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Compiled by Effie L. Power,
instructor in children's liter-
ature, Cleveland Normal School
1903-1908. Lecturer on chil-
dren's lit erature Western
Reserve University Library



I '\


This children's library was selected and the books purchased for
the use of the students in the summer library school conducted by the
Micliigan State Board of Library Commissioners at the State Library
Lansing, 1908. The list is now printed for the use of all library workers
in the state. The books here listed make up a general children's
library, which should lead to the adult library. Care has been taken
to include a fair proportion of books of information and to recommend
attractive editions of standard works of literature. The library child
is not at first a reader and his choice is greatly influenced by the
mechanical make-uj) of books. He is attracted by the clear tyjje,
wide margins and the color in the binding. There is an educating
power in all these details, and the best editions, especially of the classics,
should be purchased for use in the children's library. The compiler
of this catalogue, Miss Effie L. Power, has had large experience and
has earned a reputation as a children's librarian and teacher of library
work for children. A large proportion of the notes included in this
list was prepared by Miss May H. Prentice and Miss Effie L. Power
and appear in a list entitled '^'A children's library" compiled by the
above mentioned librarians. Notes have also been selected from
the lists prepared by the Oregon Commission, the Cleveland Public
Libraiy, the Wisconsin Conmiission and the Pittsburg Caniegie IJbrary.

This*^list will be submitted to book sellers in the state with the request
that they furnish the books listed at the discount price.


State Librarian.



Note. — Prices at right show the regular and discount price of the
books. Figures at the left show the grades.

Picture books to serve their purpose in a library must
not only be beautiful and instructive, but must lead to reading books
they are the beginnings of children's literature.

'"And what is the use of a book,' thought Alice,
'Without pictures or conversation?"!


I Bannerman, Helen. Story of little black Sambo. Stokes, $.50. . $.32
A story invented for two little girls by an English lady in
India, "where black children abound and tigers are everyday
affairs." Very popular. — Cleveland.

I Brooke, L. L. Johnny Crow's garden. Warne, $1.00 64

An old nursery rhyme with pictures in color of The lion with
his green and yellow tie on; The crane caught in the rain, and
other humorous situations. — Cleveland.

3 Burgess, Gelett. Goops and how to be them: a manual of
manners for polite infants, inculcating many virtues both
by precept and example. Stokes, $1.50 96

Advice on manners and morals in amusing verse that children

cannot fail to remember. — Hewins.

1 Caldecott, Randolph. Picture book No. 2. Warne, $1.25 80

The action in Mr. Caldecott's drawings appeals particularly
to children. The coloring is especially fine. — Prentice and

2 The Panjandrum picture book. Warne, $1.25 80

Come lassies and lads. Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross,

A farmer went trotting upon his grey mare, Mrs, Mary
Blaize, The great Panjandrum himself.

I The Hey-diddle-diddle picture book. Warne, $1.25 80

Where are you going, my pretty maid, Hey-diddle-diddle
and Baby Bunting, A frog he would a wooing go, ^ The fox
jumps over the parson's gate.

1 Cox, Palmer, illus. Brownie primer. Century, $.32 30

Old Brownie friends from the pages of St. Nicholas, accom-
panied by text which little children can read. A small book
bound in cloth,

2 Another Brownie book. Century, $1.50 96



4 The Brownies around the world. Century, $1.50 $.96

2 The Brownies at home. Century, $1.50 96

1 The Brownies, their book. Century, $1.50 96

What child does not know and love these queer, wee men?

2 Crane, Walter. Mother Hubbard, etc. Lane, $1.25 80

Containing Motlier Hubbard, The three bears. The absurd
A. B. C. Splendid drawing and wonderful color.

1 This little pig, etc. Lane, $1.25 80

Containing This little pig, The fairy ship, King Luckieboy.
Children's pictures in colors by a real artist.

2 Deming, F. 0. Indian child-life. Stokes, $1.00 64

Written for children and made most attractive by many full
page colored plates after paintings in water color. — Prentice
AND Power.

