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Red Army in the U. S. A. 21

and instructs reliable men who at the zero hour will arrest you and put to
death magistrates, police heads and police officers; 7. To seize quickly all
barracks, city halls, public buildings and newspapers; 8. To seize and strongly
occupy all public means of transportation, stations and piers; 9. To use
sabotage on all state equipment, bridges, telegraphs and telephones, rail-
roads, army trucks, powder mills, aviation camps, barracks, police stations,
banks and newspapers which if left undestroyed will aid the State to quell
the revolution.

The Ikki Section must be entirely composed of American citizens who
must conform themselves strictly to instructions from Moscow.

Clarence Hathaway of the central committee of the Party spoke one
hour Jan. 21, 1934 at the Chicago Coliseum on Leninist policies for seizure
of power and said they already had men in the Army and Navy ready to
turn their guns on their officers and the "capitalist class" (as they did in the
Russian revolution) and turn any war into Red revolution. He emphasized
the point that "We must be ready and prepared to DESTROY everyone
who puts up any struggle against us." An audience of 10,000 Reds cheered
him and booed the American flag as it was paraded up and down the aisles,
by men dressed as U. S. soldiers, led by a man dressed to represent a capitalist
holding a big yellow bag with a dollar mark on it. A huge Red flag was then
dropped from the top of the stage and the audience applauded enthusiastically.


Now recruiting fighters to train for bloody revolutionary action. "Red
Front," the monthly publication for the Red Army in the U. S. A., is pub-
lished by the "Central Executive Committee, Red Front Fighters League of
U. S. A., 95 Ave. B, N. Y. City." The November 1933 issue was distributed
at the Communist mass meeting Nov. 7, 1933 at the Chicago Coliseum and
is headlined "Mobilization/" After telling of the need for fighting Fascism
in the U. S. A., it says, to quote from p. 1 : "We revolutionary workers who
at all strikes, demonstrations, and picket lines have a share in the tear gas
and the clubs of capitalistic lackeys are also not more anxious for terrorism
and beatings without returning them their due. We live in a new time, when
any day may be the beginning of the struggle WE RED FRONT COM-
"in winning over the unemployed for the fight against Hunger and Frost
and to open food storage places. New methods for the defense of strikers
must be discovered. At the same time the question of anchoring the Red
Front in different factories and shops, railroads, etc. are of the greatest impor-
tance. The dashing to pieces of the whole apparatus of government, is, in
the period of revolutionary uprising, thus easier to accomplish" (Emphasis
supplied). On p. 8: "What is the Red Front? The Red Front is com-
posed of workers and farmers as poor, downtrodden and exploited as pro-
letarians of all other working parties and organizations. . . . With Red Front
against hunger regime! With Red Front for a Socialist Soviet Republic of
America! Comrades: Decide on which Front you are willing to fight." The
Fist (Red Front emblem) is "a symbol of irreconcilable battle."

22 The Red Network

And on p. 7: "Join Our Ranks! . . . The Chicago Red Front is the section
of the Red Front Fighters League, an International Workers Defense Organ-
ization. Send in your applications to Red Front, care Young Communist
League, Room 707, 101 S. Wells St., Chicago."

"Join the Red Front for Anti-Fascist Action: Los Angeles, Calif., 224
S. Spring St., Rm. 304; New York District: East Manhattan, 95 Ave. B.
Every Wed., 8 P. M.; West Manhattan, 108 W. 24 St.; Yorkville and Har-
lem, 350 E. 81 St.; Bronx. 2800 Bronx Pk., East, Every 1st, 2nd and 4th
Wed's.; Brownsville, Bklyn., 1440 E. N. Y. Ave. Every Fri., 8 P. M.; South
Brooklyn, 291 Wyckoff St.; Brighton Beach. Inquire at 95 Ave. B, N. Y. C.;
Jamaica (same) ; Red Front Pioneers, 95 Avenue B. Every Friday."

Is there no sedition law in the U. S. A.? Must citizens now simply train
themselves in target practise to combat these revolutionaries bent on seizing
plants (as at Austin, Minn.), farmers' produce, and private property?

