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Civ. Lib. Bureau; W.I.L.P.F. (pres. U.S.
section and mem. intl. exec. com. 1933) ;
Fell. Recon.; Cong. Exp. Radicals; ed.

Who Is Who in Radicalism?


staff "The Nation"; Emer. Peace Fed.;
Am. Neut. Conf. Com. (see Jane Addams) ;
Ford Peace Party; Griffin Bill sponsor; nat.
coun. Berger Nat. Found.

BALDWIN, A. G.: nat. com. Nat. R. &
L. Found.

BALDWIN, ROGER: dir. nat. A.C.L.
U.; Garland Fund, dir.; former I.W.W.;
former assoc. Berkman anarchist gang; in
anarchist Berkman's Lg. for Amn. of Pol.
Pris.; war time anti-Govt. "peace" worker
(see infamous People's Council for letter to
Lochner) ; served Federal prison sentence
1918-19; Am. Lg. to Limit. Arm.; Labor
Def. Coun. 1923; Russ. Reconst. Farms,
1925 ; bd. Pris. Rel. Fund (of I.L.D.) ; nat.
com. Intl. Wkrs. Aid, 1927 (now W.I.R.) ;
nat. com. W.I.R. 1928; delg. with Com-
munist Gomez to World Cong. Against Im-
perialism (Communist), Brussels, 1927;
wife is Madeleine Z. Doty, intl. sec. and ed.
of organ ("Pax") of W.I.L.P.F.; Cong.
Exp. of Radicals; Emer. Com. Strik. Rel.
1930; N.C. to A.S.M.F.S. 1932; com. U.S.
Cong. Ag. War; Am. com. W.C.A.W. 1933;
a "Communist-Recommended Author";
supporter of communist N.S.Lg. ; speaker at
Communist meetings; Peace Patriots;
Recep. Com. Soviet Flyers; Am. Com. for
S.A.W.; Freethinkers Ingersoll Com.; Nat.
Mooney-Billings Com.; Nat. Mooney Coun.
of Action, 1933; Nat. Scottsboro Com. of
Action, 1933 ; Am. Neut. Conf. Com. ; Intl.
Com. Pol. Pris. 1933; nat. com. A.A.AI.
Lg. 1928 ; chmn. Lg. for Mutual Aid, 1920-
25; indicted for participation in American
work of Kuzbas Indust. Colony, Siberia,
1923 (Am. Labor Who's Who), indictment
dismissed; Nat. Com. to Aid Vic. G. Fasc-
ism; nat. com. F.S.U. 1933.

BALLAM, JOHN J.: cent. com. Com-
munist Party; Nat. Scottsboro Com. of
Act.; I.L.D. ; organizer Nat. Text. Wkrs.

com. Nat. R. & L. Found.

BARBUSSE, HENRI: French Commun-
ist; chmn. intl. com. W.C.A.W.; organized
Ex-Serv. Men's Intl. (Communist) to
"make war on war" by Red revolution
(Am. section is Workers' Ex-Serv. Men's
Lg.) ; Student Cong. Ag. War; Intl. Com.
for S.A.W.; heads Anti-Imperialist Lg. of
France (Am. section is A.A.A.I. Lg.) ;
joined staff of "L'Humanite," French Com-
munist daily, immediately after the war;
delg. to U.S. Cong. Ag. War, Sept. 1933,
N.Y.C.; hon. mem. Wkrs. Cult. Fed. of
U.S.; endorser of Am. W.I.R.; French
corres. "New Masses" 1933 ; Nat. Com. to
Aid Vic. G. Fascism.

minister; now M.E. Ch. official, Chgo.
hdqts.; also lecturer Garrett Bibl. Inst.,
Evanston, 111.; exec. com. Chr. Soc. Act. M.

Smith Coll. Prof.; now Scripps-Howard
Pub. columnist; nat. com. and bd. of dir.
A.C.L.U.; Nat. Com. Def. Pol. Pris. 1932;
nat. com. W.C.A.W.; Peace Patriots; coun.
People's Lobby; Nat. Mooney-Billings
Com.; hon. vice pres. Freethinkers of
America (Atheist) ; treas. Nat. Coun. on
Freedom from Censorship; headed Garland
Fund Com. on American Imperialism;
instr. New Sch. Social Research, 1932;
Griffin Bill sponsor; Freethinkers Ingersoll
Com. 1933; Am. Com. for S.A.W.; Nat.
Com. to Aid Vic. G. Fascism.

