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renovated, proving once again that a hotel does not have to have thousands of
rms. to make it hospitable and welcome. Homelike guest rms. Quiet. 50
rms., many WB. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $3.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Motor Court: Colonial. 3405 Roosevelt Rd. First-class. Built recently.
11 neat, well-kept, white cottages, all WB. E. 2WB $2.00 up. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: The Poplar. 3 Mi. E. on 70. Another court in which you
should be happy and comfortable. 9 cottages, all WB. Meals. E. 2WB
$2.00 up. FGar. Pets P.

MOUNTAINBURG, ARK. Pop. 250. (Conoco B-3) 25 Mi. N.E. of Fort
71 In a very scenic section of the Ozarks.

Resort Cottages: Nob Hill Ranch. High in the Ozarks. Beautiful coun-
try and pleasant typical cottages in woods. 35 guests. Worth looking up.
Vacation life. Meals. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $2.50. FPark. Pets P.



ROGERS, ARK. Pop. 3,575. (Conoco B-l) 21 Mi. N. of Fayetteville.
62 & 71 In the midst of the Ozarks.

Hotel: Harris. Attractive, nice hospitality, pleasant rms. and environment.
70 rms., many WB. Meals. E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00. FPark. Pets P.

SEARCY, ARK. Pop. 3,500. (Conoco G-4) 55 Mi. N.E. of Little Rock.
67Harding College.

Hotel: Mayfair. 103 N. Spring St. Another case where the management
makes the hotel. Rambling brick building of 2 stories, having 50 large rms.,
25 WB. Fans. Meals. E. 2WB $2.50-$3.50. FPark. Pets P.

VAN BUREN, ARK. Pop. 5,500. (Conoco B-3) 5 Mi. N.E. of Fort Smith.
64 Bob Burns made this town famous.

Motor Court: Quail's Motel. Now we come to a place that because of
general all-around service and satisfaction, is worth driving extra mileage. First-
class in every way. 9 cottages, all WB. Meals. E. 2WB $2.50. FGar. Pets P.

WEST MEMPHIS, ARK. Pop. 1,000. (Conoco J-4) Across river from
Memphis, Tenn.

61 & 70 Motor Court: Jordan's. One of the courts popular with Memphis
visitors. This has 9 clean and satisfactory cottages, all WB. Steam heat. E.
2WB $2.50. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: Twentieth Century. ACond. Another pleasant and satis-
factory place to spend the night. 10 cottages, all WB. Children's playground.
E. 2WB $3.00. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: West Memphis. And lastly, still another first-class place
to stop over. This has 8 cottages, all WB. E. 2WB $3.00. FGar. Pets P.

WINSLOW, ARK. Pop. 370. Alt. 2,300'. (Conoco B-2) 37 Mi. N. of Fort


71 Highest point, Mt. Gayler, of the Boston Mountain Range.

Motor Court: Vista. Up where it is cool and the air smells good. A
welcome spot on a hot day, or for that matter, any time. 8 cottages in the
trees, all WB. Kitchenettes. E. 2WB $2.50. FPark. or Gar. Pets P.



Flower: Poppy. Nickname: Golden Bear.

Population: 6,059,000. Area: 155,652 sq. mi. Max. speed: 45
Reciprocity: One year. Register 5 days. Gas Tax: State 3c.
Federal Ic. Total 4c.

ALPINE, CALIF. Pop. 350. Alt. 1,860'. (Shell F-12) 32 Mi. E. of San
80 Mountain Resort.

Inn: The Willows. 10 rms., a few WB. Meals. E. 2NB $2.00. FPark.
Pets P.

ALTURAS, CALIF. Pop. 2,500. Alt. 4,450'. (Shell D-2) 188 Mi. N. of
Reno, Nev.
395 Home of Mule Tail Deer.

Hotel: Niles. There is new management in this hotel, and from all ac-
counts, I think you will remember it pleasantly. Places like these with their
western hospitality have much to recommend them. This has been the cattle
men's "hang-out" for 20 yrs. 64 rms., 28 WB. Meals. E. 2WB $2.50-$3.50.
FPark. Pets P.

