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Hotel: Vermont. City type. Satisfactory with usual conveniences. 200
rms., many WB. E. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.



BURLINGTON, VT. (continued)

Inn: Allenwood. Few Mi. S. of city off US 7. . Open June 15 to Oct. 15.
Restricted clientele. Formerly the residence of a wealthy New Yorker. Now
as fine an inn as you could wish. On shore of Lake Champlain. 25 rms..
all WB. A. 2WB $14.00 up. FPark. Pets P.

Inn: East O'Lake. 2V 2 Mi. S. of US 7. Open Apr. 1 to Dec. 1. Restricted
clientele. Truly these places are not only beautiful but delightfully different
from the usual run. This is also on the lake. Has rms. for 35 guests. Meals.
E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB $3.00-$4.00. Also A. FPark. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Lodge: Oakledge Manor. 2 Mi. S. off US 7. Open May 15 to Oct. 15.
Restricted clientele. One that offers all you wish in comfort and relaxation.
50 rms. in main bldg. and cottages among the trees. E. 2NB $4.00. Also
A. FPark. Gar. 25c. Pets P.

Guest House: Ye Georgian. 352 Pearl St. 8 guests will find satisfactory
accommodations here. No meals. E. 2NB $2.50. FPark. Pets P.

Guest House: Hedgemeer. 565 Main St. Open June 12 to Sept. 20. This
white house up near the University is so pleasant and so well run by Mr. and
Mrs. Doane that I especially wish to recommend it. 8 rms. No meals. E.
2NB $2.00 up. FPark. Pets P.

CHESTER, VT. Pop. 1,666. (Socony D-7) 14 Mi. N.W. of Bellows Falls.

11 & 103 Inn: Fullerton. Much better than usual for a town of this size.
Small and pleasant. 28 rms., 16 WB. A. 2NB $7.00. FPark. Pets P.

DORSET, VT. Pop. 1,150. (Socony C-7) 8 Mi. N. of Manchester.
30 Popular with artists and writers.

Inn: Barrows House. Open April to Nov. 15. Restricted clientele.
Just a comfortable, satisfactory, small country inn. Lovely surroundings.
31 rms., 12 WB. A. 2NB $10.00. 2WB $12.00. FPark. Pets P.

Inn: Dorset. Open May 29 to Oct. 1. Restricted clientele. One of the
"Treadway Inns." Small, inviting, quiet, and comfortable. 30 rms., 21 WB.
E. 2NB $5.00. 2WB $7.00. A. 2WB $13.00. FPark. Gar. 75c. Pets P.

EAST MONTPELIER, VT. Pop. 965. (Socony D-4) 7 Mi. E. of Mont-

2 Guest House: Twin Pine Farm. Typical Vermont home. The kind that
many make for when night comes on. 6 rms. A. 2NB $5.00. FPark.
Pets P.

ELY, VT. (Socony E-6) 18 ML S. of HaverhilL
5 Turning off place for Lake Fairlee.

Cottages: Idlepine Lodge. Open June 20 to Sept. 1. Restricted clien-
tele. 30 guests will find this place excellent. All sleeping rms. in cottases
are WT and some WB. A. For 2, $10.00 up. FPark. Pets P.

FAIRLEE, VT. Pop. 456. (Socony F-5) 14 Mi. S. of HaverhilL

5 Inn: Bonnie Oaks and Gardenside. 2 Mi. W. on US 5. Open May to
Dec. and Feb. Restricted clientele. Operating since 1917, it is a well-known
resort for summer and winter sports. Special attention to children. Space
will not permit a proper description. Better drive over and you will probably
stay a week. On Lake Morey. 200 guests. A. For 2, $8.00 up. FPark.
Pets P.



HYDE PARK, VT. Pop. 313. (Socony D-3) 22 Mi. N. of JTaterbury.

15 & 100 Inn: Hyde Park. Open June 1 to Oct. 15. Restricted clientele.
Just a spacious, comfortable, old New England inn with no fancy trimmings.
25 rms., 12 WB. E. 2WB $5.00. A. 2NB $8.00. FPark. Pets P.

LYNDON VILLE, VT. Pop. 3,500. (Socony F-4) 11 Mi. N. of St. Johnsbury.
5 Near Mt. Burke. Lyndon Institute.

