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the third wife of Esquire Thompson, and marrieil Oct. 22, 1789; no chil-
dren; was widow of Jesse Wyman; married ^lay 1, IICO. She was the
daughter of Rev. Joseph Burbeen, and born May 29, 1738. (Sewall's
Woburu, 590, 045.)



(96.) " In Memory of Mr Reuben Richardson, who died Nov. 16, 1818.
Aged 89."

Reuben Richardson, son of Reuben and Esther (Wyman) Richardson,
born Dec. 22, ITHl, in Woburn; married Jeruslui Kendall, who died 1812
(epitaph C,2k) ; was a blacksmith and farmer; lived in Stoneham from
early childhood till ITG'i ; afterwards resided in "Woburn till his death.

(97.) " Sacred to the memory of Mr William Symraes, who died Jan. 1,
1819, iEt. 61.

" Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord."

William Rymmes, son of Zachariah and Judith, born in Woburn, Sept.
1, 1757. (Vinton's Symmes Memorial, 53.)

(98.) "Erected in memory of Deac Jacob Richardson who died sud-
denly, March 17, 1819, .Et. 5G.

" Therefore be ye also ready ;
Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord."

Deacon Jacob Richardson, son of Jacob and Judith Richirdson, born
July 23, 17G3. (See Wobuj-n Sudden Deaths; also Woburn Military His-
tory. See epitaph 332.)

(99.) "Erected In Memory of Mr. Josiah Kendall, who died July 1,
1819, JEt. 30 "

Josiah Kendall, born March 30, 17S9; son of Obadiah (epitaph 2^8') and
Sarah (Johnson) Kendall (epitaph 313) ; married Marv W. Russell (epitaph

(100.) " Erected in memory of Mr. John Gardner, of Charlestown,
■vvho died Jan. 1, 1820, ,Et. 75."

"John Gardner, of Charlestown, member of the Woburn Church."
(Town Records ) John Gardner, son of Henry and Lucy: born in Wo-
burn. March 3, 1744. llis wife was Patience Wynuui; married 1770; died
1824 (epitaph 133). His mother was Lucy Fowle. (Compare Wynian"s
Charlestown, 30D, 400.)

(101.) " Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Phebe Richardson, wife of
Mr. Juuius Richardson, who died May 28, 1820, .Et. 4G.

" Short, yet how pleasing, was her visit here ;
She's now removed to grace a nobler sphere,

There remaineth, therefore,
a rest for the people of God."

Piiebc Ixichardson, nee Tay, llrstwife of Juuius Richardson, was married
April 18, 1793.

] '■' ■'. U:...\


(103.) " Erected in Memory of Mary Ann Oystcad, Dan. of Capt. John
& Mrs. Lucy Oystcad, who died June 18, 1820, Aged 1 yr & 2 naos.

" Friends, nor pliysicians, could not save
This mortal body from the Grave ;
Nor can the grave confine it here.
When Clirist, my Saviour, shall appear."

Mary Ann Oystend (birth not on Woburn Record), daughter of Capt.
John and Lucy (Tay) Oystead. "John Oystead. of Boston, and Lucy
Tay, of Woburn," were married Julv I, 1806. Mrs. Lucv Oystead married,
Dec. 30, 1822, Kobert Eames. (See' epitaph 138.)

(104.) " Erected in memory of Mrs. Hannah Converse, wife of Mr.
Jacob Converse, died suddenly, July 13, 1820, .Lt. 41.

" Therefore, be ye also ready, for
in such an hour as ye think
not, the Sou of man cometh."

Hannah Converse, wife of Jticob, nep. Hannah Bryant, is believed to
have been born in Ipswich. Her brother, Deacon Aaron Bryant, lived and
died in Wakefield. They had eight children.

(105.) " Sacred to the memory of Samuel Thompson, Esq., who died
Aug. 17. 1820, 2Et LXXXIX.

