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in Communist affairs and organizations
(see "Who's Who"). James Weldon John-


The Red Network

son, now and for years, an executive of
the N.AA.C.P. and also a Garland Fund
director, has served at the same time in
company with most of the Garland Fund
directors on the national committee of the
"Reds' aid society," the A.C.L.U. W. E. B.
DuBois, another N.AA.P.C. executive, is a
Socialist and also member of Communist
subsidiaries (A.S.C.R.R., A.A.A.I. Lg., etc.)
and received money directly from the Gar-
land Fund in 1928 for services. Clarence
Darrow, John Haynes Holmes, Oswald G.
Villard, and other executives, have similar

The N.A.A.C.P. emulates the A.C.L.U.
among Negroes. In fighting for "Negro
rights" naturally it has won the friendship
of many Negroes, themselves opposed to
the Red movement, who believe it to be
a purely altruistic agency without radical
or political motivation.

An article, sarcastically entitled "Ever
Sincerely, Walter White," in the commu-
nist I.L.D. magazine "Labor Defender," for
Aug. 1933, is a typical exhibit of the quar-
relsomeness and professional jealousy shown
between the "family" of cooperating rad-
icals and their organizations. To quote:

"Three months ago, pressed by its member-
ship, the N.A.A.C.P., of which Walter White is
Secretary, asked the I.L.D. for authorization to
collect funds for the Scottsboro defense. This was
granted but, finding that the agreement had been
broken by the N.A.A.C.P., Wm. L. Patterson, Nat.
Sec. of the I.L.D. wrote a letter on June 1,
demanding that the funds be unconditionally
turned over to the I.L.D."

Then follows a very sneering analysis of
White's letter ending "Ever sincerely,
Walter White"; then the article resumes:

"Wm. Patterson's reply shows how the N.A.A.
C.P. in 1931 and 1932 collected $7,178.63 for the
defense. The letter states: 'This is the most un-
principled case of robbery, known in the history
of the struggle of the Negro masses.' . . . The
difference between the legal 'defense' of the N.A.A.
C.P. and the I.L.D. policy of the 'unity of mass
action with legal defense' is then gone into after
which Comrade Patterson mentions the 'distin-
guished white and Negro citizens' serving on the
Executive Board of the N.A.A.C.P., such gentle-
men as Lt. Col. J. E. Spingarn . . . Senator Capper
of Kansas . . . Governor Herbert Lehmann of New
York and Frank Murphy now governor of the
Philippines, and Mayor of Detroit at the time of
the Ford Massacre of March, 1932."

This is a sarcastic inference that Mur-
phy is opposed to radicals, whereas one
might point to his appointment by Pres.
Roosevelt as Gov. of the Philippines, his
praise by the A.C.L.U. (see), and the hold-
ing of Communist meetings in Detroit
public schools while he was Mayor, as
evidence to the contrary. At one meeting
in a Public School, Detroit, the Commu-
nists held a mock trial and condemned

Henry Ford to death, according to the
Communist press. The article says Patter-
son's letter ended with:

"We call the membership of the N.A.A.C.P. . . .
to join and build the Scottsboro Action Commit-
tees. . . . Step over the heads of your leadership.
. . . Only mass pressure will free the Scottsboro

A 1931 letterhead lists:

J. E. Spingarn as Pres.; Vice Presidents: Arthur
Capper, Senator from Kansas, Bishop John A.
Gregg, John Haynes Holmes, James Weldon John-
son, Arthur B. Spingarn, Oswald G. Villard;
Executive Officers: Mary Ovington White, chmn.
bd.; Walter White, sec.; Dr. W. E. B. DuBois,
Robt. W. Bagnall, dir. of branches; Wm. Pickens,
field sec.; Mrs. Daisy Lampkin, regional field
sec.; Herbert J. Seligmann, dir. of publicity; Wm.
T. Andrews, special legal asst.; National Legal
Committee: Arthur B. Spingarn, chmn.; James
Marshall, Herbert K. Stockton, Felix Frankfurter,
Chas. H. Studin, Clarence Darrow, T. J. Nutter.

The official name of the group directing
the Pioneer Youth of America (see).