Inn: Darling. Open May 15 to Oct. 30. Restricted clientele. A modern,
New England hotel that is well named "darling." 55 rms. 30 WB. A. For
2, $10.00. FPark. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

MANCHESTER, VT. Pop. 2,100. (Socony C-8) 23 Mi. N. of Bennington.
7 One of the best-known and most beautiful summer resorts in Vt.

Hotel: Equinox House. Open June 15 to Oct. 15. Restricted clientele.
This happens to be one of my favorites, not only in this state but in this
country. Dignified, hospitable, fine. Operated since 1853. 200 rms., all WB.
A. 2NB $12.00 up. 2WB $16.00 up. Gar. $1.00. Pets P.

Inn: MacNaughtons. Open May 1 to Nov. 1. Restricted clientele.
Starting as a simple farmhouse, this has grown into a popular inn. 27 rms.,
16 WB. A. For 2, $12.00 up. FPark. Pets P.

Inn: Orvis. Open May 15 to Nov. 1. Restricted clientele. As pleasant a
place as you will find. 30 rms., 15 WB. A. For 2, $10.00 up. FPark.

Inn: Worthy. Open June 15 to Oct. 15. Many spend the entire summer
here. 100 rms, 50 WB. A. For 2, $11.00 up. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Guest House: Limberlock Lodge. 2 Mi. S. on US 7. Open May 30
to Nov. 1. Restricted clientele. This has gradually grown from an old studio
until it now has 10 rms, all WB. Refined environment. A. 2WB $10.00.
FPark. No pets.

MIDDLEBURY, VT. Pop. 2,000. (Socony C-5) 17 Mi. N. of Brandon.
7 Beautiful college town. Middlebury College. Memorial Chapel.

Inn: Bread Loaf. 12 Mi. S.E. on Rt. 125. Open June 26 to Aug. 1.
A little hard to describe this place as it is the home of the Bread Loaf School
of English. 1 cottage of 12 large rms. is reserved for transients but other
rms. may be available. Consequently it is well to make reservations. (Phone
15 W 1). The atmosphere is academic. E. For 2, $4.50-$7.00. Also A.
FPark. Small dogs permitted.

Inn: Middlebury. Mr. L. G. Treadway, managing director. This means
that everything is well done. 80 rms, 70 WB. E. 2NB $4.00. 2WB $5.00.
Also A. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

MONTPELIER, VT. Pop. 8,130. (Socony D-4) 200 ML N.W. of Boston.
2 State capital. Home of Vermont Life Ins. Co.

Inn: Montpelier Tavern. 100 State St. Small, pleasant, comfortable.
35 rms, 10 WB. Meals. E. 2NB $5.00. 2WB $6.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

Guest House: Jewett. 157 State St. A Colonial house built in 1837 on a
bend of the Winooski River. 30 guests. No meals. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB
$2.50. FPark.



NEWBURY, VT. Pop. 1,745. (Socony F-5) 6 Mi. S. of Wells River.

5 Guest House: Johnson's on the Oxbow. Open May to I^ov. A splendid
old house built back in 1800 with rms. still furnished with quaint old furniture.
Immaculate. One of the best at which I've stopped. 6 rms., 2WB. Meals.
E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $4.00. FPark.

NEWFANE, VT. Pop. 160. (Socony D-8) 15 Mi. N.W. of Brattleboro.

30 Cottages: West River Camp. Restricted clientele. Res. advised. In a
pine grove overlooking the river and valley. Summer and winter sports. A
place enjoyed by young and old who relish simplicity. 11 cottages, none WB.
Meals. E. 2NB $2.00 up. FPark. (Phone Newfane 5.)

NEWPORT, VT. Pop. 5,100. (Socony F-3) 48 Mi. N. of St. Johnsbury.
5 Popular resort on the shore of Lake Memphremagog.

Guest House: Huntington. 2 Mi. N.E. on Rt. 105. Open May 1 to
Nov. 15. Restricted clientele. Beautifully located. Comfortably well-furnished
rms. Unobtrusive hospitality. 16 guests. Meals. E. For 2, $2.00-13.00.
FPark. No pets.

NORTH FERRISBURG, VT. (Socony C-4) 15 Mi. S. of Burlington.

7 Guest House: Tarry-Ho. Open July 1 to Oct. 1. Another white-painted,
green-shuttered New England home. 6 rms. A. 2NB $12.50. FPark.

PEACHAM, VT. Pop. 620. Alt. 1,908'. (Socony F-4) 7 Mi. S. of Danville.
2 One of the charming quiet Vermont towns.