*' And the fruit of rigliteousuess is sown
in peace of them that make peace."


aged 54. (3) Widow Estlier Wyman, Oct. 22, 17S'.), died Aug. 5, 1818, rtii:cd
80 years (epitaph 95). He was an esquire and deacon, a very promiuent

(106.) " Sacred to the memory of Mrs Abigail Reed, wife of Mr.
Daniel Reed, Avho died Oct. 15, 1820, .Et. 87."

Abigail Reed, wife of Daniel Reed (epitapli G.t). (See Wyman's
Charlestown, 803, and Miss Carleton's Reeds and Winns, pp. 10, 11.)
Daniel Reed and Abigail Siuionds, daugliter of Lieut. James and Mary
(Fowlc) Simonds, were married March 9, 1754.

(107.) " Erected In memory of Maj. Abijah Thompson who died Oct.
27, 1820, JEt. 52.

*' Behold you all that now pass by,
As you are now so once was I ;
As I am now so you must be,
Prepare for death, and follow me."

' . r>


Major Abij ih Thompson, son of Abijah ("epitaph 110) and Abigail
(Wyniani Thompson, second wife, l)orn Uct. 24, 17(;8, and died as above.
He married (1) Lydia Mead. 1790 (epitaph 3;-i>; (•-) Widow Lydia Brad-
ford, Marcli 10 180'J (epitaph 2SU) ; father of the Late Geu. Abijah Thomp-
son, of Woburu.

(108.) " Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Mary Ricbardson, Relict of
Deacon Juduthun llicluirdson, who died Nov. i^^ 1820, Aged 80 Years."

Mary Ricliardson, relict of Deacon Jeduthun Richardson (epitaph 74),
nee Mary Wri^lit, danglitcr of John and Marv (Locke) Wright, born Jan.
29, 1741. (N.^E. Hist.' Gen. Reg., XXX Vil.,' 80.>

(109.) " Erected in memory of Mrs. Sall^'Holden, wife of Mr. "WilUajn
Holden, Jr., who died sadden, Jan. 30, 1821, JFA. 2G.

" The Memory of the just shall live.

•■' Also- Sally Tay, child of William & Sally Holden, died May 13th i824,
JEt. 3 years & 7 weeks."

Sally (Tay) Holden, w:ife of Williain, Jr., and daughter of John and
Sarah" (Cutter) Tuy, born Jan. 29, 1795. The child was barn Jan. 25, 1821.

(110-.) " In Meirwry of Mrs. Sarah Thompson wife of Mr. Abijah
Thompson who died March 22, 1821, .Et. G6, and In Memory of Mr
AbiJAh. Thompson who died Jan. IG, 1811, -Et. 72."

Sarah, the third wife of Abijah Thompson, »&■= Sarah Stanley (st?e
note to epitapli 122); Abijah Thumpsou. slieritl", died of apoplexy; was
born April 11, 1739, and was son of Samuel and Ruth (Wrigiit) Thomp
son, and brotiier of Saiauel Thompson, Esq. (^epitaph 105) He married
(1) Esther Snow, Dec. 13. 17.^'9, died 17(51 (epitaph, First Yard); (2)
Abigail Wymaii, 1702, died 1778; (H) Widow Sarah (Stanley) Rurtt, of
Tewksbury, sit.ph-a (marriage intention dated July IG, 1779). He was
father, by his last wife,, of the late Deacon Charles Thompson, of Xorth

(111.) " Erected In. memory of Mr. Jonathan W. Fowle, who died May
1, 1821, Mt. 31."

Jonathan W. Fowle, son of Benjamin and Mary (Wyman) Fowle.
(Compare note in Johnson's W^obaru Births, 98. See epitapli 292.)

(112.) "Erected In memory of EJjenczcr Cnmmings; who died June
4, 1821; .Et 73."

