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Homalobus Bom-govii (Gray) Rydb.

Lake Louise. The moraine of Victoria Glacier, also on
the summit of a mountain at Kicking Horse Lake, Macoun.

Homalobus campestris Nutt. ; Astragalus campestris Gray.
Tunnel Motmtain at Banff. Donald, Macoun.

Homalobus tenellus (Pursh) Britton; Astragalus multiflorus

Homalobus veziliflexus (Sheld.) Rydb. ; Astragalus pauciflorus

The slope below the Hoodoos, in the valley of the Bow
River at Banff, Sanson.

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52 Flora of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Aragallus alpicola Rydb.
Head of Lake Louise.

Aragallus deflezus (Pall.) Heller; Oxytropis deflexa (Pall.) DC.

Aragallus inflatus (Hook.) A. Nelson; Oxytropis arctica var.
inflata Hook.

Slope of Mt. Temple at an elevation of about 8,000 feet,
Miss Gertrude Benham. Professor Macoun says that this
alpine species is abtindant on the mountains above 7 ,000
feet, from Silver City to Kicking Horse Lake.

Aragallus Lambert! (Pursh) Greene; Oxytropis Lamberti

Tunnel Mountain at Banff. Mountain tops westward to
Kicking Horse Lake, Macoun.

Aragallus monticola (Gray) Greene; Oxytropis monticola Gray.

Banff. According to Professor Macoun, this is the true

prairie form, A. Lamberti taking its place in the mountains.

Aragallus splendens (Dougl.) Greene; Oxytropis splendens

Banff. Perhaps the most showy of the group as repre-
sented in the mountains, the foliage being densely silky-
villous and silvery, while the flowers are bright rose purple.

Aragallus yisddulus Rydb.

Tunnel Mountain at Banff.

Hedysarum americanum (Michx.) Britton; Hedysarum boreale
Hedysarum Hackenzii Richards.
Banff; Moraine Lake trail.
Hedysarum sulphurescens Rydb.

Banff, Lakes Louise and McArthur, Field and the Bur-
gess Trail. A form of H. Americanum with sulphur-
yellow flowers, quite common in the mountains.
yicui americana Muhl.

Common at Banff and Field.
A^da cracca L.

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and the Selkirk Range. 53

Lathyrus odiroleucus Hook.
Quite abundant at Banff.


Geranium Bicknellii Britton.

Banff; Field.
Geranium carolinianum L.

Beside the pipe line on Sulphur Motintain, Banff.
Geranium Richardsonii Fisch. & Trautv.

Lake Louise.


Linum Lewisii Pursh.

"The Loop/' Banff; Ottertail road at Field.


Callitriche palustris L.

Common in ditches, ponds and streams across the Rockies
into British Columbia, Macoun,


Empetrum nigrum L.

Abundant in damp places at Lake Louise, Moraine Lake»
and in the Yoho Valley. The Empetrum of the Canadian
mountains seems to be like the Eastern form except for the
fact that the flowers are hermaphrodite. In regard to this
point Britton and Brown state in the Illustrated Flora that
Empetrum is dioecious or monoecious, while in Le Maout
and Decaisne it is stated that the flowers are usually dioe-
cious, rarely polygamous.


Pachystima macrophyllum Fan*.

Bear Creek Station. This, as well as the other species
found in the motmtains, blooms about the middle or last of
May, and the fruit is matured in August.

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54 Flora of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Pachystima Myrsinites (Pursh) Raf .

Banks of the Coltimbia from Golden westward; abundant
in the valley of the Beaver; above the snow-sheds at
Glacier. In his report on the mountains, Mr. Dawson, of
the Geological Stirvey, says of this shrub: *'It is scarcely
ever fotmd east of the watershed, and though a rather
inconspicuous plant, is specially worthy of mention from
the constancy with which it appears everywhere in British
Columbia as a characteristic mark of a cool, moisture-laden

Pachystima Schaefferi Farr.