BARNES, ROSWELL P.: exec. bd.
C.M.E.; Com. for Thomas, 1929; exec,
com. World Peaceways, 1932.

BARNETT, JAMES; Communist; writer
for Intl. Pamphlets.

BARNHART, W. R.: nat. com. Nat. R.
& L. Found.

BARON, ROSE: Communist Party func-
tionary; anarchist Berkman's Lg. for Amn.
of Pol. Pris. 1917; sec. Sacco-V. Emer.
Com. 1927.

terian minister; founder and pastor Olivet
Inst. Ch. and supt. Olivet Inst., Chgo.;
was on nat. com. Labor Def. Coun. (now
I.L.D.) 1923, formed for defense of Bridg-
man Communists; L.I.D. ; C.M.E.; Chgo.
Forum Coun.; advis. com. C.W.C. on
Unemp. (Borders); Fell. Faiths; Peace
Patriots; five Olivet trustees said to have
resigned because of Barr's radical, unpat-
riotic utterances (Chgo. Tribune, Oct. 14,
1927) ; debater for Chgo. Atheist Forum,
Dec. 3, 1933 and Feb. 18, 1934.

BASKIN, JOSEPH: Jewish Socialist;
born Russia; gen. sec. Workmen's Circle
(see); active revol. agitator while student;
nat. coun. Berger Nat. Found.; N.Y.C.

BASS, NATHAN: Communist Party

BASSHE, EM JO: Communist; Com-
munist Lg. P. G. for F. & F. 1932; sec.
cultural dept. and dir. W.I.R.; in charge
Young Pioneer Camps; contrib. ed. "New
Masses"; John Reed Club; Intl. Union
Revol. Writers; perm, contrib. Intl. Lit.;
Revol. Writers' Fed.

BAYLY, MILTON D.: M.E. minister;
sec. Chgo. Meth. Preachers Meeting which
sent out resolutions signed by him (June
13, 1932) berating the American Vigilant
Intelligence Federation for exposing the Red
activities of M.E. ministers and protesting


The Red Network

that such organizations "menace the con-
stitutional rights of free speech" (the battle
cry of all Reds).

BEALS, CARLETON: author of section
of "Recovery Through Revolution" (see)
1933 ; speaker for A.A.A.I. Lg. at New Sch.
for Social Research, N.Y.C., with Com-
munists Robt. W. Dunn, Waldo Frank, and
Manuel Gomez (Nov. 3, 1933); A.A.A.I.
Lg. ("Govt. by Propaganda" by A. S.
Henning) ; nat. com. F.S.U. 1933.

BEARCE, F. E.: Marine Wkrs. Trans-
port Un. (I.W.W.) ; Unemp. Un. (I.W.W.) ;
U. S. Cong. Ag. War.

BEARD, CHAS. A.: Coll. Prof.; sup-
porter Rand Sch. 1933; prominent author.

BEARDSLEY, JOHN: chmn. So. Cal.
A.C.L.U. Com.

Socialist; former mem. Socialist Party nat.
com.; Socialist cand. periodically since
1912; instr. Rand Sch. 1915-18; Labor Def.
Coun. 1923; Non-intervention Citiz. Com.
1927; N.Y.C.

BEBEL, AUGUST: deceased German
Socialist leader ; author of books on Social-
ism; pupil of Marx.

mem. advis. com. and teacher Workers'
School, Chgo.; arrested Bridgman raid,
1922; Chgo. Com. for S.A.W.

ter; C.M.E.; Fell. Faiths; Prof. Garrett
Biblical Inst.; Fell. Recon. leader of Re-
conciliation Trips; Meth. Fed. for Soc.
Serv.; Chgo. Forum Coun.

BECK, DR. G. F.: Dir. radical Labor
Temple, N.Y.C. (of Presb. Ch.).

BECKER, MAURICE: Communist Lg.
P. G. for F. & F. 1932.

bus. agt. Amalg. Cloth. Wkrs. of Am.; Non-
intervention Citiz. Com. 1927; N.Y.

BEDACHT, MAX: Communist writer
and agitator; nat. sec. I.W.O. (Commun-
ist); one of ten prin. U.S. Communist
leaders; Wkrs. Sch. N.Y.C.

