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att her Dispose to sell or as shee shall see cause — and I
further give to my wife towards hef own Support and the Sup-
port and Maintenance of my children under age the Im-
provement of all the severall Tracts dbparcells of lands and
the Housein thereon, I have hereafter in this my will given
my two sons David and Israeli with the Improvement of so
much of my Stock and Husbandry U ten eel Is and so much
of my Household Stuff bedding and Necefsaries as my Exec-
utors hereafter named shall Judge Necessary & Convenient
for the Carring on the Farm and the Subsistance of ye Fam-
ily until my sons David & Israeli come Respectively to ye
age of Twenty one years and then they are to be sear 4 and
Posses 4 of their Parts hereafter given them and either of
them first given their Mother Security to pay her yearly the
sum of Ten Pounds each in Payable money in ye whole
Twenty Pounds yearly and she is also to have a Room or
two in my now Dwelling house and what wood Shee may
have occasion to burn therein and part of ye Celler, and

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Shee is to Keep Possitionof sd Lands till shee bath Security
to ber Satisfaction, I also furtber give ber towards ber own
Support and tbe Support and maintainance of my cbildren
under age tbe Leave and Liberty to Cutt and Sell what
Wood Sbee Sbali See cause of from my Old Farm bereafter
given my son William only I Desire itt may be cutt where
itt may be with tbe Least Detriment My Wife Remaining

Item I Give and bequeath unto my Son William Putnam bis
heirs and assigns forever Severall Tracts and peices of land
viz all that my Farm called tbe Old Farm Containing about
Eighty acres More or less with ye Houseing and fencing on
itt (Excepting as above to his Mother) and also the one
balfe of my land & Meadow Lying on the West side of
Ipswich River and all my Inter ist In the Saw Mill and Damm
att Bishops brook and also my two acres of Meadow Near
said Damm and also two acres more of meadow Lying be-
low the Saw Mill on Nichols & Porters land and ail my land
in Peters Meadow and the ten acres of land I bought of Jo-
seph Allen In case he pay his sister Mahi table out of this
last percell Eighty Pounds in Pafsible Bills of Publick
Creditt or monies when Shee shall come to ye age of Eigh-
teen years or If shee be married before shee is eighteen years
old then to be paid her at Marriage —

Item I Give and bequeath to my two Sons David and Israeli these
Severall Tracts & parcells of lands following they and each of
them respectively performing what I have ordered to their
Mother out of their parts, all that my Farm I now Dwell on
Containing about one hundred and fifty acres more or less
Including ye land I bought of Anthony Ashby and Capt
Putnam and A Small bitt above tbe Toomb and also the
other balfe of my Upland and Meadow on ye West Side of
Ipswich River to be equally divided between them and to
be to them their Heirs and Assigns forever and If either
of my two sons David or Israeli Dye before they come to ye
age of Twenty and one years then ye one Moiety of his Part
to be to my son William bis heirs and Assigns forever and
ye other Moiety of bis Part to be to the Survivour and bis
heirs and assigns forever the bequest to my wife to be made
good and comply ed with out of Such part never the less.

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f ?



Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Mary Putnam five
Pounds in Bills of Publick Creditt of this Provence.

Item I give to my Daughter Elizabeth Putnam, Ten Pounds in
like money.

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Brown fifteen
Pounds in Like money all to be paid In six months after
my Decease

Item I give and bequeath to my four Daughters Namely Racheli
Anna Eunice & Huldah Eighty Pounds Each, to be paid
them Respectively as they arrive att the age of Eighteen
years or If they or any of them Marry before they are Eigh-
teen years old then to be paid att their marrage, and in
case of any of my Above named four Daughters Decease
before they come to Eighteen years of age her or their parts
then to be equally Divided amongst all the rest of my
Daughters Married or unmarried or such as shall Legally
represent them In like money also

Item I Give and bequeath to my Daughter Mehitabell the sum
of Eighty Pounds as before expressed to be paid by my son
William and in case of his not paying as before I then give
to her my said Daughter Mehitable her heirs and assigns
forever the Ten Acres of Land I bought of Joseph Allen