ANGELS CAMP, CALIF. Pop. 975. Alt. 1,500'. (Shell D-6) 49 Mi. E. of

49 The Jumping Frog Carnival in May brings 20.000 people to this little town.

Hotel: Bazinett. ACond. Not bad at all. 50 rms. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB
$3.50. FPark. Pets P.

APTOS, CALIF. Pop. 100. (Shell B-7) 9 Mi. S. of Santa Cruz.
1 Former estate of Glaus Spreckels.

Motor Court: Redwood Village. In a redwood grove. Cool, quiet, tran-
quil. 10 cottages, surrounded by flowers and woodland. All rms. WB. E.
2WB $3.00. FPark. Pets P.

ARCADIA, CALIF. (Shell E-10) 5% Mi. E. of Pasadena.
66 Santa Anita Race Track.

Motor Lodge: Santa Anita Motor Inn. While I know this court is fine
and first-class, I have no exact data except that it has 15 units, all WB. Finely
furnished. Kitchenettes. E. 2WB $3.00 up. FGar.

ARCATA, CALIF. Pop. 2,000. (Shell A-2) 8 Mi. N. of Eureka.
101 Humboldt State Teachers College. Associated with Bret Harte.

Motor Court: Seaview. 3 Mi. N. On hilltop away from traffic. Fine
view. Well-built. Sound insulated. Well managed. 10 cottages, all WB. 6
kitchenettes. E. 2WB $2.50-$3.00. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: Sequoia. 2 Mi. N. New, well-built, well-managed, and ex-
cellent. 7 cottages; 2 doubles, 5 singles. All WB. E. 2WB $2.75 up. FGar.
No pets.



ARROWHEAD SPRINGS, CALIF. Pop. 150. Alt. 2,005'. (Shell F-10) 6
Mi. N. of San Bernardino.

18 Hotel: Arrowhead Springs. This magnificent new bldg. is on the site of
the old hotel which burned a year or so ago. Casino, bungalows, swimming
pool, steam cave bath, and everything else in the way of luxury you can imagine.
Hollywood's latest playground. 150 rms., all WB. A. 2WB $20.00-$32.00.
FPark. Gar 75c. Pets P.

ATASCADERO, CALIF. Pop. 3,000. (Shell C-8) 11 Mi. S. of Paso Robles.
101 & 466 Founded by a Mr. Lewis as a co-operative city. Now poultry and

Motor Court: Atascadero Lodges. 1 block S. of Civic Center. Bldgs.
are of stucco patterned after old Spanish type with lawns and flowers between
them. Well-furnished. Good beds. 26 guests. Some kitchenettes. All rms.
WB. E. 2WB $2.50. Kitchenettes $1.00 extra. FGar. Small dogs permitted.

AUBURN, CALIF. Pop. 2,661. (Shell C-4) 35 Mi. N.E. of Sacramento.
40 Former mining town.

Hotel: Freeman. For 45 yrs. Mr. and Mrs. Walsh have welcomed guests
to this hotel. There is no swank nor glitter but generous hospitality. Invari-
ably, those to whom I have recommended it have liked it. 60 rms., 18 WB. E.
2NB $2.00. 2WB $3.00. FPark. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Motor Court: Ivy Motel. Many of the courts which have been built re-
cently in the West have caused Easterners to open their eyes as to the accom-
modations furnished. With few exceptions, nothing like them exists east of
of the Mississippi River. This has 17 rms., all WB, many kitchenettes. Well-
furnished and operated. E. 2WB $2.50. FGar. Pets P.

BAKERSFIELD, CALIF. Pop. 40,000. (Shell D-9) 110 Mi N.E. of Los
99 -Important oil producing and refining center. Cotton section.

Hotel: El Tejon. ACond. Quiet, off the main highway. First-class rms.
200 rms., all WB. E. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 40c. Pets P.

Motor Court: California Motor Hotel. 2 Mi. S. of city. ACond. Not
the newest but because of its fine management it has my preference. 25 rms.,
all WB. Finely furnished and well kept up. E. 2WB $2.50-$3.00. FPark.
Pets P.

Motor Court: Motel Inn. 1 Mi. S. of city, on l)S 99. ACond. Hotel
service, swimming pool, patio. 150 rms., all WB. Meals. E. 2WB $2.00 up.
FPark. Pets P.

Motor Court: Topper. 1 Mi. S. of city. ACond. Recently opened and
everything is top-notch. Hotel service. 50 units, all WB. E. 2WB $2.00-
$3.00. FPark. Pets P.

