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Aid Vic. G. Fascism; nat. com. F.S.U.

COWLING, DONALD J.: pres. Carleton
Coll., Minn.; Open Road; mem. 1928 delg,
to Russia ; endors. World Peaceways ; Minn.
State exec. com. Y.M.C.A.

COWPER, MARY O.: nat. coun. L.I.D.
for North Carolina.

COX, REV. GILBERT S.: M.E. minis-
ter, formerly of Columbus, O., now of
South Bend, Ind.; nat. coun. L.I.D.; chmn
exec. com. Chr. Soc. Act. M.; 111. C.M.E.;
exec. com. Meth. Fed. for Soc. Serv. 1933.

priest; Pittsburgh A.C.L.U. Com.; leader
of a Hunger March delegation to Wash.;
Nat. R. & L. Found. 1933.

COYLE, ALBERT F.: nat. coun. C.M.
E.; expenses to Mexico paid by Garland
Fund, 1926 ($549.64) ; was dir. All Am.
Cooperative Commission; dir. sec. Cleve-
land Cooperative Coal Co.; county and
state exec. com. (Ohio) Conf. for Prog.
Pol. Act.; regular Federated Press contribu-
tor; exec. bd. Fed. Press, 1923; Rand
School lecturer; officer Commonwealth Col-
lege; more or less reg. contrib. "Daily
Worker"; speaks Russian; was imprisoned
for several months in Russia; John L.
Lewis denounced him from floor of A. F.


The Red Network

of L. Convention at Detroit, 1926, and
accused him of being a Communist and
a henchman of Wm. Z. Foster; Lewis read
a letter which he admitted had been ob-
tained from an agent of his in which Coyle
spoke of starting a new Communist paper
amongst the miners financed by "wealthy
friends," which was to be used to support
John Brophy, who also is Communist sup-
ported; Nat. R. & L. Found, nat. com.
1933; Nat. Coun. Prot. For. Born Wkrs.;
First Am. Tr. Un. Delg. Russia; A.A.A.I.
Lg. 1927; endors. Lane Pamphlet.

CRAM, MRS. J. SARGENT: sister of
Mrs. Gifford Pinchot; gave anarchists
Berkman and Tom Mooney $500 to start
their anarchist paper "The Blast" and con-
trib. $25 to Berkman's Lg. for Amn. of
Pol. Pris.; her relations with anarchists
and Communists exposed in a Congressional
investigation; nat. coun. C.M.E.; exec. com.
W.R. Lg.

CRANE, JACOB L.: city planner; pro-
Soviet; engaged in work for U.S.S.R. 1931;
sponsor Chgo. Workers Theatre (Com-
munist) ; Roosevelt appointee as TVA asso-
ciate 1933.

CRAWFORD, BRUCE: Communist Lg.
P. G. for F. & F. 1932; Nat. Com. Def.
Pol. Pris. (Dreiser); endorsed W.I.R. let-
ter for Hunger Marchers, 1932; ed. Craw-
ford's Weekly, Norton, Va.; shot in Har-
lan, Ky., strike area 1931; Southern Lg.
for People's Rights, 1933.

CRICHTON, KYLE S.: Communist Lg.
P. G. for F. & F. ; ed. Scribners Mag. 1933 ;
mem. citiz. com. to investigate conditions
in fur industry, which reported in favor of
communist Needle Tr. Wkrs. Indust. Un.,
Sept., 1933; endors. Intl. Lit. (organ of
Intl. Un. Revol. Writers).

CROLY, HERBERT: ed. "New Repub-
lic"; People's Legis. Serv.; Emer. Com.
Strik. Rel. 1930; endors. "Professional
Patriots"; Nat. Citiz. Com. Rel. Lat. Am.

L. Found, nat. com.; contrib. I.L.D. 1928;
Cine., O.

CROUCH, PAUL: Communist; served
prison term for trying to introduce Com-
munism into U.S. armed forces in Hawaii
while in the U.S. army; rewarded by Mos-
cow for his treasonable work with title
"Prof, of Military Sciences and Tactics for
the Communist Party of the World, U.S.
branch"; sec. A.A.A.I. Lg.; Communist
campaign com. 1928; arrested Wash. D.C.,
Nov. 1928 for demonst. before War Dept.
for release of Leavenworth prisoner; in
charge military training in all Communist

schools in U.S.; see also Walter Trumbull;
arrested Sept. 1933 at Helper, Utah for
"criminal syndicalism."

CRUDEN, ROBT. L.: Communist;
writer for Intl. Pamphlets; "New Masses";
Pris. Rel. Fund (of I.L.D. ).