Bear Creek Station, Mrs, Chas. Schdffer.


Acer glabrum Torr.

Near the sulphur springs at Banff, and beside the Kicking
Horse River at Field. Mountain slopes through the
Rockies and Selkirks, Macoun.


Hypericum formosum H. B. K.



Viola adunca Smith ; Viola canina var. adunca Gray.

In dry soil on Tunnel and Sulphur Mountains at Banff,
and on the slopes arotmd Lake Louise.
^ola adunca var. longipes (Nutt.) Rydb.

Common through the Rockies.
^ola canadensis L.

Banff, Field, Emerald Lake.
Viola cognata Greene.

Banff; Lake Louise. Dr. Greene says that this is ** com-
mon in wet meadows of the northern Rocky Mountain
region and westward, embracing much if not all of the
so-called V, ctu:ullata and V, obliqua of far-western subalpine
districts. "

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and the Selkirk Range, 55

Viola glabella Nutt.

LakeLotiise; Glacier.

Viola mistassinica Greene.

Banff, Lake Louise, Field and Emerald Lake.

Yiola, orbiculata Geyer ; Viola sannentosa var. orbiculata Gray.
Moist cool woods in the Rockies and Selkirks. Lake
Agnes, Lake Louise, the Yoho Valley, slope of Avalanche
Mountain at Glacier.
Wo\b, selkirkii Pursh.

Valley of Beaver Creek at Six Mile Creek Station, Macoun.


Shepherdia canadensis Nutt.

Banff, Lake Louise, Field and Emerald Lake. The
fruit of the Shepherdia is sometimes a brilliant red and at
others a rich orange. It is stated in various floras that it
is insipid, but that borne on the bushes at Banff, has the
intensely bitter taste of quinine.

Elaeagnus argentea Pursh.

Abundant beside the Bow and Spray Rivers at Banff.


Epilobium adenocaulon Hausskn.

Rogers Pass; Glacier.
Epilobium alpintmi L.

Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Asulkan Pass, Avalanche
Crest and the Asulkan Valley at Glacier. A very delicate
form, usually found in damp places at high elevations.
Epilobium anagallidifolium Lam.

Asulkan Pass, elevation 7,800 feet. Kicking Horse Lake,

Epilobium brevistylum Barbey.

Epilobium clavatum Trelease.

Motintains near Banff, Lake Louise and Kicking Horse
Lake, Macoun. Avalanche path, Emerald Lake, Sliaw.

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56 Flora of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Epilobium davuricum Fisch.

A Siberian plant found in bogs from Alaska to Wash-
ington and east to the Selkirk Rafige, Macoun.

Epilobium Homemamii Reichenb.

A common and variable form in the Selkirks; fotmd also
at Lake LouisQ.

Epilobium latifolium L. ; Chamaenerion latifolium (L.) Sweet.
In damp places, by streams, and on stony moraines.
Banff, Lake Louise, Field and Glacier.

Epilobium leptocarpum var. Macounii Trelease.
Head of Lake Louise, Macoun.

Epilobium lineare Muhl.

Conmion from Prince Edward Island west to Beaver
Creek, Macoun.

Epilobium luteum Pursh.

This form with yellow flowers is not reported from the
Rocky Mountains, In the Selkirks it has been collected
by streams and in swampy places in the vicinity of Glacier.
An evident hybrid between £. luteum and some other form,
possibly £. Homemanni was collected beside a little stream
near Selkirk Summit and also near the Asulkan stream at
Glacier. The flowers were smaller, but of the same form,
and pinkish lavender in color, with darker veins.

Epilobium paniculatum Nutt.

Common in British Columbia, Macoun.

Epilobium spicatum Lam.; Chamaenerion angustifolium (L.)

Common everywhere in the motmtains, in the vicinity
of the railway.

Circaea alpina L.

Beside the Illecillewaet stream, near the old ** Tote Road *'
at Glacier.

