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175 I-18OC








nr^HIS volume completes the Digest of the Register of
Marriages for the Parish of Edinburgh which the Society
proposes to print. It contains the period from 175 1 to 1800
inclusive. It has been printed by the kind permission of
Sir J. Patten Macdougall, Registrar General and Deputy
Clerk Register.

As in former volumes, the full information is only given
under the name of the man. The date, unless where otherwise
stated, is that of Proclamation.

The spelling of the Register has generally been printed as
given therein, except, in order to facilitate reference, names may
have been modernised.

The abbreviations used in the previous volumes have also
been continued in the present one.


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Page 317, line 1, for Caldova read Caldom, and for John read James.
,, 317, line 30, for Home read Home.
„ 363, line 54, for Oswald read Lorimer.
,, 379, line 8, delete entry.

Register of Marriages



1 75I-I800.

Abbay, Thomas, coach harnish maker, and Katharine, d. to deceast
Jas. Blackwood, p. of Dollar, now both in Lady Yester's
Kirk p. 12 Aug. 1759

Abbot, Archibald, stocking weaver, College Kirk p., and Elizabeth,
Old Grayfriar's p., d. of George M'Kenzie, gardiner at
Castle Barns, near Edinburgh 16 j u i v j^gr

„ Robert, hairdresser, Tron Kirk p., and Janet Cossar, same p.,

d. of deceased Simon Cossar, wright in Edinburgh 24 May 1796

Abercrombie, Mr. Alexander, W.S., New North Ch. p., and Miss
Mary, d. to deceased Mr. Charles Ramsay, surgeon in
Edinburgh. I4 Apr> I776

„ Anne; Thomas Summers, indweller 18 Sept. 1757

„ Ann ; Lieut. James Scrymgeour 19 Aug. 1776

„ Miss Ann; Donald Cameron of Lochiel 21 Apr. 1795

„ Charles; Alexander Bremner, taylor 17 Sept. 1796

„ David, merchant, and Marrion, d. of deceast Gilbert Hutton,

merchant in Lithgow, now both in Lady Yester's Kirk p. 10 Apr. 1768
„ John, taylor, p. of Edinburgh, and Margaret, New Grayfriar's

p., d. of deceased John Thrift, mariner in Brunt Island 17 Mar. 1778
„ Robert, mariner, Old Kirk p., and Christian, same p., d. of John

M'Laughlan, farmer at Dunfermline 5 Jan. 1786

„ Margaret; Hugh Fraser 18 Mar. 1778

„ Margaret; John Munro, watchmaker 22 Jan. 1783

Abercromby, Alexander, mealmaker, and Katherine, d. to deceast
John Mair, farmer at Loch Gutley in p. of Auchterarder, now
both in College Kirk p. 2 Nov. 1766

„ Christian; John Maclachlan 22 July 175"

„ George, advocate, younger of Tullibody, St. Andrew Church
p., and Miss Montagu, Lady Yester p., d. of the Right
Honble. Henry Dundas of Melvill 23 Jan. 1799

„ Lieut-Col. James, captain in the third regiment of foot, Old
Grayfriar's p., and Miss Charlotte, same p., d. of deceased
James Gordon of Cocklairachy 9 Apr. 1784

„ Rachel; William Skirving 8 Jan. 1775

„ See Semple, Robert.
Aberdeen, Miss Jean, and David Dalrymple, advocate 15 Mar. 1761

Aberdour, Alexander, founder in New North Kirk p., and Helen, d.
to John Burn, upholsterer in Edinburgh, now in Lady
Yester's Kirk p. 20 Apr. 1760

„ Christian; George Cran 1 Dec. 1789

„ Isabella; James Breakinrig 25 Jan. 1800


Edinburgh Marriage Register. [1751-1800

Aberdour, Tames, founder in the Potterrow in West Kirk p., and
Elizabeth, d. to deceast Alexander Duncan, merchant in
New North Kirk p. , , u , ?7 Apr. 1760

