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■jc r:'^s



FEOM 1640-40-1873.



> I



An'dkews, Cl-tler S: Cl, Stkam PooiC ANt> Jon PitiNTKn?





.Ox petition received from the Rumford Historical Association, the City
Council of "Woburn, in May, 1890, passed the following vote : —

"Ordered, That the Mii3or be and hereby is authorized to have printed twenty-tlve hun-
dred copies of his manuscript record of deaths, and that the expense therefor be paid out of
the Miscellaaeous Department." -4 < 1 *"> /^'l? '"I "O

Ami it is further l-^t^U^^i^

"Ordered, That the printed copies be deposited with the City Treasurer, who shall dis-
pose of them to any and all persons for twenty-five cents a copy, and all sums received by
him therefor shall be placed to the credit of the iliscellaneous Department."

In pursuance of this vote the following pai^es are now presented to the
public. In order to add to and perfect the record, I engaijed Miss J.
Gertrude Meuard to assist me in comparing it with the data to he found
on the gravestones in both the Salem Street and Calvary Cemeteries.
Our comparison has resulted in the addition of over four hundred names
t'lthe recorded list, and in the discovery of a number of discrepancies
between the clerk's records and 'those chiselled on the gravestones.
These additions and corrections have been inserted in their proper chrou-
<'l\gieal place, and for the purpose of distinguishing them from the town
elerk's records, the word " Gravestone" has been added to each addi-
tional or corrected entry.

In order still further to complete the Woburn record of deaths and to
pi'jservc for all tiuic memorials wliicli are slowly i)Ut surely passing out
"'.'■ existence,— memorials, too. the most sacred and valuable of till which
i ivo been left to ns of the fathers. — I have added a> an appendix to the
I' vrd of deaths a transcript of the epitaphs to be found in the First and
>^' -'ond Burying-Grounds. For this transcript I am indebted to my
:'i i. !hi. Mr. William K. Cutter, whose copy of the epitaphs in the First or
I'.u-k Street Burying-Ground was made almost a quarter of a centnry ago.
'I'he changes and removals which have taken place in the Second or
^b'litvalo AvcnUL- Bnryiuir-Ground since Mr. Cutter revised Mr. Nathan
^^' '■ iiKiu's uianuscript list, in 187(), have . - omewiiat ili^arraugcd the chrono-
; i;iv r, order which wn> tiicu prepared. .Vs, however, the epitaphs of each
.''•'■! arc separately indexed, lliis slight disarrangement will not interfere
"'■'h the value of tlie list for reference.

I'tic recent visits which I have made to the several graveyards in tins
' ■>• and tlie inspection of many of tlieir half-obliterated monnments and


■r\i '■■ I


crumbliiij? gravestones have brought forcibly to my mind the tiuth of
the lines, —

" Alonurcente themselves memorials need."

We spend large sums of money to perpetuate on polished marble the
lineage and virtues of a departed friend; yet it is only a question of time
when tills single record will become obliterated and forever lost. How
important it is then to have those memorials duplicated by being spread
on the printed sheet, thus making a record and the only record which can
defy " the tooth of time " !

WoBUXtN, June, 1390.



FROM 1G40 TO 1873.



Levi, s. of Levi, Feb. 2G, 1821 ; 4 m.

child of Levi, Nov. 23. 1827.

Mr. William, s. of . April 4, 182S; G6 y.

wife of Levi, Au^. 20, 1830.

Sophia, wife of , Dec — , 1830; 34 y.

Leonora B., d. of James E. aud Hannah, Aug. 7, 1838; 19 m. 7 d.
James E., s. of James E. aud Hannah, Sept. 27, 1839; 10 ra. 20 d.
James E., s. of James E. aud Hannah, of cousumption, Sept. 4, 1844;

11 m. 4d.
Eliza, widow of Zebadiah (b. in Andover), of old age, Feb. 3, 1847 ; 74 y.
Samuel, s. of Bigsly and Hei^hzibali (b- n\ Andover), of gangrene on

tlie lungs, April 28, 185J; 0(i y. 3 m.
Nathaniel, s. of John ar.d Mary W. Carswell, adopted by James W.

