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reared ladies appeared witli tlie chief mourners at the obsequies. The I

gravestones of Richardson, Wright, and Parker are found in the Second ^

Burying-Grouud, attorned with inscriptions uniquely descriptive of their ]

several virtues, and eulogistic of the merit thus untimely lost to the j


(44.) " This stone erected in Memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Richardson
"wife of Mr Zacliariah Richardson; she died Aug. 5, IS07 Aged C.) years."
" Read this & weep, but not for me
Who willing was to part with thee,
That I may rest with Christ above.
In peace & joy and endless love."

Elizabeth (Brooks) Ricliardson, wife of Zachariah Richardson (epitaph
69), married Dec. 30, 17G7. She was born April '22, 1742; daughter of
Nathaniel and Submit (Poulter") Brooks, and grand-daughter of Jal^ez and
Hephzibah (Cutter) Brooks (epitaph, Fir^t VardJ.

(45.) "This Stone erected in Memorj- of ^fr. Joseph Lawrence 2d, who
departed this life on the 21 of August, 1807 in tlie 1'.) year of las age.
•' Kemember your creator, God,
Before you feel his chastening rod ;
For death will come and stop your breath,
And you must sleep with me in death.
The Lord was pleased mercy to show,
He was resigu'd X: loug'd to go,
• When God did call, without a ntoan
Yielded his breath without a groan."

Joseph Lawrence, 2d, son of Deacon l^bcnezer (epitaph 30\) and Hannah
(Estabrooks) Lawrence ^^epitaph 22(j), was born Sept. 2J, 178:5, in Woburn.



(46 ) "This Stone erected in Memory of Mr. Ebenezer Lawrence. Jr.,
Student of CoUedge, who suddenly departed this life on the 11 of January,
1808, in the 23 Year of his age.

"0 come, my young friends, remmember me.
And let my sudden death a warning be,
Let not the morrow your vain thoughts Employ,
But think this day the last you may enjoy.
Improve your time while you have health.
And now in youth prepare for death,
That I may meet you all above,
And feast on Jesus dying love."

Ebenezer Lawrence, Jr., son of Deacon Ebenezer (epitaph 304) and
Hannah (Estabrooks) Lawrence (epitaph 22G), bora June 5, 178.J.

" On January 11, 1808, Ebenezer Lawrence died suddenly, aged 23. He
was son of the venerable Deacon Ebenezer Lawrence, long a prominent citi-
zen of the town, and at the time of his death was a student at college. A
contemporary writes: 'He had been in a consumptive habit, but kept
scliool that day, and went to bed well as usual. He was found dead
about eleven o'clock that eveninir.'" (From article entitled " Interesting
to Woburu — Casualties, 17G8-182G," Middlesex Journal, July 30, 1870.)

(47.) "This Stone erected in ^Memory of Mr Nathaniel Lawrence, the
last son of Mr. Ebenezer and ^.Irs. Hannah Lawrence, who departed this
life the 22 of January, 1808, in the 17'th year of his age.
♦' With faith in Christ, this youth did die;

We trust his soul is now on high.

With the redeem'd and blest above.

With Christ, his Saviour and his God

Behold, look here, and weep with us,

All our dear sons sleep in the dust,

But though the llesh to dust are given.

We trust their souls are now in HEAVEN."

Nathaniel Lawrence, "the last son" of Deacon Ebenezer (epitaph 301)
and Hannah (Estabrooks) Lawrence (epitaph 22G), boru in Woburu, July
12, 1791.

(48.) " Sacred to the Memory of Cap Joseph Brown, who died April
16, 1808, Aged 53 years.

" Low in the silent mansions of the grave I lye.
Yet this night shall end when angels hail tlie morn ;
Then shall tlie soul return & with its dust arise.
When clothed anew with flesh to God it will return.
Here rests the man amidst life's busy scenes,
Who Avhile he lived his active powers displayed ;

' With friendly habits, and cheerful mind did please,
Then closed life — with calmness met the grave."

