includes horse transportation, guides, and meals.

HOLBROOK, ARIZ. Pop. 1,125. Alt. 5,075'. (Shell E-3) 95 Mi. S.W. Gal-
lup, N. M.
66 Near Painted Desert, Indian Reservations, and Petrified Forest.

Hotel: The Arizona. A pleasant, small hotel accommodating 70. 44 rms.
12 WB. E. 2NB $1.50. 2WB $2.50-$3.50. FPark. Pets P.

JOKAKE, ARIZ. 10 Mi. N.E. of Phoenix.

On sunny side of Camel-back Mountain at edge of desert.

Hotel: Jokake. Open Oct. 1 to May 1. A charming Indian-Mexican Inn
of 85 rms. all WB. Restricted clientele. Reservations must be made. Swim-
ming pool. A. 2WB $20.00 up. FPark. Pets P.

KAIBAB FOREST, ARIZ. Ah. 8,000'. (Shell C-l) 84 Mi. S. of Kanab.
67- Noted for its large herd of mule deer and for the Kaibab white-tailed squirrel.

Hotel: Grand Canyon National Park Lodge. (UPRR) Open summer
months. Beautiful new lodge, de luxe rooms in cottages. Best views from Nos.
201, 305, 306, and 309. Also simple cottages moderate in price. E. Prices
from 2NB $2.50 to 2WB $8.50. FPark.

Lodge and Cottages: Kaibab Lodge. 5 Mi. N. of Park entrance. Open
May 15 to Nov. 15. Cottages are simple yet comfortable. 4WB. Some with
cooking facilities. If a deer sticks his head in the window do not be surprised.
Accommodations for 100. Lounge room ACond. Meals. E. 2NB $2.00.
FPark. Pets P.

KINGMAN, ARIZ. Pop. 3,300. Alt. 3,400'. (Shell A-3) 286 Mi. N.E. of

66 & 93 Gold, silver, tungsten, and lead mines.

Hotel: Beale. ACond. A modest, small hotel in convenient spot. 70 rms.
34 WB. E. 2NB $2.00 up. 2WB $3.50. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Motor Court: El Trovatore. 1 Mi. E. ACond. 30 rms. all WB. No
cooking. Meals. E. 2WB $3.50. FPark.

Motor Court: Wal-a-Pie. An old court recently over-hauled with 30
new cottages. E. 2WB $2.50. FGar. Pets P.

Guest House: Kit Carson. % mi. W. on 93. Ninon "Mrs. Santa Claus"
Talbott and her husband hold forth here in one of the nicest small places in
the West. ACond. 6 rms. all WB. E. 2WB $7.00. FPark. Pets P.

LITCHFIELD PARK, ARIZ. Pop. 200. (Shell C-5) 22 Mi. N.W. of Phoenix.
Owned by Goodyear Company. Cotton raising.

Lodge: The Wigwam. Open winter months. A well-liked resort. Small.
A. 2WB $16.00 to $20.00. FPark.



MESA, ARIZ. Pop. 6,500. (Shell D-5) 16 Mi. E. of Phoenix.
60 & 89 Founded by Mormons. Indian ruins. Pioneer Day, July 24.

Hotel: El Portal. ACond. Pleasant hotel in small town. 60 rms. all WB.
Meals. E. 2WB $3.50. Gar. next door, 50c. Pets P.

NOGALES, ARIZ. Pop. 6,006. Alt. 3,864'. (Shell D-7) 65 Mi. S. of Tucson.
89 Only a fence divides Nogales, Ariz, and Nogales, Mexico.

Hotel : Casa De Sierra. 2 Mi. E. on Rt. 82. A rambling, roomy, hospitable
place on a hilltop. Wonderful views, nicely furnished, away from highways
and noise. Capacity, 125. All rms. WB. A. 2WB $11.00. E. 2WB $4.00.
FPark. Pets P

PATAGONIA, ARIZ. (Shell E-7) 70 Mi. S. of Tucson.

