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and distributed by them. A gold "A"
within a red five-pointed star on a back-
ground of blue was adopted as the official
4 A insignia in 1931.


The A.C.L.U. is frequently mentioned as
suing in behalf of, or cooperating with, the
4A in suits. In the Anthony Bimba case
(Communist Party functionary tried for
blasphemy), the Garland Fund, A.C.L.U.,
and 4A all cooperated in his defense.

The Socialist Debs Memorial Radio
Station (W.E.V.D.) fittingly proved itself
a true friend of Atheism, according to the
Apr. 1929 Report: "We have outwitted
the bigots and now broadcast regularly
over Station W.E.V.D., New York (231.0-
1300 K.C.), Saturdays, 6 P.M. The recent
increase in this station enables us to reach
a much larger audience. Because of our
sending Atheism over the air through its
transmitting plant, Franklin Ford of Sta-
tion W.H.A.P. terminated his contract with
Station W.E.V.D., which now has its own
plant." The June 1930 Report says: "Mr.
Kenneth Blanchet is the official broad-
caster for the Association over Radio Sta-
tion W.E.V.D., New York."


"Tons of tracts" are sent out. The June
1930 Report says: "At the last printing
of leaflets and folders, a total of 300,000
copies was run off. Previous to that and
during the year 1929 we had printed 50,000
copies of 'Uncle Sams Mistress' " (the
Church), "100,000 copies of 'Read With-
out Fear,' 20,000 copies of 'What is
Religion?'" 110,000 copies of "The Bible
in Balance" were sold. "Most of this
literature is sold to members and friends
at cost or less than cost and by them given
away. . . . Now that we have a ground
floor store on one of the city's busiest
streets a considerable number of leaflets
and folders is given away each day to
passersby who are invited by a large sign
to help themselves."

Atheist literature specializes in obscen-
ity. The title of an article in the Apr.
1929 Report is "The Cohabitation of
Church and State." "Uncle Sam's Mis-
tress," the leaflet mentioned above, says
in part: "The Church calls herself the
bride of Christ. But as he does not sup-
port her, she is forced into dishonorable
relations. This kept woman of the State
is supposed to repay those from whom

the State collects money by looking after
their morals. But what is the conduct of
the Church worth as a moral example?
We might as well hire one of those females
called gold-diggers to train our daughters
in virtue."

The same Report reprints from its 4A
organ "Truthseeker" two items which had
aroused opposition from a minister. One,
an obscene birth control suggestion for
government supervised prostitutes, another
a "Holy Ghost joke" which is typical of
the atheist anti-religious literature of Jos.
Lewis and his ilk: "A very pious young
lady had died and had gained admittance
into heaven. Saint Peter took her around
and presented her to God, Christ and
various other notables. Being left alone,
she strolled around and admired the scen-
ery, but noticed she was being followed
by a very small, mean looking fellow, who
kept bowing to her and was evidently try-
ing to 'pick her up.' Much alarmed, she
ran back to St. Peter, told him what had
happened, and asked him who this little
fellow could be. Looking up and seeing
who it was, Peter replied: 'Oh, that's the
Holy Ghost, but we don't introduce him
to ladies since he had that little affair with
the Virgin Mary.'" This draws a picture
which reminds one of the blasphemous
Soviet cartoons of Christ and the Holy
Ghost which fill Russian Churches (see
Proletarian Party).

Under the heading "Hypocrites Howl
About Russia," the June 1930 Report tells
how President Smith of the 4A, in defense
of Soviet Russia's persecution of Chris-
tians, addressed an audience of 15,000 at
the N.Y. Coliseum, Mar. 16, 1930.

"The First Annual Trial of God A
Blamegiving Service held in New York
Nov. 26, 1931, under the auspices of the
4A, Inc., on the assumption for the day
only that God exists. Blamegiving Day
has been officially established by the Asso-
ciation as a day of protest against Thanks-
giving services. ... It is hoped and ex-
pected many such services will be held
in each State of the Union next Blame-
giving Day and in coming years until
Thanksgiving is abandoned." A parody of
the Lord's Prayer to be said in unison
follows and a Modern Doxology of nu-
merous verses beginning: "Blame God
from whom all cyclones blow, Blame
Him when rivers overflow, Blame Him who
swirls down house and steeple, who sinks
the ship and drowns the people," and
ending: "For clergy who with hood and


The Red Network

bell, Demand your cash or threaten hell,
Blame God for earthquake shocks, and
then, Let all men cry aloud, 'Amen.' "

