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Author of " By the Equator's Snowy Ptak," " Called," fie.

Drummond's Tract Depot, Stifling, Scotland



It is a privilege to be asked to write a word of
introduction and appreciation to this small volume.
The poems it contains are veritable heart-throbs.
Each of them has its birth hi a direct message from
God to the soul of the gifted writer, to whom the
Christian Church is already greatly indebted for her
songs of the Kingdom. In these, which she now
sends forth, deep answers unto deep, as is ever the
case when God and the soul are in communion ;
and many will doubtless find their own experiences
interpreted here in lines of haunting sweetness and
abiding strength.

Mrs. Crawford sings the eternal themes with a
spontaneity and gladness which authenticates her
message. She brings her myrrh, and aloes, and
cassia, direct from the Ivory Palaces where she
dwells with the King in a communion of constant
pain. Her powers of vision and hearing have been
quickened to unusual acuteness in the fellowship of
suffering, hence the penetrating insight and sympa-
thetic certainty with which these beautiful verses
are instinct. That they will prove to be as
Heavenly heralds to many of the King's children,



summoning them to new adventure, helping them
to tread the long, hard road joyously and courage-
ously, and encouraging them in " the love of God
and patient waiting for Christ," is certain. With
all gratitude to the Giver for the gift, I bid them
God-speed on their journey through the world.


LONDON, W., July, 1920.



The Compensations of God 1

Jesus in the Midst (The Consecrated Home) - 3

Others 4

My Life-work - - .....5

The House of Rest 6

" The Gate of Heaven " 7

My Unseen Friend - .... 9

A New- Year Prayer - - - - 10

"Thy Love to Me was Wonderful " - - - - 11

Translated - - 12

The Prayer Meeting - 13

Rest in Suffering - - 14

On Jesu's Breast 14

"He Showed Them His Hands" - - - - 16

Katie ... 17

A Child's Dedication Hymn 18

" El Shaddai " - - 19

My Treasures 21

" Into Thy Hands " - 23

Christmas, 1914 24

Better on Before 25

Consecration 26

Jesus Only - - .... 27

"There Shall be No Night There" 28

Our Comforter 29

The Lesson of the Storm 31

The Master's Call - 34

A Little Sanctuary - 35

" She Considereth a Field, and Taketh it " - - - 37



"Am not I Better to Thee? " 38

Speak, Lord, in the Stillness 40

Thy Mighty Love 41

Lie Still 42

"With One Accord" 43

Weary 45

Another Milestone 47

Calling Still 48

"Be Ready in the Morning" 49

The Unknown Way - 51

Keep Step with Jesus 52

"Consider Him - - - - -53

" He will Silently Plan for Thee " - 54

" The Company of Heaven " 55

" He Wakeneth Mine Ear " 56

Emmanuel 58

To Meet the Bridegroom - 59

Upheld by Hope - - 60

In the Advent Light 62


The Compensations of God.

God's dealings are so wonderful !

I often pause to note
His many compensations sweet

(Like some blest antidote)
Which compass all my life around,
And tune to praise each minor sound.

God's dealings are so wonderful !

I long to tell it out !
When some dark cloud envelops me

With mist of fear and doubt,
I lift my eyes ! the shadows flee,
And JESUS ONLY can I see !

God's dealings are so wonderful !

He balances the scales ;
With even hand He weighs each grief

With all that it entails.
He knows how much His child can bear,
And in the sorrow HE is NEAR !

God's dealings are so wonderful !

Athwart the storm-swept sky
Gleams out the rainbow in the cloud,

To speak His presence nigh ;
And every raindrop sparkles bright
With Heavenly radiance and light.

God's dealings are so wonderful !

I will not be afraid,
Though hedged about by unseen foes

My heart on Him is stayed.
With opened vision now I see
His chariots encircling me !

God's dealings are so wonderful !

Though flesh and heart may fail,
I know He never will forsake,

His love will still prevail.
Some sweet oasis He'll prepare,
And guide my trembling footsteps there.

God's dealings are so wonderful !

I sing it o'er and o'er,
And when the pilgrim journey's done

I'll praise Him more and more,
As in the light of Heaven I trace
The compensations of His grace.

Written after a sermon by the Rev. J. Stuart Holden, D.D.

Jesus in the Midst.

Matt, xviii. 20 ; Luke xxiv. 36.
(1 he Consecrated Home.)

Come, Gracious Saviour, take Thy place
Within the precincts of this Home ;

As honoured Guest and Friend beloved,
With one accord we bid Thee come !