Cooperates with the Federal Council of
Churches, Central Conference of Amer-
ican Rabbis, Catholic Association for
International Peace, American Civil Liber-
ties Union, etc.; dir. Social Action Dept,
John A. Ryan of the A.C.L.U. (same
position held by John A. Lapp, 1920-27).



Abolition of child labor is a worthy
humanitarian cause, with which most
kindly people are in sympathy, but the
outstanding Socialists active on this com-
mittee, in accordance with Socialist prin-
ciples, seek more than is apparent on the
surface. They back all laws giving parents
less and the State more and more control
over children. Socialism aims at abolition
of private ownership of children, and of
Christian marriage, as well as of property
rights. Complete State control of children,
free abortions, and free love in Russia
today, are the fulfillment of this Marxian
Socialist dogma.


Nat. Citiz. Com. Rel. Lat. Am.

A committee echoing the communist
A.A.A.I. Lg's. "Hands Off" propaganda;
similar to the Non-intervention Citizens
Committee; formed in Wash., D.C., with

Organizations, Etc.


hdqts. at the Peoples Legislative Service,
in 1927, when the U.S. Govt. was having
trouble with the Communist-supported
Nicaraguans and Calles' Communist-sup-
ported Mexican Govt., which was intent
on seizing American-owned property (and
was persecuting religion in true Soviet
style) ; it circulated the statement of the
revolutionary Nicaraguan Governor whom
the U.S. Govt. refused to recognize; and,
said Marvin: it "is the organization which
we are forced to opine sent Rev. Samuel
Guy Inman" (of the Garland Fund Com.
on American Imperialism (see) ) "into
Mexico for the purpose of manufacturing
a little additional propaganda with which
to flood the United States. John F.
Moors of Boston, who is listed as president,
in a recent statement said the committee
... believed 'that our present Latin
American policy as manifested in Nicara-
gua, Mexico, and elsewhere is in violation
of every sound American tradition.' . . . The
Honorary President of the Nat. Citiz. Com.
is Senator George W. Norris of Nebraska
who, just now, is being strongly touted
as a candidate for President on a third
ticket to be guided by the same Socialist-
Liberal forces that guided the candidacy of
LaFollette and Wheeler. Practically all of
them were backers of the Socialist ticket
LaFollette and Wheeler in 1924.
... In view of the Communist agitation
in connection with the Sacco-Vanzetti affair
... the same names in many instances, will
be found attached to petitions in favor of
the two condemned murderers ... a large
percentage ... are closely related with the
Socialist Party." (Marvin Data Sheets,
25-12, 28-23, 34-15, 1927) "The complete
list follows":

Hon. pres., Senator Geo. W. Norris; pres., John
F. Moors, Mass.; sec., Mercer G. Johnson, Md.;
treas W. P. Neville, Wash., D.C.; hon. vice
presidents: Mrs. Edw. P. Costigan, Colo.; Mrs.
J. Borden Harriman, Wash., D.C.; Bishop Francis
J. McConnell, Pa.; Cong. R. Walton Moore, Va.;
Sen. David I. Walsh, Mass.; Wm. Allen White,
Kans.; Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, N.Y.; Members:
Dr. Felix Adler, N.Y.; Judge Geo. W. Anderson,
Mass.; Mrs. Francis C. Axtcll, Wash.; Hon. New-
ton D. Baker, O.; James H. Batten, Cal.; Judge
Robt. W. Bingham, Ky. ; Mrs. Emily Newell Blair,
Mo.; Mrs. Harriet Stanton Blatch, N.Y ; Rev W
Russell Bowie, N.Y.; Alfred Brandeis, Ky.; P. H.
Callahan, Ky.; Wm. F. Cochran, Md.; Everett
Colby, N.Y.; Pres. Ada A. Comstock, Mass.;
Herbert Croly, N.Y.; Oscar K. Gushing, Cal.;

. ,

Dr. Edw. P. Devine, Wash., D.C.; Prof. John
Dewey, N.Y.; Prof. Wm. E. Dodd, 111.; Judge
Chas. A. Douglas, Wash., D.C.; Prof. Edw. Meade