Guest House: Choate Inn. Operated by Elsie Choate and having 9 rms.
for guests. Meals. A. 2NB $6.00. FPark.

PERU, VT. Pop. 156. Alt. 1,660'. (Socony D-7) 29 Mi. N.W. of Bellows

1 1 Settled in 1773.

Lodge: Johnny-See-Saw's. 7% Mi. E. of Manchester. Restricted clien-
tele. Unique. Built originally for ski fans. Rms. very small. Double
deck bunks. None WB. A. and E. For 2, $3.00 up. FPark. Pets P.

PITTSFIELD, VT. Pop. 256. (Socony D-6) 19 Mi. N.E. of Rutland.

100 Guest House: The Brigham's. Open Apr. to Dec. Restricted clientele.
10 guests in a pleasant home. Meals. E. 2NB $3.00. FPark.

PITTSFORD, VT. Pop. 2,333. (Socony C-6) 7 ML N.W. of Rutland.

Guest House: Rolling Acres. Open May 1 to Dec. 1. Restricted clien-
tele. Rather nice in all ways, for the owners Mr. and Mrs. Ward have shown
good taste and judgment. 21 guests. Meals. E. For 2, $2.00-$4.00. FPark.
Pets P.

PLAINFIELD, VT. Pop. 500. (Socony E-4) 8 Mi. E. of Montpelier.

2 Guest House: Purple Martin. Open May to Nov. Restricted clientele.
A fine type Dutch-roofed home. Set well back from the road in the midst of
rolling farmlands. 12 guests. Meals. E. 2NB $2.00-13.00. FPark. Pets P.



PUTNEY, VT. Pop. 850. (Socony E-8) 15 ML S. of Bellows Falls.
5 A quiet village with an antique flavor.

Cottages: Overlook. Open May to Nov. 20 simple cabins, clean and
well-kept. All WT, 10 WB. Meals. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $2.5043.00.
FPark. Pets P.

RUTLAND, VT. Pop. 17,500. (Socony D-6) 68 ML S.E. of Burlington.

4 & 7 Hotel: The Berwick. Downtown in the business section. 97 rms.,
73 WB. E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

[Cottages: The Candlestick. 166 N. Main. Open May 1 to Nov. 1.
I am glad to recommend this to my readers, for I am confident that you will
find it one of the pleasantest places in Vt. 5 cottages, 13 rms., 8 WB. Artis-
tically furnished. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $3.00 up. FPark. Pets P.

ST. ALBANS, VT. Pop. 4,020. (Socony C-3) 70 ML S. of Montreal.
7 Scene of the farthest northern incident of the Civil War.

Guest House: Charlotte-Ellen-Villa. 229 N. Main St. Large, modern,
and I think, the best place to stop in this city. 12 guests. Bkfst. E. 2NB
$2.50. FPark. Pets P.

ST. JOHNSBURY, VT. Pop. 10,000. (Socony F-4) 37 ML N.E. of Mont-
2 & 5 Homes of the Fairbanks Scales and Gary Maple Sugar Co.

Inn: Maple Grove. Originally the mansion of Horace Fairbanks, it is
now a popular, well-liked inn in its 20th season. Pleasant as an "old shoe."
20 rms., many WB. Meals. E. 2NB $4.00. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

SHERBURNE PASS, VT. Alt. 2,200'. (Socony C-4) 11 ML N.E. of Rutland.

4 Here the famous Long Trail crosses the highway at the crest of the Green
Mountain range. The lodge was built as a clubhouse for the Green Mountain
Club which built the trail system. Unique in its development of natural, rustic
beauty. Mr. Morris Broun, a famous naturalist, has so marked every tree,
plant and shrub that the ordinary man can understand and enjoy them. Take
30 minutes at least, whether you can spare it or not, to cover the Bog Garden
and nearby trails.

Lodge: Long Trail. Open May 15 to Oct. 15. Managed by Mr. L. G.
Treadway. Even if not staying, go in and look it over. Small, only 30 rms.
10 WB. Well to make reservations for it is delightful. E. 2NB $4.00. A.
2NB $9.50. 2WB $11.00.

SMUGGLERS' NOTCH, VT. (Socony D-4) 16 ML N.W. of Waterbury.
See Stowe.

SPRINGFIELD, VT. (Socony D-7) 7 Mi. N.E. of Chester.

