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Karen Astell in Mrs. Walker's third grade, Amanda Akerley in Mrs. Simmon's third
grade, Meghan Haldeman in Ms. Hayes' fourth grade and Amir Sadaah (2""^
semester) in Mr. Benson's Physical Education classes. UNH Education professor
Tom Schram is our intern site coordinator.

In our ongoing commitment to develop effective and expert teachers, we put a
great deal of emphasis on providing meaningful professional development
opportunities for staff. For the past two years our school has focused on the
implementation of the Everyday Math program and the development of teachers as
mathematicians. Ongoing professional development in mathematics includes
summer institutes, grade level study groups, and formative peer observation. In
the 2005-06 school year we will be embarking on extensive professional
development opportunities in the areas of reading, writing and word study.

In last year's town report I talked about the importance of establishing a
community advisory board with the role of collecting and providing constructive
community feedback to help better define and guide the school's mission. Schools
today are facing more difficult challenges than ever before: a constantly changing
social fabric, tightening fiscal constraints, and growing standardization of
educational outcomes for our children. Seeking meaningful solutions to these
challenges requires feedback and involvement from all members of the school and
larger community. It requires us to continually reflect on our values and beliefs, to
share them openly and to be willing to listen to others' ideas. It implores us to
develop a common vision about teaching and learning that we can reflect on,
embrace and work toward as a community.

After further reflection on the establishment of an advisory board, I grew
concerned with the time and commitment this would require of prospective board
members. Our need to engage in a visioning process has not chang«l but how I
have chosen to undertake the task has. With the School Board's support, I hired
Dr. Tom Schram, professor of education at the University of New Hampshire, to
serve as the school district's visioning consultant. This past fell Tom involved the
staff in


2004 School District Report - East Kingston Bementarv School and Total Enrollment

a series of focus group discussions and surveys to clarify our values and beliefs
about teaching and learning. This upcoming winter Tom will begin speaking and
conducting surveys with the larger East Kingston community in order to collect and
integrate the values and beliefs of the broader community. Your input and ideas
are important to this process and we hope that you will take the time to participate
in it as it unfolds. Keep an eye on the town newsletter for updated information as
we move forward with our visioning process.

We are committed to providing our students with a high quality education in a safe
and caring environment. We are proud of what our students can do and the type of
people they are developing into. I hope you sense that pride when you come into
the building and, as always, we are extremely grateful for your support.


James Eaves, Principal


Grades 1 through 5

K 1 2 3 4 5 Totcil

2005 24 28 33 28 33 27 173

2004 21 34 28 35 25 30 173

2003 30 25 34 25 28 26 168

2002 19 31 26 31 28 29 164


2004 School District Report - Elementary School Staff



Mr. James Eaves


Mrs. LJliane Conlan

Grade IB

Mrs. Maureen Brown

Grgde IZ

Ms. Katherine Zimar

Grade 2M

Ms. Cynthia Merrill

Grade 20

Mrs. Sarah Oppenheimer

Grade 3S

Mrs. Debra Simmons

Grade 3W

Mrs. Lynne Walker

Grade 4A

Mrs. Anne Atkins

Grade 4H

Ms. Judith Hayes

Grade 5M

Mrs. Carol Miller

Grade 5Mc

Mr. James McMahon

Special Education Teacher/Coordinator

Mrs. JoAnne Phillips

Reading Specialist

Mrs. Evelyn Lord


Mrs. Nancy Leavitt


Mrs. Sara LaCasse

Physical Education

Mr. Chris Benson

School Nurse

Mrs. Lauralyne Conant

Speech Ttierapist

Mrs. Jane Edmiston

Occupational Therapist

Mrs. Tracy Janelle

Physical Therapist

Mrs. Sheila Briggs

Counselor/Home School Coord.

Mrs. Betsy Schulthess


Mr. Peter Fennell


Mrs. Melissa Foy

Instructional Aides

Mrs. Sue Davis

Ms. Mary George

Mrs. Janice Huss

Mrs. Morna Nigrello


2004 School District Report - Elementary School Staff and Perfect Attendance

Instructional Aides - cont'd.

