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■jmm'^AM'. ^-Aii






We, the class of

Nineteen Hundred and Twenty

take great pleasure

in dedicating our book


Professor Harlow Lindley

a cheerful, progressive worker

for his

Alma Mater


|l" IX a few liricf years yi .u sliduld feel a loiit^iniLi' tn take a iimrnex- tn an old

laiiiiliar spul. a cnnier ni tliis s;(mk1 old world that al\va\s seems tn set \Miir

lieai't a iiin\-in' just a triHe hit faster and your reminiscence Imx a reminis-

cin' just a little mcH'e \iviflly, if such slmuld he the case, what wnuld he

_^ ni'ire \ aluahle tnynu than intake a du^ty, alninst f(ir.iL;i itten hunk nft the nld

l/*'-l|| shelf and ramlile thrnuu;h its i)aiJes hrin^int; tn mind snnie tree which tells

Un tales, snilie shady nnnk dnw n ('leaf Creek which \ nu knn\\ a

tie In ynu. snme .u'rnup wliicli lnrmerl\- claimed \niu- time and thnUL;hls in the

"o-i,i,(l nld days" when neither wnrk unr studies interfeied with "educatinii ?'"

Such is nne ^i the piupnses nf this .Sars^assn.

I'his Sargassn is similar tn ;dl the Sari;assns that have j^one hefnre — excej)! that it is

inihlished h\- the class nf l''2() which shnuld m.ake snme dilTerence and we Ik ppe it is tint fnr

the wnrse. It is ;i mementn ni t<",arlhani life which, we trust, will he esteemed hy nur I'e.aders

in Intiu'e \ears .amnUL;" their valued treasures nt cnllet^e days.

— Ci..\ss 1''20.

The Way It Runs




I 'iililic Speaking;"




Earlham — Past, Present, Future

I'mni six facull\- nu-inhcr - and luriitv-ci^lu Nluilents fmni that mrai;n- ln-ijiniiiiiL; tn tlu- present lay-mit I'f soit-iice

in IS'i.i tn lliirtv lacult\ im-iiil cr-. an. I li\c luin.lrc-d ami dairies an.l c'c|ni]iinent l". ir their ex|ieriniental clcni'Mi^tratidii,\-fi.ur -tiiileiil^ ill r'Jll i'- a V'W^ ~.te]i. I'erhaiis it i^ and thi> i^ liul lypieal of the ex|iansiiin (if the other i^roujis

e\en a Ioniser -tei' froni '■Studenl^ are desireil not to of the eiirricnluni. Idle u liolu material exjiansioii of the

hrinj;" w itli them aii\' ^aiidx" elothini; or an\' ie\velr\- ex- C(dlege duriiii;" the-e ^ixly years is also typified by the step

i-e]ilini,' uaiclie - : if the\' ilo, siieh will lie taken possession from "A uell -eleeled ealiiiiet of minerals, to wiliell addi-

of and held ilnriiii^' their stay at the ( olk-yi- or returned to tion> are fre'|uentl\- made, is accessilile lo tlie students of

their p.areiits" to the present dei^ree of personal lihert>- in Xaliiral Scieiiee" to the ]iresent Joseph Moore Mliseiini.

these matters. .Moreover, the ]n-ohlrni of ln;^h eost of h\ini;-. Looking; aheail sixt\' years, ulial the siir\i\in!:;- menihers

like the poor, has always heen with its for " The inereaseil id" our class of ]'l2i) will si^e h^■y^■ when their reunion year

cost of fuel, provisions, etc., has niaile u necessary (in comes in I'iSd, the mo-t daring;- of us cannot venture to

lSo,i) to advance the price of tuition, hoard, wasliiny;, light, ,L;uess. We can oiil\ hope that the essential spirit of ile-

heat, etc., to SS.rOO per session ,,f twent\- weeks;" lint much nmcracy, the simiile idealism, ihc emphasis upon moral as

progress has Ijeen made in the matter of charges as in well as intellectual values, which characteri;;ed the hegin-

other respects, in the intervening wars, as one can ohserve nings of our institutional life and which is our heritage

hy Consulting the latest catalogue. now, ni.iy he transmitted from class to class until that tinte.