At this writing, Litvinov, the arch conspirator and bank-robbery aid who
represents these, our would-be Red assassins, is being feted and dined by Pres.
Roosevelt as an honored guest in our American White House.


The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, "Mother of harlots and abomin-
ations of the earth" (Rev. 17:5), is the world's first government to raise the
flag of absolute hatred and enmity to God Almighty. It not only makes no
secret of its satanic Marxian atheism but finances and boastfully backs im-
moral sex and militant atheist movements the world over. In addition to sur-
passing the worst days of pagan Rome in its wholesale murder, persecution,
and exile of Russian Christians, it endeavors to kill the souls of the young
generation by prohibiting all teaching of God to children ; by urging children
to publicly disown non-atheist parents; by urging parents to turn over chil-
dren to atheist state control; by blaspheming God and Jesus Christ always
and everywhere in the Communist press, in plays, in anti-religious parades
and pageants and in nauseous cartoons placed in former churches. Its birth
control societies, there and in America, are for the purpose of facilitating
immorality and encouraging promiscuity and the abolition of Christian mar-
riage. Communism blasphemes not only against the "Son of Man" and all
churches but against the Divine Spirit under any name or form whatever.

I heard Neil H. Ness of the sinister Russian O. G. P. U. speak at the
radical Seven Arts Club, Chicago, Oct. 14, 1933. His outstanding boasts
were that Soviet Russia in 15 years under Communism had risen to first
place as the greatest military power in the world, and that "Godless Russia"
had done more in fifteen years than Christianity had in nineteen hundred.
He said he had been often asked about promiscuity in Russia and that in
reply he would say it had been his observation that the "ladies of shame"
had all turned good Bolsheviks after the revolution and were now "handing
out their commodity in a Comradely manner." Truly this accomplishment
of changing vice from a segregated, commercialized pursuit to a free and
general habit is something Christianity has not achieved in nineteen cen-
turies, nor have the savages in thousands of years. They are less degenerate.

"The Church and the Workers" is pamphlet No. 15 in the series of Inter-

Communist Party and Religion

national Pamphlets published for Communist Party use. It proudly says:
"The Soviet Union, under a workers and peasants government, is the only
country in the world where religion and the churches are being combatted
with the active cooperation of the government - - As militant materialists, the
Soviet leaders are uncompromising in their scientific and atheist position. . . .
It is necessary to link the fight against the church and religion with the fight
against capitalism and imperialism. As long as capitalism exists, religion and
the churches will be used ____ In the United States, as in all capitalist countries,
the churches by developing law-abiding citizens through the appeal to fear
of an avenging god, become part of the repressive apparatus, equally with
the police, the army, the prisons, for the purpose of attempting to prevent
rebellion. ... As the anti-religious campaign in the Soviet Union succeeds, the
religious forces of the world are organizing and supporting interventionist
movements to destroy the worker's state. ... A militant worker's anti-religious
movement must be organized . . . "; etc.

In the official Communist Chicago newspaper "Workers Voice" of Mar. 1,
1933, was an article by Joseph Stalin, dictator of Russia, entitled "Com-
munists and Religion", in which he says: "The Party cannot be neutral
towards religion and does conduct anti-religious propaganda against all and
every religious prejudice. . . . The Party cannot be neutral toward the bearers
of religious prejudices, toward the reactionary clergy who poison the minds
of the toiling masses. Have we suppressed the reactionary clergy? Yes, we
have. The unfortunate thing is that it has not been completely liquidated.
Anti-religious propaganda is a means by which the complete liquidation of
the reactionary clergy must be brought about. Cases occur when certain mem-
bers of the Party hamper the complete development of anti-religious propa-
ganda. If such members are expelled it is a good thing because there is no
room for such 'Communists' in the ranks of our Party." Great placards
with the words of Marx, "Religion is the opium of the people," are widely
displayed in Russia.

