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property at this location to con-ect the problems. Your support at Town Meeting is
important and appreciated.

I would like to thank the residents of East Kingston and the Board of Selectmen for
their continued support: and to the dedicated members of the East Kingston Police
Depart:ment, for their service and commitment this year.


Richard R. Simpson, Ctiief of Police


2004 East Kinoston Town Report - Police Activities








DWI Arrests






Assists to Other Departments






Domestic Complaints









Miscellaneous Service Calls



Motor Vehicle Accidents



Motor Vehicle Summons Issued



Motor Vehicle Warnings Issued



Motorist Assists



Stolen Vehicles





Total Man Hours



Total Patrol Mileage




2004 East Kingston Town Report - Recreation Committee


The Recreation Committee had another great year and added several new members
bringing the total recreation committee members to 54. The department also had
many changes to the heads of each sport and will be adding many more
commissioners in 2005.

We're in the process of developing committees within the Recreation Committee to
handle the needs of the many programs. Each Committee will have a commissioner
to head up each program which in return delegates responsibility to many

A) Soccer Committee

1) Fall Committee

(Stacy Penna)

2) Winter Committee

(Heather Hughes)

3) Spring Committee


B) Basketball Committee

(Rob Burns)

C) Baseball Committee

(Rick Bourque)

D) Fundraising


E) Halloween Dance

(Michelle Burns)

F) Softball

(Tom Heaney)

A golf program was developed in 2004 by Stacy Penna. The program allowed 20
children to take lessons at the Apple Hill Golf Club. We hope to keep this program
going for many more years to come.

Cole House Project:

A committee has been developed to lead the way in managing the renovations
that will be conducted to the Cole House. This committee will be responsible for the
many tasks that are needed to get this project finished before Baseball and Softball
Season begins. The Cole House will provide our Baseball and Soccer fields a
concession stand and the proceeds from the concession stand will go towards fixing
up Foss Wasum Field.


The annual Recreation Softball Tournament raised over 2K for the all the
children in town. These funds were used to discount fees for each program
provided by the Recreation Department and at the same time keeping our fees to
one of the lowest in the area. The tournament was another success by getting
more people within the town involved.

A Bruins Raffle was conducted and raised over IK which will be used to
renovate the Cole House. The recreation department raffled off two seats to three
different Bruins games in February and March of 2004. This will become
annual event and all monies raised will go towards equipment, field maintenance
and special projects.


2004 East Kinostpn Town Report - Recreation Committee and Recycling

Financially, the recreation committee is utilizing the funds from the town to
purchase equipment for the children for ail sports. We also plan on using the funds
for up keep of the elementary school fields and fixing up Foss Wasum Field.

In conclusion, the recreation committee has more people involved with the
committee with intentions of having more sworn in for 2005 calendar year. The
more people involved, the stronger the department becomes.


Bill LaCouture, Chairman


Recycling activity is increasing in the town of East Kingston recycle center. More
people choose to recycle their recyclable items rather than send everything to the
trash. We do however receive complaints of how unsightly the area is especially
after a Holiday weekend but that is for a very short duration. We are on the horns
of a dilemma. One faction says get rid of it while others say keep it because the
advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. If we close down the recycle area then
we would have to institute curbside pickup or roll it into trash pick up which would
be a considerable cost increase to the Town. If we continue to maintain the recyle
area then we should incorporate the following changes: 1) Install gates at the
entrance; 2) List acceptable and unacceptable items; 3) Large items pick up dates;
and 4) Uttering will not be tolerated.

We now recycle the following amount of paper, cardboard and commingle material
per year:

72 Tons of mixed paper

17 Tons of cardboard

43 Tons of Commingle (cans, glass bottles, plastic containers)

Recycling is economical and environmentally safe way to dispose of used and
unwanted material.

