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both in England and in this country. In England he was a landed pro-
prietor, a descendant of and connected with heraldic families : but the fuller
knowledge we have of the circle in which his son Nathaniel Newdigate
moved gives us a wider view of the station of his family there. Mr.
Newdigate held a position of dignity and influence in this country, and was
one of the largest property-owners in and near Boston. We may infer from
his Will that he was an affectionate husband and father, a kind friend, a

of Bury St. Edmund, malster, diuers and sondry times hath come and resorted to comfort and conferr
w ,h me in the time of my sorrowe and heavines, I doe giue and bequeath vnto him the said John
Newgate the sume of ffoure pounds of lawfull money of England. . . ." — See Wills and Inventories
from the Registers of the Commissary of Bury St. Edmund's. . . . Ed. by Samuel Tymms, n. p.,
1850, p. 173.



liberal member of the First Church of Boston, and thoughtful and provident
in regard to other good objects. He came to Boston, for the first time,
in 1632, with his third wife and probably six children. He had been
living in St. Olave parish, near London Bridge, where the records of his
family are found. His house in Boston was on the west slope of Beacon
Hill, a little east of Cambridge street." Near him were the houses of
Mr. Stoughton, Gov. John Leverett, Maj. Edward Gibbons, Rev. John
Cotton, Gov. Richard Bellingham, Elders Thomas and John Oliver and
other prominent men. His children married into some of the best families
of Boston, and his descendants — Lyndes, Winthrops, Bowdoins, Olivers,
Walters, Temples, Ervings, Valentines and other noted lines — have main-
tained their hereditary dignity in Massachusetts, and a branch of the Lyndes
has maintained it in Connecticut.

In his new home in New England Mr. Newdigate became prominent
in civil affairs, and liberal with his large wealth. "The Memorial History
of Boston " mentions that, after the overthrow of the first Charter of
Massachusetts in 1684, "the inhabitants of the northerly precincts of
Boston," apprehending that the loss of the Charter might involve the
reversion of their landed estates to the king, " sought to avert this calam-
ity," by acquiring title from the native proprietors of the soil ; and that

" there is still extant the original unrecorded deed of release, dated April 9, 1685,
from the widow, children and grandchildren of Sagamore George to Simon Lynde,
for the use of the heirs of John Newgate ' of all that tract of land, meadows and
marshes situate and lying at or in Rumbley Marish aforesaid, containing about
four or five hundred acres, be it more or less, commonly known by the name of

" A memorandum by the first Chief Justice Lynde speaks of this house as "the old house my Grand-
father Mr. John Newdigate built, standing at the foot easterly of Tremount Hill, where Sister Pordage
now lives, unto which my father added, in the year 1672, a fair large Structure, in which Mr. James
Bodvine, who married my niece Hannah Pordage, now Bodovine, lives, my s d Sister with them, and
have added to the s d house, [and] pul'd down the old house in the year 1730, and in which all we
children, with several of sister Pordage's grandchildren, were Born ; And there she herself [the Chief
Justice's mother Hannah (Newdigate) Lynde] dyed 20"' Dec r 1684."

ttfttotr Urate

Mr. Newgate's farme, and by him and his heirs and assigns possessed and occupied
about fifty years past.' " "

Mr. John Newdigate had three wives : first, Lidia , who died in

1620; secondly, Thomasine Hayes, whom he married November i, 1620,
in All Hallows Church, London Wall, and who died in 1625 ; and, thirdly,

Anne, then a widow Draper, who had been first married to Hunt ;

and who survived her third husband, dying in 1679. By his first marriage,
beside two sons and one daughter who died in infancy, he had a
daughter Elizabeth? baptized January 1, 161 7-18; who married: first,
Rev. John Oliver, first Minister of Rumney Marsh (Chelsea, Mass.);
and, secondly, in 1648, Edward Jackson, a merchant of Boston. Her
first husband was a son of Thomas Oliver, who came to New England
in 163 1 (or 1632), and was Ruling Elder of the First Church of
Boston. He was a graduate of Harvard in 1645, and is called by
Winthrop " a gracious young man, an expert soldier, an excellent surveyor
of land, and one who, for the sweetness of his disposition, and usefulness
through a public spirit, was generally beloved and greatly lamented. For
some few years past he had given up himself to the ministry of the gospel,
and was become very hopeful that way . . ."" who was "swept away"
by fever in 1646, when not thirty years of age. In his Will he names his
"deare and revered ffathers Mr. Tho. Oliver and Mr. John Newgate."

