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Wynian, in 1S47. and another by \V. \\. Cutter, in l>i;i;. Mr. \\' ■ !;.:i"-
li>L was puiilished in the ■• X. K. lli>t. (ieu. i;. - .." 11.. 111.. I-i — .'. :. ;■ :,.r
want of s[)aee all the material sent was not primed, and the literal irau -
cript, which was expecteil. did not appear. I'lie Cutter traii>erii't i- :i
literal one, -with explanatory notes for each epitapii, and i> in manii>er.pt.
The number of headstones now standinir. of date inevions to 170o. ;<
12 to adidt. - , ;nid 12 to youm; ehlltlreu. 4 he ws^' ::i\eM ol' the oi I, - ': mi r-
-■ou of rhi-i nmiiber i< S2; there are 4 of ai:e I'ro'.n 72 10 7;'; 2 aiiioii:: '!,■■
i;o'^; 1 auioiii;- the 7.07> : 2 anion - the lo's: 1 a;ni>nu- the :'.o'.. : .ind 1 iie
imly I'.! years, d'lie a-'esof thr elaldreu are from a few hours, or 1 ila\. to
5 \a'ar-i. vi/.., 7> of .-i-x- le^s th;in 7 davs ; l w ho-e n-e w a- reekone:! ''y


weeks; 3 whose ages were reckoned by months; and 3 whose ages were
reckoned by years. These stones are of the enduring nature of those of
the older persons, all behig imported apparently from the old country.

The ground has been subjected by action of the town to some encroach-
ments of its original territory; and, owing to these impairments, some
gravestones are known to liave been relocated. It may be supposed, how-
ever, that these changes have been small, and that thej^ have etfected litth'
change in the appearance of the yard. The principal entrance was for-
merly b}' a passageway under the rock beside the Central House, and
another entrance. In the direction of Park Street, Avas cut otl' witli bars.
being the way much used in former times leading to a spring, or wateriuLT-
place, near the junction of Parlv and Centre vStreets. The encroacliments,
the past entrance near the Central House, and the way to the waterin^^-
place appear on a plan belonging to the city, by C. Thompson, of date

The number of interments represented by headstones, during the
period from 1700 to 1750, is 12ij. This number may well be used as an
illustration of the corresponding growth of the town itself. Of this num-
ber there are in all 49 male persons, of ages from 17 to l»t years; 9 wore
over 70; 23, from 50 to 7ii; 12, under 40; while 5 were between 40 and 50
years. Of women there are 47, of ages from 20 to '.'s years ; (i were owv
70: 12. from 50 to 70; 20, under 40; and 9. from 40 to 50 years. Tlie
mortality of women under 40 appears large, nearly half the whole numlicr.
Of persons below the age of adults the number is 32. of ages from 2 (l;iy>
to 15 years; under 10 are 24: and 8 were over 10.

In connection with tliis period is an intere-stiim- discovery. Th;^ only
table monument in the yard is imt the monument of l^Iizabeth Cott.ni. :i-
might appear, but the monument of Xatlumiel S;di<)nst:ili. \Zst[.. who died
in AVoburn, .June 23, 1739. It is a red sandstone slab, on whieli are
indentations where a coat-of-arnis and :in inscription on t;iblets of ",cad or
stone were admitted, but which, like the original base of brick, lowj: ;mo
disappeared. Four granite pillars now >upport it in :i liori/ont:d no-iriou
and on irs to{i reclines the shitr .^lab o{ E!i/al>eth Lotion ,1742V a niece
of ."^;^ltOll^t:lll. The. ex'^eulors" prob;ite neeoimt of .'^:llto;i>t:drs e-I:i;i'.
filed with liis will ;uid iuveul(n-y, .Middlesex County reu'i>try. of d;iTe .luue
25. 173.9. presents amounts of consideriible >i/.e on lududf of sever.i!
persons: such as. Kliene/.er Kendall, of Woburn, f(n' diugiuL;' a urave. ;ind
Isaac Snow, of Woburn. for cotlin and plates. char::es amounting to more
than tlO. Nathaniel Lamson, a stone-cutter of Charlestown. presents a
charge of t;2i'. for a toinb-tone. ThouKis Moulin, an out-of-town pany.
charLTes for n>e of p:iH .nid n >!-teraii-e. and for nriKin^ .a brick :iiM\(>. —
bricks and lime :ind w oi-k;nen. ^ :i snni amounrum' to nior*' tli;in L'l".
The items of tonili^tone, l)riek u'rave, etc., were conlracted iu the lattei-
part of July, 1739, the whole heinL;- completed on the 29th. The Uoston
IIVe/7,v .^';f^^7(C^'/• for June 2S. 17.J9, under (lie heading o{ '• Boston."" lia-