11 Inn: Hartness House. The old Governor Hartness mansion has been con-
verted into a modern guest house and is open to the public through intro-
ductory cards which are issued by all Treadway Inns. Frank and Antoinette
Shaw are in charge. Underground passages and other unique features. Meals.
E. 2NB $5.00 up. 2WB $10.00 up. FPark.



STOWE, VT. Pop. 531. (Socony D-4) 10 Mi. N. of Waterbury.
100 Mt. Mansfield. Smugglers' Notch 6 Mi. N.W.

Hotel: Mt. Mansfield. Private toll road. 10 Mi. W. Open June 10
to Oct. 1. Restricted clientele. If you can possibly make it, spend a night
up here and for once in your life get up to see the sunrise. You will never
regret it. This small inn for 60 guests is simple, homey, and pleasure giving.
No luxury nonsense. You may spend a week. No rms. WB. A. For 2, $7.00-
$11.00. FPark. Pets P.

Inn: Barnes Camp. 8 Mi. N.W. on Rt. 108. Open June 1 to Oct. 15,
and Dec. 1 to Apr. 15. Restricted clientele. Simple accommodations. Rustic.
Not high hat but where you know everyone. 8 rms., 3 baths. Meals. E.
2NB $3.00. FPark. Pets P.

Inn: The Lodge. 4 Mi. N.W. on 108. Closed in Nov. and Mar. only. Re-
stricted clientele. A grand place, winter or summer. Rambling, unspoiled
comfort, in lodge and several cottages. Here, your host is not merely a
name. 30 rms., several WB. A. 2NB $10.00. 2WB $13.00. FPark. Pets P.

Lodge: Hob Knob. At Smugglers' Notch, Rt. 108. Restricted clientele.
Rugged simplicity. Maple and pine furnishings. Comfort and cleanliness.
18 guests. 9 rms. A. In summer 2NB $6.00. In winter 2WB $8.00. FPark.
Pets P.

SUDBURY, VT. Pop. 361. (Socony C-6) 8 Mi. W. of Brandon.

30 Hotel: Hyde Manor. Open June 26 to Oct. 15. Restricted clientele. In
the Hyde family for "nigh onto" 140 years, 5 generations, and still going
strong. As good as anyone could wish. Golf, fishing, and all summer sports.
85 rms, 59 WB. A. 2NB $10.00. 2WB $14.00. FPark. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

SUNDERLAND, VT. (Socony C-8) 19 Mi. N. of Bennington.

7 Guest House: Hopkins Arms. Open Apr. to Nov. Restricted clientele.
Part of this built in 1775 is old; the rest in comparison is modern, being con-
structed in 1840. Artistically furnished. 5 rms. Meals. E. 2NB $2.50. FPark.

VERGENNES, VT. Pop. 1,705. (Socony C-5) 23 Mi. S. of Burlington.

7 Inn and Lodge: Basin Harbor Hotels. June 15 to Sept. 25. A group of
buildings, some of them dating back to 1817, passing down through several
generations. Each year has seen something added until today it is a top-notch
resort to which many old guests return year after year. There are 40 cottages,
main lodge, and Harbor Homestead. Accommodations of all types. Many
have fireplaces and porches. Varying in size from 1 to 5 rms. Total capacity,
225. A. 2NB $12.00. 2WB $16.00. Reservations must be made.

Guest House: Shore Meadows. 8 Mi. S.W. at West Addison. Summer
only. Restricted clientele. Rms. with fireplaces, electricity and baths. 12
guests. A. For 2, around $9.00. FPark.

WALLINGFORD, VT. Pop. 1,600. (Socony C-7) W Mi. S. of Rutland.
7 A quiet, fine old town with shady streets.

Inn: True Temper. Open May 1 to Nov. 1. One of the Treadway Inns.
Furnished in colonial manner. This place has "something." Each time I
stop here, I like it better than before. 30 rms., 20 WB. A. 2NB $10.00.
2WB $12.00. Also E. FPark. Pets P.




WATERBURY, VT. Pop. 1,775. (Socony D-4) 14 ML N.W. of Montpelier.
2 Turning north here, you reach Stowe, Mt. Mansfield, and a fine road to St.

Inn: Waterbury. Comfortably charming is this small, well-kept inn. 50
rms., 20 WB. E. 2NB $4.50. A. 2WB $9.00. FPark. Pets P.