I A ri'i


(Compare Sj'mmcs's Memorial and Sewall's Woburn, 414, 425, 420, 428,
438, 439, 440, 442, c-Olt-SM.) Joseph Brown and Euth Richardson, both of
Woburn, were married by Rev. Jolin Marrett, Oct. 24, 177G. Rnth Brown, his
"Wife, was admitted member of theAVoburn Church, Oct. 2i), IT'.tT. Joseph
Brown, son of Josepli Brown, late of Bedford, Mass. (witli consent of
Stephen Mead, of Bedford, his guirdianj, apprenticed liimself to Josiaii
Richardson, of Woburn, blr.cksmitli, and to Mary, his wife, to learn the
trade of blacksmith. March 3, 1774. The Elijah Leathe lot of papers con-
tains the original indenture.

(49.) •' In Memory of two children of Doc't. Francis & Mrs. Sibbil
Kittridge; Francis died Sept. 17, 1808, JFA. 11 mos & 11 ds. Francis D.
died Sept. 25, 1814, .Et. 22 mo. & 28 days."

Children of ])r. Fiancis Kittridge (epitaph 158^). The father was ad-
mitted member of Woburn First Ciiurch, June 1, 1817. The motlier was
admitted to same, March 4, 1827. Births of these children not on Woburn

(50.) " In Memory of Mrs. Mary McKee, A native of Ireland, wife of
Mr. Alexander McKee, who died Oct. 21. 1808, Aged 45 Years."

" I sleep in darkness all the day,
'Till Christ, my Lord shall roll tlie stone away,
When I shall wake and rise above,
To sing the words of redeeming love."

" Native of Ireland." Divides the honor with Daniel McGinnis, of the !

seventeenth century, of being one of the earliest natives of that country j

in Woburn. Her name is not on the First Church catalogue. |

C5L) " Sacred to the ^lemory of Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, Avifeof Major j

Francis Johnson, Who in the midst of life and usefulness. And with pros- >

pects most flattering. Was arrested by sudden death. And summoned to 1
the world of spirits. Jan. 15, 1800, JVA 36.

. . " She was beloved & respected in life,

And in death lamented by all who knew her;

Also, — two infant children who were

Born of her but a short time before her own decease

•' Althougii their bodies here must lie, ,

By worms to be devoured;
To realms of endless bliss on high,
We trust their spirits soared.
Refrain, my friends, dry up your tears,
Here I must lie till Christ appears,
Therefore be wise by what you see,
Prepare for death and follow me."



Mrs. Elizabeth Jolmson. -uife of Major Francis .Tolinson. Francis
Johnson, Jr., and Kli/.abetli Youni;, both of Woburn, were nir.rriecl Nov.
19, 1800. Elizabeth Young. daui,'hler of William Mnd p:iizabeth (.lohnson)
Young, was born Oct. 31, 1772. 'William Young and Elizabeth Johnson,
both of Woburn, were married June 8, 176'J.

Major Francis Jolmson married Mehitable Parker, of Woljurn, Nov. 8,

(52.) " lu Meraorj^ of Mrs Jemima Cummings, who died June 15, 1809,
Mt. 56."

Jemima Cummings, widow of Ebenezer (epitaph 112).

(53.) "In Memory of John Eames, 3d, only son & cliild of John &
Polly Eames who died July 2S, 1809, Aged 19 Months & 4 days.
" How soon this lovely child lias fled,
The pleasing object of our eyes,
To sleep among the silent dead
Till Chri-t shall bid his du>.t arise."

John Eames, 3d, only son of John and Polly (Kimball) Eames, was born
in Woburn, Dec. 19, 1807. John Eames. jr., and Polly Kimball (^liia
parents), both of Woburn, were married June 10, 180G.

(54.) "In Memory of Mrs Phebe Richardson widow of Mr. Zachariah
Richardson, died August 3, 1809, .Et. SG."

Phebe (Wyman) Richardson, born July 29, 1724; daughterof David and
Phebe (Richardson; Wynian (epitaph lob. First Yard; ;"married Zachariah
Kichardson (epitaph 32), .May 10, 1744.

(55.) " In Memory of Mr. Elijah Davis, who died Dec. 7, 1809,
^t. 20."

