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Wash and bake in a hot oven, then open and
scoop into a heated bowl. Mash and for
each potato, add y 2 a teaspoonful of Gruyere
(Swiss) cheese, grated, salt and pepper to
taste, and the stiffly whipped whites of three
eggs for YZ a dozen potatoes. Beat well,
turn into a pastry bag and press out in heaps
on a buttered pan. Brush with beaten egg
yolk and brown in a quick oven. From
" Table Talk, " Phila.

> 30. Eggs in Tomato Cases.

Scoop out the centres of as many large
firm tomatoes as there are people to serve.
Drain, then sprinkle the inside of each with
chopped tarragon (or tarragon vinegar), salt,
pepper, dropping in carefully a raw egg and
a quarter of a teaspoonful of butter. Place
in a baking pan in a hot oven until the eggs
are set and serve very hot. From " Table

Talk," Phila.



i. Round of Beef, Southern Style.

Take a 6 or 8 pound piece of round of
beef. Heat a large skillet very hot, grease
with a bit of fat from the meat and quickly
sear and brown the meat on all sides. With
a sharp knife cut gashes around the sides and
sprinkle in each gash salt, pepper and a pinch
of cloves. Place in a deep baking dish with
3 blades of mace, i cupful of capers or
pickled nasturtium seeds, a bunch of parsley,
3 sliced lemons, and sufficient claret to al-
most cover the meat. Cover closely and
bake in a moderate oven for 4 hours. Serve
hot or cold. If hot slightly thicken the
gravy, season to taste and serve. From
"Table Talk, " Phila.

2. Nut Loaf.

Chop fine sufficient nut meats to measure
/4 cupfuls, add one pint of stale bread -


crumbs, i teaspoonful of salt and i of sweet
herbs. Mix well, add sufficient boiling water
to moisten, cover closely and let stand for 10
minutes to swell. Now add another cupful
of hot water and turn into a well-greased
loaf-pan. Bake for one hour in a moderate
oven and serve hot with a brown sauce or
serve cold with mayonnaise. " Table Talk,"

3. Sweet Potato Pone No. i.

To 3 Ibs. of grated raw sweet potatoes add
2 Ibs. of sugar, i dozen eggs, well beaten,
i qt. and a pt. of milk, the juice and grated
rind of i lemon, ^ of a cupful of butter,
melted, i tablespoonful of rose water, */ of
a teaspoonful of nutmeg, J^ of a teaspoonful
of mace, i teaspoonful cinnamon, i scant
teaspoonful of salt. Mix well, turn into 2
loaf-pans and bake for 2 hours in a moderate
oven. "Table Talk," Phila.

4. Breaded Sausage.
Wipe the sausage and dip each piece in
well-beaten egg and then in bread crumbs.
Fry in boiling fat. Serve with lemon and
parsley garnish.



^** 5. Brown Betty.

Chop i pt. of apples fine. Butter a baking
dish. Put in a layer of bread crumbs, then
a layer of apple, then bits of butter; con-
tinue until the dish is full, having the last
layer crumbs and then bits of butter. If the
pudding is desired sweet add a sprinkling of
sugar over each layer of apple. Bake in a
good oven J^ an hour. Serve hard sauce
with it.

6. Chestnut Puree.

Shell i qt. of chestnuts, throw them into
boiling water until the brown skins loosen,
rub them off and put the chestnuts into a
saucepan with a qt. of stock and boil gently
for half an hour; mash them through a
colander, return them to the saucepan ; add
i tablespoonful of butter, salt and pepper ;
stir until it boils, then serve.

7. Roast Clams.

Three dozen clams in their shells. Wash
and lay them in the dripping pan. Put them
into the oven until the shells open. Take
off the top shell and serve in the lower one,
with lemon or melted butter. Sprinkle salt
over them.



8. Scalloped Oyster Plant.

Scrape and cut the oyster plant into small
pieces and boil until tender, in water with a
teaspoonful of vinegar in it. When cooked,
drain and put into a thick white sauce, to
which add a little cayenne pepper and a very
little anchovy sauce. Put this into shells
and sprinkle fried bread crumbs over them.
Heat very hot.