.\gain. "Lectures nn the various Xatural Sciences, anil \\ li.Uexer new cnsioiiis and traditions tlie successive college

also on other suhiects, illustrated Iw experiments, are de- generations may initiate we m.ay hope will still ex]iress the

li\ered weeklv li\ the male teachers" marked the beginning sjiirit that makes what slie has heen and now is.

of I .roup I\" i,f our ]iresent curriculum: it is a long step J. II. Ci-iqx.


inbjCey J^ ujCjC

Ralph Harris

.))-/ lulitor

]\ \LFH Xli HilI.SON

.-Lsst. lidilor

El. LEX Sni-J<R1LL

Assl. Ciilciidar lulilo,

Run \kli HliERNER
.■IssL CiraiUllioi, M,,r

I)(i\ \Lli R. Kelltm

Carolyn Braolev
Assl. Art Rilil,>r

RiiBERT L. Glass
Miuiiiyiiiu Juiilor

Cu-cuhUi<n M,i

John G. P.aker
liilil.n - lii-Chu-f

I.nVA Pearso

Jssl. Ediloi

H(.\VAKn S. XtlLLS

Alhh-lw lulil.ii-

RrssELL M. Davis
Calcutar lUlilor

David M. Edwards, Ph., D.



I'.rini:; presiik'nt nf I'.ai-|hain (/mUc.ljx- is
iiKTcly "I'rL'xy'.s" aMicalinu — liis iwal l)usiness
is raising; tlie niillinn d. ■liar endow ment fund.
I'.xcTV now and thrn In.- |ia\s a \isii tn '\>\v
sin ires" and acquaints us with the i^iowint;-
|ii'"s|)ects (il l-';u-lhani, endinL;^ al\\a\s with ad-
niiinitiiins tn hear in mind the cause ni' uur
Alma Mater.

.i &^

W ll.LIA.M W ■Ikri'J'.lJ )i i|) AM..


/;».-/;.(/i I.itrraliirc

U y..u fvcr liavc an ancrn..,.n trcf Prof,

Win. X. can fill it vi-ry profitalih ami cmur-

tainly with Ins rnninisoenscs. His smile i- indted, TIk- faculty may liavc

..thcr rhvincstcrs Imt lie is tlu-ir ..niv iiispircil

.M.\R>' .\. j. ilAI.I.Akl). Al;.,

L'iiivcr->it\ lit Michiijan


It is \cn hard t,. imannu- the campus next

\car uitliMut Mr~. I'.allaial scnrrxm^ .l..«n llic

cm.lcr path Pi clasv as tile last l.uzzer rin.ys

There are .i;,.inM tu he some envinns jack rah-

hits ilnwn in the -.MUthwest.

.\IJJ-,.\ D. IK )LI-:. I'll.!).,

LiiivLTsity uf I'hioaL;"



l-u; - l'irsid<-iit of Colh-:^r

Ciirulor of Miisi-iiin

Cenerallv kii,,\vn as ■■l)aihl\" Hole. This is
the astronomer who sets the Earlham clocks.
"The President is unahle to he here this morn-
ing and has asked me to announce "

i-T.i )Ki-:.\(i'; ij )X(,, .\..M.

riiivcrsity (if Illinois
■■—Her voice was ever -

Centlc. and low, an excellent thiii.i; m woman.
Miss Lon,« di.l hold both the lon.i; distanc
and speed records for talkin.ij. hut she .yener
ously surrendered the latter to a newcome
to the faculty.

L. Ri(;ii.\ki) i)i;.\.\, I'll I).

I'riucctDii L"iiivfrsit\'

Clussifiil Luii!iuii^:^i-s

The coml.inalioii of leap year and the hooii
for women^s ri.yhts has caused Dr. Dean
i;reat deal uf worry. It's not yet too late fo
the unattached women of the facultv.

J. IIl'.RSCIIF.L Cdl'l-lX. ril.l).

Oinu'll rnivt-rsitv

I'liilii.urpliy, h'c(/islnn-

Speaking of association of ideas, mention

Dr. Coffin to anyone in school and the response

is always "efficiency." He is responsible for

llie popular Imlktin hoard .n LuhIIiv Hall

ulu-rr we so
.^rad.^ and Iidls


L.\rKi".\( !■: .\lc(.■.\RT^■. a. .\i..

