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The Maner of the tryumphe of Caleys and Bulleyn : and The noble tryumphaunt coronacyon of Quene Anne, wyfe unto the most noble kynge Henry VIII online

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etts knightes of y e bath clothed in vyolet
garmentes edged with armyns lyke iuges.
Than folowyng y e juges of the lawe
and abbottes. All these estats were to
y e nombre of CC. cople w h more two
and two accompanyed. And than folowed
bysshops two and two : and tharch bysshops
of Yorke and Caterbury y e ambassaders of
Fraunce and Venyce the lorde mayrc
w h a mace mayster garter the kyng of
heraudes and the kings cote armour upon
him with y c offycers of armes apoyntyng
euery estate in their degre. Than folowed
two aunciente knights with olde fassion
hattes poudred on their heedcs disgysed

2 6 Coronacyon of Qutne Anne.

who dyd represent y e duke of Normandy
and of Guyen after an olde custome : the
lorde constable of Englande for y e tyme
beyng y e duke of Suffolke the lorde
Willyam Hawarde y e deputie for y e tyme
to the lorde marshall duke of Norfolke.
Than folowed y e qucnes grace in her
lytter costly and rychly besene w h a ryche
canape ouer her which bare y e lordes
of y e fyue portes : after her folowyng
y e mayster of her horse w{? a whyte spare
palfray ledde in his hande rychly apoynted.
Than folowed her noble ladyes of estate
rychly clothed in crymosyn poudred
w h armyns to the nobre of xij. Than
the mayster of y e garde with the garde on
both sydes of the strets in good aray and
all the constables well besene in veluet
and damaske cotes with whyte stanes in
their handes settynge euery man in araye
and orner in the stretes untyll she came
to Westminster. Than folowed four ryche
charyottes with ladyes of honour after
than folowed xxx. ladyes and gentylwomen

Coronacyon of Quenc Anne. 27

r(ich)ly* garnysshcd and so y e seruyng
men after them. And a(s) t she was de-
parted from y c townc a meruaylous great
shot of gonnes was there fyred and shot.
So this moste noble company passed till
her grace came to fanchurch where was
a pagent fayre and semly w h certayne
chyldren which saluted her grace with
great honour and prayse after a goodly
fassyon : and so passed forthe to Grase
churche where was a ryght costly pagent
of Apollo with the nyne muses amonge
y e mountayncs syttyng on y e mount of
Pernasus and euery of them hauynge
theyr instruments and apparayle acordyng
to the descryption of poets and namely of
Uirgyll with many goodly verses to her
great prayse and honour. And so she
passed forth through gracyousj strete unto
leaden hall where was buylded a sumpt-

* In the original copy, in the British Museum, the
corner is torn oft" after the letter "r" but the three
missing letters are of course "ich."

\ The missing letter is as evidently "s."

\ Gracechurch Street.

28 Coronacyon of Quene Anne.

uous and a costly pagent in maner of a
castell wherein was fasshyoned an heuenly
roufe and under it vpon a grene was a
roote or a stockc whereout spronge a
multytude of whyte roses and reed
curyously wrought so from the heuenly
roufe descended a whyte faucon and lighted
upon y e said stocke and roote and inconty-
nent descended an angell w h goodly armony
hauynge a close crowne bytwene his
handes and set it on the faucons heed :
and on the said flour sate saynt Anne in
y e hyest place on that one syde her pro-
geny w h scripture that is to wete the thre
Marys w h theyr issue y l is to vnderstande :
Mary the mother of Christ Mary Solome
y e mother * of Zebedee with the two
chyldren of them also Mary Cleophe with
her husbande Alphee with their four
chyldren on y e other syde with other
poetycall verses sayd and songe w h a baladc
in englisshe to her great prayse (and) t
honour and to al her progeny also. And

* Wife. -)- Torn away.

