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1685; died ; married at Charlestown, 16 Oct., 1712,

Margery, daughter of Joseph (Lawence) and Mary (George)
Dowse, born 22 Feb., 1685-6; baptized Roxbury, 13-4-
1686. In 1728, Margery, daughter of Joseph Dowse was
heir to her father's Narmgansett rights. Joseph Dowse had
been a trooper in Moseby's company, 1675.

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Ebenezer Putnam was a mariner and probably resided in
Charlestowu. The following entries in Middlesex deeds relate
to him : .

1716, recorded 1721. Stephen Butcher and wife (.Mary,
sister of Margery), E. Putnam and wife, Alice and Elizabeth
Dowse (also sisters, Alice married Robert Wright, 1720;
Elizabeth married Dyer) to William Rand. 1 Sept.,

1719, E. Putnam buys of Dowse heirs one acre, and 5 Dec,

1720, sells the same to Eleazer Dowse. In this last deed he
styles himself "of Charlestown, mariner." Not known to
have had any children. (See Wyman's Estates of Charlestowu
and Dowse Genealogy, by A. M. Dows.)

IV. 45 Timothy ( Thomas, Tliomas, John) , born Salem
Village, baptized there, 26 April, 1691; died in Tewksbury
after a long illness, 3 Nov., 1762 ; married in Newbury, 25
Sept., 1718, Eleanor Doare, died at Tewksbury of fever
5 May, 1765.

Children, born in Newbury :

178 Thomas, b. IS Jan., 1719-20.

179 Elizabkth, b. 1 Aujr., 1721; m. at Tewksbury, 28 Apr., 1744,

Nathan son of Nathnn and Experience (Putnam) Bailey (No. 46)
of Tewksbury, b. In Newbury, 11 Dec, 1721. Children: Nathan
bnpt. 8 June, 1744. Betty, d. 31 Oct., 1744. Betty, bapt. 11
Aug., 1745. Experience, bapt. 22 Mar., 1747. Hannah, bapt.
2 Apr., 1749. Susannnh, d. 9 July, 1750. Eleanor, bapt. 14
July, 1751. Molly, bapt. 3 June, 1753. Patience, bapt. 5 Apr.,

180 An.va. b. 2 Nov., 1723.

181 Ei-ENor, b. 6 Dec. 1725.

182 Timothy, b. 2+ Juue, 1728; d. at Tewksbury of a violent fever,

14 Feb , 1753.

183 Samuel, b. 10 Jan., 1730-1, d. at Lake George, of fever, 19 Sept.,


Timothy Putnam, in early manhood left Danvers, settling
in West Newbury among his kinspeople the Baileys. In
deeds of date from 1713 to 1743, he is styled weaver. He
inherited property from Joshua Bailey the husband of his aunt
Experience and about 1744 removed to Tewksbury; thither
also many of the Baileys had removed. . From the church

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records we learn that on the 1st of April, 1744, there were
received into the church at Tewkshury, from the 3d church
at Newbury, " widow Experience Putnam," David Bailey and
wife and Jonathan Builey. On the 17th Sept., 1748, Mrs.
Anna and Elenor Putnam; on the 3 Sept., 1749, Mr. Nathan
Bailey and Elizabeth his wife all from the 3d church at New-
bury, and on the 13 Jan., 1760, Mr. Timothy Putnam and
wife from the 1st church at Newbury. Doubtless all of these
had been residents of Tewksbury for many years but had
not obtained a dismissal from their old church. Timothy
Putnam, jr., and his brother Samuel united with the Tewks-
bury church, the first on 29 July, 1750, the second on 29 Apr.,
1753. Administration on the estate of Timothy Putnam of
Tewksbury was granted 22 Nov., 1762. In 1769, Elenor
Putnam his daughter complained of the administrator, Nathan

IV. 49 Seth (Thomas, Thomas, John), born in Salem
Village, May, 1695; died at Charlestown, N. H., 30 Nov.,
1775 ; married 16 Sept., 1718, Ruth, daughter of Whip-
ple, born , 1692; died in Charlestown, N. H., 1 Feb.,


Children born at Billerica :

184 Ebenkzer, b. S Aug., 1719.

185 Ruth, b. 11 Oct., 1720; it. ; m. 3 Oct., 1746, Peter Lnrrabee of

Salem afterwards of Charlestown, N. H. Children : Ruth, b. 1747.
Elizabeth, b. 1749. Peter, b. 1750; ra. Sarah Kennedy. Peter
Larrabce, senior, was taken prisoner by the Indians In 1754, but
escaped, and afterwards became oue of the most prominent men
In Charlestown.