Communist agitator; advis. com. Workers'
Sch., Chgo. 1932; former pub. sch. teacher;
police record; F.S.U. delg. Russia; expelled
from Communist Party, 1933; now con-
ducting Marxian Sch. with Albert Goldman
for Communist Lg. Struggle; Room 1916
205 W. Wacker Drive, Chicago.

BEIDENKAPP, FRED: see Biedenkapp.

Pres. St. Stephens Coll. (Episc.) ; was on
exec. com. Ch. Socialist Lg.; his views
quoted in Lusk Report; see under Union
Theol. Sem.; listed in Communist Daily

Worker, Jan. 31, 1933, as signer of Fell.
Recon. petition for Russian recog.

BENET, WM. ROSE: author; Nat.
Com. Def. Pol. Pris.; Emer. Com. So. Pol.
Pris.; N.Y.C.

Communist Party; nat. org. Unemployed
Councils (Communist) ; U.S. Cong. Ag.

BENNETT, JOHN C.: nat. com. Nat.
R. & L. Found.

A.C.L.U. Chgo. Com.; atty.

BENSON, JEAN: membership sec. L.I.D.

BENTALL, DAVID J.: sec. dist. cent,
com. Communist Party, Chgo. (dist. no. 8) ;
official I.L.D. atty.

ist; mgr. Rand Sch. 1918-21; also teacher
Rand Sch.; reinstatement in N.Y.C. pub.
sch. system opposed by patriotic forces,
1923 ; Teachers' Union.

BERG, LOUIS: Communist; writer for
Intl. Pamphlets.

BERGER, META: widow of Victor;
nat. publicity chmn. W.I.L.P.F.; Berger
Nat. Found.; regent U. of Wis.; Griffin Bill

BERGER, VICTOR L.: deceased; So-
cialist Congressman from Wis.; indicted
and convicted for violating Espionage Act,
1919; tho re-elected, was denied seat by
Congress; mem. nat. exec. com. Socialist
Party; exec. com. Socialist Intl.; agnostic;
Fell. Recon. ; praised by Zinoviev, the Rus-
sian Commissar; advocate of "direct ac-
tion" or violent revolution; ed. Milwaukee
Leader (Socialist) ; in the course of speech
at Socialist Party Nat. Convention in 1908,
Berger said: "I have heard it pleaded that
the only salvation for the proletariat of
America is direct action; that the ballot
box is simply a humbug. Now I don't
doubt that in the last analysis we must
shoot and when it comes to shooting, Wis-
consin will be there. We always make
good"; on July 31, 1909, in the Milwaukee
"Social Democratic Herald," Berger said:
"No one will claim that I am given to the
reciting of 'revolutionary' phrases. On the
contrary, I am known to be a 'construc-
tive' Socialist. However, ... it is easy to
predict that the safety and hope of this
country will finally lie in one direction
only that of a violent and bloody revolu-
tion. Therefore, I say, each of the 500,000
Socialist voters and of the 2,000,000 work-
ingmen who instinctively incline our way,
should, besides doing much reading and still
more thinking, also have a good rifle and
the necessary rounds of ammunition in his

Who Is Who in Radicalism?


home and be prepared to back up his ballot
with his bullets if necessary." (Lusk Re-

archist-Communist; deported to Russia
with Emma Goldman ; had served in prison
for shooting and stabbing Frick, steel mag-
nate, as a protest against capitalism ("Liv-
ing My Life" by Emma G.).

BERMAN, MORRIS: Jewish Socialist;
born Russia; II Nuovo Mondo Nat. Com.;
nat. coun. Berger Nat. Found.; bd. dir.
"New Leader" (N.Y.C.) ; active strike agi-
tator; arbitrator for Intl. Ladies Garm.
Wkrs. Un. ; Conf . Prog. Pol. Act. 1924.

BERNHEIM, ALFRED: exec. com. Jt.
Com. on Unemp.; Conf. Prog. Pol. Act.;
artists' and writers' Com. for Thomas, 1929;
staff Labor Bureau, Inc. since 1920; N.Y.C.

Mondo Nat. Com.; educators' Com. for
Thomas, 1929; Labor Bureau, Inc. staff.

BIDDLE, CLEMENT M.: vice chmn.
N.C. for P.W.

BIDDLE, JOHN C: nat. com. Nat. R.
& L. Found.

BIDDLE, WM. C.: treas. Fell. Recon.