Arthur Garfield Hays, N.Y.; Morris Hillquit,
N.Y.; Prof. Wm. E. Hocking, Mass.; Dr. Samuel
Guy Inman, N.Y.; Will Irwin, N.Y.; Rabbi Edw.
L. Israel, Md.; Cong. Meyer Jacobstein, N.Y.;
W. D. Jamieson, Wash., D.C.; Edw. Keating,
Wash., D.C.; Paul U. Kellogg, N.Y.; Mrs. Eliz.
T. Kent Cal.; Horace G. Knowles, N.Y.; Cong.
O. J. Kvale, Minn.; Sen. Robt. M. LaFollette,
Wis.; Cong. F. La Guardia, N.Y.; Geo. La Monte,
N.J.; John A. Lapp, 111.; Mrs. Henry Goddard
Leach, N.Y.; Jos. Lee, Mass.; Hon. John Lind,
Minn.; Pres. H. N. MacCracken, N.Y.; Judge
Julian W. Mack, 111.; Amy G. Maher, O.; Basil
M. Manly, Wash., D.C.; Lowell Mellett, Wash.,
D.C.; Prof. S. E. Morison. Mass.; James H.
Moyle, Utah; Pres. Wm. A. Neilson, Mass.; David
K. Niles, Mass.; Mrs. Gordon Norrie, N.Y.; Sen.
Gerald P. Nye, N.D.; John D. Pearmain, N.Y.;
Prof. Bliss Perry, Mass.; Dr. Albert H. Putney,
Wash., D.C.; Jackson H. Ralston, Cal.; Donald
R. Richberg, 111.; Dr. Wm. L. Robins, Wash.,
D.C.; Elmer E. Rogers, Wash., D.C.; Hon. Cato
Sells, Tex.; Prof. Frederick Starr, Wash., D.C.:
Moorfield Storey, Mass.; Prof. F. W. Taussig,
Mass.; Norman Thomas, N.Y.; Hon. Huston
Thompson, Colo.; Mrs. Eliz. Towne, Mass.; Oswald
Garrison Villard, N.Y.; Hon. Carl S. Vrooman,
111.; Henry A. Wallace, la.; Frank P. Walsh,
N.Y.; Cong. Knud Wefald, Minn.; Sen. Burton
K. Wheeler, Montana; Wm. Allen White, Kans.;
Prof. Tyrell Williams, Mo.; Prof. A. P. Winston,
Tex.; Pres. Mary E. Woolley, Mass.; Peter
Witt, 0.

Nat. Com. Def. Pol. Pris.

Formed 1931 as an outgrowth of the
communist Emergency Committee for
Defense of Southern Political Prisoners
"political prisoners" being the radical
term for those arrested for seditious revo-
lutionary activities; communist intellectuals
and sympathizers led by

Theo. Dreiser, chmn.; Lincoln Steffens, Sher-
wood Anderson, vice chmn.; John Dos Passes,
treas.; Melvin P. Levy, sec.; Adelaide G. Walker,
asst. sec.; com. members: Harry Elmer Barnes,
William Rose Benet, Prof. Franz Boas, Lester
Cohen, Eleanor Copenhaver, Malcolm Cowley,
Bruce Crawford, Edward Dahlberg, Floyd Dell,
Adolph Dehn, Edgar Fraley, Waldo Frank, Hugo
Gellert, Lydia Gibson, Murray Godwin, Eugene
Gordon, C. Hartley Grattan, Paul Green, Horace
Gregory, Julius Heiman, Josephine Herbst, Lang-
ston Hughes, Grace Hutchins, Maxwell Hyde,
Leon Kahn Yereth Kahn, Alfred Kreymborg,
Suzanne LaFollette, Pierre Loving, Louis Lozo-
wick, George Maurer, Claude McKay, Edna St.
Vincent Millay, Dr. Henry Neumann, Samuel

.. . .

Earle, N.Y.; Mrs. Mary E. Fels, N.Y.; Prof.
Irving Fisher, Conn.; Wm. Floyd, N.Y.; Mrs. J.
Malcolm Forbes, Mass.; Sen. Lynn J Frazier
N.D.; Zona Gale, Wis.; Dean V. C. Gildersleeve)
N.Y.; Eliz. Gilman, Md.; J. W. Gitt, Pa.; Prof.
Chas. W. Hackett, Tex.; Norman Hapgood, N.Y.;

beaver, Upton bmclair, Bernard J. Stern, Ruth
Stout, William Monroe Trotter, Mary Heaton
Vorse, Charles R. Walker, Webb Waldron, Eric
Walrond, Walter Wilson, Ella Winter (Mrs. Lin-
coln Steffens), Carl Zigrosser, Marguerite Zorach,
William Zorach.