the follo-sving notice: "Last Saturday night, died very suddenly at
Woburu, Nathaniel Saltonstall, Esq. ; he was younger brother to tlie late
Governor Saltonstall, of Connecticut. A gentleman well respected among
us." He removed to Woburn before 1738. (See Woburn Journal, Jan.
19, lSb3.)

The slate slab of Elizabeth Cotton, now evidently removed from its
site, contains an epitaph unusually singular, of such phrases as she •• died
a virgin," and, "if a virgin marry she hath not sinned," etc. A search at
the Middlesex registry fails to discover any papers of administration on
her estate.

The headstones from IT.jO to ]77.>, the remaining years of the provin-
cial period, are proportionately numerous. The number erected to persons
over 25 years of age is GO, — 30 males and 30 females. Of the males, 2
were over 90, — 1 in his ninety-sixth year; while 8 males and 9 females
were over 70. The oldest female was 81 ; 10 females were under 30, and
11 from 50 to 70. Of persons under 25, the number was 24, including i
married females ; 15 were over IG; 1 was C, and 8 were under 5 yc'ars.
The age of the youngest was i days. The number was about eciually
divided as to sex. There is a noticeable decrease in the number of
headstones to children at this time, and adulator}* inscriptions are more

From 1775 to 1793 tlie stones are mostly tho^-e of aged persons; the
number to children, from 1775 to 1787. lieing G, cif ages from G weeks to
3 years. Tlie whole numijcr to 1793 is only ;'G. or at most 38. counting
two of recent erection. A new burial-iirouiul wa~- opened in 17;il. iind a
siriall number, perhaps ni:)t o\'er 3. were removed from this t.i \\\-a\.
The comparatively fe\ver .-trnie-i after 177.') >ho\\ that the Kevohitiv'H l>.)re
hard upon the pmsin/rity at-tiuived by the people under the p;'.)\ iii'-iid
.system of government. Tl\e war iieuau at tiieir very ehmrs. and Utile \\a>
left afterwards for luxuries (~>I" any kind.

On 31 arch 5, 1810. llie town -ranied ihe rei(iu'<t of the heir-« of ('"I.
Loammi TiaUlwin to build a tcin'o, tlie yard in ■i\iiieli it was to be imiii
'leiiig lefl (ri>eretiou:iry w ith the Siaiuliim' CoiuniiUee. rhi> yaiii \\.i-
>.eleeteii. aiul a graiiile oi)eli>k o\ er the t-'iiib contain-^ a niarhle taldei lo
Hon. Loanniii Baldwin, died 1^07. u't. •'.;' : •• ereeied Ny hi>. (•liilib-eii."
Iii-eri['tion - >t;!i more reeeiil are I'.noeof \\'\i"..iii Kirl'-ii'd-on. l-'<.i.. 1^11.
and John I'ow le, "Jd. ls."'G: the latter on ;i luariMe moiiiiiuenl. ere^'tc■d in
memory of James I'owle. K>ii., and his de^^eeiuhuils. on a lot deeded to
the town. .Vsaliel I'orter. killed at LexiimMu. April 19, 177.".. \\a- eoiii-
nieinorate<l by n marble sfuie. erected April lM . 1-7.". '\v the local (ir.tiil
Army I'osi.

In .bil\ ;;iid Aiiun-i. Is74, a -erie^ of arlieUs Nyiiu' present wniir
.".ppeared in the Woburn ■l'>'i r,i'il. on the snlijeet of this and other Wolmni
old cemeteries. These Were intended to deseriiie their .■i[ipearanee. and
L:a\ ea ueiu.'ral aeeoiiiit of the uraxe.-tones and t!ie I'ersciis interred heiie.ilh


them. The subject Avas still farther referred to in the "Woburn Journal,
May 1, 1875; and an article was printed on the subject of tlie Woburn
Cemetery on Salem Street, ibid., Jan. 9, 1875. From these articles and the
lists of inscriptions, as Avell as the gravestones themselves, a good idea
may be obtained of the value of these monuments as a record of the past.
It had been the writer's intention to present a list of the names of those
buried beneath these memorials, but his limits have already been exceeded.