Item I Constitute Ordain and appoint my beloved Wife Eliza-
beth and my son William Putnam to be ye Executors to
this my Will and I Desire a Just and Exact Inventory of my
Parsonall Estate may be taken and in case there is not enough
in mony and Stock yt may be Spaired and houshold Stuff yt
may be spaired as before Exprest then my will is and I here-
by Impower My Executors to Sell that peice of land of
mine y t my Father formerly gave to Joseph Stacey and with
ye money for yt Land and for what Stock and household
stuff may be spaired and sold to ye best advantage to pay
my Just Debts, funeral 1 expence and all my Legaceys not
otherwise Directed and In case my money and Stock and
household stuff that may be spaired as my children come of
age and att Present Is soficient to pay ye above then the
said peice of land yt was last mentioned I give to my afore
named two sons David & Israeli to be Equally Divided and
to be to them their heirs and assigns forever In testimony
yt on mature consideration this is my Last Will and Teste-

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ment I have hereunto Sett my hand and Seal this 15 th Day
of March Anno Domini 1722-3

Joseph Putnam [Seal]

Signed Sealed & Declared to be the Last Will and Testa-
ment of the Testator in ye Presence of ye woords between
ye 5 th 16 th Line from ye Topp being first Interlined
Benj* Holton \

John Dale jr J Essex fs Ipswich May 25* 1723 Be-

Zerobebell Endicott ^ foer the Honb le John Appleton Esq
Judge of the Probate of Wills <fec In s d County of Es-
sex them Benj Holten John Dale jr & Zerobable Endicott
all parsonally appeared and made oath yt they were Present
and saw the within named Joseph Putnam Signe Seale and
heard him Publish and Declare ye within written Instru-
ment to be his Last will and Testament and when he so did
he was of good understanding and of Disposeing Mind, to
the best of their Descerning and they all att the same time
Sett to there hands In his Presence as Wittnesses

Sworn Attest Dan 1 Appleton Regt

Upon which this Will is Proved Approved and allowed ye
Executors Appeared and accepted of said Trust and Prom-
ised to give In an Inven'ty by ye last of June next

Attest Daniel Appleton Regt

HI. 18 Samuel (Nathaniel, John), of Salem Village,
born there 18-12-1652, baptized First church, Salem, 17-2-
1653 ; died, 1676 ; married Elizabeth .

Children :

92 Elizabeth, b. .

98 Samuel, b. ; bapt. at Salem 25 Dec, 1687.

Of Samuel Putnam we know nothing except that an inven-
tory of his estate, which amounted to £191-07-03, was taken
by Jacob Barney and Joshua Ilea, 17th 9 mo., 1676, and was
allowed 29th 9 mo., 1676. Administration was granted to
Elizabeth Putnam, relict.

Probably the above Elizabeth is the "widow Elizabeth Put-
nam" who married Benjamin Collins of Lynn, 5 Sept., 1677.

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They had: Priscilia, born '2 May 9 . 1679; Elizabeth, born 3
Jan. , 1682; Benjamiu, born 5 Dec, 1684.

HI. 20 John (Nathaniel, John), of Salem Village; born
there 26 Mar., 1657; baptized in Salem 6-7-1657; died in
Salem Village, Sept., 1722 ; married in Salem, 2 Dec, 1678,
Hannah, daughter of Samuel and Eliza Cutler of Salem,
born Dec, 1655 ; living in 1722 ; baptized at First church
in Salem the same date as her son Samuel.

Children :,

94 Hannah, b. 22 August, 1679; d. previous to 1721.

95 Elizabeth, b. 26-9-1680; m. 12 Mch., 1701, Johu, son of John and

(Abigail) Phelps of Reading, b. in Salem, 6-12-1670. Ch. : Eliz-
abeth, b. 1702. Mary, b. 1706 (Eaton's Hist, of Reading). John,
b. In Salem, 8 July, 1709. Nathaniel, b. 22 Oct., 1714.

96 Abigail, b. 26 Feb., 1682; bapt. in Salem, 6 July, 1684.

97 Samukl, b. 5 Nov., 1684 ; bapt. in Salem, 8 Feb., 1684-5. "Hanna

ye wife and Samuel the sou of John Putnam jr., baptized."