Nay, more as Master and as Lord,
We would enthrone Thee here and now

Of our poor dwelling be the Head
Each heart to Thy allegiance bow !

So come, and take entire control,
And may our service hallowed be ;

The lowliest toil beneath this roof,
Be done in fellowship with Thee !

If earthly problems much intrude,
And care upon our spirits press,

Remind us of Thy presence, Lord,
And of Thy power to help and bless.

Shed Thy sweet peace within these walls,
And may an atmosphere of prayer,

And tender love and kindliness,

Proclaim the fact that Thou art here !

Thus "JESUS IN THE MIDST " shall be
Our motto, written large and clear,

Until we see Thee face to face,
Within the " many mansions " fair !






Not for myself would I henceforward live,
But following in the footsteps of my Lord,

In saving others may this life be spent
No lower aim can such pure bliss afford !

Not for myself ! Lord, enlarge my heart
Until the things of others daily press

More urgently than any selfish claim
No lower motive than to help and bless I

Not for myself ! Oh, may another's grief
Touch me more deeply than a selfish woe !

To bear the chalice of Thy heavenly balm
No ministry more Christlike here below !

Not for myself while in some far-off land
Those " other sheep " all lost and bleeding roam !

Together with the Shepherd I must go

(No task so sweet as this) to bring them Home.

Not for myself the honour or the praise,
But others to esteem may I be taught,

With lowly mind my little space to fill,
That glory to Thine Own great Name be brought !

Not for myself ! What gain in loss I find,
Living for others living thus for Thee !

Learning to manifest Thy life of love,
What lot so happy or so blest could be ?

My Life -Work.


What wilt Thou have me to do, Lord ?

What wilt Thou have me to be ?
Where wilt Thou have me to go, Lord ?

These are the questions for me.
One little life I can yield Thee,

Gladly 'tis laid at Thy feet ;
May I be true to my Saviour,

Make my surrender complete !

Where Thou wilt have me to go, Lord,

That is the country for me ;
What Thou wilt have me to do, Lord,

Life's sweetest guerdon shall be.
What Thou wilt have me to be, Lord,

Humble, and loving, and pure,
May I be found to Thy glory,

Seeking the things which endure.

Choosing the things that Thou choosest,

Thinking Thy thoughts after Thee,
Joyfully witnessing, toiling

This is the service for me !
Seeking the lost and the fallen,

Telling them Jesus has died ;
No other life-work so precious,

These are the joys that abide.
Embu, B.E. Africa, 1912.

The House of Rest.


DISCIPLES." John xviii. 2.

There's a well-known homestead

In a busy street,
Where the friends of Jesus

Often love to meet ;
And the Master sitteth,

As a welcome Guest,
In the place of honour,

Lord and King confest.

In this peaceful household,

(Modern Bethany)
For His sake dispensing

Those whom Jesus loveth

Lowly service lend,
Gracious hands extending,

Weary saints to tend.

And the way-worn toilers

Coming from afar,
Where the Saviour's " sent-ones "

Wage their holy war,
Find a tender welcome

In the " House of Rest,"
And its sweet refreshment

Leaves them cheered and blest.

May an Unseen Presence

Linger in each room !
Smile of Christ's approval

Sanctify the Home !
Heavenly peace illumine

Every heart and face !
So each guest shall witness

God is in this place !

Written for Miss Mason's " House of Rest," Finchley Road, London.

" The Gate of Heaven."

" THIS is THE GATE OF HEAVEN." Gen. xxviii. 17.

We stood around a newly-opened grave,
Seeking to bless th' Almighty Hand that gave
(And now had taken Its most precious gift)
A grief-bowed group ! When suddenly a rift
Appeared amid the low'ring clouds, and lo,
A ray of God's own light of rainbow hue !
It was enough. His Presence we could trace,
While each heart owned, " The Lord is in this place.
And then, above the darkness and the gloom
Above the pathos of that open tomb
It was as if Heaven opened to our wond'ring view,
And light unspeakable came streaming through !
We seemed on wings of faith to swiftly rise
While gazing upward with our tear-dimmed eyes.


Sweet strains of heavenly music filled the air,
And songs of welcome sounded in our ear !
Heaven's arches seemed to ring and ring again,
Until, forgetting all the throbbing pain,
We joined the anthem of the angel choir
Which rose in fuller chorus higher higher
" All praise to God ! One more safe Home, safe Home!
No more with sin-stained feet on earth to roam !
Redeemed, redeemed from death, and hell, and sin,
The voice of JESUS bade him enter in.
Through faith in Him the victory was given
Which opened up the pearly gates of Heaven."