T/ic Second Burial-GroimJ, — This was originally established by the
society of the First Parish in Woburn. The subject was agitated early in
1793, and at first Ensign Ichabod Parker, Mr. Daniel Keed, and Capt.
Joseph Brown were appointed a committee to see about " a new burying-
place" The Standing Committee of the parish at this period appear to
have charge of both burying-grounds, from allusions in the records to the
old one. On April 14, 1794, the parish voted to purchase of Capt. Joseph
Brown the land that had Ijeon Zachariah Brooks's, about one acre, for
their purpose, for a sum a little less than £40. The three deacons,
Samuel Thompson. Obadiah Kendall, and Josiah Richardson, with the
Standing Committee, were to fix a fence about the enclosure, make a gate,
and arrange the ground for interments. They were also to determine when
the new burying-place should be opened, and the old one shut up. Certain
members of tlie Baptist Society in the limits of the parish soon desired
a share in the benefits of burial in the " new burying-yard." by paying
their "proportionable part"; and on April 13. 1795, the privilege was
granted. Later in the same year, the Baptists, not owning any right, were
allowed liberty of burial, on the payment of half a dollar a grave. Later
still, April 11. 1796, all Baptists were admitted joint proprietors, on
pnyniriit of tlieir proportional part of the expenses. In 17'.''.', in respict
to what the parish will do '• respecting the liurying-yard,"" it was decided
that tlie Standing Committee shall " take care '" of it. and '• conduct that
arfirJ, '• a> tliey think best fm* the interest of the parish. After tlie
separation i>f Burlington, in 17'.>9. the town and tlie First Parish were
praetieally one in the efiect of their action in the matter of the Iniryini: -
U!""iin.l> IMius the town in ISOli, and follow iriLT years, eliose coninutt.'es
;o take <::\:\ of tlie meotinii'-liouse and Imrying-u'rouiuls. The parish was
ineorf>oiai.d as the First Congregational Parish in IS Hi. and in IS'J.". the
pari-h Liranted permission to Dr. Kufus Wymaii to erect a tomb. un>U-r
snp.'Pv i-ioii of the Standing Committee. At the same time, in 182:5. the
pari-h took measures to sell their burying-grouiul to tiie town, and this
was soi.ii ae<-ouiplished for .■slii"-'.50.

Tlie > ai-','..-i daii, d sioiies are removals t'rcun the older yard, or el.-e-
where, and iniiiy later ones have been removed to the Salem Stre.t
Ceinetery, •'pen, I in Isl.^i. Interuienls have rarely iieeu made in ri'eeiit
year^. Manv n-.inl eliaracters. deserving of respectful reineinbranee.
are iutv'rred h.re : Fathers of the KevoUition : four victims of the fall of
t!ie rlapp h ouvo-fram •. ,1ulv 1(. 1S07: school-masters, doctors. m;m-is-

1 i'