Circaea pacifica Aschers. & Magnus.

Same locality as the preceding species.

Digitized by


and the Selkirk Range. 57


Myriophyllum spicatum L.

Vermilion Lakes at Banff. In ponds and stagnant
water from Morley through the Rockies at low altitudes, to
Beaver Creek, Macoun.

Hippuris montana Ledeb.

Peaty places on all the higher mountains of the Selkirk
Range, near the C. P. R., in the flats along Glacier Creek
a little above the railway bridge west of Selkirk Summit,

Hippuris vulgaris L.

Vermilion Lakes, Banff.


Echinopanax horridum (Sn:uth) Dec. & Planch. ; Fatsia horrida
Benth & Hook.
Abundant in the Selkirks.

Alalia nudicaulis L.

On wooded slopes at Field and Glacier.


Sanicula marilandica L.

Donald, Macoun.

Osmorhiza divaricata Kutt.

Lake Louise, Field and Emerald Lake.

Osmorhiza obtusa (C. & R.) Farr.
Kicking Horse Lake, Macoun.

Osmorhiza purpurea (C. & R.) Farr.

Zizia cordata (Walt.) Koch ; Thaspium trifoliatum var. apterum
Banff. Six Mile Creek Station, Mrs. Chas. Schdffer.

Ligusticum Canbyi C. & R.

Donald, Macoun.

Digitized by


58 Flora of the Canadian Rocky Mowitains

Ligusticum Grayi C. & R. ; Ligusticum apiijoUum var. minus
Glacier. Swamps at Rogers Pass, Shaw,

Ligusticum sp.

In the Monograph of the North American Umbelliferae
by Coulter and Rose, it is stated that in Canby*s Alaskan
journey of 1897, plants were collected at Glacier (no. 96,)
which seem qtiite distinct from any known species of
Heracleum lanatum Michx.

Very common through the Selkirks.
Lomatium macrocarpum (Nutt.) C. & R. ; Peucedanum macro-
carpum Nutt.

Tunnel Mountain, Banff, Macoun,
Lomatium tritematum (Pursh) C. & R. ; Peucedanum trt-
tematum Nutt.

Tunnel and Stony Squaw Mountains at Banff.


Comus canadensis var. intermedia Farr.

Common through the Rockies and Selkirks.

Comus stolonifera Michx.

Foot of Emerald Lake, Macoun, According to Dr.
Rydberg, the Western shrub should be treated as a variety
under the name Suida stolonifera var. riparia. Another
form to which is given the name Suida interior Rydb. is
reported by Professor Macoun from the slope of the Yoho
Pass at the head of Emerald Lake.


Chimaphila umbellata (L.) Nutt.

Beautiful specimens with very large flowers were found
on the margin of Emerald Lake; it is occasionally seen at
Pyrola asarifolia Michx.

Banff, Lake Louise, Field and Emerald Lake.

Digitized by


and the Selkirk Range. 59

Pyrola chlorantha Sw.

In rather dry situations at Banff, Field and Emerald Lake.
Pyrola minor L.

Usually in damp places ; Lakes Louise, Moraine, Kicking
Horse and Emerald, and the valley of the Asulkan at Glacier.
Pyrola secunda L.

Banff, Lake Louise, Field, Emerald and Summit Lakes
in the Rockies ; Bear Creek Station in the Selkirks.
Pyrola uliginosa Torr.

Banff; Emerald and Summit Lakes.
Moneses uniflora (L.) Gray.

Common at Banff, Lake Louise, Field, Emerald Lake
and Rogers Pass.


Ledum glandulosum Nutt.

Mt. Aylmer, Devil's Lake, altitude 6,000 feet, Macoun.
Mr. James Macoun says that this species seems to be con-
fined, in the Rocky Mountains, to the vicinity of the Bow
Ledum groenlandicum Oeder; Ledum latijolium Ait.

Common everywhere in the Rockies.
Ledum palustre L.