I'liivcTsity of 'I'cxas
The one baseliall fan on the faculty ; lie
never misses a game on Reid Field. Hut then
he comes from the Lone Star State, which
produced "Tris" S|ieakcr-. His use of the
phrase. "You're welcome." has hccome a
classic in the annals of the colleye.

AI-RI-.TT \ Till ).\1 AS. A.l;„ luirlliani

.sy-.n/M/i. Prcncli. Mathciii.itics

I'.ach .'xam l,rni..;s „,, ilir question: "We-cl
1 m^ .l..-an't kno-ow. Xo-aw sliall 1 make
llns a 11 or an XI':-" Xo ,,iIkt grades arc
considered. Her ^anko^ drawl an. I experience
as a Mexican missi,,narx are hard to rec.ncile.

.^ \.\iri-:i. K. (,AKr( >x

//<■!/,/ -'/■ ( ■,»,.*, •(■;'(//on—r.iC(//

lie peopli- when overworked go to a sani-
11. hill .Mr. Carton does not find that
sary as lif gets his diatetics here at Earl-
He 1- an inspiration of neatness to the
of the college as he stands hcfore us,
hair 111 place and his face in an orderly

( ll.\UIJ':.S I-;. (■( l,S.\XI). .\ .\I.,

Cliica,<;.> rni\ersit\-


The new liea.l of the Knglish I leparlment
has a .system of punctuation all hi- own. .\
twinkle of his eyes marks a conmia and
"h-hnh" (giggle) is the period.


I-DWIX r. TRL'F.r.I.i )( )|), A.M.,


Public Stcukiii,^

■■rr..f. K.l" i^ n-t so glum as Ins plml, ,m rapli

might suggest, hut has a very genial nature.

Directly or indirectly he turns nut some of the

host speakers in the state. When he forms the

center of the ■Mel.aters' circle" hetore a con-

l.xt. his enlliusuism arhls the neces-arv piuicli

.\x.\A i-:\'i:s, .\.M..

Cuhiiiiliia l'niver>ily

When she came, to our earnest delight
To old Earlham at Prexie's hehight
She taught English each day
.\nd this much we must say
The dei.artment at last reached its h.

RAY l;. .\1< >\\K



"I don't care if you make a million mistakes
and muiif every hall. Get into it and fight."
\\ uh this final injunction Coach sends on the
floor or gridiron a team which would scrap
a thousand cave-men rather than di.sapiioint
him. Coach is one of the higgest single fac-
t.irs around Earlham Colle,ee.

CF.RTRUDE r..\RTEL, .\.l!., K.-irlhain


The ..nly memher of the faculty who sports
a chaulTeur.

ai.i:.\.\\I)1-:r c. itrii>\ i'Ii.d.,

llai-tt'iird Thc'ohi.uical ."seminary

Biblical Literature

\ physician's time helongs to the commun-
ity, and Dr. Purdy devotes himself to feeling
the spiritual pulse of the student body. We
like his sermons as thermometers to test on
religious temperatures.

i-:r.\i-:st \\irj)>[AX, ai.s..

I'liivcrsity of IlliiU'is

Chi- mist ly

Some peciplc can't sec wliy a I'Ve^liman
should sit (in the platfcirm with the faculty.
(Buzzer rin>;s while student is reciting) —
"Please rememher that I am not holding yon.
Mr. is doinn tlic talkiuK."

ELSIR .\I.\KSI I.M.I.. -\.l'... I'.arlhaiii

Household lu-onoiiiics

"Last week was-a (.,„„\ F.n-li-h Week-a the country aiul-a 1 think that-a
we 5h..uld .niphasize it-a at Earlham."

"Did >ou neVr hear say
Two nia\- kee|) counsel, putting one awa\ ?"

.\c,XKS 111 ii.i.isri'.k. \:.\c. Mrs.,

lUish reni|i]c' oi .Music, Chicago


The clima.x of ihe triplets, .^he incases her
feet in white-lop shoes and her hands in glove-
or a nniiif for protection. The method she
leaches is that of Leschctizky — definition of
mere academic student: attack the piano as
tlii.uj,di it were the weekly washini;.

