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(138.) " Here Lyes Interred the Body of M'r Thomas Salter of Boston •.

Merch't, Ob. 2'nd Aug'st 174S .E't 62." ^

(139.) "Here lyes Buried y" Body of Susanna Cotton Dau'tr of y^'
Hev'd M'r Josiah & M'rs Susaima Cotton, Ob't 3'd Auu'st 1748 .E't 10."

Susanna Cotton, daughter of Rev. Josiah and Susanna Cott<jn. Her
father was pastor of tiie Tliird Church in Woburn from 1747 to 175(1.
( Vide Sewall's History, 338, etc.)

(140.) " Here lyes y^' Body of M'rs Hannah Kichardson Wife to IM'r
Jacob Richardson Who Died Sep't y" 7'th A. D. 1748 in y" 69'th Year of
Her Age."

Hannah (Converse) Richardson, wife of Jacoli Richardson, son of
Lieut. Jolm Rlcliardsou (epitaph 17); daugliter of Major James (epitaph
34) and Hannali (Carter) Converse, born June 12, 1G80; married Richard-
son, Nov. 'J, 1G'J7.

(141.) "Here lyes y' Body of M'rs Mary Walker Relict of Deacon
Samuel Walker & formerly Wife to Cap't James Fowle Who departed tliis
Life Ocfbr 23'rd 1748 in y - SO'th Year of Her Age."

^,_^, ^„.^ „„^,.,..., - . 2d

tory of Woburn, 173, G34.)

(142.) "Here lyes Buried the Body of M'r Joshua Ricliardson Wlio
Departed this Life Nov'br 5'th Anno Dom'ni 1748 in y" G8'th Year of His

Joshua Richardson. l)orn June 3, IGSl, son of Nathaniel and Mary
Ricliardson, grandson of 'i'lionias Ricliardson of Woburn, emigrant,
married wife Hannah. ( Vide Sewall's Woburn, (!35.)

(143.) "Here lyes liuried y' Boily of 'M'r Daniel Ricliardson wlio

Departed this Life April 2(rth A. D. 174lt Aged 57 Years C, Months .<; 4

Daniel l{ichard.son, born Oct. IG, K'.'.ll, son of Stephen i^epitapli (IK) and

.Miig.iil ^Wyman) Kichardson (t'pitaph 75); marrietl wife Joanna. ( IV^/r

Scwairs Woburn, t'>;'>5 )



■ ''!!



(144.) " Here Lyes Buried y*^' Body of Doct'or Jonathan Haywood wlio
Departed this Life Aug'st 13'th A. D. 1740 Aged 45 Years "

Dr. Jonathan II lywood, or Hayward, IL^ijirooiJ, graduated at Harvard
College, 172G; married Ruth lUirboen, of Woburn, Feb. 4, 1735; select-
man, 1741. {Vide Sowall's History, 5'JO. 5'J5.)

(145.) " Benjamin Broolcs Sou of M'r Benjamin and M'rs Susanna
Brooks Died Sep'br I'st 1749 Aged 8 Weeks .<: 4 Days."

Benjamin Brooks, son of Benjamin (epitaph 214) and Susanna (Kendall)
Brooks, born July 2, 1749.

(140.) " Here lyes Buried tlie Body of M'r John Richardson Who De-
parted this Life Oct. 29'th A. D. 1749 Aged 81 Years 9 Mouths & 25 D"s."

John Richardson, born Jan. IG, lGG7-f:s, son of Theophilus and IMary
(Champnoy) Richardson; grandson of Ezckiel Richardson, an early settler
of Woburn ; was thrice married. (Vule Sewall's Woburn, G33.)

(147.) " Here lyes Buried y'^' Body of M'rs Mary Holdin; Wife to M'r
John Holdin Who Departed this Life Xov'cr y"' 2 I'st 1749 in y ' 49 Year of
Her Age.''

Mary Holdcn, wife of John Holden; perhaps the John Holden livinu- in
April. 175G (vide Sewall's Woburn, 53(;), and who died October, that year.