, James, founder in Chapel Street, West Kirk p., and Isobel, d.
to deceast George Aitken, late deacon of ye hammermen,
in Lady Yester's Kirk p. 5 Sept. 1762

Janet, d. of deceast Alex. Aberdour, founder, now shop-
keeper in Old Kirk p., and Alexander Ogilvie, glover in
Tron Kirk p. , 9 May 1762

William, gardner in Old Grayfriar's p., and Margt., d. to
deceast Tames Forrest, farmer in Aberdeenshire, now in
Tron Kirk p. , _ u 13 Nqv. 1763

Abernethy, Alexander, shoemaker, Lady Yesters Church p., and
Elizabeth Newton, Coledge Church p., d. of Hugh Newton,
weaver in Edinburgh 9 Mar - *777

„ Alexander, baker, Tolbooth Kirk p., and Helen, p. of South

Leith, d. of David Liddle, merchant in South Leith 19 July 1708

Alexander, house carpenter, Old Grayfriar's p., and Marion,
Tron Kirk p., d. of Thomas Gray, mason in Haddington

28 Sept. 1709

„ Euphemia; James Robertson 13 May 1797

" Helen; Charles Stewart 21 July 1778

„ James, corkcutter, and Alison, d. to deceast John Lidgate, land

labourer in Duns, both now in Old Grayfriar's p. 28 £eb. 170b

„ Janet; Oliver Forrest T 3 Dec. 1772

Sophia; Alexander Laurie 27 Nov. 1780

Dr. William, in Tron Kirk p., and Miss Barbary Mary, d. to
deceast William Drummond of Hawthorndean in Laswade

25 Oct. 1760

Aboyne, The Right Honble. Charles, Earl of, in Old Kirk p., and

the Right Honble. Lady Margaret Stuart, d. to Right

Honble. Alexr., Earl of Galloway, now in Old Grayfriar's

p 22 Apr. 1759

Ach, Margaret; James Auldearn 24 Oct. 1778

Achyndachie, William, indueller, and Jean, d. to Thomas Keid,

indweller at Gilmerton, now both in Tron Kirk p. 4 June 1709

Ackman, Thomas, tailor in Old Grayfreir's p., and Martha, in New
Gravfrier's p., d. of George Frazer, carrier at Lochrin, in
West Kirk p. Q 2 May 1773

Acton, Sarah ; Henry Bashard Hobdell, goldsmith 8 Nov. 1772

Adam, Agnes ; John M'Laren, flesher 29 July 1786

„ Agnes; John Sinclair, typemaker 22 *eb. 179&

Alexander, sclator in Lady Yester's Kirk p., and Helen d. to
Tohn Watson, writer in Edinburgh, now in the Tolbooth
Kirk p. l6 0ct - x 757

Alexander, brewer's servant, College Kirk p., and Janet, same

p d. of George Henderson, farmer in Knkaldy 17 May 1780

Andrew, tailor, College Church p., and Euphan, same p., d. of

deceased John Stevenson, wright, p. of Kettle 27 Oct. 1770

„ Ann, and Henry Martine 13 Apr. 1777

„ Christian; Alexander M'Kenzie 15 Jan. 1758

David, residenter in S. S. E. p., and Jean, d. to James Bowers,

servant to Lord Belhaven, now in S. E. p. 3 * eb - x 754

David, shoemaker in West Kirk p., and Janet Carnegie, relict
of Tohn Hoe, cork cutter in Edinburgh, now in Old