Coronacyon ofQueae Anne. 29

so she passed (for)th* from thence through
cornehill and at y e condyt was a sumptu-
ous pagent of the thre graces : and at the
comynge of the quenes grace a poete
declared the nature of all those thre ladyes
and gave hye prayses vnto the quene. And
after his preamble fynysshed every lady
partyculer spake great honour and hye prayse
of the quenes grace : And so she passed
forth with all her nobles tyll she came
in chepe and at the great condyt was
made a costly fountayne whereout ranne
whyte wyne claret and reed great plenty
all that after noone : and ther was great
melody w h speches. And so passed forthe
through chepe to the standarde whiche was
costly and sumptuously garnisshed with gold
and asure with armes and stories wher was
great armony and melody : and so passed
she forth by the crosse in chepe whiche
was newe garnisshed and so through chepe
towarde the lesser condyt. And in the
mydwaye bytwene the recorder of London

* Idem.

3 o Coronacyon of Quene Anne.

receyved her afore the Aldermen with
great reuerence and honour salutynge her
grace with a louyng and humble preposycion
presentynge her grace with a ryche and
costly purse of golde and in it a thousande
marke in golde coyne gyuen vnto her as a
free gyfte of honour : to whom she gaue
great thankes bothe with herte and mynde.
And so her grace passed a lytell further
and at the lesser condyt was a costly and a
ryche pagent where as was goodly armonye
of musyke and other mynstrels with syng-
yng : And within that pagent was fyue
costly seates wherin was set these fyue
personages that is to wete Juno Pallas
Mercury and Venus and Parys hauyng a ball
of golde presentyng it to her grace with
certayne verses of great honour and chyldren
syngyng a balade to her grace and prayse to
all her ladyes and so passed forth to Poules
gate where was a proper and a sumptuous
pagent y l is to wete ther sat. iij. fayre
ladyes virgyns costly arayde with a fayre
roundc trone ouer their heedes where

Coronacyon of Queue Anne. 3 1

aboute was written this. Regina Anna
prospere precede et regna that is in
englysshe Quene Anne prospere precede
and reygne. The lady that sate in the
myddes hauynge a table of golde in her
hande wrytten with letters of asure.
Ueni arnica coronaberis. Come my loue
thou shallbe crowned. And two aungels
hauyng a close crowne of golde bytwene
their handes. And the lady on y e ryght
hande had a table of syluer wherein was
writte. Domine dirige gressos meos.
Lorde god dyrecte my wayes. The other
on the lyfte hande had in another table of
syluer written thus. Confide in domino.
Trust in god. And vnder theyr fete was
a longe rol wherin was written this.
Regina Anna nouum regis de sanguine
natum cum paries populis aurea secla tuis.
Quene Anne whan y u shake beare a newe
sone of y e kynges bloode there shalbe a
golden worlde vnto thy people. And so
y 6 ladyes caste ouer her heede a multy-
tude of wafers with rose Icaues and about

3 2 Corunac^on of Qut/ie Anne.

y e wafers were written with letters of gold
this posay.* And so her grace passed forth
into Poules chyrchyarde and at the eest
ende of y e chyrch agaynst y e schole was a
great scaffblde whereon stode y e nombre
of two hundred chyldren well befene who
receyued w h poetes verses to her noble
honour whan they had fynisshed she sayd
Amen w h ioyful smylyng countenaunce
and so passed forth thrngh the longe
chyrchyarde and so to Ludgate whiche was
costly and sumptuously garnysshed with
golde colours and asure with swete armony
of ballades to her greate prayse and honour
w h dyuerse swete instrumentes. And thus
her grace came thorowe the cyte with
great honour and royaltye and passed
thorowe Flete strete tyll she came to
y e Standarde and condyth where was made
a fayre toure with foure tourrettes with
fanes there within great plenty of swete
instrumentes w h chyldren syngyng the

* The posy is not given in the original.

