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toiti) Notts.



89ftfc SmnpB,


VOL. m.



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Fnc:.i T!:c tctate of

FEnnUARY lb, 1936


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Zmo mMi Jlnastashut E mp n wi •/ ike lEmt*—
Birtkt Educmtipm, nd Jbrk EsfMU •/ T%eo4»-
He tks Ottrogotk^HU twaitm mtm CtmfUMt
tf Hmi9—TfU Ovtkit Ktmgdom tf lUJkf^SUM
if ik» frut—JUitMUtrf and Ona O0vnniumt—

J%§0 d wrU

A. 0. PASB

4a»~475 Birth and EdncfitioB of TlModorie.. 1

474— 491 The Reign or Zano S

491_^18 The Reign or AoMtttrtiM 8

4f7»— ^508 Benrice uid Rerolt of Theodorfe.... ib.

480 He nndertaket the OonqiMrt of Italy 4

BtoMardi 9

480, 490 The three Deftate of Od0M« ih.

488 Hie Caphuladon and Death 6

409— OO Reign of Theodorie, King of Italy... Uk

Partition of Laade 7

Separation or the OoChe and Iiallaaa Ih.

Foreign Policy of Tbeodorie 8


900 Bia naral Armament! lb.

Civil Government of Italy aecording to the

Roman Lawi 10

ftoeperlty or Rome* » . •••••••••••••••••• 11

900 VMtorTheodorIc lb.

Flonrtohlng State or Italy 19

Tbeodorie an Arian Ib.

His Toleration or the Calhollci 14

YleeiorhliOovemment lb.

He Ib provoked to peneeuie the CathoHoa. 19
Cbaraemr/Stndlei^ ana Hovow* of Ba9>

thiu 10

HlaPatrlotlem 17

He b aecoKd or Treaaon lb.

994 His Imprlfonment and Death 18

985 Death or SymmaehoB 10

9M Remorse and Death oT Tbeodorie lb.

EUpoH^ of JuBtin ike EUtr^RHgn of .AwtMem
— L TU BvtpreoM Tktod^rtf^U. fketion* ^ftks
Orreiw, and Sedition ^ OMtealtamle-III.
Trad* amd MoMufoetwro of Sitk-W. Fmaneot
Mnd Toxto^Y. EdifUoo of Juotiuif—Ckmnk
of 8L Bomkim—Pn'MeoiUmo mmd Prontiero of
tko EmoUm Empiro-^l. AboUtion^tkoSokooU
ofjatkona, tmd tko Ootunlokip ofM^mo,
A. 9. FA«n

48B or 483 Birth or the Emperor Justinian .... 90
918—907 Elevation and Reign or his Uncle

JoMln I ,.. ib.

990-907 Adoption and Soeeemion or JiMdntaa 91

907-969 The Rpltn or Justinian 09

Character and HIsloriea or Proeopltts lb.

DIvMonortheReignorJwdnian 93

Birth and Vices of the EmprasB Theodora Ik

Her Marriage with Jnsltatian B

HerTyranny • 90

Her Virtues ib^

5dB AndDeath 97

TberactioasortheClicai.. lb.

AtRome 98

They distraet Constandnopla and the East lb.

Justinian ravouis the Blues 90

m8edlilonorConstantlnopie,sumamedAtta 80

The DIsiresB or Justinian 81

rinnnesi oTTbeodora ib.

The Sedition Is suppressed 80


A. 9. riAB

Afrknltme aad MaaulbeiaMa of the East-
em Emplie 81

TheUseorSllkbytheRomaas 83

ImportatbmAomChfaiabyLandandSea. 84

inirodueuonorSUk Works Into Greece... 39

Suts of tiie Revenue 80

Avarice and ProAntoai or Justinian 87

Pamidous SavUwi lb.

RemiltMMea lb.

Tajua 88

Monopoliea lb.

Venality 38

Testamenia •••.••.... lb.

TbeMhiiatenofJnatinlaB Ib.

JohaofCappadoda 40

Bhi EdMcee and AicMieets 41

Foundation oT the Church or 8l Sophia.. 40.

Description 43

Mariiiee ib.