3 Red folk and wild folk. Stokes, $1.00 64

Indian folk-lore stories for children, with numerous full-page
illustrations in color. An attractive picture book. — Prentice
AND Power.

3 Dodge, M. M., ed. New baby world. Century, $1.50 96

Stories, rhymes and pictures compiled from St. Nicholas.

2 Francis, J. G. Book of cheerful cats. Century, $1.00 64

''Some cat-land fancies drawn and dressed
To cheer your mind when it's depressed."
Pictures and verses. — Prentice and Power.

2 Greenaway, Kate. Marigold garden. Warne, $1.50 .96

The Greenaway books are difficult to obtain and not very
durable, but they are unique in influence and well worth

3 Under the window, pictures and rhymes for children.

Routledge (Macmillan), $1.50 96

I Grover, E. 0., ed. Art-literature readers: Primer. Atkinson,

$.30 .••;••• -27

Numerous pictures which are reproductions of paintings.

I Folk-lore readers, v. 1. Atkinson, $.30 27

One of the best of the first readers. Contains nursery rhymes,
fables and fairy tales. Large print. Illustrations, black and
white outlines, with one color. — Cleveland.

1 Grover, E. 0. and Corbett, H. L. Sunbonnet babies primer.

Rand, $.40 34

In color,

2 Holbrook, Florence. The Hiawatha primer. Houghton, $.40. . .34

Based on Longfellow's poem, and contains excerpts from it.
Planned for the child's own reading. Fully illustrated.


1 Horton, A. M. An alphabet with rhymes and pictures. Page, $.75 $.48

2 Lansing, M. F., ed. Rhymes and stories. Ginn, $.45 41

Mother Goose rhymes and the animal nursery tales such as
The three little pigs. Print and illustrations good. Popular
with children. — Cleveland.

4 Lear, Edward. The book of nonsense. Warne, $2.00 1.28

"The most innocent and beneficent of books," was what
John Ruskin said in regard to Mr. Lear's nonsense books. —
Prentice and Power.

2 Longmans' fairy readers. Longmans' fairy tale of a fox, a dog,

a cat and a magpie, by Lois Bates^ S.15 13

Jack and the bean stalk, and Brother and sister, ed. by
Mrs. Heller, $.15 13

Snowdrop, and other stories, ed. by Mrs. Heller, $.15 13

2 Mother Goose's melodies; ed. by William Wheeler. Houghton,

Si. 50 96

A very full collection and a standard one. The Stephens
pictures have never been equaled. — Cleveland.

I Mother Goose in silhouettes; cut by K. S. Buffum. Houghton, $.75 .48
A small volume containing twenty-tliree Mother Goose rhymes.
The illustrations are unique and make the book unusually
attractive to little children. Many of the silhouettes might
be suggestive in paper cutting. — Gates.

I (The) Old woman who rode on a broom. Button, $1.25 80

The nursery rhjTne with colored pictures of the old woman's
journey, and of the cat who was her groom. The illustrations
are strong in color and humor. — Cleveland.

1 Only true Mother Goose melodies; ed. by Monroe and Francis.

Lothrop. S.60 38

Reprint of an edition published in 1833. Contains an in-
troduction by Dr. Hale. Much action and imagination in
the crude woodcuts. This has been especially popular in the
schoolroom. — Cleveland.

2 Potter, Beatrix. Tale of Peter Rabbit. Warne, $.50 32

Peter Rabbit was a naughty bunny who crept through the
fence and made himself ill eating Fanner McGregor's cabbage.
He had to go to bed and drink camomile tea while his brothers
and sisters had bread and milk and blackberries for supper. —
Prentice and Powers,

1 Poulsson, Emilie. Runaway donkey. Lothrop, $1.50 96

Rhj-med stories of home pets, with simple illustrations which
children like.

2 Through the farmyard gate. Lothrop, $1.25 80

Stories and rhymes in which the domestic animals figure.
Unnatural history, teaching moral lessons very pleasantly. — •
Prentice and Power.