Elij.di Davis (Jr.). Elijah Davis and Phebe Richardsuu, both of Woburn,
married May 11, 1809. Birth not on Woburn Records.

(5G ) "In Memory of Mr Luke Johnson, who died 26th June, 1811,
^t. 25."

Luke Johnson (insane), son of Reuben and Kezia, born Sept. G, 1786.

(57.) "Sacred to the Memory of Miss Patty Parker, Dantr of Mr.
Benjamin & Mrs Mehetabel Parker, Who died Nov. 14, 1811, ^Et. 22.

"Taught in the school of Christ, with humble mind
She breathed her last, and left the world resigned.
'Tis His to call our relations away,
'Tis ours in sweet submission to obey."

Patty Parker, born in Woburn. June 11, 1789, dauirhterof Benjnmin and
Mehitable (Tidd) Parker, who were marrietl in Woburn, May 25, 1779.


(58.) "In Memory of Dea" ObacUab Keudal, who died Nov. 19, 181],
Aged 86 years.

"While holy friendship drops the pious tear,
And mourufull garlands deck the liallowed bier;
Can bounteous lieaven a greater Solace give
Than that which whispers, friends departed live."

Deacon Obadiah Kendall, 1)oru in Woburn, Sept. 3, 1725, son of Lieut.
Samuel (epitaph I'OO, First Yard) and Elizabeth Kendall (epitapli 117, First
Yard) ; married Elizabeth Miles (epitaph US, Second Yard) ; " occupant of
the Paternal Mill"; deacon of Wobnrn First Church from Nov. 24, 1770,
to his death, to wliich church h-; was admitted member, Sept. 27, 17G7.
(Church Manual, p. 11, etc. ; Sewall's Woburn, C22.)

(59.) "Erected in Memory of Mr John Wyraan, Who died Dec. 26,

1811, iEt. 23.

" His early death to many hearts gave pain,
But to him, through Grace, how great the gain."

John Wyman, son of John. Birth not ou Woburn Eecords.

(61.) " Erected In memory of Mr. Bartholomew Richardson, who died
June 11, 1812, ^Et. 82."

Bartholomew Richardson, born :March 25, 1730, son of Jacob and Eliza-
beth Richardson. (See epitapli 136.)

(62.) "In Memory of Widow Margery Fowle, who died July 1st,

1812, JEt. 82."

Margery Fowle, widow of Josiaii Fowle (epitaph 34), uce Margery
Carter, born Aug. 3, 1730. They wei'c married in 1752.

(62i.) "In Memory of Mrs Jerusha wife of Mr Reuben Richardson,
who died July 28, 1812, a>t. 78."

She was Jerusha Ivendall, and was married March 3, 1757; born Feb. 13,
1734-35, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Kendall, of Woburn. He died
1818 (epitaph 96).

(68.) "Erected In Memory of Col. Abijah Wheeler, who died Dec. 28,

1812, .F:t. 66."

Col. Abijah Wheeler, of Temple, N. 11., and Catherine Wyman, of
Woburn, were married May 3, 17l»8. Col. Wheeler was a leadini;- man of
'J'emple, N. II., where, in 1781, he was one of the building coniniittee of a
new meeting-house; and May 31, 1784, married Ilephzibah, tlau-hter of
Gen. Francis Blood, of that town; was styled ca[itaiii in 17Mt, major,
1795, and colonel in 1798; tithiug-man, 1788 ; representative, 1794. {I'ide
Blood's History, Temple, N. 11., 31, 143, 205, etc , etc.)

(64.) "Erected in Memory of Jlr. John Eames, who died June 30,

1813, ^Et. GO."


John Eames, died June 30, 1813, aired 00 years; married Abiir.nl Thomp-
son, 1799, daughter of Samuel Thompson. p:sq., and Abiirail (Tidd)
Thompson; born Dec. 29, 1755: died Vhiv 13, 18o5. He was bom Oct '>o
174G; sou of Caleb and Saraii (Simonds) Eames. (Sewall's Woburn, GIG.)

(65.) "Sacred to the Memory of Mr Daniel Reed, who died May ''7
1814^1. 81."

