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Foursquare Christian


The Fourfold Doctrine of the First
and Great Commandment.

Rev. E. p. WHALLON, Ph. D., D.D.

"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with
all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with
all thy mind, and with all thy strength," —
Mark xii; 30.







1 906

Entered according to Act of Congress,
in the year 1905,


in the office of the I,ibrarian of Congress
at "Washington.




The Christian life is the best and happiest
that can be lived on earth. It is the life
to which God calls us. It is that which
Christ makes possible to us by his death,
and into which the Holy Spirit brings us, if
we accept the divine grace offered us in the
Gospel. The Christian accepts the truth
as it is in Jesus. He finds spiritual and
eternal life through trusting in Jesus.
He follows the example set by Jesus,
and finds this the one sure and safe
path through life. The Christian is
trustful and tranquil; loving and loyal;
thoughtful and thankful; helpful and hope-
ful. He makes the luost of this world by
trying to do the wil of God as long as
he lives here. He makes the most of the
next world by accepting from God's hand
the free gift of eternal life through Jesus
Chribt the Lord. He has promise of the
life that now is and of that which is to
come. Of all possible ways of living, this
is highest, holiest, happiest and best. This
life is to be not one-sided, but complete,
symmetrical, developed in each depart-
ment, foursquare in experience, worship,
belief and service.


The Christian Life 9

The Whole Life foe God 14


The Spieit and the Beide 19

God's Call to Salvation 23

What Is Conveesion? 27

The Beginning of Life 31

What Must I Do to Be Saved? 35

What Must I Do to Be Lost? 39

Repentance Unto Life 44

Geowing in Gbace 48

"Always Abounding " 52

The Conveesion of Childeen 56

The Imitation of Chbist 61


6 Table of Contents.



Confessing Christ 67

Chuech Attendance 71

Uniting With the Church 75

Baptism 79

Buried in Baptism 83

Child Church Membership 87

The Lord's Supper 91

Prayer 95

Family Worship 99

The Use of the Bible 103

Sabbath Observance 107

Public Worship 113

The Spirit of Worship 117


Authority in Religion 123

Our Infallible Guide 127

What is God? 131

Christ the Eternal Son 135

Table of Contents. i

Sin and the Atonement 139

The Resuerection of Christ 143

Christ Exalted 147

The Holy Spirit 151

The Church 155

Faith and Salvation 159

Perseverance 163

Immortality and Heaven 167


Christian Morality 173

Glorifying God 177

Faith and Practice 182

Easy to Do Right 186

A Prosperous Soul 191

Wings and Hands 196

Watchmen on the Towers 202

The Lord's Money 206

Missions 211

Temperance 216

8 Table of Contents.


Sabbath-school Work 221

Young People 225

Men's Leagueg 230

Woman and Hee Work 233

What Kind of a Church? 238

Calls to the Ministry 242


Personal Religion 249

Do We Wish A Revival? 253


If a thoughtful and devout student of
God's Word were asked what is necessary
in order to become a Christian, he would
promptly answer thai one must have a per-
sonal experience of the saving grace of
God, that he must be born again by the
Holy Spirit, that he must have a sincere
faith in and love for Jesus Christ. This
would be Scriptural and forceful, putting
first things first and emphasizing the very
truths taught to us by Christ in the Gos-
pels. This lays the stress where we are
taught in the Word of God to lay it.
T^/b.atever one is or is rot, whatever he has
or has not, whatever he does or does not,
he is not a Christian unless he haa been
converted and has personally entered the
kingdom of God. Except he be thus born
again, or born from on high, so that he
has the personal experience of a renewed
and loving heart, ho is, according to
Christ's own teachings, outside the bound-
ary lines of salvation. Without doubt h«
who would be a Christian must love and
trust Christ as his own Savior. The Chris-
tian is one who loves God with his heart.
(2) (9)

10 The Foursquare Christian.

But there is another side to the life of the
Christian. He will worship God devoutly.
He will use the ordained means of grace
through which the divine life and blessing
may be communicated to his soul. He will
come close to God, day by day, coming into
personal contact with him in prayer. He
will read God's Word that he may learn
his will. He will commune with God that
his Spirit may guide liim into the ways of
ppiritual life. He will attend God's house
and listen reverently to the preaching of
the truth and will engage in all the ordi-
nances of public worship. He will confess
Christ publicly, will receive baptism, and
will come humbly to the Lord's Supper. He
will delight in all the exercises, public and
private, in whieh God may be worshiped.
His life will be full of expressed reverence
and he will be known as a worshiper of
God. It is possible for one to have a zeal
for the externals of religion without the
inner grace of heart and life which they
are means to express and to help. In such
a case one is a formalist instead of a
Christian. But he who is a true child of
God will have the real root of the matter
in him. He loves and believes in Christ,
and loves and believes the truth, and he
will love the Church and all that the

The Christian Life. 11

Church stands for, and will be known as
an openly avowed foUov/er of Christ. With
his whole soul, in spirit and in truth, hd
will worship. The Christian is one who
loves God with his soul.

But there is a further side to the life of
the Christian. He will receive the truth
He will accept the teachings of the divine
Word of God. He will believe the doc-
trines of the Gospel. He will know the
truth, and the truth will make him free.
He will worship God in truth as well as in
spirit. He will take God's truth into his
eoul, and the Holy Spirit will use it for his
sanctlfication. The Christian will have a
reverent regard for sound doctrine. He will
hold the form of sound words. He will take

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