Swiftly the Vision sped, but left us stilled
And comforted, with spirits thrilled !
With grateful awe and reverence we kneeled,
Knowing within us that our wound was healed ;
That nevermore could we give way to grief
When we had tasted of such sweet relief.
Though walking 'mid the shadows for awhile
We shall be strengthened by our Father's smile,
And by the glorious certainty : our Boy
Has passed to blessedness without alloy !

Written for " Bertie's" Parents, the writer's dearly-loved friends.

My Unseen Friend.

I have a Friend so dear to me

And yet He is unseen ;
Almighty, yet invisible,

The Arm on which I lean.

He never fails me, never leaves,

Is always by my side,
And in that wondrous Presence He

Has taught me to abide.

His love is past all human thought

He gave His life for me,
That He might win me for His own,

His little friend to be.

When sorrows on my spirit press,
And eyes with tears are dim,

He draws me closer to His Breast,
And bids me rest in Him.

I turn to Him with all my need,
He shares both joy and pain,

And for His help and sympathy
I never look in vain.

This blessed comradeship divine

Is so surpassing sweet
E'en here below what will it be

When face to face we meet ?


A New Year Prayer.

Unveil to me through this New Year
My Saviour and my King,

A life within Thy secret Place
Past all imagining.

Dispel each mist of earth that hides

The shining of Thy Face,
And lead me onward to explore

Thy deeper mines of grace.

With waiting spirit hushed and still

Within the sacred Veil,
In priestly intercession, Lord,

Oh, teach me to prevail !

Help me to pour my life away,
That other souls may live,

Nor ever count it sacrifice
My costliest to give.

With ear uncovered to Thy Voice

And deaf to all beside,
Thus, dearest Master, day by day,

In Thee I would abide.


"Thy Love to me was wonderful."

2 Sam. i. 26.

" Thy love to me was wonderful,"

Jesus, my Saviour and my Friend !

Who stooped so low my soul to save
Will ne'er forsake me to the end.

" Thy love to me was wonderful ! "

It brought Thee from the glory fair,

Despised, rejected here to dwell,

That I Thy Home of Light might share.

" Thy love to me was wonderful ! "

It led Thee to the cruel Tree,
With all its bitter shame and woe,

That I might live eternally.

" Thy love to me was wonderful ! "

It saw me sinful, lost, denied,
It whispered peace and pardon sweet,

And claimed me Thine a ransomed child.

" Thy love to me was wonderful ! "
And still it is the same to-day ;

Though earthly friendships all should cease
This love will never pass away.

" Thy love to me was wonderful ! "

Oh, kindle a responsive flame,
And make this heart of mine to glow

With burning love for Thy dear Name !


" Thy love to me was wonderful ! "
The marvel of eternity

The subject of its endless song
Will be that " Jesus so loved me


" She was not, for God took her ! " our belov'd one
Pillowed her head upon her Saviour's breast,

And with the Everlasting Arms around her,
Passed all unknowing to her Heavenly Rest.

" She was not, for God took her " His bright angels
Bore her so swiftly from the earthly sphere

From the lov'd circle and the blessed service,
Into His Presence Whom she held most dear.

" She was not, for God took her " say it softly !

Where we are treading it is holy ground ;
No other hand than His removed our treasure,

" Himself hath done it " checks each murm'ring sound.

" She was not, for God took her " yes, we know it !

He has translated her to serve Above !
Soon we shall meet her radiant in His likeness,

Breathing a welcome of undying love !

To the precious memory of C. H.
October, 1904.


The Prayer Meeting.

Our God we seek Thy Face

With one accord to-day,
Oh, come and bless our waiting souls,

And teach us how to pray.

We thirst alone for Thee,

Thyself, O Lord, reveal !
Assembled here within this place

May we Thy Presence feel.

God of our life, appear,

Descend in power to-day,
Baptise us with Thy Spirit now,

And all our being sway !

Thy gifts will not suffice,

Our spirits cry for THEE,
Enter Thy temples, blessed Lord,

And reign eternally.

In stillness, Lord, we bow

Within Thy secret Place,
And broken, contrite hearts await

The fulness of Thy grace.

Rest in Suffering.


I give Thee thanks, rny Lord, my God, to-night,

For all Thy wondrous tenderness and love,

For Thy sweet Presence in this weary pain

Apart from Thee so difficult to bear.

I know it is Thy Hand that presseth me,

Thy wounded Hand so I can quiet rest

While Thy great purpose is fulfilled in me.

I do not ask Thee that the pain may cease,

But only that Thou mayst be glorified,

That I may suffer very patiently,

And just lie passive in Thy mighty Arms.