Daniel Reed, born Feb. 19, 1732 CCharlestown Records), son of Daniel
and Mary (Converse) Reed, of Charlestown (Histoiv of Reed Family
7o) ; married wife Abigail (epitaph lOCo. Daniel Reed, Jr , and Ahi-aii
Reed, his wife, were admitted meml)erii of First Church, Woburn, \u"-
29, 175G. *=

(C6.) "In Memory of Widow Phebe Tay, who died June 29, 1814
-aEt. 67."

_Phebe (Locke) Tay, widow of Aaron Tav, of Woburn, who died Dec.
l.T, 1794, aged 45. They were married in Woburn, Oct. 4, 1770 She was
daughter of .Jouatlian and Phebe fPeirce) Locl^e. of Woburn, wliere slie
was born Marcli 1, 1747-18. Her husband, Aaron Tav, was son of Lieut
William and Al)igail (Jones) Tay (epitaph 248, First 'Yard). ( Vide Book
of Lockes, p. 70, etc.)

(67.) "In Memory of two cliildreu of Mr Oliver vJt Mrs. Joanna Tay;
Oliver Warren, died Aug. 17, 1814, Aged 1 year i 4 mo. Their Infant
Son died Oct 25, IS 14.

" Sweet babes, enjoy j-our pleasant rest.
Your early call God saw was best ;
We'll all wipe our tears, our eyes be dry,
And learn from you that all must die."

Oliver Tay and Joanna Cummiu-s, bo;li of Woburn, were married Sept.
18, 1812. Birtlis of above cliildren not on Woburn Record.

(68.) "Erected in Memory of Richard Gardner, son of Mr. Samuel
& Mrs. Catlierine Gardner, of Charlestown, who died Oct. 20, 1814, .F.t.
8 years & 2 days."

Richard Gardner, son of Samuel and Catherine (Ricliardson) Gardner.
of Cliarlestown. Tliey were married in Wol)urn, May 26, 1799 Tlie son
above was born in Charlestown, Oct. IS, 1806. (Wyman's Charlestown,

. (69.) " In Memory of Mr Zachariah Richardson, who died Dec. 17,
1814, Aged 70 years. ,

"So sleep the saints and cease to groan,
When Sin and de.itli have done their worst,
Christ hath a glory like his own.
Which waits to ch>tlie tlioir waking dust." '

Zachariah Richardson, born April 1 1745; son of Zachariah (epitaph .'^2)
and Piiebe (Wyinan^ Ricliardson (epitaph 54) ; married Elizabetli Rrooks
(epitaph 44).



(70.) [Brokeii.] "In Bleraory of Henrj% son of Mr Amo[s],
Newton [and] Sally, liis wif [e,]
5 — weeks,
nger, panse awhile,
read the following lines,

" There rest in peace, my only babe.
Here sleep in sweet repose ;
And thongh thou moulder in the dust.
Thou art sweeter than the rose."

Read " Henry child of Amos Newton, G weeks old. Feb. 2, 1815 "
Henry Newton, son of Amos, aged weeks; died Feb. 2, 1815. (Town

Kecords.) Amos Newton and Sarah Swan, both of Wol)uru, married Nov.

26, 1805. Birth of above son not on Woburn Kecunl.

(71.) "In Memory of Mrs. Pliebo Foster, wife of William Foster,
who died Feb. 12th, is 15, .Et. 42."

William Foster was a honsewiiirht. lie die<l in 1824, leavin? no widow,

no father, nor children, and his mother. Hannah IJiissell, declined admin- j

istration on his estate, which was in-olvent. He is .said to have built wiiat \

is now known as the Dr. Graves house, on Pleasant Street. It is not j

known who his wife was. I

(72.) " In Memory of twin children of Mr. Christopher P. >!i 3Irs
Nancy Hosmer; Charles died Feb; IG, 1815, Aged 8 days, Koswell T. died i

March 17, 1816, Aged 13 Months." |

• Children of Christopher 1'. and Nancy (Thompson) Hosmer. C. P. s

Hosmer, of Bedford, and Nancy Thompson, \Vot)nrn. married Feb. 27. I8I2. ]

Charles Hosmer (twin of above) and Koswell T. (twin) were born in
Woburn Feb. 8, 1815. (See epitaph 122.)

