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ProcD'omus of the History, Structure and

Physiology of the Lucemarise, K J.

Clark, noticed, 459.
Protozoans, oceanic, related to sponges,

/. D, DanaJS&d.
Prwaneher, JL, Flore Canadienne, etc,

noticed, 445.
Pyroschlsts, history of; T. 8, Munt^ 157.
analysis of; WhUney, 160.

QueUlei, A., Sur la Physique du Globe,
reviewed, 152.

y, iL C, glacial origin of lakes, 824.
"hergy urine of oxen, 291.
Ray-bands, & R Hurdy 891.
Red Disease of Cayenne, 266.
Red river basin, 224.
Refraction of fluid homologous co

pounds, indices o^ LandoUy\Vi.
Renwick, James, obituary of, 806.
Revolving dislcs, appearances produced by,

0. NTSoody 357.
lUicK, concentration of silver in lead, 119.
JHchteTy R,y amount of manganese in some

irons, 120.

mehkTy R, crystallised silicon in piglroot


Desulphuration of iron in puddling,
Roqapety W. T., thallium In fhmace pro>

ducts, 420.
RomtU^ar. a, Pleurodyctium problematic
cum, 82.
Leptocoelia concaTa, 84.
Roody a N.J appearances produced by re-
volving disks, 867.

Bisulphid of carbon prisms for spec-
tral analysis, 856.
RHtherfurti L, JV., Astronomical observa-
tions with spectroscope, 71.

Companion to Sirius, steUar spectra,
and spectroscope, 407.


St Francis river basin, 227.
iSfc*<Ktr<r, O. C, origin of nitrites, 40QL
ScheereTy arsenlds of copper, 296.
Sehtwrtr-Ktdintry A.y Prlnclpes Elemen-
taire de la Theorie Chimique des l^pea
Appliqu^e aux Combinaslons Organ-
Iques, noticed, 270.
Sehonb^Hy allotropic form of oxygen. 111.
peroxyd of hydrogen, 114.
formation of nitrite of ammonia, 118.
preparation of ozone, 111.
SehuUzy Max.. chemistry of germination,

noticed, 290.
Science of International Exhibition, 0. C.

SidiUoty uistoire des Arabes, noticed, 2O0L
Seemanny Ry vegetable productions of F^i

Islands, noticed, 446.
SeUeny O.y Globe lens for photographic

camera, 819.
Senarmont, H. H. de, obituary, 260.
Sheffield Laboratory Contributions, 94.
Shooting stars, see Astronomv.
Silica, occurrence oC in the higher planta,

STW. Johnaofiy 124.
Silicon, crystallized, in pig-iron, R Riek-

toTy 118.
SiaimaTiy Ry Jr,y note on Quetelet's Phys-
ique du Globe, 164.

book noUces, 184^ 146, 152, 808, 804,
National Academy of Science, 462b
obituaries, 155, 806.
technical chemistry, 283.
spectroscope, 408.
Silver, concentration of, in lead, JSfieA, 110.
Sirius, companion to, L. M. Rutheifurd^

Smithsonian Institution, explorations en-

couraged by, 286.
Societies, see Proceedings.
Sodium line D, analysis of, L. M, Ruthet-

furdy 407.

spectrum, Fizeau — 0(66«, 414.
Soils, composition of, A. MiuUry 292.
Solar spectrum, Merxy 413.
Solubilities. DlcUonary of, F.H. Stcrer. 808.
Solution of Ico on inland waters, R F,

Sander and Uarveyy Flora Capensis, no-

Uced, 444.
Species, study of, AlpK IkCandolUy 48L

Digitized by VjOOQlC



l^>6ctim of aUuOlne metalt, Woff 9Skd Dior
con, 411
stellar, L. M, RuihnfSird, 407.
Spectral analjsU by prUms of flint glass
and bisulphid of carbon, 0. N, Bood^ 856.
contributions to, BbUgtr, 414.
Spectroscope, now form, LiUrow. 418.
L. M. Mutherfurd, 407.
for astronomical obsenrations, L, M.
Jtutherfurd, 71.
new form, W. OiNm, 110.
Spectmm, solar, Men. 41&