Riches 44

Churches and Palaces lb.

FortiOeations or Europe 49

Security or Asia after the Conquest of

laauria 47

Fortiflcations oT the Empire, ftom the

Euxiae to the Persian Frontier. • 48

488 Death of PeroBca,Kli«orPaiala 40

909-^909 The Pmaian War 90

FtortillcationaofDara lb.

The Caspian or Iberian Galea 91

The Schools or Athens .. 90

They are suppressed by Justinian ••...... 98

Prochis... .:.... .'.... 94

489-989 His Successors ib.

The Last or the Pbiloaophara 99

941 The Roman Consulship eztinguished by

Justinian. Ibi


Cnfuooto of JuMtinioM in tk* Wtot-^CkwroHot nd
Jhrtt Camfoigno of BtUoorroo^Ho invodeo and
oukdnoo tko Fandol Kingdom of Jlfrie»—Hio
TVinmpJi—Tke Ootkie mar— He reeovoro Sieih^
JVovIm, and Romo-^Siege of Rome kff tko Ootko
— TUctr Retreat emd J^ooeo — Surrender of J2«-
vonna.— OloTf of Belioariuo — JBo dsflMStts
Skamo and Muforttnm,

988 Justiniaa resohrea to Invade Africa 90

983-930 State of UieVandata. Bilderie ik

iHmer 97

iMDates on the African War IK

Charadrr and Chelae of Bellsarius 98

909-980 RIs Services In die Persian War.... lb.

938 Preparations ror tile AMeaa War 90

Departurs or the Fleet..... 00

BcAsarius Lands on tiie Coast or Africa.. 08

DetalstheVaadalslnafirMBattle 00

Reduction of Carthage ...\.... 0*

Final Delbat of Gelfaper and UieVandak. 09

934 Conquest or Arrica by Bellsarins. 07

Distress and Captlvhy of Gellmer 00

Return and Triumph of BeUsarlus 00

His sole Conaulshlp 70

End orGellmer and die Vandals.... V— ftw

Maanen and Dercat of the Moors 71

Neutrality of die VMgDlhs 70

990—090 Conquests or the Ramans In Spala. . 73

934 BellnriuB Uireaieiw the OstragotiM of

Italy ... lb

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A. 9. fAmm

aO-4Di OovanmMBtndDMthof AmalMon-

tlia,auaeooriiidy 74

IerllsUe«iidI>e«Ui 75

iBteily.... 76

B4-XS36 iUsign and WeakneiBor Tbeodfttua,

the Gothic King of Italy .7. 77

537 Bellnriii* Ui vadw Italy and ndaeet Napta 78
436-^540 VitigM,Kii« of Italy .TTT. 79

538 Ballaarius enten Rome 80

937 8lefeorEoiiiebycbeGotlM... lb.

VakMif of BeliM r iua. 81

HIi Uefeoca of HooM lb.

RepaleeeatenaralAaMaUofUieGolbe.. 83

Hie08ili«i 84

DifltNMoftheClty |b.

Elite of Pope SylveriiM 85

Deliveraaoe of Um CUjr 86

BoMaariuareeoveniBaay Cities of Italy... 87

5«^l NefotiatioH aad Tkvatiei httmtn
Juetloiaii and Cboiiofe i



ueetaoftbe Ab



—^•1 Graf MMl •/ lUbf If Jfkrge^^txUnOUm

S3B The Goihs ralee the Stofe of Rome .

R4Xira to Ravenna ....,

JeakMMf of Uie Roman Generato .... .

Death of Gottfltanilae ,

The Eumich Naieee ,

TVmem aad Aotiiority of BdiMrloi.

aSBi 530 Invasion of Italy by the Fnaks..

Deatmcliua of Milan

Belisarliis besieges Ravenna

SIOBabdttes the GochicKlnfdom of Italy ..

CaiHivlty of VkUges ib.

jNO Return and eiory of Belisarius lb.

BeeietHismryofhlsWifeAaioaina 03

Her Lover Theodosius 94

ns s wif ent of Beiisarios and her Boa Pho>

tins , ib.