Gene Madej


2004 East Kinqston Town Report - Road Agent and Rockingham Planning Commission


During the year 2004, speed limit signs were repaired and replaced. The 30mph
speed signs were replaced with 25mph signs at the request of the Board of
Selectmen. Roads were patched as necessary throughout town. Stagecoach Road
was graded, a section of South Road was overlayed, Stumpfieid Road and Tllton
Lane were addressed with pavement.

The safety complex parking area (from the Police Station to the Town Hall and out
back by the Fire Station's new addition) was reconstructed, repaved and relined to
allow for handicap parking.

Also, as part of an ongoing project to gravel and pave the areas around the fire hy-
drants in town, two were completed.


Robert L Rossi, Road Agent


The Commission's Circuit Rider program, in which East Kingston participates,
provides professional staff support at the monthly Planning Board meetings, review
of all development proposals to ensure compliance with local and State regulations,
and provides general technical assistance to the Planning Board as requested.
While the number of applications made to the Planning Board declined slightly in
2004, several pending applications continued to require significant review time.
Developer interest continued in the Town's Elderly Housing Ordinance with two
applications reviewed during the year, along with numerous other land subdivision
and lot line adjustment applications. In addition, the RPC provided assistance with
several longer-range planning activities, described in more detail below.

The Town received the following services under the Circuit Rider program:

Attendance at 12 regular Planning Board meetings and 2 work sessions.

9 site plan, 5 subdivision and 1 lot line adjustment technical review memorandums
were provided to the Board (comments for each application and subsequent revised
plans, as appropriate).

Regular coordination with Planning Board Chairman and/or Secretary regarding
Board business and procedure, and coordination with the Town Engineer on
application reviews.


2004 East Kingston Town Report - Rockingham Plannino Commission

Spoke and/or met with applicants/agents regarding their proposals and the Town's
ordinances, regulations, and requirements.

Assisted with the drafting and preparation of amendments to the Town's
Subdivision and Site Plan Review regulations, and assisted with the preparation of
proposed amendments to the Town's Zoning Ordinance to be presented to Town
voters in March 2005.

Updated the Zoning Ordinance to incorporate amendments from the 2004 Town
Meeting, updated the Town's Subdivision and Site Plan Review Regulations to
incorporate amendments approved throughout the year, sent to the copier, and
delivered an electronic original to the Town.

Provided demographic information to assist the Board in its annual review of the
"Growth Control" and "Elderly Housing" Ordinances.

Delivered the 2004 NHRSA books to the Town Offices.

In addition to direct Circuit Rider assistance, East Kingston benefited from a ,
Targeted Block Grant (TBG) to fund 50% of the cost of updating the Housing
Chapter of its Master Plan, additional TBG funds which paid for the development of
a 10-sheet map set of the Town utilizing various data layers, a NH Estuaries
Program (NHEP) grant for a review of the Town's land use regulations with regard
to stormwater management and water resource protection, RPC assistance to the
Natural Resource Outreach Coalition (NROC) project, and regional planning
activities and services carried out by the Commission on behalf of its member
communities. These activities involved regional land use, transportation and
economic development planning, and education programs, and include:


Assisted the Planning Board in updating the Housing Chapter of the Master Plan
(TBG grant).

Reviewed the Town's zoning ordinance and land use regulations and provided a
summary report with recommendations to better manage stormwater, and protect
water and other natural resources during development (NHEP grant).

Provided the Town with a 10-sheet standardized map set utilizing a variety of data

Provided National Flood Insurance Program assistance to communities in the region.
Continued to represent the region on the NH Estuaries Project Management
Committee that oversees the National Estuaries Program (NEP) project.

Continued development of in-house Geographic Information System (GIS) for local
and regional planning.


2004 East Kingston Town Report - Rockingham Planning Commission

Prepared and distributed a zoning and building code amendment calendar informing
town officials of the required timing of events associated with proposed zoning
ordinance and building code amendments.

Prepared and distributed a Technical Advisory Memo with recommended regulatory
(zoning, subdivision and site plan) changes in response to 2004 legislation.