98 Josiah, b. 29 Oct., 1686.

99 Josbph," b. ; bapt. in Salem, 1 July, 1688.

100 Mary, 18 b. 29 Sept., 1688; bapt. in Salem, Oct., 1689.

101 Susanna," b. 11 Apr., 1690; m. Nov., 1709, Isaac Buxton.

l0 * J° 8HUA > D - — ; \ These two sons are named by Perley

108 David" or Daniel, b. ./

Putnam ; there is no doubt concerning Joshua, but of David I
find no further record. A son of John Putnam, jr. was bapt. in
1694 ; the margin of the page being worn away the date and
name can not be supplied; perhaps the same as "son to John
Putnam died 25 Aug., 1695."
104 Rkbecca, b. 16 Aug., 1691 ; unm. 1715 ; "John Rogers to niece Re-
becca Putnam."
105 John, b. 16 Aug., 1691; bapt. in Salem Village, 28 Aug., 1691.
106 Sakah, b. 5 Mar., 1693; bapt. in Salem Village, 12 Mar., 1692-8.
107 Amos, b. 27 Jan., 1697; bapt. in Salem Village, 27 Nov., 1698.
108 Puisgilla, b. 7 May, 1699 ; bapt. in Salem Village, 16 July, 1699.
On April 15, 1692, a daughter of John Putnam died, probably one of those
referred to by note above.

John Putnam's farm was in that part of Danvers west of
Hathorne's hill near the log bridge across Ipswich river.


10 Presumably died previous to 1721 as no mention is made of them in the will of the
father, who, however, mentions "son Isaac Buxton."

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The farm, or part of it, is now owned by George H. Pea-
body, Esq. In this immediate vicinity his cousins Deacou
Edward and Sergeant Thomas Putnam, lived. John Putnam
was known as "Caroliua John," and as "John Putnam, jun-
ior." During the witchcraft excitement, he was constable,
and, of course, must have taken a more or less active part in
the proceedings. At one time, Mercy Lewis, one of the "af-
flicted girls" had been living in his house as a servant and in
May, 1692, he testifies, apparently in good faith, as to a fit she
had when bewitched. It was at a church meeting at his house
in 1698 that several of the wronged members of the church
again met with the majority and all agreed to live in "love to-
gether." This occurred a week after the ordination of the
Rev. Joseph Green.
' Besides the office of constable, John Putnam was frequent-
ly tything man, surveyor of highways, especially towards
Ipswich road, and was appointed to other minor positions.

In his will dated 30 Nov., 1721, he appoints Ebenezerand
Thomas Putnam overseers ; mentions his wife Hannah, sons
Samuel, Josiah, John, Joshua, Amos, his son Isaac Buxton;
daughters Priscilla, Abigail, Sarah and Rebecca Putnam, and
Elisa Phelps. Proved 1 Oct., 1722.

HI. 22 Elizabeth (Nathaniel, John), bom in Salem Vil-
lage, 11 Aug., 1662; died 6 Mar., 1697 ; married Ser-
geant George, second son of Thomas and Ann Flint of Dan-
vers, born there, 6 Jan., 1652; died at North Reading, 23
June, 1720. He married, for a second wife, 2 Mar., 1699,
Mrs. Susannah Gardner, who died Mar., 1729.

Children, all by Elizabeth Putnam :

109 Elizabeth, born 19 Aug., 1685; m. Ebenezer Damon.

110 Gsorge, b. 1 Apr., 1686; m. 9 July, 1713, Jerusha, dau. of Joseph

and Bethsua (Folger) Pope and sister of Joseph Pope (see No.
168) ; lived in North Reading.

111 Ann, b. 18 April, 1687; m. 21 Dec, 1706, Jonathan Parker.

112 Ebenezer, b. 16 Dec, 1689; m. 1714, Tabitha Barnap; lived in

North Reading.

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-•**■«. , . .

118 Nathaniel, b. 21 Oct., 1690; d. y.

114 Mart, b. 4 Nov., 1691; "unfortunate daughter Mary." She had

been accidentally shot by her sister in the shoulder. Her grand-
father Nathaniel Putnam bequeathed to her a double portion.

115 Mercy, b. 7 Oct., 1692; m. 9 Sept, 1714, Benjamin Damon.

116 Nathaniel, b. 4 Jan., 1694; m. 1720, Mary of Lynnfield;

lived in Tolland, Conn.

117 Hannah, b. 12 Feb., 1695 ; m. 10 July, 1716, John Hunt.

118 John, b. 4 Mar., 1696; d. y.

Sergeant George Flint removed to Reading and settled
before 1682 on land inherited from his father. His house was
used as a garrison house during the Indian troubles. He
was the first of his name in Reading and held the office of
selectman. (Flint Genealogy, pp. 10-11.)