Pain is transformed, and wears a brighter garb

With THEE beside my couch ; and so my song

Of praise in weakness now I raise to Thee,

And meekly wait until Thy Hands " make whole "

Then send me forth again with strength renewed

To labour in the busy harvest-field,

By suffering more fitted for Thy use.

On Jesu's Breast.


There leaned on Jesu's Breast
One whom He dearly loved,

And resting there through shadowed days
That wondrous love she proved.


To outward eyes it seemed

A weary bed of pain ;
The active life of ministry

Might never come again !

Yet faith shone brighter far

Within that quiet room,
And heavenly peace with gentle ray

Dispelled all trace of gloom.

Such overcoming grace

Was granted hour by hour,

There trembled through the air a song
Of weakness changed to power !

Thus far and wide 'twas asked,
" What is her secret blest ? "

The answer came triumphantly,
" She leans on Jesu's Breast."

Like a grim sentinel

Pain bears her company,

But in between is her Belov'd
Nearer than Pain can be !

His Arms are all around,

His Presence calms her fear,

And pillow'd thus upon His Breast
She knows that she is dear.


Glory to God be given

For strength in weakness prov'd,
For testimony brave and sweet :

" She leans on her Belov'd."
Written for the writer's dear friend, B. P. H., March, 1920.

' He showed them His Hands."

Show me, blest Lamb of God, Thy nailed Hands,

And I will kneel and kiss the bleeding wounds,

Dear tokens of unutterable love !

Here let me stay and see as ne'er before

The depths of all Thy suffering for me,

The agony that my redemption cost.

Ah, those cruel nails that pierced the tender hands
Of Him Who carried our humanity !
See the strong hammer strike the fatal blows
That drive them fast into the quiv'ring flesh !
See how He meekly bears the anguish sore
And prays for His relentless enemies !

I ne'er can guage the greatness of Thy love,
Ne'er understand what led Thee thus to die
For me, a guilty rebel, lost, undone
Who never brought Thee look or word of love ;
Yet I believe Thou suff 'redst thus for me,
That I might have my countless sins forgiven.


Low in the dust I bow, dear Son of God,
And wonder at th' amazing Sacrifice !
And here I offer and present to Thee
My spirit, soul, and body Thine to be,
Who purchased me at such tremendous cost.
Let me be wholly Thine, Lord, from this hour,
And ever let me " bear about " with me
The dying of my Lord on Calvary's Cross,
Nor let me chafe beneath those wounded Hands
Whose pressure shows me Love's intensity.


Why should we mourn our darling's loss
When hers is such eternal gain ?

What rest, and peace, and joy are hers,
Where there is no more death or pain !

Her tears for ever wiped away,
She sees her Saviour face to face ;

And 'mid the holy, ransomed throng
She takes her own prepared place.

Washed white in Jesu's precious Blood
Spotless she stands before the Throne,

For evermore her Lord to praise,
Who bought and won her for His own.


For evermore with Jesus now,
To reign with Him in mansions bright !

We cannot wish her back again

From Realms of Day to earth's dark night.

Oh, may this sorrow be a link
To draw us daily nearer Home ;

Our hearts be weaned from things of earth,
Our inmost cry : " Lord Jesus, come ! "

That we may gain Thy promised rest,
Set up Thy Kingdom in our heart ;

Thus shall we meet our dear one soon
\Vhere we shall never have to part.

\Yritten in early girlhood, to commemorate the first family

A Child's Dedication Hymn.


Just as I am, so weak and small
In answer to Thy loving call
To find in Thee my All in all :

To Thee, Lord, I come !

Just as I am, dear Father, take
My little life, for Jesus' sake,
And a new heart within me make :
To Thee, O Lord, I come !


Just as I am, with Thee to stay,
My hand in Thine from day to day,
And thus to walk the narrow way :
To Thee, O Lord, I come !

Just as I am, Thy child to be,
To live for One Who died for me,
Who loves me too so tenderly :

To Thee, Lord, I come !

Just as I am ! oh, cleanse from sin,
And dwell this little heart within !
That I a crown of life may win,

To Thee, Lord, I come !

Just as I am ! How sweet to rest
For ever on Thy gentle breast
So helpless yet so greatly blest
To Thee, Lord, I come !

"El Shaddai."

" Xo good thing will He withhold. "

Take this promise for thy need,
Chequered pathways lie before,

But His help is sure indeed.
Lose not heart, for Love Divine

Plans each detail of the way,
Plans to bear thee in His arms,

Plans deliverance each day.


" No good thing will He withhold."

