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• Presented an informational display at Town Meeting.

• Attended meetings/seminars/workshops sponsored by the NH Association
of Conservation Commissions, Rockingham County Conservation District,
Rockingham Planning Commission, UNH Cooperative Extension, NH
Department of Environmental Services, and the NH Estuaries Project.

As always, members of the Commission are available to answer your questions
regarding the management of the natural resources in the Town; and encourage
you to make use of our town lands, in particular the Railroad and Welch Lots with
their nature trails.

Lawrence K. Smith


2004 East Kingston Town Report - Emergency Management


As this year winds to a close I'd just like to pause to remember a wonderful person
and former co-worker who was taken from us long before her time, Amanda (Rossi)
Gallant. Amanda had served as the Emergency Management Director and in the
process made many friends with her upbeat attitude and generous heart. She will
truly be missed and our thoughts are with her family and friends.

During 2004, as mandated by the Federal Government, the Office of Emergency
Management, along with other Town public safety agencies participated once again
in the biennial Radiological Emergency Response Plan exercises. The Town
participated in two Combined Functional Drills and one Graded Exercise where an
evaluator from the Federal Emergency Management Agency oversaw the activities
and graded our Town's performance. These activities tested our knowledge of
emergency procedures in the event of a problem at Seabrook Station. This is quite
an involved process and I am pleased to report that our Town performed flawlessly.
This is in no small part due to our dedicated volunteers. Police and Fire Department
members, and Selectmen, who take the time to come to these exercises, spend a
And make it a point to take their roles seriously. I have also heard unofficially that
the FEMA evaluators fight amongst themselves over who gets to evaluate East
Kingston due to the gourmet luncheons we provide! I have no doubt that in a real
emergency these people would perform their best to protect the Town and its
residents. Our next drills and graded exercise will be held in 2006.

During the coming year my goal is to complete an Emergency Operations Plan and
an All Hazards Mitigation Plan, which are documents required by the State of New
Hampshire that detail a communities' response to emergency situations. These
documents are prerequisites to have completed in order to receive any grant money
from the US Office of Homeland Security. Hopefully the Town will be able to re-
ceive grant monies to assist the Police and Fire budgets, as well as provide training
to emergency responders. I also hope to modernize and computerize the layout of
the Emergency Operations Center at the municipal complex, making things more
user friendly.

If any resident would like to volunteer jA/ith the Office of Emergency Management,
your help would be most welcome and beneficial. We are willing to provide all the
training you will need. Feel fr6e to contact either myself at 702-0821, or the
Selectmen's Office, 642-8406.

Thank you and have a safe 2005!


Mark Cook, Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator


2004 East Kingstpn Town Report - Exeter River Local Advisory Committee


The Exeter River Local Advisory Committee (ERLAC) celebrated its 8th year of
stewardship of the river and watershed in 2004. Without a doubt, the highlight of
the year was the 4th Annual Exeter River Alewife Festival held June 5th along
Swasey Parkway in downtown Exeter. Approximately 800 people strolled along the
Parkway to talk with dozens of organizations and individuals interested in protecting
natural resources in the region. The second annual canoe and kayak race was held
and fifty paddlers raced along a course set on the tidal Squamscott River. Plans are
underway for the 5th Festival and another canoe and kayak race to be held June 4,
2005 along Swasey Parkway.

In addition to organizing the Festival, ERLAC held the fifth annual vernal pool
workshop in East Kingston. Once again, ERLAC representative Patrick Seekamp of
Brentwood and his brother Michael led this hands-on workshop designed for
families. Children and adults waded into pools scattered throughout the forest to
identify salamanders, turtles and clusters of frog eggs. Development of forestland
threatens vernal pools in every watershed community.

ERLAC is grateful to members Camilla Lockwood of Chester and Elisabeth Sanders
of Danville for working on the reprint of the classic history of the Exeter-Squamscott
River, Exeter-Squamscott, River of Many Uses. Written by Exeter native Olive
Tardiff almost twenty years ago, ERLAC has updated this wonderful book with
additional historical photographs, and a new introduction and afterword. Please
contact ERLAC at 778-0885 to purchase a copy.

