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hardly realize it."

Rivington appeared to muse while he pre-
pared a cigarette. " By Jove, neither can I,"
he at length said. " It 's very extraordinary.
People rather took her up, did n't they .'* "

Mrs. Leroy was staring into the fire. " No,
Rivington ; she took them up."

" How is that, Augusta t "

" Oh, nothing."

**She was certainly a very nice girl in her
way," resumed Rivington, after a pause. " I
thought she was going to bother us, at first.
You did, too. You looked upon her as a hope-
less case."

Mrs. Leroy was still staring into the fire.
She shook her head very emphatically, smiling
with an almost sardonic bitterness. " Oh, she


was certainly a hopeless case," said Riving-
ton's sister. " I think that still."

" But she got along so finely afterward,"
continued Rivington, in his rich, well-bred
voice. " The idea of throwing away such
splendid chances as we gave her ! . . . I can't
make it out at all. ... I thought she was
rather fond of you, too, Augusta. I " . . .

*'Fond of me!" cried Mrs. Leroy, starting
up from her seat. " She despised me ! "

Rivington now slowly rose. He looked ex-
cessively astonished. His sister had begun to
pace the room in a restless, impetuous way.

" Upon my word, Augusta," he presently
said, "I should think /

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Online LibraryEdgar FawcettA hopeless case → online text (page 11 of 11)