Frannhofer lines in, AnaMm^ 411.
Sphaena of New Jersey, C. 7. Awkii^ 968.
Star^ower in 15d5, 4&L
Starch, amount ot in various seeds, Dra-
quantitative determination of, JDra

gendorff, llfl.
}teet£, Joai

SteetE, Joachim, death of, 449.
SHmpmm, TT., classification of Bracbyura,
etc. 189.
Diatoms on deep sea bottoms, 464.
genus Diplothyra, 465.
review of Conrad's Catalogue of Mio-
cene Shells, 42a
Stohwuuunrlne of oxen, 291.
Storer, F. H., Dictionary of Solubilities,

noticed, 303.
Strahly classification of Bracbyura, 189.
Sur la Physique du Globe, A, Quddely re-

viewed, 152.
Sorvev, Coast, report, 289.

of Hudson Bay territory, 287.
of Nortliwest Boundary, 289.
of peninsula of California, 286.
Susquchannah-valley jBTlacier, 249.
Synopsis Plantarum Vitiensium, noticed,



T^^grapbie Electrique, manuel de, Bre-

guet^ noticed, 269.
Temperature, extreme, variation of^ in
temperate zone, H*. DennU^ 44.

observations, method of reducing, J.
2). EvereU, 17.

remarks on Everett's article, E,
Xoomis, 81.
Tendrils of Virginia creeper, Ac, A. Oray^

Thallium, Dumaa^CrookM^^^tZ,

in furnace products, W. T, Soepper,
Theorie Physique des Odeurs et des Sa-
veurs, /. yieklhy noticed, 270.
des Series, Laurmty noticed, 270.
Torrey^ /., octahedral galena, 126.
TVMm, O, W.^ Jr.^ monograph of Phola-

dacea, Ac, noticed, 29C
Tunner^ Bessemer's process, 421.
Tweedie, John, death of, 449.
Tioining^ A, C, remarks on meteors. 149.
shoothig stars of Nov. 1862, 1^

UnionidsB, observations on, X Lea, no-
ticed. 148.

Unit^ des Races Humaines, Ladeei-Boehe,

U. S. Naval Observatory, observations
made at, /. M, OUliet, noticed, 146.

VanBeuvd, J, A^ Indian ntce of Hayti, 17L
VentilaUon at Key West, K R HmU, 804.
Vermont, Geology of, price raised, 48a
Vertebrates, feathered, in Jorassic, A.

Waaner—H: von MefSTy 129.
Vis Tellurique, Biffuyer de ChaneourMe^

noticed, 270.
Vites Boreali-Americann, IS. Dyrand^Ch,

JOetMouline^ reviewed, 446.

Wagner^ A.^ Jurassic feathered reptOes,

Waterglass, Ji M. Ofdvay, 185.
Water moonrise, B. R Hunty 895.
Waietrn^ J, C, corrections of elements of

a comeL 218.
WebtUr^ J., process for o3^gen, 288.
Weights, metric system, 9&,
White river basin, 225.
Wieke^ estimation of lime, 116.
Winchdl, A.y identification of CaUkill and

Chemung groups, 61.
Wine, changes in, /. NieJdh. 250.
Wolf and maeon^ spectra of metals, 414.
Wood, preservation of, 267.
Woodtoard, H.y Arch»opter3rx lithograph-

WurU^ oxyethylene bases, 114.

Yazoo river basin, 282.
YcUow fever, E. R Huni, 805.


Zodiacal light at Key West, Btrnt, 88&
ZooLOOT ;—

Classification of Bradiynra, W. 8Hmp-
son, 189.
of mammals, /. 2>. Dona, 65.

Diatoms on deep sea-bottoms, W, Stimp-
son, 454^

Evidence as to Man*s place in nature,
T. K Huxley, reviewed, 451.

Hairs collections at Frobisher Bay, 0,
N. Lawrence^ 295.

JatCe Prodromus of the Ophidia, re-
viewed. 465.

Lucemana the coenotype of AcalephK,
H. /. Clark, 846.

Observations on genus Unio, Z Lea, no-
ticed, 148.

Oceanic Protozoans related to sponges,
/ 2>. Dana, 886.

Works on, received, 808w

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