Protection of water quantity and quality are the primary topics of discussion at
monthly ERLAC meetings. With support from the NH Estuaries Project, the NH
Coastal Program and the NH Department of Environmental Services, ERU\C
representatives and staff from the Rockingham Planning Commission continue to
work with Planning Boards and Conservation Commissions in the watershed to
recommend strengthening land use regulations to protect shoreline and uplands.

For 2005, ERLAC will partner with Conservation Commissions and Planning Boards
in ten watershed communities to provide education and outreach programs
highlighting protection of water quality and quantity, wildlife habitat, and scenic and
recreational resources in the watershed.

ERLAC meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Conference
Room at the Rockingham County Nursing Home in Brentwood. Representatives are
needed from your community. Please call the Rockingham Planning Commission a;
778-0885 for more information.


Lawrence K. Smith and Richard S. Urwick, East Kingston Representatives to ERLAC


2004 East Kingston Town Report - Fire Department


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Fire Department members and
their families for their outstanding work, support and dedication throughout the
year. We are a great team and we are very fortunate to have all of you.

Beginning mid year Rob Carter was promoted to Assistant Chief and Carl Richter
was promoted to Deputy Chief. Their knowledge and continued hard work is a
great asset to this department.

In June, we assisted the Police Department with ambulance coverage of their
annual 5K Road race. Mark Durkee, Ed Decatur, Julie Urwick and Roland Estabrook
donated their time for this event. This summer the library invited us to participate in
their summer reading program. The theme of the program was "Be a Hero". Scott
and Julie Urwick and Austin Carter graciously took time out of their busy schedule
to participate in this wonderful program. In October Scott and Julie as well as Ed
Decatur presented a fantastic program at the elementary school for Fire Prevention
week. Also, in the fall Carl Richter and Scott Urwick were participants In Pajama
Story night at the elementary school. These are just a few of the extras that our
members do throughout the year in addition to their Firefighter/EMT duties.

The Fire Association has continued working very closely with the department this
year. As many of you have noticed, the size of the Fire Station has grown. Two
additional bays have been added to the rear of the building. Any of you who
stopped by during the open house this fall got to see what tight quarters we have.
The Fire Association has covered all cost for this addition, with no impact to the
taxpayers. We thank the association for their continued support and many thanks
to all of you that donate to the Fire Association. Please continue to send your
donations to the Fire Association so that we can watch the donation thermometer
go up!

In April Engine 2 was sent out and brought up to current state and NFPA
regulation. It is scheduled to be repainted this year. This is also the year the
ambulance is scheduled to be replaced. The ambulance replacement committee
has worked hard, met frequently, done a lot of research and have many bids
coming in. We are grateful that the money for the new ambulance has already
been raised through the yearly contributions appropriated at Town Meeting, to the
Fire Apparatus Capital Reserve Fund. Once again, we will be able to replace a piece
of equipment without taking out a loan or paying any interest. We thank the voters
of the town for appropriating this yearly request. We are including a copy of our
vehicle replacement schedule with this report for your review.

As our town continues to grow, our members are hard at work with continuing
education and training so that we are up to date on state and local rules and
regulations. In the past our town was small enough that we did not mind getting


2004 East Kingston Town Report - Fire Department

fire department business related calls to our homes. Due to the growth of the town
and the volume of calls coming in to our homes we can no longer do this. ALL fire
department business calls need to go to 642-3141. We will strive to return
your call within forty-eight hours. As always in an emergency call 911.

In 2004 we broke our record on calls. We had one hundred and fifty calls,
fifty-four were fire calls, seventy-four were medical calls and twenty-one were a
combination fire/rescue calls.

Thank you for your continued support of this department.