BANNING, CALIF. Pop. 4,000. Alt. 2,350'. (Shell F-ll) 32 ML E. of

99 Out where the desert breaks into orange groves.

Hotel: Banning. A small and pleasant hotel where it might be better to

stop than to roll into Los Angeles late at night. 50 rms. in main bldg. and

cottages. Many WB. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $3.00-$4.00. FPark. Gar. 50c.
Pets P.



BANNING, CALIF. (Continued)

Motor Courts: It happens that many first-class courts have been built here
within the last year or so, making it hard to choose between them. In fair-
ness, I list several. All rms. are WB with FGar., Pets P., and rates 2WB
12.50 up. California Motel. 11 units. Kitchenettes. Craig. 6 cottages,
4 kitchenettes. Desert Edge. 8 cottages. Motor Inn. 12 cottages, 4
kitchenettes. Uptown. 6 cottages. Kitchenettes.

BARSTOW, CALIF. Pop. 2,750. Alt. 2,108'. (Shell F-10) 155 Mi. N.E. of
Los Angeles.
66 & 91 An oasis in the desert, halfway between Los Angeles and Death Valley.

Hotel: Beacon Tavern. ACond. Res. advised. Spanish in architecture.
This is where Tom Wilson, a host in fact as well as in name, holds forth. The
best of everything. 50 rms. all WB. E. 2WB $4.0046.00. FGar. Pets P.

Beacon Tavern

Motor Court: Casa Loma. ACond. Well-liked. Offers all modern con-
veniences. 6 cottages. 8 rms., all WB. E. 2WB $2.50. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: Kail. ACond. Another well-liked court. Well furnished.
11 cottages, all WB. 8 kitchenettes. E. 2WB $2.50. FGar. Pets P.

BENBOW, CALIF. Pop. 25. (Shell A-3) 207 Mi. N. of San Francisco.
101 At beginning of Redwoods.

Hotel: Benbow. Open Apr. to Nov. Beautiful location with canoeing,
bathing on artificial lake. Golf. Near famous redwoods. One of the nicest
in Calif. 60 rms., all WB. E. 2WB $5.00. A. 2WB $11.00. FPark. Pets P.

BERKELEY, CALIF. Pop. 101,000. (Shell B-6) 7 Mi. E. of San Francisco.
40 Univ. of California. Beautiful homes and drives.

Hotel: Claremont. 2 Mi. E. on Ashby Ave. Refurnished and redecorated
without and within. Large, famous, residential hotel in fine location. 300
rms., mostly WB. E. 2WB $5.00. A. 2NB $8.00. 2WB $10.00. FPark.
Pets P.



BERKELEY, CALIF. (Continued)

Hotel: Durant. 2600 Durant Ave. Near the Univ. Has fine rms. and
service. 160 rms., 120 WB. E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00-$6.00. Gar. in base-
ment 50c.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF. Pop. 30,000. (Shell E-10) 8 Mi. W. of Los

66 Home of motion picture stars.

Hotel: Beverly Wilshire. First-class and up-to-date. A fine place to
stop. 350 rms., all WB. Many apts. with kitchenettes. E. 2WB $8.0049.00
up. Gar. 75c. Small dogs permitted.

BIG PINE, CALIF. Pop. 650. Alt. 8,000'. (Shell E-7) 15 Mi. S. of Bishop.

6 & 395 Lodge & Cottages: Glacier. 11 Mi. W. on Mountain Rd. Open May 1
to Nov. 1. Up in the high Sierras near Palisade Glacier. Rustic and woodsy.
8 rms. in main bldg., 30 cottages. 20 WB. Housekeeping cabins. A. For
2, $10.00. FPark. Pets P.

BIG SUR, CALIF. (Shell B-7) 32 Mi S. of Monterey.

1 Pfeiffer Redwood State Park. If you will take the drive from Carmel here,
you will get a very good idea of the scenery which extends all the way to

Lodge: Big Sur. 40 cottages of rustic architecture in keeping with the
surroundings. The place is one that I hope my readers will visit, even if un-
able to spend the night. Cottages NB and WB. Some kitchenettes. Meals
at main lodge. E. 2WB $3.00 up. FPark. Pets P.