186 Sakah, b. 16 Mar., 1721-2.

187 Sbth, b. 14 Mar., 1728-4 ; killed by the Indians 2 May, 1746. Says

Belknap in bis history of N. H., Vol. n, p. 248: "The enemy
was scattered In small parties on all the frontiers. At K um-
ber Four, some women went out to milk their cows, with Major
Jos i ah Willard and several soldiers for their guard. Eight In-
dians who were concealed in a barn, fired on them and killed
Seth Putnam ; as they were scalping him, Willard and two more
tired on them and mortally wounded two, whom their compan-
ions carried off."

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* 188 Elizabkth, b. 6 Sept., 1725.

189 Thomas, b. 22 Oct., 1728.

190 Susanna, b. 8 Jan., 1780-1.

191 Timothy, b. 25 Dec., 1732.

, Seth Putnam was one of the earliest of the Danvers Put-
nams to go forth into the wilderness and make a home for
himself and family. In 1719, March 21, he bought of Samuel
Walker, for £200, a house lot and sixty acres of land in Bille-
rica. His farm began at Shawshin bridge and was bounded
by the river on the west. Here he lived until about 1750
when he removed to Number Four, now Charlestown, N. H.
This frontier post had been fearfully exposed to Indian at-
tacks, and but three of the original grantees had settled there.
In 1746, Number Four had been abandoned by the inhabitants
who took up their abode for the most part in Groton, Lunen-
burg and Leominster, Mass. In 1747, the place was again
garrisoned and on 21 'June, 1751, a company of the settlers
was organized with Phineas Stevens as captain. On the rolls
of this company are found the names .of two sons of Seth,
viz., Ebenezer and Thomas. The father was at Charlestown,
but not on the company rolls. Ebenezer Putnam also served
under New Hampshire iu 1755. In 1755 upon a petition of
the inhabitants of Charlestown, fourteen in number, among
whom were Seth and Ebenezer Putnam, Massachusetts again
garrisoned the town. There had been ten Indian attacks
between 1753-1755, and New Hampshire had failed to af-
ford the town any protection.

On the 18 Feb., 1754, a committee which had been ap-
pointed by New Hampshire to examine into the claims of
persons to land at Charlestown, reported forty-three claims
besides the heirs of Obadiah Sartwell. Among the forty-
three were Mr. Seth Putnam, Ebenezer Putnam and Thomas
Putnam, to each of whom was set apart -fa of the whole.

After the close of hostilities, Charlestown was no" longer
a frontier town and by 1760 a tide of emigration set in which
soon filled the country with desirable settlers and gave the

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inhabitants of old Number Four, among them the Putnam
family, the opportunity long wished for, to cultivate their
farms and establish a flourishing town.

Seth Putnam helped form the first church at Charlestown
and was one of the first ten members. He seems to have been
highly respected by his neighbors. On 14 Aug., 1753, the
first town meeting at Charlestown was held and Seth Putnam
was chosen ty thing man.

On his tombstone is the following inscription :

"The memory of the juat is blest."

on his wife's,

"Sweet soul we leave thee to thy rest till we shall meet thee above with

IV. 50 Deacon Edward (Edward, Thomas, John), born
in Salem Villnge 29 April, 1682; baptized at the church in
Salem the following October; died in Middleton, 23 Oct.,

1755 ; married, first, Sarah ; married, second, 3 Sept.,

1735, Mrs. Priscilla Jewett of Rowley, widow of Nehemiah
Jewett who died 2 Feb., 1732-3. She was the daughter of
Nathaniel and Priscilla (Carrell) Bradstreet and was born
22 Sept., 1689, aud died in Rowley 6 Sept., 1736. By her
first husband she had four children, viz. : Jeremiah. Jemima,
who married Joseph Scott. Priscilla, who married, first, Zac-
cheus Perkins; second, Hon. Humphrey Hobson. Caleb. 22

He married, third, 24 Feb., 1736-7, Martha Nurse widow
of Francis Nurse of Reading. She was dismissed to the
church in Middleton from Reading in 1738.