FRED: Communist leader; nat. sec. com-
munist Shoe and Leather Wkrs. Indust.
Un.; nat. com. I.L.D.; former nat. sec.
Intl. Wkrs. Aid (now W.I.R.) ; alternate
men. cent. exec. com. Communist Party,
1927; long police record cited in Report
of U.S. Fish Com., Vol. 1, Part 3. For in-
stance, the following on Page 115 (testi-
mony of Mr. Charles G. Wood, Commis-
sioner of Conciliation, U.S. Dept. of Labor,
July 16, 1930): "Beidenkapp was one of
the men indicted in Massachusetts. He is
still under indictment. Governor Allen tried
to have him extradited to Massachusetts,
but Beidenkapp resisted it, and Governor
Roosevelt protected him, denied the juris-
diction of Massachusetts; and Beidenkapp
was kept in New York to cause all the
trouble in the shoe industry."

Chgo. 1928; A.F. of L. Carpenter's Local

dir. L.I.D.; exec. sec. Phila. Chap. L.I.D.;
Pa. Com. for Total Disarmament; U. of

BIEMILLER, HANNAH M.: asst. sec.
L.I.D. for Pa.

BIGELOW, HERBERT S.: minister;
nat. com. A.C.L.U.; Fed. Coun. Chs.; vice
pres. A.A. for O.A.S.; lecturer Brookwood
Lab. College 1932; Conf. Prog. Pol. Act.;
nat. coun. Berger Nat. Found.

BIMBA, ANTHONY: cent. com. Com-
munist Party ; sued for blasphemy in Mass,
and defended by Garland Fund, 4A., and

BINFORD, JESSIE F.: exec. bd. A.C.
L.U. Chgo. Com.; lives at Hull House;
dir. Juvenile Prot. Assn.; Chgo. Forum
Coun.; petitioned Police Comm. Allman
for permit for the Communist Hunger
March on March 4, 1933 (with Curtis
Reese and Thos. McKenna of A.C.L.U.) ;
C.W.C. on Unemp.; Chgo. Com. for S.A.W.

BINGHAM, ALFRED: son of ex-Sen.
Hiram of Conn.; ed. ultra-radical maga-
zine "Common Sense"; exec. sec. Conf.
Prog. Pol. Act. 1933; Eastern sec. L.I.P.A.
1933; nat. com. F.S.U.; Farmer-Labor Po-
litical Fed.; N.Y.C.

BINKLEY, W. G.: Communist Party

com. Communist Party; one of ten princi-
pal U. S. Communist leaders.

ter of Lucy Stone; ed. of women's maga-
zines; exec. com. Nat. Coun. Prot. For.
Born Wkrs.; active in Am. Friends of Rus-
sian Freedom; Nat. Mooney-Billings Com.;
Lg. of Women Voters (hon. pres. Mass.
br.) ; M.W.D. Def. Com.; nat. com. I.L.D.;
LaFollette elector, 1924; Griffin Bill spon-
sor; Mass. A.C.L.U. Com.; Russ. Reconst.
Farms; Nat. Pop. Govt. Lg.; officer com-
munistic Commonwealth Coll.; home Bos-

BLAKEMAN, E. W.: M.E. minister;
now dir. Wesley Found, at U. of Mich.;
Meth. Fed. for Soc. Serv.; Fell. Recon.;
com. Chr. Soc. Act. M.; Ann Arbor, Mich.

BLAND, RICHARD C.: sec. St. Louis
A.C.L.U. Com.

BLANSHARD, PAUL: bd. dir. and lec-
turer L.I.D. ; active Socialist IS yrs.; La
Guardia backer; gen. org. and edu. dir.
Amalg. Cloth. Wkrs. 1920-3; mem. Loc.
1200 Amalg. Cloth. Wkrs.; gen. org. Amalg.
Textile Wkrs. 1919-20; mem. Anti-Enlist-
ment Lg. 1915; was pastor Maverick
Church, Boston, Mass.; sought slacker
pledges from his congregation; graduate
Union Theol. Sem.; has been arrested in
strikes; joined with Harry Ward in cabled
request from Shanghai for immediate funds
to aid Communist Chinese group then in
charge of Hankow govt.; cablegram stated
there was little financial aid from Russia
and urged the stopping of "every effort to
use American gunboats, money and men to
fasten foreign imperialism on China" (this
cablegram quoted in ad. in "World Tomor-
row" Aug. 1925, which asked contributions