BISHOP, CALIF. Pop. 1,400. Alt. 4,200'. (Shell E-7) 275 Mi. N. of

6 & 395 On popular Reno-Los Angeles route. Mountainous in places. In}
Nat'l. Forest.

Inn: Kittie Lee. 520 Main St. Comfort, good beds, without undue luxui
Well-liked. 55 rms., 25 WB. Meals. E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00. FPaj
Gar. 50c. Pets P.

BLAIRSDEN, CALIF. Pop. 262. Alt 4,500'. (Shell D-4) 60 Mi. N.W. oj
Reno, Nev.
24 In Feather River Canyon which is one of the beauty spots of the state.

Hotel: Feather River Inn. Open June 11 to Sept. 15. Built of logs.
640 acre park. Private golf course. All summer sports. 225 rms., 175 WB.
Rms. in main bldg. and cottages. A. 2NB $10.00, 2WB $14.00. FPark. Gar.
50c. Pets P.

BLYTHB, CALIF. Pop. 1,025. (Shell H-ll) 101 Mi. E. of Indio.
60 & 70 This town an oasis in long desert drive.

Motor Hotel: The Bungalow Hotel. On S. Spring St., % block off hwy.
ACond. Not only first-class for Blythe, but would be good anywhere. 50
guests. Most rms. WB. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $3.00. FPark. Pets P.

Motor Court: Green Lantern. On Hobson Way. ACond. Another
pleasant, satisfactory place to stop. 30 guests. All rms. WB. E. 2WB $3.00.
FPark. Pets P.

BROOKDALE, CALIF. Pop. 25. (Shell B-6) 12 Mi. N.W. of Santa Cruz.
9 Cottages: Dr. Camp's Brookdale Lodge. Popular summer resort. 25 rms.
in cottages among the big trees. Very well operated. Many rms. WB. Meals.
E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $5.00. FPark. Pets P.

BUELLTON, CALIF. Pop. 107. (Shell C-10) 44 Mi. N. of Santa Barbara.
101 Hotel: Valley Inn. Res. advised in summer. Unexpectedly good. Nicely
furnished. Operated by Mr. Robert Andersen. 16 rms., all WB. E. 2WB $4.00.
FPark. Pets P.

BURBANK, CALIF. Pop. 19,000. (Shell E-10) 4 Mi. N. of Glendale.
99 Warner Brothers First National Studios.

Motor Court: Garden Cottages. 1009 W. San Fernando Blvd. A handy
court of 54 cottages all WT, 24 WB. E. 2WT $2.00. 2WB $2.50. FPark.
Pets P.

BURLINGAME, CALIF. Pop. 14,800. (Shell B-6) 17 Mi. S. of San Fran-
101 Beautiful homes.

Motor Court: Burlingame Apts. Less than 1 yr. old. First-class. Well
built and well-conducted. 20 rms., all WB. E. 2WB $3.00. FGar. Pets P.

CALEXICO, CALIF. Pop. 6,129. (Shell G-12) 12 Mi. S. of El Centro.
Across the border from Mexicali.

99 -Hotel: De Anza. ACond. A popular and fine hotel of 100 rms., all WB.
Handy to Mexico. E. 2WB $4.00-$7.00. FPark. Gar. 50c. Pets P.



CALISTOGA, CALIF. Pop. 1,000; (Shell B-5) 25 ML N. of Napa.
29 Medicinal Springs. Petrified Forest 5 Mi. W.

Cottages: Camp Redwood. 16 rustic cottages in woodland surroundings.
13 WB. E. 2WB $2.00. FPark. Pets P.

CAMBRIA, CALIF. Pop. 1,200. (Shell C-8) 33 Mi. N.W. of Paso Robles.
1 Farming and dairy center.

Lodge: Cambria Pines. On a hill in the woods. Finely furnished rms.
with every comfort. 100 guests. The owner is a begonia enthusiast. Has a
small zoo. Meals. E. For 2, $3.00-14.50. FPark. Pets P.

Motor Court: Sea Shore Inn. l 1 /^ Mi. N. Near the ocean. 14 while
stucco cottages, all WB. Good beds. E. 2WB $3.00-$4.00. FGar. No pets.