He married, fourth, 29 Nov., 1743, Mary Wilkins, perhaps
widow of Daniel Wilkins 2 * of Middleton.

Children baptized at Salem Village :

192 Holyokb, b. 29 Sept., 1706.

193 Sakah, b. 28 Nov., 1708; m. at Middleton, 2 Aug., 1731, Joseph


194 Edward, b. 30 Jane, 1711; d. 17 Feb., 1800.

" See p. 21. Vol. xxii, Essex Inst. Coll.

** If Mary Wllkins was widow of Dunlel Wilklns, then she was the daughter of John
and Mary (Gould) Hutchinson; Abigail, another daughter, married Benjamin Putnam.

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195 Susanna, b. 17 Jan., 1713-4.

196 Mary, b. 10 Feb , 1717; m. previous to 1755, Flint; prob. the

Mary who m., 26 Apr., 1787, Eben, son of Eben and Gertrude
(Pope) Flint of Dracut. Children : Molly. Miles. Nehemlah.
David. Elijah, b. 15 Nov., 1747. SamueL Simeon, slain in
battle of White Plains.

197 Eunice, b. 18 Sept. 1719; m. 19 Sept, 1743, Thomas Lovell.

198 Abigail, b. 11 Sept., 1720; m. 25 Apr., 1744, Israel Curtis.
199 Low, b. 19 April, 1724.

200 Miles, b. 5 Sept., 1725.

201 Hannah, b. 23 April, 1727 ; m. 8 May, 1746, Amos Fuller.

Edward Putnam received from his father a gift of land in
Middleton and here he established himself although owning
property in Danvers, where he was taxed as late as 1755.
Jan., 1706, both he and his wife Sarah were admitted to the
church ait Salem Village, and on 16 Nov., 1729, they, with
others, were dismissed to form the church in Middleton. 2 * In
1738 Edward Putnam, jr., was chosen deacon of the church
there ; he was also the first town clerk and one of the first

On 4 May, 1734, Edward Putnam, junior, of Middleton,
husbandman, sells, etc., to Thomas Cave of Middleton a parcel
of land and -^ part of Iron works standing on Pout Brook
Pond, also J. part of stream, hammer, anvil, bellows, etc.
(Essex Deeds 78-5.)

Edward Putnam's farm was just within the limits of Mid-
dleton and here, according to Gen. liufus Putuam, he died
at a good old age.

In his will Deacon Edward mentions his children 25 Martha
Nurse and Timothy Nurse, heirs of Jonathan Nurse and Sam-
uel Swan, late of Reading.

IV. 52 Deacon Elisha (Edward, Thomas, John),
born in Salem Village, 3 Nov., 1685; died in Sutton,
10 June, 1745 ; married, first, at Salem, 10 Feb., 1710, Hau-

* The rote of the church can be found p. 248, Vol. xii. N. B. H. Q. Beg. The families
dismissed were those of Wilkins, Puller, Kenny and Putnam.

"By her first hushand, Martha Nurse had Jonathan, b. 1719; Martha, b. 1732 ; Timothy*
b. 1724; Samuel, b. 1726; Caleb, b. 1729.

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nab Marble of Salem ; married, second, 15 Feb., 1713, Susan-
na, daughter of Jonathan and Susan (Trask) Fuller of Tops-
field, boru 1695.