9. Steamed Indian Pudding.
Sift together i^ cups of Indian meal, ^
a cup of wheat flour, 2 teaspoonfuls (level)
of baking powder, and half a teaspoonful of
salt ; add one generous cup of grated maple
sugar and i cup of beef suet chopped fine ;
mix thoroughly, then add i^ cups of sweet
milk; mix thoroughly and steam three or
four hours. Janet M. Hill, in " Boston
Cooking School Magazine."

x io.~ Broiled Mutton and Tomato Sauce.
Take 6 tomatoes, cut and squeeze the
juice out, put them in a pan with a little
onion, i clove, a blade of mace, a little
parsley, salt, cayenne, a half cup of gravy,
and let them simmer gently until the toma-
135 *



toes are tender enough to pulp. Rub the
whole through a sieve. Boil for a few min-
utes and pour over some slices of mutton
which have been salted and broiled.

ii. Sausage Rissoles.

Mash a cupful of potato, make into a
paste with a little butter and flour. Roll
out, cut in rounds, lay a cooked sausage in
each one, turn one half the paste over, pinch
the sides together, fry in hot fat

12. Boudinettes.

Chop fine a little cold meat and bacon ;
add chopped parsley and season. Mash
boiled potatoes, add butter and enough flour
to make a paste. Line patty pans which
have been well greased with the paste, fill
with the chopped meat, put a piece of butter
and a teaspoonful of gravy into each one
and brown in the oven.

13. Eggs Cupped.

Butter 4 teacups, sprinkle them with

chopped parsley, add a little pepper and

salt, and into each one break an egg. Cover

with bread crumbs and set them in a sauce-



pan of boiling water for about 5 minutes.
Turn out carefully on buttered toast.

14. Polish Salad.

Chop fine some cold meat, y 2 a head of
lettuce, hard boiled eggs, boiled beets and an
onion and pickled cucumber. Arrange let-
tuce leaves on a platter. Mix the chopped
ingredients with a good French dressing.
Heap on the lettuce leaves and ornament
with a few slices of hard boiled egg and

15. Baked Spanish Onions.
Put the onions in a pan in the oven and
bake 4 hours. They will blacken on the
outside, but that does not matter ; when they
begin to shrink try them with a knitting-
needle, and if quite tender strip off the skin.
Add a little butter, pepper and salt on top
and set into the oven again for a few minutes.

16. Codfish with Potato Border.

Boil and mash 6 potatoes, add 2 table-

spoonfuls of butter, salt, pepper and a cup of

milk, beat well and pile in a circle on a

round platter. Freshen i pt. of codfish,



pick into small pieces. Into a saucepan put
2 tablespoonfuls of butter and i of flour, mix
well, add 2 tablespoonfuls of hot milk and a
little onion. Stir well, add the fish, cook for
fifteen minutes. Turn into the potato circle.
Serve hot.

17. Scotch Broth.

Wash and clean a sheep's head and soak
for 2 hours. Put it in a deep saucepan with
just enough water to cover it. When the
head is thoroughly heated, add 2 qts. of
water and boil for 2 hours. Take out the
head and remove the meat from the bones.
Put back the bones into the saucepan with
an onion, a bunch of sweet herbs, salt and
pepper. Simmer another hour. Chop the
meat into small pieces and add it to the soup
ten minutes before serving.

18. Oyster Stew No. i.

Strain the juice from the oysters; let it
come to a boil ; remove the scum, rinse the
oysters in cold water, add them to the liquor,
with a cup of cream, small piece of butter and
pepper and salt to taste. Serve the oysters
on slices of hot buttered toast.