Abbott (b. in Yorlv, Me.), of Mnall-pox, March 21, 1856; 23 y.
Mary Jane, wife of James E., d. of Cliristopiier P. and Nancy Hosmer,

of Biin'ufs disease, Jan. 22, 18G0: 3G y. 1 m. 20 d.
Mary A T widow of , d. of William and Mary Buttrick (1). in Gor-

ham, jNle.), of lung fever, Dec. 2'J, 18G1 ; 53 y. 8 m.
Edmund, s. of Levi and Sophia (b. in Charlestown, N. H.). of pneu-
monia, Nov. 14, 18G8; 51 y. 9 m.
Ruth, widow of Samuel, d. of Abel aud Kuth Winn, of old age. April

8, 1871 ; 75 y. 1 m. IG d.


Sanniel, s. of , Feb. 21. 1812; G4 y.

Emilv J., d. of Willard, , 1840. (Gravestone, see p. 129*.)

's. of Willard-, Feb. IG, 1812; 5 m.

Thomas, s. of Tliomas and Elizabeth (b. in West Cambridge), of con-
sumption of the liver, July 19, 1851; 70 y.

Amos, s. of John and Susau I'b. in Andover), of consumption, Nov.
7, 1854; 38 v.

Mary, d. of Timotliy and JIary E., of premature birtli, April 24.
1858: 2d.

Mary Elizabeth, wife of Horace B., d. of John B. Davis and Mary
Vi-.xim (^1). in Boston), of eousumplion. May 7, 1859; 27 y.

Carrir A., d. of Kimball W. anil Hannah P. (b- in Tewksbury), of
tvphoid fever, Oct. 17, 18r,3; is y. 20 d.

Arthur, s. of Joseph II. and Elizabetli P., of marasnuis, Aug. 28, 18GG;
I m. 2 d.



John, s. of Michael and Catharine (h. in Stoneham), of hydroceph-
alus, April 20, J8G5: 11 ni. IS d.

Dennis, s. of John and Joanna, of dysentery ,.Jnly 12, 18G6; 1 y. [10
m. 11 d., gravestone].


Peter, s. of , Dec. 15, 1867; 55 y. (^Gravostonc.)


Joseph, s. of Joseph and Esther J. (b. in Claremout, N. H.), of dysen-
tery, Sept. 6, 1857; 78 y.


Alonzo, s. of Elijah and Mary (b. in Mei'rimac, N. H.), of lung fever,
Dec. 20, 1872; 3G y.


Giles, s. of Philip and Joanna, Feb. 22, 1724.
Richard, s. of I'liilip and Joanna. April 7. 172(1.
Philip, s. of Philip, Jr., and Sarah. May 13, 175i; IS y.

Philip, s. of , in the army at Lake George. Aug. 20, 1758.

Darius, s. of Abraham, Sept. 28, 1775; 4 y. G m.
Mary, d. of Abraham, Nov. 2S, 1775; 1 y. *J m.

Abraham, s. of , in the army at Ticoiideroga, , 177(3.

d. of John, Jan. G, 1777; 17 v.

child of Giles. April 11. 1778; 1.^ m.

s. of Mr. . Oct. IS. 1841 : 1 d.

Lydia "W., d. of Philip and iMary (b. in Peterborough, N. H.)- of

whooping cough, ^larch 12, 1852; 1 y. 3 m.
Sarah, d. oY Philip and Mary, of typhoid fever, Sept. 10. ISGl ; ]',• y.

10 m.
James P., s. of Philip and Mary (1'. in Charlestown), of hernia, June

27, 18GG; 20 y. 10 m.
Mary, •wife of , d. of Asa and Marv Gilibs i b. in I'eterborougii.

N. IL), Sept. 14, 1872; G3 y. 9 m. 4 il


George A., s. of George ^Y. and Mary L.. of dysentery, .Vpril 2.'., 184.s;

7 m. 18 d.
George William, s. of George W. and Pe'iecca, June 28, 1848; 10 m.