82 Guest Ranch: Circle "Z." Open July and Aug. and Oct. 1st to June 1st.
A slick guest ranch, located in majestic country. Restricted clientele. Reser-
vations necessary. Swimming pool, horses, ranch life. 60 guests. All rms.
WB or CB. A. for 2 $15.00 to $20.00. FPark.

PHOENIX, ARIZ. Pop. 119,676. (Shell C-5) 400 Mi. E. Los Angeles.
60, 80 & 89 Capital of Arizona. Popular winter resort with wonderful climate.
Phoenix Indian School is largest in U. S.

Hotel: Arizona Biltmore. 8 Mi. N. Nov. 1 to May 1. One of the top-
notch resort hotels of the country. Swimming pool, golf, riding, tennis, etc.
232 rms. all W.B. A. for 2, $24.00 up.

Hotels: Adams and San Carlos. Both excellent and reasonably priced.
ACond. rooms. E. 2WB $4.00-$5.00. Gar. 50c

Inns: Camel Back Inn, 11 Mi. N.E. Ingleside Inn, 8V 2 Mi. E. Open
Dec. to May. These are fine resort hotels to which former guests return.
Luxurious comfort. A. 2WB $14.00 up. FPark.

Motor Court: King's Rest. 801 S. 17th Ave. ACool. Very good. 25
cottages all WB. E. 2WB $2.50. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: Palomine, 1520 W. Van Buren. Another well-furnished
and well-liked court. 15 cottages some with kitchenettes, all WB. ACool.
E. 2WB 12.50 up. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: Park Lane. 1601 W. Van Buren. ACool. Attractive, well-
operated group of 18 cottages having one, two, and three rms. All WB; some
showers, some tubs. Kitchenettes. Meals. E. 2WB $3.00. FGar. Pets P.

Over in the center of town on N. Central Avenue and the next
street east there are many attractive apartments and guest

PRESCOTT, ARIZ. Pop. 9,000. Alt. 5,347'. (Shell C-4) 113 Mi. N. of

89 Home of oldest rodeo in the world. Frontier days, July 1-4. Smoki Snake
Dance, June 9.

Hotel: Hassayampa. An excellent hotel under management of Ralph
Hooker. Reservations necessary between June and Sept. 100 rms. mostly WB.
E. 2WB $4.50. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Motor Court: Shadow Croft. 10 acres of ground. 22 cottages fireplaces,
nicely furnished. All WB, some tubs. E. 2WB $2.50. FGar. Pets P.



RIMROCK, ARIZ. Alt. 3,600'. (Shell D-3) 48 Mi. S. of Flagstaff.
79 In magnificent country, Coconino National Forest.

Guest Ranch: Beaver Creek. This year I am listing a few of the top-
notch guest ranches. This, operated by Mr. and Mrs. Leith, is one of them.
Open Aug. 1 to June 15. Luxury, refinement, perfect relaxation. Restricted
clientele. Reservations necessary. 6 cottages all furnished similar to finest
hotels. A. 2WB $20.00 up, which includes horses, guides, motor trips, etc.

Guest Ranch: Soda Springs. Another charming and excellent ranch.
Swimming pool, horses, and all such things. Restricted clientele. Reserva-
tions necessary. Capacity, 25. A. 2WB $10.00 up.

SAFFORD, ARIZ. Pop. 5,500. Alt. 2,900' (Shell F-6) 240 Mi. W. El Paso,
70 Near Graham Mountain and Red Knolls.

Hotel: Buena Vista. ACond. A good small hotel, nice place to stop
between Lordsburg and Phoenix. 50 rms. E. 2NB $2.25, 2WB $3.00 up.
FPark. Pets P.

SALOME, ARIZ. Pop. 100. Alt. 1,875'. (Shell B-5) 108 Mi. N.W. of
60 & 70 In the midst of a desolate drive.