The report of the mock trial for 1931
follows, in which God is called "Public
Enemy No. 1." Woolsey Teller opened
it saying: "I am sorry to announce that
God cannot be with us this afternoon . . .
as there is a law in N.Y. state against his
personal appearance on the platform. His
son, Jesus, is absent also peacefully being
digested in the stomachs of those pious
persons who ate him this morning at early
mass. We can picture Jesus today as being
mixed up with turkey and cranberry
sauce"; etc., etc. A verdict of guilty was
rendered against God for his malevolence
and another such trial was held 1932.
"When recently the Ingersoll Forum, our
N.Y. branch, announced that in a lecture
by Mr. Woolsey Teller on ' Crazy Jesus'
the Atheist would impersonate the New
Testament character, the more clearly to
demonstrate the absurdities of his actions
and teaching, we were warned by our
lawyer that representation of the deity of
a religious sect is prohibited in this State."
(1930 Report).


There is much food for thought on the
part of Christians in the following dis-
sertations taken from 4A Reports on the
"Church Drift to Atheism." Ironically
enough, they are powerful sermons from

"The religious forces have cause for
alarm. Divided by internal strife, they
possess neither the power nor the courage
to expel heretics. Christians cannot agree
upon anything except their name. Protes-
tantism is breaking up, and whenever its
adherents attempt to cooperate with
Catholics they get a slap in the face."

Atheism in America today may be
likened unto a huge iceberg, of which the
visible peak is but a small part of the
submerged mountain.

"Churches are becoming secular, preach-
ing anything except the oldtime orthodox
religion. They are becoming social centers
with just enough of nominal religion to
escape taxation. Sermons on books are
more popular than those on the barbaric
doctrine of the Atonement. The Clergy-
men are bewildered. They do not know
what to preach. Evolution explodes their
doctrines. They are declining in number
and quality. Church leaders now even
oppose missionizing the Jews, thereby con-
fessing, in effect, that Christianity is only
a religion, not the religion."

"The clergy are so honeycombed with
heretics that they are powerless to expel
known heretics. The only real cleavage is
between the Modernists and Fundamental-
ists. They cannot force the issue in their
conventions and they dare not withdraw
from the denominations. Most college
graduates are godless. The number of
churches is increasing in which the mono-
logue called prayer is omitted." (Apr.

"The spread of Atheism was never faster.
It is not measured by the growth of Atheist
groups but by the decline of religious
belief as a controlling factor in the lives
of men. The drift of the age is away
from religion." (Is this the "falling away"
and "spiritual wickedness in high places"
prophesied for the era before Armaged-

"This loss of faith causes consternation
among the Orthodox, who are powerless
to arrest the movement. The reconcilers,
the Liberals and the Modernists are
heroically saving the ship of Christianity
by throwing her cargo overboard. With
what zeal the Fosdicks, the Matthews and
the whole crew of rescuers toss out, first
the Garden of Eden and the Flood, fol-
lowed by the Virgin Birth, Atonement,
and the Resurrection. Then they gain a
victory by getting rid of Hell and Heaven
and of the Devil and God, tho with much
ado they keep the name of the last. They
may save the vessel of ecclesiasticism, but
how long will man sail the seas in an
empty ship? They will go ashore and
enjoy life with the Atheists. We wel-
come the aid of the Modernists and pledge
them our fullest cooperation in ridding the
world of Fundamentalism of any serious
acceptance of Christian theology."

"The supreme literary honor was con-
ferred last year upon an avowed Atheist,
when the Nobel Prize was given to Sin-
clair Lewis, author of 'Main Street' and
'Elmer Gantry' ... a terrific indictment
of evangelical religion." (Apr. 1931

"There is much Atheism in the Church.
Heresy is rampant among the clergy, a few
of whom openly express their rejection
of religious dogma, without fear of expul-
sion. Even the Methodist Church now
tolerates clergymen, such as the Rev.
James Hardy Bennett of N.Y., who preach
that Jesus was physically the son of
Joseph and Mary, who told the Virgin
story to shield themselves." (Feb. 1928)
"... Why do these men stay in the pulpit?
Some of them must stay or starve. They

Organizations, Etc.


know no trade. Among them are Atheists
and even members of the 4A." A letter
is then quoted from an atheist minister
wishing to leave the ministry with this
comment: "If any member or friend will
contribute $200 for the special purpose of
freeing this prisoner of the pulpit, the 4A
will liberate him and announce his name."