3 d. (Gravestone.')
Charles H., s. of M:\vk and Anna M. Cb. in Boston), of putrid sore

throat, Dec. 2G, 185,1; 2 y. 1 m. 23 d.
George W., 2d. s. of Joseph and Lydia Blood (b. in Mason, \. II.), of

lung fever, Nov. 11. 1858: 48 y. 8 m.
Ann M., wife of Stephen M., d. of "William and Elizabeth Gridley

(b. in Boston), of consumption. March 2. 18i'>5; 4Gy.
Franklin A., s. of Daniel and Susan ^b. in .Montville, Me.), of t>p!i:is

fever, ,lan. 7. 18G7; 20 y.
Harriet A., wife of Charles, d. of John and Catharine Caldwell (^b. in

Charlestown), of heart ilisease, Jan. ;'(>, lsi''7; /■(.i y. 3 m. 13 d.
Charles I\L, s. of Al)raliam and Paehel i^b. \n Fall River), of typhoid

fever, Dec. 'J, 1872; 3.8 v.

\ i^i

; til .)



I Catharine, wife of I>aac S., d. of Kendall and Abigail Flint (b in N.

f Reading), of consumption, Marcli 5, 1848: 35 y.

t Isaac S., s. of Ricljard and (b. in Boston), of consumption, July

: 10, 18G5; 46 y. 8 ni. 14 d.

A3IES (see also Eames).

'; Hubert Gleason, s. of Robert and Sarah, April 24, 1827; 2 ra.

• Esther, ^vife (widow?) of Jacob, Dec. 14, ISoC ; 81 y.

i Henrietta, widow of Jacob, d. of James and Rebecca Hiirgins fb. in

I Chariestown, Vt.), of consumption of the blood, Aug. ]^]Sud:70 y.

f Clarence L. [E., gravestone], s. of Charles 0. and Mary B., of en up

} Nov. 12, 1863; 10 y. 1 m. 3d.

; Robert, s. of Jacob ard Estlier, of pneunioida, Nov. 10, 1866; 84 \
7 m. 3d.


John B., s. of (b. in Boston), of softening of the brain, May 17,

1851 ; 4 y.


Albert, s. of Timothy and l.ydia J., Mav 10, 1836; 10 m.

Ann W., wife of GeoVge \V.," Feb. 20, 1843; 24 v.

Clara L., d. of George^ W. and Ann W., Feb. 24^, 1843; 14 d.


Cordelia, widow of . d. of James and Ann Percy (_b. in C. W.). of

cancer, Dec. 31, 1870; 44 y. 10 ni.


George S., s. of John and Azelia, of cholera infantum, Oct. 17, 186S);

3 m. 6 d.
Mary Ada, d. of John and Azelia, of cholera infantum. Aug. 30.

1870; lid.


Jonatlian, s. of , a blac]< man. from Medford, Oct. 14. 1807; S6 y.


Joseph, s. of Thom;:s and Doria {b. in Kdinburgh, Scot.\ of luim

fever, Aug. !'.», 1863; 46 y.
Jennie, d. of Joseph and Mary K. (b. in Ea>t Cambridge), of dropsy,

March 8, 18(!5 ; 4 y.


rendope, wife of James M., March 17. Is41: 40 y. i^Gravcstone.^
Su.-:n;na. widow of Saniucl. d. of Jacol) and ^ii-an iMar.-hall ,li. in

Ipswich), of old age. March 8. 1854; '.Ki v. ;i m.
C. Adelaida. d. of J. and M. E.,May 22, J8:4: It» m. 23 d. ^Grave-

slone. "i
James [M , gravestone], s. of Samuel and Susanna l^b. in Boston),
• of clironie riienniati>ni, Jan. 12, ls58; 58 y. 2 ni.

.r ; '

) ■ ■ , .'Vfl : '


ASH, continued.

James M., s. of James ]\I. and Penelope C, Dec. 28, 1829; 4 y. 9 m.

Isaac IL, s. of James M. and Peuclope C, Feb. 18, 1830; 2 y. 11 ni.