Motor Court: Salome Motel. ACond. A surprise awaits you here to
find this nice and satisfactory lodging place. Comfortable. 20 rms. all WB.
some tub. No cooking facilities. E. 2WB $2.50 up. FGar. Pets P.

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. Pop. 2,800. (Shell D-5) 16 Mi. E. Phoenix.
60 & 70 Typical desert town.

Guest House: The Adobe House. Open from Oct. 1 to June 15. (Pos-
sibly during summer). A rambling old-time pleasant place to stop. Quiet,
comfortable hospitality. Restricted clientele. 12 guests. A. 2WB $14.00.
FPark. Pets P.

SPRINGERVILLE, ARIZ. Pop. 525. Alt. 6,862'. (Shell F-4) 30 Mi.
S. of St. Johns.
60 On the famous Coronado Trail in the "White Mountains.

Guest Ranch: Jokake. 17 Mi. out of town. Open June to Nov. Regular
ranch doin's with all the trimmin's for 35 lucky guests. Clientele restricted.
Reservations necessary. A. 2WB $20.00.

TOMBSTONE, ARIZ. Pop. 900. Alt. 4,500'. (Shell E-7) 76 Mi. S.E. of

80 Do not fail to stop and view this interesting old "Tough" town. I know of
no good place to stop.

TON ALE A, ARIZ. (Shell E-l) 167 Mi. N. of Flagstaff.

From here you go by horseback to the famous Rainbow Bridge, a two day


Lodge: Rainbow. Open April 1 to Nov. 1. Bill and Catherine Wilson
operate this place as a trading post for the Navajos and a small guest house.
From Cameron on the road is improved but not paved. Accommodations
while simple are comfortable. 20 Guests. All expenses for 2 for 2 day trip
to the Bridge is $74.00, which considering what you get is cheap. At lodge, A.
2NB $9.00. Pets P.



TUCSON, ARIZ. Pop. 75,000. Alt. 2,390'. (Shell D-6) 68 ML N. of Nogales.
89 Popular winter resort. Many places of interest near.

Hotel: Arizona Inn. 3 Mi. N.E. at 2200 E. Elm St. Open Nov. 1 to May
1. Fine in every way. Guests housed in cottages. 70 rms., 115 Guests.
Reservations desired. A. 2WB $22.00. Gar. 75c.

Inn: Lodge on the Desert. 4 Mi. E. on Alvernon Way. Open Sept. 15
to May 15. Catering to those who appreciate and enjoy luxurious service and
surroundings. 18 guests. Rms. in main lodge and patio houses. Restricted
clientele. A. 2WB $18.00 up. FPark. Pets P.

Hotels: El Presidio and Santa Rita. The latter is the older. Both are
colorful, pleasant and well-kept hotels, moderate in price and satisfactory to
any normal person. Many rooms are ACond. E. 2WB $4.50 to $6.00. Gar.
50c. Pets P.

Guest House: Pepper Tree Inn. 638 E. 3rd St. Open Oct. to June.
A quiet place with wide verandas, antique furniture and open hospitality.
24 guests. Reservations required. A. SWB $5.00 up. 2WB $10.00. Gar. 50c.

Motor Court: Close-Inn Courts. 1521 S. 6th. 37 cottages, all WB many
with kitchenettes. E. 2WB $3.00. FGar.

Motor Court: Major Motel. 1635 Oracle Rd. Just N. of town. This is
the newest in Tucson. 6 cottages (more building) 10 rms. all ACool. and with
tub and shower bath. Kitchenettes. E. 2WB $3.00. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Lodge: Marizona Lodge. 3 l /2 Mi. N.W. on Rt. 84. Indian Pueblo
architecture, adobe construction. 16 guests. Some kitchenettes. E. 2WB
$2.50. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Lodge: The Sage and Sand. ACond. 314 Benson Hwy. 2 Mi.
S. of town. One of those places of the Southwest which make Easterners
open their eyes. Attractive and beautiful offering every convenience and
comfort. 18 rms., all WB. Fireplaces and kitchenettes. Brksts. E. 2WB
$2.50 up. FPark. Pets P.