trates, the wife of a minister, and many others. There are verbatim lists
of the inscriptions here as tliey were in 1847, and have been since. Tliey
were the joint work of Dr. Benjamin Cntter and Nathan Wyman, continned
and recopied by the present writer. The number of headstones is about
350 ; some containing inscriptions to at least two persons. Dr. Cutter's
number of inscriptions was, in 181:7, counting by individuals, ;305. The
one of earliest date was 1789. Of persons over 70 there were 78 ; 7,
over 90 years. The number under 20 was 105. Of unknown age, 2. Of
women, there are 121 over 20 years; the number under 40 and over 20,
being 47, — a very slight decrease in the mortality of that class o\ev tlie
corresponding period of the previous century. The Richardson family in
Dr. Cutter's list presents an interesting instance of longevity. The num-
ber of persons of that name represented by inscriptions was 50. Of these
5 were over 90; 2 were 9G; over 70 and under 90 were IG persons;
under 20 were 4 only. Of the remaining 25, there were 12 between 40 and
70; and 13 between 20 and 40. Of the last numl)er, 2, one aged 30 and
the other 31, were killed outriglit by accidents connected with the fall or
destruction of buildings. In B. Cutter's list are some twenty-funr
inscriptions tliat are not in N. Wymans: and in the latter, to 1847. are
some accessions not found in tlie former: but. otherwise, tliey con-o-
spond fairly well. Mr. Wyman continued his work after Dr. Cutter
ended, and thus obtained additions. The wliole luunber, by individuals,
to 1870, is 3S8. Since 1845, the removals Inive been f;ir greater tlian the
accessions, and some monunu'Uts have perislied. from tlit- cliaractir nf
their materials, wood havini:- in some instances been used. Siuci.- 1^4-.
there is one stone to a person of 24. aunthev to one of 48; otlier> u> I'or-
sons of 71. si. 88. 8;i, and 1>7 vcar- : total, 7.




This collection of inscriptions from the gravestones now standing in
Woburn Old Burying-ground was gathered by the undersigned during tlie
fall of the year ISiiG. The time wlien this ancient depository of the dead
was first opened for interments is not derinitely asceriaiued. Its exi-^t-
euce in 1662 is mentioned. ( Vide Town Recortls, Vol. I., page nl.)

It was doul)tless extant some time pri'ir to that date. The oldest stone
standing. ;'. e., bearing the earliest recorded death, is dated, ohl style,
" lGSO-90 " (epitaph 1). Capt. Edward Johnson, author of the •' Wonder-
working rrovidence,'" and the most iutiue itial of tin; rounder- of vrol)nru.
is supposed to lie interred in tliis yard. No •>ti_)ne to his memory i- found.
When, during the present century, the wall .".ud the town pound were
built on the western >iile of tlie yard, -everal -keh-r )n-i were exhuni.'il.
The earliest interments are thouu-ht to lKr>e ^M-y'u in tlii> [lait

In ls4:S-4M. a li-t of tleath< a- ftuniil on tlu> -.toiu'- in this enelo-«ure \\a-
pu''li<hei! in the ■• New England IIi-rnrie:ii -ind GenealoLiical Keui-liT"
^\'o!-. 11. and ill.), from material fni-ni-iied !)v Nathan WyiuMU, E-i,..
town ilerk. For want of •^paoe, luit nut in ae.-ordance with that gentle-
man'-; lir-t de<i::-ii, a literal tran-eripr 'f in-i-rir'tiMn- \\a- ti'it attempted:
and in tint prodneliou. name-, ilate-. .-iLtc-. .nid poetry, alnii»t witlnMii
exception, were alone presented.

w. K. CI rrid;.

\\\i1;lKN, l>S(ir,.

EI'IT.VIMIS, r!i;<l HU i;i.VL-i,!;tilNl).

^1.1 •• :^Ii:minio Moia." •• Fita r iioi;a."

•■ Here Ijes the body of Deacon do-ia-; Conuers aged 72 years, deceased
the .". of Ei'luMKiry ir,s",i-vo."

lK;'.Ci'll .b'-iall < 'i.n\ el - .'. eliie-I ->.',! .'[ 1 )r;n on i"..iw:iri1 :ir;d Narali ('■■u-
\.; - e, w.i- 'tu^v■\ ::! 1 iiuiaud: e;ii;;e wilii iii- '. :i; her t< > Nt'W l'.Mu'..tnd. li;;'.l);
an 1 to W.iieirn. ji'l 1 : w .a- de:ieou of W> i! mm Vlmreli. b;7l. IK' ni.arrie.i
E-ther Cliampue'y. .Mar<'li LT,. li;.".]. danuiiter "f Kicli.ard Ciiampney. ruliuL:
eider of the eliureli in Canihridue.


(2.) " Here lyes the body of Lieuteuant James Fowle aged 49 years,
died y*^^ 17 of Dccemb'r lOOO."

Lieut. James Fowle, supposed son of George Fowle, of Concord, was
taxed in Woburn, IGGG; was a cordwainer by trade, and probably had a
shop on land behind the " Bell Hill," now " Powder House Hill." His wife
Abigail married, April IS, 1G92, Knsign Samuel Walker (epitaph 2.5).
Lieut. Fowle was constaljle of Woburn in 1G7-'. {Vide Sewall's History,
pp. 51, G12.)