Near the road between Banff and Anthracite.
Rhododendron albiflorum. Hook.; Azaleasirum albifloruni
(Hook.) Rydb.

Fairly abundant in open places in the woods at Lake
Louise, may occasionally be found at Emerald Lake and in
the Yoho Valley, and grows very luxuriantly at Glacier.
It is also said to be abundant on the sides of raving in the
Kicking Horse Pass. Near the lUecillewaet Glacier, a
plant bearing double flowers was found by Mr. Rehder.
Menziesia ferruginea Smith; Menziesia glabella Gray.

According to Professor Piper, the characters relied upon
by Dr. Gray to distinguish M . glabella break down com-

This shrub is very common in the vicinity of Lake Louise,

Digitized by


6o Flora of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Field, Emerald Lake and Glacier, and may be readily recog-
nized by the bluish tint of the foliage. When young it has
a disagreeable odor resembling that of the skunk.

Kalmia microphylla (Hook.) Heller; Kalmia glauca var.
micropkylla Hook.

In swampy places at Lake Louise, in the Yoho Valley,
and at Glacier.

Bryanthus empetriformis Gray; Phyllodoce empetrijonnis
(Smith) Don.

Lakes Louise, Agnes, and O'Hara, the Yoho Valley and

Bryanthus empetriformis var. intermedius Gray; Phyllodoce
intermedia (Hook.) Rydb.

In this variety, or possibly hybrid form between B.
entpetriformis and B, glanduliflorus the flowers are much
paler in color than those of B, entpetriformis. It usually
occurs in the same localities as the two species referred to.

Bryanthus glanduliflorus Gray; Phyllodoce glanduliflora
(Hook.) Rydb.

Lake Louise and Glacier. On the higher mountain
slopes. Kicking Horse Pass, Macoun,
Cassiope Mertensiana (Bong.) Don.

Mountain slopes at Lakes Louise, Agnes and O'Hara and
at Glacier. Abundant on the upper wooded slopes near
Backing Horse Pass, Macoun,
Gaultheria humifusa (Graham) Rydb. ; Gaultheria Myrsinites

Conunon on alpine meadows in the Rockies and Selkirks,
but so tiny that it is often overlooked. Mountains at Lake
Agnes and at Pipestone Creek, Macoun.
Gaultheria oyatifolia Gray.

Abundant in places on tlje lower slopes of Avalanche
Mountain at Glacier.
Chiogenes hispidula (L.) Torr. & Gray.

Marshy places, Emerald Lake, where it is frequently
found growing on old logs. At that altitude (4,300 feet)
the fruit ripens by the middle of July.

Digitized by


and the Selkirk Range. 6i

Arctostaphylos alpina Spreng.

Banff, near Bow River and also about half way up Mt.
Sulphur; near the railway at Field. Yoho Valley, Shaw.
The drupes are a bright, clear red in color.
Arctostaphylos Uya-Ursi (L.) Spreng.

Forms large patches at BanflE, also at Field and Emerald
Vaccinium caespitosum Michx.

Banff, Field and Emerald Lake.
Vaccinium erythrococcum Rydb.

Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, and near Laughing Falls in
the Yoho Valley. Very abundant in the woods along
Kicking Horse River, Macoun.
Vaccinium myrtilloides Hook.

This species grows in abundance in the valleys and on
the beds of snow-slides at Glacier.
Vaccinium ovalifolium Smith.

This usually grows with the preceding species.
Vaccinium T^tis-idaea L.

Banff, on the Spray River road; Lake Louise.
Ozycoccus microcarpa Turcz.

Marshy places at Lake Louise.


Primula americana Rydb.

This was described from specimens collected at Devil's
Lake by Mr. McCalla. It grows in swamps and wet
meadows from Assiniboia and Alberta to Colorado.