The "A. B. C. of Communism" by N. Bucharin and E. Preobraschensky
is a standard work for use in Communist Party schools. It says: "Religion
and communism are incompatible. 'Religion is the opium of the people,' said
Karl Marx. It is the task of the Communist Party to make this truth com-
prehensible to the widest circles of the labouring masses. It is the task of
the party to impress firmly upon the minds of the workers, even upon the
most backward, that religion has been in the past and still is today one of
the most powerful means at the disposal of the oppressors for the main-
tenance of inequality, exploitation and slavish obedience on the part of the
toilers. Many weak-kneed communists reason as follows: 'Religion does not
prevent my being a communist. I believe both in God and communism. My
faith in God does not hinder me from fighting for the cause of the proletarian
revolution ! ' This train of thought is radically false. Religion and communism
are incompatible, both theoretically and practically" (To this I agree!)


The 1908 Convention of the Socialist Party adopted a plank in its
platform which stated: "The socialist movement is primarily an economic

24 The Red Network

and political movement. It is not concerned with the institutions of marriage
and religion." Agnostic Victor Berger backed this plank, as did Unterman,
delegate from Idaho, who started off his speech in its favor by declaring
himself to be a thorough atheist but argued: "Would you expect to go out
among the people of this country, people of different churches, of many
different religious factions and tell them they must become atheists before
they can become Socialists? That would be nonsense. We must first get
these men convinced of the rationality of our economic and political program."

Arthur M. Lewis, delegate from Illinois, who opposed this plank stated:
"I know that the Socialist position ... in the question of religion does not
make a good campaign subject . . . therefore I am willing that we should be
quiet about it. But if we must speak, I propose that we shall go before this
country with the truth and not with a lie ... I do not propose to state in this
platform the truth about religion from the point of view of the Socialist phil-
osophy as it is stated in almost every book of standard Socialist literature;
but if we do not do that, let us at least have the good grace to be silent about
it, and not make hypocrites of ourselves."

The official proceedings of this convention quote Morris Hillquit as say-
ing that 99% of the Socialists were agnostics (Lusk Report, p. 1127). The
International Socialist Review at that time said "Religion spells death
to Socialism, just as Socialism to religion ... the thinking Socialists are all free
thinkers." The New Yorker Volkzeitung later said: "Socialism is logical
only when it denies the existence of God."

In 1912, the Socialist Party Convention dropped this plank and adopted
a resolution on "Our Attitude Towards the Church" in which this language
appears: "The ethics of Socialism and religion are directly opposed to each
other." (See official proceedings National Convention held at Indianapolis,
Ind., May 12 to 18, 1912, pages 247-8).

The May 9, 1920 Socialist Party Convention adopted a "Declaration of
Principles" which urged complete separation of church and state and allowed
freedom of conscience to worship or not as one pleased. At this same time
David Berenberg of Socialist Rand School reported to the Socialist Party
international executive committee on the book to be published that August
by the Socialist Schools Publishing Assn. connected with the Rand School.
It was entitled "Socialist Sunday School Curriculum." The Lusk Report
sums up its review by saying the purpose of this book was "to inculcate in
the minds of children from a very early age a distrust in the government of
this country as now constituted, a belief that religion is one of the instru-
ments invented by capitalists for the oppression of workers and to lead them
to accept the revolutionary principles of the Socialist movement." (p. 1791).

The Socialist Educational Society of New York more recently published
a pamphlet entitled "Socialism and Religion." It was sold at the Rand
School Book Store, 7 E. 15th St., the same address at which the official
Socialist weekly "New Leader" is published (mouthpiece of the clever "Rev."
Norman Thomas and his fellows). In the preface the Socialist Educational
Society says: "Our position is clear. There can be no compromise between
Socialism and religion." Chapter headings include "The Exodus of Religion,"
"The Materialist Explanation of Society," and "Quackery and Confusion."

Socialist Party and Religion

The booklet sums up its point of view on the last page with the statement:
"The decay of religion is, indeed, a measure of the advance of humanity."

Herr Bebel, German Socialist leader and classic Socialist writer, announced
in the German Reichstag that his party aimed "in the domain of economics
at socialism and in the domain of what is called religion at atheism" (Mar.
31, 1881), and again he said, "Christianity and socialism stand toward each
other as fire and water. . . . Christianity is the enemy of liberty and civilization
... it has kept mankind in slavery and oppression."