(I4S.) " Here Lyes Buried y Body of M'rs Rachel Wright Widow of
M'r Joseph Wright who tiepartcd this Life June 2 I'st 1750 in y'' ,".."'tli
Year of her Age."

Rachel (Brooks) Wright, widow of Joseph Wright, married Nov. I'.i.
1729; was born Nov. 29", 1695. daughter of Jabez (epitaph 128) and Radiol
(Buck) Brooks.

(149.) •' PIcre lyes y'' Body of M'rs Bridge't Richardson AVife to Dea"-
con Stephen Richardson Who Died July y" I'st 1750 Aged 7G Years."

Bridget (Richardson) Richardson, wife of Deacon Stephen Richardson
(epitaph 157), married Nov. 21, 1G95 ; daughter, probably, of Theophilus
and Mary (Champney) Richardson.

(150.) " Here lyes y" Body of M'rs Phebe Wyman Wife to M'r David
Wyman Who Died Nov'ln- y 24'th A. D 1750 in y'' 54'tli Year of Her

Phebe (Richardson ) Wyman, wife of l)a\id Wyman, married Oct. 31.
1711! ; daughter of Nathaniel and Mary Richardson, born March 4, lG95-9(').
Her husbanil was sou of Jacob and Elizabeth (Richardson j Wyman.
{Vide Sewall's Woburn. G53.)

(151.) " Here Lyes y^' Body of M'r Nathan Brooks AVho Departed tlii-
life Janry y ' (i'tli 1751 in y' 45"lli Ycai' of His Age."

N;itlian Hrooks, l>orn Nov. 1, 17('i;, stui of John and Mary i^Richanison )
P.rnoks: uroMt-urand-on of Henry lU'ooks. f;iinily aiU'estur; nKirried
Sar;di Wyuuin i^epitaph 131).

I ,

( • ■ ri t

.1. ■'}

, /■ h-Aiy


(152.) "Here lyes y"^' Body of M'rs Susanna Carter Wife to M'r
Thomas Carter Who Died Aug'st 12'th 1751 in y'' 57'th Year of Her Age."
" The Memory of tlie .Just is Blessed."
Susanna Carter, wife of Thomas Carter (epitaph 163).

(153.) " Elizabeth Wyman Dau'tr of :SVr Benjamin & M'rs Esther
Wynian Died Aug'st y'' 2G'th 1751 Aged 4 Days."

Elizabeth Wyman, daughter of Capt. Benjamin (epitaph 2-'9) and
Esther (Richardson) Wyman (epitaph 15-i), born Aug. 22, 1751.

(154.) "Here lyes Buried y'' Body of M'rs Esther Wyman AVife to
M'r Benjamin Wyman Who Departed this Life Sep'tr IG'th 1751 in y" 44"th
Year of Her Age."

Esther (Richardson) Wyman, wife of Capt Benjamin Wvman (opitapli
229), married June 27, 1733; daughter of Jacob and Hannah (Converse)
Richardson (epitaph 140), born June 25, 1707.

(155.) "Here ********* ^p^s :Mary Sawyer Wife to M'r Joshua
Sawyer Who Died Octo'br 2o'd 1751 in y'' GO't'i Year of Her Age."

Mary ^Carter) Sawyer, wife of Joshua Sawyer (epitaph 112), daugliicr
of Thomas and .Margery (Whitmore) Carter, born Oct. 5, IGS.), and grand-
daughter of Rev. Thomas Carter, first minister of Woburn. -'Mary
Carter" and '-Joshua Sawver, Jr., of Charlestown," were married .May
22, 170G. ( Vide Sewall's Woburn, 597.)

(15G.) " Here Lyes Buried the Body of M'r Timothy Winn Who De-
parted this Life Jan'ry 5"th Anno Dom'i 1752 Aged C,'> Years."

Timothy Winn, born Feb. 27, lGSG-87, son of Ensign Joseph and Rebecca
(Reed) Winn, of Woliurn : married Elizabeth Brooks (epitaph 85;. and.
second, Jane Belknap, married Feb. IS, 1729-30; died of small-pox, .Mav, .
1775. (T7(?c Sewall's History, G50.)