PttneeuiionofberBcMi as

Plyaee and Biihmisrinn of Beihwrlns.... ih.


tk» l^vmhardt m fJU DnMha^mhea amd /■
•»«* 0/ tke SeUoonimu^OHgHu Rmpin. tmd
JEiRlwriM ^f thm Tm*$—Tk$ FUgit «/ tk»
Avan^Ck»tro9» L vr Jfiukirvan Ktng if Par-
^Ur-Hu ]rr0tfnwu Rdgn mU Wmr* wUk tk$
lUmmM—Tlu CMcMm er LaxU W§r^Tks

A.> B. PAoa

MT-MS Weakaeai of the Empire of Joeti-

nian. , m

Btate of the Barbarians !!!!!!! 06

The Gepida ^... {b.

The Lombards |b.

The Sclavonians 99

Their Inroads 100

545 Orifin and Monarchy of the Turks In Asia 101
The Avars fly before the Turks, and sp-

<<. mJP*!*? ^ ™P*'« •• IW

M0 - 5g Embassies of the Turks aad Romans lb.

S00-^10 8tale of Persia loa

531-^ IUsign of NiMhirvanor Gbosioee .... 107

His Love of Learning ue

, «.»» .... _ jj^










585-530 4»eaca and War whh the

540 He iavadfls Syria

And ruins Aniteeli....
5M Defence of the East by

DsBcriptkMi i

Manners of the NaUvea



if! }i"it|»f Allan... .^


Sli-^ Revolt and Repeatanec of the Col.

7*trog9tM»^D^fmt ^ tks FrmUts ami
nt^lMi FUUrm, Diagraet^ and Dtih
•/ BdueHM— Dssa mU ChmfcUr ^f Juatimm
— QMMto, g ert AfsJ ^ w, end FUgw$.

535-545 The TronUes of AlHea IS

543—558 Rebellion of the Moors 195

510 Revolt of the Goihs 198

541-^544 VidorieeofTotihhKlncof Italy.... 197
CootraatofGreek Vice and Gothic Virtue, ib.
544-^548 BeoQod Command of BeUaariiw in

Italy 198

548 Rome beslefod by the Goths, s. 190

Auempt of BeliaariuB 130

Rome taken by the Goths lb.

547 Recovered by Belisarius 139

548 Final ReeaU of Beliaarius 133

540 Rome again uken by the Goths 134

54»-551 Preparaaione of JosUnian for the Go-
thic War 135

599 Character and Expedition of the Eunuch

Narsos 138

Defbat and Death of Tntila 137

Conquest of Rome by Naraes 136

553 Defeat and Death of Telas, the last King

oftheOothe 130

Invasion of Italy by the Franks and Ale-
mannl ..«••.••..••....•..*..• 148

554 Deleat of the Franks and AlesBaiioi by

Narass 141

554-508 Beulement of Italy m

590 Invasion of the Botaartans 143

Last Victory of Belbarins 144

501 His Di^raoe and Death ib

565 Death and Character of JusHalaa 148

531—5^0 Comets 147

Earthquakrs ]48

549 Plague— Its OrMn and Nature 140

549-^504 Extent and Duratloo 150


IdM •/ tk» Amm* Jmmr

dgnM—Tkn Law tf

«2-«l BleteofPetrA

54B-^ The Cotehiaa or Laxic War .

IA« KiiiM»-^Tkt TVefM Tkhlea ^ Ou Dectmmra
^Tkt Laimt of tks PeafU—Tk* Dtrtf •/ (As
£aMle— ru Editta •/ tk» Mmtratm orndBm-
penr»-^Autk9rUf •/ tks OfoOiaa^— Cvdu, Pau-
dteU, JfaoeU, mud hutihUu, af JwHUUm: t
BighUtof PerMana, IL HMgkUafTkinga, IH
PnpaU injuries mdjietuiu. IV. CrSasa and

A. n. PAOS

Th9 Civil or Roman Law 151

Laws of the Kings of Room 159

?he Twelve Tables of the Decemvlia .... 158

Tbeir Charaoisr and Influence. 154

Laws of the People 155

• Decrees of tbsBeoate... ib.