James M., s. of James M. and Penelope C, Aug. 15, 1832; 7 m.



John, s. of , , 1745.


Lydia, wife of Jonathan, d. of Jolm and ^lary Danforth (b. In Bil-

lerica), of con>;umption, April 19, l!!:54; 57 y.
Jonathan, s. of Z^Ioses and Mary (b. in Wilton, N. H.), of rupture.

June 15, 1858 ; C8 y.


Mary Jane, d. of Michael and JIary A. (b. in Boston), of scarlet fever,

April 6, 1863; G y. 6 d.
Michael, s. of Patrick and Catharine (b. in Halifax, X. S.), killed iu

battle, at Laurel Hill, Va., May 10, 18G4; 32 y.


Warren, s. Nathaniel and Elizabetli (b. in Cliarlestowu), l)y railroad
accident,* in AUegliany, Pa., Oct. 22, 18G3; 34 y.

Mary Jane, d. of AVarren and Mary Ann (b. in Charlestown), of con-
gestion of the biain, Dec. 17, 18G3; 3 y. 11 m. I'J d.


Mary, wife of Michael, Aug. 26, 1655. |

Mary, wife of Michael, May 19. li;70.

Michael, s. of , July 4, 1688.

Elizabeth, wife of Jonathan, ^larch 3. 1748.

Jacob, s. of Jacol). Aug. 20, 1775; 4 y.

Edward J., s. of John and Mary, of tits. July 13, 1849; 1 y. 11 m. 5 d.

Oliver, s. of James ami Betsey [b. in Billerica. Sept. 8, 1798. uravf-

stone], of paralysis. Fell. 6. i8r)8 ; 60 y. 4 m. 29 d.
Louisa, widow of Jonas, d. of Jacob ami Huth i;i('hard>on. of iiii'aui-

mation of tlie bowels, April 1, 1862: lit) y,
Jonas, s. of Jonas and Louisa (b. iu Henniker, N. H.), iu Snlisburv.

N. C, Dec. 30. 1861; 21 y.


Grace Ann. wife of Alfred. May 21, 1837; 24 y.

s. of Lorenzo. Aug. 18, 1S41; 1 d.

Orlando, s. of Orlando W. and Mary. Nov. 16, H41 ; 4 y. 5 m.

Charles H., s. ol Lorenzo and Sarah, of consumption." Oct. lo. Ks-i4: j

1 y. 2 m. !

Charles IL, s. of Lorenzo and Sarah, of cholera infantum, Sr|it. j. '

1847; 21 d. j

* Sec Wobiini IIV,X-/,v />"■';/.', Oct. 00, ISO;!. ' J


BADGER, continued.

Alvali Orendo, s. of Lorenzo and Sarali, of cholera infaulum, Sept. 11,

1849; 1 y. 1 m.
Sarah 0., d. of Lorenzo and Sarah, of cholera infantum, Sept. 19,

1854; 28 d.
Clarence, s. of Lorenzo and Sarah, of scarlet fever, April 29, 1856 ;

3 y. 5 m.
Lorenzo l^)., s. of Andrew H. and Martha (b. in Warren), by accident,

Aui?. 24, 1867 ; 52 y.


wife of Mr. Daniel, Sept. 20, 1827; 51 y.

Miss Lucinda, d of , July 18, 1833; 24 y.

Daniel, s. of Jonathan and Mary (b. in Towusend), of apoplexy, June
24, 1851; 76 y.

Lizzie F., d. of Leonard auid Elizabeth (b. in Manchester), of fits,
June 28, 1854; 3 y. 6 ni.

Olive, d. of Daniel and Jemima, of apoplexy, March 1, 1858; 52 y.

Abba, wife of Ebenezer. d. of James and Abba Paul (b. in Elliot,
Me.), of consumption, March 25, 1858; 28 y.

Marietta, d. of Ebenezer and Abba (b. in Chichester, N. H,), of scar-
latina, Jlay 14, 1858; 3 y. 2 m.