CULLEN, COUNTEE: Negro poet;
Communist; chmn. Foster-Ford Campaign
for Equal Negro Rights; Communist Lg.
P. G. for F. & F. 1932.

CUNNEA, WM. A.: Chicago Socialist;
Farmer-Labor cand.; endorsed by L.I.P.A.;
Communist sympathizer; sponsor Berger
Nat. Found, dinner, 1931; dir. Amalg. Tr.
& Savings Bk., Chgo.; appealed to State's
Atty. Swanson for 7 Communists held on
sedition charges, in the interest of "free
speech," 1929 (one was C. A. Hathaway).

CURTIS, THOS. J.: pres. Pioneer Youth
of Am.

DAHLBERG, EDW.: among first Ameri-
cans arrested by Nazis for communistic
activities and expelled from Germany; nat.
com. F.S.U.; Communist Lg. P. G. for F.
& F.; Revol. Writers Fed.; N.Y. John Reed
Club ; Nat. Com. Def. Pol. Pris. ; Nat. Com.
to Aid Vic. G. Fascism.

DAILES, IDA: Communist; Am. Com.
for S.A.W. 1933; instr. in Principles of
Communism, N.Y. Wkrs. Sch., 1932-33;
org. Chgo. branch Am. com. for W.C.A.W.
1932 ; treas. Am. Lg. Ag. War and Fascism.

DAKIN, EMMA S.: nat. coun. L.I.D.
for Mass.

DALLET, JOE: Communist Party func-
tionary; Youngstown dist. org. Steel &
Metal Wkrs. Indust. Un. ; police record in
Pa., Ohio and Chgo., where he was T.U.U.L.
org.; former Fed. Press corres.

DAMON, ANNA: Communist Party
cent, com.; head of women's division of

DANA, H. W. L.: Prof. Harvard U.;
Communist Lg. P. G. for F. & F. 1932;
barred from England, 1932; bd. dir. L.I.D. ;
intl. and Am. com. W.C.A.W.; Am. delg.
W.C.A.W. (Amsterdam) ; Student Cong.
Ag. War (U. of Chgo.) ; "Student Review"
of N. S. Lg.; Fell. Recon.; Recep. Com.
Soviet Flyers 1929; N.C. to A.S.M.F.S.;
Rand School lecturer since 1920; Brook-
wood Labor Coll.; New School Social Re-
search; infamous People's Council; nat. com.
F.S.U. and contrib. to F.S.U. magazine;
John Reed Club, N.Y.C. 1930; traveled
with Henri Barbusse, Oct. 1933, to translate
his French speeches; Oct. 23, 1933, Chgo.
collected money for Communist cause at
Coliseum meeting and greeted the Reds as

Who Is Who in Radicalism?


their comrade; Am. Com. for S.A.W.;
Cong. Exp. Radicals; Nat. Com. to Aid
Vic. G. Fascism.

DANISH, MAX D.: born in Russia;
Socialist; exec. com. L.I.D.; with Intl.
Ladies Garm. Wkrs. Un. since 1909 ; "Labor
Age"; Pioneer Youth of Am.; Emer. Com.
Strik. Rel. 1933; Non-intervention Citiz.
Com. 1927.

DARCY, SAM: Communist Party org.
Dist. No. 13, Cal.; author of Communist

D ARROW, CLARENCE: Attorney; nat.
com. A.C.L.U.; nat. com. A.A.A.I. Lg.
1926-7-8; Nat. Mooney-Billings Com.;
exec. com. Nat. Coun. Prot. For. Born
Wkrs. (Communist) 1930; nat. com. I.L.D.
(Communist) 1928-9-30; N.A.A.C.P.; hon.
vice pres. Freethinkers Soc. of America
(Atheist) ; dir. communist A.S.C.R.R.
Chgo.; pres. Berger Nat. Found. 1931; Fell.
Faiths, Chgo. 1932-3 ; Russ. Reconst. Farms
1925; vice pres. Pub. O. Lg. 1933; Free-
thinkers Ingersoll Com., 1933; Sacco-V.
Nat. Lg.; Roosevelt appointee, chmn. NRA
review bd. 1934.

DAS GUPTA, KEDAR N.: exec. com.
W.R. Lg.; Fell. Faiths exec.


DAVIS, ANNA N.: Russ. Reconst.
Farms, 1925; Emer. Com. Strik. Rel. 1927-
33; treas. W. R. Lg. 1933; U.S. Cong. Ag.
War com.; Recep. Com. Soviet Flyers;
sec. treas. New England A.C.L.U. Com.
1922; Sacco-V. Nat. Lg. 1928; Com. for
Thomas, 1929.