In ISoO, John A. Boutelle prepared the following family register of
Deacon Jolm Cumniings, son of Kbenezer Cunnniii^s: —

I. Isaac Cumniings> the family ancestor, said to be of Scottish origin,
was of Topstield. In .Vpril, 1G52 [1GG2], he had laud deeded to liini by
Samuel Siuionds situated near the line of lj>swich Isaac Cummings
deeded land to his son-in-law John Jowett, .April 21, 1G()2. In Ins will,
dated May 8, 1077, he mentions his son-in-law John Jewett, his son-in-
law John Tease, his son Isaac, his grandson Isaac (son of kis sou Isaac),
and appoints his sou Joiin sole executor.


r- " t

f. ■ ., >h

i 1" ' ■■ '


His issue wore: (0 /sarrc, mar. Mary Andrews, Nov. 2I>, KoO. and d.
Oct. 12; (-.0 Elizabfi.h, mar John Jewett; (3; Ani), mar. John Pea^e,
October, ICoO; (4) John, mar. Sarah .

II. Isaac Cimimiiiirs, deacon, of TopsfieUI, in liis will mentions his
sons Isaac and John, Ins danghters Abiirail and Kebecca Howlet, and left
property to liis son Sanuiol, if he should live to come home. Isaac
Cummings by his wife Mary had issue: (1) infant, b. Auij. l-'S, iccc,
d. Aug. 28, ICGO; (2) infant, b. Dec. 6, 1(;G2," d. Dec. i(, HM\2 ; (3)
Isaac, b. Sept. 15. 1GG4, mar. 1st, Alace Ilowlett, Dec. 2.5, 1G88, 2d,
Frances Sherwin, Nov. 1'3, 1G96; he d. Oct. 12, ITGl ; {i) John, b. June
7, IGGt;, mar. Susannah Towne, Jan. 23, 1C8S: (5) Thomas, h. May 14,
1G70, mar. Elizabetli Parker, March 20, 1705; (G) Jlanj. b. Feb. IG, iG71 ;'

(7) Ahiijail, b. , mar. Samuel Perley, of Ipswich, March 28, IGIU ; (S)

Jiebecca, b. April 1. 1G74, mar. Thomas Ilowlett, Jan. l."!. IGOG; (!))
Stevens, b. Feb. 27, 1G80, d. by the hands of the Indians, July 3, I70G; (10)

III. John by his wife Susannah had issue : (1) Josr-ph, b. Jan. 2G, l(]sr»,
mar. S.irah Esty, Dec. I, 1714(?;; (2) John;b. July 17, lCf»2; (3) ]s<nir, b.

Dec. 25, 1G95; (4) David, b. April IT), 1G'.»8, mar. Anna Sarah ;

(5) Nary, b. May 15, 1701; (G) Susannah, b. Jan. 3, 1702. mar. .Jonathan
"Whipple, Feb. 4, 1721; (7) Stevens, b. May 3. 170G; (8) Samwl, b. Feb.
]4, 1708, mar. Susannah Wood, Nov. 7, 1733; (!)} Jiebeeca, b. Nov. 7, 1713,
mar. Thomas Pcikiiis, Feb. 2. 1732.

IV. David Cummings in his will mentions his mother, Susannah, lie
had six children by his th'st wife and six bv his last wife. By his wife
Anna he had Lssue : (1) Dovid, b. March 2G,"l72;), mar. loanna Jones, and
resided and died in Woburn; (2) Jonathan, b. March 19, 1730, d. April 5,
1731 ; (3) Samuel, b. Feb. 28, 1732, mar. Eunice Bradstreet, Aug. 25, 175G,
and resided and died in Topstield. March 20. 179(;; (4) Anna. b. October,
1734, mar. Moses Perkins. Ajiril 11, 1754; (5) Susinnah. b. May 8, 1737;
(C) EU-ahitlt. b. September, 1739, d. Fei). 13, 1741. By his w'ife Sarali,
David Cummings had issue: (\) Jonathan, b Oct. 14.' 1743; he resided
and died in Andovcr; (2) Stephen, b. Jan. 27, 1745; (3) KU-alnth. b. Jan.
19, 1747, d. Feb. 14, 1747; (4) Daniel, b. Aug. 30, 1749; (5) Eli-ab<th, bap-
tized Sept. 22, 1751 ; (G) Archrlavs, baptized July 12. 1752.