The Red Network

to Garland Fund to aid this cause, the
appeal being signed by Kirby Page, Robert
Morss Lovett, and Rose Schneidermann) ;
described Fish Report as mostly hokum,
saying we were in no danger of a Com-
munist revolution here (Des Moines Trib.
Jan. 20, 1931); coun. People's Lobby;
Emer. Com. Strik. Rel. 1933 ; Fed. Unemp.
Wkrs. Lgs. of N.Y.C.; contrib. "The Na-
tion"; nat. com. Lg. Against Fascism, 1933;
member Mayor La Guardia's cabinet Jan.

writer, lecturer; Socialist; exec. com. Fa-
bian Society, London, 1890; nat. com. A A.
A.I. Lg. 1928; exec. Worn. Tr. Un. Lg.;
Peace Patriots; nat. coun. L.I.D. for N.Y.;
Emer. Com. Strik. Rel.; vice chmn. Jt.
Com. on Unemp.; Conf. Prog. Pol. Act.;
People's Legis. Serv.; Nat. Citiz. Com. on
Rel. Lat. Am. 1927; coun. People's Lobby;
nat. com. Lg. Against Fascism, 1933 ; Free-
thinkers Ingersoll Com. 1933 ; home N.Y.C.

BLEWITT, WM.: nat. com. A.A.A.I.
Lg. 1928.

BLIVEN, BRUCE: pres. and ed. "New
Republic"; dir. and chmn. finance com.
For. Pol. Assn.; Nat. Coun. on Freedom
from Censorship of A.C.L.U.; N.Y.C.

BLOCK, JOHN S.: Socialist Party ex-
ecutive; radical labor lawyer; Am. Assn.
Lab. Legis.; L.I.D.; People's Legis. Serv.;
nat. coun. Berger Nat. Found.; N.Y.C.

Party functionary.

BLOOR, ELLA REEVE: called "Mother
Bloor"; cent. com. Communist Party; Com-
munist lecturer; org. for Communist Party
and United Farmers' Lg.; her son, Karl
Marx Reeve, on ed. staff of Communist
Daily Worker since 1923; intl. and Am.
com. W.C.A.W.; Sacco-V. Nat. Lg.; Nat.
Mooney Coun. of Act. 1933; Nat. Farmers
Com. for Act., Sioux City, la., 1933.

BOAS, FRANZ: Prof. Columbia U.;
advis. coun. A.S.C.R.R.; nat. com. W.C.
A.W.; praised by 1927 4A Report for his
atheism; John Reed Club, N.Y.C.; Nat.
Com. for Def. Pol. Pris. 1932; endors.
World Peaceways 1932; nat. com. Lg.
Against Fascism, 1933; Nat. Com. to Aid
Vic. G. Fascism.

tra conductor; nat. com. communist
W.I.R.; condr. Metro. Opera Co. since 1915
and of Society of Friends of Music since
1916; Austrian.

pacifist; asst. sec. N.C. for P.W.

BOHN, WILLIAM E.: nat. coun. L.I.D.

for N.Y.; lecturer; edu. dir. Rand Sch.

tr. un. official; see "English Reds," Labour
Party, and Ind. Labour Party; org. British
W.I.L.P.F.; 1917 Club, "combining pacifism
with definitely revolutionary aims"; speaker
with Jane Addams, Chgo. 1933.

chmn. Pa. A.C.L.U. Com.

BOOTS, RALPH S.: chmn. Pitts. A.C.
L.U. Com.

BORAH, WM. E.: U.S. Senator from
Idaho; radical; pro -Soviet; his letter said
to be worth more than a passport in Rus-
sia; has asked A.C.L.U. to draw up Bills
for him; the minutes of an A.C.L.U. ex-
ecutive committee meeting, October 3, 1921,
record that Borah asked, thru Albert de
Silver (A.C.L.U. and treas. of I.W.W. De-
fense Fund), that Bills repealing title 12
of the Espionage Act, under which postal
authorities censored the mail, be drafted,
also that amendments eliminating the words
"tending to murder, arson and assassina-
tion" from a section of the obscenity statute
be drafted. The minutes of the following
meeting on Oct. 10th show that deSilver
reported the two Bills had been prepared
and forwarded to the Senator. The min-
utes of the April 17, 1922, meeting read:
"The material for Senator Borah has been
submitted to him and it is expected he will
make his speech to the Senate in a com-
paratively few days." (Whitney's "Reds in
America") ; with Einstein and others pro-
tested execution of Communist agitators
Mr. and Mrs. Ruegg in China, 1932 (see
Ruegg) ; protested (1926) landing of U.S.
marines in Nicaragua to protect American
citizens and property from Communist-
directed revolutionaries who were against
religion and the property right (with Sena-
tors Dill, Wheeler, and Heflin) ; documents
seized in Bridgman raid on Communists
record that Pogany, Moscow's envoy, fav-
ored Communist backing of Borah for
President; ardent advocate of Soviet recog-
nition; speaker for For. Pol. Assn.; en-
dorser Lane Pamphlet.