Hdqts. Room 337 St. Denis Bldg., llth
and Broadway, N.Y. City. (Communist

The Daily Worker, Nov. 13, 1933, car-
ried a picture of

"Members of delegation of Nat. Com. for Def.
Pol. Pris. now in Tuscaloosa, Ala. . . . Members


The Red Network

of the delegation are: Alfred H. Hirsch, secretary
Nat. Com. for Def. Pol. Pris. (of N.Y.); Jessica
Henderson, Boston, prominent in Sacco-Vanzetti
defense; Howard Kester, Nashville, Term., South-
ern Secretary, Fellowship of Reconciliation; Bruce
Crawford, Norton, Va., editor, Crawford's Weekly;
Hollace Ransdell of Ky., investigator for A.C.L.U.
in Scottsboro case; Grace Lumpkin of South
Carolina, author 'To Make My Bread,' proletarian
novel; Barbara Alexander of Savannah, Georgia,


Formed by A.C.L.U. 1932 to prevent
employers who are harassed by radical
strikers from obtaining injunctions pro-
hibiting their activities. Chas. F. Amidon
(former Judge), chmn.; Forrest Bailey, sec.




N.C. to A.S.M.F.S.

Formed to aid the communist National
Miners Union operating in Pineville and
Harlan County, Ky., 1931; an intellectual
communistic group headed by

Communist John Dos Passes, chmn.; Hugo
Gellert, sec.; Leon Kahn, treas.; com. members:
Sherwood Anderson, Roger Baldwin, Polly Boyden,
"Bishop" Wm. M. Brown, Horace B. Davis, Agnes
De Lima, Floyd Dell, Babette Deutsch, H. W. L.
Dana, Robert W. Dunn, Clifton P. Fadiman,
Sarah Bard Field, Waldo Frank, Lydia Gibson,
Eugene Gordon, Michael Gold, William Cropper,
Charles Yale Harrison, Harold Hickerson, Sidney
Hook, Grace Hutchins, Horace M. Kallen, Carol
Weiss King, Corliss Lament, Margaret Larkin,
Melvin P. Levy, Jessie Lloyd, Robert Morss
Lovett, Louis Lozowick, Paul Luttinger, M.D.,
Clarina Michelson, Elsie Reed Mitchell, M.D.,
Lewis Mumford, Liston M. Oak, Harvey O'Con-
nor, Samuel Ornitz, Webster Powell, Harry Alan
Potamkin, John Cowper Powys, Anna Rochester,
Upton Sinclair, Lincoln Steffens, Bernard J. Stern,
Marguerite Tucker, Genevieve Taggard, Mary
Heaton Vorse, Alfred Wagenknecht, Charles K.
Walker, Rev. Eliot White, Anita Whitney, Walter
Wilson, Charles Erskine Scott Wood, and Carl

Hdqts. 799 Broadway, N.Y. City (from
letter appealing for funds, dated June 21,
1932, signed by Chas. R. Walker).


Nat. Com. to Aid Vic. G. Fascism.

Organized by communist Workers Inter-
national Relief 1933, "affiliated member-
ship 400,000" (Daily Wkr., 9/29/33).

National Officers: A. J. Muste, chmn.; Dr.
Harry A. Warwick, vice chmn.; Alfred Wagen-
knecht, exec, sec.; J. B. Matthews, treas.; Inter-
national officers: Lord Marley (Labor Party),
London, England, chmn.; Prof. Francis Jourdain,