Alan J. Mazur, Fire Chief


YEAR Capital Equipment Projected Remaining Equipment

Reserve Fund Replacement Cost Revenue Years in


Replace E-3 $260,000 45 years

Lease paid

Replace R-1 $107,000 $13,000 14 years

Replace F-1 $105,000 $103,000 22 years

Replace T-4 $263,000 $40,000 23 years

Replace E-2 $402,000 (-$7,000) 26 years

• Plan to replace Apparatus used by Fire & Rescue

• Engine 3 will be the only Apparatus paid using short Lease Purchase Plan

- This willcost 1.5% over yearly inflation cost of 3%

• Projected cost is evaluated by year 2000 pricing of equipment multiplied by 3%
per year.

- These are a median average of high and low prices of comparable

- 3% increase has been an industry standard average for 25 years

• Equipment years in service is considerably higher than typical replacement plan
used by our peers in surrounding communities. This risk has been evaluated us-
ing past Department history of maintenance, usage and care. In our opinion, a
typical plan that most communities follow would create a substantial impact to
the tax payer (Example: Engine replaced in 20 years, Tanker replaced in 20
years, Ambulance replaced in 10 years and Forestry replaced in 20 years)






2001 and 2002








2006 and 2007




2009 and 2010




2012 thru 2015




2004 East Kinostpn Town Report - Health Officer and Historical Committee


03/04-03/13: Conducted water testing for nitrates with NH DES.

08/25: EOC Drill

09/03: Septic tank failure issues.

09/21: Septic tank failure issues.

10/20: EOC Drill

10/21: NHHOA Conference

11/17: EOC Drill

I have received a few telephone calls about the flue vaccine. The Town of East
Kingston does not sponsor an immunization program. The latest bulletin I received
dated December 28, 2004 from Concord states that New Hampshire has enough flu
vaccine to administer to certain categories of peoples in the State. You'shouid
contact your primary health care giver for more information. By March 8, 2005 the
flue season should be almost over. For the rest of us, they recommend that we
wash our hands frequently.

For those who are interested in more technical information on a wide range of
diseases, you may log-on www .health .Qov/cornmunication . The web-site is designed
to provide access to the most recent research findings that may not be widely
published in peer-reviewed literature.


Vytautas Kasinskas, State Health Officer




The restoration at the Railroad Depot Building has consumed the better part of the
Historical Committee efforts in 2004, andHt has not been in vain!! Thanks to LCHIP
grant money and East Kingston Historical Society donations, one not so local
craftsman and many local professionals outfitted the Depot with the following; A
dry, poured concrete basement, allowing a home for the new heating
system, new oil tank and new electrical service. The contents of the newly
restored work shed hXQ also stored down below waiting to be inventoried and as-
sembled for display. In order to meet the grade for a new septic and leach field
the shed had to be delicately raised and fitted with a sturdy new foundation,
hemlock flooring, doors {ih^i really open and close with latches), and


2004 East Kingstpn Town Report - Historical Committee and Library

new old clapboards \.o replace some of the tired and weather beaten originals.
The privy, which is no longer held together by invasive vines of poison ivy, will be
documented, dismantled and stored in the shed for safe keeping till spring.
The new ive// boasts a depth of 520 feet full of crystal clear water. All this work
has been done under the ever watchful eyes of "Fred the Conductor".

As 2004 comes to a close. East Kingston makes way for a new year to make,
maintain and preserve history. The Historical Committee is working to make East
Kingston history accessible, educational and enlightening. Please look for articles
and events related to our history in the EK Newsletter or now on the web at
www.eastkinqston.orq . Visit the Depot, with its EK museum and ticket booth;
volunteer to archive pictures and documents; take a walking tour of our cemeteries
and scenic back roads; and simply make 2005 the year that you learn a little bit
more about your hometown, new residence, or vacation/visiting destination.


Susan St. Martin JL



Another year has passed and the library continues to experience the pains of being
in a building that is far too small. Last year at Town Meeting the town voted to buy
the land for the library. Since that time we have established a building committee
and chosen an Architect and Construction management company to oversea the
building project. What now remains is for the townspeople to cast their votes in

Once again the library has had a very busy year. Circulation has increased by
almost 5000 items or 28%. We have added DVD's to our collection and they went
out almost 1000 times!!!