Continued update and maintenance of RPC library of model ordinances, subdivision
and site plan review regulations, other local land use regulations as well as a
general reference library, available to all member communities.


Assisted and organized the 29th annual Municipal Law Lecture Series for town

Organized and sponsored the 16th Annual Municipal Board Training Series in
conjunction with the UNH Cooperative Extension Service-Rockingham County and
the Rockingham County Conservation District.

Organized and held the Annual Legislative Forum, where local officials and
legislators were invited to discuss current bills before the Legislature.

Fielded numerous inquiries and requests for statistical information regarding the
region, its economy and demographics, continuing the RPC's role as State Census
Data Center Affiliate.


As staff to the Seacoast and Salem-Plaistow-Windham Metropolitan Planning
Organizations (MPOs), continued to carry out the federally mandated metropolitan
planning process. Having this process in place ensures that federal transportation
funds (highway and public transportation) will continue to be available to the


Continued the RPC's partnership with the Rockingham Economic Development
Corporation (REDC), the local non-profit economic development corporation
comprised of local officials in Rockingham County participating in regional economic
development efforts. These efforts included the preparation of the annual
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy update as well as hosting several
public forums on economic development issues affecting the Region.

Continued development of a regional database of economic development-related
data for the NH Community Development Finance Authority, to form a standardized
database and map set for selected data across all nine of New Hampshire's regional
planning agency regions.



2004 East Kingston Town Report - Rockingham Planning Commission and Safety Committee

Continued to maintain the agency's status as a State Data Center Affiliate, meaning
the RPC is a repository for Census and other demographic data necessary for the
development of business plans and for carrying out private sector research for
future economic development.

Prepared by Maura Carriel of the Rockingham Planning Commission.


Lawrence K. Smith, RPC Commissioner

J. RobyDay, RPC Commissioner



The Town of East Kingston Safety Committee met quarterly during the year 2004 to
discuss safety issues and concerns of the Town owned buildings, based on a
Workers' Compensation statue established in 1995.

The Committee performs an annual inspection of each Town-owned building. The
Committee's purpose is to advise the Board of Selectmen of any suggestions or
recommendations to correct any existing safety problems, and/or to prevent any
unsafe situations.

During the year, tiie Board of Selectmen took the following actions based on
recommendations from the Committee:

Town Hall: Tlie exterior of the building was painted and handicap parking was
designated and painted after the parking area was grinded and repaved. In June,
the Town Hall attic was cleaned out.

Library: The building was inspected and the committee members acknowledged
that all books and items are kept very orderly, neat, and tidy, desJDite the very
cramped space available to them.

In November, tiie Town acquired 47 Maplevale Road, a 2-acre parcel, in accordance
with Warrant Article #14, which was approved at Town Meeting 2004 to erect a
new library in the future.

Town Offices Building: There are plans to paint the exterior of the building in 2005
with repairs, as needed, to maintain the building.


2004 East Kinoston Town Report - Safety Committee

Fire Department: The East Kingston Fire Association is in the process of building an
addition onto the back end of the firehouse to enable the apparatus to fit more
comfortably. The existing firehouse was not capable of housing the fire apparatus
and ambulance properly.

Police & EOC: The Committee continues to recommend that the Board of Selectmen
replace tiie front door of the Police Department for safety purposes. It was also
noted that the station is kept neat and tidy and they are also very cramped for
available space.

Railroad Depot Building: The Town received LCHIP funds for repairs to the building
and a new well and septic system were installed with other plumbing and electrical
renovations performed during the year.

The custodian continues to provide calcium chloride at each building to prevent
slipping, and the road agent sands all Town owned building parking lots during the
winter months.

The parking area from the Police Station to the Town Hall was grinded, leveled and
repaved with new parking lines painted, including handicap-parking areas.