Savage, while expressing himself doubtful as to the children of John
Newdigate, says that his eldest child "was probably Joshua who died
12 Nov. 1658, in Boston," and whose wife Elizabeth is referred to in her
admission to the church as " daughter-in-law to our sister Ann Newdigate."
But there is no evidence that our Mr. John Newdigate ever had a son
named Joshua, though there may have been a Joshua Newdigate of some

13 The Memorial History of Boston. . . . Ed. by Justin Winsor. . . . Boston, 1882, ii. 375 ;
comp. History of the United States. ... By George Bancroft. . . . Last Revision. New York,
1883, i. 592.

14 Biogr. Sketches of Graduates of Harvard . . . By John Langdon Sibley . . . Cambridge,
1873, i. 102-06.


other family who died in Boston in 1658. Mr. John Newdigate, in his
Will of 1638 (when Joshua was still living) names John as his "eldest
sonne." We conjecture, therefore, that the husband of Elizabeth " daughter-
in-law of our sister Ann Newdigate " was Mr. John Newdigate's son
Joseph (the abbreviation "Jos." might stand for either Joseph or Joshua),
mentioned in his Will of 1638, but not in that of 1664, to whom he
bequeathed his " house and ground in the Country called Rumney Marsh
in N. E., w eb hee shall likewise enter upon and enjoy when he shall come
to the age of twenty foure yeares."

By his second marriage Mr. John Newdigate had a daughter Sarah?
baptized September 23, 162 1, who married Capt. Peter Oliver; and a son
John, 5 baptized March 25, 1624, who was named in his father's Will of 1638,
as eldest son, but not in that of 1664, from which we infer that he had died
before this latter date. Mr. John Newdigate's son-in-law Capt. Peter Oliver
was a brother of Rev. John Oliver above mentioned. He " was an
eminent merchant, and one of the founders of the Third Church [and a
Trustee under Madam Norton's Deeds of gifts of land to that church in
1669 and 1677]; he died in 1670, the first on the long roll of the Old
South membership to enter into the fellowship of the ' church of the first
born ' above. His wife . . . became a member of the Third Church
in 1674, and died in 1692. " 15 By his third marriage Mr. John Newdigate
had a son Nathaniel? baptized April 4, 1627; and our Hannah? born
June 28, 1635. Nathaniel Newdigate became a merchant of London;
and married Isabella daughter of Richard Lewis Esq. of Ledston, co. York,
and "heir to a fortune of 20,000 St.," as the old Lynde pedigree says,
"lost in Chamb 1 ' of Lond ." Her sister Jane, widow of Valentine Crome
of London, married Sir Frescheville Holies Knt. (son of Gervase Holies
Esq. the celebrated antiquary and Master of the Requests). Sir Fresche-

17, 18

16 History of the Old South Church (Third Church) Boston, 1669-1884. By Hamilton Andrews Hill
. Boston and New York, 1890, i. 115, 133-34.



ville greatly distinguished himself in the sea-fight in 1665, for which he was
knighted. He fell in the naval battle of 1672. 16

The eldest son and heir of Richard Lewis Esq. was Sir John," created
Knight and Baronet, who married Sarah daughter of Sir Thomas Foot.
Sir John had no son. His brother Capt. Edward Lewis was his heir, but
he did not succeed to the title and large estates. Sir John and Lady Sarah
Lewis had: 1. Elizabeth Lewis, daughter and coheir, who became the wife
of Theophilus Hastings seventh Earl of Huntington, and mother of
George eighth Earl of Huntington ; and 2. Mary Lewis, daughter and
coheir, who married Robert Earl of Scarsdale. 18

Joseph* Newdigate, son of Mr. John Newdigate, is named in his
father's Will of 1638 as not then twenty-four years old, and apparently as
younger than either John or Nathaniel. We therefore suppose him to
have been a child of the third marriage. If he was the same person as
Savage's Joshua Newdigate, who died in Boston November 12, 1658, a
married man, he was probably born about 1630.