Children (the first five born in Salem Village, the remain-
der in Sutton) :

202 Elisha, b. 2 Dec. ; bapt S Jan., 1716; d. , 1758.

203 Hannah, bapt. 8 Sept., 1717; d. ; m. In Sutton, 18 Aug.," 1786,

Jonathan, son of Samuel and Abigail (King?) Dudley; Ch. : Jona-
than, b. 22 March, 1738. Hannah, b. 20 Jan., 1740. John, b. 20 Aug.,
1743. Prudence, b. 4 May, 1747. Anne, b. 9 April, 1753. Samuel,
b. 4 Jan., 1755. Peter, b. 10 Jan., 1758; d. 8 Sept., 1836.

204 Nehemiaii, b. 22 March, aud bapt. 29 March, 1719 ; d. 27 Nov.,


205 Jonathan, b. 19 July, bapt. 3 Sept., 1721.

206 Susanna, bapt. 8 Sept., 1723 ;d. ; m., 1st, in Sutton, 24 Feb.,

1742, Timothy, son of Timothy and Keziah Holton, b. 5 Sept.,
1719. Ch. : Kezla, b. 16 Nov., 1743; m. 29 Nov., 1768, Solomon
Cook. Timothy, b. 1 May, 1745. Elisha, b. 17 Feb., 1752. Su-
sanna, b. Nov., 1755; m. 29 Aug., 1779, Benjainlu Cogswell.
Sarah, b. 20 May, 1758. Mrs. Susanna Holton m., 2d, Johu
Whipple, and had perhaps John, b. 15 Mar., 1766. Perley, b.
6 June, 1769.

207 Mary, b. 12 June, 1725 ; d. 22 Apr., 1736.

208 Stephen, b. 4 Apr., 1728; d. 5 March, 1803, in N. H.

209 Amos, b. 22 July, 1730; d. 19 Aug., 1804 (Perley Putnam MSS.),

17 Sept., 1811 (Hist. Sutton).

210 Eunice, b. 6 July, 1732; d. at Windham, unra.

211 Huldaii, b. 25 May, 1734 ; m. Daniel Matthews, son of Daniel and

Eunice (Morse) Matthews, b. 28 Oct., 1725. Ch : Sarah, b. 1764;
d. 16 Juue, 1802; m. 8 Apr., 1782, Joseph Willson, who was grand-
father of Rev. Edmund Burke Willson of Salem.
212 Burus, b. 9 Apr., 1788 ; d. at Marietta, Ohio, 4 May, 1824; General
In Revolutionary army.

Elisha Putnam of Topsfield, husbandman, Jonathan Ken-
ny of Boxford, do., Joseph White of Salem, joyner, Josiah
White of Salem, husbandman, Samuel White of Salem, do.,
Samuel Carril of Boxford, cooper, buy of William Wait of
Sutton, husbandman, and Abiel his wife for £658, five hun-
dred acres of land in the Nipmug country, being the north-
ern half of the graut of 1000 acres to Col. Elisha Hutchiuson
aud Isaac Addiugton by the General Court iu 1713. Oue


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week afterward Elisha and Susannah Putnam, Jonathan and
Rebecca Kenny, Joseph and Beatrix White, Josiah Whiter
Samuel and Dinah White, Samuel and Rebecca Carril, mort-
gage the same tract to Thomas Hutchinson of Boston for
£600. The mortgage to run until 10 Aug., 1723. This
mortgage was witnessed by Jonathan, William and Anna Ful-
ler. (Vol. 34, p. 239, Suffolk Deeds.)

•Of the above, Elisha Putnam, Jonathan Kenney, Josiah
White and Samuel Camel, settled in Sutton. Exactly at
what date Elisha Putnam took up his final abode in Sutton is
not known ; probably in 1725, perhaps in 1723. Isaac Put-
nam and Jeptha Putnam bought land in Sutton about 1723
and settled there. Nathaniel and Stephen Putnam bought
land there in 1726.

In the year 1726, the name of Putnam first appeal's on
Sutton Records, and the particular mention is that of Elisha
Putnam being appointed one of a committee to treat with their
minister, an important matter to our ancestors. From this
time to his death Elisha Putnam was prominent in church
and town affairs. He had the executive ability which his
father had shown in Dan vers ; and the people of Sutton, real-
izing this, honored him in many ways. He was representative
to the General Court, town clerk and treasurer, besides hold-
ing many minor offices.