Tracy Waldron, Librarian


2QQ4 East KinQStPfi Town Renort - Library Circulation


Adult Audiobooks
Adult Fiction
Adult Non Fiction
Adult Magazines
Adult Videos
Juvenile Audiobooks
Juvenile Fiction
Juvenile Non Fiction

Ill Borrowed
III Lent

Total Circulation














New Patrons



t.^c ^ u nr»wi:

c#f^iiecf#^^« iife**«iry


2004 East. Kingston Town Report - Newsletter and Website


The East Kingston Newsletter is a monthly publication designed to keep the
residents informed of the events within our wonderful community. Each month,
approximately 550 issues of the newsletter are published and are available at the
following locations: Town Offices, East Kingston Post Office, Jewett's General
Store, Library, Church, Elementary School, and Monahan's Farm (Summer only).
Articles for the newsletter are accepted from any resident or town-related
organization wishing to provide information to the general public. If you wish to
have the article forwarded to the Exeter News-Letter, please add that request to
your submission. Please note that business advertisements cannot be accepted,
and all articles are published at the discretion of the Board of Selectmen.

To submit an article, send to (if at all possible, via email) [email protected] or
US Postal mail to Dorothy Braker, 4 Main Street, East Kingston NH 03827. You are
also welcome to drop the article off in person either in the mailbox or on the back
porch at Dorothy BrakeKs home. Articles can also be faxed to 642-5136; however,
email is far preferred over facsimile as the possibilities of errors are minimized this
way. New alternative method of submission: submissions can be directly
downloaded on the new East Kingston website located at wwv\'.eastklnqston.orq .
Please double check all attachments. Photos are welcome (and will be returned), as
are jpeg files. The deadline for submission is the 20th of each month prior to
publishing date, unless otherwise noted in the Newsletter.

Pick up a copy today and discover new ways to participate in your community!

The East Kingston Website is a site located at v^/ , designed by
resident Scott Braker to help the residents form their own website. Within this
website, we can inform each other of events within our wonderful community that
can go beyond the newsletter. Unlike the newsletter, one can go beyond articles:
you may upload advertisements of things like yard sales; reviews of local
restaurants; pictures you may have in your possessron of the town; quotes;
advertisements for local businesses; and many other activities including forums
where town issues can be discussed. All of the articles tiiat are included in the East
Kingston Newsletter are also included to be read at any time. To add to tiie website,
one must first register. Reading the articles requires no regisb3tion. Please visit
www.eastkinQ5ton.orQ and discover a new way to participate in tiie community
tiirough the worldwide web!

Dorothy Braker, Editor


2004 East Kingston Town Report - Planning Board


The Planning Board composition changed a bit in 2004 with former Selectman John
L. Fillio accepting an Alternate Member seat, and Helen M. Lonek of Epping sitting
as our new Recording Secretary. The experience level and expertise of the Board
remains impressive, and the breadth and depth of members' perspective and
understanding of New Hampshire statute. East Kingston ordinances and regulations,
and Town issues are exemplified in Mr. Richard Smith's 31 years of civic service on
the Board (1973), Dr. Robert Marston's 29 years (1975), and the entire Board's 77
years of combined service to East Kingston Building and development activity this
year came in a variety of forms.

The Board addressed three subdivisions, four site plans, one lot line adjustment,
and seven home occupation applications. Of the last, the Board found it necessary
to recommend the Board of Selectmen disapprove one home occupation application.
The Board's focus on conservation of land and resources together with the
Conservation Commission resulted in one of the subdivisions placing a sizable parcel
of land into conservation, and one of the site plans providing for a large parking lot
to be finished with a highly pervious surface to minimize run-off.