"Most denominational schools are hot-
beds of heresy, as it is impossible for any
educational institution to maintain any
degree of dignity without teaching Evo-
lution which inevitably undermines religion.
These schools, even when controlled by
Fundamentalists, are often compelled to
employ Infidels, who are hypocrites from
necessity. Members of the 4A are teach-
ing in Catholic and Fundamentalist Col-

"The growth of what is called Human-
ism, together with the establishment of a
few churches and societies for its propa-
gation, caused considerable discussion dur-
ing the year. However much Humanists,
for reasons of expediency shun the title
'Atheist,' they are Godless. Consequently,
we welcome their aid in overthrowing
Christianity, and all other religions based
on the supernatural." (June 1930 Report).

"There is a marked increase in the use
of the word Atheist to designate the
opponent of religion. The change is for
the better. Atheist is the logical title for
whoever has no god. Formerly for weighty
reasons the titles of Liberal, Rationalist
and Freethinker were adopted because of
their uncertainty of meaning. . . . Under
cover timid Atheists are helping to under-
mine religion by demanding a new con-
cept of God. These critics profess to be
searching for the true God. They might
as well search for the true witch or a
true hobgoblin."

"Modernism is unworthy of serious
notice. It is intellectual mush, a disgusting
mass of figurative language. . . . The down-
fall of Christianity is presaged by the
passing of Hell which inevitably drags
Heaven with it, since the two have the
same foundation. If the one is figurative,
so is the other."

"Much as we dislike Modernists because
of their illogical compromising, we must
recognize that for many Modernism is but
a stopover on the road to Atheism. Per-
haps we should have a little more patience
with these our weaker brothers who are
unable to go straight from Orthodoxy to
Atheism without resting at the camps of
Liberalism along the way. Modernism be-
ing no abiding place for a reasoning mind,

some of them will yet arrive. For the
present we should train our guns prin-
cipally on such religious standpatters as
the Roman Catholic Church and the
Protestant hotbeds of Fundamentalism.
The American Tract Society deserves spe-
cial attention."

"The Modernists seem to attack Atheism
only to screen their own unbelief. No
better proof of our contention that the
Church is losing ground can be given than
that the Modernists are now in control of
all the larger Protestant denominations
and, working from the inside, discredit
the basic teachings of Christianity in the
name Christianity. ... we now hear of
that absurdity, 'a creedless faith' of per-
sons who believe, without believing any-
thing. Thus Christianity slowly dissolves.
But the good work of Modernists not only
does not lessen the need of Atheist propa-
ganda ... the Advance Guard is always
the most important unit in the army. We
must continue to lead the way." (June
1933 Report).

"The Ten Demands of the 4A:
(1) Taxation of church property. (2) Elimi-
nation of chaplains and sectarian institutions from
public pay rolls. (3) Abrogation of laws enforcing
Christian morals and restricting the rights of Athe-
ists. (4) Abolition of the oath in courts and at
inaugurations. (5) Non-issuance of religious proc-
lamations by chief executives. (6) Removal of 'In
God We Trust' from coins and the cross from
above the flag. (7) Exclusion of the Bible as a
sacred book from the public schools. (8) Sup-
pression of the bootlegging of religion through dis-
missing pupils from religious instructions during
school hours. (9) Secularization of marriage, with
divorce upon request. (10) Repeal of anti-evo-
lution and anti-birth-control laws."

"The Five Fundamentals of Atheism:
(1) Materialism: The doctrine that Matter,
with its indwelling property, Force, constitutes the
reality of the universe. (2) Sensationalism: The
doctrine that all ideas arise out of sensation, and
that, therefore, man can have no conception of
an infinite God, or of ultimate causation, or that
absolute moral imperative which certain philoso-
phers have made the foundation of Theism. (3)
Evolution: The doctrine that organisms are not
designed, but have evolved, mechanically, through
Natural Selection. (4) The existence of Evil: The
patent fact that renders irrational the belief in a
beneficent, omnipotent being who cares for man.
(5) Hedonism: The doctrine that happiness here
and now should be the motive of conduct."