(157.) " Here lyes Buried y ' Body of Dea'con Stephen Richard<on
Who Departed this life Feb'ry y" 4tii 1752 in y" 79'th Year of His Age."

Deacon Stephen Richardson, born Feb. 7. 1G73-74, son of Joseph and
Hannah (Green) Richardson, and grandson of Samuel Richavtlsou tl>e
emigrant; married Bridget Richardson (epitaph 149) ; was matle deacon
of Woburn Church, 1745, and was captain of militia KnsiLiu Steplien
Richardson was a selectman of Woburn, 1721. ( Vide Sewall's Historv,
634, etc.)

(158.) " Here lyes Buried y'" Body of M'r Asa Richardson Who De-
parted this life Marcli 17'th 1752 in y'' 39'th Year of His Age."

.-Vsa Richardson, born Dec. 12, 1713, son of Deacon Stephen (epitaph
157), and Bridget (epitaph 149) Richardson; married Hannah Locke.
( Vide Book of Lockes, 32.)

(159.) " Here lyes Buried the Body of M'r Jonathan Tompsou of Med-
ford Who Departed this Life June 9'th 1752 Aged G2 Years "

'.;' 1

1 r. . ' , I 1
, ■ ■ ■ ( i ' / '^

i ■ r ■ I >•!•/'


Jonathan Thompson, of Medford, born in Woburn, Feb. 9, 1^189-90, sou
of Jonathan and Frances (Whitmore) Thompson (ride Scvall's History,
644, etc.), died at IMedford. He married Fhebe Carter and Abigail Fowle'.
( Vide Thompson Genealog}-.)

(160.) " Here lyes y^' Body of M'rs Martha Boardraan Relict to M'r
Andrew Boardman of Boston "Who Died August the 25'th A. D. 1752 Ai^ed
54 Years."

(161.) " Here lyes y"^ Body of M'rs Susanna Wyman Widow to Ensig'n
Samuel Wyman Who Died Nov'br y^' 24'th 1752 in y*^ G5'th Year of Her

Susanna (Simonds) Wyman, widow of Ensign Samuel Wvman (epitaph
122), daughter of James and Susanna SimondsTborn May 2,"ir,S'J.

(162.) "Here lyes Buried y^' Body of M'r John Holdin Junr WIio
Departed this Life Jan'ry 23'd 1753, Aged 21 Years & 28 Days."

John Holden, son of John and Mary Holden (epitaph 147), born Dec.

25, 17;^1.

(163.) " Here lyes Buried y^' Body of M'r Thomas Carter Who De-
parted this life March y^' 17*th 1753 in y^' 66'th Year of His Age."

" The Memory of y'' Just is Blessed."

Thomas Car;er, probably Thomas, born July 3. 168", son of Lieut.
John (epitaph 05) ami Kuth (Burnham) Carter" (epltap J 84). His wife,
Susanna, died 1751 (epitaph 152j. ( Fu/e Sewall's Wc jurii. 598.)

(164.) "Here lyes Buried y^' Body of M'r Eleazer Richardson who
departed this life April 17'th 1753 in y'' 58'th Year of His Age."

Eleazer Richardson, born "Feb. 10, 1692-3," son of Samuel (epitaph
43)and Sarah (Hayward) Richardson (epitaph 66) ; married wife Susanna
(epitaph 172).

(165.) " Benjamin Brooks Son of M'r Benjamin & M'rs Susanna Brooks
Died Aug'st 17'th 1753 Aged 3 Years 1 Month .<: 27 Days."

Benjamin Brooks, son of Benjamin (epitaph 2141 and Susanna (Ken-
dall) Brooks, born June 2, 1750.

(166.) " Here lyes y'' Body of M'rs Mary Feirce Wife to ]\Fr Joslah
Peirce Jun'r Who Died Nov'br y*' 11"' 1753 in y'' 36'th Year of Her Age."