Grayfrier'sp ., A „r u u ' ^ ^

David hairdresser, St. Andrew Kirk p., and Elizabeth, same

p d. of William Mailler, carrier in Dunfermline 22 Mar. 1790

„ Elizabeth ; David Dryburgh, marine 2 <?i an ' I7 J 7

Elizabeth ; James Bell, wright 18 May 1781

Elizabeth; John Watt, merchant 21 June 1788

1751-1800] Edinburgh Marriage Register

Adam, George weaver, H,gh Church p., and Mary, same p, d. of

David Gourly, tailor in Kettle, Fifeshire d Oct ,708

„ Isobel ; David Watson oA 4 vi T

„ Miss Isobella; Robert Brown, W.S. Q S Xll

„ Isabella; John Kelly 2? A I

" J am ^ s ' work '" an in College Kirk p., and Mary, d. to deceast g ' °
William Short, miller in the p. of Laswade, now in Tolbooth
Kirk p. T

„ James, smith Old Grayfriar's p., and Elizabeth, College Kirk' I759

p., d. of deceased James Phin, gardiner, in the Water of

„ James waiter in St. Andrew Kirk p., and Maitland, in Old 9 Ug * '
Kirk p., d. of deceased Geo. Dickson, stocking maker in
JJunse .

n Jean; John Hill ' f u «" ^

„ Miss Jean ; Thomas Kennedy of Dunure "8 h3v llll

„ John, journeyman weaver, and Isobel, d. of late Alexr"

Dickson, shoemaker in Forfar, now both in N. E. p. » Tune I7C*

" J u' u CSh ^'' and Ann ' d - to J ames Crawford, porter, now

both in New Grayfriar's p. 11 Tulv i7fi*

" J ° h ,?' » Wr ifrn in L ?? y YeSter ' S Church P-» and Mar y Hamilton, J V ?

d. to William Hamilton, residenter in Old Church p. 21 Tan 1776

" J «'• l 6 "^," 1 * 11 '* servant > St Andrew P-, and Giles Inglis, '

t u I *? P '' d of Alexr - In & lis , weaver in Dunfermline 1 Apr. 178;
„ John, flaxdresser t F '";!

„ John, waiter, High Kirk p., and Margaret, Old Grayfriar's p.
d. of deceased Kenneth M'Kenzie, miller at Miltoun Red-
castle 2s N 88
„ Miss Katharine; John Neill, merchant / 8 Oct' \w>
„ Margaret; Peter Macniven (M'Nivan) , 6 Qct ' T ii c
» Margaret; Alexander Sclanders afiAnrT^I
„ Ma ry; George Loch of Drylaw f^ $*
„ Mary; Thomas Pans ,. V / J'£j
„ Mary; John Law : J c ff S|
„ Penelope; Alexander Miller Jo Apr 1781
„ Thomas, shoemaker in S. S. W. p., and Marthen, d. to George '

w .,P em P ste £ fldier in the City Guard, now as S. S. E. p. 10 Aug. 17c c
„ William, upholsterer, and Ann, d. of deceast Alexr. Mathew

smith in Edinburgh, now both in Tron Kirk p. 8 Tulv 1764

Adams, Miss Agnes; William Molle of Maines, W.S." same p. 27 J„ y 70I
„ Alexander, sclator in the Old Greyfrier's Kirk p., and Miss
Katharine, d. to deceast John Preston of Gorton, now in the
New North Kirk p. Nov

„ Andrew, writer in the Old Greyfreirs p., and Margaret d to

deceast George Brown, land waiter in South Leith 6 Tune 177-

„ Ann; Adam Johnston, shoemaker -, f une ^'j

„ Ann; Laurence Ershman -^6 Nov 176;

„ Christian; Mitchell Paton, rope maker ., j une ,730

„ David, painter, O. Church p., and Jean, same p., d. to John'

Baxter, day laborer at Inverask 7 M av i^ c

„ Helen; Robert Scott \ £? h y ^5

„ Isobell; John Morrison 2 ;Tan ??o

" T IS °H e !! ; William Anderson ^Ci $

„ Isobell; Donald Fraser 11 Feb 1770

„ Isobella; William ShirrefT 2g £*[ \ ™>

„ Janet; John Sutherland, upholsterer -'o Feb 1787

„ Jean; James Drylaw 17 July. 797

„ Jean; Thomas Moses 21 May 1784

„ John, sailor, and Agnes, d. to the deceast William Hamilton,
gardner to the Earl of Hoptoun, now both in Lady Yester's
K,rk P- 22 June 1766