Precious message from thy Lord ;
Take it, lay it on thy heart,

Never doubt His faithful word.
He thy God " El Shaddai " ;

Be the journey long or rough,
Springs of comfort He'll provide,

And His grace will be enough.

" No good thing will He withhold."

Yielding to His sweet control,
Tenderly the message falls

On the weary pilgrim's soul.
How the difficulties fade !

How the burdens lighter grow !
How the shadows disappear

As we learn His love to know !

" No good thing will He withhold."

Not alone His help, His grace,
But the grandest, highest " good,"

To behold Him face to face !
Travelling days will soon be past,

Then the vision passing fair
Of thy Bridegroom and thy Friend,

And His Home, His joy to share !


My Treasures.

BE ALSO." S. Matt. vi. 21.

Jesus has my treasures now

Though I tried to hold them tight
Dared not yield them to my Lord

Could not see His will was right.

Jesus has my treasures now !

But my heart grew hard and cold,
And the icy hand of death

Seemed my very life to hold.

All around so desolate,

Empty places everywhere !
Hushed the baby voices sweet,

Sadness in the very air !

Sorrow too deep down for words,
Turned from human sympathy,

No one else could understand
All my grief's intensity.

Jesus, Jesus ! Thou didst know

All the silent agony,
And Thy voice was sounding low,

" Come, poor child, and rest in ME ! :


But I could not, would not hear,
Till those tender Arms so blest

Drew me to His wounded side,
Folded me upon His breast.

* * * *

Jesus, I can trust Thee thus,
Though I cannot understand,

Gazing on Thy marred Face,

And the nail-print on Thy Hand.

Thou hast guaged the deepest depths
Suffring spirit ever knew !

Tender, loving Saviour, Friend,
Lift me up and bear me through !

* * * *

Jesus has my treasures now !

Lord, 'tis better, better far,
For no breath of harm can reach

Where my little darlings are.

Jesus has my treasures now,
And they see Him face to face ;

He Who loves the little ones
Holds them in His own embrace.

Jesus has my treasures now,
And the ringing voices sweet

'Mid the angel throng resound,
Pouring praises at His Feet.

23 '

Jesus has my treasures now ;

Tenderly He keeps in store,
Till within the Heavenly Home

Parted ones are joined once more.

Jesus has my treasures now
So in heart let me ascend ;

Where my little ones are gone
Thither let my footsteps tend !

And I know those Mighty Arms,
Which around my babes are thrown,

Will support me day by day
Till I stand before His Throne.

Written for a sorely bereaved mother.
Umtata, S. Africa, 1894.

' Into Thy Hands."

Luke xxiii. 46.

My spirit I commit to Thee ;

Oh, that it may be all renewed,
Possessed by God the Holy Ghost,

And with His mighty life imbued.

My spirit I commit to Thee ;

Now, O my Lord, for this new day,
Stilled, " as a weaned child," at last

Within Thy moulding Hand to lay !


Grant me the childlike spirit, Lord,
Which only is of price to Thee ;

Broken and humble, quiet, meek,
A shrine prepared for Deity.

The heavy, earthbound spirit free,
And with a robe of praise transform,*

Unfainting, thus I'll sing to Thee,
My God, alike in calm or storm.

My spirit I commit to Thee ;

Lord Jesus, keep it hour by hour,
Holding communion with its God,

Breathing Thy life of love and power.

How blest the spirit thus at rest,
Committed fully, Lord, to Thee,

Entrusted wholly to Thy care
For time and for eternity !

Christmas, 1914.


THE PRINCE OF PEACE." Isaiah ix. 6.

Dear Prince of Peace, our spirits yearn

To hail Thy blissful reign,
No joy for us so great as this

To see Thee come again !

* Isaiah Ixi. 3.


We love to celebrate Thy birth
To peal our Christmas bells

But while we greet each well-loved friend
One thought within us swells :

If only Christ would come again

This very Christmas Day,
Oh, what a wealth of love and praise

We at His Feet would lay !

We weary of earth's strife and war,

We weary of earth's sin :
Blest Potentate of Peace do Thou

Thy glorious reign begin !

Meanwhile within our longing hearts
May we Thine Advent know,

So shall Thy love illuminate
The waiting days below !

Better on Before !



He it is Who doth go with thee,

He Who hitherto hath led,
Step by step go forth with Jesus,

It is brighter on ahead !


Seems thy cup so full of blessing ?

He can make it overflow ;
He can make your pilgrim journey

Brighter every step you go.

Let it be a year for Jesus !

Trust Him, serve Him, love Him more !
Leave the things that are behind thee

It is better on before !

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