Ct..\R.\ CoM.STi )CK

iroiiicii's .Ithlrtics

"Beshrew me hut I her heartily:
I-*or she is wise, if I can jud.i^^e of her:
And fair she is. if that mine eyes he true;
-\nd true she is, as she hath proved herself;
-\nd therefore, like herself, wise, fair and true,
."shall she he placed in my constant soul."

FR.\.\K I' il'T. .\.M.. I'.ai-llKiin

wouhl he successful in detecting a smile on hi;
lips. I'erhaps these are like his singing — wi
didn't know he could until we were told.

:\rii.LARn s. aiarki.i-., run.

L"llivi-l-MtV nf (1lK-;i-.l
The .,f Cil.raltar lie m\er changes
his mind His iiiacliiiie is ,,l the make u-r,d,l
famous for its iii\-ariahiht>' ami e\en the
chronological tinier ol his jokes remains the
same from \iar lo \ear

MAR rilA |)( lAX, S(;.l).,

('iirilell I'liiveTsitx
Chemistry. Dean of ll'miu'ii
Dr. Doan excavates. She mines for the in-
nate ahility and qnalitv of e\ery freshman
girl nnder her ciating of green. The point
is that she funis it,

■■Her looks ,lo argne h.^r replete with modestv :
Her w,.rds do Oioiv her «it ineomparahle
.\11 her perfections ehallenge -overeigntv.'

.\KrnrR ai. (.■ii.\Rr.i':.s, .\.m.,

I-:arlham Oilk-.tje

iicriiuiii and French

Never sliidy « he assign^ ; if it is |-rene
e sure to .tnd> ( .ernian. In 1 leeeiiih.r h
.■compained his »ife and .laughter to hairop,

nK.\TKH|-. .M. Jl':.\KI.\,s^, .\.l!.,
."■suarlliini ire
Silence was Miss Jenkins' chief failing
when she came to Earlham in mid-year, hut
a short time in our "big family" found her
cured. One only needs to sit at her table to
know her life history — and your ow'n short-
comings. She deser'ves a Inking star from
tile W. A. A. for her promenades in the class

111 iM1-:K I.. .\l( iRRI.^, .\.AI.,

f 'iihiiiiliia I 'ni\cTsitv

PoUlical ami Social Science

Pean of Men

Dean Morris is a liMiig example of wdiat

one hour of recre.itioii per week can do for a

man, Xot that we w.iiit to discourage any

aspirants for the position, hm it's a Strenuous



I'AL'L 11. i;ri )\V.\. S.ll..

Haver fnrd and ICarlhani

Business Mamii^cr. Bookkccf^in^

Xever say tliat \vi>men are the only bargain
hunters — here is a man confirmed to the haliil.
To feed two men at the cost of one is !iis task.

-M.\R(;.\R1'T I'.RICIIA.M, R.X..

r.attlf Creek

Colic;/,- Xiirs,'

"She gives us pills and nickel l.ilK at ..Id E.
C." Too busy t.. see her much but never
busy to fi.x ns up when we amble.l ar. .un.l.

I'.l'.RTll A MII.I.1':R. .\.I;.. I'.arlham

. Issishiiil Lihraruiii

".Xccimmodating" and "efficient" are the
two terms that best describe her. When we
have looked over a shelf half a dozen times
for a book she walks calmly out and finds it
right under our noses.

M.\R^■ I-:. I'.i:ris(."ii.

I'.attle Creek


\ cry business-like in all her methods and
k. I well within the budget allowed for
the "fee. ling of the angry mob," Miss Bertsch
e\'en finds time to devote to many social duties
and t. . appear in thq latest gowns from Paris.

L1A\'1S T. Jo.XES. I'll.l)..

.■-^tate I'nixcrsily .>f l.nva


Whether bear or alligator, it's all in the
game to him. But be never has to hunt for
words — if anything failed him it would be his


JUllX llARA-MV, A.i;., Earlhain


''D<)ubt thou the stars are fire;
Unuf)t tliat the sun doth innve :
Uoulit truth to be a liar;
I'.ut never duul.t I love"


Indiana University


Just a bit of ad\-ice to tlie bride?
class, "When in doubt have waffles,
the Doctor is learning to make them.


Tf our

n.\RI.( )W LIXDLEY. A. M., Earlhain


If >-ou wish to know anything ab(-)ut Indiana
— when she first sat up and took notice, cut
her first tooth, took her first step — any of her
intimate history, just ask the head of the his-
tory department. They have been close friends
all of his life.