(3.) " Here lyes y" body of p:iizabeth Carter, wife of Cap't. John Carter,
aged 78 years died y'' G of May ICOl."

Elizabeth Carter, tirst wife of Capt. John Carter (epitaph 8)..

(-1.) "Here lyes y'' body of Ann Conuers wife to James Cwnuers, aged
69 j^ears died August the 10 1G91."

Ann (Longi Converse, wife of Easiixn James Converse, otherwise Lieut.
Converse (epitaph 59). was daughter of Kobert Long, of Charlestown,
and married Converse, Oct. 24, ICA:]. (Sewall's History, 17G.)

(5.) "Edward Conuers son of Edward & Sara'h Conuers aged 3 dayes
died 2S of Octob'r 1G91."

Edward Converge, son of Edward (epitapli 7) and Sarah (Stone; Con-

(G.) " William Batman, son of John .>>; Al)igail Batman aged 1 year .v
9 m'o died y 7 of July lG;i2.""

William Batcman. ><m (if Jolm and .Vliiuail IJicluiriNon) Bateuian. b,>ni
Sept. 21>. I(!;t0. l-l\< father, enli-tii;u- fiMiii WMlmn; in l'hilip"s W.ir. ivune
orii;-inally from Ci'iicord ; <('n of ■rhnm:!.; . -r,,! at'rer the war. >i.'tt'h-d.
man-ii'd (June :'>o. b'.'^n. and rearci' ;i familv in Whdiu-u. (TV-'. Sewa!]'-.
Hislory. I1.-..1

(7."' " Hero lye> y body of F.dwai'd C'l'.mer^ ;i::\'i', .',7 years iliv''l v l*''.
of Inly 1G92."

Kduaril Converse, son of Lieut. Converge epita|ili 'li)} and Am; i.ov.i;-'
Converse veiiitaph ■!'. boiai Fe'i. -27. l''-"l-."; 1:1,1; rie.i Sarali Stot,,-. v,...
.".. li;<l. . I'A', BoihT- WaUTtowii ( .ciiraio-i, -. ■.■Jl.

• \6.) '• !MK^ii:.Nro Moni."' ' ' " Frcirf iron \."

'• Here lyes y- !)od_\ "I' v'airi. John Cai'tei- a_i'il ahout 7'i \ ears, derra-eu
y 14 ,i\' Sepiemiier li:''2."

Capi. John Carter, an early iuhaWitaiii <^\ W-imrii. -.uiwcrihial tlie •• town
orders." 1G4'>: styled eiisi::'!!. b'.."'.".. :iiid lieiiieiiaiit . !(;';4; was eaptaiii in
1G75, the time of I'hilip's War: was s(.>leetm;iu 1GG4, and U!72 lo-lii7:»;
(•drnmissionrr '• to end'tmnll eanses," li"-(. li;74 r'ar.il connnissfoner •■ of
tile rale." 111."),'.. ]i;r)S. a.nd Mirv lin-i-n. Ji.M: lienteii;iii! . lilGI: eapt.iir,.
ir.72. <)rdered llial i.ieiii. .'..■Im (,'arler 'm- eapiaiii. le:2. ^See Coloia

Ke.'opU. ~

Hi'- ;;r-.t wife, liii/alu ;li. died li;;M epitaph :'. . lie married, v, eon. i.
Kli/.alieth (iroee. li.iM. , I'-/, noli. -e of hi'- f;imily. Sewall's llislor> . .■>:.->,
and ftirtlierof him, - 'e''. . ;;>. ;'-;i. 7:1, 112/


(9.) " lohn Cogin son of John & Elizabeth Cogin died Marcli 16,

John Coggin, son of Capt. John (epitaph 88) and Elizabeth (Richard-
son) Coggin, born March 9, 1093.

(10.) " Here lyes y" bodj^ of Lieii't lames Thomson aged 44 years died
September y'' 4 1G93."