,In 1730 he was admitted to the church and chosen deacon
in 1731. Gen. Rufus Putnam in his memoirs of the Putnam
family says, "In justice to the character of my father I ought
to mention that he was much respected as a citizen and a

The Rev. Dr. Hall in his diary says that w Deacon Elisha
Putnam was a very useful man in the civil and ecclesiastical
concerns of the place. He was for several years deacon of
the church, town clerk, town treasurer and representative
in the General Court, or Colonial Assembly of Massachu-
setts. He died in June, 1745, iu the joyful hope of the glory
of God."

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The farm upon which Eliaha Putnam settled in Sutton is
the place now known as the Freeland estate. The remains
of the old cellar were still to be seen a few years ago. The
house, which succeeded the first house, was a fine specimen of
a colonial mansion and was built to resemble the house of
an English nobleman.

IV. 53 Joseph (Edward, Tfwnas, John), born in Salem
Village 1 Nov., 1687 ; died there. Will dated 8 June, 1772,
proved 26 Nov., 1773. Mentions sons Joseph and Oliver,
Lydia, daughter of his son Joseph, and grandson Joseph. He
married Lydia Flint.

Children :

213 Oliver, bapt. Salem Village, 21 Oct., 1722.

214 Joseph, bapt. Salem Village, 26 Apr., 1724.

Joseph Putnam was known as Joseph "Junior" until the
death of his uncle. He was one of the first selectmen of Dan-
vers, 4 March, 1752.

IV. 57 Ensign Ezra (Edward, Thomas, John), born in
Salem Village, 29 Apr., 16i>6 ; died Middleton, 22 Oct., 1747.
Will dated 5 Sept., 1747, proved 30 Dec, 1747. Mentions
widow Elizabeth, daughter Mary, son Nehemiah to be sole
executor, sou Ezra a minor; married 6 March, 1719 (another
authority 16 March, 1719), Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas
and Elizabeth Fuller bapt. Salem Village, 21 Sept., 1707 ;
died in Middletou, 21 Oct., 1747.

Children :

215 Elizabeth, bapt. Salem Village, 7 May, 1721 ; d. in Middleton 17

Sept., 1747.

216 Mary, bapt. Salem Village, S March, 1722; d. 14 Dec, 1786. Mrs.

Averill, with apparent reason, thinks she m. 17 Feb., 1749, Eph-
ralm Fuller, a brother of Amos (see No. 201). Ephraim Fuller d.
20 Feb., 1792. Their sister, Rachel Fuller, m. Rev. Wra. Phipps,
13 Nov., 1751, and removed to Douglas.

217 Nehemiah, bapt. at Salem Village, 5 Sept., 1725 ; d. in Middleton,

23 Oct., 1747.
218 Ezra, bapt. Salem Village, 8 June, 1729.
219 Rum, bapt. 17 Mar., 1734; d. in Middleton, 16 Dec, 1747.

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S4 hittokt of the PUTWAM TAMELY. }:


Ezra Pltham, sesior, was of Middleton and was styled
"yeoman." He bought land iu Topsfield from bis brothers and j

cousins* Topsfield then included part of Middleton. The farms *

of Deacon Edward and bis sons are all in that part of what is
now Middleton near Danrers, and in some instances crossing
the Danrers line. Deacon Edward gare each of his sons a *

farm* To Isaac, within a week of his removal to Sutton, he \

gave the homestead. Isaac sold to Ezra.

IV* 58 Isaac (Edward, T/wmas, John), born in Salem
Village 14 March, 1698 ; died in Sutton, 1757 ; married 20 '

Dec., 1720, Anna Fuller.

Children : ;

220 Pijiyeas, b. Salem Village, 1 Oct. and bapt 7 Oct., 1722. i

221 Asaph, b. Salem Village, 11 Sept. and bapt. 20 Sept., 1724. j

222 Axxa, b. Salem Village, 27 July and bapt. 31 July, 1726; probably ;

bl, 31 Oct., 1745, Josiali Trask of Satton. Ch. : Peter, b. 22

May, 1746; <L 7 Oct., 1803. John, b. 2 Dec, 1747; <L 19 Mar., j

1748. Isaac, b. 22 May, 1749. I

223 Susanva, b. iu Satton, 20 Aug., 1728 ; m. 15 Jan., 1746, John Sadler t

of Upton.