Today the works of atheists Lenin, Trotsky, Scott Nearing, Robt. W.
Dunn, etc. are recommended and standard Socialist literature (see L. I. D.),
as are the "Little Blue Books of Socialism" of Socialist Haldeman-Julius
which are also recommended by the Socialist "Christian Social Action Move-
ment" of the Chicago Methodist Church hdqts. To quote the National Re-
public of Sept. 1933:

"In January the radical and filthy minded Haldeman-Julius launched a
new publication. His pockets already overflowing with gold collected through
sales of his various socialist, communist, sex, trial marriage, atheist and birth
control propaganda periodicals and pamphlets, the new publication known
as the 'Militant Atheist,' was begun in January with a circulation of 1,540.
The September number had reached 4,051, a gain of 2,511 subscribers within
only eight months. This sacrilegious sheet, the size of a daily newspaper, is
edited by E. Haldeman-Julius and 'Rev.' Jos. McCabe. It contains ballyhoo
articles on atheism, on Russia, on Prof. Einstein, on Karl Marx, on Revolu-
tion, and derides Catholicism, Protestantism, the Church, and God Himself."

Among books sold and recommended by the Socialist Party hdqts. in
1932-3 are: "Socialism the Utopia of Science" by Engels, in which he says:
"Nowadays in our revolutionary conception of the universe there is absolutely
no room for either a Creator or ruler" (English edition, 1901, p. 17) ; "Social-
ism in Thought and Action" by Harry W. Laidler, L. I. D. student lecturer,
in which he says: "the philosophy of Socialism is itself diametrically opposed
to the principles of revealed religion" (p. 155); the "Communist Manifesto"
of atheists Marx and Engels, admittedly the "bible" and foundation of Social-
ism; a new edition with adornments by Socialist leaders is now advertised
as "A Very Convenient Handbook KARL MARX. An Essay by Harold J.
Laski with the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO by Karl Marx and Friedrich
Engels. With Introduction by Norman Thomas" (Student Outlook, May,
1933); etc., etc.

Two friends of mine attended a public Socialist meeting at Highland
Park, held in behalf of the candidacy of Norman Thomas and Rev. Roy
Burt, a Methodist minister in good standing and connected with world-wide
Methodist religious education. As they entered, they were given a copy of
"America for ALL," the official Socialist campaign paper (issue of August
13, 1932), and noted with surprise that, under the heading "Yes, but WHICH
shall I read? Our Recommendations are:", the first recommendation was
"The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels." The price was given
as ten cents and the footnote said: "Send order with remittance to Socialist
Party of America, 549 Randolph, Chicago." During the question period,

26 The Red Network

they asked Rev. Burt, who presided and spoke, whether Socialism and Com-
munism were the same. He replied lengthily that their aims were the same
but that their methods of attainment differ. They then asked him why the
Socialists recommended the Communist Manifesto for reading. Burt replied
that the Communist Manifesto is the basis of Socialism. After reading this
Manifesto, a copy of which is before me, I was unable to understand how
anyone could presume to be a disciple of both Christ and Marx. Since it is
the "bible" of Socialism-Communism, it is sold at all Communist and Socialist
book stores. It is printed in pamphlet form, about forty-eight pages. It was
drawn up first in 1848 by Marx and Engels, later re-edited by Engels in 1888.
Class hatred is, of course, the dominating note. Society is divided into two
classes, proletarian and bourgeoisie (or middle class, such as small merchants
and land owners). The bourgeoisie are represented throughout as the villains
who exploit the proletarians. The proletarians, or lowest class, are represented
as the noble heroes who must fight to the finish for dictatorship in order to
make everything equal. According to Marxian argument, people are neces-
sarily worthy of ruling all society because they are poor.

To quote (page 20) : "The proletariat, the lowest strata of our present
society, cannot raise itself up without the whole super-incumbent strata of
official society being sprung into the air. . . . the struggle of the proletariat with
the bourgeoisie is at first a national struggle. The proletariat of each country
must, of course, first of all settle matters with its own bourgeoisie ... up to the
point where that war breaks out into open revolution, and where the violent
overthrow of the bourgeoisie lays the foundation for the sway of the

(Page 23): "The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the
single sentence: Abolition of private property."

(Page 24): "And the abolition of this state of things is called by the
bourgeois, abolition of individuality and freedom! And rightly so. The
abolition of bourgeois individuality, independence and freedom is undoubtedly
aimed at. By freedom is meant, under the present bourgeois conditions of pro-
duction, free trade, free selling and buying."