Paris, France, sec.; International Supporters:
England: Fenner Brockway (I.L.P.); Alice Neal
(Coop, guild) ; Saklatvala (Communist Party) ;
Jim Watson (Catholic Crusade); Havelock Ellis;
E. Sylvia Pankhurst (Communist); France:
Romain Rolland (Communist); Prof. Challaye;
Henri Barbusse (Communist) ; Mme. Gabrielle
Duchene (W.I.L.P.F. and communist Lg. against
Imperialism); Mme. Wanner (W.I.L.P.F.);
Czechoslovakia: Prof. Nejedly; Egon Erwin
Kisch; C. Weiskopf; Franz Hoellering; Prof.
Schalda; Holland: Regisseur Joris Ivans; Helene
Ankersmith; Belgium: Henry Marteau and
Karel Van Dooren; Germany: Prof. Albert Ein-
stein, Ernst Toller, E. J. Gumbel, Hanns Eeisler,
Arthur Holitscher, Willi Muenzenburg (intl. sec.
of communist Intl. Lg. against Imperialism), Prof.
Arthur Eddington, Prof. Levy, Hugh Walpole,
Ellen Wilkinson, Edo Fimmen, Harry Pollitt, Count
Michael Karolyi, Prof. Manoury, L. Levy-
Bruehl, Paul Langevin, Charles Nicolle; U.S.A.
Supporters: Harry Elmer Barnes, Konrad Ber-
covici, Roger Baldwin, Prof. Franz Boas, Robert
C. Brooks, Stephen V. Benet, Heywood Broun,
Leo Bulgakov, Malcolm Cowley, Dorothy Cher-
tak, Ralph Cheyney, Prof. Merle Curti, Prof.
Addison T. Cutler, Prof. Horace B. Davis, Will
Durant, Robert W. Dunn, Edward Dahlberg, Olin
Downes, Prof. H. W. L. Dana, Floyd Dell,
Joseph Freeman, Donald Friede, Clifton Fadiman,
Rabbi Benjamin Goldstein, Louis Golding, Mor-
decai Gorelik, Michael Gold, Granville Hicks,
Max S. Hayes, Ali A. Hassan, Carl Haessler, Inez

Haynes Irwin, Maxwell Hyde, Francis Fisher
Kane, Carol Weiss

Jerome Klein, J. A.
;, Maxim-

Maxwell Hydi
;iss King, Ten

Kittine, Joshua Kuntz, Eva Le Gallienne, Maxim-
Lieber, Louis Lozowick, Corliss Lamont, Jessie
Lloyd, Lola Maverick Lloyd, Prof. Robert Morss
Lovett, Prof. R. M. Mac Iver, Dr. Lillian Mil-
grim, Rev. Lester Mondale, Henry Newman, Prof.
Wm. L. Nunn, Harry Alan Potamkin, Dr. William
J. Robinson, Burton Rascoe, Meyer Shapiro, Prof.
Bernard J. Stern, Harry Slochower, W. R. Sassa-
man, Prof. Winifred Smith, George Soule, Prof.
Margaret Schlauch, Lincoln Steffens, Otto Sattler,
Lucia Trent, Ella Winter, Nathaniel Weyl, John

Supporting organizations (listed on let-
terhead) :

Workers International Relief (Communist) ;
Conference for Progressive Labor Action (left
wing Socialist, cooperates with Communists) ;
International Labor Defense (Communist) ; Jew-
ish Workers and People's National Committee
Against Fascism and Pogroms in Germany; Ger-
man National Anti-Fascist United Front; commu-
nist Intl. Workers Order; communist T.U.U.L.;
Communist Party; Arbeiter Saengerbund of U.S.;
Neue Volkszeitung; communist National Miners
Union; communist Natur Freunde (Nature
Friends) ; German Workers and Farmers Verband
(Winnipeg, Canada) ; Socialist Jewish Workers
Party (Left Paoli Zion) ; Amalgamated Food
Workers; communist A.F. of L. Committee for
Unemployment Insurance; communist Needle
Trades Workers Industrial Union; communist
Shoe Workers, and also Food Workers, Industrial
Unions; Italian Anti-Fascist Committee of Action;
Youth United Front Against German Fascism;
Cultural United Front Against German Fascism;
communist Finnish Workers Federation; Der
Arbeiter; Kampf-Signal ; German Workers Clubs;
Arbeiter Turn und Sport Bund, U.S.A.; New York
German Branch of Socialist Party; Elizabeth
German Branch Socialist Party.