Motor Court: Spanish Trail Motel. East entrance to city. ACool.
Large center lawn. Modern and well-managed. 21 rms. all WB some tub.
5 with kitchenettes. E. 2WB $2.50 up. FGar. Pets P.

WICKENBURG, ARIZ. Pop. 725. Alt. 2,071'. (Shell C-4) 54 Mi. N.W.
of Phoenix.

60, 70 & 89 One of the most historic old mining camps in the state.

Guest Ranch: Remuda Ranch. Turn off at bridge just south of town and
follow sign. This is the place that Mr. Priestley, the English author, likes
so well. The accommodations plus the hospitality of the Burdens and Carl
Stibolt makes this place as nice as anyone could wish. Open Oct. 1 to June 15.
Restricted clientele. Reservations required. 35 rms. A. 2WB $12.00 up.
E. 2WB $6.00 up. FPark. Pets P.

WILLIAMS, ARIZ. Pop. 2,175. Alt. 6,752'. (Shell C-3) 32 Mi. W. of
66 & 89 At foot of Bill Williams Mountain and gateway to Grand Canyon.

Hotel: Fray Marcos. Fred Harvey. 37 rms. 22 WB. E. 2NB $4.00.
2WB $5.00. Gar. 50c.

Motor Court: Del Sue. 15 Cottages, 20 rms. all WB. E. 2WB $2.50-
$3.50. FGar. Pets P.


WILLIAMS, ARIZ, (continued)

Motor Court: Hull's Motel Inn. E. end of town. Though old, under
the management of Mr. Saunders, this court is well kept up. Good place for
Navajo rugs. Lobby and lounge. Make reservations in summer. 50 guests.
E. 2WB $2.50. FGar. Pets P.

Hotel: Grand Canyon. An old hotel which has recently been remodeled.
30 rms. many WB. Over-night laundry service. E. 2WB $3.00 to $3.50.
Gar. 50c. Pets P.

WINSLOW, ARIZ. Pop. 3,925. Alt. 4,856'. (Shell E-3) 128 ML S.VT. of
66 Meteor Crater 21 Mi. W. on side road.

Hotel: La Posada. One of the best Fred Harvey hotels. Attractively
furnished. At R.R. Station. 67 rms. many WB. E. 2NB $3.50. 2WB $4.50.

YUMA, ARIZ. Pop 6,000. Alt. 137'. (Shell A-6) 199 ML W. of Phoenix.
80 Popular marrying spot for movie stars. Beautiful sand dunes 16 miles west,
site of many movies.

Hotel: San Carlos. ACond. Very good. 125 rms. 50 WB. E. 2NB
$3.00. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 50c.

Motor Courts: The courts here that seemed to be liked are:
Yuma Auto Court, 1 Mi. E., ACool. 2WB $2.00.
Yumesa Park, 3 Mi. S., 18 cottages, ACool. 2WB $2.00.

Peach Auto Court, l 1 ^ Mi. S., 20 cottages, ACool. 2WB $2.50. FGar.
Pets P. at all.

April 1, 1939, my business was moved to my home in Bowling
Green, Ky., so that I might better look after my business of sell-
ing Old Kentucky hickory-smoked hams and smoked sausage.



FLOWER: Apple Blossom. Nickname: Bear State.

Population: 2,025,000. Area: 52,525 sq. miles. Max. speed:
35. Reciprocity: 90 days. Register within 30 days. Gas Tax:
State 6V 2 c. Federal Ic. Total 7%c.

BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. Pop. 11,250. (Conoco K-2) 73 ML N. of Memphis.
61 Produces more cotton than any other county in America.

Hotel: Noble. ACool. Satisfactory places to stop in this state are none
too many. 125 rms., 75 WB. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB $3.50. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

CAMDEN, ARK. Pop. 8,000. (Conoco E-8) 31 ML N. of El Dorado.
79 Southern International Paper Co. plant here.