Edinburgh Marriage Register. [1751-180°

Adams, John, hairdresser, St. Andrew Church p., and Margaret, New
Gravfriar's p., d. of Duncan M'Farlane, late hairdresser in
t-j- u u 2 July i?99

Edinburgh. ' ,' 'y

„ Margaret; William Craig -5 July 773

, Margaret ; William Milton 2 ° J une 7|i

Mary; Alexander Macrae, drover 9 Nov. 782

Miss Susan; John Clark, merchant « . » Nov. 1753

Thomas, currier, Old Grayfriar's p., and Catharine, Tron Kirk

p., d. of deceased William Bain, miller at Kelso 20 Apr. 1795

„ William, of Woodston, and Miss Elenora, d. of the Rt. Hon.

Charles, Lord Elphingstone 4 May 1777

„ William, sailor, St. Giles p., and Christian same p d. of

deceased Thomas M'Carter, brewer's servant in Leith 28 July 1783
Adamson, Adam, mason, Old Gray Friar's p. and Elizabeth, same p

d. of John Wishart, mariner at Dunbar jo June 178O

„ Agnes ; Patrick Sibbald, Jan. ^ 8 ^ \]f q

L Agnes; Thomas Rattray ™ Dec 75?

H Ann; John Kirkness ^

„ Betty; John Logie n Aug. 1785

„ Betty; James Bryce IO Jufy 1782

„ Christian; John Johnston „V y

Frlward carter Old Gray Friar's p., and Helen, same p., d. of
" deceased William Touch, smith at Coats p. of Newbottle 5 Aug. 1785

Georee shoemaker, and Janet, d. of deceast Wm. Douglas,
" ■ colpar at Inverness, now both in College Kirk p 15 Nov. 1761

„ George, hairdresser, and Margaret, d. of deceased John Linkin-

son, wright in Edinburgh, both ,n the Old Grayfr.er s Kirk p.^ ^ ^

Helen; George Melvill , 19 Dec. 1783

Hugh, potter* High Church p., and Margaret, same p., d. of
" deceased Alexr. Robertson, grieve in the p. of Camden 1 July 800

„ Isobel; James Fraser ^ Jan! 76

Isobel- Tohn Buchanan j J '

I! James boat builder, High Kirk p., and Margaret, same p., d

of Thomas Johnston, wigmaker in Leith 5 May 1789

Tames weaver in Tron Kirk p., and Rachel, same p d. ot
" ^ Duncan M'Nab, gentleman's servant in Lathnsk, Fife ^4 Aug 179
» Janet; John Scoullar 25 Sept. 1793

„ Janet; Robert Lamg £7 Ort 1771

Tean ■ Tames M'Naught, clerk , 27 Oct. 1771

" John,' a Tabouring man in Laswade, and Margaret, d^ to
" J deceast George Wilson, a labouring man, p. of Moneytheif

now in the New Grayfriar's p. -J mar. 1701

Tnhn coooer St. Andrew Church p., and Janet, same p., d. of
" ^^ceasS William Whitman, stabler in Edinburgh ioNojj J795

„ Margaret; Thomas Simpson ' J J 'g

Margaret; Walter Hunter 3 Mov. 1705

;; Robfrt, blacksmith, Tolbooth Kirk p and Jean, same p., d. of

deceased Colin Skeen, mariner in Leith 9 JNov. 1705

Robert shoemaker in Tron Kirk p., and Helen, in New North
" R ° Kirk p .-, d. of John Russell, shoemaker in St. Andrews, Fife ^ ^

Steven merchant in New Kirk p.,and Miss Elizabeth, inTolbooth
" Kirk p d ofGeorge Morison, shipmaster in Queensferry 3 Apr. i 7 74

„ Thomas, P cork cutter, Sid Gray Friar's p and Elizabeth, same

p d. of John Dow, cork cutter in Edinburgh 10 Uct. 17S2

„ William, sailor, College Kirk p., and Mary, same p., d. of John

Harlev. sailor in Leith , ,** ' ' J

William, brewer's servant, New Gray Friar's p., and Isobel,
" same p., d. of deceased Magnus Taylor, miln wright m


1751-1800] Edinburgh Marriage Register.