V. David Cummings married for his first wife Joanna Jones, who died
Oct. 10, 1794, aged C5 ; for his second. Chloe Herrington, of Lexington,
April IG, 1795. He moved to Woburn and had issue: (1) Eli.z"h,t'h. b.
Sept. 19, 1747; (2) Ehenezrr, b. Sept. 21, 1749, mar. tirst Jemima Hartwell
of Bedford, second Lydia Tay, Nov. 29, 1810; he died in l-i'l; (3) D.ivid;
(4) Stephen, mar. Mary Col)urn, Jan. 22 179.'., d. April 12, ls04; i5) Dctsei/',
mar. Josiah Hall, of Cambritlge, Aug. 31, 1773; (G) ]'hel,e, b May 26, 175i;',
mar. Jonathan Simonds, Dec. 13, 1781 ; (7) Joanna, mar. Jonas IJrooks, of
Athol, Nov. 19, 1771; (8) Sarah, mar. Aaron Winche-ter, of Brookline.
April 22, 1787; (9) Susannah, mar. Calvin Moore; flO) Ahi<iail, b. April
2G, 17G3, mar. Caleb Simonds, Jan. 2, 1783; (11) Mani, b. April 28, 17G8,
mar. Uriah Goodwin, March 20, 1788; (12) Samuel, b.'Aug. 12, 1773, ,m:ir.'
Avis Pierce, Dec. 29, 1795; (13) liuth, mar. John Loveriug, of Walt'ham
April 9, 1795.

VI. Ebenezcr Cummings by his wife Jemima had issue: (1) Ehrne-er,
b. Nov. IS, 1775, mar. Kuth Skilton, Nov. G, 1804, d. Jan 12, 1845; (2)
Jemima, b. June 28. 1777. mar. Zadok Kogers, of Tewkshury, Dec. 5, 1805;
(3) Joseph, b. Dec. G. 1779, mar. Mitrtha Priest, of Coneord"; (4) I'hrbe, b.
Sept. 8, 1781, mar. Thomas Evans, July, 15, 1802; (5) Li/dia, b. April 3,
1783, mar. Daniel Gootliiue; (G) John, b. Feb. 2G, 1785, mar. Marcia Kich-
ardson, May 2, 1811 ; (7) David, b. Dec. 3, 17SC, mar. Hannah Vinton; (8)

■ I ■ t.


Hannah, b. Doc. 24, 1788, mar. Ezekiel Johnson. Jan. 10. 181j; fO) Joshna,
b. Dec. 7, 17'J0, mar. Desire Ilartwell Richardson. May 10. I.sl3;* (10) i

Jiuth, b. Nov. 12, 17'J2; (11) Samuel, b. Dec. 8, l."!»+, mar Joanna \

Siraonds; (12) Daniel, b. Jan. 7 1797, mar. Abii^ail Wri^iit, .June 1, 1817: 1

(13) Closes, b. Oct 15, 1800, mar. Harriet Cutler. By his wife Lydia,
Kbenezer Cumminss liad i'^snc : (1) Susan, b. Oct. 3, 1811, d. unmarried,
Sept. 8, 1837; (2) Stephen, b. March 7, 1814.

VII. John Cumniinijs, l)v his wife Marcia, had issue: (1) John, b. Oct.
19, 1812, mar. Sarah Piiillips;t (2) Xanoj, b. Dec. IC. 1814, mar. Jonathan
B. Winn; (3) Cyrus, b. Sept. 21, 1817, mar. Sarah Shedd.