19. Sweet Rice Balls.
Wash thoroughly i scant cupful of rice in
cold water, put in a double boiler with i pt.
of milk, cover and cook until soft. Add i
teaspoonful of butter, 2 tablespoonfuls of
sugar, salt to taste and the well beaten yolk
of an egg. When cold mould into small
balls, pressing into the centre of each a raisin
or a candied cherry. Dip in egg, roll in
crumbs and fry in smoking hot fat. Drain
and roll in powdered sugar before serving.
From " Table Talk," Phila.

20. Stewed Eels.

Skin and cut the eels into 2 inch pieces,
cover with boiling water, add a tablespoonful
of vinegar and simmer for 10 minutes ; drain.
In a saucepan melt i tablespoonful of butter
and add 2 of flour, mix well ; when smooth
add i pt. of veal stock, i small sliced onion,
i bay leaf, a little parsley, salt and pepper.
Cook the eels gently in this for y 2 an hour.
When done, dish the eels and pour the sauce

2i. Beef Roll.

\y 2 Ibs. of round steak, 2 eggs, salt, sum-


mer savory and pepper. Chop the meat fine,
season. Beat the eggs well and add to the
meat; when well mixed, roll it up closely,
put into a dripping pan and bake an hour.
To be eaten cold.

\ 22. Turnip Cream Soup.

i qt. of mutton broth. Cook until tender
in this 4 young white turnips ; when tender
rub through a sieve, return this to the fire,
thicken with 2 tablespoonfuls of butter and 2
of flour, season with salt and pepper ; beat in
an egg and serve.

23. Oyster Croquettes.

Chop y 2 a pt. of raw oysters and y 2 a pt.
of cooked veal very fine. Soak 3 table-
spoonfuls of bread crumbs in the oyster
broth and then add a tablespoonful of butter,
a little onion juice, the beaten yolks of 2
eggs. Mix all well together, shape into cro-
quettes and fry.

24. Sweet Potato Pone No. 2.
Peel and grate sufficient raw sweet potatoes
to make 5 cupfuls. Add 3 cupfuls of best


West Indian molasses, 2 cupfuls of butter, i
cupful each of preserved ginger and candied
orange peel cut fine, 2 tablespoonfuls of
mixed spices (cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves),
i tablespoonful of ground ginger, i scant
teaspoonful of salt. Mix all well together,
turn into a deep buttered earthen dish and
bake slowly in a moderate oven for from 2 to
3 hours, according to thickness. When
done a knife blade run down to the bottom
of the dish will come out clean. Serve hot,
cutting in thick slices. It can be reheated 2
or 3 times if necessary. This recipe is said
to be over 200 years old. " Table Talk,"

25 Baked Turnips.

Half boil 6 turnips, cut them in slices,
butter a pudding dish, put in the turnips,
add a little milk, season with salt and pep-
per, cover the top with bread crumbs and
grated cheese. Bake until golden brown.

26 Oyster Stew No. 2.

Boil ]& a pint of milk and % a pint of
oyster juice, remove the scum, throw in the


oysters, add 2 tablespoonfuls of butter, salt
and pepper. When the edges curl they are
done. Serve with small crackers and celery.

27. Apple Griddle Cakes.

Put i cup finely chopped apple in i qt. of
any griddle batter; stir well to keep the
apple evenly distributed.

28. Turkey and Sausage Scallop.

Butter a pudding dish and fill with al-
ternate layers of cold minced turkey and
cooked minced and cold sausage meat, sea-
soning slightly as you go. The sausage will
supply nearly all the seasoning you wish.
Pour in as much gravy or weak stock as the
dish will hold ; let it soak in for a few min-
utes and cover with a mush of bread crumbs,
peppered, salted and soaked in cream or
milk, then beaten smooth with an egg and a
tablespoonful of butter melted. It should be
half an inch thick. Cover and bake for j
an hour, then uncover and brown. Serve at
once, as the crust will soon fall. From
"The National Cook Book," by Marion
Harland and Christine Terhune Herrick.


* 29. Rice Johnny Cake.

Take 2 cups of boiled rice and mix with a
little cold milk, a little salt and flour enough
to hold it together. Spread it a quarter of
an inch thick on flat tin sheets, and brown it
in front of the fire or put it in the oven.
When brown butter it and cut in square
slices and serve very hot.