(73.) " Abigail T., Daughter of Mr. John and Mrs. Polly Fames died
June 9, 1815 Aged 1 year ,!c 8 days."

Abigail T. Fames, daughter of John and Polly (Kimbali) Fames, was
bom in Woburn June 1, 1814. Abigail T. (Abigail Thompson). (Town
Record; see epitaph 53.)

(74.) " Erected to the Memory of Deacon Juduthun Richardson, who
died Oct.' ll'\ 1815, Aged 78 Years.

" He came to his Grave in full age.
Like as a shock of corn cometh in in its season."

Deacon .Teduthun Richardson, son of Thomas and Mary (Russell) Rich-
ardson, born April b!. 1738; married Mary Wright (epitaph 108). Deacon
from 17'J6 to his death.


.. ■;. f I )' ;: ' ^- ; ,'. -I . *■


(75.) [A marble slab.] "This marble covers the earthly remains of
Mrs. Betsey Wife of Rev. Joseph Chickerin;; who died Nov. 3<i A. D.
1815 in the32d year of her age, also of three children who died at nearly the
same time their mother, Elizabeth, au infant of 2 days died Oct. 19 ; Ruth,
aged 3 years & 4 months died Oct. 27. Henry died Nov. 14, aged 20 months."

Betsey (White) Chickering, daughter of Deacon John White of Con-
cord, and first wife of Rev Joseph Chickering (H. U. 17'.)0), a native of
Dedham, and tlie pastor of the First Church, "Woburn, from 1804 to 1821.
He died in rhillipston, .Mass., Jan. 27, 1841, aged 03. Parents of the well-
known temperance advocate and clergyman, the lute Rev. John Wliite
Chickering, I). 1)., a native of Woburii, boru March 19, 1808. His
brother, Joseph Chickering, was born in Woburn, Jan. 9, 1810. (Records.)
Betsey Chickering (Mrs. Rev. J.) admitted to First Cliurch, Woburn,
May 22, 180G. Sarah A. Chickering (Mrs. Rev. Joseph), second wife,
admitted First Church, Woburn, Sept. 21, 1817. His secoud wife was
Sarah Abbott Holt, of Albanv, Me. ( Vide Sewail's History Woburn,
4G1, etc.)

The original of the following communication in the stately round hand
of the Rev. Ezra Ripley, of Concord, is in our present possession: —

"The Churcli of Christ in Concord to the CImrch of Christ in Woburu
seudeth greeting : —

"Rkv. & Bkloved, This certifies that Betsey Chickering (late Betsey
White) was admitted a member.jin full communion in lliis church, on
the 27th of Dec ISOl, and has' ever since walked agreeably to her
Christian i)rofession. At her re([uest, and by vote of the cliurch this diy,
she is now absolved from her particular relation to this churcli, and is
hereby cordially recommended to your Christian cliarity and communion.

'•Praying that grace, mercy & peace may be multiplied to you. «.*t
requesting your prayers for us, we subscribe ourselves your brethren in
the faith & fellowship of the gospel,

" ^'5f?^1;>s',^Cm^rn■•IS•^ I ^^^^^-^ ^I^^^EY

To be communicated. 5 ^''^^'"' '" ^''' """'' '^' ^'''''"^^ ''^ ^''' '''"'"'''•

Addressed: " Kkv. Joskpii Ciiickkuing, Wnhurn."

Mr. J. White endorsed : " Betsey Cliickering's Dismission from the
Church in Concord & Recommendation, May 4, 180(1."

The births of the above Chickering children are not on Woburn Record.
The order of the procession at the funeral of ]\lrs. Chickering has been

(75^.) " Erected In memory of Mrs. Mary Fowle, wife of Mr. Benja-
min Fowle, who died Dec. 11, 1815, .Et. 54"

She was the second wife of Benjamin Fowle, and was daughter of Paul
and Lucy Wymau, being boru Sept. 10, 17GI. (See epitaph 2'J2 )

(76.) "Erected in Memory of ^Irs. Abigail Munroe wife of Mr. Jonas
Munroe, who died Dec. 25, 1815. ^Et. 42.