(113.) " Erected In ^Memory of Mrs. Jernsha Ricliardson, wife of Mr. I

Bartholomew Richard-ou, Jr., who died Oct 10, 1821, .Et. 26.
" Farewell my husband and my friends.
Although it rends my heart,
I trust we all shall meet on high,
Where we shall never part."

Jerusha Richardson, nee Wyman, wife of Bartholomew Ricliardson Jr.,
was married June 13, 1810. she was daughter of Jesse and Susani'a
(Richardson) Wyman, and was born in Woburn, Jan. 31, KOO.

(114.) "Erected in memory of Ez a W. Reed, Son of Mr Ezra W. &
Mrs. Fanny Reed, who died December 1, 1821. .Et. 5 years >i 7 days."

Ezra W. Reed, son of Ezra and Fanny (Fowle) Reed. Birtli not on
Woburn Record. Parents, both of Woburn. married Oct. 27, 1814.

(115.) "Mrs Sarah wife of Kdwaixl Richardson, died December 25,
1821, .Et. 79.

" Erected by Job Richardson."

Sarah Richardson, wife of Edward Richardson, daughter of Samuel and
Ph be (Sawyer) Tidd born Nov. 8, 1743. (See epitaph 250.)

(116.) "In Memory of Rosina Gambald, only daughter of Mr. Heze-
kiah J. & Mrs. Sally Persons, who died .May 14. 1822. Aged 14 months ;i 14

• •' So fades the lovely, blooming floAver."

Rosina Gambald Persons daughter of Hezekiah J. and Sally (Rich-
ardson) Persons, boni March 10, 1^21. Parents, both of Woburn, married
July 2, 1818.

(117.) "Erected In Memory of Mrs. Susan Tidd, wife of Capt. John
Tidd, who died Aug. 20, 1822, ^Et. 27.

" Farewell my babe and husband dear,
I leave yon in God's care,
'Till we shall meet in worlds above,
To dwell forever there."

• PurentR of Henry Cuniininu's niid ifrMiiJpannts ofWIllinni II. CuuimingB.
t Ilou. Jo 11 Cuminirigs lumricd, secunJ, Mrs. Mury (Cowlcs) Hall.


Susan Tidd, daughter of Deacon Thaddeus Davis (epltapli 182), born
Sept. 18, 1795, first wife of Capt. John Tidd f-ee note to epitapli 2.^3.)
John Davis Tidd, son of Capt. John and Susan Tidd, born July 2'J, 1822.

(118.) " Erected In Memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Kendall, wife of Dea.
Obadiah Kendall, who died Oct. 3, 1822, JEt. &G."

Elizabeth (IMiles) Kendall, wife of Deacon Obadiah Kendall (epitaph
58). "Obadiah Kendall of Woburn," and "lilizabeth Miles of Con-
cord," were married in Lexington, Jan. 27, 17oG.

(119.) "In memory of "Widow Keziah Johnson who died Oct. 23, 1822,
^t. 75.

" Farewell to those dear children of mine
Happy in Chri>t, to death resign'd
Waste not an idle tear on me
Thou parent of immortality
Your time is sliort, you'v none to spare
for eternity prepare."

Keziah Johnson, widow of Reuben Johnson, was a daughter of Zebadiah
and Abigail (Pierce) Wyman, and was born April 8, lfl8. She married
Kuel Baidwin, Oct. 4, irG'J, and Reuben Jolinsou, Aug. 5, 1777.

(120.) "In Memory of William Symmes, Son of Zachariah Symmes,
and Nancy, his wife, who died October 27, 1822, JH. 3 y's, 9 ni's & 4 d.
" This lovely babe, so young & fair.
Called hence by early doom.
Just come to show how sweet a llower,
In paradise could bloom."'

William Symmes, son of Zachariah, 2d, and Nancy (Richardson)
Symmes, born Jan. 31, 1819. Parents, both of Woburu, married March
28, ISut). (Vinton's- Symmes Memorial, p. 78.)