The Committee continues to recommend an annual spring-cleaning of each of the
Town owned buildings. All buildings should be kept clean, neat and tidy for both
the public and the employees of the Town. Annually, a Furniture Pick Up Day, a
White Goods Day and a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day in the spring
and fall are scheduled with Waste Management and the Committee has
recommended that ''a thorough cleaning" be conducted, to take advantage of the
opportunity to discard unnecessary items. The Committee also continues to
recommend the hiring of a handyman to perform minor repairs to the Town owned
buildings to ensure the buildings remain structurally sound.

At each meeting the agenda included discussions on safety issues and precautions
regarding each building, the review of workers' compensation claims filed (there
were three claims filed during the year 2004), the review of good proper safety
procedures, safety tips, and information for articles to be published in the East
Kingston Newsletter.

The meetings are held at a different location in January, April, July, and October.
This enables the Committee to readily inspect each of the Town owned buildings.
The Committee's goal is to maintain each building to prevent any unsafe


2004 East Kinastpn Town Report - Safety Committee and Tax Collector

The following members regulariy attended the meetings: Administrative Assistant
Deborah G. Gallant, Fire Chief Alan Mazur, Library Trustee Conrad Moses, and Police
Chief Richard Reid Simpson.

The Committee files a biannual Safety Summary report with the NH Department of
Labor. A report was filed in January 2003, and the next report will be filed in
January 2005.


Deixirah G. Gallant, Chairman



At 2004-year end, our outstanding receivables were as follows:

2002 tax year- $ 4,089.10

2003 tax year- $31,897.08

2004 tax year- $168,213.52

We executed 29 liens for unpaid 2003 property taxes. At end year, 12 have yet to
redeem their taxes.

If you have outstanding taxes, please feel free to contact our office to set up a
payment plan. Once properties go to lien, the interest rate increases from 12%
annually to 18% annually.

We did not deed any properties in 2004.


Barbara A. Clark, Tax Collector


2004 East Kingston Town Report -Town Clerk


During fiscal year 2004, the town clerk's office presided over four elections:

. 01/27/04 - Primary - 38% voter turnout

• 03/09/04 - Town Election - 36% voter turnout

(approximately 180 residents at Town Meeting)

• 09/14/04 - State Primary - 15% voter turnout
. 1 1/02/04 - State General - 90% voter turnout

In 2004, we registered 2,780 vehicles, which was an increase of 112 vehicles from

We became online boat agents in 2004 and registered 44 boats.

We licensed 443 dogs in 2004, an increase of 43 dogs from 2003. Please remember
to renew your dog(s) license annually by April 30th. Please bring in a current rabies
vaccination certificate. If licensing for the first time, please bring the certificate of
spay/neuter if applicable.

With vital statistics, we had 16 births, 11 marriages, and 9 deaths recorded in


. Title exempt vehicles are now 1990 or older.
. We are inquiring with the state about the possibility of becoming agents to
register offroads vehicles such as ATV's and snowmobiles. We will keep you posted
if and when this goes into effect.

• Notary public services are provided free of charge to residents.

• Our email address has changed to [email protected]

Our best to you in 2005.


Barbara A. Clark, Town Clerk/Tax Collector


2004 East Kinostpn Town Report - Treasurer's Report and Trustees of the Cemetery


We are pleased with the results of the audit preformed for the year 2004. We, the
Town of East Kingston is growing very fest and with that comes more work for
everyone. With the help of the Selectmen's office staff Deb & Cheryll, we are able
to keep up with daily and monthly task, which are increasing constantly. I wish to
thank Deb & Cheryll for all their help during the year, and I look forward to working
with them both for another three years. Thank-you Deb & Cheryll.

We continue to have a good relationship with Citizen's Bank and their Government
Banking Dept.

I wish to thank eveyone for voting me in for another three years, and I will do my
best to keep things going smoothly.


KatherineA. Hankin, Treasurer


The trustee's continue to work on improving Itie appearance of the Towns three
cemeteries. It is a work in progress, as there are many projects at each cemetery
that need to be addressed.