Guest House: Ruth Mary Inn. Open May 15 to Oct. 15. Congenial at-
mosphere in modernized old farmhouse. 24 guests. Meals. E. 2NB $2.50.
2WB $3.00. FPark. Pets P.

WELLS RIVER, VT. Pop. 554. (Socony F-5) 37 Mi. E. of Barre.
5 Gateway between White Mountains and Green Mountains.

Guest House: Our Corner Cupboard. Restricted clientele. Cozy and
small, for only 5 guests. So nice, I am listing it and hope that you will
be able to stay here. A. 2NB $5.00. FPark. Small dogs P.

WESTMINSTER, VT. Pop. 1,324. (Socony E-8) 16 Mi. N. of Brattleboro.
5 State's first newspaper issued here. Historically interesting.

Guest House: Red Farmhouse. Restricted clientele. A little overnight
inn furnished with American antiques. A beautiful spot on a 75-acre farm.
8 rms. Meals. E. 2NB $3.00. FPark.

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, VT. (Socony E-6) 15 Mi. N. of Windsor.

5 Hotel: Coolidge. Typical old Vt. hotel of 200 rms., 100 WB. Meals. E.
2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00. Gar 50c. Pets P.

Guest House: Mrs. Charles May. 25 Taft Ave. % Mi. E. on Conn.
River. Old-fashioned hospitality and comfort. Nothing luxurious. 8 rms.
None WB. E. 2NB $2.00. FPark. Pets P.

WILLISTON, VT. Pop. 1,000. (Socony C-4) 7 Mi. S.E. of Burlington.

2 Guest House: Twist O'Hill Lodge. Open May 20 to Oct. 15. Restricted
clientele. 5 cottages and 15 rms. in main bldg. Beautiful location. De-
lightful atmosphere and furnishings. 50 guests. A. For 2, $4.00 up. FPark.
Pets P.

WINDSOR, VT. Pop. 3,500. (Socony E-7) 50 Mi. N. of Brattleboro.
5 "The Birthplace of Vermont" with its old Constitution House.

Hotel: Windsor. An up-to-date hotel in comfort, but old-timy in hospi-
tality. 50 rms., 26 WB. Meals. E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.50. FPark. Pets P.

WOODSTOCK, VT. Pop. 1,300. (Socony E-6) 37 Mi. E. of Rutland.
4 Many beautiful estates and much of historic interest.

Inn: White Cupboard. On the Green. Restricted clientele. Built in
1794. Remodeled enough to make it comfortable, but without losing the
charm of the past. Proves once again, that a place need not be large to be
outrageously attractive. 20 rms., mostly WB. In summer E. 2NB $2.50 up.
2WB $5.00. A. For 2, $8.50 up. In winter A. only. FPark. Your dog, if
small, is welcome.

Inn: Woodstock. On the Green. Open June 9 to Oct. 18. Restricted
clientele. Large enough to be a hotel, but with the atmosphere of a com-
fortable inn. Fine rms., wide porches, and everything desirable. 90 rms..
50 WB. A. 2NB $13.00. 2WB $16.00. FPark. Gar. 75c. Pets P.



Flower: American Dogwood. Nickname: Old Dominion.

Population: 2,671,000. Area: 40,262 sq. mi. Max. speed: 55.
Reciprocity: Yes. Gas Tax: State 5c. Federal Ic. Total 6c.

ABINGDON, VA. Pop. 3,000. Alt. 2,057'. (Esso D-ll) 15 Mi. N.E. of
11 & 19 Martha Washington and Stonewall Jackson Colleges, both for girls.

Inn: Martha Washington. One of the best stops on Rt. 11. Set back
from highway, it has the appearance of a fine old homestead. 200 rms., many
WB. E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00. FPark.

ACCOMAC, VA. Pop. 700. (Esso 0-8) 34 ML N. of Cape Charles.

13 Motor Court: Whispering Pines. 1 Mi. S. 14 simple cottages. Meals.
E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $3.00. Gar. 25c. Pets P.

AFTON, VA. Pop. 100. (Esso 3-7) 18 Mi. S.E. of Staunton.
250 Up in the Blue Ridge Mts. Near entrance to Skyline Drive.

Inn: Blue Ridge Terrace. Delightful place to spend the night. 16 rms:.
none WB. E. 2NB $2.50. A. 2NB $6.00. FPark.