.Although we haven't heard Miss Gaston play
much this year, we can promise the students
lor next year that she will have some music,
a smile and a history of some composer to
entertain them with.

GE(_)RGE H. IIIEEI.\RI), .\. M..

State University of Iowa

Pi-pifitniriit of Ediiiation

"Let us bear in mind that under the social
utility method come these seven points: health,
wealth, home-making, citizenship, leisure, re-
ligion, and commimication."


Those Sheepskins

Is it not a hiiiiciitiihli tlilii:^. lluit tin- skin of dii inii<u\-iit luiiib slioiild 'h- iiiadc l^uri-liiiiriif.'—Shakcs/^car

( I \t- cnK'l. cruel ■^enillr^.
Jiist til think of all tin- slain.
' If tliL- iiiitiild ]iitilcs^ pain.
^\■ have caused.

Look ye o'er the |ieaceful ])a - lnres
Where the harnile - lanil)- .1.. run.
l']> anil down in jolly fun.
Full of slee.

Little think tliew thini^r ■.o reckless,
.\s a senior elass siu'vive.

W'aitini^". watching;, toiling;, striving.
For their sunu\ little lives.

Little dreaui the\' — in the future

They Hill i;T.-ice a tyrant's wall.

< Ir lie pre-ent at C'oninicucenient.
In the colk-e ehapel hall.

(i.anihol (in. ye playful creatures,
Lolly- a,L;o the price of sin,

."^oon a host of hun;.;r\" seniors.
Crave a portion of your skin

Hi i\i )K .sl'L'DI'LXT.s

C. M. I'.rKKiioLnKi^

History of the Class of 1920

irst SriiH-'-tcr

/'resident— ir\r\. K. I'.nuwKi.s i i|- !■ It ■^:^';^
Srm-liiry — < in «'!■: I'jiw xniis

.ml S(iiirsU-r —
rii-siilt-iit -|)i>\\iji l<Ki,i.r.\i
SiU-rchiry -\"i\i\\ Kkndm.i.

Ill's al'lcT four years (pf i<iil and lalMir iIk- Sciii..r class stands iradv I'l cmss
the hai", from l''.ai-lliain tn iju- "woi-ld i >insidc ilic sch("il." Ii is with a feel-
iii.i; 111 satisl'actiiin that we Im.k liark i m the time spent here, and as we see
the \ariiiiis lines <>( aehiexenient alMni; which the class has Iraxeled we can
iml help luit I'eel thai the putenlial ])(iwer oi the class must lie as ^reat as
aii\ that has prDceeded lis thiai the p naals . ,l" cniiiinencemeiit.

In literary aii<l scholastic standing; there seems In he little dnnlit hut

thai we ha\e led the schnnl with si mie ni the hest pi'i idnctiMns. J. mi-nalists,

ai'tisls, musicians, ix'liticians and actni-^ are mmiherecl in nur midst.

Xii \arsit\- athletic team has e\er taken the field withnitt a memher ol' the class nf l'»2l)

heini;- in the s(|uad. The <inly ti'ur letter man in ciille<;e is a '20. .\lthi'UL;h it is nut a class

affair, it is with i^reat pleastii'e that we prnclaim to the world that one of the hest x'ears in

l*".arlham athletic histmy is the \eai' of our L^radiiation.

( )ur ranks were depleted ditriiiL;- the war hut .augmented with the return of old stu-
deius. So that we ha\ e |iassed thru the ciisis and now stand as the larL;est ^raduatinj; class in
the histor\- of the institution. N'ornial times haw not heen reached as \et hut we hope that
the spii'it of the class of T'iO will aid much in the linal readjustment of f'.aidhain to the new-
conditions which she is now lacini;'.





'.- ^' -.~

(;i.ASS. K( i|;1-:RT L.. I'.enton l[arl",r, Mich.
.-/./). — Chemistry ami Ccnnau

I'ress Clul) 2, 3. 4, Managing Editor i. iiditor 4: Anglican 3;
Ionian 2. 3; Cnllt-ge Council 3; College Social Committee 2; Tennis
3. 4; Track 3. 4; Fuothall 4: Der Deutsche Vcrein 1; Karlham Service
Clul. 4; Managing Editor Sargasso.

l;..l, looks like a youngster, but he tackled a man's jol, when he
undertook t., edit the Press. He is of a scientific turn of mmd. a very
.ke|. and philosophical thmker. He likes to huzz on occasi.iU. and has
an abnormal uc cream api.etne.