Hdqts. 75 Fifth Ave., Room 5, N.Y.
City; Chicago Committee Hdqts. Room
310, 208 N. Wells St.

Organizations, Etc.



Nat. Cons. Lg.

A Garland-Fund-aided, Socialist-con-
trolled organization founded in 1916 by
Socialist Florence Kelley (formerly of Hull
House, translator of Marx and Engels, and
friend and correspondent of Engels and
Lenin); organizes workers; issues "white
lists" to blacklist firms not conforming to
its program; ostensibly promotes consump-
tion of union made goods, etc.

In 1931, Florence Kelley (now deceased) was
gen. sec.; Dr. John R. Commons of Madison,
Wis., pres.; and Jane Addams, Newton D. Baker,
Mrs. Edw. P. Costigan, Alice Hamilton, John
Haynes Holmes, Julia C. Lathrop, Henry R.
Mussey, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mrs. M. R.
Trumbull, etc., vice presidents; Mrs. J. Borden
Harriman, chmn. of the bd.; hon. pres., John
Graham Brooks; hon. vice pres., Irving Fisher;
Jacob H. Hollander (John Hopkins), Frank L.
McVey (U. of Ky.), Josiah Morse (U. of S.
Car.), Wm. A. Neilson (Smith Coll.), Jessica B.
Peixotto (U. of Cal.), Dean Roscoe Pound, Dr.
John A. Ryan, E. R. A. Seligman (Columbia U.),
Walter F. Wilcox (Cornell U.), A. B. Wolfe
(Ohio State), Mary E. Woolley (Mt. Holyoke),
etc. (listed on the letter head). Hdqts. 156
Fifth Ave., N.Y. City.


N. C. for P. W.

Seymour Waldman, editor of the N.C.
for P.W. "International Disarmament
Notes," 1931-32, in October 1933 became
head of the Washington bureau of the
communist "Daily Worker." Has been
called "a clearing house for Socialist-Com-
munist pacifist propaganda"; formed Sept.
1921 under chairmanship of a Foreign
Policy Assn. officer; its director, Frederick
J. Libby, to quote Arthur Sears Henning,
"has gained national notoriety for utter-
ances widely regarded as unpatriotic and
which were the cause of the board of edu-
cation of the District of Columbia barring
him from speaking in the Washington pub-
lic schools. Libby is leading the move-
ment for the abolition of military training
in schools. . . . Libby was a prime mover
in organizing the propaganda to deter the
President from withdrawing recognition
from the Calles government if American
properties should be confiscated. . . .
Libby has espoused the Calles side of the
oil and alien land law controversy." (See
Mexican Propaganda.) "... One of the
common aims of the pacifist and radicals
is to weaken the military preparedness of
the United States for national defense. The
most active pacifist organization is the
National Council for Prevention of War
which expends $85,000 a year as a clearing

house for the peace work of 34 groups
among which are the American Association
of University Women, the American Farm
Bureau Federation, the American Fed-
eration of Teachers, which fights military
training of youth, the Fellowship of Recon-
ciliation, the Foreign Policy Assn., the
National Board of the Y.W.C.A., National
Education Assn., National Women's Trade
Union League, Women's International
League for Peace and Freedom, National
Consumers League, the W.C.T.U. and
World Alliance for International Friend-
ship Through the Churches. These com-
ponent organizations of the National Coun-
cil expend independently, partly or wholly
on pacifist propaganda an aggregate of
more than $500,000 a year. Other mem-
bers of the Foreign Policy Association
directorate who are also members of the
directorate of the National Council for
Prevention of War are Jane Addams,
Katherine Ludington, Wm. Allen White,
Bishop Francis J. McConnell, James G.
McDonald and Bishop G. Ashton Oldham."
(From Arthur Sears Henning's "Govern-
ment by Propaganda.") Five of the co-
operating organizations mentioned above
are red Garland Fund proteges.

In 1927 it claimed to have sent out
"more than 1,000,000 pieces of literature"
to 13,600 newspapers, 75,000 ministers and
others, against the President's naval pro-
gram alone, to have voted a budget of
$113,000 for 1928 and maintained a staff
of 11 persons in the two offices in Wash-
ington and California with 7 stenographers,
14 clerks, and 3 "speakers in the fields."
Hdqts. in 1932 were 532 Seventeenth
Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.; branch
offices in San Francisco, Portland, Ore.,
Louisville, Ky., Springfield, Mass., Des
Moines, la.