George F., s. of Ebenezer anil Abba (b. in Chichester, N. H.), of
scarlatina. May 17, 1858; 1 y. 6in.


Joseph, s. of John, Dec. 26, 1657.
Susanna, d. of John, April 1, 1662.

s. of John. Marcli 15, li;(U.

Hannah, d. of John and [launah, Dec. 11, 1683.

Joseph, s. of and Sarali, July — , 1681'.

Sanmel. s. of Samuel and Ilainiah, , 16'.i3.

Thomas, s. of Samuel and Hannah. Dec 5, 1603.

John. s. of , Nov. 6, 16;i5.

Old Goody, d. of , Dec. 3, 1714.

Thomas, s. of Samuel and Hannah, March 17, 1715.
Hannah, wife uf Samuel, Dec. •J3. 1745

Kuth, widow of John. d. of Jn.-iah and Mary Smith (^b. in remln'oko),
of old aue. Sept. 'J, 1855; 8;5 y.


Susanna, d. of Henry, Sept. 28, 1651.

Mary, d. of Henry, Jan. S, 1664.

Elizabeth, d. of Timothy, April 4, 16',)1.

Hanmih, ([. of Timothy and Elizabeth, Sept. 6, 1692.

Henry, s. of Daniel and Hannah, March 12, 1693.

Joseph, s. of Daniel and Hannah, March 12. 16'.i3.

Deacon Henry, s. of . I'eh. ll, li;'.is.

Dorea>, d. of Daniel and Hannah, March 7, 16;iS.
Aliiuail, d. ofllenr.\ and Alii-ail, Sept. 4, 1704.
l'hei)e, li. of Daniel and Hannah, .March 10. 1707.
James, s. t)f Henry and .Vlii^ail, June 12, 1709.

I'hebe, widow of , Sept. 13, 1716.

Elizabeth, d. of Timotliv and Hannah, Dec. 9, 1717.

■ : I ■ »i.l ■:»

:., -l


BALDWIN, continved.

Daniel, Sen., s. of , Jan. 24, 1719.

Daniel, s. of , slain by the Indians, tear Dui stable, K. H., Sept.

5, 1724.
• Rutb, wife of Joseph, Dec. 15, 1733.

Rebecca, d. of , March Id, 173G.

Benjamin, s. of . April 28, 173G.

Hannah, widow of , Sept. 28, 173G.

Henry, s. of- , July 7, 1739.

Joseph, s. of , Fcl). 3, 1745.

Keuel, s. of James aLd lUith. Feb. 21, 174fi; 3 y.

Mrs. Abigail, widow of llenrv, Jan. — . 1771 ; 9G or 97 y.

Mr. Keuel, s. of , April 18, 1775.

Mary, d. of Col. Loannni. 3Iay 15, 177G.

Mary, wife of Lonnimi, Esq., Sept. 29, 178G; 39 y.

Cyrus, Esq., s. of . drowned in Dunstable, isoy. 5, 1790.

Ruth, wife of James, May 12. 1791 ; 77 y.

James, s. of , June 28, 1791; 81 y.

Maigeiy, wife of Col. Loammi, Aug 8, 1799.

Hon. Loammi, s. of , Oct. 20, lfr07 ; ( 3 v.

Clarissa, d. of Col. B. F.. Julv 15, 1S13: 2.i v.

Mary B., d. of Benjamin F., E^q.. Dec. 28, 1817; 9 v.

Col. Benjamin Franklin, s. of , Oct. 11, 1821; 43 y.

Samuel Williams, s. of Loammi, Dec. 28, 1822; 5 y.


Abigail, widow of , starch 31, 1843; 70 y.

Charles, s. oi' Hart well and Mary, of ati'ectiou of the head, June 5^

1849; G y. 11 m. 5 d.
Fanny L.,' d. of Hartwell and Mary, of plithisis, March 24. 1870; D

y. 7 m.
Otis, s. of Hartwell and Jlary, of consumpUon, Oct. 9, 1870; 21 y. 9 ni.