Edicts of the Prstors 158

The Perpetual Edict Ib

OoBsatutioosoftlieEmperon ib

The Legislative Power 157

Their Rescripts 158

FnrmsofibeRoamnLaw lb.

B M w c ess l oa of the Clvtt Lawyers 150

A. 0. c. VAoa

303-846 The flfsl Period 150

648-088 Second Period Ib.

966-1930 Third Period MO

Their PhUosopiiy lb

Digitized by VjOOQI'C


AathoiUr 1«1

fl«cii ib.


fin? lefcnnAtfcm of tb« Romui Law by Jam-

Biaa IM

ai7-«M Tribonima 163

aaB,«tBTlM*Cod«orjiudnl«ii 164

«0-433 Tbe PuMieets or Dleett ib.

PrmlaeaiulCcMureorUieCodeaiMlPaDdecti lb.

Lon of ttoe ancient JurliprudaoM 165

Legnl IncofiMaoey of JuaUoian J67

5M 8«condEdiaonorUM€kNl« Ibb

534-^565 TheMoveto ib.

fi33 TbelnsUtutM Ib.

I. Or PsasoHi. Freeman and Stavee. .. . 168

Fatben and Children 160

LimitadoM of the Paternal Authortty .... 170

HiMbandfandWivet 171

The rHIgloua Rlifli of Marrlace lb.

Freedom of Uie matrimonial OontraM .... lb.

Liberty and Abuae of DIvoree 173

Limkiatioiii iif the Liberty of DIvorea .... 173

Incest, Concubines, and Basiardi 174

Guardians and Wards 175

n. Or Thm as. Ricbt of Property Ib.

Of Inheritance and Succemlon... 177

Civil DeBf«es of Kindred ib.

Introduction and Liberty of Testamentt. .alTB

Lcncies 170

CndicUs and Trusts ib.

m. Or AcnoRS 180

Promises lb.

Benefits lb.

Interest of Money 181

Injuries Ibw

IV. Or CaiHBs AND PirmsBKBirrs 188

Severity of the Twelve Tables lb.

Abolition or Oblivion of penal Laws 184

Eevival of ca|rttal Puaishaienta ; 185

Measure of OttUt 186

Unnatural Vice ib.

Blfour of the Christian B mp ei m s lb.

Jodgmenis of the People 187

B electJ udges 188

Volunury Exile and Death 180

Abuses of CIvUJttriipnidanoe lb.


lUign •f th0 TMMmr Jkatm-Embmu^ tf Os
./ear*— 7Mr SMtlemmH •» UU DrnKnU^Cam-
fMtC 1/ tialg hf tk» lAHmkmrd9-Aiaftum wad
Mgn of Tibtrimo^Of MmmncfStaU of ttatif
undtr d* I.omUrd9 md tU £s«rcAa— 0/ A*
««mM— DuCrM* of Re— —Os r e ci T and Psn-
pJkMltiif Oregorf tk» Jlint.

A. 9. PAOB

565 Death of Justinian 190

565-^74 Beign of Justin IL or the Tounfer . . 101

566 His Consulship ib.

Embassy of tlM Avars •• lb.

Alboin, King of the Lombards— his Va-
lour, Love, and Revenge 191

The Lombards and A vais destroy the King

and Kingdom of the Gepide 108

187 Albolu underukes the Conquest of Italy. . IM

Disaffectloo and Death of Naiaes Ibw

966-^570 Cowiuestof a gieatPart of Italy by

theLoffibards 105

^Alboin to murdered by htoWUbEoeaiiioiid 106

flerFUfht and Death 10?

Clepbo King of the Lombards lb.

WcaknoMofthe Emperor Juiitln 108

574 AaPQciaOonofTlberliis ib.

578 Death of Justin IL 100

S S«ign of Tiberius U lb.

His Virtues 900

The Rdgn of Maurice lb.

Dlstn^ of Italy 901

»4-400 Aotharts, Ktaig of the

The Exarchate of Ravenna 9V

The Kingdom of U^ Lombards 908

Language and Manners of the Lombards . lb.

Drees and Marriage 906

Government ib.