BORCHARD, EDWIN M.: nat. com.
A.C.L.U.; nat. com. W.C.A.W.; Prof. Yale
U. Law School; mem. Garland Fund Com.
on Am. Imperialism; M.W.D. Def. Com.

BORCHARDT, SELMA M.: advis. ed.
of The American Teacher; vice pres. Am.
Fed. of Teachers; Worn. Tr. Un. Lg.; N.C.
for P.W.; Nat. Save Our Schs. Com.; home

BORDERS, KARL: chmn. exec. bd. A.C.
L.U. Chgo. Com.; exec. sec. Chgo. Chap.

Who Is Who in Radicalism?


and western dir. L.I.D.; chmn. exec. com.
A.S.C.R.R. Chgo. branch; tour conductor
for Open Road; chmn. C.W.C. on Unemp.;
was chmn. Federation of Unemp. Wkrs. Lgs.,
(see) ; biog. data concerning him which ap-
peared in the announcement Bulletin of
The Chicago Teke (Vol. 14, No. 11 Octo-
ber 1932), before which org. Borders spoke
on Oct. 11, 1932, contained the following:
"Graduate of Union Theological Seminary.
For five years Director of a Social settle-
ment in Chicago's Russian District. Then
to Russia with the Quaker's Relief Organ-
ization in 1922." (For which Communist
Robt. W. Dunn was then publicity director
in Russia.) "Field Director of this group
for 6 months. He won such high recogni-
tion that the Soviet authorities made him
Educational Director of North Caucasus
District for two years. Since then he has
returned every summer to act as tourist
guide for the Russian Government. More
recently Assistant Head Resident of Chicago
Commons Settlements. Now, lecturer in So-
cial Service Administration School, Univer-
sity of Chicago" (emphasis supplied) ; cand.
for Cook Co. Commissioner (111.), Farmer-
Labor ticket 1932; sponsor Berger Nat.
Found, dinner 1931 ; a "Communist-Recom-
mended Author"; Chgo. Com. for S.A.W.;
sec.-treas. Chgo. Emer. Com. Strik. Rel.;
Fell. Faiths spkr. Chgo. 1933; Roosevelt
appointee 1934 as research investigator for
Nat. Relief Admn.

BORICH, FRANK: Communist Party
functionary ; nat. sec. communist Nat. Min-
ers' Un.; intl. and Am. com. W.C.A.W.
1932; Feb. 22, 1932, Daily Worker an-
nounced he had been arrested the past year
and the A.C.L.U. was fighting against his
deportation; Nat. Mooney Coun. of Act.
1933; nat. com. F.S.U. 1933; released
against recommendation of local Dept. of
Labor Inspectors by Secy. Frances Perkins

munist sympathizer; expelled by nat. body
of Wash. Grange for radicalism, 1920; org.
Western Prog. Farmers; delg. Farmer-
Labor P. conv. May 17, 1924; nom. for
Vice Pres. at this conv.; withdrew in favor
La Follette; People's Legis. Serv.; officer
Commonwealth College; nat. com. I.L.D.

BOUDIN, LOUIS B.: Socialist; lawyer;
born in Russia; nat. coun. L.I.D. for N.Y.;
delg. United Hebrew Trades; author "The
Theoretical System of Karl Marx," etc.;
Recep. Com. Soviet Flyers.

"Communist-Recommended Author"; pub.

book of photos of Russia; signer pet. for
Russ. recog.

BOWEN, W. C.: chmn. exec. com. Fell.

BOWIE, REV. W. RUSSELL: minister,
Grace Episc. Ch. N.Y. since 1923; Nat.
Citiz. Com. on Rel. Lat. Am. 1927; nat.
coun. C.M.E.; Ch. Emer. Com. Strik. Rel.;
Fed. Coun. Chs.; mem. bd. dir. Union
Theol. Sem. and lecturer; mem. bd. dir.
Vassar Coll. Attacked Am. Legion lobby at
Wash, as a "sinister and deadly cancer upon
the body of American life" (Chgo. Tribune
March 19, 1934).