\ 30. Cheese Pudding No. 2.

Mix well together j^ a pint of bread
crumbs, a little thyme and parsley, a tea-
spoonful of curry powder, 2 hard boiled
eggs, chopped, a few slices of cheese broken
up in small pieces, 2 ozs. of butter dissolved
in a pint of warm milk and two raw eggs
beaten well. Let this soak for * an hour.
Bake in a slow oven. Cover the top with a
plate until half done, then remove it and
brown the pudding. Bake an hour and a

31. Pease Pudding.

Wash and soak i y 2 cupfuls of dried green

peas over night. Put on in a kettle of cold

water with i teaspoonful of salt and simmer

slowly until very tender, drain and rub



through a sieve, then set aside until cold.
Season highly with salt and pepper, add 2
well-beaten eggs, turn into a floured pudding
cloth, drop into salted boiling water and boil
hard for an hour. Turn out on a hot dish
and serve with butter. "Table Talk, 1 '





Alpine Eggs, 106.
Anchovy Canapes, 58.
Angels on Horseback,

Apple Griddle Cake,


A Fretty Salad, 104.
A Spanish Fish Dish,

Asparagus a 1'Indienne,


in Rolls, 47.
" Omelet, 60.
" Salad, 49.


Baked Celery, 10.

" Cheese and Rice,

" Oyster Dumpling,

" Pumpkin, 125.

" Rice Cake, 21.

" Spanish Onions,

" Turnips, 141.
Banana Croquettes, 98.
Barbacued Lobster, 117.
Barley Stew, 11.

Bean Croquettes, 22.
Beef a la Mode, 115.
" Bubble and Squeak,


" Collops, 60.
Cutlets, 38.
Potpie, 128.
Ragout, 5.
Rissoles, 62.
Roll, 139.
" Salad, 114.
" Tongue (Fresh),

Beefsteak and Kidney

Pudding, 31.
Beefsteak and Potatoes,


Beet Salad, 57.
Beignets Souffles, 61.
Benton Beef, 71.
Blanquette of Chicken,

Boiled Cucumber Salad,


" Partridge with
Celery Sauce,

Bologna Sandwich, 23.
Boston Cookies, 100.
Boudinettes, 136.
Bread Dumplings, 108.
" Omelet, 11.



Breaded Ham Saute, 23.

Cheese Fondue No. 2, 46.

" Sausage, 133.

Fritters, 111.

Breast of Lamb Broiled,

" Polenta, 124.


" Pudding No. I,

Broiled Beef and Mush-


room Sauce, 15.

" Pudding No. 2,

" Live Lobster,



" Ramequins, 2.

" Mutton and To-

" Scallop, 56.

mato Sauce,

" Straws, 104.


" Timbales, 59.

" Sweetbreads, 14.

" and Tomato

Brown Apple Sauce for

Rarebit, 21.

Cold Pork, 110.

Cherry Fritters, 75.

Betty, 134.

Salad, 75.

Browned Potato Puree,

Chestnut Puree, 134.


Soup, 107.

Buttered Lobster, 41.

Chicken a la Merengo,

" Shrimps, 88.


" Creams, 1.

GALAS, 119.

Cutlets, 4.

Call's Brains on Toast,

" Fritters, 20.


" in Celery Sauce,

" Liver Fried in


Crumbs, 11.

" Pie (Concord

Canned Salmon Salad,

Style), 49.
" Salad, 97.

Carolina Philpes, 13.

" Short-cake, 67.

Cauliflower au Gratin,

Chicola, 88.


Chocolate Cream, 96.

" Salad, 90.

Chopped Ham and Egg,

" with Cheese,



Chops Masked with Po-

Celery au Gratin, 98.

tato, 122.

" Sandwiches, 111.

Cinnamon Wafers, 104.

Cerkestal (Turkish), 42.

Clams Sauted and

Champignons en Caisse,

Creamed, 37.