643 Laws 906

MiseryofRome lb.

The Tombs and Relks of the Apostles ... 908
Birth and Professiun of Gregory the Roman lb.

500-604 PooUllcaie of Gregory the Great, or

First .7:.: ?... 900

Hto spiritual Office lb

And temporal Government 910

His Estates ib.

And Alms ib.

TheBavioarofRoaM OH


lUocUumu ^f Tvi^MfUr tk$ D—tk tf CUavm
•r M\ukirvmi^—Hi» Sam Harmaux, • 7>rajU, it
iepMt^^Vtwvatiun ^f Btkramr-Flight nd
MLe*t0ration ^ Ckmtroet tl.-^Uis OrmtiiudM Is
tJke Jtom9m0-'TkB OUyea qf tAt Jlwa^RmoU
qf UU Jtrmg a^anwt JBaarus—irit Dtatk^Tf-
rmmmi of PkoMt—BUvtion qf ttertieliu»-^Ti§
Pernmrn tVat^Ckotroet mM«m Sfnt, Cg^t^
amd Jl»i% Min»r~-9Ugt ^ CnlOMtimaipU by tk$
Pergiatu and Avtra^ Persian ExftdiUont—yU-
Uriu sad Trim^^f JHoracUus,

A.*. rAOB
Contest of BoeM bod Pefila 911

570 Conquest of Yemen by HusMrvaa 911

579 Hto last War wMillwBomaas lb.

579 Hto Death 918

570^^500 Tyranny and VIoea of hto Boa Hor-

mooa ••..•.«••.... lb

500 Explollsof Bahram 914

BtoBebeMon 915

HormouB to deposed and tmpriaooad 916

El«vMkm of hb B«n Choeroes Vk.

Death of Honnoaa 917

Chosrses flies to the BonaM Ik

Hto Retam, and flaal Vtelery . ib

Death of Bahram 916

901— OKI ResteraiionofPeiicyafChoaroes.... ib.
Pride, Policy, and Power of the Gha-

ganiff the Avars 919

109 Wars ofMaurtee against the Avars. 991

Stale of the ReuMn Annies. 999

Thek Diseontent 991

AndRebeltton ib.

609 EtocUon of PboBM lb.

RevnhofCoasiaailaopto 994

Deubof MaurioeandhtoChlldiea 995

609-610 Phoeas Emperar lb.

Hto Character ib.

And Tyranny 9U

610 Rte Fall and Death ib.

610-449 Reign of Horaoliua 997

600 Chosrecs invades the Roman Empire Ib.

611 HtoConqmstof Byria 998

614 OfPatestine 99

016 Orggypt ib.

Of Asia Minor lb.

Hto Reign and Mi«nUloeMe lb.

SM^-eOI DtotreHofHctaellaa 931

He solicits Peaea 939

691 Hto P rcp ar atl aa a Ibr War ib.

«9 First Expedition of Heradlas against the

Fenians. •.....<< « 993

693,694,695 Hto seoondExpedltSoB 984

OB Dellveranoe of Constantinople fteat the

Paraians and Avars... 956

AManeesandComiuestoofHetacUus .... 987
OSTHtotMrdExpedHloa SM

And VIciories 910

Flight of Chesroes lb

OOBHetodeposed 910

And murderetfbyhtoBon Shoes .»•...?. ib

Treaty of PaaDabenrean the n

Digitized by VjOOQIC


7%MUgie0l HisUrf •f tk* Doctriw tf UU Tnear-
nction-^TlU Humm* and JHvvm Jfutmn of
Ckrist^Enmitf of UU PatrUurcka 0/JSUxandrta
mnd ConalMtUmopU-^Sl. f^ril and J^ettarins—
Tkird Gtnsral Gnmca of Epkasns—Heruf ^f
EtUf€U»—fbnrtA 0«ntrat Coaneil af CkaUedon
— CtciZ and EcclMiastical Diseordr~lnUtUrane*
tf J$uUnian—l%e Tkrte CkspUra^Tkt Mono-
tkeliU ControverofStaU of the Oriontal Socto :
L The JfottorioMO—n. The Jaeobitoo—llL The
Maronkeo—W. Tko Armenimu—V. The CopU
— VL THko Jiifooiniaju,

A. 9. 'AOI

TbelneamaiionorChrlfl MS

. L AporaMaatoiheEbtonitM 943

Hit Binh snd Eieyaiion lb.