Literacy Tutor
Math Tutor
ESL Tutor

Food Service Manager
Food Service Assistant

Part-time Custodian
Long Term Substitute
Administrative Assistant
Resource Secretary

Mrs. Sheri Pigsley
Mrs. Christine Silverman
Mrs. Merrilyn San Soucie
Mrs. Stacey Wood
Mrs. Amy Hill
Mrs. Kimberly Kemp
Mrs. Bonnie Taylor
Mrs. Mary Russell
Mrs. Virginia Franzoni
Mr. Louis George
Mr. Arnold Bailey
Ms. Robbi-lyn Ward
Mrs. Florence Whicher
Mrs. Paula Rolfs


David Ayotte
Andrew Brace
Rachel Burton
Andrew Cicale
Lindsay Cicale
Mollie Conant
Jennifer Kelley
Shannon Mayotte

Sarah Miller

Tyler Miller
josephr Moser
Benjamin Rice
Adam Roberge
Daimion Smith
Dairion Smith

Rachel Sucu

Zoe Sucu

Samuel Young


2003 School District Report - East Kinaston Elementary School District Warrant



To the inhabitants of the School District of the Town of East Kingston,
County of Roclcingham, State of New Hampshire, qualiHed to vote upon
District Affairs:

You are hereby notified to meet at the East Kingston Elementary School in said East
Kingston on Tuesday, the eighth day of March 2005, 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, to act
upon the following subjects:

1. To choose a School Board member for the ensuing three (3) years.

2. To choose a School District Moderator for the ensuing one (1) year.

3. To choose a School District Clerk for the ensuing one (1) year.

4. To choose a School District Treasurer for the ensuing one (1) year.

5. To choose two School District Auditors for the ensuing one (1) year.

Richard Poelaert, Chairperson

Robert A. Caron

Dave Miller

East Kingston School Board


2003 School District Report - East Kingston Elementary School District Warrant





You have hereby been notified to meet at the East Kingston Elementary School in
said District on SATURDAY, THE SIXTH DAY OF MARCH 2004, AT 1:00 PM to

act upon tine following subjects:

1. To see if the School District will votie to raise and appropriate the sum of
$2,066,698.00 for the support of the schools, for the payment of salaries for the
school district officials and agents, and for the payment for statutory obligations of
the District. (The School Board recommends this appropriation.)

2. To see if the School District will vote to create an expendable trust fund
under the provisions of RSA 35:l-b, to be known as the "Special Education Trust
Fund," for the purpose of funding unanticipated special education expenses
including transportation, and name the School Board as agents to expend from said
trust fund, and raise and appropriate to said fund the sum of $35,000. (The School
Board recommends this appropriation.)

3. Shall the School District accept the provisions of RSA 198:20-8 providing that
any school district at an annual meeting may adopt an art:icle authorizing
indefinitely, until specific rescission of such authority, the School Board to apply for,
accept and expend, without furtiier action by the school district, money ft-om a
state, federal or other governmental unit or private source which becomes available
during the fiscal year? (The School Board recommends this appropriation.)

4. To hear reports of agents, auditors, and committees or officers heretofore
chosen and to pass any vote relating there to.

5. To transact any other business that may come before this meeting.

Richard Poelaert, Chairperson

Robert A. Caron

Dave Miller

East Kingston School Board


2004 Schod District Report - EK School DistricI: Special Education Programs



Previous Two Fiscal Years per RSA 32:ll-a





Special Programs




Summer School


Psychological Services




Vision Services




Speech and Audiology




Speech-Summer School




Physical Therapy




Occupational Therapy




Special Transportation




Summer School Transportation

Total Expenses





Services to other LEAs
Special Ed. Portion Adequacy








Foundation Aid


Catastrophic Aid







Total Revenues




2004 School District Report - Exeter Region Cooperative School District Officers

Board Members and District Officers

Chair of the School Board: Kimberley Casey





Kimberley Casey


East Kingston

Lucy Cushman



Linda Henderson



Patty Lovejoy



Roy l^^orrisette



Ray Trueman



Greg Kann



Robin Scott






School District World Wide Web Site:

Moderator: Charles Tucker

School District Clerk: Sue Bendroth

School District Treasurer: Robert Boyd

Superintendent's Office

Arthur L Hanson, Ed.D.

email: ahanson(a)

Superintendent of Schools

Paul A. Flynn, M.Ed.

email: [email protected]

Associate Superintendent/Director of Human Resources

Stephen A. Kossakoski, Ph.D.

email: [email protected]

Assistant Superintendent - Technology

Jerome E Frew, M.Ed.

Email: [email protected]

Assistant Superintendent - Curriculum

Walter Pierce, MBA, M.S.T

email: [email protected]

Business Administrator


2004 School District Report - SAU 16 Report of Administration



The S4^i5 School Districts are committed to working together to develop common
standards and values that will result in graduates who are caring, productive and
contributing members of society.

In August of 2004, the schools opened their doors with the following enrollments:
Swasey Central School in Brentwood - 367; East Kingston Elementary School - 173;
Exeter Elementary (Main Street School and Lincoln Street School) - 996; Kensington
Elementary School - 194; Newflelds Elementar/ School - 175; Stratham Memorial
School - 648; Cooperative Middle School - 1,317; Exeter High School - 1,623, and
the Seacoast School of Technology - 560.

New Exeter High School

The new Exeter High School has proceeded on schedule since last winter under the
astute supervision of Walter Pierce, Project Director and SAU 16 Business
Administrator. Prior to the groundbreaking ceremony held on May 12, 2004, the
site was logged and cleared for the building footprint, roads, parking and athletic
fields. Since May, the site work has proceeded on schedule and is approximately
75% complete, including five detention ponds, paved roads and parking lots, septic
tanks, site drainage, buried conduit and catch basins. Four of the athletic fields are
completed, including installation of in-ground irrigation systems, fencing and grass
seeding. The building foundation is complete and the underground utilities are in

The extension of the electrical service from Route 27 to the building transformer
has been completed. Masonry walls, steel structure, roofing and building
membrane for the west third of the building are 80% complete. Our construction
manager, Harvey Construction Corporation, signed an agreement in August of 2004
for a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) of $39,400,000 which is what was
budgeted prior to the March 2003 Bond Vote. Construction activity is proceeding
through the winter, including structural steel for the remaining two-thirds of the
building, mechanical systems, duct work and electrical wiring. The project will be
approximately 30% complete as of February 2005 and substantial completion is
scheduled for June 2006. Updates of the project are shown on EXTV-Channel 22
and also displayed on our website, www.saul6.orQ .


2004 School District Report - SAU 16 Report of Administration

SAU 16 Business Office

The SAU Business Office has enjoyed success with general operations and special
initiatives this year. The team has continued work on our software conversion,
tackled the new GASB 34 accounting standards, supported a multi-district copier
bid, and generated savings with additional SAU consolidated purchasing efforts.

We are continuing the deliberately staggered implementation of our new
accounting software. As the software vendor has released additional components
of its product, the SAU has lagged behind those releases, to allow the software to
mature and the working out of any technical issues. This fiscal year, we are
completing the transitwn of all purchasing and ledger functions into the new
application. We will work next year on the payroll and personnel areas.

The accounting industry has paid much attention in recent years to the GASB 34
standards, which increase the level of reporting that governmental entities
complete. This year the SAU has dedicated a measured amount of time to
understanding those standards. We are working to comply with GASB 34 this year
in a single district as a first step in globally incorporating these new standards.