III. 23 Captain Benjamin (Nathaniel, John), of Sa-
lem Village, born there, 24 Dec, 1664; died there about
1715 ; married, according to Col. Perley Putnam, 25 Aug.,
1686, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Putnam, but on the Sa-
lem records, the births of his children are recorded and it is
there stated that they were w by wife Hanna." His first wife
died 21 Dec, 1705; married, second, 1 July, 1706, Sarah

Children :

119 JosiAH, b. ; bapt. 1st Ch., Salem, 2 Oct., 1687 ; prob. d. y. 17 '

• 120 Nathaniel, b. 25 Aug., 1686; bapt. in 1st Ch., Salem, 6 Nov., 1687.

121 Tarrant, b. 12 Apr., 1688; bapt. in 1st Ch., Salem, Aug.. 1688.

122 Elizabeth, b. 8 Jan., 1690; bapt. in No. Parish, Dan vers, 22 Feb.,

1690; m. 27 Dec, 1711, Robert, son of Joseph and Lydla (Bux-
ton) Hutchinson of Dan vers, b. there, 13 Nov., 1687; d. 1733.
Ch. : Sarah, bapt. 12 Sept., 1712; d. Dec., 1800; m. William
Shillaber. Robert, bapt. 16 May, 1716; d. before 1733. Robert
Hutchinson, senior, m., 2d, Sarah Putnam, 6 June, 1717.

123 Benjamin, b. 8 Jan., 1692-3; bapt. 25 Jan., 1692-3.

124 Stephen, b. 27 Oct., 1694.

125 Daniel, b. 12 Nov., 1696; bapt. at Salem, 17 Oct., 1697.

126 ISRAEL, b. 22 Aug., 1699; bapt. at No. Parish, 27 Aug., 1699.

127 Cornelius, b. 3 Sept., 1702; bapt. at No. Parish, 6 Sept., 1702.

" Author; Dr. Poore states that he d. 31 Oct., 1751.

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Benjamin Putnam was a prominent man in Saleni, and held
many town offices. He had always the title of "Mr." unless
other titles are given. He held the positions of Lieutenant
and Captain (1706-1711). From the time he was* chosen
tything man at the Village in 1695-6, hardly a year passed
but what he was honored by his fellow townsmen. He was
constable and collector in 1700. He was constantly chosen
tything man and surveyor of highways at the Village. He
was oue of the selectmen in 1707-1713 and that his judgment
was considered of value is shown by the frequency with which
he was returned to the Grand and Petit Juries. His last'ap-
pearancc on the Salem records was in 1712 wheu he was one
of those chosen to perambulate the bounds between Salem
and Topsfield. On 30 Dec, 1709, he was chosen deacon
of the church at the Village. On 25 July, 1713, Rev.
Joseph Green in his diary mentions the tact of his call-
ing on "Landlord Putnam" and that he was very sick and
out of his head. This was the beginning of the end, for] he
died in 1714 or 1715. In regard to his part in the witch-
craft delusion it can be summed up thus : The Goods were de-
pendents in his family and when the indemnities were paid by
the General Court to the heirs of those accused and imprisoned
and murdered, William Good through the instrumentality of
Benjamin Putnam obtained a very large proportion, — Mr.
Upham thinks more than his share. Among the signatures
to the certificate of character of Rebecca Nurse both those of
Benjamin and his wife Sarah are found. He never seems to
have appeared as a witness of any account and probably steered
clear as far as he was able, of the whole affair. The title
"Landlord" was one often given to the eldest liviug Putnam.

The following entries are as yet unexplained, diligent
search among the state archives failing to reveal the reason
of Benjamin Putnam's imprisonment. These eutries are also
from Rev. Joseph Green's journal.

"1707, June 16. News of Captain Putnam having come
to Marblebead.

June 17. Our country in great confusion. Some for the

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army, others against it. I went to Boston to ye Governor
to release Benj. Putnam.

Sept. 21. Sab. 7 baptised. Discoursed Capt. Putnam
at night."