3 Pyle, Katherine. Careless Jane. Button, $.75 $.48

"Verses and pictures telling of Georgie Lie-a-bed, Boisterous
Ann, Untidy Amanda and other careless children whose faults
led them into trouble."

3 Richards, L. E. Sundown songs. Little, $.50 32

Nonsense rhymes.

1 Smith, Gertrude. Arabella and Araminta. Small, $1.00 85

The rhythm and repetition which mark these simplest possible
stories of the plays and troubles of two little girls have a great
charm for most little children. — Prentice and Power.

2 Stevenson, R. L. Child's garden of verses. Illustrated by E.

Mars and M. H. Squire. Rand, $.75 48

An abridged edition illustrated in color.

2 Tileston, M. W. comy. The children's hour. Little, $.50 30

Mainly Mother Goose. Contains also a few favorite poems,
such as, Thank you, pretty cow, and also The story of the
three bears, Henny-Penny, and the Old woman and her
pig. — Cleveland ,


The complete Bible is the home book. The library should supply
abridgments, adaptations, and relative subject matter for temporary
use. The selection for children's use should be made from actual
reading of the books and the number should be limited. Old Testa-
ment stories and New Testament stories, bound separately, are usually
better than general collections,

4 Baldwin, James. Old stories of the East. Am. Bk. Co., $.45. . .41

Twelve stories from the Old Testament told as stories from
literature. This book has very little value but is included
because there is a demand for such material for school use.

8 Bible. Bible stories (Old Testament). Ed. by R. G. Moulton.

Macmillan, $.50 43

8 Bible stories (New Testament). Ed. by R. G. Moulton.

Macmillan, S.50 43

A selection of the most popular stories from the revised
version. Two small books liked by children. No illustrations.

5 Stories from life of Christ; selected for the children by J.

H. Kelman ; illus. by F. D. Bedford. (Told to the children

series). Button, $.50 32

A small attractive volume in good type with colored illustra-
tions. A reverent treatment, in biblical language, for young



6 Bunyan, John. Pilgrim's progress. Illus. by Rhead brothers.

Century, $1.50 S.96

This will not be read by many children, but to an occasional
child it will be one of the books of his life. "Little women"
helps to arouse an interest in it. An attractive edition.—

7 Foster, Charles. Story of the Bible, told in simple language.

Foster, $1.00 64

The whole Bible story in continuous form and fully illustrated.

6 Hodges, George. When the King came; stories from the four

Gospels. Houghton, $1.25 80

The life of Christ told in a simple way with much of the dignity
and richness of the Bible narrative. The oriental atmosphere
has been kept to an unusual degree.

4 Steedman, Amy. In God's garden; stories of the saints;
illus. in''color with reproductions from Italian masterpieces.
Jacobs,^$2.oo 1.70


4 Baldwin, James. Old Greek stories. Am. Bk. Co., $.45 41

Stories from mythology told in smiple language, and as hero
stories, not as stories of gods, and with no attempt at analysis
and explanation. Both Greek and Latin names given, but
Latin forms are used in the storj'*. — Oregon.

6 The story of Siegfried. Scribner, $1.50 96

Tells of his forging the wondrous sword, Balmung, of his
riding through flaming fire to awaken the maiden, Brunhild,
and of the many other strange and daring deeds which he
wrought. — Pittsburgh.

5 Wonder book of horses. Century, S.75 68

Eighteen^stories of winged steeds and war horses, of knights-
errant and heroes. Among them are: The dancing horses

of Sybaris, The enchanted horse of Firouz Schah, The black
steeds of Aidoneous, The eight-footed slipper, The horse
of brass, Swift and Old-gold. — Pittsburgh.

5 Brown, A. F. In the days of giants. Houghton, $1.10 94

The Norse myths of Odin, Thor, Loki, Idun, Balder. The
clearest interpretation for children. The sequence has been
observed . — Cleveland .

7 Church, Rev. A. J. Story of the Iliad. Macmillan, $.50 43

Church's style is always dignified and uplifting and he writes
to interpret the best in literature. — Prentice and Power.