Corp. .\lexander, s. of (b. in Nantucket), of typhoid fever, iu

Baltimore, Md., July 12, 18G2.


David, s. of , of dy.-enlery, at his brother-in-law's, Jeremiali Cuu-

verse, Jr , July 2. 1817: 8 y.

Jesse, s. of , July 12, 1817; 50 y.

Silas, s. of Simon and Lucy, March 3, \^'2~i ; 1 y. 10 m.
^Irs. Lucy, wife of Simon. Aug. 13, 1842; 4G y.

William, s. of Simon and ", of fever, Jan. "l9. 1844; 22 y.

William R., s. o: , Jan. 27, 1851; 2 y. (Gravestone.)

Simon, s. of (b. in ), of consumption, Feb. 12, 1872; 80 y.


Samuel, s. of Henry and Jane (b. in Portsmouth, Eng.), of paralysis,

Nov. 24, 1857 ; ( y.
Betsey, wiilow of ls;iac. d. of riohu and Beers (b. in Boston), of

oUfage, Aug. 21, 18(;8 ; 91 y. 4 m. 12 d.
Leslie R., s. of Charles C. and Adilie, of marasmus, Aug. 28, 1871;

1 m. 21 d.

J y ;^ /.

.■f /:i



Sophronia, wife of Charles, d. of Job aud Pliebe Tjler (b. in Boston)
of hepatitis, Oct. 21, 18G0; 58 y.


Irene V., d. of H(niy D. and Irene V. (b. in Vermont), of whoonin"

cough, June fi, 18('.7; 2 y. 7 m.
Sarah, wife of , d. of'john and Sarah C. Doherty (b. in Irehxnd^

of laryngitis, Jlay 23, 1869; 45 y. "


child of Jonas, Fel). 17, isOS; 4 ni.

Sally, wife of Jonas, April 7, 1817; 35 y.

George T., s. of , March 29, 184:.; 11 m. (Gravestone.)

Anna F., d. of Prescott aud Augusta, of tits, Dec. '-'2 1840- II ui
lid. , , - ,

Cynthia Elizal)eth. d. of James F. and Mary G., Auo- 9 1847- 4 m

20 d. (Gravestone.) ' ^. , , .

James F., s. of Jonas F. and Sally (b. in Ashbv), of consumption

Dec. 19, 1851 ; 45 y [4G y. 8 m.. gravest.mel.

George H., s. of , Dec. 14. 18.V.>; 2 v. 7 m'. G d. (Gravestone.)

Charles Pv., s. of Prescott aud Augusta A., of consumption. Dec. 8,

18.i7: 17 y.
Jonas P., s. of Jonas and Sarah (b. in Salem), of consumption March

26, 1859; 49 y. 3 m.

• Charles P., s. of , June 13, 1859; 1 m. (Gravestone.)

Mary J., d. of J. Prescott and Augusta, of consumption, Mav 26. 1861 ;

26 y. 5 m.

Josephine, d. of J. Prescott and Augusta, of consumption Sfin l'^
1861; 18 y. 11 ni. '^ ^ - i .,

William T., s. of John and Marv (b. in Boston), of tvphoiti fevi-r in
Washington, D. C, Jan. 29 [26, gravestone], 1863 ; 24 v. s m. ;'. d.

Augusta, widow of Prescott, d. of ininiel and Bridget" Kee^l b. in
Concord), of consumption, July 2, 1870; 5s y. 2 m.


Sarah A., wife of William [M . gravestone], d. of Joseph and Marah
Keed (b. in Burlington), of couNumption. July 21, 1856: 30 v.


Carrie E., d. of Henry and Marv E. (^b. in Anduver), of consumption,

Feb. 25, 1S62; 5 y. 2 m.
John, s. of David and Honora (b. in Ireland), of fever and ai:ue, in

Point of Hocks, Va., Feb. 5, ]^i]r); 22 y. 6 m.


Julia, wife of John, d. of David and Margaret Iliues (b. in Ireland),
of ciin^umptiun, May 15, 1865; 28 y.


Peter, s. of , Feb. 13, 1676.