Mr. John Newdigate died September 4, 1665. We give an abstract
of an early Will of his, made in expectation of a voyage to England in
1638, drawn by Thomas Lechford :

" I John Newgate of Boston in New England, Planter, etc.," to eldest son John
"all those my lands and Tenements lying in Horningheath in the County of
Suffolke in England " to him and his heirs forever, wife Anne to have the use and
profit of the same, until said son attain the age of 24 years, for the education and
bringing up of him and other children — and said son, after coming into possession,

16 See The Marriage, Baptismal, and Burial Registers of the Collegiate Church or Abbey of St. Peter,
Westminster. Edited and annotated by Joseph Lemuel Chester. Private Edition. London, 1876, p. 176.

11 There was only one Sir John Lewis of Ledston, and Nathaniel Newdigate in his Will calls him, as
we shall see, his brother-in-law. The old Lynde pedigree errs, therefore, in saying that Nathaniel
Newdigate married a daughter of Sir John Lewis : Sir John and Isabella (Lewis) Newdigate were
brother and sister.

18 Sir Bernard Burke's Diet, of the Peerage and Baronetage. . . . London, 1S87, p. 741; and John
Burke's and John Bernard Burke's Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies. . . . London, 1844, p. 313.



to pa} r , out of said lands, 50/. to daughter Sarah, and 50/. to daughter Hannah, when
21 years old or on day of marriage, in default of which payments said son to lose his
inheritance of said lands, and to receive therefor the sum of 150/., the rest of proceeds
of said lands to be divided between other children and wife, etc. — to son Nathaniel
house in Boston "wherein I now dwell," with ground belonging to it, to him and
his heirs forever, when he shall attain the age of 24 years. — to son Joseph "my house
and ground in the Country called Rumney Marsh in N. E.," at the age of 24 years,
wife to have the use and profit of these two last named houses and grounds, towards,
the education of said sons Nathaniel and Joseph, until they attain, respectively, the
age of 24 years; "after my decease," reversion of legacy to any child who may die,
before possessing, to the survivors. — all the rest of estate to wife, etc. " Provided
allwayes, and my will is, that, if it shall please God that I live to sell off those lands in
Suffolke," then to " eldest daughter Elizabeth Oliver" 20/., to son John 150/., and to
daughters Sarah and Hannah 70/. each, at their ages of 21 years or days of marriage,
etc. "And, if any of my said Children become stubborne and rebellious against God
or his Church, or their mother, then such child or children shall have only the
fourth parte of their respective legacys, etc." "Provided, also, that, if I shall be
cast away at sea, and all that estate that I shall bring w tb me out of England, then I
intreate the Church to dispose of that estate I have heere in New England, according
to their wisdome and discreation unto and amongst my children and my wife," etc.
"Also, my will is that, if the said estate which I shall have, in England, come over
into these parts of New England, then I give and bequeath unto Theodore Atkinson,
my servant, twenty pounds ; but if it shall be lost by the way, by sea or otherwise,
then only tenne pounds." — wife Anne and John Oliver to be executors. Signed and
sealed October 23, 1638, before Thomas Savage and Thomas Lechford. 19

In 1639 John and Anne Newgate sold houses and land in Tymworth
(Timworth), co. Suffolk, near Bury St. Edmund's.