Lieut. James Thompson, son of Simon and INIary (Converse) Thompson,
and grandson of James Thompson, faiinly ancestor, was born in \Vol)uru,
March 20, ir.49; married (first) Hannah Walker, Jan. 27, 1673-4; died Feb.
4. J685-6; and (second) Abigail Gardner, of Cliarlestown ; married, April
13, 1687. His widow married Deacon Edward Johnson. ( Mde Thompson

(11.) " Timothy Convor's son of Josias & Ruth Convers aged U\o in"s
died September 5. 1G93."

Timothy Converse, son of Capt. Josiah (epitaph G5) and Ruth (Mar-
shall) Converse, born July. 1603.

(12.) "Ebenezer Convers, son of James & Hannah Convers aged al>ijut
5 years died November 9'tli 1693."

Ebenezer Converse, son of Major James (epitaph 34) and Hannah (Car-
ter) Converse, born Dec. 16, 1688.

(13.) "Josia-i Conuers, son of Josias & Ruth Conuers aged 3 year-.
died December 30. 1693. ""

Joiah Cmiverse. sou of Capt. Josiah (epitaph 65 and Ruth ;_Mar-liiril
Converge, born Feb. ^, 1690-91.

(14. ^ •• Hrnry Couiu -.on of lohn .^ Flizalx'tli Co-iu died March in.
16114 ■•

Heiu'v Co - -in. son of Capt. John (epitapii ss > and Fli/aheili (IJichar.l-
st)n) Co - in. born Mavcli 7 C:*). 1(;94. (March 17, p^-r Towu Record-. ,

( ]?>." ■■ Fli/alH-ili Conuers Daughter of James ,v iiaimaii Conui'r< .•■-■.•d
i;» \c:ir- di.''l ln'.x -.'7 li-'.H."

V.\\y:\H-\\\ ( oiiv.T-o. (laiightur of Major Jamc.< (^epitaph 34^ and llann.ah
(Carler> Converse, born .May 23.. 167.').

, 1.'.. •■ Ml MlM-o MoKi.- •■ pc^.n i,,,|;v..-

•• ll.Ti' '.>.- y boily of I.iiaitenanl Matthew Joliu>on, aurd (12 vear- diid
Inly V.K b;;'':."

Lit ut. .Matth.w Johnson, son of Capt. Edward Johnson, the author of
"The WoTirir^r-workinu- RrovidiMice of Sion's Saviour iu Xew Ibie'l.uin ■'
;Uhl t'lr:'..'-! ai,..!;L; ili,. foundiTsof W ohuni. \\ a< i'.TU iu F.imlaiui. al.'i
'■anil' !'!■.■; ;i < ! arl. -tow n lo W'oliurn lo rcsj,!,.. w lirr.,' ;i,. \\ a- lax.'ii in [''■< ><.
arid '.;:! ; . -. .; ..; coiuni.'n lami- as-i-iicd liim in 1i;m,-. \\ .i- a carinaii ri-
'■y !ra.!i'. !;;•!'' -'litt'd Wolnirn in llic ( liana'al ( 'oni t . l(Ni^-',t. [iwo, \r.\>]_
and lii'.i:'. Kiju awdly ono of tlu- seU-ciincn. etc.. and nuicli e-trenied. lb-
niarri.H; llanna:; r dfiry and Kclu'cra \\'i>\vrll. (, I'/ ' S^'wall'- ili-to^^ . i

'." I -.T"';

*" r


(17.) " Here lyes y'^' body of Lieutenant lohn Richardson aged 58 years
died the 1 of January 1G9G-7."

Lieut. John Richardson, eldest son of Samuel and Joanna, early settlers
of Woburn, was born at Charlestovvn, and baptized tliere, Nov. 12, 1639.
He married Elizabeth Bacon. Oct. 22, 1G.5S; Mary Pierson, Oct. 28, 1673;
and Margaret Willing, June 25, 1689; was constal)le of Woburn, 1675, and
selectman, 1690 and 1692. ( Vide Sewall's History, 112, 579, 634.)

(18.) " Henry son of John & Elizabeth Cogin died August 21, 1607."

Henry Coggin, son of Capt. John (epitaph 88) and Elizabeth (Richard-
sou) Coggin, born Aug. 21, 1697.

(19.) "George Reed son of George & Abigail Reed Juuer aged 9
weeks died September 6 1697.''