"Also Mary their Dan'tr Died Dece'br 2S'th 1753 Aged 2 Months & 2

Mary (Dorr) Feirce, first wife of Josiah Feirce. Jr.; marria;::e intention
dated Aug 15, 1752. Her cliild, Mary, above nu-ntioneil. was born Oct.

26, 1753. Josiali Feirce, Jr., her husband, son of Deacon Jusiah and
Hannah IVirce, born .Marcli 30, 1720. Avas grandson of Jolm and Deborah
(Converse) Feirce, and trreat-irrandson of Tliomas Feirce, •• Sarirent.'"
of Woburn, ir.43. Josiah I'eirce, Jr.. married, second. Mrs. Ruth (Simonds)




Thompson (intention of marriage dated Jan. 1, 1750), the widow of Benja-
min Thompson (epitaph 178), and mother of Sir Benjamin Tliompson,
Count Kumford. Peirce died August, 1798, at Flintstovvn, Me. i^Vide
Ellis's Life of Kumford.)

(167.) " Mary Snow, Dau'tr of M'r Isaac and M'rs Phebe Snow Who
Died Dec'br S'th 1753 in y"^' 7'^ Year of Her Age."

Mary Snow, daugliter of Isaac (epitaph 212) and Phebe (Richardson)
Snow, born April 26, 1747.

(168.) " Here lyes y^' Body of Philip Alexanders, Son of Philip Juut &
Sarah his Wife, Who Died May 13'th 175-1 in y^" IS'th Year of His Age."

Philip Alexander, born Feb. 12, 173G-37, son of Pliilip. Jr., and Sarah
(Sawtelle?) Alexander. His parents were married iu Woburn, July 1, IToO.

(1G9.) " Here lyes Buried y'' Body of [M'rs Hannah Tompsou Who {

Departed this life June y'' IG'th 1751 Aged 37 Years." 1

Hannah Thompsou never married : was daughter of Ebenezcr (epitaph
115) and Mary (Winn) Thompson (epitaph 175), and was buried by the
side of her father. ( T7'7c Thompson (jencalogy.)

(170) "Here lyes Buried the Body of M'r Samuel Richardson Who
Departed this Life Sept'br y'' 3'd 1754 in y'' 84'tli Year of His Age."

Samuel Richardson, born Xov. 5, 1670, sou of Samuel (epitaph i-'>) and
Martha I»ichardsou, married Susanna Richardson (epitaph 94), .Jan. (J,
1703-4. His twin brother, Thomas, was slaiu by Indians, 167G.

(171.) "Here Lyes y' Body of Zechariah Snow Son of M'r Timothy .^
M'rs Lydia Snow Who Departed this Life Sep't 2rst A. D. 1754 in y'' 36
Year of His Age.'

Zechariah Snow, born Aug. 15, 1719, son of Timothy (epitaph 132) and
Lydia (Peirce) Snow (epitaph 197).

(172.) "Here Lyes y'' Body of M'rs Susanna Richardson Wife to M'r
Eleazer Richardson Who Died Octo. 17'tli 1754 in y-' 39'th Year of Her

Susanna Ricliardson, wife of Eleazer Richardson (epitaph HU), daugh-
ter of Thomas and Susanna Carter, born Oct. :^0, 1715; marriage iuten-
tion Aug. 1, 1745.

' 173.) " Here lyes Buried the Body of M'r Jesse Wyman Who Departed
this Life Nov'br 2'd 1754 Aged 23 Years G .Mou's X; 15 D's."

Jesse Wyman, born .Vpril 7, 1731. son of David and Phebe Richard-
son) Wyman (epitaph 150).

(174.) "Here lyes Buried the Body of Jonathan Pool Esq'r Who
Departed this Life Feb'ry S'th A. D. 1755. .Ltatis ('>3.


♦' The Riglitious are taken aM-ay from y'^' Evil to come, while y"" liveiug
lay it not to their Harts. 'I'he Memory of the Just is Blessed."