" Death is the messenger of peace.
That calls the righteous soul to heaven."

Abigail Munroe, wife of Jonas Munroe. Jonas Mnnroe and .\bii,'ail Tav,
both of Woburn, married Feb. 2;!, 17'.>."). .\l)li:ail Tay, ilaughter of Wil-
liam, 3d, and Hannah Tay, boru March 12, 1774.

• U'


(77.) " Erected in Memory of Catherine Fox Gardner, Dau. of Mr.
Samuel & Mrs. Catherine Gardner of Cliarlestown who died suddenly with
the measles March 23, 1816 ilit. 16 years & 7 days."

Catherine Fox Gardner, daiijjhter of Samuel and Catherine (Fox-Kich-
ardson) Gardner of Charlestown ; married May 26, 17'J9; born in Charles-
town, March 16, 1800. (Wyman's Charlestown, 400.)

(78.) "In Memory of Mr. Thomas Fox who died May 7, 1816 JEt. 76,

" Be ye also ready, for at such an liour
As you thinlc not the Son of Man conieth."

Thomas Fox, son of Jonathan and Ruth (Carter) Fox, born in Woburn,
Dec. 16, 1739.

(79.) " In Memory of Mrs. Abigail Pierce, wife of Jacob Pierce, wlio
died May 28, 1816, JKt. 86.

"An angel can't snatch me from the grave,
■ ■ Legions of angels can't contine me here."

Abigail Fierce, wife of Jacob, was daugliter of Saumol and Elizabeth
Kendall, born Feb. 27, 1731.

(80.) " In Memory of Mr. Barnabas Richardson, who died June 5,

1816, iEt. 82."

Barnabas Richardson married Rebecca Tidd ; son of Edward and Jerusha
Richardson, born Marcli 16, 173i.

(81.) " In Memory of John Fisk, Jr. son of John Fisk, Wlio died Sept.
22, 1816, Aged 5 Years.

" No prayers, nor tears, nor sighs, could save
This lovely Infant from the grave."

John Fisk, Jr., son of Joliu. Jolm Fisk, of Lexington, and Lydia Pierce,
of Woburn, were married July 20, 1809. Birth of this cliikl is not on
Woburn Record.

(82.) "In memory of Mrs. Martha Kniglits, wife of Mr. John Knights
who died April 10. 1S17, Aged 49 Years."

Martlia Knight, wife of Jolm. Avas daughter of Capt. Tucker, and was
born either in Newburyport or Newbury.

(83 ) "Charles R., Son of Mr. Christopher P. & Mrs. Nancy Ilosraer,
died May 9, 1817, .Et. 7 mos. 10 ds."

Charles R. Hosmcr, son of Mr. Christopher P. and Nancy (Thompson)
llosmer, who wore marrit'd Feb. 27, 1812 (sec epitaplis 72 and 122), was
born in Woburn, Oct. 1, 1810.

(84.) " Samuel son of Mr Stephen & Mrs Susan Fames, Died June 28,

1817, A\t. 16 months."


\! ■■

) V - ■'■ »


Samuel Eamcs, son of Stephen and Susanna Eames, 1)orn in Wobui-n,
Feb. 26, 181G. Stephen Eames and Susanna Barnard, both of Woburn,
married May 30, 1813.

(85.) " In Memory of Mrs. Arethusa Fox, wife of Mr. William Fox,
who died July 20, 1817, aged 44."

"Departing friends, dry up your tears,
I must lay here till Christ appears."

Arethusa Fox, wife of William, was a daughter of Natlian and Elizabeth
Munroe, of Lexini^ton, and was born tliere March 10, 1773. She married
WiUiam Fox, June' 20, 1793.

(86.) " Abigail T. Daughter of Mr. John & Mrs. Polly Eames died July
23. 1817 iEt. 14 montlis."

" Of dysentery." Abigail T. (Thompson) Eames, daughter of Capt. .Tohii
and Polly (Kimball) Eames, born in Woburn, May 9, 18 IG. Parents
married June 10, ISdG.

(87.) "Erected In Memory of Mr. Samuel Ames, wlio died Aug. 31.
1817, in the 88 year of his age.