Motor Court: Sunset View Haven. 1 Mi. N. Another good place to
stop. Excellent location. 5 rms., all WB. E. 2WB $2.50 to $3.50. FPark.
No pets.

CARLSBAD, CALIF. Pop. 2,600. (Shell F-12) 33 Mi. N. of San Diego.
101 Mineral Springs.

Hotel: Mineral Springs. ACond. Restricted clientele. This hotel, with
100 rms., all outside and WB, makes a very handy place to stop between San
Diego and Los Angeles. A. 2WB $10.00. E. 2WB $5.00. FPark. Gar. 50c.
Pets P.

CARMEL, CALIF. Pop. 3,000. (Shell B-7) 130 Mi. S. of San Francisco.
1 Carmel has no public utilities of its own, no house numbers, no mail delivery.

Hotel: La Playa. In residential section overlooking Carmel Bay. 75 rms.,
all WB. A. 2WB $9.00 up. FPark. Pets P.

Hotel: La Ribera. 7th and Lincoln Sts. Small Spanish-type, comfortable
and pleasant. 28 rms., all WB. E. 2WB $4.00 up. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Lodge: Forest. Sante Fe and El Camino Real. Restricted clientele. A
bit of Mexican type, hard to describe. It is neither a guest house nor a hotel.
My advice is to drive up and meet Mr. and Mrs. Fisher. If you do not stay,
it will be because the place is full up. 14 rms., all WB. A. 2WB $12.00 up.

Guest House: Colonial Terrace. Carmelo bet. 12th and 13th. A group
of trim, white houses away from center of town. 36 rms., all WB. E. 2WB
$4.00 up. Inc. Bkfst. FGar. No pets.

Guest House: Sutton Place. 8th and Lincoln Sts. 35 guests. Many rms.
WB. In main house and cottages. No meals. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB $3.50.

NO MATTER where you stop en route on your travels, no matter
where you stay overnight, you are entitled to cleanliness



Monterey Peninsula

The best way to enjoy the charm of Monterey Peninsula with
its fascinating blend of romance, history and natural beauty is to
take the famous Seventeen Mile Drive. If it's a sunny day you'll
understand afterwards why tourists leave reluctantly and why so
many come back to live here. On this drive, which follows the
irregular outline of the peninsula, you'll see swanky Del Monte
hotel ... the waterfront of Monterey with picturesque old
Fishermen's Wharf and its colorful fleet of sardine boats . . .
many old adobes dating from colonial times when Monterey was
the first capital of California . . . marvelous views of the blue bay
with its crescent shore and the Santa Cruz mountains . . . historic
landmarks, including many of California's famous "firsts" Colton
Hall, where the first state constitution was drafted; First Theatre,
still used for hilariously given plays by the modern Troupers of
the Gold Coast; first Custom House, and others. You'll catch
glimpses of enchanting gardens as beautiful as when the Spanish
grandees lived their romantic, lavishly hospitable lives; and per-
haps you'll remember the lacy shadow of trailing pepper tree
fronds against sunny old adobe walls long after you've forgotten
Monterey's historic data. . . . You'll see neat little Pacific Grove,
the town where John Steinbeck wrote "Tortilla Flat." . . . You'll
have to pay four bits to get through the toll gate into exclusive
Pebble Beach, but it's worth it to see the world-famous Monterey
cypress, wind-blown into weird shapes . . . Bird Rock . . . Seal
Rock and its colony of playful sea lions . . . much-photographed
Midway Point . . . the costly marble palace of the Crocker
family . . . Del Monte Lodge where movie stars vacation. . . .
You'll come to Carmel, called the "paradise for writers and
artists," where you'll get glimpses of charming little homes half
hidden among the trees . . . streets without sidewalks ... a mile-
long beach of the whitest sand in the world . . . the house where
Lincoln Steffens lived . . . and down close to the sea in a rock
house with a tower built by his own hands the home of America's
foremost poet, Robinson Jeffers. . . . You'll see Carmel's business
district with trees in the middle of a steep main street at the
foot of which the ocean rises in a blue wall; where tourists are
delighted by shops as varied and self-consciously quaint as ingeni-
ous architects can make them. ... If you could stay long enough,
you'd find that an unusually cultured, mentally alert class of visi-
tors and residents is drawn here by the flourishing little theatre
group, a community art gallery and the annual Bach Festival, as
well as by the lure of Carmel's exquisite natural beauty. . . . South
of Carmel you'll find the old Carmel Mission, second of the many
started by Father Serra, whose bones rest in a sculptured sar-
cophagus visited every year by thousands of the faithful.