Union Cemetery, South Road

This past year we replaced most of the roses in front of the Granite wall, due too
the harsh cold winter, and at considerable expense and time. Judging from the
comments we received, it was a success.

We are still in the process of trying to acquire the strip of land between the front of
the cemetery and South Road. Hopefully, this can be accomplished in 2005.
A new gate is in the works for Union, this would gate the newest section with a
replica of the existing gates. This would be in compliance with RSA: 289:4.

Olde Cemetery, Main Street

This being our oldest cemetery, It is the one that will require the most attention and
money over the years.


2004 East Kingston Town Report - Trustees of the Cemetery

We are currently in the process of trying to get some idea of tlie cost involved in
replacing some of the older head stones. Some of these stones are very ornate in
design, and are showing their wear because of the type of stone used. We expect
that it will be fairly expensive to do this, as there will be many that will need to be
replaced very soon. This is a must do, as this is an important part of the towns

The main entrance is also in need of a gate, which will be matched as close as
possible to the old and very ornate one at the lower end.

We invite any resident to take some time and visit this cemetery, as this Is where
some of the founding fathers, and their families are buried, along with those who
served in the Revolutionary War.

Hillside Cemetery, Also Known as Gale Cemetery

This is our largest Cemetery, and the one that we have made the most
improvements too over the years. We are continually adding trees and shrubs, and
removing the overgrown ones, along with removing the deer food (Yews) and
replacing them with deer proof shrubs, we hope.

As in every cemetery head stones have a tendency to sink, and tilt, especially
Hillside Cemetery. So, it is an ongoing effort to try and fix as many as we can each
year, and we have a long way to go.

In 2004 the trustee's purchased for every known veteran's gravesite, in all of the
cemeteries, new flag holders.

Again the Trustee's invite you to take some time and visit each of the cemeteries, a
history lesson it is. We only ask that you respect the final resting place of so many
loved ones.

Respectfully, -

Henry F. Lewandowski Jr., Chairman


2004 East Kinostpn Town Report - Cemetery Rules and Regulations


The rules and regulations as set forth here-in apply to all Cemeteries and are
intended to preserve and protect the beauty and character of our cemeteries and to
ensure proper care and maintenance consistent with the respect due to the

Section I - General Provisions:

1. The Tnjstees, Sexton and their employees shall have the right at all times to
enter upon any lot or other parts of the cemetery to perform their duties, and they
shall have right to remove, or cause to be removed, any tree, shrub or device which
they may consider detrimental, dangerous, inconvenient to the proper functioning
of the cemetery, or in violation of any rule of the cemetery.

2. The Sexton is authorized to make any emergency mie for the proper
conducting of the cemetery that the exigencies of the occasion may require, but
such rules shall be subject to approval of the Trustees.

3. Automobiles are permitted on roadways only and then as a privilege, not as a
legal right.

4. Heavy trucking is excluded from the cemetery, except by written permission
of the Sexton.

5. Damages caused by motor vehicles operated within the cemetery will be
charged to the owner of said vehicles.

6. The Sexton having care of the cemetery is authorized to remove all persons
who violate cemetery rules and is directed to cause the violators to be prosecuted.

7. The cemetery is closed to all persons from sunset to dawn and no person or
persons shall enter the cemetery except the Trustees, Sexton or their employees.

8. No cement may be poured after October 31st.

9. All cemeteries are closed between December 15th and April 15th, during
which time no burials will be permitted. Exceptions may be granted in writing by the
Trustees at their sole discretion provided that the cemetery grounds are: not frozen
and/or not covered by snow.

Section II - Purchase of Lots:

1. Persons desirous of purchasing a burial lot shall apply to the Trustees of the
Cemeteries, who shall provide necessary information as to size, location, cost, etc.

2. Applications for lots must be accompanied by full payment including the cost of
granite markers, and no assignment or reservation of a lot may be made in


3. No lot shall be sold to anyone other than a legal resident of East Kingston,
and then only with perpetual care.


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