Adamson Wlliarn weaver, Old Church p., and Elizabeth, same p., d.

ot William Millar, miller, p. of Mark Inch \ m o

Addison, Sophia; James Christie J ? ov - l8o °

Adgie, Thomas, corporal in the Scots Grays, Captain Heron's troon' ^^ I?7 °

now m Edinburgh, and Isobell, Old Church p., d. of John
A „. „ Anderson, weaver in Lanark H ' J ° " AT

Adie, Elizabeth ; William Pringle 3 ° Q *£™' I777

„ Euphan ; Alexander Anderson 28 Feb. 1797

" Ge o7 e de i c n e d art eller V^ ^^ !?*. P " and Katharine > d. 4 ' ^

" Jam of S } T**™}' New J Gra y Fri ^'s p., and Janet, same p " ^ ^
of John Sanders, indweller in Edinburgh P a m -,q

„ James College Kirk p., d. of deceased JaTes Adie, shoemaker " ^
m Portsburgh, Edinburgh, and Andrew Clark, 'tailor, same

„ Jean ; Charles Fergusson 10 Oct. 1794

" J ° h T n Ah Pri Mu in ° W Gra y friar ' s Kirk p., and Betty, d. to ? ^ I?93

John Miller, turner in the above p. Y ' ° A

„ M.ss Katherine; George Hardie IQ £ pn I772

„ Miss Margaret; David Beatson 21 Oct. 1770

„ Margaret; Adam Lindsay 3I ~ ct I77 3

,, (Addie), Marion; William Pirie, merchant *&¥*? I7&4

Adinston, Miss Lucy; Walter Lothian, merchant JH uly 1? "

,, Miss Marion ; John Hutchison, merchant 2 f 6 TuTv nil

Adiston, Robert, upholsterer in College Kirk p., and Anne d to ' 7 ? 4
Kirk^! rt g ° Ur ' baXtGr ln DySai ^' now ; " New North

Affleck, Jean ; John Crookes, tailor M \ uly J?6 3

» Robina; John Baxter, weaver "Jan. 1799

" Wi d rf aI^T' , Lad> ' YeSter ' S P' and Mari °»- same p.? I? "

d. of Aithur Buchanan, tenant n the p. of Laswade ,* rw ,*„

Agnew, John copper plate and music printer? Old Gray briar's p ' 4 ^ ' 7 "
Tn n Ed1nb e u n r'o S h ame P '' d ' ° f deceased J ames M'Lellan, sadler

" Ma I g H r p\ rel S °i J ° hn Agnew ' officer of E ^ise in Dunde? ^ ^
and Peter Hendrey, merchant, College Kirk p. % Nov I7g .

" Mr J Thnf R° C n naW f p ^ £W Klrk P - and Mi ^ S M "* d - S ?

Mr. Thos. Baillie of Polkemmet, now in Tolbooth Kirk p.

" Slr ?nd ir d fo L M h rr Bar r Ct ' N V N - C - * and Miss Margaret '^ "^
A™ t * w • 1 Th omas Na.smith of Drumblair 2 Aoril 177c

Agur, John, brickmaker in Glasgow, and Miss Jean, Tron Kirk p" P ?7S

GotllTYafror ^ B —yne, minister o'tEe

Aikenhead Ann, d. of Robert Aikenhead, farmer, county of Mearn S 3 ^ ^

and Alexander Aitcheson, goldsmith, same p. V % Oct 1776

" p V , ld ' SUrg ?° n ' and Miss Ann ' d - to deceast Mr. Alexr ??