DAVIS, ETHEL M.: nat. com. Nat. R.
& L. Found. 1933.

DAVIS, HORACE B.: Communist; Fed.
Press corres.; N.C. to A.S.M.F.S.; Dreiser
Com. on Coal; Pris. Rel. Fund (of I.L.D.) ;
Recep. Com. Soviet Flyers; Nat. Com. to
Aid Vic G. Fascism; was S.W. U., Tenn.,
Prof, of EC., 1930; arrested, Memphis,
Tenn., June 6, 1930, for Communist activi-
ties; told to leave town, resigned from U.;
author book "Labor and Steel"; Labor Re-
search; now N.Y.C.

DAVIS, JEROME: Socialist; Prof. Yale
Divinity School; pro-Soviet lecturer; nat.
coun. L.I.D. for Conn.; grad. Union Theol.
Sem.; mem. Social Serv. Commns. of Congl.
Chs. and Fed. Coun. Chs.; translated con-
stitution of Communist Party of Russia;
C.M.E.; Recon. Trips; exec. com. Fed.
Unemp. Lgs. of Am. (Borders) ; Recep.
Com. Soviet Flyers; Nat. Mooney-Billings
Com.; Peace Patriots; his "Studies of
Soviet Russia" published by communistic

Vanguard Press; was on Nat. Save Our
Schools Com.; dir. A.S.C.R.R.; nat. coun.
Berger Nat. Found.; mem. technical staff
of First Am. Tr. Un. Delg. to Russia,
denied recog. by A. F. of L. because of
communistic character, and writer of two
chapters ("The Communist Party" and
"The Nature of the Russian Government")
in its book, "Soviet Russia in the Second
Decade"; carried credentials from Sen.
Borah ("better than a passport in Russia") ;
endorser "Professional Patriots"; Fell. Re-
con. Pet. Russian Recog. 1932; Ch. Emer.
Com. Rel. Tex. Strik.; Russ. Reconst.
Farms, 1925; exec. com. Nat. R. & L.
Found. 1933; investigated conditions in
Russia with Edward A. Filene, 1927; nat.
com. Lg. Against Fascism, 1933; Conf.
Prog. Pol. Act. 1934.

DAWSON, EMILY F.: nat. coun. L.I.D.
for Pa.; Pa. Com. Total Disarm., 1932.

DAWSON, PERCY M.: advis. in Alex.
Meiklejohn's ultra radical Experimental
Coll. at U. of Wis. 1927-9; edtl. contrib.
A. Lincoln Center "Unity," 1933; nat.
coun. L.I.D. for Wis.; Com. for Thomas,

DAY, GARDINER M.: nat. com. Nat.
R. & L. Found. 1933.

DAY, WM. HORACE: nat. com. Nat.
R. & L. Found. 1933; minister; pastor
United Congl. Ch., Bridgeport, Conn., since

pro-Soviet For. Pol. Assn. pamphlets;
"Communist-Recommended Author."

DEBS, EUGENE V.: deceased; Socialist
speaker and organizer; infamous People's
Coun.; a founder in 1905 of the I.W.W.;
sentenced to Atlanta Pen. 1919; he said:
"For the cause of international revolution
I would gladly sacrifice everything I
possess; I would go to jail again; yes, I
would even go to the gallows for this
cause." (N.Y. Call, Socialist paper, Mar.
9, 1923) ; at a Socialist rally in Cleveland
Mar. 12, 1919, he said: "With every drop
of blood in my veins I despise their laws
and I will defy them. ... I am going to
speak to you as a Socialist, as a Revolution-
ist, and as a Bolshevist, if you please."
(Lusk Report, p. 555.); in Socialist N.Y.
Call, issue of Aug. 6, 1919, he said: "The
Socialist Party stands fearlessly and uncom-
promisingly for the* overthrow of the labor-
robbing, war-breeding and crime-inciting
capitalist system."; in the issue of Oct. 18,
1919, he said: "My attitude has not
changed one whit since I came to prison. I
will make no promises of any kind or
nature to obtain my freedom. I want to


The Red Network

come out as Liebknecht came out. The
proletariat of Germany shook the empire
of Germany to its foundations, and the
beasts of Berlin readily found it convenient
to unlock the barred doors."; he was nom-
inated for President by the Socialist Party
while in jail. The official bulletin of the
Socialist Party for June 1, 1920, contains
Debs' speech of acceptance upon notifica-
tion of his nomination in which he said:
"Before serving time here, I made a series
of addresses supporting the Russian Revolu-
tion, which I consider the greatest single
achievement in all history. I still am a
Bolshevik. I am fighting for the same thing
here they are fighting for there. I regret
that the Convention did not see its way
clear to affiliate with the 3rd International
without qualification." (Lusk Report, p.
1782); was praised by Lenin (see Lusk
Report) ; was on Labor Defense Council
(now I.L.D.) 1923, for defense of Bridgman
Communists; Russ. Am. Indust. Corp.;
Cong. Exp. Radicals.