William, s. of J.jhn and Abigail, Julv 7, 1692: 1 v. 9 m.

/ • r ri , 1

I, , I' I-



Roraelia G.. d. of Harrison and Marv P. (b. in Brewer, Me.), of brain

fever, April 10, 1845; 4 y. 3 m. 20 d.
Henry L,, s. of Ferry G. and (b. in Newton), of consumption.

Dec. 28, 1871; 24 y. 4 ra.


Bowen, s. of Alexander and Julia A. (b. Oct. 28, 1853), April 2G, 1855;
2 y. (Grave.stone.)


Frances Josephine, d. of Moses C and Hannah P. (b. in Boston), of
consumption, June 27, I85'J; IS y. 5 ra.


William, s. of Merrill, Sept. 22, 1812; 2 y. 5 m.

Keuben, s. of , run over on B. & L. 11. ]{., Ana,-. .3, 1853; 38 y.


Julia, wife of Law (b. in Canada), of consumption, Dec. 23, 1844 ; G5 y.


William Perry, s. of .John, Aug. 26. 1814; 6 m.
Lucy, wife of John, Sept. 25, 1818; 3(5 v.

child of William, ^ept. 7, 1821 ; 1 y.

Mrs Esther, wife; of Joseph. Jan. 15, 1833; 07 y.

Mr. Joseph, s. of , I eb. 2, 1833 ; G9 y.

Mr. Uri, s. of . May 1, 1833; 34 y.

s. of WiUiam and i5et?.ey, of fits. Sept. 20, 1843; 2 y.

Augeline, d. of John and Hannah {h. in Keadiuu), of consumption,

Oct. 20, 1850; 20 y.
Elizabeth E., d. of William and Betsey, of scarlet fever, May 4, 1S51 : 7 v.
Hannah, 2d wife of John, d. of John and Martha Knight (b. in New-

buryport), of scrofula, Oct. 10, 1853; 54 y.
John B., s. of Joseph and Esther, of heart disease, Sept. 23, 1855;

Go y. 1 ni. 5 d.
Betsey S., wife of , d. of Lotan ami Susan Eames. of inflammation

of the heart, Nov. 8. 1855; 25 y.
Lafayette, s. of John B. and Hannah, of consumption, March 4. 185i!;

30 "y. 6 m.
Eliza A., d. of Keuben L. and r.etst'v S., of eliolera infantum, Sopt.

2G, 1857; 1 y. 11 m. 8 d.
Jerusha, wife of Joseph W., d. of Paul and Jeruslia Upton (b. in Wil-
mington), of cousnu)ption, Aul;-. 3, 1858: G7 y.
Keuben B., s. of Josei)li W. and Kstlier, of lunir fever, Jan. 31, 18G4;

72 y. 28 d.
William, s. of Jo-eph W. andl'sther, of liydrothorax, ^Liy 5, 18GG ; 72 v.
Jane 11., d. of Joseph W. and Jerusiia. of plithisis, April 30. 18G;t ;

45 y. 2 ni. 27 d.


Eilwin L., s. of Joseph and Eliza Ann (b. in Roxbnrv), of scarlet

fever, Aug.!), 1852; 3 y.
John ^L. s. of James and Mary .V.. of pn'-umonia, Jan. 11, 18G8; 1 v.

4 m. 24 d.



d. of Thomas and Jane, Oct. 26, 1712.

Ruth, d. of Samuel and Lvdia, June 27, 1734; 2 y. 7ra. 10 d.

Hannah, d. of Mr. AVilliani. July 31. 17.".3.

Samuel, s. of ^\r. William, Au.^'. 22, 175G.

Josiah, s. of Jlr. William, Awj;. 2G, 175G.

Abigail, vrifeof Mr. Samuel, Oct. Ifi, 17G1.

Hannah, wife of .Mr. William, .April 3, 1703.

Raphael, s. of Mr. Samuel, Sept. 21, 1765.

Lieut. William, s. of , Feb. 2. 17G7.


Daniel, s. of , July 13, 1826; 42 y.