II. A pore God to Um DooelM t44

Hta Incomiptlble Body 94S

III. DoaMa Nature of Cerinthuf 946

IV. Divine iDcaniatlon of Apolllnarb. . . ib.
y. Onhodooc Ooosem and verbal Dto-

puiei 948

419-444 Cjrill. PatHarcli of Alezaadrta lb.

413,414,415 HtoTyrmnny 949

498 NestoriiM, Patrtareta of CoDBtanUnople .. 950

49»-431 HtoHereay 951

431 FlfM Conaul or EDhem 9SS

CondeninatloaorNeBtorlus 953

OpposlUon of tbe Orientals lb.

431-435 Vlciory of Cyril 954

435fixlleof NeMorlus 955

448 HeraayofEutyclMi 956

449 Second Couocll of Eptaema 957

451 CouneUofChaleedoa lb.

Faith of Ctaalcedon 980

451— 489 DtoeordofUieEaat 960

489 TtoeHenoUoonofZeno ib.

506-^18 TbeTrinvion, and rellcloua War,

dll the Death of ADaetaaiui 961

514 FfritrelifkNM War 963

9i» - 565 Theological Character and Govem-

meot of Justinian.... lb.

His renecuUoa of Heretkes 964

Of Pagans > Ib.

Of Jews ib.

Of Samarluna 965

Bis Oithodozy 4 Ib.

S39-608 The Three Cbantere lb.

553 Vih General Council: Ud of Constantl-

nnple... 966

564 Heresy of Justinian lb.

699 The Monotheltte Controversy 967

639 TheEctheslsofHeraelius lb.

648 The Type of Constaus lb.

680 - 681 Vlth General Council : lUd of Con-
stantinople 98R

Union of tne Greek and LaUn Churches. 989
Perpetual Separation of the Oriental Sects lb.

I. TheNeslorians.... 970

aoo Sole Masten of Persia 971

S0I>-19U0 Thrlr Missions in Tartary, India,

China, ^ 979

883 The Christians of St. Thomas In India. . . 973

II. The JacoMtes 974

ni. TheMaronltes 976

IV. TheArmeaians 977

V. The Copts or EgypUans 978

537-568 The PatriatetiTheodoalas ibw

533 Paul lb.

551 Apolllnaris ib.

SHI Eulogios 939

600 John lb.

Their Separation and Decay lb.

685-661 BeiOanio. the Jaeoblte Patriarch... 980

VL The Abysslnlans and Nubians Ibw

530 Church of Aby«<nt» 981

1595-1590 The Poriugueoe in Abyssinia lb.

1557 Mission of the Jesuits 989

lOW^SonversltNi of the Emperor ib.

U39 Final SxpoWoQ of the Jesuits 9n

Pfs« tf tJU Bommndor of tk$ JHttory— tuMSMJsa

and Ckaraelort of tko Orook Bmp^roro of Con-
atantiaofUi from iko Tiwu of MoraoUua U tk$
Latin ConpmU
▲. 0. »▲•■

Defects of the ByxantineHislory. 983

Its Connexion with the Bevotutions of
the World 9M

Plan of the Bemalnder of tlie Bistory. ... lb.

Second Marriage and Death of Beraclius 986
641 ConsUnUnelll lb.

Heradeonas flk.

Puiiisbiuentof Bfartlna and Beradeonas. 987

ConsUnsIL lb.

668 Constaittine IV. Pogonatos 988

6H5 Justinian II ib.

695-705 Bis Exile 989

705—711 His Bcstoratlon and Death 990

711 Phlllppicus 901

713 Auastasius II. ib.

716 Theodoslus HI ib.

718 Leo 111. the laaurian lb.

741 Constanilns V. CopronTmus 998

775 Leo IV 981

780 Constantino VL and Irene ib.

799 Irene 904

8ra Nicephorus L 999

8irSuuracius lb.