Jonathan Poole, Esq., a gentleman " of distinction" in Woburn " from
abroad." Selectman of the town from 1787 to 1740, and the same in
1744; and prominent on important committees, etc. Married wife Estlier,
born Oct. 17, 1G95, daughter of Col. Eleazer (epitaph 93) and Esther
(Green > P'lagg (epitaph 12;). i 17<?c Bond's Watertowu Genealotries, 7(j;'.)
Mrs. Esther Poole was deceased before June, 1772. ( Viile Sewall's His-
tory, L'9'J.) Esquire Poole was employed to provide the " splendid and
costly entertainment " made by tlie town at the ordination of the Rev.
Edward Jackson, in 1729. His remarkable and oft-quoted bill against the
town for exi^enses on that occasion is preserved in Woburn Records.
He was administrator of the estate of Col. Flagg, late of Woburn,
deceased ; and with Esther, his wife, and others, sells certain tracts of
land in Lancaster, about two hundred and twentv-flve acres, Mav 1, 1727.
( Vide Sewall's History, 2(;3; also HjuI, 83, 297, 30S, oSO, etc.)

(175.; "Here lyes Buried y'' Body of :M'rs INIary Tompson Widow of
M'r Ebenezer Tompson who departed this life May y^' ll'tli A. D. 1755
Aged 72 Years."

Mary (AVinn) Thompson, widow of Ebenezer Thompson (epitaph 115).

(176.) " Elizabeth Brook's Died June 8'th 1755 Aged 10 Wekes."

Elizabeth Brooks, born Aprils. 1755, daughter of Xathan Ccpitapli 183)
and Elizabeth (Fowle-Richardson) Brooks. ( T'7'?(' epitaph 245 ; (•(■;?(. epi-
taph 184, note.)

(177.) " Here Lyes y*^' Body of Hannah Peirce Daugh'tr of Wr Josiah
and M'rs Hann.ah Peirce who Died Octo'br y'' 23'd 1755 Aged 27 Years."

Hannah Peirce, born Dec. G, 1728, daughter of Deacon Josiah and Hannah
Peirce of Woburn, and sister of Josiah Peirce, Jr. ( Vide note, epitaph

(178.) "Here 13'es Buried y'' Body of M'r Benjamin Tompson Who
Departed this Life Nov'br y'' 7"th 1755 Aged 25 Years."

Benjamin Thompson, son of Capt. Ebenezer and Hannah (Converse)
Thompson, born Nov. 27, 1729, and descended from the family ancestor,
James Tiiompson. ( ]'idi Sewall's Woburn, (!!;'>, G44.) .Married Rutli. daugli-
ter of Lieut James and Mary (Fowle) Simonds. {Vide U/id , (!39, 610.) In-
tention of marriage dated May 30, 1752. AVas father of Sir Benjamin Tiiomp-
son, Count b'umford (born Woburn, Marcii 26, 1753). Rutli (Simonds)
Thompson, the mother of Runiford, married a second luisband, Josiah
Peirce, Jr. ( Vide note, cpitapli 166.) Slie died in Hintstown. Me., after
1811. ( ]7(?e Ellis's Life of Rumford, Sewall's lIistoi\' of Wol)urn, etc.)

(179.) "Here Lyes Buried y'' Body of Dea'con George Reed; who
Departed this life Jan'ry y'' 20'tli A. D. 1756 in y " 96'th Year of His Age."

Deacon George Reed, born in Woburn, Sept. 14, 1(;60; married Abigail
Peirce (epitaph 72), his tlrst wife; and second, Syliil Rice, of Sudbury.
He was a deacon in First Cliurcli, Woburn, frt)m i7I9 til! 17:'>5, wluui, at
thegatliering of tlie I'recinct (now Burlington) Cluircli, he was chosen one


of its first two deacons. ( Vuk Sewall's Wobuni, G3i, etc. ; History Reed
Family, 105 ) Lieut. Thomas Reed (epitaph 107) was his iialf-brothcr
The mother of Deacon George Reed was Elizabeth Jennison, tirst wife of
his father, George Reed, Sr. ; the latter being a native of England

(180.) " Here lyes y'' Body of Esther Richanlsou, Dau'tr of M'r Noah
& Mr's Phebe Richardson who departed this life March y'^' 15"th 175G in y*^
17'th Year of Her Age."'