(121 ) "In memory of Lydia Thompson, Dang, of Maj. Abijah & Mrs.
Lydia Thompson ^ who died Nov. 25, 1822 : .Et. 12 ys. 10 mo. & 'J days.

" Lord what is life? 'tis like a flower

That blossoms and is gone ; we "see

it flourish for an hour with

aU. its beauty on : but death

Comes like a wintry

day, and cuts

the pretty



Lydia Jaquith Thonvpson, daughter of Major Abijah and Mrs. Lydia
(Jaquith-Brudfonl) Thompson (ep^itaphs 107 and '260), boru Jan. 10, 1810.


(122.) "Abijah T., Son of Mr. Christopher P. & Mrs. Xaiicy Hosmer,
died Feb. 20, 1823 : .Et. 7 mo. & 9 ds."

Abijah T. llosraer, sou of Christopher P. and Xnncy (Thompson) Hos-
mer, born July 10. 1822. Parents married Feb. 27, 1812 (see epitaph 72).
The mother, Xancy (Thompson) Hosmer, was born .Tune 3, 179u: died
Sept. 28. 18.30; was ihe youngest dauirhter and child of Abijah (epitaph
110) and Sarah (Burtt) Thompson (epitaph liOj.

(123.) "Erected In memory of Mrs. Rachel Lawi-ence, widow of Mr.
Jonathan Lawrence, who died April 21, 1823, ^Ft. 93."

Rachel (Wright) Lawrence, widow of .Jonathan La-wrence (epitaph 3),
daughter of .Joseph and Rachel (Broolcs) Wright, and born in Woburn,
Feb. 8, 1730-31. Her mother died iu Woburn, a widow, .June 21, 1750.
(Vide epitaph 148, First Yard.)

(124.) "In memory of Mrs Sarah, wife of 'Mr. Andrew Evans, who
died April 22, 1823, .Et. 82."

Sarah (Center) Evans, wife of Andrew Evans (epitaph 10), married
Nov. 2.5. 17(30, in Woburn. Sarah Evans (Mrs. Antlrew, .Jr.) admitted
member of Woburn Church, Xov. 2, 17GG. (Church ^lanual, p. M.)

(125.) "Erected In memory of Mr. Josiah Winn Col)urn, of Gofls-
town X. H. who died in tliis town, Sept. 25, 1823 : JEt. 24.

" Deatli witli liis dart has pierced my heart,
AVhen I was in my prime ;
When tliis you see grieve not for me.

It was God's appointed time.
So depart, my friends dry your tears,
I must lie here 'till Christ appears."'

(126.) " Charlotte, Daug. of Mr. Horatio & Mrs. Charlotte Symmes
died Oct. 16, 1823 : J:t. 2 ys & 6 mo."

" Lie still dear child and take thy rest,
For Jesus call'd when he saw best."

Charlotte Symmes. daughter of Horatio and Charlotte (Johnson)
Symmos, born April, 1822. ''( Vinton's Symmes INIemorial, p. 81.) Parents,
both of Woburn, married Xov. 11, 1819. The birth of the above child is
not on Woburn Record.

(127.) " In Memory of Sarah Converse, who died June 24., 1824 : in the

73, year of her age."

Sarah Converse, widow of Benjamin (see epitaph 128). dauiihter of
Thomas and Patience Wright: born .July 18. 174S; married Benjamin
Converse, Aug. G, 1772. He died iu 1824 (,eiiitaph 128).

(128.) "In Memory of Mr. Benjamin Converse who died March 6'''
1824 : In the 93 vear of his age."


Benjamin Converse (Winchester Centre) married Sarah Wriijlit. who
died 1824 (epitaph 127) ; son of Ebenezer and Kiith; born Oct. 14^ 1732.

(129.) '-Ellis Robert Violl, Adopted Son of ]Mr Ellis and Mrs Hannah
G. Violl, of Charlestowu, died March 25, 1824; JEt. 3 vs. & 7 mo."