Primula Haccalliana Wiegand; Primula mistassinica Hook.
This form was described from plants collected by Mr.
McCalla along warm streams below the sulphur springs at
Banff. It is quite common on wet banks and in marshes
at Banff, Kicking Horse Lake and Field; it has also been
found at Six Mile Creek in the Selkirks.
Androsace Chamaejasme Gray ; Androsace carinata Ton*.

Banflf; Field, usually in damp situations. It has a deli-
cate fragrance similar to that of Heliotrope.

Digitized by


62 Flora of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Androsace diffusa Small.

Slope above Lake Louise.

Androsace septentrionalis L.


Androsace subumbellata (A. Nelson) Small.
Sulphur Mountain at Banff; Lake Louise.

Trientalis arctica Fisch.

Banff, Rogers Pass, the old "Tote Road" at Glacier.
This plant spreads by stolons which bear small tubers at
the ends; occasionally these delicate stoloniferous runners
are produced at the summit of the plant.

Dodecatheon pauciflorum (Durand) Greene.
Common at Banff.


Gentiana acuta Michx.

Very common at Banff and Field.

Gentiana affinis Griseb.

Gentiana glauca Pall.

Asulkan Pass at Glacier.

Gentiana propinqua Richards.

Moraine Lake; Mt. Biirgess at Field. Kicking Horse
Lake, Macoun,

Gentiana prostrata Haenke.

Slope of Mt. Temple, Miss Gertrude Benham,

Halenia defleza Griseb.

Field and Emerald Lake.

Henyanthes trifoliata L.

In swampy places, Lake Louise; Glacier. Six Mile
Creek, Mrs, Chas. Schdffer,


Apocynum androsaemifolium L.

From Field westward to Beavermouth.

Digitized by


and the Selkirk Range, 63


Phacelia heterophylla Pursh.

Cotigar Valley, Mrs. Chas, Schdffer.
Phacelia Lyallii (Gray) Rydb.

Lake Agnes. Mt. Carroll, Bear Creek, Macoun.
Phacelia sericea (Graham) Gray.

Sulphur Mountain at Banff, Lake Agnes, Burgess Moun-
tain at Field, and Rogers Pass.
Romanzoffia sitchensis Bong.

(Jrows in damp places, preferably with icy water trickling
over it. Lake Louise and Lake 0*Hara.


Cynoglossum boreale Femald.

Donald, Macoun,
Lappula diffusa (Lehm.) Greene.

Banff, Lake Lotiise, Kicking Horse Lake.
Lappula floribunda (Lehm.) Greene.

Grows very luxuriantly at the head of Lake Louise, also
at Emerald Lake.
Lappula tezana (Scheele) Britton.

Banff, Field, and beside the railway at Glacier.
Asperugo procumbens L.

Waste places at Banff, Sanson,
Hyosotis alpestris Schmidt.

Sulphur and Stony Squaw Mountains at Banff.
Hyosotis sylvatica Hoffm.

Simpson's Pass, C, E, Farr,
Lithospermum linearifolium Goldie.

Valley of the Bow at Banff.


Dracocephalum parviflorum Nutt.

Lake Louise.
Prunella vulgaris L.

Banff; Moraine Lake.

Digitized by


64 Flora of the Canadian Rocky Mountains


Hyoscyamus niger L.

Old railway ground at Banff, Macoun.


Collinsia parviflora Dougl.

Slope above Lake Louise.
Pentstemon confertus Dougl.

Dry situations at Banff. Plants were also collected by
Mrs. Chas. Schaffer along the trail between Banff and Castle
Mountain; in these the flowers were tinged with red.
Pentstemon fruticosus (Pursh) Grreene; Pentstemon crassi-
folius Lindl.

Frequently found growing among rocks. Lake Louise,
slide near Field, Burgess trail, moraine of Wapta Glacier in
the Yoho Valley, and near the old "Tote Road** at Glacier.
Emerald Lake at an elevation of 5,200 feet, Shaw.

Pentstemon pseudohumilis Rydb.

