Ebenezer Cooke.

The sot-weed factor: or, A voyage to Maryland. A satyr. In which is describ'd the laws, government, courts and constitutions of the country, and also the buildings, feasts, frolicks, entertainments an online

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Online LibraryEbenezer CookeThe sot-weed factor: or, A voyage to Maryland. A satyr. In which is describ'd the laws, government, courts and constitutions of the country, and also the buildings, feasts, frolicks, entertainments an → online text (page 2 of 2)
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And there my bones unfradlur'd keep.

I lay'd me down fecure from Fray,

And foundly fnoar'd till break of Day ;

When waking frefh I fat upright.

And found my Shooes were vanifh'd quite;

Hat, Wig, and Stockings, all were fled

From this extended Indian Bed;

Vext at the Lofs of Goods and Chattel,

I fwore I'd give the Rafcal battel.

Who had abuf'd me in this fort.

And Merchant Stranger made his Sport.

I furioufly defcended Ladder;

No Hare in March was ever madder ;

In vain I fearch'd for my Apparel,

And did with Oaft and Servants Quarrel ;

For one whofe Mind did much afpire

To (^) Mifchief, threw them in the Fire;

Equipt with neither Hat nor Shooe,

I did my coming hither rue.

And doubtful thought what I fhould do :

Then looking round, I faw my Friend

Lie naked on a Table's end ;

(a) 'Tis the Cuftom of the Planters to throw their own, or any other
Perfon's Hat, Wig, Shooes or Stockings in the Fire.


[ i8 ]

A fight fo difmal to behold,

One wou'd have judg'd him dead and cold.

When wringing of his bloody Nofe,

By fighting got we may fuppofe;

I found him not fo fafi: afleep.

Might give his friends a caufe to weep :

Rife (^) OronookOy rife faid I,

And from this He// and Bed/am fly.

My Guide ftarts up, and in amaze.

With blood-fhot Eyes did round him gaze ;

At length with many a figh and groan.

He went in fearch of aged Rhoan ;

But Rhoan, tho' feldom uf'd to faulter.

Had fairly this time flipt his Halter;

And not content all Night to ftay

Ty'd up from Fodder, ran away :

After my Guide to ketch him ran.

And fo I lofl: both Horfe and Man:

Which Difappointment tho' fo great.

Did only Mirth and Jefiis create:

Till one more Civil than the reft.

In Converfation for the befi:,

Obferving that for want of Rhoan,

I fhould be left to walk alone ;

Moft readily did me intreat,

To take a Bottle at his Seat ;

A Favour at that time fo great,

I bleft my kind propitious Fate ;

And finding foon a frefh fupply,

Of Cloaths from Stoar-houfe kept hard by,

(b) Planters are ufually call'd by the Name of Oromoko, from their
Planting Oronooko-Tobacco.

[ 19 ]

I mounted ftreight on fuch a Steed,
Did rather curb, than whipping need ;
And ftraining at the ufual rate.
With fpur of Punch which lay in Pate,
E'er long we lighted at the Gate :
Where in an antient Cedar Houfe,
Dwelt my new Friend a (^) Cockeroufe;
Whofe Fabrick tho' 'twas built of Wood,
Had many Springs and Winters flood ;
When fturdy Oaks, and lofty Pines
Were level'd with (b) Mufmillion Vines,
And Plants eradicated were.
By Hurricanes into the air;
There with good Punch and Apple Juice,
We fpent our Hours without abufe ;
Till Midnight in her fable Veft,
Perfuaded Gods and Men to reft ;
And with a pleafing kind furprize,
Indulg'd foft Slumbers to my Eyes.
Fierce (^) Mfhon courfer of the Sun,
Had half his Race exad:ly run ;
And breath'd on me a fiery Ray,
Darting hot Beams the following Day,
When fnug in Blanket white I lay:
But Heat and [^) Chinees raif'd the Sinner,
Moft opportunely to his Dinner;
Wild Fowl and Fifli delicious Meats,
As good as Neptune's doxy eats.
Began our Hofpitable Treat ;

(*) Cockeroufe, is a Man of Quality.

ly) Mufmilleon Vines are wliat we call Muflc milleon Plants.

(c) ^thon is one of the Poetical Horfes of the Sun,

(d) Chinees are a fort of Vermin like our Bags in England.