Of the last Will and Testament of Mr. Newdigate the following is
an abstract :

" I John Newgate of Boston in New England, being sick, make this my last will,
25 of Nov. 1664." — to wife Anne "farme at Rumly Marsh," with all appertaining
lands, "my house at Charlestowne," with orchard, and the house "in which I now
dwell," with appurtenances, "and the house in which my sonne in lawe Simon Linde

19 From the Collections of the American Antiquarian Society.



now dwells," with all ground belonging to it, during her natural life, the said Ann
continuing a widow, and continuing to pay 5/. per an., during her widowhood, to the
College at Cambridge, " for the security of which payment my said farme is already
bound and ingaged," etc. — to son Nathaniel said farm and house and ground at
Charlestown, to him and his heirs, from and after wife's second marriage, or death,
he and his heirs paying the said annuity to the College at Cambridge, and paying to
said wife one-third of rent of said farm, during her life, after such marriage. — to son
in law "Simon Lind " house in Boston "in which I now dwell," with appurte-
nances, "and my said house in which he the said Lind now dwells, with all the
ground thereto belonging," to him and his heirs, on death of wife or her second
marriage, he paying to her, during her life, one-third of the profits thereof, and
paying also, within six months after having possession, 1 10/. to son-in-law Peter Oliver,
" that married with my daughter Sarah," and no/, to son-in-law Edward Jackson,
"that married with my daughter Elizabeth, etc." — to grandchildren John [a] and
Thomas [S;l Oliver, "sonnesof John Oliver deceased," 10/. each, at the age of 20 years,
etc. — to all living children of daughter Elizabeth by Edward Jackson 10/. each, to be
paid either to said Edward or to said Elizabeth, whichever may be living, " within
one yeare after my decease," to improve for said children until 18 years old or their
days of marriage. — to all living children of daughter Sarah by Peter Oliver 10/. each,
etc. — to the child now living of son Nathaniel 10/., etc. — to my brother-in-law
Thomas Townsin" of Lin 10/. — to wife's sister " that married with William Newgate
my Vnckl's sonn, liveing in London, 5/. etc. — to Jonathan Jackson, sonn of the said
Edward Jackson, 5/., etc." — to " Mr. John Wilson, Pastor of the Church of Boston, 8/.,
to bee paid within 3 moneths after my decease. Vnto such Ministers within this
Jurisdiction as are Consionable in their places, and yet have but small Mayntenance,
30/. to be paid to the said Mr. John Wilson, and he to dispose thereof as he shall see
meete, to the intent aforesaid, etc." — to the poor of the church of Boston 10/., to be
disposed of by the deacons, etc. — "to my said daughter Jackson a gilt Salt and a gilt
wine cup. — to my said daughter Oliver a silver beere boule and a silver wine cupp.
— to my said daughter Linde a silver porringer and three silver spoones. — the rest of
my plate I leave to my wife, to dispose thereof as she please, etc." — Edward Jackson
and Simon Linde to be executors, and Peter Oliver to be overseer, he to have 10/. for
his care and oversight.

50 As neither Mr. Thomas Townsend nor his family are mentioned in the Will of Mrs. Anne widow
of John Newdigate, we infer that the relation of "brother-in-law" came from a previous marriage of
Mr. Newdigate with a sister of Mr. Townsend, or a sister of Mr. Townsend's wife ; or from a marriage
of Mr. Townsend with a sister of Mr. Newdigate, or with a sister of a previous wife of Mr. Newdigate.


Mrs. Anne Newdigate survived her husband for fourteen years. All
we can learn of her is obtained from her Will. We give an abstract of it
from the Probate Records of Boston :

"I, Anne Newgate, widow, being now well stricken in age, etc. I bequeath unto
Nathaniel [25] Newgate, the son of my son Nathaniel Newgate, deceased, that five
acres of Marsh which I purchased of Edward Needen [Needham] of Rumbly Marsh,
joined to the Farm which my husband gave to his son Nathaniel Newgate, but being
now deceased the right of inheritance belongs to his son Nathaniel and his heirs for
22,23 ever. . . . To Grand Dau. Elizabeth 1 " 1 Lynde, silver girdal. To Nath. [,] Lynde silver
plate. My gold rings to be divided among the children of my son and daughter Lynde.
To Jonathan and Levi Jackson, 20^. each. Hannah Smith, my made, 20 shillings,
and Gordg Hale 10 shillings. To our brothers that are of our private meeting" 40
shillings. To sister Matson, the elder, 10s. and sister Alcock, that was, 10s.
" Witness 6 Aug. 1676, " Witnessed 2dly,

Penelope Bellingham," Mrs. Penelope Bellingham,

Anne Manning." Mrs. Anne Gerrish (late Manning).""