Renald, merchant in Montrose, both in S. E. p. ', Aor I7C „

" n 6 ^ 1 ?S° Urer ' ?& f hurch P"' and Margaret, Old Ki rk 5 ? ?S

AiWm.n % ^ deceased John Murray, farmer at Thurso, Caithness 2 Sent 1 7o;
Aikman Euthred, journeyman printer in Old Grayfriar's p and
Jacobma, d. to deceast James Chisholm, smith in Calton

" GC Kirk n a H ei nf^ eW , N ° rth / T rk P "' a " d Christia "« T ^olh P 1?9S
Kirk p., d. of the deceased James Manuel, tailor in Tranent

„ Helen; Hugh Newton, weaver f Apn I7 * 6

" Jam T e f„I ab0 S er 4- °!r d Gra y friar ' s P-. a "d Janet, same p., d. of" **' * ? ?
Thomas Moffat, farmer in the parish of Lauder P ' 30 Dec 1799

Edinburgh Marriage Register. [175^800

Aikman, Miss Jean, d. to deceased . . . Aikman surgeon in B'ggar

nowinS.W.p,andAndrewForrest,merchant,nSouthLeith 18 July I75&

„ John, farmer, College Church p and Elisabeth, same p., d. of

Tohn Watson, residenter m Mid Calder 2 3 may 179°

, Ma hew, hairdresserin Tolbooth Kirk p., and Mary, St. Andrew

Kirk p., d. of deceased James Manuell, tailor in Tranent 27 Apr. 1791
Ainches. See Inches. , F b I77 g

Ainslie, Agnes ; George Hdl, merchant *° • ^ g

;; mITa^o™^^^^

" Andrew, soldier in the C. G, and Mary, d. to deceast John

" Coutts, farmer in the parish of Tow.e, now both m CM ^ ^

George, chaise driver in St. Andrew Kirk p., and Isobella, in
" College Kirk p., d. of deceased Willm. Burnside, chaise

driver at Leith 3 ^ 6

„ Isobell, and Thomas Hampson J ■ ' 3

James, stationer, St. Andrew p., and Miss Agnes, d. of
" J deceased Andrew Lookup, architect in Jedburgh 11 June i 7 b 7

lames printer in New North Kirk p., and Anna, d of deceast
" J John P Moir, indweller in Edinburgh, now in Old Kirk p. . 9 Apr. 1758
„ James, printer, and Christian, d to John Halden, skinner ,n
" J Edinburgh both in Old Grayfnar's p 29 Apr. 1704

Tames coachman in the p. of Laswade, and Janet, d. to

" J Tas' Yorston, a labouring man in the p. of South Le.th, now

in Lady Yester Kirk p. D ^ _ g

„ Janet; William Hastie, flesher " ^ J I

Tean; John Brydon, wright . J

Tohn journeyman wright in Trone Kirk p, and Christian, d. to

" J Jonn Houston, gardener at the Grange in West Kirk p. 11 May 1766

„ John, land surveyor, Toll Booth Church p., and Christian, d. to

" J deceased Thomas Caverhill, merchant, Jedburgh 27 Oct. 1776

Tohn, gunner in the Royal Artilery, New North Church p
" J and g Janet Murray, College Church p., d. of deceased

Andw. Murray, plasterer in Edin. « * eD - '*>

„ Marion; John Maitland, merchant 'r Feb 1800

„ Marion ; William Thorn 11 Mav I7Q2

Marv Archibald Lethem, printer 11 may i/y.