Economies of scale are essential to effective cost savings. The Business Office has
supported efforts again this year to realize savings where possible through
consolidated purchasing. A lengthy survey and analysis of district copier use will
provide our schools with improved capacity at managed cost over the coming years.
The SAU took advantage of a multi-school, multi-town bidding process to help keep
costs low. Additionally, the SAU built upon the annual supplies bid savings by
joining a purchasing cooperative for plain paper buying this year.

Last year this office experienced two key staffing changes. A year later our team is
working well and has incorporated the new members very smoothly.

Human Resources

During the summer of 2004, the SAU 16 Human Resources Department met with
and processed employment papers for 51: new teachers and 68 new support staff"
members. Overall, SAU 16 employs over 900 people working for our various school

This year, the Exeter Region Cooperative School District has been conducting a
search to find a successor to retiring high school Principal Gary Heald. It is hoped
that by mid-February a new principal will be hired and ready to begin his/her new
assignment as of July 1, 2005.


2004 School District Report - SAU 16 Report of Administration

As a reminder, the Human Resources Department serves all of the SAU 16
Communities of Brentwood, East Kingston, Exeter, Exeter Region Cooperative,
Kensington, Newfields and Stratham,

Technology and Research


The goal of our technology initiatives continues to be on the integration of
technology to support student achievement in the classroom. Toward this end,
administrators, technology coordinators, and teachers are working with Dr. C
hristopher Moersch, Executive Director of the National Business Education Alliance
to continue to build their capacity to implement units of instruction that use
technology as a support to build higher order thinking skills. In May 2004, the SAU
16 Joint Board approved the addition of a technology integration component into
the SAU's teacher evaluation document. Additionally, teachers and administrators
continue to have access to many training opportunities throughout SAU 16 to assist
in the development of their technological skills.

SAU 16 has also embarked on an ambitious project to use Open Source software in
our local schools. One of the results of this effort will be that school district funds
will beleveraged and maximized because there are no licensing fees for using Open
Source software. Open Source solutions will also enable SAU 16 to maximize its
computer hardware investment by allowing older PCs in schools to be used as
terminals that operate off a server, thusly increasing the number of computers
available to students. Open Source software will also provide SAU 16 teachers and
students will be able to access free software for use at home, which will enable
teachers to expand student learning opportunities outside of the classroom. While
this project is in the early stages of implementation, we expect that students will
notice changes to some computers and software applications in the Spring of 2005.

The development of an SAU 16 Wide Area Network (WAN) will begin in late
January of 2005. This network will connect all SAU 16 schools and buildings into
one large network. Advantages of this project include: the ability to securely and
quickly share documents and resources throughout SAU 16; the potential to
consolidate data collection tasks and inaease our capability to analyze student
data; and, the capacity to maximize the efficiency of our technology support
personnel by enabling them to remotely administer and repair servers and desktop
computers. The SAU 16 WAN will be completely operational by the end of the 2004-
2005 academic year.


2004 School District Report - SAU 16 Report of Administration


Two significant initiatives are underway tiiat will greatly expand the ability of SAU
16 staff members to analyze and report students progress. First, each school in the
SAU has begun working on the development of an on-line school portfolio. This
on-line portfolio will include information that will describe the mission and goals of
each school, list demographic information; report standardized test scores; and list
areas of strength, as well as, describe areas where the school is seeking to improve.
The ultimate goal is that these portfolios will server as "living documents" that will
describe how each school is working to meet the needs of its students and
community. The second research initiative is the SAU 16-wide survey of students,
parents, and staff members. A survey developed by the Education for the Future
Initiative at the California State University, Chico that has been administered to over
1 million people over the last fifteen years will be used. The survey seeks to
measure the perceptions of parents, staff, and students in the areas of safety,
academic programming, and also solicits responses on each school's strengths and
weaknesses. The Cooperative Middle School and Exeter High School will be
surveyed in the Fall 2004 while elementary schools will be surveyed in the Spring of
2005. The results of these surveys will be included in each school's on-line

Great Bay elearninq Charter School

The Great Bay eLearning Charter School (GbeCS) will open on January 24, 2005
with 50 ninth grade students drawn from the SAU 16 towns of Brentwood, East
Kingston, Exeter, Kensington, Newfields, and Stratham. The GbeCS is the first
school district sponsored charter school in the state of New Hampshire. Located in
the Exeter High School Annex, the focus of the school will be to foster student
achievement through project-based learning in a technologically rich learning
environment. More information can be found at the school's website:
www. greatbayelearn.orQ .