8 Story of the Odyssey. Macmillan, $.50 $.43

4 Hall, Jennie. Four old Greeks. Rand, $.75 48

One who is inclined to question the freedom of rendering these
stories of Achilles, Herakles, Dionysos, and Alkestis is likely
to be won in the end by Miss Hall's truth to Greek thought
and feeling.

6 Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Tanglewood tales: a second wonder-

book. Illus. by G. W. Edwards. Houghton, $2,50 1.60

Contains The Minotaur, The pygmies, The dragon's teeth,
Circe's palace, The pomegranate seeds, The golden fleece.

5 Wonder book for girls and boys. Illus. by Walter Crane.

Houghton, $3.00 1.92

The standard collection for children's own reading. Contains:
The gorgon's head. The golden touch. The paradise of
children, The three golden apples, The miraculous pitcher,
The Chimaera.

5 Kingsley, Charles. The heroes, or Greek fairy tales for my

children. Illus. by T. H. Robinson. Button, $2.50 1.60

Stories of Perseus, the Argonauts and Theseus. Mr. Kings-
ley's versions are not merely pretty stories; they embody
ideals of physical and moral courage.

7 Mabie, H. W. Norse stories; retold from the Eddas. Ed. by K.

L. Bates. Rand, $.40 , 34

The best version for older children.

7 Marvin, F. S. and others. Adventures of Odysseus. Button,

$1.50 • . ■ 96

Many have essayed the task of bringing the treasures of
Greek literature to the children, with more or less success.
These writers have succeeded in a very unusual manner.


5-7 Alton, Edmund, pseud. Among the law-makers. Scribner,

$1.50 '. ; 96

A clear account of the way Congress conducts itself and makes
our laws. Not a recent book.

6 Austin, 0. P. Uncle Sam's secrets: a story of national affairs

for the youth of all the nation. Appleton, $.75. 64

Much interesting information about currency, the mint, rail-
way postal service, foreign mail, banking and revenue systems,
etc., conveyed in a stiff and unreal story. — N. Y.
This book is popular with boys.


s'"'"' Uncle Sam's soldiers: a story of the war with Spain. ^ ^^
For thf boys who want to learn' about' West Point/ army "
organrzation, coast defences details of camp and hospital
lift, and modem military methods m general. -Pittsburgh.

8 Dole C F. Young citizen. Heath, $.45 • • • • • -^^

A ^ery simple explanation of the form of our government and
of the duties of good citizenship.

^ wni r T Fighting a fire. Century, $1.50 : • •-■ '^^

The drill and training of the fire-fighter, his dangers and his
heroism.— Prentice and Power.

6 Hill Mabel. Lessons for junior citizens. Ginn, $.50 _• -45

''it is the aim of this book to create ari interest m the specific
knowledge regarding the work of municipal governments and
to arouse a certain kind of hero worship for the men who are
car^^ng out this work." Describes the po ice and fii^ de-
paXents, board of health, juvenile court, etc. -Cleveland.

8 Moffett, Cleveland. Careers of danger and daring. Century, ^^

To^giveto boys'a book 'which they' w'ilV read with delight in
Tv-hich the heroes of peace are made to seem as ^-orthy of
honor as those of war; this is a fine thing to do, and it has
bee^aSornp S^^^^^ in Mr. Moffett's volume of stones of the
lives of th^ diver, the baloonist, the fireman, the locomo-
■ tWe engineer, and others whose daily occupations require
coi^age^nd presence of mind. -Prentice and Po^^er.

7 Otis, Tames, t)se?w^. Life savers. Button, $1.50 9^

Stoo' of the United States life saving service.


Arabian nights. Ed. by Andrew Lang. Longmans, $2.00. 1.28
These splendors of the opulent East are part of the heritage
of everV child; Sindbad's gems and jewels, All Baba .
?reasur7 chamber, Aladdin's cave-how poor would child-
hood be without them.— Prentice and Power.

Baldwin, James, ed. The fairy reader, adapted from Grimm

and. Andersen. Am. Bk. Co., $.00 ^

Very simple adaptations.

