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the said Fra Hieronymo excommunicated, and that he
be held and considered as an excommunicated person by
all men in that he has not obeyed our Apostolic admoni-
tions and commands."

Under pain of a like excommunication all persons of
either sex, clerical or lay, were commanded entirely to
refrain from any intercourse with the said Fra Hieronymo
who is excommunicated and under suspicion of heresy :
none are to give him audience when speaking either in
sermons or in any other fashion, nor to extend aid or
favour to him directly or indirectly in any way whatso-
ever, nor to resort to the places or monastery where he
may happen to reside. The Brief was entrusted to
Giovanni da Camerino, the Papal Commissary to whom
obedience and assistance were enjoined, and it was ad-
dressed to the Pope's well-beloved sons, the monks of
the Benedictine convents in Florence.

The declaratory clauses of the Brief contain not an unfair
summary of the Pope's grievances against the Friar, and
present the issue between them very clearly from the


Pope's point of view. There is no perversion nor even
over-statement of the facts, however little appreciation
may be shown of Savonarola's motives. The condem-
natory clauses have a sound which is harsh and severe,
but their language corresponds with the Papal estimate
of the facts and to a large extent follows an official
formula. The suggestion of heresy seems uncalled for,
for no attempt is made to justify it by references to
Savonarola's teaching, unless " the dissemination of some
kind of pernicious dogma " was in itself heretical. The
phrase, however, "

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Online LibraryE. L. S. (Edward Lee Stuart) HorsburghGirolamo Savonarola → online text (page 17 of 23)