(Page 25) : "In a word you reproach us with intending to do away with
your property. Precisely so; that is just what we intend."

(Page 26) : "Abolition of the family! ... On what foundation is the present
family, the bourgeois family, based? On capital, on private gain. In its com-
pletely developed form this family exists only among the bourgeoisie. But
this state of things finds its complement in the practical absence of the family
among the proletarians, and in public prostitution. The bourgeois family will
vanish as a matter of course . . . with the vanishing of capital."

(Page 27) : "But you Communists would introduce community of women,
screams the whole bourgeoisie in chorus! . . . Bourgeois marriage is in reality a
system of wives in common and thus, at the most, what the Communists might
possibly be reproached with is that they desire to introduce, in substitution
for a hypocritically concealed, an openly legalized community of women.'' 1

Communizing women for free use was tried repeatedly in Russia until
the outcries against it temporarily halted this program, which for the time

Women and Socialism 27

being is now largely limited to encouragement of free relations, legalized
abortions, and state care for children. The private "ownership" of one man
for one woman is called "capitalism" and is frowned upon. The teaching is:
"Break down the family unit to build national Communism, break down
nationalism (or patriotism) to build international Communism."

To resume quoting from the Manifesto (Page 29): "But Communism
abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of
constituting them on a new basis ; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past
historical experience. What does this accusation reduce itself to? ... The Com-
munist revolution is the most radical rupture with traditional property
relations; no wonder that its development involves the most radical rupture
with traditional ideas." (Thus does Marx defend the destruction of all moral-
ity and all religion.)

(Page 44) : "In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolu-
tionary movement against the existing social and political order of things. . . .
The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare
that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing
social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communist revolution.
The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world
to win. Working men of all countries, unite!"

This last sentence is a slogan of the Socialist Party and is used on their
literature with a picture of two hands clasped around the world. A Socialist
leaflet advertising supplies (secured at Chicago headquarters) lists: "Red
flag buttons or pins (large and small) ISc each."


The Socialist authority August Bebel in "Women and Socialism," pp. 466-
467, says: "In the new society women will be entirely independent both
socially and economically. ... In the choice of love she is as free and unham-
pered as man. She woos or is wooed and enters into a union prompted by no
other consideration than her own feelings. The union is a private agreement
without interference of functionary. ... No one is accountable to anyone else
and no third person has a right to interfere. What I eat and drink, how I
sleep and dress is my own private affair, and my private affair also is my
intercourse with the person of the opposite sex."

Friedrich Engels' "Origin of the Family" (p. 91-92) says: "With the
transformation of the means of production into collective property the mono-
gamous family ceases to be the unit of society. The private household changes
to a social industry. The care and education of children becomes a public
matter. Society cares equally well for all children, legal or illegal. This
assumes the care about the consequence which now forms the essential social
factor hindering the girl to surrender unconditionally to the beloved man."

Helen R. Marx, daughter of Karl Marx (quoted Chgo. Tribune, Nov.
14, 1886), said: "Love is the only recognized marriage in Socialism. Con-
sequently no bonds of any kind would be recognized. Divorce would be
impossible as there would be nothing to divorce; for when love ceases, sepa-

28 The Red Network

ration would naturally ensue." Eleanor Marx, another daughter, never
married her "husband" Dr. Aveling. A consistent Socialist woman would
neither marry nor bear her "husband's" name. (Note the leading Red women
who do not bear the husband's name.)


The American Association for the Advancement of Atheism (4A), which
cooperates in its own World Union of Atheists with Moscow's International
of the Godless and other Communist groups, in its official reports proudly
relates how the socialist Debs Memorial Radio Station (WEVD) staunchly
aided it in regularly broadcasting the 4A Atheist propaganda. It states that
it has but two real foes, Fundamentalist Christianity and Roman Catholicism,
and adds that it welcomes the aid of Modernists in paving the way for Athe-
ism (and, one might add, Communism). Jeeringly, it asserts that the reason
Fundamentalists do not dare openly to expose heresy within the Protestant
Churches is because they are afraid of a split and that the Churches are thus

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