The Rev. Joseph Green often alludes to Benjamin Putnam
in his diary. "1708, July 29, I went with B. Putnam to i

Reading to Deacon Fitches, to spend ye day in prayer for him,
he being almost blind, and old Mr. Weston quite blind, and
other disconsolate deaf, &c. Mr. Pierpont began, I prayed,
Dea. Fitch, Landlord Putnam and Dea. Bancroft then sang
146 Psalm and I concluded with a short prayer and blessing."

During the following August there was more or less anxi-
ety from attacks by the Indians at Haverhill.

"Oct. 23. I went with Major Sewall and Capt. Putnam
to Haverhill."

"Dec. 30 (1709). Benj. Putnam chosen deacon by every
vote except his own."

"March 1 (1711). Ye church kept a Fast at ye house of
Dea. Benj. Putnam's."

"May 4 (1711). Chh. meeting rec'vd to full communion
. . . ye wife of Dea. Ben. Putnam."

"May 10. I went to Capt. Putnam's house raising."

"Mar. 17 (1713). I visited Dea. Ben. Putnam who is ill
with a fall."

"July 25. Visited Landlord Putnam, very sick and out of
his head."

At the time covered by the above extracts, there were sev-
eral "Capt. Putnams" viz. : John, Jonathan, Nathaniel and as
in the cases above Benjamin, it is possible that some of the
extracts may refer to Jonathan, who was extremely active
at this time.

The will of Benjamin Putnam is dated 28 Oct. , 1706, proved ]

25 April, 1715. He gives to his son Daniel (minister at \

Reading) "£150 for his learning." Overseers, "Uncle John /

Putnam and Capt. Jon*. Putnam." All his children but Jo- f

siah are here mentioned. ;

30 June, 1715. The children of Benjamin who were of

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age, viz. : Tarrant, Benjamin, Robert Hutchinson, Elizabeth
Hutchinson entered into an agreement.

On April 1, 1717, Cornelius chose his brother Nathaniel
his guardian.

In the Name of God Amen I Benj* Putnam of Salem in
ye County of Essex in ye province of the Mass Bay in New
England being in perfect health & of sound memory Blefsed
be God for it. yet Considering my own mortality Doe
make This my Last Will & Testament In Forme and man-
ner following

Imp s I Give np my Soul to God & my Body to Decent buriail
hopeing for a glorious refurrection in & thro Jesus Christ
my Redeem 1 , and as for yt estate yt God hath bestowed
upon me I give & Bequeath in Manner following
I Give to Sarah my beloved wife fifty pounds in or as Mon-
ey to be payed within five years after my decease by my
Exers hereafter named Also ye use of ye lower room in ye
west end of my house & halfe ye Cellar under it during ber

Item I give this flfarme I now dweel upon to my Two eldest
sons Nathaniel & Tarrant with all the buildings & fences
thereon to be equally Divided between them only Nathaniel
shall have twenty acres above halfe They paying as is
hereafter expressed

Item I give to Benj* & Stephen my two sons My part of Dav-
enports farm ; also my part of the meadow that belongs to
said farme, also ye land adjoining to ye meadow yt I bought
of Mr. Israel Porter to be equally divided between them
both land & Meadow they paying as hereafter is expressed.

Item I Give to my son Israel That land which I bought of Mr
Minziefs belongeing to Mr Humpherys farme aifo that six
acres of meadow ground which I bought of my brother John
Putnam belongeing to Grigeles his farme.

Item I Give to my son Daniell one hundred and fifty pounds
in or as money To be payed by my Two sons Nathaniel
and Tarrant equal ley betweene them as he shall neade it in
his Larntng or when he comes of age If he do not take to

Digitized by VjOOQLC



Also my sons Nathaniell and Tarant shall pay fifty pounds
Willed to my wife as above said and also fourty pounds to
their sister Elizabeth and also twenty pounds to their
brother Cornelius when they com of age each their part.

Item My Will is that my son Cornelius be put out to lame
som good Trade and that his brothers Benjamin and Steph-
en shall pay him Six Score pounds in or as mony within
Three years after he comes of age That is forurty pounds a
yeare To be Equally to be payed betweene them.

Item I Give to my Daughter Elizabeth Sixty pounds to be
payed out of my household goods at my decees proportu-
nalle of every thing to be apprised to Her and the Remainder
of my Household goods with my out dorcs Vseing Tooles I
give to my Two sons Nathaniel and Tarrant.