Coronacyon of Quene Anne. 33

standarde of mason warke costly made
with ymages and aungels costly gylted
with goldc and asure with other colours
and dyuerse fortes of armes costly set out
shall there contynue and remayne and
within the standarde a vyce with a chyme.
Also there ranne out of certayne small
pypes great plenty of wyne all that after-
noone. And so her grace passed through
the cyte to temple barre and so to Charyng
crosse and so thorowe Westmynster into
Westmynster hall where that was well and
rychly hanged with cloth of Arras with a
meruaylous ryche cupborde of plate and
there was a voyde * of spyce plates and
wyne. And y l done the quenes grace
withdrewe her in to y e whyte hall for that
nyght and so to Ycrke place by water.
The sondaye in y e mornynge at viij. of
the clocke y e quenes grace w h noble ladyes
in theyr robes of estate w h al y e nobles
aparayled in parlyament robes as dukes
cries archbysshops and bysshops w h barons

* Collation.

34 Coronacyon ofQuene Anne.

and the barons of y e fyue portes* with the
mayre of y 6 cite the aldermen in theyr
robes as mantels of scarlet. The barons of
ye fy ve portes bare a ryche canopy of
cloth of golde with stanes of golde and
four belles of syluer and gylt. The abbot
of Westmynster in his rygals t came in to
y e hall in pontificalibus w h his monkes in
theyr best copes the Kynges chapell in
theyr best copes with y e bysshops rychely
aourned \ in pontificalibus and the ray
cloth blewe spredde from the hygh desses
of y e kynges benche unto the hygh aulter
of Westmynster. And so every man pro-
cedynge to the mynster in y e best order
euery man after theyr degree apoynted to
theyr order and office as aperteyneth came
vnto y e place apoynted where her grace
receyued her crowne w h al y e serymonyes
therof as ther vnto belongeth. And so al

* Whenever the five ports are mentioned in the
original a curious contraction is used at the end of the
word probably for "es."

f- Vestments.

j A misprint for adourned.

Coronacyon of Queue Anne. 3 5

y e serimonyes done w b y e solempne masse
they departed home in their best orders
euery man to the hal of Westmynster
where y* quenes grace withdrew her for a
tyme in to her chambre apoynted and so
after a certayne space her grace came in
to y 6 hall. Than ye shulde haue sene
euery noble man doyng their seruyce to
them apoynted in y e best maner y l hath ben
sene in any suche serimony. The quenes
grace wasshed y e archbisshop of Canter-
bury sayd grace. Than y e nobles were set
to the table therw h came y e quenes seruice
w h ye seru y ce O f tharch bysshop a certayne
space thre men with the quenes grace
seruyce. Before y e said seruyce came
y e duke of Suffbllce high constable y t day
and stewarde of y 6 feest on horsbacke and
meruaylously trapped in aparell w h rychesse.
Than w h hym came y e lorde Wyllyam
Hawarde as depute to y 6 duke of Norfolke
in y e rome of y e marshal of Englande on
horsbacke. The erle of essex caruer.
Therle of Sussex sewer. Therle of Darby

36 The Coronacyon of Quffie Anne.

cupberer. Therle of Arundell butteller.
The visconte lysle panter. The lorde
Bray awmoner. These noble men dyd
theyr seruyce in suche humble sorte and
fassyon that it was wonder to se the payne
and dylygence of them beynge suche
noble personages. The seruyce borne by
Knyghtes whiche were to me to longe to
tell in order the goodly seruyce of kyndes
of meate with their deuyses from the hyest
vnto the lowest there haue not ben sene
more goodlyer nor honorablyer done in no
mannes dayes. There was foure tables
in y e great hall alonge the sayde hall.
The noble women one table syttyng al
on y e one syde. The noble men an other
table. The mayre of London an other
table w h his bretherne. The barons of
the portes with y e mayster of the chaun-
cery the fourth table. And thus all
thynges nobly and tryumphantly done at
her coronacyon her grace retourned to
Whyte hall with great ioy and solempnyte
and the morowe was great iustes at y c tylte

Corortacyon of Quene Anne. 37

done by xviij. lordes and knyghtes where
was broken many speares valyauntly : but
some of their horses wolde nat come at
their pleasure nere unto the tylte whiche
was displeasure to some that there dyd

enfcetb tbis tcsumpbe :
printed at Xonoon in
strete bs TKHsufesn be
for Joban <Bou$be,

Cum Priuilegio.

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