Hotel: Orlando. Clean and comfortable. 50 rms., 35 WB. E. 2NB $2.00.
2WB $3.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

EUREKA SPRINGS, ARK. Pop. 3,500. Alt. 2,000'. (Conoco C-l) 187 ML
N.W. of Little Rock.

62 Oldest resort town of the Ozarks. Mineral springs, fishing, swimming.

Hotel: Basin Park. 100 rms., 50 WB. E. for 2 $2.00-$4.00. FPark. Gar.

FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. Pop. 10,000. Alt. 1,725'. (Conoco B-2) 62 ML
N. of Fort Smith.
62 & 71 University of Arkansas. Largest city in the Ozarks.

Hotel: Washington. Small and desirable. Rms. in back have a beauti-
ful view. 56 rms., many WB. Meals. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $3.00. Gar. 35c.
Pets P.

Motor Court: Blue Gables. % Mi. S. of city. 10 white cottages in a
shady grove. 25 guests. Kitchenettes. All rms. WB. E. 2WB $2.25. FGar.
Pets P.

FORT SMITH, ARK. Pop. 34,750. (Conoco B-3) 165 ML N.V. of Little

64 & 71 Known as the "Industrial City of Arkansas."

Hotel: Ward. An eleven story modern hotel having 200 rms., all WB.
Well-run and liked. E. 2WB $4.00. FPark. Pets P.

Motor Court: Barnett. 3 Mi N. on 64 and 71. Nicely situated. Plenty
of room to stretch. 30 guests. Shady grounds. All WB. E. 2WB $2.25.
FGar. Pets P.



HARRISON, ARK. Pop. 4,000. (Cenoco D-l) 146 Mi. N.JT. of Little Rock.
62 & 65 Near Mansion Care. Onyx formations.

Hotel: Seville. 321 N. Vine St. After all, it is management that makes
a hotel well-liked, and Mr. Strickler seems to have the trick. This is a 3-story
brick bldg., nice lounge space, having 100 rms., 50 WB. Meals. E. 2WB
$3.50. Gar. 25c. Pets P.

HOT SPRINGS, ARK. Pop. 30,000. (Conoco D-6) 58 Mi S.W. of Little
70 & 270 Famous summer and winter resorts.

Hotel: Arlington. Part ACond. A large and fine resort hotel with every-
thing that goes with such a place. 500 rms., 350 WB. E. 2WB $5.00 up.
Gar. 50c.

Hotel: De Soto. 201 Central Ave. Those wishing pleasant accommoda-
tions at moderate price will find them here. 100 rms., 50 WB. Also 10 Apts.
with kitchenettes. Meals. E. April 1 to Jan. 15, 2WB $3.50 up. Other
months $5.00 up. FPark. Pets P.

Hotel: Park. 210 Fountain St. Another first-class small hotel. Solarium
on 8th floor. 100 rms., all WB., and with gadgets. E. 2WB Feb.-April, $6.00.
Other months $4.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Motor Court: Best. 638 Ouachita Ave. 27 tree-shaded brick cottages.
100 guests. Many kitchenettes. All rms. WB. Well-operated. E. 2WB
$2.00-$4.00. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: The Oak Lawn. Lower Central Ave. Part ACond. 31
cottages, all WB., surround a court. Some kitchenettes. E. 2WB $2.00 up.
FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: Wheatley. 635 Ouachita Ave. Built recently. Very good. 33
Cottages of brick. 20 kitchenettes. All rms. WB. Well-furnished. Meals.
E. 2WB $2.50 up. FGar. Pets P.

LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Pop. 86,000. (Conoco F-5) 60 Mi. N.E. of Hot
65, 67 & 70 State capital.

Hotel: Albert Pike. One of those large, fine city hotels offering its guests
everything a management can think of. 250 rms., all WB. E. 2WB $5.00.
Gar. 50c.

Hotel: Freiderica. 5th and Gaines Sts. Small, not new, but recently

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