Fairy stories and fables. Am. Bk. Co., $.35- ••.••• ; • • • '^^

An excellent collection, perhaps slightly simpler in form than
Scudder's.— Prentice and Power.



7 Story of Roland. Scribner, $1.50 $.96

"The legends of Cliarlemange become under Mr. Baldwin's
magic touch a stirring tale of romance and chivalry. De-
scribing daring feats and great exploits of Roland, worthiest
of the barons of France, and of Oliver and Reinold and
Ogier, the Dane, heroes who were his companions in arms." —

4 Elumenthal, V. X. K. de. Folk tales • from the Russian. Rand,

^ $-40 34

Full of the elemental strength of a half barbarous people,
and having much of the repetition which children love. —
Prentice and Power.

3 Cruikshank, George, ed. Cruikshank fairy book. Putnam,

$1.25 80

Contents: Puss in boots, The history of Jack and the
bean-stalk, Hop-O'-My-Thumb and The seven league boots,
Cinderella and the glass slipper.

6 French, Allen. Heroes of Iceland. Little, $1.50. 96

The story of Burnt Njal adapted from Dasent's translation.
The great Icelandic saga is retold with vigor and feeling.

2 Godolphin, Mary, ed. Aesop's fables in words of one syllable.

Burt, $.50 32

The peculiar value of the fables is that they are instantaneous
photographs, which reproduce, as it were, in a single flash of
light, some one aspect of human nature. — Dr. Felix Adler.

5 Greenwood, Grace. Stories from famous ballads. Ed. by

Caroline Burnite. Ginn, $.50 45

Grace Greenwood was the only American author of her time
to appreciate the value of classic romance to young girls, and
in the stories she reflects much of the lofty sentiment and
purity of spirit of early English ballad poetry, — Preface.

6 Grierson, E. W. Children's tales from Scottish ballads. Illus.

by A. Stewart. Black (Macmillan), $2.00 1.28

Partial contents: Kinmont Willie, The gude Wallace, Muckle-
mou'ed Meg, The heir of Linne, Black Agnace of Dunbar,
Thomas the Rhymer, The brownie of Blednock, The Earl of
Mar's daughter, Hynde Horn.

4 Grimm, J. L. K. and W. K. Household stories; tr. by Lucy

Crane. Macmillan, $1.50 96

The edition of Grimm which the Cleveland library duplicates
most freely.

3 Stories from Grimm, by Amy Steedman. (Told to the

children series) Button, $.50 32

6 Harris, J. C. Aaron in the wild woods. Houghton, $2.50. . . 1.28



5 Uncle Remus: his songs and his sayings. lUus. by

Frost. Appleton, $2.00 $1.28

Mr. Frost has proved himself a second Uncle Remus in the
way in which he has interpreted these ever delightful stories
of Brer Fox, Brer Rabbit, Brer Bar, Brer Wolf and their kin.
His pictures tell the stories even to the children who cannot
read the text. This volume also contains many old planta-
tion songs. — Prentice and Power.

8 Irving, Washington. Rip Van Winkle, and the Legend of

Sleepy Hollow. Macmillan, $1.50 96

These stories are purely imaginative but are very little read
by children if classed with literature.

4 Jacobs, Joseph, ed. English fairy tales. 3d ed. Putnam, $1.25 .80

How Jack went to seek his fortune, Teeny-Tiny, The three
bears, and other stories containing the element of repetition
which cliildren love.

3 Johnson, Clifton, ed. Oak tree fairy book. Little, $1.50 96

Contains many familiar nursery tales such as Jolinny-Cake,
The little red hen, Tom-tit-tot. Some of the versions are
weak, but the selection is admirable and the book will be

5 Lang, Andrew, ed. The green fairy bodk. Longmans, $2.00 .. . 1.28

A favorite collection.