Dorothea Castelhun



CARMEL HIGHLANDS, CALIF. (Shell B-7) 4 ML W. of CarmeL
I Carmel is on the Bay, the Highlands on the Ocean.

Hotel: Highlands Inn. On a hill with magnificent view over the ocean.
Excellently operated by Mr. Tickle. If you stay a night, you will probably
stop for much longer. Rms. are in cottages. Meals and lounge in main bldg.
100 guests. All rms. WB. E. 2WB $5.00. A. 2WB $11.00. FPark. Pets P.

Lodge: Peter Pan. Restricted clientele. Climbing a winding road about
Vi Mi. S. of Highlands Inn, you draw up at a pleasant home. The hospitality
of Mrs. Pickit is gracious. The atmosphere is that of a fine country home.
Only 15 guests. All rms. WB. A. 2WB $14.00. FPark.

C ASM ALIA, CALIF. (Shell C-9) 17 Mi. W. of Santa Maria.
101 (On unnumbered state road 17 Mi. W. of US 101).

Guest Ranch: Marshallia. Here is where the Tylers, Morgan and Marian,
hold forth and present you with the latest in guest ranches. Little items like
stretching for 14 Mi. along the ocean, life with the cowboys, surf bathing,
cattle round-ups, hunting, etc. may interest you. Add to this that they swathe
you in luxury, and you actually have something. 35 guests. All rms. WB.
A. 2WB $16.00425.00. FGar. Pets P.

CATHEDRAL CITY, CALIF. Pop. 600. (Shell F-ll) 7 Mi. S.E. of Palm
Ill Little sister to Palm Springs and growing rapidly.

Bungalows: Sven-Ska. Open Oct. to June. Off the beaten path. Prices
much lower than nearby swanky Palm Springs, but the same air and the same
desert. Add to this the hospitality of Christina Lillian, and anyone should be
happy. The place is unique and furnished in keeping. 14 guests. All rms. WP>
E. 2WB $3.50-$5.00. FPark. Pets P.

CLOVERDALE, CALIF. Pop. 750. (Shell A-4) 10 Mi. N. of Healdsburg.
101 In an orange grove belt at the head of Santa Rosa Valley.

Motor Lodge: Clover Inn. Open Feb. 15 to Nov. 15. A group of white
cottages, 8 in number, clean and satisfactory. Also lounge rm. All rms. WB.
Meals. E. 2WB $2.0043.00. FPark. Pets P.

Motor Court: Ferro Motel. MJ Mi. S. Clean-cut, and modern are these
8 cottages with 16 rms., all WB. 4 kitchenettes. E. 2WB $3.50. FGar. Pets P.

COARSEGOLD, CALIF. Pop. 100. Alt. 2,300'. (Shell D-7) 40 Mi. N.E.
of Fresno.

41 On Hwy. to Yosemite. Early mining town. Old time night stop for Yosemite

Inn & Cottages: Coarsegold. Since 1880 this has been in the same
family and has acquired an individuality and atmosphere of its own which ap-
peal to most people. Homelike and restful. 65 guests. 14 rms. WB. Meals.
E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $3.0043.50. FPark. Pets P.

CORONA, CALIF. Pop. 3,500. (Shell E-ll) 17 Mi. S.W. of Riverside.

18 Guest House: Fuller Rancho. 5 Mi. N. If you care to wander around
on the largest turkey ranch on the Pacific Coast and lounge in luxurious sur-
roundings, with a swimming pool at your feet, this is the place. 14 guests.
7 rms., 6 WB. E. 2WB $10.00. A. 2WB $15.00. FPark. Pets P.



CORONADO BEACH, CALIF. Pop. 5,425. (Shell F-12) 2 Mi. W. of San
Diego (by ferry).
101 A residential and resort community.

Hotel: Del Coronado. Few are left of these old-time famous hotels, an
this is still top-notch after 50 yrs. Rms. that in a modern hotel might be used
for lobbies. Fine beach and all that goes with a high-class resort. 500 rms.,
all WB. A. 2NB $12.00. 2WB $15.00. FPark. Gar. 75c. Pets P.