ALEXANDRIA, VA. Pop. 35,000. (Esso M-5) 6 Mi. S. of Washington, D. C.
1 Virginia is saturated with history and interest but space will not permit de-
tailed mention. Write to Dept. of Publicity at Richmond for maps and guides.

Hotel-Cottages: Penn Daw. 2 Mi. S. of city. Res. usually necessary.
50 guest rms., all WB. in cottages. Lounge and dining rm. in main bldg. E.
2WB $4.00. FGar. Pets P.

Motor Court: Ainsworth Downs. A UMC court 7 Mi. S. on US 1. New
brick cottages for 27 guests. All WB. Well equipped. E. 2WB $2.50. FGar.
Pets P.

ARLINGTON, VA. (Esso M-5) Across Potomac from Washington.

50__Guest House: The Little Tea House. 1301 S. Arlington Ridge Rd. The
place is charming. 2 acres with several small bldgs. 8 rms., many WB.
Meals. E. 2NB $2.50. 2WB $3.00. FPark. Pets P. No arrivals after 8 P.M.

AYLETT, VA. (Esso M-8) 30 Mi. N.E. of Richmond.

360 Guest House: Millwood. 3 Mi. W. On a plantation of 1,000 acres. Un-
usual and hard to describe, inasmuch as the clientele is restricted, and one must
give advance notice before arriving by writing Mr. Robt R. Sizer, Jr. How-
ever, it is so outstanding, and all-around fine and comfortable that I am listing
it. The main house open for guests is simply a fine country place. A. $7.00


BRISTOL, VA. Pop. 30,000. Alt. 1,800'. (Esso C-ll) 24 Mi. N.E. of John-
son City, Tenn.
11 & 58 On the borderline between Tennessee and Virginia.

Hotel: General Shelby. A modern, good hotel of 150 rms., all WB. Cir-
culating ice water. Radios. E. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 50c.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. Pop. 16,000. (Esso J-7) 117 Mi. S.fP. of Wash-
ington, D. C.
29 & 250 Monticello. University of Va. "Ash Lawn."

Hotel: Monticello. Though modern, the management has kept the atmos-
phere of this beautiful country. 165 rms., mostly WB., all WT. E. 2NB
$4.00. 2WB $5.00. Gar. 50c up. Pets P.

Club: Farmington Country Club. 3 Mi. W. Restricted clientele. Write
ahead to Mr. R. F. Loving for details and guest cards. The accommodations
and service are well worth this trouble. More like a fine country home than
a hotel. 36 rms., all WB. Meals. E. 2WB $6.00 up. Gar. 50c.

Guest House: Kalmia. % Mi. E. on US 250. A quiet, refined home hav-
ing 5 guest rms., some WB. 2 acres of lawns and gardens. English archi-
tecture. No meals. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $2.50-$3.00. FPark. Pets P.

Guest House: Merryden. On Ivy Rd. The old Hotchkiss estate of 28%
acres, having Manor House and cottages for 25 guests. Bkfst. E. For 2, $3.00
up. FPark. Pets P.

Guest House: Overlook. % Mi. E. on US 250. I wish I could always send
my readers to as tip-top a place as this. 7% acres of grounds on a hill set
back from the road. Genuine hospitality. Usually filled. 7 rms., some WB.
No meals. E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $3.50. FPark.

Cottages: Skibo Lodge. 3 Mi. N. on US 29. Main bldg. of 8 rms. and
8 cottages. Built only last year. Everything without and within well done.
Nicely furnished. Meals. E. 2WB $3.00 up. FPark. Pets P.

Cottages: Sunset Lodge. 6 Mi. W. on US 250. Another new, well-built
and well-operated place that I know will satisfy your needs. Maple furniture.
Good taste. 10 cottages, all WB. Meals. E. 2WB $3.00. FPark. Pets P.

CHESTER, VA. (Esso L-9) 12 Mi. S. of Richmond.

I Motor Court: Dutch Gap. 35 guests are well taken care of in pleasant
brick cottages, finished with knotty pine, and furnished in maple. All rms.
WB. E. 2WB $3.00. FPark. Pets P.

Motor Court: Moore's Brick Cottages. Nice location. These 18 cottages,
all WB. and well-furnished, seem to please my readers. Meals. E. 2WB
$2.50. FGar. Pets P.

CULPEPER, VA. Pop. 3,200. (Esso K-6) 70 Mi. S. of Washington, D. C.
15 & 29 Much of historical interest here.