Curriculum and Philosophy

Assessment Plan - In May of 2004, a testing schedule through 2008 was presented
to the SAU 16 Joint Boards. That schedule can be accessed from the Curriculum
and Assessment link on the SAU 16 web page and includes the current plan for
assessing student achievement and information for instructional decision making
through a variety of standardized and locally developed instruments. That same
link provides access to NHEIAP results for grades 3, 6, and 10, explanations of the
NWEA Assessment Program (Measures of Academic Progress), New England


2004 School District Report • SAU 16 Report of Administration

Common Assessments, and "National Assessment of Educational Progress" (The
Nations Report Card). Ongoing Professional Development opportunities are
provided to allow staff members the training needed to maximize these resources.

TTirough the work of the SAU Instructional Council, the SAU Administration
continues to seek alternative means of assessing student performance and gains in
academic achievements.

Our curriculum alignment timeline is set forth as part of the Professional
Development Master Plan accepted by the State of N.H. Department of Education
and spans the years 2002-2007. The following is a progress report of the various
curricular priorities for the 2004-2005 school year.

Literacy - Writing prompts for assessing writing in grade levels K-10 are developed
for spring administration.

Science - Grade level vocabulary and essential questions for each grade level are
currently being identified by representatives from all school and grade levels.

Mathematics - Training for EveryDay Math (EDM) and MathScape is ongoing.
Common grade level assessments, parent resource guides, and extended learning
packets are topics which are under discussion.

Social Studies - Members are convening to discuss appropriate program and student
achievement measurements.

World Languages - In addition to the scheduled 6-12 review this year, a steering
committee has been formed to investigate the potential of applying for a Foreign
Language Assistance Program Grant, if the grants become available.

Music - As an extension of work previously done, which brought about a series of
recommendations in 2002, a task force of SAU 16 music educators are discussing
the possibilities of common SAU 16 assessments and resources in music education.

Family and Consumer Sciences CFACS) - Beginning last spring, discussions are
taking place reviewing the content standards for FACS and how we are meeting
them through our programming and integration with other subjects.

Health - Although the Physical Education and Health Guidelines were adopted in
May of 2002, a task force of Health and Physical Education educators, school
nurses, and others have recently reconvened to address the crisis of adolescent


2004 School District Report - SAU 16 Report of Administration

health issues, and to initiate a proactive plan to address it in our school

Grade Reporting Systems - A task force has been formed to investigate "best
practices and effective characteristics of grade reporting systems". The purpose of
the group is to identify practices and develop recommendations to consider when
revising grade-reporting systems.

In all areas where the state has entered into the New England Common
Assessment Program, grade level teachers are reviewing the Grade Level
Expectations which were released from draft form in October 2004 for alignment to
our adopted curriculum.

Sincere appredation is offered to all of the school board members of SAU 16 for
their continued support and dedication to the students of the seven school districts.
The Boards' countless hours, dedication and efforts on behalf of collaborative
educational and co-curricular excellence, is often unrecognized. Their commitment
to SAU 16 students and to their communities allows SAU 16 to be recognized as one
of the most outstanding school units in the state of New Hampshire.


Arthur L Hanson, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools

Paul A. Flynn, M.Ed., Associate Superintendent, Director of Human Resources

Stephen A. Kossakoski, Ph.D., Assistant Superintendent - Technology

Jerome E. Frew, M.Ed., Assistant Superintendent - Cumculum

Walter C. Pierce, MBA, M.S.T., Business Administrator


2004 School District Report - SAU 16 Proposed Budget 2005-2006


FISCAL YEAR 2005-2006

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