The Report of May 1932 (officers same
in 1933) lists:

Officers: Pres., Chas. Smith, Vice Pres., Woolsey
Teller; Gen. Sec., Freeman Hopwood; Treas.,
Freda Rettig; Board of Directors: O. H. Bailey,
Ohio; Geo. Bedborough, N.Y.; Wm. S. Bryan,
Mo.; Louis J. Bergson, Pa.; Felix Borbon, Mich.;
John A. Bremner, Wash.; Ira D. Cardiff, Wash.;
Stanley J. Clark, Okla.; J. Howard Cummins,
Tex.; N. Louis Dorion, N.Y.; Mary E. Elliott,
N.Y.; Howell S. England, Mich.; James E. Even,


The Red Network




JOHN D^wrn

JOHN F. F ::ai T





.Voesn Mous Lovirt


Hirnr R. Munav
A. J. Musn



VIDA D. Scuoon
AMA HU.LB. Sitvn


ttrtm Wr

American Civil Liberties Union

100 Fifth Avenue. New York City

February 27, 1932.





B. W. HunicH





Ktttach Sttrtttn
l.ucn-u B. MILND

To the members of the Senate and
House Immigration Committees.


We send you herewith a pamphlet in
regard to a bill pending before you intended
to carry into effect the opinion of Chief Just-
ice Hughos in st case recently decided, 5 to 4,
by the U.S. Supreme Court. Justice Hughes'
opinion is set out almost in full.

We trust that the proposed change
in the law in accordance with Justice Hughes'
opinion may have your support.

Very truly yours,



Attvnr,! -mj rerrtipom.
Jtntt m ItfJing ciiin



Facsimile of a letter typical of constant efforts of A.C.L.U. to influence legislation favored by radicals.
Signed by John Haynes Holmes, acting Chairman while Harry F. Ward was in Russia. Note names of

National Committee and Officers.

Organizations, Etc.


III.; Linn Gale, B.C.; E. Haldeman-Julius, Kans.
Robt. F. Hester, S.C.; John T. Kewish, N.Y.
Geo. T. Marclay, N.Y.; Philip G. Peabody, Mass.
M. A. Stolar, 111.; Walter Van Nostrand, N.Y.
Clark H. Yater, N.Y. Organ: "Truthseeker," 49
Vesey St., N.Y.; 4A Hdqts. 307 E. 14th St.,
N.Y. City.


Am. Assn. Lab. Legis.

"There are doubtless many people who
have contributed to the support of the
Am. Assn. Lab. Legis. who are far above
the charge of consciously desiring the suc-
cess of a subversive movement. If we
subtract these . . . there remains a large
number who are prominently connected
with the radical movement and in some
instances indirectly with the Communist
Party of America. ... It beseeches legis-
lators for the adoption f social insurance
by the state. To it we owe the present
workmen's compensation laws which are on
the statute books of the various states.
Compulsory health insurance is a part of
its legislative program. . . . 'En passant'
it should be said that these measures were
born of revolutionary Socialism in the dec-
ade following 1860. The effect of its
adoption means a lightening of responsibil-
ity on the part of labor in the maintenance
of a healthy, well balanced society, and
quick adaptation of the working classes to
the idea of dependency on the state.
Samuel Gompers, at one time a member of
the Am. Assn. Lab. Legis., resigned, repu-
diating all its words and works. Social
insurance legislation is class legislation and
socialistic. . . . Among its conspicuous offi-
cials are or have been in the past such
well known radicals as Mrs. Raymond
Robins, organizer and pres. Worn. Tr. Un.
Lg. . . . her associates Miss Agnes Nestor
and Miss Mary Anderson; the Rev. John
Haynes Holmes, the radical pacifist, and
his friend and co-worker Stephen S. Wise;
Owen Lovejoy . . . Miss Lillian Wald . . .
Miss Jane Addams . . . and a host of others
of like thought. In general there is a
mutual sympathy for the objects which
this class of organizations desire to attain,
an Interlocking personnel in the director-
ates, and programs which dovetail into
each other that suggest common inspiration
and mutual financial resources. They pre-
sent the appearance of a united front, and
might be deemed the shock troops of an
insinuating army of borers, whose province
it is to wedge ignorant inertia aside and
make room for advancing Communism.
To call such organizations 'socialistic' as

opposed to communistic is in reality a dis-
tinction without a difference. These sys-
tems differ in degree and not in principle."
(Whitney's "Reds in America," p. 182);
similar to A.A. for O.A.S.; hdqts.: John
B. Andrews, 131 East 23rd St., N.Y.


AA. for O.A.S.