',; MajoV Philip, in the New kirk p., and Miss Elizabeth, d. to the
" Right Honble. Lord Gray at Grayhouse in Angus 15 Mar. 177-

Robert, W.S, St. Andrew Church p., and Miss Jean, p of
" Colington, d. of late Lieut.-Col. James Cunningham of the

22 Dec. 1798

Miss Susana ;

Scots Brigade '

John Stevenson, merchant 3* Oct 1773

„ Miss busana: jonn oicvciiaun, wi^v,"^" j Aj, mt R„rfll

Thomas smith in Caltoun in South Leith p., and Margt. Burell,
" reltct of Wm. Davidson, goldsmith in Edinburgh, now 1^ ^ ^

Wilham," saddler, and Katharine, d. to deceast Swan (or ;S#een)
" M'Queen, fewar in Dunse, now both in Tolbooth Kuk p. 11 Apr. 1762

Aird Zander,' mason in Ladv Yester's Kirk p., and Janet, d.
Aird * to James Wilson, gardner to Sir Wm. Scot of Ancrum in p

of Ancrum ,_ Ma l7( -r

EuDham; George Swan, weaver ~J J

" John shoemake & r, Tolbooth Kirk p., and Ann same p., d. of
" J deceased John Farmer, brewer, Water of Le.th 18 Nov. i 79 4

Aire, James, mariner, St. Giles' p, and Luaa, same p., d. of David

Marshall, gardner at Leith Walk . ' uu ' J

Aires Thomas, so dier in the Castle of Edinburgh in the 17th Regt.
' of Foot, and Christian, d. to John Ferguson porter m Edin-

burgh, now residing in the Old Grayfnar's Kirk p. 2 Feb. i 7 7-

1751-1800] Edinburgh Marriage Register.

Airshman, Anne; John Ballemy, baker 26 Nnv .-Q ft

Airth, Jean ; David Dick, shoemaker , £ 2?

Aisdale. See Eisdale. Man I?61

Aitchison, Agnes; David Anderson, gunner I5 May 1707

„ Alexander, journeyman baxter in N. E. p., and Mary d to
deceased James Ranken, wright in Dalkeith, now in
N- N. K. p. g A

„ Alexander, sailor, and Dorothea, d. of the deceased Tames

Johnstone, W.S., both in Old Kirk p. ^o Nov 1774

„ Alexander, goldsmith, Old Grav Friar's p., and Ann, same p

d. of Robert Aikenhead, farmer, county of M earns '1 Oct 1776

„ Andrew, mariner, of Leith, now residing in College Kirk p
and Jean, same p., d. of deceased William Dixon, farmer
at Westhouses, county of Mid Lothian IO Oct 170-

„ Ann; John Pendrich „ Feb ' ^

„ Christian; William Alexander, jun., merchant 18 Aue 17S4

„ Elizabeth ; Robert Noble, shoemaker -»8 Sept mi

„ Elizabeth; Henry Steel, mason 34 tJJ' 'go

„ Elizabeth; James Nisbet, plasterer « M * ' 8

„ Helen; George Laidlaw ^ Nov 1702

„ Isobel; William Bruce, clerk ,£ £° v 1778

„ James, britches maker, High Kirk p., and Janet, same p., d. of

Alexander Millar, weaver in Leith 23 Mar. 1786

„ Janet; David White 2 i Auo . '

„ Jean ; Henry Wilson, founder ->6 Oct' I7?c

„ Jean ; David Peter baker ^ Dec ; , £§§

„ Jean ; Robert Charles, baker , ? Nov ,1

„ Jean ; Henry Tweedney, labourer 30 j une , it

„ John, merchant in Edinburgh Old Church p., and Janet, same

p., d. to William Tweedie, farmer at Mussilbrough 12 Nov 177c

„ John, wright, Lady Yester p., and Mary, same p., d. of William

Richardson, tailor in Roxburgh j8 Apr 1786

„ John, weaver in Tolbooth Kirk p., and Margaret, same p., d.
of deceased John Hunter, weaver in Whittinghame East
Lothian 2 Tune 17Q-?