DICKSi iX. M.\R^■ C. I'.ruwnsville. In.liana
.I.H.— nii-lish aud r-rcuch
\. \\ I A 1-4; Le Cercle Erancais 1. 2. 4: i las- Social Cnm-
nmlcr 2. I hairman 4; Treasurer D. D. Girls 2; 1 ), 1 ), l'la> Ca-t 2. 3;
1) l> Social I oinmntee 2; \'ice-President I', D,'-. 3,

I >ciimre and dignified enough to chaperone a l-'rcshman sister,
W uh her several athletic admirers we ilo not see that she needs to
sin,L;, "Will there he any 'stars' in nn crown?"

lli:iKi )XI.ML'S, DOROTHY, Richiiiciiid. Indiana
A.B.—IIisloi-y and Hiiyllsh
W \\ C. .\. 1-4. Cabinet 3; Class Secretary 2: Chairman hVesh-
man-Junior IVohc ( ommittee 3; College Social Committee 4; Phoeni.K
2:()rchestra 1.2.4 : l.e Cercle Francais 2,4; \\'..\..\. 1-4. E.xecutive Com-
mittee 2.4; \arsity Hockey 1-4; \"arsity Baseball 2.3: Sargasso Staff 4.
.\nything that you want done and that done well call on "Dot,"
Beinij an honor student did not minimize her success in other lines.

Mll.L.s. .^I'M.XI'R .XAIo.s, West Xewti.n. Indiana
.I.H.^Hislory and English

\. M. C. A. 1. 3. 4. Cabinet 3. 4; Eootball "E" 3: Debating Team
3; Press Club 3. 4. Managing Editor 3; Ionian 1. 3. 4; Class Presi-
dent 3; Polity 3. 4; Student Council 3. Inter-dorm Committee 3; Hand-
book Committee 1, 3; Prohil.iti.m ( lub 1; Le Cercle h'rancais 4; Pur-
due University 2.

What shall we say about Sumner? He has so many g I points

and is so totally .levoid of had ones that we will let yon .Iraw your
own conclusiiins.



MAIXS. MARK iX la.IZAin'.ri 1. Si-ynmur.
./.S.— /•»-/o/i (/)((/ lulucalion

V. \V. C. A. 1-4; Spanisli Cluh 1: Cnllege S..cial Con
Class Social Committee 4; Y. \V. Social O'liimittee 4;
\'ice-Prcsident 4 : Polity 4 : W. A. A. 1-4.

If she wants to tcU you what she thinks, she will do S'
of how you may feel about it — so don't be surprised,
topic of conversation is ".\rizona" and all its attractioi
Oil Kings and Copper Mines. She is a grown up "little i^

RAIl-ORl). I-:U(iF.XE KI)I;I-:RTS, \irgiiiia

B.S. — Cliciiiistrv and Malhciimtics

Y. M. C. .\. 1-4. Cabinet 2; Press Club 2, 3. 4. Managing Editor

4: Ionian 2; \arsity Football 2-4; Varsity Basketball 3, 4; X'arsity

Baseball 1-4, Captain 2; Track "E" 2; College Social Committee 2;

"EE" Club 3, 4; Class President 2; Honorable Mention.

"Vou-all don' know what you miss not to have hot biscuits every
mawnin'." 'A'irginnie" has a special liking for athletics, peanuts, and
West Main street. \e,\t year he will be a "math" professor.


l;i )\\). RC 111. Richm..ii.l. In.liana
.I.B. — Home licoiioiiiics and l-.iu/lish
V. \V. C. A. 4: Public Speaking l)e|iartment Play 1. 3; I). D.
Cirls' Play 2: D. U. Play 2. 3; Chapel Dedicatory Play 4; Chairman
D. D. Social Committee 4.

Say. did you hear someone yelling in the library? If you did. u
was Kuth. .\cting is her accomplishment— even the rouge gn iw^ natur-
ally on her cheeks— Domestic Science is her avocation.