.Violo or Violi, commonly Viall; Ellis Viall, the father, died 182G
(epitaph 149). (cy. AVyman's Charlestown, 981.)

(130.) ''Hie Jacet Samson Silsby, born in Boston, on the 12th May,
1748, And died there the ISth May 1824, Aged 76 years & 6 days."
• •' This Stone -was erected by his son, Enoch Silsby of Boston."

Samson Silsby. The inscription seems "to lie suthciently explicit to
show tliat he was born and that he died in Boston, but whylie should be
buried here is not stated.

(131.) " In Memory of j\Ir Samuel Pierce who died ]\ray 20, 1824 in the
60 year of his age."

Samuel Pierce, son of Jacob and Abigail, born Aug. 7, 1704.

(132.) " In memory of Mr. John Snow, who died Aug. 31, 1824 : .Et 2(5.
"Dear friends think of your mortal >tate.
How frail your lives, how short the date;
Where is the man that draws his breath.
Safe from disea[s]e secure from death
When God doth call tlien you must go,
And leave all earthly things below.
To Wisdom's Voice then lend an ear,
And for a sudden death prepare "

(133.) ''Erected in Jlemory of Mrs Patience Gardner, widow of Mr
John Gardner of Charlestown; who died Oct. IS, 1824, ]VA. 80."

|P Patience Gardner, widow of John Garilncr, of Cliarlestown (see epitaph
100) iShe was Patience Wyman; marrieil Jan. l.s, 1770: born April 13.
1744. {<y. Wyiuan's (Miarlcstown, 4<)0, 1039.1 t?]ie was daughter of ben-
jamin and Esther Wyman, and was born in Woburn.

(134.) [Double stone.]

Mr. Jacob Ames, died Nov. 10, 1824; .Et. 73. Mrs. Esther, wife of Mr.
Jacob Ames, died Dec. 14, 1830; .Et. 81.

"These Mortal bodies, now of life bereft, '

Moulder and crumble back to kindred dust.
Angels of love their heavenly mansions left.
Returned to God the spirits in their trust."

Jacob .Ames, son of Jacob and Uaehel Eanies, l)orn June C, 17.")1.

Esther .Ames, widow of Jacob. Jacob Eames and Kstiier Tay, both of
Woburn, were married Auu'. 3. 177:). Estlier, daughter of William and
Susanna Tav, born Aug. 22, 1755.


(135.) " Erected in Memory of Lieut. Willard Jones who died Dec. 30,
1824, ^t. 55.

"My Saviour calls and I must go,
And leave you here my friends below ;
But soon my God will call for thee
Prepare for death and follow me."

Lieut. Willard Jones, died Dec. 21), 182-t, aged 55. He married Bridget |

Thompson, Aug. 20, 17'.i3, who died Aug. 2S, 1S5(], aged «5 years and i ]

months, daughter of Hiram and Bridget (Snow) Thompson, and grand- !

daughter of Capt. Ebenezer and Hannah (Converse) Thompson. She !

lived in the house at North Woburn where Count Kumford was born, being |

their grandparents' mansion. It is still standing, the present property of
the Rumfonl Historical Association. Slie was' born April 18, 1771. Wil-
lard Jones, of Wilmington, and Bridget Thompson, of "Woburn, were
married Aug. 20, 1793.

(136 ) " Mrs Sarah, widow of Mr Bartholomew Richardson, died Feb.
1, 1825 .Et. 88"

Sarah Richardson, widow of Bartholomew Richardson, was daughter of
Josiah and Sarah ( Evans) Converse, and was born Aug. 2(3. 1737. She
married Bartholomew Richardson, April 10, 17G0. (See epitaph Gl.)

(137.) " Erected in :Memory of :\rr. John Flaiig who died May 24. 1825

mt. 78.

"Friends, nor Pliysicians cannot save.
This mortal body from the gra\'e,
Nor can the grave contine him here.
When Christ shall call him to appear."

John Flagg, son of Zachariah and Mary, born Aug. 29. IHG.