Clam Chowder, 63.

Cheese Fondue No. 1, 37.

Clam Pie No. I, 34.



Clam Pie No. 2, 45.

Coburg Pudding, 102.

Cocoanut Ice Cream, 5.

Cod Cutlets, 110.

Codfish Hash, 24.

with Potato Bor-
der, 137.
Puffs, 55.

Coffee Fritters, 27.

Cold Duck and Chest-
nut Border, 20.

Cold Slaw, 89.

Collared Head, 35.

Corn Chowder, 90.
" Fritters, 101.

Cornmeal Puffs, 95.

Corn Omelet, 91.
" Pudding, 89.

Corn-starch Cake, 114.

Crab Salad, 68.

Cracker Custard, 25.

Cream of Chicken Sand-
wich, 82.

Creamed Corned Beef,

Creme de Fromage,

Crescent Croquettes, 33.

Crumb Griddle Cakes,

Curried Fowl, 32.
Hare, 17.
" Lobster, 70.
" Rice, 6.

Curry of Lobster, 50.
" " Macaroni, 112.
" Sandwiches, 6.

Cucumber and Lobster
Salad, 83.

Cucumber Salad, 89.

Dolmas (a Turkish Dish),


Dormers, 38.
Dried Apple Cake, 113.
Dutch Sauce and Cold

Meat, 82.
Eels with Tartare Sauce,


Egg Sandwiches, 95.
Eggs Cupped, 136.
" in Tomato Cases,


" on Rice, 9.
" Stuffed with Sar-
dines, 93.
English Bread Pudding,


Monkey, 42.
" Muffins, 7.


" Sandwich, 79.
Fillets of Weakfish, 111.
Finnan-haddie, 28.
Fish Chowder, 19.

" and Rice, 112.

" Salad, 72.
Florida Corn Cake, 127.
Franklin Eggs, 73.
French Bean Omelet, 50.
Frenchman's Pie, 85.
French Omelet, 2.
" Toast, 56.
Friars' Eggs, 66.
1 Fricadelles, 93.
Fried Bananas, 61.



Fried Celery, 115.
" Corn-meal Gems,

" Green Tomatoes,


" Lobster, 68.
" Whitebait, 43.
Frozen Pudding, 81,


(Baked), 105.
German Prune Cake, 38.
" Way of Cooking
Chicken, 33.
Grape Fruit Salad, 47.
Guava and Cheese Sand-
wiches, 79.



Halibut Rechauffe, 26.
Ham and Asparagus, 76.
" Canapes, 94.
" Sandwich, 93.
Harlequin Sandwiches,

Herring Roes on Toast,


Hoe Cake, 124.
Hominy Waffles, 130.
Horseshoe Cakes, 83.
Hot Ham Sandwiches,


" Pot, 31.
" Potato Salad, 125.
Hungarian Chicken, 22.
" Patties, 44.



Italian Asparagus, 75.

Jellied Chicken, 54.

" Tongue, 118.

" Veal, 102.

Kidney Omelet, 48.
Kornlet Omelet, 15.

Laurentian Salad, 127.
Lettuce Sandwiches,

Liver and Onions, 14.

" Rolls, 16.
Loaf Corn Bread, 5.
Lobster a la Mode Fran-

caisc, 56.
" Cream, 126.
" Creams, 35.
" Fritanella, 84.
" in a Chafing

Dish, 67.
" Patties, 32.
" Salad, 81.
" Sandwiches, 88.
" (Southern way),

Lunch Sandwiches, 108.

CUIT, 103.

Maple Sugar Sand-
wiches, 101.

Meat Pie with Potato
Crust, 122.

Minced Collops, 32.


Minced Veal and Maca-
roni, 8.

Mock Crabs, 87.
Moulded Chopped Meat,


Mushroom Toasts, 82.
Mutton Custard, 46.
" Kidneys, 30.
" Stew with
Canned Peas,



Normandy Shrimps, 78.
Nut Loaf, 132.