Hotel: Culpeper. 401 S. Main St. Not one of those mammoth places in
which you rattle around, but small and comfy. 30 rms., 21 WB. Meals. E.
2NB $2.50. 2WB $3.50. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

DANVILLE, VA. Pop. 22,500. (Esso H-ll) 70 ML S. of Lynchburg.
29 & 58 Last capital of the Confederacy. Large tobacco market.

Hotel: Danville. Here is where I stop when I visit this likable city. 150
rms., all WB. E. 2WB $4.00 up. Gar. 50c. Pets P.



EASTVILLE, VA. Pop. 350. (Esso 0-9) 7 Mi. N. of Cape Charles.

13 Inn: Eastville. An old-time place having been going for some 80 yrs.
Good stop-over for the users of the Cape Charles Ferry. 35 guests. 21 rms.,
8WB. Meals. E. 2NB $2.00. 2WB $3.00. FPark. No pets.

ELKTON, VA. Pop. 1,000. (Esso J-6) 18 Mi. S.E. of Harrisonburg.

33 Inn: Spotswood Tavern. Many motorists spend the night here after taking
the Skyline Drive. There are only 7 guest rms. and none WB. Meals. E.
2NB $2.00-$2.50. FPark. Pets P.

FARMVILLE, VA. Pop. 3,250. (Esso K-9) 51 Mi. S.E. of Lynchburg.

15 & 460 Hotel: Weyanoke. On High St. Well-run and well-liked hotel of
50 rms., 25 WB. Meals. E. 2WB $4.00 up. Gar. 50c. Pets P.

FREDERICKSBURG, VA. Pop. 6,825. (Esso L-7) 56 Mi. N. of Richmond.

I & 17 Has been called the most historic city of its size in the country. Home

of Mary Washington, John Paul Jones, Hugh Mercer.

Hotel: Princess Anne. 906 Princess Anne St. Lucky are you if this
town happens to be the stopping place for the night, for your accommoda-
tions are dandy. About everything you can desire. 100 rms., mostly WB.
Meals. E. 2NB $2.50 up. 2WB $4.00. FPark. Gar. 75c. Pets P.

Hotel: Stratford. North end of town. 66 rms., many WB., which will
give my readers satisfaction. Meals. E. 2NB $3.00. 2WB $4.00. Gar. 50c.
Pets P.

Inn: Peck's Tavern. Simple, clean cut, satisfactory. E. 2NB $2.00.
2WB $2.50. FPark. Pets P.

Guest House: Kenmore Tavern. 1200 Princess Anne St. Old-timer,
pleasant, with an atmosphere which you will probably like. 17 rms., all WB.
Meals. E. 2WB $3.50. FPark. Gar. 50c.

FRONT ROYAL, VA. Pop. 2,425. (Esso K-5) 21 Mi. S. of Winchester.
3 & 12 U. S. Government Remount Station here.

Hotel: Royal. Recently taken over by a couple of gentlemen and con-
verted into a 40-rm. hotel. Interestingly furnished. Meals. E. 2NB $3.00.
2WB $4.50. FPark.

Guest House: Greenfield Farm. 3 Mi. E. on Rt. 55. This has much
historic interest hanging around it, and I hope that Mr. and Mrs. Owens,
the owners, will tell you about some of it. Beautiful and charming in every
way. 20 guests. Some rms. WB. E. For 2, $3.00 up. A. For 2, $7.00 up.
FPark. Pets P.

HARRISONBURG, VA. Pop. 10,225. Alt. 1,500'. (Esso J-6) 25 Mi. N.E.
of Staunton.

II & 33 Famous caverns. Skyline Drive. Large apple orchards.

Guest House: Wise's. 622 S. Main St. Green stucco, ivory-trimmed house
set 100 ft. back from road. Oil heat. 23 guests. Bkfst. E. 2NB $2.25.
2WB $3.00. FPark. Pets P. in garage.

HEALING SPRINGS, VA. (Esso G-8) 16 Mi. N. of Covington.
220 Inn & Cottages: The Cascades. 3 Mi. S. of Hot Springs. Open May 1
to Oct. 31. Restricted clientele. It is beautiful places like these that add
much to the pleasure of traveling. When winter rolls around pleasant mem-
ories remain. 60 guests. A. 2WB $11.00 up. FPark. Pets P.



HILTON VILLAGE, VA. 3% ML N. of Newport News.

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