Cougar Valley, Mrs, Chas. Schdffer.

Mimulus caespitosus Greene.

Beside the Asulkan stream at Glacier. Abundant in
some stream valleys, but more particularly about mountain
springs and cascades in the narrow valleys of the Selkirk
Mountains, Macoun.

Mimulus Lewisii Pursh.

One of the most showy flowers of the mountains. Beside
streams at Glacier, especially beautiful on a little island in
the Asulkan where it is associated with M. caespitosus,
Epilobium latifolium, Parnassia fimbriata, Viola glabella,
and Mitella pentandra.

Mimulus moschatus Dougl.

An tmattractive plant, found in muddy places; **Tote
Road," Glacier. Beaver Creek, Macoun.
Veronica americana Schwein.

Glacier, above the snow sheds and also on the old "Tote
Road. " Swamp at Rogers Pass, Macoun.

Digitized by


and the Selkirk Range. . 65

Veronica serpyllifolia L.

Glacier, Rogers Pass, Shaw.
Veronica Wormskjoldii R. & S.

Banff, Field, Lake Louise and Glacier.

Castilleja gracillima Rydb.

Vicinity of Banff, McCalla.
Castilleja hispida Benth.

Emerald Lake, Shaw.
Castilleja lanceifolia Rydb.

In rich open woods on the lower slopes of Tunnel Moun-
tain near the Bow River at Banff.
Castilleja nuniata Dougl.

Banff, Lake Louise, Field.
Castilleja pallida Kunth.

Sulphur Mountain at Banff, Lakes Louise, Moraine,
McArthur and Emerald, Laughing Falls and the moraine
of the Wapta Glacier in the Yoho Valley.

Castilleja purpurascens Greeimian.

Field. Banff, Mr. & Mrs. Van Brunt. Pipestone Pass,
Macoun. This species was described from specimens
obtained at Field where it grows in some abundance scat-
tered over the flood plain of the Kicking Horse River. Dr.
Greenman states that it apparently has its nearest affinity
with C. Elmeri, from which it differs in being glabrous, or
essentially so, below, in having a more slender inflorescence,
narrower floral bracts and a more conspicuously exserted
corolla with a somewhat longer galea. The purplish cast
of the entire plant with the galea extending well beyond
the crimson or purplish bracts and calyx renders this an
attractive species and easily distinguished among its
numerous allies.

Castilleja rhexifolia Rydb.

Cougar Valley, Mrs. Chas. Schdffer.

Castilleja sulphurea Rydb.
Emerald Lake, Shaw.

Orthocarpus luteos Nutt.

**The Loop,'* near the Bow River at Banff

Digitized by


66 Flora of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Euphrasia mollis Ledeb.
Lake Louise.

Pedicularis bracteosa Benth.

Quite common in damp woods at^^Lake Louise, Lake
O'Hara, and near the Laughing Falls^in the Yoho Valley.
Prom Kananaskis through the Rocky Motmtains to the
summit of the Selkirks, Macoun,

Pedicularis contorta Benth.

On the open mountain side at Lake Agnes. Mt. Aylmer,
Devil's Lake at 6,000 feet elevation; abundant on the north
slope of Castle Mountain at an altitude of 7,000 feet,

Pedicularis groenlandica Retz.

In marshy places, Banff, Lake Louise, Emerald Lake,
Kicking Horse Lake, Macou\

Pedicularis racemosa Dotigl.

Lake Louise. Upper slopes of the mountains in the
Kicking Horse Pass, Macoun.

Pedicularis scopulorum Gray.

Simpson's Pass, altitude 6,650 feet, C. E. Farr.

Rhinanthus Crista-galli L.
Devil's Lake near Banff.


Pinguicula vulgaris L.

^ Damp places, Banff, Lake Louise, Field, Emerald Lake
and the Yoho Valley.

Utricularia intermedia Hayne.