3 Longmans' supplementary readers. Longmans.

Cinderella, or The little glass slipper. $.20 18

Jack, the Giant Killer. $.20 18

Little Red-Riding Hood. $.20 18

Prince Darling. $.40 36

The princess in the glass hill. $.30 27

6 MacLeod, Mary. Book of King Arthur. Stokes, $1.50 96

An attractive version of the most delightful romances of the
Middle Ages, wherein may still be seen ''noble chivalry,
courtesy, humanity, friendship, cowardice, murder, hate,
virtue, sin. Go after the good and leave the evil and it shall
bring you to good fame and renown."

2 O'Shea, M. V., ed. Old world wonder stories. Heath, $.25 23

Whittington and his cat, Jack the Giant Killer, Tom Thumb,
Jack and the bean stalk.

2 Six nursery classics. Heath, $.20 18

Contents: The house that Jack built, Mother Hubbard
and her dog, Cock Robin and Jenny Wren, The old woman
and her pig, Dame Wiggins of Lee and her seven wonderful
cats, The three bears.



7 Pyle, Howard. Story of King Arthur and his knights.

Scribner, $2.50 $1.60

A strong, beautiful presentation "of the most gracious,
knightly and virtuous war of the most noble knights of the

3 Scudder, H. E., ed. Book of fables and folk stories. Houghton,

$.75 ; 48

Probably the most satisfactory collection, and a criterion
in style. The preface contains a fine argument for the use
of such literature with little children. Illustrations in the
spirit of the text.— Cleveland.

5 Book of legends. Houghton, $.25 23

Contains: St. George and the dragon, King Cophetua and the
l)eggar maid, The legend of St. Christopher, William Tell
and others.

4 Tappan, E. M., ed. The golden goose and other fairy tales, tr.

from the Swedish. Houghton, $1.00 64

5 Wiggin, K. D. and Smith, N. A., eds. Fairy ring. McClure,

$1.50 96

Contains popular tales from many sources. The stories are
very well told but the arrangement is confusing to children.

4 Williston, T. P. Japanese fairy tales, ser. i. Rand, $.75 48

Brief folk stories; have an ethical and poetic value, and
reflect much of the custom of the country. The grotesque,
brightly colored pictures, by a Japanese artist, give a good
idea of Japanese life. — Cleveland.

4 Zitkala-Sa. Old Indian legends. Ginn, $.50 45

Legends of the I)akotah Indians "retold for blue-eyed little
patriots by one who heard them as a little black haired
aborigine." The book is well illustrated by the Indian
artist, Angel DeCora. — Prentice and Power.


6 Andersen, H. C. Stories and tales. Houghton, $1.00 64

There are many good editions of Andersen but the two volumes
here listed will satisfy all ages.

5 Wonder stories told for children. Houghton, $1.00 64

Contains Ole shut-eye, Little Claus and Big Claus, The
tinder box, and the more childlike of the author's tales.

3 Aspinwall, Alicia. Short stories for short people. Button, $1.50 .96
Humorous stories about a squash vine that grew miles in an
hour, a disobedient island that was nearly (h'owiuMl. iind
other wonders. — Pittsburgh,



5 Browne, Frances. Granny's wonderful chair. McCIure, $1.50 $.96

Old-fashioned moral fairy tales which have considerable fancy.

Popular with children. — Cleveland.

4 Carroll, Lewis, pseud. Alice's adventures in Wonderland.

Illus. by John Tenniel. Macmillan, $1.00 64

"AUce" is nonsense, pure and simple, and delightful. It
cannot be interpreted; it has no moral. — Prentice and Power.

4 Through the looking-glass. Illus. by John Tenniel.

Macmillan, $1.00 64

A continuation of AUce in Wonderland.

4 Carryl, C. E. Davy and the goblin. Houghton, $1.50 96

A dream story.

4 Collodi, C. pseud. Adventures of Pinocchio. Ginn, $.40 36

Story of a wooden marionette who meets with many ad-
ventures in his efforts to become a real boy.
"Of all the fairy stories of Italian literature tliis is the best
known and the best loved. The name of the marionette
hero is familiar in every household of northern and central
Italy. In its whimsical extravagance, its quaint humor and
its narrative style, the story appeals to both old and
young." — Preface.

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