BOWMAN, LEROY E.: nat. bd. dir.
L.I.D. ; chmn. com. on Recon. Trips, N.Y.;
dir. extension work Child Study Assn.;
Prof. Columbia U.; sec. educators' Com.
for Thomas 1928; II Nuovo Mondo Nat.
Com.; Non-intervention Citiz. Com. 1927;
com. U.S. Cong. Ag. War; coun. People's
Lobby; Conf. Prog. Pol. Act. 1933-4.

BOYD, JAMES M.: asst. treas. Fell.

BOYNTON, ALICE: chmn. 111. br. W.I.
L.P.F.; Chgo. Emer. Com. Strik. Relief;
picketer at strike at 711 W. Lake St. Chgo.
with Lola M. Lloyd, etc. (Daily News,
July 18, 1933); Chgo. Com. for S.A.W.;
Illinois C.M.E.

Woodlawn Bapt. Ch., Chgo.; A.C.L.U.
Chgo. Com.

BOYNTON, PERCY H.: U. of Chgo.
Prof.; A.C.L.U. Chgo. Com.; Chgo. Com.
for S.A.W. 1933.

BOZURICH, P.: Communist Party func-

BRAGG, RAYMOND B.: minister; sec.
Western Unitarian Conf.; exec. bd. A.C.
L.U. Chgo. Com. ; Reception Banquet Com.
for Ford, Negro Communist Vice Pres.
cand., Oct. 1932 (Mrs. Bragg also a mem-
ber) ; active in investigating Melrose Park
riots; speaker for communist F.S.U. Feb.
19, 1933 ; one of editors of Humanist maga-
zine of the "new religion without God";
leader of Soviet tour 1933; contrib. ed. A.
Lincoln Center "Unity."

British Socialist; British branch A.S.C.R.R.;
Ind. Labour Party.

chmn. N.C. for P.W.; was vice chmn. under
Jane Addams of Women's Peace Party;
consistent financial supporter with husband,
radical U.S. Supreme Ct. Justice Brandeis,
of communistic Commonwealth Coll. ; one
daughter, Susan, on Emer. Com. Strik. Rel.
1933, and Russ. Reconst. Farms, 1925; an-


The Red Network

other daughter, "Miss" Elizabeth Brandeis,
is Mrs. Paul A. Raushenbush (spkr. W.I.
L.P.F.) (Milw. Leader, 11/3/33).

was field sec. for Russian Reconstruction
Farms; signer of Sacco-V. petition; cam-
paigned for Am. Friends for Russian Relief
1922; mem. Am. Fed. of Teachers; Com-
munist sympathizer.

asst. sec. N.C. for P.W. (exec. bd. 1932);
Non-intervention Citiz. Com. 1927; Com.
for Thomas 1929; N.Y. sec. W.I.L.P.F.

U. of Chgo. Prof.; A.C.L.U. Chgo. Com.;
W.LLP.F.; C.M.E.; associate of Jane
Addams and Lochner (see Addams) ;
C.W.C. on Unemp. 1933; Russ. Reconst.
Farms 1925; M.W.D. Def. Com.; Congres-
sional Exposure Radicals; Chgo. Com. for
S.A.W.; Roosevelt admn. delg. to Monte-
video Conference, Nov. 1933.

sian revolutionary propagandist; called
"The Little Grandmother of the Russian

BRIGGS, CYRIL: Communist Party
functionary; colored; Lg. Strugg. Negro
Rts.; editor "Liberator" (Harlem).

BRISSENDEN, PAUL F.: nat. coun.
L.I.D. for N.Y.; Prof. Columbia U.; exec,
com. Sacco-V. Nat. Lg. 1928; exec. com.
L.I.P.A. 1931; Com. for Thomas 1929; II
Nuovo Mondo Nat. Com.; Recep. Com.
Soviet Flyers; Conf. Prog. Pol. Act. 1934.

Left Wing Socialist; jailed during War;
nat. chmn. Independent Labour Party of
Great Britain (see) ; toured America, 1932,
under L.I.D. auspices; intl. chmn. W.R.
Intl. Council (see) ; delg. to communist
W.C.A.W., Amsterdam, 1932, and to All-
India Nat. Congress (Communist influ-

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