Esther Richardson, daughter of Xoah Cepitaph 181) and Phebe (Walker)
Kichardson (epitaph 24.3), born Sept. 2!), 1730.

(181.) "Here lyes Buried y"^' Body of M'r Noah Richardson Who De-
parted this Life June y'' 2o'd HoG in y*^' fi'th Year of His Age."

Noah Richardson, ])orn March 5, 1702-3. son of Pierson and Mary
(Perrin) Ricliardson, grandson of Lieut. Jolin (epitaph 17) and Mary
(Piorson) Richardson: married Phebe Walker (epitaph 243). Noali Ricli-
ardson was a halter, living at tliesi-nof the Ark in Woburn (Cf. Boutou's
History, Concord, N. H., il'JI), latterly known as the Daniel Ricliardsou
Place, 61G ]Main Street. This was the original tavern stand in Woburn.

(182.) " Here lyes y^' Body of M'rs Ruhamah Heartwell Widow to Dea-
con Joseph Heartwell Who Died July l''t 1756 in y'^' 78'th Year of Her
Age." ' -

Ruhamah (Cutter) Martwell, widow of Deacon Joscpli Hartwell repitapji
121), marrietl Pel). 1, 17' J-C: youngest dau-iiter and child uf Richard and
Frances (Perrinian-Auisden'i Cutter, of Cambridge. '' Vhh^ Historv Cutter
Family of New England, 37.)

(183.) " Here lyes Buried the B*d* ** M'r Nathan Brooks Who De-
parted this Life Jan'ry 2G"th 1758 Aged 30 Years."

Nathan Brooks, born Nov. G, 1727, son of Nathan (epitaph 151; and
Sarah (Wyman) Brooks (epitaph 131), married Elizabeth Richardson,
daughter of Pierson and Elizalieth Richardson : intention of marriage
dated M.arch 18, \7V.\ She married Zel)adiah Wvman, Jan. G, 17G4, and
died 177G (epitaph 245).

(184. ) "Elizabeth Brook's Died Feb'ry 12'th 1758 Aged 8 :Months."

Elizabeth Brooks. l)orn June 11, 1757, daughter of Nathan (epitaph 183)
ancl Elizab.etli (Fowle-Richardson) Brooks." (Viile epitaph 245) The
epitaph 184 anil epitaph 17G are side by side on one stone, and underneath
both inscriptions these words : —

"ChiUlren of M'r Nathan & M'rs Elizabeth Brooks."

(185.) " *♦* ♦*es y'' Body of *** **th Symmes **** toAVilliam **mmes
Who Died *arch IG'th 1758 in y'' **** Year of Her Age."

Ruth (Conversed Symmes. died March IG, 1758, aired 72 (?), wife of Wil-
liam Synnnes (epitapli i;'8^ ; married Dec. 7, 1704; was born .May 28, IGSG,
daughter of Capt. Josiah (epitaph 05) and Ruth (Marshall) Converse.


(^186.) " Here lyes Buried the Body of ^I'r Jonathan Richardson wlio
departed this life July the IG'th 1759 Aged G3 Years."

Jonathan Richardson, born July 10, 1G96, son of Samuel (epitaph 43)
and Sarah (Hayward) Richardson (epitaph G6) ; married Abigail VVyman.

(187.) "Hero Lyes y'" Body of M'rs Esther Thompson AVife to M'r
Abijah Thompson Who Died of the Small Pox Jan'ry y'^' 3'd 1761 in y*-'
2rst Year of Her Age."

" Oh now behold y° Blooming Young & fair
Se your Sad picture & your period hear
How soon your beauties vanish from your for'm
* fall into dust & mingle with y'" worm."