Organized to promote old age pensions
at the expense of state and nation, among
the immediate objectives of the Socialist
program which aims ultimately to put
every possible human activity, as well as
all property, under state (political) con-
trol. (See Am. Assn. Lab. Legis.) Officers
1931: pres., Bishop Francis J. McConnell;
exec, sec., Abraham Epstein; treas., Nicholas
Kelley; exec, com.: Eliz. Gilman, Agnes
Brown Leach, Mary K. Sinkovitch,
Stephen S. Wise; vice presidents: Jane
Addams, Herbert S. Bigelow, Edw. T.
Devine, Glenn Frank, John A. Lapp, James
H. Maurer, Wm. A. Neilson, I. M. Rub-
inow, John A. Ryan; hdqts.: Abraham
Epstein, 22 East 17th St., N.Y.


Interaligns with the atheist movement;
cooperates with other radical groups; aid-
ed by Garland Fund; pres., Margaret San-



"Your actions speak so loud I can't
hear what you say!" said Ralph Waldo
Emerson, and this quotation exactly fits
the A.C.L.U., which says it is a non-com-
munist organization interested only in
maintaining the rights of "free speech, free
press and free assembly as guaranteed by
the Constitution of the U.S." while drown-
ing out its words by its actions. Any
one who has taken the trouble to investi-
gate what the A.C.L.U. is and does, knows
that it is directed by Communist and So-
cialist revolutionary leaders and their sym-
pathizers, and that it works untiringly to
further and legally protect the interests of
the Red movement in all of its branches
Red strikes, Atheism, sex freedom, disarm-
ament, seditious "academic freedom," de-
portation and exclusion of Reds, rioting,
etc., constantly supporting and cooperating
with Moscow's open legal defense agency,


The Red Network

the I.L.D., for this purpose. It plays the
"white collar" role in the movement.

One is amused at the A.C.L.U. high-
brow appeals, its constant cries for un-
limited "freedom of speech" for Reds "as
guaranteed by the Constitution," which
the Reds aim to destroy, while at the same
time it is suing for libel, patriotic anti-
Red defenders of this Constitution who
make comparatively petty criticisms of its
own members.

The sort of "freedom of speech" defended
by the A.C.L.U. seems to cover the Red's
right to conduct a libelous, obscene, and
seditious press against our American gov-
ernment and its loyal supporters, the right
to not only advocate sedition, violence and
murder but to commit these deeds as well,
for after a Red commits these crimes the
A.C.L.U. redoubles its efforts to secure his
release. The statement of Tom McKenna,
a busy little spectator at Communist riots
and secretary of the Chicago A.C.L.U.,
that the Chicago Committee had devoted
one day a week and reviewed some 1300
cases, practically all Communist, in Cook
County during 1932, taking part of these
cases up with Police Commissioner Allman
and filing suit in behalf of some, would
indicate a more than mere theoretical
interest in "free speech" on the part of the
A.C.L.U. It is impossible to believe that
A.C.L.U. bureaus and lawyers all over the
United States are maintained at great
expense for the purpose of fighting count-
less legal battles in behalf of Reds merely
because of a love for defending "free
speech" for everyone including "those with
whose opinions we disagree," particularly
in view of the A.C.L.U. petty libel suits
against Anti-Reds who actually dare to
disagree with the A.C.L.U.

The U.S. Fish Report says: "During the
Gastonia strike there was a bloody con-
flict between the communist-led workers
and the police, in which the chief of police
was shot and killed and two of his
assistants wounded. Seven communists
were sentenced to long terms in prison. . . .
During the trial of the communists at
Gastonia, not for freedom of speech, of
the press, or assembly, but for conspiracy
to kill the chief of police, the A.C.L.U.
provided bail for five of the defendants,
amounting to $28,500, which it secured
from the Garland Fund. All of the defend-
ants convicted jumped their bail and are
reported to be in Russia. The $28,500 bail
was forfeited, including $9,000 more ad-
vanced by the International Labor De-
fense" (Communist),

Chief Aderholt was murdered by the
Communists and the murder was planned
three days before the event, yet the 1929-
30 A.C.L.U. Report jauntily and brazenly
says: "The only violence by strikers oc-
curred in a shooting affray on the strikers'
lot in Gastonia in which Chief of Police
Aderholt of Gastonia was killed and one
policeman and one striker were wounded;
and at Marion where a few strikers were
caught dynamiting private property with-
out however injuring any person" (A mere
trifle, of course, compared to bloody Red
revolution). And this same Report adds
with pride: "The Civil Liberties Union
was active from the beginning of the

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