"Proved 8 April, 1679."

The Will of Nathaniel Newdigate of London, son of Mr. John
Newdigate, own brother of Hannah (Newdigate) Lynde, which was dated
and proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in 1668, contains items
worthy of notice here. He seems to have spent most of his life in

" I Nathaniel Newdigate ah Newgate, of London, Merchant : my louing Wife,
Isabella Newgate, my full and sole Executrix, — my Brother, Sir John Lewis, of

81 This " private meeting" was, undoubtedly, a social religious meeting, thus distinguished from
the public services. "Sister Matson, the elder," and " Sister Alcock that was" are to be considered
as sisters only in a religious sense, and not by blood.

83 Wife of Gov. Richard Bellingham, and sister of Herbert Pelham Esq. Herbert Pelham was
buried in Suffolk. There may have been a relationship or previous acquaintance in England.

83 Daughter of Richard Parker, merchant, of Boston, who married, in England, about 1651,
John Manning; and remarried, about 1677, Capt. William Gerrish, rep. His first wife was Joanna
widow of John Oliver. Robert Manning and Anne Newgate, sister or cousin of Mr. John Newdigate,
were married in Horningsheath in June 1616. The John Manning who married Anne Parker may have
been their son — Savage's Geneal. Diet.; and Townshend Family, p. 97.


Ledston, in the Countie of yorke, Edward Rumball, of the Savoy, Haberdasher, and
Edmund White, of London, Merchant, to be Overseers." Personal Estate to be
divided into three equal parts, and one part thereof unto said Wife, another "to
my louing Sonne Nathaniel" Newgate," and out of the other third part "I giue and
bequeath to my Mother Anne Newgate .£20., to my Aunt Anne Newgate £10., to
my Brother Simon Line and his Wife ,£40., and to each of his children now liueing
,£to. a piece, unto Edward Jackson, of New England, my Brother in Lawe, ^10.,
to my Brother Peter Oliver ,£10., to my said Brother Sir John Lewis and to the
said Edward Rumball, and Anne (Lewis), his Wife, ^10. a piece, to Edmund White
;£io., and to my Brother Henrie Haines and his Wife, Elizabeth (Lewis), ^10. a

"Item — I giue all my Lands, Tenements and hereditaments in New England to
my sonne Nathaniell Newgate, and the heires (males) of his Bodie — to my Friende
Master Robert Eccleston of Greenwich and his wife ^10. a piece — to Sir William
Peake, the new Lord Mayor of London, 40s., to buy him a Ring — to my Neece,
Mary Rumball ^5. — to William Pate, Ironmonger, ^10. — to William Arundell
^50. — to Arthur Hare, Master of my Shipp, 40^., and to my Cousin Jane Danby,
40s. to buy her a Ring.

"Hem — I appointe the said Simon Line to receive the Rents, issues and profitts
of my said Lands in New England, during the minoritie of my said Sonne Nathaniell.

"Hem— All the residue of my Estate I leave to the disposall of my Executrix."
Dated, 8 Sept., 1668.

" 1st Codicil undated : to my Ladie Hollis, the Wife of Sr Frethville Hollis ^20.
to be paid her when she shall pay to my Executrix such Legacies and moneys which
are due to mee and my wife, or either of us." Same Witnesses.

" 2d Codicil dated 8 Sept. 1668 : ,£100. to be disposed of to such silenced
Ministers as Doctor Wilkins [brother-in-law of Oliver Cromwell and afterward
Bishop of Chester — C. H. T.] and the said Edmund White shall direct ; and the
said Doctor Wilkins shall receiue such part and share of the said One hundred
pounds as he and the said Edmund White shall agree upon." Proved, 22 Sept. 1668."