After Town Meeting 2004, the Board turned its attention to updating the Housing
Chapter of the Master Plan. The chapter was chosen with the recent significant
elderly housing development in mind. Questions about changing demographics,
housing stock, and taxation in East Kingston were addressed in the process. It
became apparent early on that the next Master Plan revision would best be the
Goals and Objectives chapter, with an eye to a close examination of how East
Kingston residents envisioned the course of future development, and its
concomitant outcomes.

In the Fall, the Board conducted reviews and updates of the Capital Improvements
Program (CIP), and the Growth Control and Elderly Housing ordinances. In the
course of data analysis for the Growth Control ordinance relating to taxation, the
Board considered that, since 1992, the Town's rate of growth in spending on
municipal and school services greatly outpaced general inflation. Since then, the
tax on a residential property has increased by more than 29% over what the
inflation-adjusted tax from 1992 would be today without that increased spending.

Planning Board recommendations to the voters for zoning ordinance changes at
Town Meeting 2005 focus on refinements to ARTICLES XI - SINGLE FAMILY
clarification and statutory authority provisions in ARTICLE VII - GENERAL
PROVISIONS, and an addition to ARTICLE VIII - USES PERMriTED. Also for 2005,
East Kingston has been granted a Targeted Block Grant through the Rockingham
Planning Commission, funded in part by the State, to conduct development
workshops for a revision to the Master Plan Goals and Objectives chapter. The


2004 East Kinoston Town Report - Planning Board and Police Department

process will involve as many residents as possible to update how we would like to
see our Town grow, as well as to identify ways and means to realize those hopes
and expectations. See you there after Town Meeting!

J.R. Day


The year 2004 has shown an increase in serious crimes. Three adults and one
juvenile have been arrested for crimes related to the theft of firearms, another for
being a felon in possession of a firearm. We investigated six reported sex crimes
ranging from indecent exposure to aggravated felonious sexual assaults on children
and adults and made three arrests in those matters to date, one person is serving
10 to 20 years in the State Prison; one is in custody at the Rockingham County Jail
pending trial and one on bail also pending trial.

In January 2004 we hired East Kingston's third full time Officer. We lost the
services of four part time Officers this year and hired two. Retaining Officers has
been a problem for several years, pay and opportunity to go full time with other
departments is the most common reason for their departure. This is a costly
process; equipping and training Officers to have them leave after they gain some
experience is damaging to the department and scheduling a limited amount of part
time officers is difficult due to their full time job commitments. We will continue to
try and fill the gaps in the schedule with part time officers, but I feel that in the best
interest of the Town that my approaching the Selectmen for another full time
Officer is coming in the near future.

The Police Department acquired a 4 wheel drive ATV and three portable breath
testers with grant funds. You can't miss the bright yellow jackets we purchased to
increase officer safety in traffic and inclement weather situations. The 2004
Chevrolet Impala cruiser was purchased with money that was saved in the 2003
budget. The lights, siren, radar and computer system were obtained through a
grant from the Department of Justice and the Project 54 Program at UNH. That
saved the town $10,000.00 and we are in line for another complete system, if a
cruiser is approved in 2005. The South Hampton Fire Department also donated our
third automated external defibrillator making one unit available for each cruiser. All
officers are trained in the use of the A.E.D and CPR and have deployed these units
several times.


2004 East Kingston Town Report - Police Department

Last year at Town Meeting, the voters recognized the need and appropriated funds
to conduct a feasibility study for the construction of a new police station. Sumner
Davis Architects of Portsmouth was hired to do the work and we intend on
approaching the community to construct the facility In 2005 on land generously
donated by the late Richard Cook and David Sullivan. As I stated in last year's
report, I fully intend on seeking the assistance of East Kingston's skilled contractors
for their donations toward cutting the cost of construction if the article passes. The
Town of East Kingston needs a new Police Station; we have simply outgrown a
garage that was converted into office space in 1979.

Legal, safety and ethical obligations are in question at our current location. Briefly,
we do not have enough space to provide safety and security for employees and
property. The building is in poor condition and tiiere is not enough available

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