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202 The Deity of the Holy Spirit.

nest of the Spirit in our hearts." That seal
doubtless bears the monogram, "In Christ."
Life in the Thc kcy of tlic Apocalypsc is the Church car-

spirit possible rying forward the life of Christ in the world.


there is obedi- ^^ ^'^^'^ "^ more put away our natural life and
encetothe Hvc tliau put away the Holy Spirit and have
^"^' ' spiritual life. Nor can there be any life in the

Spirit without obedience to the Spirit. The key
word of our Lord's last discourse was "Obey."
*Tf ye keep my commandments ye shall abide
in my love, even as I have kept my Father's
commandments and abide in his love." "Ye are
not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if so be that
the Spirit of God dwelleth in you. But if any
man hath not the Spirit of Christ he is none of
his." The Spirit of Christ is the Holy Spirit
for which he bade his disciples wait that they
might receive power to go into all the world as
witnesses of his resurrection. We dare not dis-
obey his last command, for to every command
of Christ we hear an answering voice, "Yea,
saith the Spirit." To seek the power of the
Holy Spirit and not obey the voice of the Spirit
would be to receive the condemnation of Simon
Magus who would purchase the gift of power
with gold. The only coin that is current in

The Deity of the Holy Spirit. 203

heaven is the obedience of faith. The Holy
Spirit asserts his sovereignty as the Executive
of the Godhead in his imperative command such
as he gave to hesitating Peter at Joppa : "And
while Peter thought on the vision, the Spirit
said unto him, Behold three men seek thee.
But arise, and get thee down, and go with them,
nothing doubting : for I have sent them."
There is no conferring with flesh and blood
now, but immediate obedience to the heavenly
vision. We cannot conceive that Peter should
disobey and remain a believer, much less an
apostle. The Lord of the harvest is to be
obeyed, not answered. Our highest freedom is
the freedom to obey because our hearts are free
to it. If therefore the Son shall make you free,
ye shall be free indeed.

This glorious liberty is to be shared even by Mature to
nature in the fulfillment of the purpose of God, ^""'''^'

man tn the

for the Holy Spirit is both the Lord of nature giory of/uii
and the Lord of grace. Men used to talk much ^'

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