L11-:TZM.\X, WKSTIXK, (■layt.m. Indiana
A.n.— Bible and luu/'lis/i

Y. \V. C. A. 1-4. Cabinet 3. 4; Student Council 3. Inter-donn 3;
Science Clidj 1-4, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, Treasurer 4; Phoeni.x
2; Polity 1-3: Church Extension Group 3. 4. President 3; Summer
Sch.iol 'IS-'l').

As true blue as her eyes is this rollicking maiden. We are a^t^n-
i!.hcd to note her increased vocabulary and her added dignity since she
l)ecame Miss Doan's assistant. Next year she plans to work among
the Indians in Oklahoma.



Ki'.LIAWr. DOXALD I'.., (ainin, In. liana
H.S~M,illu-iiiulii-s ami I'liysiii

\. M. C. A. 1-4: ("lav-, I'rt-M.U-nt 1. -4: Stu.k-nt r.iumii ,1 -1, I'ri-si-
lU-Tit 3; lmL-r-.l<.ni. ( -..inmittcc ,? ; IVi^s Cluli 2. ,5. 4. Ass.K-ialc Editor
,i, 4; Studcnl Affairs Uuar.l 1: Inn, an 4; l.r (."iTcli- l-raiuaiis 4; Science
1, 2. .1 President ,i; Spanish llu:. .' ; I )er Deutsche \erein 1 ; Sargasso

Though he majored Ml science this exrei.lional yoalh call speak four
languages, "h.m" ahvavs has a cheerfid word for a "feller" when
he's got the hlnes, l!y his latest ,l.vers„in. racing throngli the dining
room with Miss Long. n.. donht he phiils lo lose nincli a\oirdll|.ois.

l'|-:.\kS( ).\. I.( l\\\ I... West .Milt, ,11. I dli,,
.!.H.— lllst.'ry ,iinl h.iuilish
\. W. C. .\, 1-4. fahinet 2. a. 4. I'resi,leiit 4; r,.lity ,i. 4; Ma.lrigal
1-4; W. .\, ,\. 1-4; College Social Committee 1; Phoenix 1; Stiiilent
toimcil 1; Her Deutsche \'ereiii 1; Sargass,, Stali'.

.\ shnek .,f joy or exaltati,,n. a livel\ sP'p. a few notes fr,,iii s,,nie
s,.iig ,,r opera a,i,l a heart\ laugh .-.uil li.,,i,l-shake.

l;( )\\ I:RS. lUa'l-.MI M.. Ricliiii,,ii,l. In.liana
J.iS. — MatlicniatiiS ami liiliiratiaii
\. \V. (.'. A. .'-4; D, D, („rls' Play .' ; D. D. f'Liy ,5; l-rench (luh
4; .Secretary-Treasurer D. I), .\ssociati, ,u ,! ; lloia.rahle .\lenti.,n.

She sInifHes the trig and the algehra until ,1 ,iiakes one dizzy.
Dom. Science is her ,,ther interest— hut i,i sewing she collects her P,
tlir.,iigli sympathy the heail of the ilepartment. So small she
almost l,,oscs hers, If ,„ ih,' l„g car she ilri\es.

DI'L'KI-.R, lll-:\m. JR., Richnii.ii,!, Indiana
A.B.—I'olilual Science and licnnamics
\. M. (". .K. 1. .'; I), D, Treasurer 1. I'resalent .i ; S,,cial (."^..nirnit-
tei' ,!. 4; ( ollege S,.e,al ( oiiimittee j; Science ("luh 2; (dee flul, 4;
Sen„,r Play Cmmittee 4.

Jmlgiiig from his walk ,,ne w.,ul,l think that he had just fallen
lieir to Wall Street, Laying all ),.kes asi,lc whether managing a stage,
perf,.rming a chemistry experiment ,.r carrying ,,n a eonversati,,ii, he
gets there-


•^ —


l'[-:X\IXi,T().\, MAKV I-:STII1-:R. KiclniiMn.l, In.liaiia

A.B.—Euylish and Plulosofhy

\. W. C. A. 4: State Oratorical 4; Pacific College 1. 2, i.

A relresliing breeze from the western coast. We have foiiiul her

very likable and regret the three years she did not spend with us. The

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