Esther (Snow) Thompson, first wife of Abijah Thompson, married
Dec. 13, 1759; both admitted members of Woburn First Church, Nov. 9,
17G0 {vide Church Manual, page 10); was probably a native of Woburn;
perhaps daughter of Isaac Snow (epitaph 2-l:'2) ; her birth not on Town
Records. Her husband, better known as Sheritf Al)ijah Tliompson, son of
Samuel (epitaph 137) and Kuth (Wright) Thompson, died Jan. IG, 1811.
{Vide Thompson Genealogy; Sewall's Woburn, 045, etc.)

(188.) " Here lyes Buried the Body of M'r John Giles who Departed
this life January 20'th 1761 in y'' 70"th Year of His Age."

John Giles, perhaps the John Giles, of Medford, who married Lj'dia
Atwood, of Woburn, Nov. 25, 1756.

(189.) " Here 13'es Buried y'-' Body of Doctor Edmund Richardson Who
Departed this life :May y'^' 30"th 17GI in y*^' 29"th Year of His Age."
" Behold all you that do pass by
As you are now So once was I
As I am now so you must be
prepare for death >i. follow me."

Dr. Edmund Richardson, born July 9, 1732, son of Noah (epitaph 181)
and Phebe (Walker) Richardson (epitaph 243).

(190.) "Here lyes Buried y'" Body of M'r Noah Richardson Jun'r who
Departed this life July y'' G'th 17G1 in y'^' 33'rd Year of His Age."

Noah Richardson, son of Noah (epitaph 181) and Phebe (Walker)
Richardson (epitaph 243), born Dec. 15, 1728.

(191.) " Here lyes y^' Body of M'rs Lucy Richardson Dau'tr of ^I'r
Noah & M'rs Phebe Richardson Who departed this life July y'' 2rst i7Gl
Aged 24 years."

Lucy Richardson, daugliter of Noali (epitaph ISl) and Phebe (Walker)
Richardson (epitaph 243;, born July 22, 1737.

(192.) " Here lyes Buried the Bo ly of M'rs Esther Walker Wife to
M'r Edward Walker Who Departed this life Sepfl)r the 23'd 17G1 Aged 63

♦ A

<1 . , ;
'•1 ,<J'.



Esther (rcirce) Walker, wife of Mr. Edward Walker, married March 31,
1718. ( T'/i/(' Sewall's Wuburn, 171, etc.) She was daii£,diter of l>enjaiiiiii
(eidtaph 52) and Mary Peirce, and Ijorn Oct. 25, lG9(j.

(19:5.') " Here lies the Body of M'rs Al)igail Syiniiies Wife to M'r John
Syinines Who departed this life May 28'th 17G2 Aged 28 Years."

Abigail (DixO Synnnes, wife of Joiiu SymniL'S, of Charlestown (upper
eml, ii<;\v WiiichesLer), married Nov. 7, 17.")1; daiightei' of John and Mary
(Cook) Dix. of Waltham, and born there, May 21, 17a.1. Her husband
Avas son of William (epitaph 198) and Uuth (Converse) Synnnes (ei)itaph
181). ( \'hl(- r.imd's Watertown Genealogies, 1'.'9 ; Brooks's History Med-
ford, 5l:;.j

(191.) " In Memory of llainiali Peirce Dau'tr of M'r Josiah >.<; M'rs
Pulli Prirre Who died Dec'ln- 21'tli 1702 y" ,Vlh Year of her Age."

Hannah i'eirce, l)in'n Sejil. 12, 1758, tianghti'r of Josiah, Jr., and Ruth
(Siiuonds-Th •mi)sou) Peirce, and lialf-sisler of Count Kumford. {Vide
(■pitai)li Kit;, iiotf.)

(195.) •• ilei'f lyes Ihii-ied tiiu IJodyof .'\I'r Henry fhirdiier who d(,'i>arled
tliis life Dcreiii'br y'' li:'lh 17i:;; .\ge'd i;<; Years."

llciu-y (Jardner, horn .Vug. 2, l(l!is, son of Henry (epitaph 55) antl
Kli/.abetli (lardiicr lepitaph 27).