Okra and Corn Fricassee,

Onion Souffle, 21.

" Soup, 34.
Orange Marmalade
Sandwiches, 72.

Salad, 3.
Oysters k PIndienne,

" in Puff Paste,

" with Madeira

Sauce, 20.
Oyster Canapes, 113.

" Chartreuse, 29.

" Croquettes, 140.

" Fritters, 121.

" Kroneskys, 129.

" Loaf, 14.

" Patties, 118.

" Potpie, 3.

Oyster Stew No. I, 138.
" " " 2, 141.



Puffs, 50.
Pea-pod Soup, 91.
Pease Pudding, 143.
Philadelphia Relish,

Pickled Oysters, 119.

" Salmon, 100.
Planked Shad, 59.
Polish Salad, 137.
Potatoes au Gratin, 30.

" Gruyere, 131.
Potato Balls, 23.

" Border with Meat
Filling, 88.

" Chowder, 116.

" Cooked in Stock,

" Croquettes, 110.

" and Meat Turn-
overs, 40.

" and Meat Puff,

" Puff, 120.

" Salad, 92.

" Souffle, 65.

" Stew, 24.
Potted Beef, 13.

" Chicken, 96.
Puree of Dried Beans,


Rice and Apples, 99.
" Balls, 55.



Rice Border with
Creamed Fish, 71.
" Johnny-cake, 143.
" Moulds, 7.
" Waffles, 87.

Roast Clams, 134.
Oysters, 128.
" Pigeon with Bread
Sauce, 28.

Round of Beef (South-
ern style), 132.

Sally Lunn, 84.
Salmon Salad, 120.
Saratoga Corn Cake, 34.
Sardine Sandwiches, 78.
Sausage Rissoles, 136.
Savory Toast, 94.
" Trifles, 90.
Tomatoes, 73.
Scalloped Corn, 86.
" Oyster Plant,


" Tongue, 95.
Scotch Broth, 138.
" Collops, 2.
" Eggs, 69.
Scrambled Eggs with

Shad Roes, 17.
Shad Roe Croquettes,


Shredded Wheat Biscuit

and Apples, 78.

" Wheat Fish

Balls, 124

Shrewsbury Cakes, 92.
Shrimp Salad, 12.
Souffle Biscuit, 19.

Southern Corn Pone,


Spanish Buns, 97.
" Potatoes, 69.
" Rice, 63.
Spider Cake, 44.
Spring Salad, 77.
Squash Bread, 43.

" Griddle Cakes,
St. Charles Indian Bread,


Steamed Indian Pud-
ding, 135.

Stewed Blackfish, 106.
" Breast of Lamb,


" Celery and
Brown Sauce,

Eels, 139.
Kidney with

Macaroni, 66.
" Steak and Oys-
ter Sauce, 10.
" Trout, 53.
Strawberry Jelly, 77.
" Puffs, 81.

Stuffed Egg-plant, 101.
" Fillets of Floun-
ders, 64.

Sugared Sweet Po-
tatoes, 25.

Sweetbread Salad, 58.
Sweet Potato Pone No. I,

Sweet Potato Pone No. 2,

Sweet Rice Balls, 139.



Toad in a Hole, 12.
Tomato Croquettes, 9.

" Croutes, 41.

" Ice Salad, 76.

Jelly Salad, 37.

Salad, 103.

" Timbales, 129.
Tongue Toast, 69.

" Squares, 103.
Tripe Baked with Po-
tatoes, 128.

Turbot a la Creme, 121.
Turkey and Sausage

Scallop, 142.
Turnip Cream Soup, 140.

Veal and Ham Pates, 48.
" Eggs in a Nest a
la Turin, 52.

Veal Gumbo, 127.

Loaf, 79.

Mould, 26.

Rissoles, 94.

Salad, 112.

and Tomato Salad,


Vegetable Soup, 114.
Vermicelli Pudding, 130.

Walnut Salad No. 1,47.
" " 2,71.
Western Balls, 36.
Wigs, 72.


Zephyrs, 43.

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