John R., s. of Daniel, April 25, 1S35; 14 y.

Susan Maria, d. of James D. and Su.san. of lung fever, April 28, 1845;

10 m.
James D., s. of Daniel and Thebe, of ascites, Oct. 28, 1867; 52 y. 5 m.

24 d.
Phebe, widow of Daniel, d. of Jesse and Submit Richardson, of ery-

.<*ipelas, Sept. 26, 1870, 83 y.


child of TJiomas, July 30, 1777; 4 y.

s. of , at his grandfather's, Wm. Tay, Aug. 8^ 1811 ; 2 y. 9 m.

Mary L., wife of Rev. Joseph (b. in Weston), of consumption, Feb.

11, 1846; 42 y.
Joseph, s. of William and Susan, of lung fever, Aug. 20. 1846; 1 m.

7 d.
Joseph, s. of Joseph and ^lary (b. in Framingham), of suicide by

cutting his throat. Nov. TJ, 1847; 40 y.
William S., s. of James and Lucy (b. in IMedford), accidental.* in

So'.nerville, Aug. 23, I860; 52 y. "lO m.
Sophia, widow of , d. of John and Lucy Stevens (b. in Roxbury),

of ana?mia, May 10, 1867; 36 j'.


Thomas H., s. of Henry and Mary E. (b. in North Andover), of

exhaustion, June 24, 1S(;3: 4 y.
.Ann M., wife of Walter B.. d. of John and Sarah Hall (b. in rio-toii\

of diarrhd'a, Sept. s, isiis.
Charles IL, s. of Walter B. and Ann :\L, of canker, Sept. 22. 1868 ; 26 .1.
John David, s. of John David, Jr., and Kllen F., of cholera infantum,

July 25, 1871; 1 y. 16 d.


Mr. Daniel, s. of , a native of Framingham. Oct. 24, 1823.

Susan Sturgis, wife of Henry J., d. of William and Elizal)eth Sturgis
(b. in Boston), of puer|)eral stale, June H, 1853; 27 y.


Dorothy B..B., widow of Stephen B., d. of David antl Abigail Hig-
gins (b. in Onslow, N. S), of consumption, Oct. 23, 1851 ; 47 y.

Wobuni iret/.-'!/ /lii<h/,t, Auj:. ol.l^t""'.

I '.'

l: 1/




Mrs., moMier of Scth Woods's wife, July 30, 1789; 90 y.


George, s. of Ileiiry and Marv ^b. in Enslaud), of apoplexy, Oct. 13,
18(U; G3y. 6 m. 15 d. "


Ann, wife of . d. of Peter and Mary Cassidy (b. in Ireland), of

tits, June U., 185S; 50 y.

Kosa, d. of Patrick and Rose, of cholera infantum, Aug 12, 1862;
C m. 21 d.

Rose, wife of Patrick, d. of Lawrence and Mary Martin (b. in Ire-
laud), of asthma. Feb. 17, ISGo; Li'.i y.

Ann. d. of Heurv and Mary, of spinal disease, Jan. 17, ISGC; 12 y.

9 m.

Dennis, s. of Patrick and Mary, March 27, 1872; 1 y. 5ra. (Grave-
Patrici;., s. of (^b. in Ireland), May 17, 1872; Go y. (Gravestone.)


Henry J., s. of Henry J. and (b. in Boston), of bowel complaint,

Aug. 7, 1S43; 1 y. G m.
Annette, d. of James, R. and Hlioda (b. in Boston), of dvseuterv,

Sept. 17, 184:8; 4 y.
d. of All)ert F. and Hannah, of dvsentery, Sept. 22, 1848; I v.

10 m.

Albert F., s. of Albert F. and Hannah, of scarlet fever, Jan. 2S. 1840;

4 y. 3 ni. 2d.
Charles Thurston, s. of Charh's H. and Harriet .\. i^i). in Bangorj, of

wounds, Kingston, N. C, March 13, 18G5; 18 y. 8 m.


George F., s. ofEbonezerX. autl Harriet, of scarlet fever, April 11,

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