224 Nathax, b. In Satton, 24 Oct., 1730.

225 Edwaud, b. 5 Feb., 1733; d. young. (Qen. Bu/as Putnam's ac-


226 Isaac, b. 4 Nor., 1734.
227 Lydia, b. 20 Oct., 1736.

228 Daniel, b. 28 March, 1739.

Isaac Putnam of Topsfield, yeoman, buys 23 May, 1726,
of John Hutchinson of Salem, yeoman, 125 acres in Sutton
for £310. This land bounded on Jeptha Putnam's purchase. ,

He also in Dec, 1726, bought 33 acres of the Davenport
farm, which adjoined his former purchase. He was "of Tops-
field" when this last deed was drawn, but probably soon after-
ward settled on his purchase in Sutton. He was dismissed
from the church in Salem Village to the church in Sutton, and
was admitted there 1 Feb. , 1730. His name does not appear ,

on Sutton records later than 1740, and it is not known that
any of his posterity now live there. His son, Phineas, had
the homestead in Sutton.

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IV. 82 William (Joseph, Thomas, John), born in Salem

Village, 8 Feb., ; baptized 14 July, 1700 ; died 19 May,

1729 (gravestone Wadsworth cemetery) ; married in Salem,
30 Jan., 1723, Elizabeth, daughter of Lt. James (John, John)
Putnam (No. 133) , born 4 Aug., 1700 ; married, second, 26-3-
1730, Capt. John, baptized 16 Feb., 1706-7, son of John
and Elizabeth (Weld) Gardner of Salem. Mrs. Gardner
died of apoplexy, 4 Feb., 1764. Capt. Gardner died 15 Jan.,
1784 ; married, second, Elizabeth Herbert ; third, Mary Peale.
Children :

229 Elizabeth, bapt. 15 May, 1726 ; d. 80 March, 1759 ; m. 28 Jane,
1748. Jonathan, son of Josiah and Sarah (Ingersoll) Orne
of Salem, b. 1722-3 ; d. 1 Jan., 1774, a. 51, merchant of Salem.
Children: Joseph, b. 4 June, 1749; m., 1st, MaryLeavltt; ra.,
2nd, Therese Emery. William, b. 4 Feb., 1752; d. 18 or 14
Oct., 1815, an eminent merchant in Salem ; m. Abigail, dan. of
Hon. Nathaniel Ropes. Elizabeth, bapt. 29 Sept., 1754. Sam-
uel, bapt. 10 Oct., 1756, probably d. y. Mehltable, bapt. 20
April, 1759, prob. d. y. Jonathan Orne, m., 2d, 21 Aug.,
1760, Elizabeth Bowditch.
280 Sarah, bapt. 22 Dec., 1728 ; d. ; ra., 2 Jan., 1758, Capt. Jona-
than, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Gardner) Gardnei
Salem, mariner, b. In Sulem 25 May, 1728 ; d. 2 March, 1791.
Ch. : Jonathan, b. 16 Mar., 1755 ; d. 26 Sept., 1821 ; m., 1st, Sa-
rah Fairfield; m., 2d, 27 Oct., 1799, Lncla, dau. of Israel and
Lucia (Pickering) Dodge, b. 16 June, 1768; d. 24 Mar., 1812,
8. p. (See Pickering Genealogy.)

Child of Capt. John and Elizabeth (Putnam) Gardner :

280a John, b. 23 Jane, 1731; d. 27 Oct., 1805; m. 11 July, 1757;
Elizabeth, dau. of Timothy and Mary (Wlngate) Pickering, b.
11 Jan., 1737; d. 12 Oct., 1823. (For descendants see Picker-
ing Genealogy).