George Reed, son of George Reed, Jr. Tepitapli 179), and Abigail
(Pierce) Reed (epitaph 72), born Aug. 2, 1697; died Oct. 6, 1697. (Per
Town Records.)

(20.) " Dorcas daughter of Daniel & Hannah Baldwin was born October
18, 1697 & died :March 7, 1608."

Dorcas Baldwin, daughter of Daniel and Hanuali (^Richardson) Bald-
win. ( T7rfe Sewall's Woburn. 503.)

(21.) " Mkmkxto moki." ■• FrGiT hoi:a."

" Here lyes y' body of Richard Gardner aged about 70 years died May
29 1698."

Richard Gardner came from county Surrey, Kiig : SL-ttled in ^^^M)unl.
and married Anna Blanchartl. (^f Acton, ()ct. 18. 1651. >^ 17.7^ Srwair<
History. 614, 615.)

(22.) '■ Eiizaiieth Fowl daughter of Jolni >.\. Kli/alicth Fowl aged 5 mo.
died March 4 ICOS-O."

Eli/.alietli Powle, daniiditor of Capt. John and I'.liza'ioth , I'rr-rr.it '
Fowle. u-rand-dauglitor of Licul. James Fowle (rpilapli •JV Imrn .•^opi. 10.

1,23.) " Mi',mi:nT(i M(>i;i." •• Fnii r ii. >i: \.'

•'Here lyes y'" body of Francis Wvumu aged alnmt 82 y^ars; dre-l N^n iTiI-'

'ler 28th 1600.

'• The memory oi y lust is liUsM'd. "

Francis Wyman, an original settler of \Vol)uni. and a taniuT. Imd !:is
dwelling and" taniiinu- establishment in Wyman"> l.au>\ <'lc. (SvwaW^ 111 -
tory, <i55); married Judilli Peirce and Abigail Keed ^'bii!., >':>:>;■■ w:is
Selectman. 1-C74, 1675: and partial to the sentihients of the RaptisT< wM'-'. .
I5t;. 57;>V vSoe New l'.im-l;nhl ili-t. Cm. IJeu.. \ol. \1.1\'., p. l"'. ;'..r
place w luiU'i' he .-pniim' in I'.ngland.)

v24.'i •• Mr.Mr.Nio Moai." •■ I'ldi :' iioi; \."

" Here lyes y' l)ody of y* Reverend Jabf/ Fox jiastour of y' eliiii-eh of
C'lirist in W'obonni i':'. vra'r- X aued 56 vears deeease'd Fob'r y' '_'> 17o-j."


Rev. Jabez Fox, abriclL^ed from liev. Timothy Alden's " Collections "
(1814), Vol. I.. 225: —

Rev. Jabez Fox, probably a native of Cambridue Mass., and a lineal de-
scendant of Jolin i?'ox, the raartyrolo^'ist, i^raduated at Harvard College,
Ififio; settled, as colleairue, with Rev. Thomas Carter, the first minister of f

"VVoburn, Sept. 5, l(i7l»: and fell a victim to the sniail-pox in Boston, Feb. |

28, 1702-3, aged .50. Tlie skeleton of a discourse, delivered by iiim at
Canibridge, Joly 2?., ir,7S, taken from the delivery by Rev. Nathaniel
Gookin, then a student in Harvard College, but afterwards pastor of the
church in Cambridge, is preserved. Mr. Alden concludes his article witli
a copy of the above manuscript, which is again presented in Sewall's '• His-
tory of Woburn," pp. lOo, 143. ( Vide Siblev's Harvard Graduates, Vol. II.,
pp. -195-200.)

The following signature of Mr. Fox was written while witnessing a
deed of sale in the year 1098. His autograph is rare : —

.;^^^^ C^OJ^

( Vide "VVoburn JournaL .Tune 5, 1869.)

Rev. John Fox. son of Rev. Jal)ez Fox, of Woburn. graduated from
Harvard College in 1(;9S; was grammar-school master of his native town
for several years : succeeded his father in the ministry at Wolmrn, < tcr. 4.
1703. and continued there until his death, Dec, 12, ]7.'.r., aged 77. He v,as
unhappily deprived of his eyesight for about fifteen years before his deatli,

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