"Farewell, my wife, wliom I do love,
Thy better husband is above;
Farewell, my children, near and dear.
May Jesus for your help appear;
And be your father, kind and just,
When I am rotten in the dust.

"Erected by his daughter, Eliza Ames."

Samuel Eames, son of Jacob and Estlier, born in Woburn, Marcli 4. 1780.
Samuel Eames and Elizabeth Tay, both of Woburn, were married May ."iO,
1805. Eliza Eames, daugliter of Samuel and Betsey, was born in Woburn,
May 12, 180G.

(8S.) "In IMemory of Mr. Jeremiah Clapp, who died Nov 11, 1S17,
aged 55 years."

"Mr. Jeremiali Clapp," styled " IMajor" in 1792 (see epitaph 2). also
in 1798 (Sewall's Woburn, 424. etc.) ; an active member of the First Parisli
and town of Woburn at the beginning of the present century. His wife,
Polly, died 1792 (epitaph 2) (See account of the disastrous fall of his
house frame, July 14, 1807, under note to epitaph 43.)

(89.) " In Jlemory of Mr Edward Gardner, of Charlestown, who died
Nov. 12. 1817, in the 27th year of his nge."

Edward Gardner, of Charlestown, born in Charlestown, June G, 1791;
son of Edward and Mehitable (lUodiret) Gardner. (Wyman's Charles-
town, 390, 400; Cutter's Arlington, 251.)


(90.) [Broken] "In Memory of Mrs. Anna Wyman, wife of Mr.
Marshall Wyman, who died March 31. 1818. iEt. 2i.

" Also tteir infant sou who was born and died March 20 1818.

" For Death has struck his sure uuerrin*^ blow,
Their race is run, and time's to them no more."

Anna Wyman, wife of Marshall. Marshall Wyman and Anna Wyman,
both of W'oburn, manied April 17, 1817. She was daughter of Samuel E.
and Anna Wyman, and born Jan. 21, 1793.

(91.) " Erected in memory of Miss Mary Carter, who died April 9. 1818,
^t. 85."

Mary Carter, maiden lady, was daughter of Thomas and Hannah Carter;
born Feb. 5, 1733. Dinah, servant to Mury Carter, died Jan. 5, 1803 (old
age). Mary Carter was sister of Mrs. Hannah Brewster (epitaph 13j, and
a lineal descendant of the Kev. Thomas Carter, tirst minister of Wol)urn;
lived in and owned the home place of her ancestors, now the estate of the
late Mrs. Littleliold, near Woburn Common.

(92.) "In Memory of James Fowlo, Son of William & Sarah Fowle,
who departed this life June 1. 1818, Aged 19."

James Fowle, son of William and Sarah (Richardson) Fowle, born April
19, 1799. Barents, both of Woburn, were married Xov. 7, 1782.

(93.) "Erected in memory of Mrs Lucy Richardson, wife of Mr.
Stephen Richardson wlio died June 16. 1818, JEt. 28."

Lucy Richardson, first wife of Stephen, Jr., nt'e Lucy Kendall, daughter
of John Kendall. Her birth is not on Woburn Record. His second wife
was Almira Kendall, also daughter of John Kendall Deacon Stephen
Kichardsou died in Woburn, Dec. 2G, 1872.

(94.) "Erected in memory of Mrs. Mary W. Kendall, wife of Mr.
Josiah Kendall, who died June 19, 1818, .Et. 20 "

Mary W. (Russell") Kendall, wife of Joshih Kendall (epitaph 99).
"Josiah Kendall, of Woburu, and Mary W. JUissell, of West Cambridge,"
■were married March 25, 1817. She was boru in the present town of Arling-
ton, and baptized there April 1, 1798. (Cutter's Arlington, 290.)

(95.) "Erected to the memory of Mrs Esther, wife of Samuel Thonip-
son, Esq., who died Aug. 5, 1818, JEt, 80."

Esther (Bnrbeen- Wyman) Thompson, wife of Samuel Thompson, Fsq.
(epitaph \0'*), died of oUl age and dropsy, Aug. 5, 1818, aged SO. She was

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