D Fat

[ 20 ]

Fat Venfon follow'd in the Rear,
And Turkies wild (^) Luxurious Chear :
But what the Feafl did moft commend.
Was hearty welcom from my Friend.
Thus having made a noble Feaft,
And eat as well as pamper'd Prieft,
Madera ftrong in flowing Bowls,
Fill'd with extream delight our Souls ;
Till wearied with a purple Flood,
Of generous Wine (the Giant's blood.
As Poets feign) away I made.
For fome refrefhing verdant Shade ;
Where muflng on my Rambles flrange.
And Fortune which fo oft did change ;
In midft of various Contemplations
Of Fancies odd, and Meditations,

I flumbered long

Till hazy Night with noxious Dews
Did fleep's unwholfom Fetters lofe ;
With Vapors chil'd, and mifty air.
To" fire-fide I did repair;
Near which a jolly Female Crew,
Were deep engag'd 2iX. LanBre-Looe ;
In Night-rails white, with dirty Mein,
Such Sights are fcarce in England {(^tv\ :
I thought them firft fome Witches bent.
On Black Defigns in dire Convent.
Till one who with affected air.
Had nicely learn'd to Curfe and Swear ;

(f ) Wild Turkies are very good Meat, and prodigioufly Jarge in Mary-


[ 21 ]

Cry'd Dealing's loft is but a Flam,

And vow'd by G — d flie'd keep her Pam.

When dealing through the board had run,

They afk'd me kindly to make one;

Not ftaying often to be bid,

I fat me down as others did ;

We fcarce had play'd a Round about,

But that thefe Indian Froes fell out.

D — m you, fays one, tho' now fo brave,

I knew you late a Four- Years Slave ;

What if for Planter's Wife you go.

Nature deligned you for the Hoe.

Rot you replies the other ftreight.

The Captain kiff'd you for his Freight;

And if the Truth was known aright.

And how you walk'd the Streets by night

You'd blufh (if one cou'd blufh) for fhame,

Who from Bridewell or New gate came :

From Words they fairly fell to Blows,

And being loath to interpofe.

Or meddle in the Wars of Punk,

Away to Bed in haft I flunk.

Waking next day, with aking Head,

And Thirft, that made me quit my Bed;

I rigg'd myfelf, and foon got up.

To cool my Liver with a Cup

Of (^) Succahana frefti and clear.

Not half fo good as E?iglijh Beer ;

Which ready ftood in Kitchin Pail,

And was in fad: but Adam s Ale ;

(^\ Succahana is Water.


[ 22 ]

For Planter's Cellars you muft know.

Seldom with good OSiober flow.

But Perry Quince and Apple Juice,

Spout from the Tap like any Sluce ;

Untill the Cafk's grown low and ftale,

They're forc'd again to (^) Goud and Pail :

The foathing drought fcarce down my Throat,

Enough to put a {hip afloat.

With Cockeroufe as I was fitting,

I felt a Feaver Intermitting ;

A fiery Pulfe beat in my Veins,

From Cold I felt refembling Pains:

This curfed feafoning I remember,

Lafted from March to cold December ;

Nor would it then its Quarters Ihift

Until by Car Jus turn'd adrift.

And had my Dodtrefs wanted fkill.

Or Kitchin Phyflck at her will,

My Father's Son had loft his Lands,

And never feen the Goodwin Sands:

But thanks to Fortune and a Nurfe

Whofe Care depended on my Purfe,

I faw myfelf in good Condition,

Without the help of a Phyfitian :

At length the fhivering ill relieved,

Which long my Head and Heart had grieved ;

I then began to think with Care,

How I might fell my BritiJIi Ware,

That with my Freight I might comply.

Did on my Charter party lie :

Q>) A Goud grows upon an Indian Vine, refembling a Bottle, when
ripe it is hollow ; this the Planters make use of to drink water out of.


[ 23 ]

To this intent, with Guide before,
I tript it to the Eaftern Shoar ;
While riding near a Sandy Bay, -
I met a ^aker. Tea and Nay ;
A Pious Confientious Rogue,
As e'er woar Bonnet or a Brogue,
Who neither Swore nor kept his Word
But cheated in the Fear of God ;
And when his Debts he would not pay.
By Light within he ran away.
With this fly Zealot foon I ftruck
A Bargain for my Engli/Ji Truck
Agreeing for ten thoufand weight.
Of Sot- weed good and fit for freight.
Broad Oronooko bright and found.
The growth and produd: of his ground;
In Cafk that fhould contain compleat,
Five hundred of Tobacco neat.
The Contract thus betwixt us made.
Not well acquainted with the Trade,
My Goods I trufled to the Cheat,
Whole crop was then aboard the Fleet ;
And going to receive my own,
I found the Bird was newly flown :
Curling this execrable Slave,
This damn'd pretended Godly Knave;
On dire Revenge and Juftice bent,
I inftantly to Counfel went.
Unto an ambodexter (^) ^uack.
Who learnedly had got the Knack



Online LibraryEbenezer CookeThe sot-weed factor: or, A voyage to Maryland. A satyr. In which is describ'd the laws, government, courts and constitutions of the country, and also the buildings, feasts, frolicks, entertainments an → online text (page 2 of 2)