„ Margaret ; Robert Gourlay, weaver ->7 Apr 1760

,, Margaret; John Hutchison 22 Au V .L^

„ Margaret; William Wallace 28 No?! 1762

„ Margaret; Robert Finlay . i" Dec r/8q

_ „ Marion; John Buchan ^ A ' ^

„ Marion ; James Robertson 17 Aul 1700

„ Mary; James Gordon 2 g j ur f e /%]

„ Robert, shipmaster in the New Church p., and Margaret, in
South Leith p., d. of deceased Andrew Millar, workman at
Kincardine 2? s t

„ William, indweller, and Barbara, d. of deceased Alexr.
Campbell, farmer in the p. of Kilmichall-Glassary, now both
in N. E. p. OJ jyj 7 _,

„ William, merchant, New North Church p., and Elizabeth,
same p., d. of deceased John Nairn, merchant in
Edinburgh . Dec . I7Q9

Aitken, Adam, journeyman wright, and Janet, d. to deceast Jas. Tod,

farmer at Edmonston, now both in Lady Yester's Kirk p. 25 Aug. 1765
„ Adam, slater, New Grayfriar's p., and Katharine, St. Andrew

Church p., d. of Alexr. Gibson, smith at Burrowmuirhead 3 Feb 1707
„ Alexander, tailor, and Ann, d. to deceast Alexr. Cameron,

painter in Edinburgh, now both in College Kirk p. 6 Dec. 177^

„ Alexander, farmer, New Grayfriar's p., and Mary Inglis, same

p., d. of John Inglis, tailor in Linlithgow 27 Aug. 1784

„ Alexander, wright, St. Andrew Church p., and Margaret, relict

of John Mackintosh, late spirit dealer in Edinburgh ' 3 June 1799

Edinburgh Marriage Register. [1751-1800

AitWn Allan tailor in Lady Yester ; s Kirk p., and Elizabeth, d. to
Aitken, Allan, tailoi^ ^ ^ ^.^ ^^ in Bo , nesS) ^

in the above p. 2 <; July 1778

„ Anne; James Forrest, gardener « Tulv 178Q

I Anne ; Thomas Malcolm shoemaker *U *y 7^
, Ann ; Robert Anderson, stabler

Archibald, plasterer, College Kirk p., and Hennetta, same p

d. of John Greive, flesher in Dunbar 20 uec 1790

" ffij£!S5KKr- Feggje, d. to deceast James ' '

" Clark, journeyman wright in Tolbooth Kirk p. . *9 Apr. 1772

„ Daniel, and Helen, d. of deceast Robert Ham, ton, farmer in

the p. of Linton, now both in Old Grayfnar's p. » Apr. 1702

Daniel, carver and guilder, Old Grayfnar's p., and Mary same
"! p., d. of deceased James Taylor, farmer at K.ppen, Pertly ^ ^

David'tailor in Tron Kirk p., and Janet M'Intyre, Tolbooth
? Kirk p., relict of James Mackay, residenter in Edin-_ ^ ^

DavT^abourer, Old Grayfriar's p., and Helen, same p.,
" d of deceased Robert Gourly, weaver in Ceres, Fm> ^ ^

Elizabeth, relict of Richard Watterston, a brewar's servant in
" New Grayfriar's Kirk p., and Robert Murdoch, workman ,n ^ ^

„ Elizabeth; Alexander Plenderleath 25 Oct. 1792

Frances ; William Young, teacher 1 Aug. ioou

" George, indweller, and Elizh., d. to deceast Jas. Taylor, hynd
*" to Lord Sinclair, both in College Kirk p 22 Nov. 1767

„ George, quarrier, and Elizabeth, d to James Swan, gardener

at St. Andrews, both in Lady Yester's Kirk p. 28 July 177

Georee writer in Couper of Fife, and Miss Janet, St. Andrew
" p g d of Mr. Alexander Ponton, architect in Edinburgh 21 V eb. 1787

George, printer, College Kirk p., and Crawford Murray, in
" same p., d. of deceased . . . Murray, late plasterer at


■ " • , , ~i_ - t - 21 Jan. 1791

Helen; John Christie g J

Helen ; John Dick, wnght * ™w ™

Helen ; James Cunningham, ropemaker - June 179/

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