In sandy pools and wet marshy spots along the Bow
River at Silver City; also in marshes along Beaver Creek,

Plantago major L.

Ottertail road at Field, near the railway at Glacier.

Digitized by


and the Selkirk Range. 67


Galium boreale L.

Banff; Field.
Galium boreale var. linearifolium Rydb

Emerald Lake, Shaw.
Galium trifidum L.

From Kicking Horse Lake to the summit of the Selkirks,
Galium triflorum Michx.

Near the hotel at Glacier.


Sambucus melanocarpa Gray.

Glacier. Very conmion on beds of snow slides and in
damp thickets from Donald through the Selkirks, Macoun.
Sambucus pubens Michx.

Occtirs sparingly at Field, quite commonly in the vicinity
of Glacier.
Viburnum pauciflorum Pylaie.

Rather common at Banff, Field and Emerald Lake.
Symphoricarpos pauciflorus (Robbins) Britton.

Banff; Field.
Symphoricarpos racemosus Michx.

Banff, Field and Emerald Lake.
Linnaea borealis L. .

Banff, Field, Emerald Lake, and Bear Creek Station.
Lonicera glaucescens Rydb.

Banff; Field.
Lonicera involucrata (Richards.) Banks.

Banff, Lake Louise, Field, Emerald Lake and Glacier.
Lonicera utahensis Wats.

Banff, Field, Emerald Lake, Bear Creek Station.

Valeriana Scouleri Rydb.

Lakes Louise, Moraine and Emerald, the Yoho Valley
and Glacier.

Digitized by


68 Flora of , the Canadian Rocky Mountains


Campanula petiolata A. DC.

Rock slide on Mt. Fairview at Lake Louise; head of
Emerald Lake.

Campanula rotundifolia L.

Banff, Moraine Lake trail, Yoho Valley, Rogers Pass
and Glacier.

Lobelia Kalmii var. strictiflora Rydb
Near the iron springs at BanfE.


Hieracium albertinum Fair.

Slope on the trail between Lake Louise and Moraine Lake.

Hieracium albiflorum Hook.

Rogers Pass; Glacier. On the lower slopes of the moun-
tains at Kicking Horse Lake, also along the railway near
Stony Creek, Macoun.

Hieracium gradle Hook.
Rogers Pass; Glacier.

Hieracium gracile var. minimum A. Nelson.
Asulkan Pass near Glacier.

Chrysopsis villosa (Ptirsh) Nutt.

Solidago ciliosa Greene.

Sundance Canyon road at Banff.

Solidago decumbens Greene.

BanflE, Lake Louise, Field and Glacier.

Solidago multiradiata Ait.

Aplopappus Lyallii Gray.

At high elevations in the vicinity of Lake Louise.

Aster alpinus L.

Devil's Lake and Tunnel Motmtain at Banff.

Digitized by


and the Selkirk Range, 6q

Aster conspicuus Lindl.

Near the river at Field. Abundant in thickets from
Morley to Donald, Macoun. Flood plain of the Columbia
at Beavermouth, Shaw.

Aster Engelmanni Ghray; Bucephalus Engelmanni (Gray)

Lake Louise; Glacier. In profusion on the slopes north
of Kicking Horse Lake, also on Mt. Carroll, along Bear
Creek, Macoun,

Aster Fremont!! (Torr. & Gray) Gray.

Through the Rockies and in the valleys of the Selkirks,

Aster frondeus (Gray) Grreene.

Lake Louise. Abundant along streams and moimtain
slopes from Kicking Horse Lake to the summit of the
Selkirks, Macoun,

Aster !ncanop!losus (Lindl.) Sheldon.

Aster junceus Ait.

Damp places by the roadsides, Banff.

Aster laevis L.


Aster Lindleyanus Torr. & Gray.

Rather common in thickets from Morley through the
Rocky and Selkirk ranges, Macoun, Flood plain of the
Columbia at Beavermouth, Shaw,

Aster modestus Lindl.

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