Item All my Stock of what Kinde soever I give to be equally
devided amonges all my children except iny son Daniel.

Item I do appoint my two sons Nathaniel and Tarrant to be
Joynte Executors of this ray will and my will is that if any
of my children dye before they com of age that theire parte
or portion shall be equal ley devided between the servivors
I Do desire and apointe my Well beloued frinds my brother
John putnam and my Cozen Jonathan putnam to be the
Ouerfeers of this my will and I do require all my children
to sett down by the advice of my overfeers whare there may
arise any mifsunderstanding of my will
In Testemony that this is my last Will and Testement I have
hereunto set my hand and seele This Twenty eight day of
October in the year of our Lord Seventene hundred and six
Signed and Seeled published and declared in presence of us
John Jeffards Beniamin putnam [seal]


Hannah X Roberds


Jonathan Putnam

Apprais and Allowed befr Hon Jn° Appleton at Court at

Ipswich April 25 1715

Endorsed Will of Leut Putnam

HI. 24 Mary (Nathaniel, John), born in Salem Village,
15-7-1668 ; baptized at Salem, Dec, 1668 ; married, prior to
1688, John, son of Peter and Mary (Pierce) Tufts of Charles-

Digitized by



town, that part now Maldeu, who was born about 1665 and
who died 28 Mch., 1728, aged 63.

His will dated 9 May, with codicil 20 Nov., 1727, proved
12 Apr., 1728, devised to wife Mary the west end of house,
to Nathaniel, Mary and grandson John, Peter, Benjamin,
Thomas, son-in-law John Willis.

Freeman 1690 ; buys four lots of land in 1701 of John

Children :

128 Mary, b. In Medford, 11 Apr., 1688; m. John Willis.

129 John, b. in Medford, 28 May, 1690; m. 28 Mch., 1723, Elizabeth

Sargent, who m., 2d, Nicholas George.

130 Nathaniel, b. in Medford, 23 Feb., 1692; m., 1st, Mary Sprague;

m., 2d, Mary Rand.

131 Peter, b. in Maiden, 10 May, 1697; d. 5 Dec, 1776, In 80 th year

(gravestone) ; m. Lydla, dan. of Samuel and Deborah (Sprague)
Bucknam, who was b. 1704; d. 31 Oct., 1776, in 72 d year (g. s.).
Deborah (Sprague) Bucknam was dan. of Capt. John and Lydia
(Goffe) Sprague and granddau. of Ralph Sprague, one of the
founders of Charlestown. Ch. : Nathan. Peter. Lydla. Tim-
othy. Samuel, b. 1737 ; m. Martha Adams. Aaron. Susanna.

132 Benjamin, b. in Maiden, 28 Nov., 1699 ; m., 1st, Mary Hutchinson ;

m., 2d, Hannah Johnson.

133 Timothy, b. in Maiden, 13 Oct., 1703; d. 2 May, 1727.

134 Thomas, b. 4 Dec, 1704; non compos 1739.

135 Stephen, b. (In his 17 th year 1728) ; d. In Maiden, 5 Dec, 1785,

In his 77 th year.

136 Mary, b. 6 Sept., 1716.

(See Wyman's Estates of Charlestown.)

HE. 28 Captain Jonathan (John, John), of Salem Vil-
lage, born there 17 Mar., 1659; died there 2 Mar., 1739;
buried in Wadsworth Cemetery ; married, first, Elizabeth,
daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Whipple ; w the oldest in-
scription in the Wadsworth Burying Ground reads : 'Here
Lyes ye Body of Elizabeth, ye Wife of Jonathan Putnam,
aged about 22 years. Deceased ye 8th of August, 1682."
This gravestone was originally faced with lead. He mar-
ried, second, Lydia, daughter of Anthony and Elizabeth
(Whipple?) Potter of Ipswich. Her will is dated 14 Sept.,
1742 ; proved 8 Apr., 1745, when administration of the estate

Digitized by VjOOQLC



was granted to John Porter of Wenham. She mentions hei
daughters, Elizabeth and Esther.

Children, born in Salem Village :

By first wife :

187 Samuel, "aged fifteen weeks, deceased about the last of Novem-

ber, 1682."

'By second wife :

188 Lydia. b. 4 Oct., 1684; bapt. at Salem May, 1685; d. 81 Aug.,

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