Exec, sec., Frederick J. Libby; vice chairmen,
Jane Addams, Rev. Peter Ainslie, Clement M.
Biddle, Mrs. Louis D. Brandeis, Mrs. J. Borden
Harriman, Will Irwin, John A. Lapp, Julia C.
Lathrop, Katharine Ludington, Bishop Francis J.
McConnell, James G. McDonald, Hugh S. Magill,
Mrs. Lucia Ames Mead, Bishop G. Ashton Old-
ham, Mrs.^ Arthur Charles Watkins, and William
Allen White; exec. bd. : T. Janney Brown,
William F. Cochran, Edward T. Devine, Elizabeth
Eastman, Mrs. J. Malcolm Forbes, Elisabeth Gil-
man, Mrs. J. Borden Harriman, Arthur E. Holder
Rabbi Edward L. Israel, Frederick J. Libby, Felix
Morley, Rev. R. A. McGowan, Mrs. Sina M.
Stanton, Richard R. Woop; assoc. secretaries:
Mrs. Florence Brewer Boeckel, Eleanor D. Bran-
nan, Gaylord W. Douglass, Mrs. Mary Flahaven,
J. J. Handsaker, Thomas Que Harrison, Mrs.
Laura Puffer Morgan, Jeannette Rankin, Dorothy
Reed, Cynthia Smith, E. Guy Talbott, Jacob H.
Taylor, Harry E. Terrell, Seymour B. Waldman
Arthur Charles Watkins, Mary Phillips Webster
and Mary Ida Winder; office sec.: Mrs. Gladys
K. Gould Mackenzie; treas.: T. Janney Brown.


The Red Network

Listed on the 1932 letterhead as "Par-
ticipating Organizations" are:

Am. Assn. Univ. Women; Am. Fed. Tchrs.;
Am. School Citizenship Lg.; Church of the
Brethren Bd. of Relig. Ed.; C.M.E.; Fell. Recon.;
Gen. Alliance Unitarian Women, Com. on Social
Serv.; Gen. Conf. of Religious Soc. of Friends;
Intl. New Thought Alliance; Nat. Bd. Y.W.C.A.;
Nat. Coun. Jewish Women; Nat. Coun. Jewish
Juniors; Nat. Edu. Assn.; Nat. Fed. of Temple
Sisterhoods; Nat. Reform Assn.; Nat. Worn. Tr.
Un. Lg.; Peace Assn. of Friends in Am.; Soc.
to Eliminate Economic Causes of War; Woman s
Missionary Un. of Friends in Am.; W.I.L.P.F.;
Cooperating Organizations: Central Conf. of
Am. Rabbis; Council of Women for Home Mis-
sions; Nat. Consumers Lg.; Intl. Soc. of Chris-
tian Endeavor; United Synagogue of Am.;
Womens Lg. of the United Synagogue of Am.;
World Peace Union.




Nat. Coun. for Prot. For. Bn. Wkrs.

A Communist subsidiary (U.S. Fish
Report; also P. 77 of Report of Exec.
Com. of Communist International, issued
1924) ; claims 270,000 members, staged
mass demonstration when Congress con-
vened Dec. 6, 1930; agitates against alien
registration, deportation of alien Reds, etc.
The N.Y. World, Oct. 16, 1927, stated:

"Jos. B. Dean, pres. of the Moving Picture
Operators Union, is pres. of the National Council
for Protection of Foreign Born Workers; Nina
Samoradin is nat. sec., and among members of
the board are James H. Maurer, pres. of the Pa.
State Federation of Labor, Timothy Healey of
the Steamfitters Union, W. E. Burghardt Du Bois,
editor of the Crisis, Clarence Darrow, Albert F.
Coyle, Robert Morss Lovett, Arthur Garfield
Hays, and Fred Atkins Moore."

Henry T. Hunt was legal advisor. The
Communist Daily Worker, Dec. 19, 1927
told of a conference of the N.Y. Council
addressed by Robt. W. Dunn and Dr.
Edmund B. Chaffee of the Labor Temple

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