(191;.) " Zi'b(Hliah liirliardson son of M'r Zebediah .'i ^Prs Estiier
Kirliardsoii iH.'d J.-iu'i-y rth 17(;i .\gc(l 5 Moiilhs.< 17 D's."

/(•b;i(n;ili i;icbar(l-;oii, born A\ig. 21, 17i:."., son of Zi'l)adiah and Esther
(S\\auj iiii'lianlsoii ; married ;ii ( lanilH'idge, .\pril 19, 1759.

(197.) ■• Here lirs y'' Body of M'rs Lydia Snow Avidow to M'r Timothy
Snow Who departed this Life April y" 27'th 1701 Aged 81 Years."

hydia ( i'rircc) Su(jw, Avidow (jf Timothy Snow (e])itaph l.'>2), mari'ied
.hill. 10, 17(15-0; (hiugliter (jf Samuel and Lydia (Bacon) Peirce, i)oiMi May
25, 108:j; and grand-daughter of Sergt. Thomas Peirce, of Woburn, 104;j,
died Nov. 0, li;8:;.

(19.S.) '■ llei-e lyes Buried the Body of M'r William Symmes who
(leparLed this lit.' .M;iy the 2rth 1701 .Vged M'. Years."

A\'illiam Symmes, born Jan. 7, 1079, s<ui of William and Mary Symmes,
and grandson of Kew Zechariah Symmes, minister at ChaiJestown ;
nuirried llnth Converse (epitaph is5j. He inlieritcti two tliirds of his
father's lariiC otate, and had a clothing mill where I\Ir. Bacon's (Win-
(diesterj no^\• is. ( I'/Vr P,rooks's History Medford, 513; Sewall's AVobiirn,

(19!).) "Here lyes y'' Ihxly (jf M'rs Helly P.rooks Wife to M'r Josiah
Urooks who depai'teil tliis Life July y'' iJ'd 1701 in y''20'lli 'i'ear of Her

Pietly (ITugg) Brooks, wife of Josiali Hi'ooks, nmrried .\ng. 11, 17<J.l.
He was born Dec. It, 17;i9; was sou of Nathanicd and Suljuiit Brooks,

■ ! i 1 ■>•


and grandson of Jabez (epitaph 128) and Hep7ibah (Cutter) Brooks (epi-
taph 124). She was " daui^hter of v^' widow Bettj- Flegg" (Town
Records), otiienvise, Better, second wife of Gershora Flagg, od, and was
born in Woburn, June 4, 1745. ( Vide Bond's Watertown Genealogies, 763.)

(200.) " Here lyes Buried the Bod}' of Licu't Samuel Kendall who
departed this life Decem'r the 13'th 17G4 Aged 83 Years."

Lieut. Samuel Kendall, born Oct. 2d, 1G82, son of Thomas and Kuth
Kendall, and grandson of Francis Kendall, famil}- ancestor, was a car-
penter, received a lieutenant's commission from Gov. Belcher, 1732; was
an original proprietor of Townsend and Athol, and widely known. Eliza-
beth, his first wife, died 1742 (epitaph 117). ( Vide Sewall's History,
"Woburn, 621, 622, etc., etc.)

(201.) " Here lyes Buried the Body of IM'r Ebenezcr Converse who
departed this life Sep't y'^' G'th 1765 in y'' 56'th Year of His Age.'' j

Ebenczer Converse, born Nov. 1, 1703, son of Capt. l^oljert and Mary ;

(Saw\'er) Converse {vide Sewall's History, 606), and grandson of ■Major j

James Converse (epitaph 34), was a selectman of Woburn, 1743, 175:i, and \

1764, and admitted to membership in Woburn First Clinrch, November. '
1758 (rt'/e Cliurch Manual, p. 10). He married wife, Ruth. His liouse
was in " Carter's Quarter " (South Village), 1742. ( Vide Sewall's Woburn,

231, etc.) I

(202.) "Here lyes y^' Body of M'rs .Tudith Fames "Wife to Dea'cou
Samuel Eames, Who departed this life January y'' lO'tli 1766 Ageil 71 ',

Years." i

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