CRESCENT CITY, CALIF. Pop. 2,500. (Shell A-l) 88 Mi. N. of Eureka.
101 & 199 Del Norte State Park.

Motor Lodge: The Breakers. % Mi. S. of town. One of the best courts
on the Pacific Coast. Well-equipped and managed. Steam heat. 13 apts.,
all WB. 6 kitchenettes. No meals. E. 2WB $3.00. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: Darlingtonia. 20 Mi. E. on 199. 14 rustic cottages in a
woodland setting. Some night, knowledge of this may be extremely useful.
All rms. WB. Meals. E. 2WB $2.50. FPark. Pets P.

CUCAMONGA, CALIF. Pop. 2,500. (Shell E-10) 1 Mi. E. of Upland.
66 Grape and olive growing district.

Motor Court: Red Chief Motel. 16 typical Calif, cottages, all WB. Mon-
terey furniture. Kitchenettes. Meals. E. 2WB $2.50-$3.00. FGar. Pets P.

DANA POINT, CALIF. Pop. 120. (Shell E-ll) 7 ML S. of Laguna Beach.
101 Named for Richard Henry Dana, author of "Two Years Before the Mast."

Motor Hotel: Dana Villa Inn. On a point running out into the ocean.
35 Spanish bldgs. All WB. 29 kitchenettes. Manager-ownership of Mr.
Quackenbush since 1931. Meals. E. 2WB $2.5043.50. FGar. Pets P.

DEATH VALLEY, CALIF. (Shell F-8) 324 ML N.E. of Los Angeles.

190 National Monument. Dante's View, Scotty's Castle, Corkscrew Canyon.
Before visiting Death Valley see one of the Tourist Bureaus for complete in-

Hotel: Amaragosa. Alt. 2,000'. Open all year. At Death Valley Junc-
tion. 30 Mi. from Furnace Creek Inn. Most comfortable and modest. 50 rms.
20 WB. Meals. E. 2NB $4.00. 2WB $5.00. FPark.

Inn: Furnace Creek. At sea level in heart of Death Valley. Open Nov.

1 to May 1. Magnificent hotel. As luxurious as if in the heart of New York.
Swimming pool, etc. 65 rms., all WB. A. 2WB $16.00420.00. Gar. 50c.

Camp: Furnace Creek. 178 Ft. below sea level. Open Oct. 1 to May 1.
At Furnace Creek Ranch 1 Mi. W. of Inn. 150 cottages of many kinds, mostly

2 rms. CB. Many kitchenettes. Meals. E. From 2NB $3.00 to 2WB $5.00
up. FPark.

Reservations for the above may be made at Death Valley Hotel Co., 409 W.
5th St., Los Angles, Calif.

Hotel & Cottages: Stove Pipe Wells. 84 Mi. E. of Lone Pine. At sea
level. Open Oct. 20 to May 1. 8 rms., lounge, and dining rm. in main bldg.
and 20 cottages. Most rms. WB. 65 guests. Hospitality of Mr. and Mrs.
Bennett. Meals. E. 2NB $4.00. 2WB $5.0046.00. FPark. Pets P.



DELANO, CALIF. Pop. 2,632. (Shell D-8) 35 Mi. N. of Bakersfield.
99 A fruit and grain shipping point.

Motor Court: Motel Delano. ACond. Built of adobe brick. Electric
heating. New and attractive. 24 rms., all WB. Meals. E. 2WB $2.50. FGar.
Pets P.

DEL MONTE, CALIF. (Shell B-7) 110 Mi S. of San Francisco.
1 An old-time resort famous throughout the world.

Hotel: Del Monte. A magnificent hotel in beautiful grounds. About the
only sport you will not find is snow-shoeing. 400 rms., mostly WB. A. 2WB
$20.00. FPark. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Lodge: Del Monte. At Pebble Beach, several Mi. away. 50 rms., all WB
in cottages. More exclusive than Del Monte Hotel. A. 2WB $23.00. FPark
Gar. 50c.

EAGLE ROCK, CALIF. (Shell E-10) IVi Mi. W. of Pasadena.

66 Motor Court: Albert's Motel. 1460 Colorado Blvd. Not only is ^ this a

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