24 M He had a son Lewis 6 buried July 28, 1657, at St. Leonard's, East Cheap, London — Townshend

Family, p. 103.

26 A memorandum of Col. Chester says that Nathaniel Newgate, merchant, was carried away from
Greenwich Sept. 14, 1668. The records of St. Olave's Parish, London Bridge, state that " Natten
Nugate," merchant, was buried on that day — Townshend Family, p. 103, and note 2.



The wife of the elder Nathaniel Newdigate survived her husband,
and married John Johnson, but had died before November 24, 1679, when

"a Comm" was issued to John Johnson, husband of Isabella Johnson, ah.
Newgate, ah. Newdigate dec d , whilst she lived the Relict Ext x and residuary Legatee
named in the Will of Nathaniel Newgate, ah. Newdigate, of the City of London,
Merchant, late of Greenwich in the County of Kent, dec d , to administer the Goods,
&c, of the s d Nathaniel left unadm r by the s d Isabella, according to the form and
effect of the s d Will. . . ."

Mr. Nathaniel Nevvdigate's principal heir was his son Nathaniel? born
in 1663, and therefore a minor at the time of his father's death, respecting
whom we give an interesting communication to us from Hon. W. P.
Sheffield of Newport, R. I., as follows :

"Newport, March 31, 1889."
" Dear Sir :

"In the 'Boston Transcript' of last evening you and Mrs. Salisbury make some
inquiry in reference to Nathaniel Newdigate.

"A person by that name practiced law in Newport for many years. Late in life
he went to reside in Warwick in the county of Kent.

" He erected and lived in a house yet standing on the east side of Broadway in
this city. In 1727 he was Chairman of a Commission to revise the Colony Laws.

"In an action at law in 1707 Newdigate was described as being 'of Bristol,
Merchant.' In another action he is described as 'of Newport, Gentleman.'

" He was admitted free of the Rhode Island Colony in 1720. In 1731 he signed
a memorial to the General Assembly against a further issue of paper money, and
later in the same year a memorial to the Board of Trade on the same subject. He
died the last day of January 1746, and was buried beside his wife Sarah (nee Lynde)
in the common Burying-Ground in Newport. The inscription on his grave-stone is
as follows, viz :

" ' Here lieth interred the Body of Nathaniel Newdigate Esq., late of Warwick in
this Colony, who was born in Great Britain, and died at Warwick on the last day of
January, Anno Domini 1746, in the 83 d year of his age : He was a noted and famous
Attorney at Law in this Colony, and acquitted himself in said Profession like an able
Skilful and learned Gentleman.'

"The Inscription on his wife's grave-stone is :


" ' Hie Jacet Sarah charissima Uxor Nathanielis Newdigate Armigeri et filia
Simonis Lynde Nuper Boston. Meracator. Obiit 13 th die Julii Anno Domini 1727,
Anno Aetatis 55.'

"They had one child, a daughter [Isabella?], who married Thomas Mumford and
removed to Warwick."

26 The Sarah 6 Lynde named in the foregoing communication, with her

Latin epitaph, was the third daughter of Simon and Hannah (Newdigate)
Lynde, a first cousin, therefore, of her husband Nathaniel Newdigate.
This marriage took place June 5, 1688, and is thus noticed in the
"Diary" of Chief Justice Sewall :

" Mr. Nath 1 Newgate marries Mr. Lynde's daughter, before Mr. Ratcliff, with
Church of England ceremonies : Mr. Payson and Mr. Farwell his Bridemen ; a
great wedding."

28, 29

Boston records give us the names of three children of Nathaniel and
Sarah Newdigate, as follows: Isabella, 1 baptized February 8, 1692;
Lewis 1 born January 31, 1697 ; John 1 born December 1, 1700.

No son of Nathaniel Newdigate Esq. and Sarah Lynde his wife
survived them, and upon his death the ancient and honorable family of
Newdigate became extinct in our branch ; and as we have learned from
Lieut. -Gen. Newdigate, of Arbury, co. Warwick, there are none of the
name now in existence except his own near relations.



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