IV. 85 Colonel David (Joseph, Thomas, John) , born
. in Salem Village, 25 Oct., 1707 ; died 1768 ; married 24 Nov.,
1728, Rebecca, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Osgood)
Perley of Boxford, born 28 Oct., 1710. (See note on page
Children, born and baptized in Salem Village :
231 William, bapt. 8 March, 1729-30.
282 Lucy, bapt. 23 Apr., 1732 ; m. Major Ezra Putnam.

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233 Aixbn, b. 1732 ; bapt. 4 Apr. 1734 ; d. , 1759.

234 Mbhitadlr, m b. 1734; bapt. 13 Mar., 1736-37; m. previous to 1767;
Rev. Edward Perkins, son of Rev. Nathaniel and Elizabeth
(Perkins) 8parhawk, of Lynnfleld, b. 10 July, 1728. He m.,
2nd, a Mrs. Adams. (See Sparhawk genealogy.)

235 Joseph, bapt. 14 Oct., 1739; d. 9 Mar., 1818.

236 Israkl, b. 29 Jnne, 1742.

237 Eunice, bapt. 28 Apr., 1745; d. y.
288 David, b. , 1747; d. ,1766.

239 Eunice, b. , 1751 ; d. 26 Nov. 1846 ; m. Nathaniel, son of

Joshna and Eunice (JVnnison) Richardson, tanner, formerly
of Woburn but afterwards of Salem, in which latter place he
was killed 25 Jan., 1796, while superintending the moving of
a building. He was born in Woburn, 20 Men., 1742. Ch. :
Jesse, b. , 1774, of Salem. Joshua, of Portland. Nathan-
iel, a merchant of Malaga, Spain. William P. of Salem. Is-
rael of Portland.

240 Jksse, b. 8 Jan., bapt. 13 Jan., 1754.

Colonel David Putnam was one of the most prominent
men in Danvers for over fifty years. He was not only influ-
ential in town and parish affairs but was known throughout
the colony as a dashing cavalry officer. Col. Timothy Pick-
ering was accustomed to mention among the recollections of
his boyhood that "David Putnam rode the best horse in the

For many years the inhabitants of Salem Village had been
petitioning the General Court to set them off as a separate
town and in these attempts David Putnam sided with the pop-
ular party. In 1752, they partially gained their point and
David and James Putnam are among the subscribers to a pe-
tition to Daniel Eppes, Esq., for calling the first town meet-
ing in the District of Danvers, 18 Feb., 1752. This meeting
was held on the 4th of March, and Lt. David was chosen one
of the highway surveyors, an important office in a new town.
Previous to the separation he had held various offices in the
old town.

"Mehftabel, in History of Sanborn ton, N. H., It said to have m. Laban Harrfman, a
Quaker and to have had a child, MehltnbeJ, b. 20 Sept., 1764; m., 1789, John A brums of
Sanbornton. He was b. in Ameabury, 3 March, 1766. Thia niuvt refer to some other
Mehitable, though whom, I know not. (See No. 289.)

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In 1751, he was selectman of Salem from the Village and
doubtless did much to influence the town to consent to the

In 1753, he was chosen selectman of Danvers and in 1757
was one of a committee of five to regulate the grammar school.
Hardly a year passed but that he held some one or another
town office, being at various times selectman, surveyor. of
highways, tythingman, overseer of the poor, warden, and on
special committees. He was last taxed in 1767, his estate
was taxed in 1768, and his will proved in 1769.

This will is an interesting document ; by it he provided for
his son William, his daughters Lucy, Mehetable Sparhawk,
and Eunice, then gives the remainder to his sons, Joseph and
Israel leaving it to them to divide, they to furnish their
youngest brother, Jesse, with the means to carry him through

The terms of the will were fulfilled in every particular and
tradition states that when Joseph and Israel came to divide
the property each had chosen that which the other did not
want. This property comprised the estate now known as
the Gen. Israel Putnam place, the Col. Jesse place „ about fifty
acres, now owned by the state, included in the Insane Hospital
grounds, and the houses of Eben S. Flint, Eben Jackson,
Mrs. Daniel Verry, Mrs. Julia A. Philbrick, and the school-
house grounds.

The section known as the Col. Jesse estate fell to Joseph

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