(138.) " Erected in Memory of Mrs Lucy, wife of Mr Robert Ames;
who died June 7, 1825; ^t. 39.

" Farewell my son and daughter dear,
I leave you in God's care.
Farewell dear partner of my heart.
Till we shall meet "ho more to part."

Lucy Ames, wife of Robert. Robert Eames and Lucy Oystead, both of
Woburn, married Dec. 30, 1822. Her birth is not on Woburn Record.
(See epitaph 103.)

(139.) "In Memory of Mr. Jacob Pierce, who died Oct. 2, 1825 : in the
70 year of his age."
Jacob Pierce, son of Jacob and Abigail, bora Dec. 28, 1755.

(140.) " Erected in Memory of Mrs. Susannah wife of Dea. Jesse Con-
verse who died Oct. 10. 1825 ,Et. 53.



" Farewell my liusband and Children dear
Farewell m}- friends and kindred near
My Jesus calls and I must go
And leave you in this world of woe.''

Susanna Converse, wife of Deacon Jesse Converse. Marriage intention
of " Mr. Jesse Converse, of Wol)urn, and Miss Susanna Gould, of Stone-
ham," dated Feb. 2, 1793.

(141.) "Lavina, Daug. of Mr Larkin and Mrs Susan Livingston, died
Nov. 8. 1825 : .Ft. 3 y .<: 13 days.

" Sleep on sweet Ijabe and take thy rest,
God call'd thee home he thought it best."

Lavinia Livingston, daughter of Larkin and Susan (Munroe) Livingston :
birth not on AVoburn Kecord ; parents were married in Lexington, Dec.
7, 1821.

(142.) "In Memory of Capt. John Cutter, who died Nov. 23. 1825:
JEi. 55."

Capt. John Cutter, born at Meuotomy fnow Arlington), July 26, 1770;
son of John and l^ebecca (llilV) Cutter. His fathor was a niiUer in Med-
ford. (For biograpliical notice of Capt John Cutter, see History Cutter
Family of New England, p. 2.m .)

(142^.) "In memory of Miss Caroline Parker, who died May 31, 1S2G

JEt. 21."

Caroline Parker, daughter of Nathan Parker (epitaph 43). P,irtli not
on Woburn Kecord. According to Probate Keconls. Nathan Parker also
had children: Clarissa. Maria. Susanna, and Polly. All except Polly were
under fourteen years of age on April 14, 1808.

(143.) "In memory of Mr Daniel I^ell, who died suddenly July 13,
1826, .Ft 42, Also John P. son of Daniel & Phebe Bell died April 25,
1835 .Ft. 14 yrs.

"When blooming youth is snatch'd away,
By death's resistless hand ;
Our souls the mournful tribute pay,
Which pity must demand."

Daniel Bell. He married Mrs. Phebe Davis, ne'r Richardson, both of
Woburn, June .'5, 1813. Birtli not ow Woburn Kecord. Jolm raclKirdson
Bell, son of Daniel and Phebe, was born Mav 12, 1821. (See epitaphs
354, 361.)

(144.) "In Memory of Mr. Obadiah Kendall, who died Aug. 14, 182G;

In his 42 year.

"See here my friends as you pass by."

Obadiah Kendall, born Dec. 26. 17S4: son of Obadiah (epitaph 288) and
Sarah (Johnson) Kendall (epitapli 313).


(145.) "In Memory of Koyal Caldwell who died Sep. 2. 182G, iEt. 27.
" The gi'ave shall not confine me long;
This lifeless flesh shall rise ;
Then shall I fly with raptures new,
To dwell where Jesus is."

Royal Caldwell and Charlotte Parker, both of Woburu, married Oct. 2,
1823. Birth not on Woburn Record. (See epitaph 360.)

(146.) " Sacred to the memory of Mr. William Cutter, who died Oct.
22,. 1826: ^t. 25.

" Could youth or blooming beauty save,

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