Michael L Bhangabe ibb

813 Leo V. the Armenian 996

880 Michael IL the Stammerer 907

890 Tbeopbllus ibw

849 Michael III 998

887 BasilL the Macedonian 300

886 Leo VL the Phlkieopher 309

911 Alexander, Constantino VIL PorphTroge-

nlius 308

010 Bomanus I.Lecapenus lb.

Christopher, 8iephen,Oonstantine VIIL ib.

049 Constantino Vn ib.

050 Romanus It janlor 304

003 Nlcephorus II. Phocas ib.

969 John Zlmlsccs, Basil H., Constantino IX. 305
076 BasU ir. and CoiisiaaUne IX. 306

1095 ConstamJne IX. 307

1098 Bomanus HL A riyrus ib.

1034 Michael IV. the Paphtagonlan lb.

1041 Michael V. Calapbates 308

1048 Zoe and Theodora ib.

Constantlne X. Monomaehus ib.

1054 Theodora lb.

1056 Michael VLBtratloticus ib.

1057 Isaac I. Comnenus 309

1U99 Constantlne XI. Duces , 310

1067 Eudoeia ib.

Bomanus HI. Diogenes ib.

1071 Michael VH. Parapinaees, Andronlcos L

Constantlne XIL... 777. lb

1078 Nlcephorus lU. Boianlatee 311

inei Alexius L Comnenus 319

1118 John, or Calo-Johannss 313

1143 Manuel 314

1180 Alexius n 319

Character and firetadventuresofAdronicus ib.

1183 Adronlctts L Comnenus 319

1169 IsaaclL Angdus 3U

Iniroineii^n^ Worokipf and PorooeuHon of tmaroa
— JtMieIC •/ Asly nd Rom&^rtmp0rmiy Doni-
nion of tko Popeo—Cpnfnaot ^f Itahf hn ik§
F^amko—EotaiUokmont of /sic/sf— Obarecl«r
omd (^ronaUon of CkmrUmagno—RroUration
and Doeof of tke Roman Empirt in the IFwf-
Indemtndenet of Italif—Onuttt^'^iom of tka Oer

^ »•, PAOt

lotrodoctlnn of Images Into the Christian

Church 331

Their Wonhip 26

Digitized by VjOOQIC


ThebMftoTEdam SM

TtaOoaim SB

OpfKmiioii 10 Imafe wonUp • ih.

7V-6I0 LeoUielcoii o clm,a i idlii»8 y ci«ow 388

7M Tlieir Synod It OotMUoUnople 9S7

Their Craed lb.

798—775 Tbeir penoeutioa oflbe loMfei and

lloDka U».

Stateofhaly 3U

797 Eptttle of OfogorylL to tlM Emperor •••• B3u

79S Revolt of luty 331

RepuUleorRoiiM »

TSI^TGS Room uiockcd tar the Lomboidt... 333

754 Her DeHvermoee by Pepin.; 334

774 CooqiaeetofLoabafdybyClyuieiMfiM.. 33S
791. 793. TW Popia and Chnftamagoe, KLifi

of Prance 336

Patrlclani of Rome 337

Donations of Pcpio and ChartomapM to

tfaePopee 338

Fbrfery )fUM Donatkm of Oonetantlne. . 33B
780 ReeioraikMi of Iniageo In the East by tbe

RmpreM Irene 340

787 Vllth General ConneU, Hd of Nke 341

649 Final EetabtMhrnenl of Imagci ^ tbe

EmpreM Theiidnra lb.

7M Beloctaiiee of tbe Fraaki and of Cbarle-

manw 349

774-«IO Final Separation of tbe Popee ftom*

the Eastern Empire ib.

800 Coronation of Charlemagne as Emperor

ofRomeandoftbeWest 343

I Reicnand Character of Ctaarlemacne 344

ent of his Empire; Prance.... 340

Spahi; Italy; Germany; Hungary 347

Hbi Nelgfaboun and Enemies 348

HisSooceaMMa 348

814-887 In Italy ib.

•11 InGermaoy lb.

987 In Prance lb.

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