DECKER, RICHARD: com. Chr. Soc.
Act. M.; Auburn, Wash.

munist Lg. P. G. for F. & F. 1932; corres.
Fed. Press; John Reed Club.

DEHN, ADOLPH: Communist Lg. P. G.
for F. & F. 1932; contrib. ed. "New
Masses"; Nat. Com. Def. Pol. Pris.; John
Reed Club; thanked by communist China
Forum (May, 1932) for use of his com-
munist cartoon.

DE LEON, SOLON: Socialist; A.C.L.U.;
exec. com. L.I.D.; former I.W.W.; Am.
Fed. of Teachers; Intl. Ladies Garm. Wkrs.
Un.; Lg. Mut. Aid; Pioneer Youth of Am.;
Am. Assn. Lab. Legis.; Pris. Rel. Fund.
(I.L.D.); Recep. Com. Soviet Flyers; Nat.
Coun. Prot. For. Born Wkrs.; N.Y.

financial contrib. to I.L.D.

DELL, FLOYD: vice pres. A.S.C.R.R.;
nat. com. Sacco-V. Nat. Lg. 1928; Nat.
Com. Def. Pol. Pris. (Dreiser) ; contrib. to
communistic Commonwealth College; assoc.
ed. "Masses" 1914-17; assoc. ed. "Libera-
tor" 1918-24; indicted with other eds. of
"Masses" for propaganda activities, 1918;
N.C. to A.S.M.F.S.; Nat. Citiz. Com. for
Sacco and V. (Boston Post, Aug. 21, 1927) ;
Intl. Com. for Pol. Pris. 1933; John Reed
Club; Nat. Com. to Aid Vic. G. Fascism;
nat. com. F.S.U.

sex pamphlet "The Sex Side of Life" ; con-
victed of writing obscene matter and fined
$300 by N.Y. court; M.W.D. Def. Com.
was formed, case was carried to appellate

court, and a dismissal was won ; Nat. Coun.
on Freedom from Censorship; org. of in-
famous People's Coun. during War; her un-
American wartime activities exposed in Lusk
Report; Peace Patriots.

DE SILVER, ALBERT: was dir. A.C.L.
U.; treas. I.W.W. Def. Fund; "Liberator"

Com. Strik. Rel. 1933 ; Recep. Com. Soviet

DETZER, DOROTHY: exec. sec. W.I.L.
P.F. for U.S.; exec. com. W.R. Lg.; sec.
"World Tomorrow"; contrib. to "Disarm"
(L.I.D. publication) ; nat. com. Lg. Against
Fascism; Am. delg. W.C.A.W. (Amster-
dam); Conf. Prog. Pol. Act. 1934; home
Wash., D.C.

M.F.S.; Peace Patriots; endors. W.I.R. let-
ter for Hunger Marchers.

DE VALERA, EAMON: Pres. Irish Free
State; in "World Tomorrow," 2/1S/33, H.
N. Brailsford refers to his party as profes-
sing "Christian Communism"; Socialistic.

Columbia U.; exec. bd. N.C. for P.W.;
endors. "Professional Patriots"; Nat.
Mooney-Billings Com. 1929; Fed. Coun.
Chs.; nat. com. Meth. Fed. for Soc. Serv.
1928; Nat. World Ct. Com.; vice pres.
A.A. for O.A.S.; attacks deportation; Nat.
Citiz. Com. Rel. Lat. Am. 1927; assoc. ed.
"Survey"; Nat. Save Our Schs. Com.;
Conf. Prog. Pol. Act. 1934.

DEWEY, JOHN: Prof. Columbia U.;
nat. com. A.C.L.U.; nat. vice pres. L.I.D. ;
chmn. exec. com. L.IP.A.; vice pres. A.S.
C.R.R. and on its Delegation to Russia
com. 1928; nat. com. Sacco-V. Nat. Lg.;
on nat. com. sponsoring "Letters of Sacco-
V." (to inflame the popular mind) ; en-
dorser of "Professional Patriots"; contrib.
"New Republic"; Nat. Citiz. Com. on Rel.
with Latin Am.; denounced by Matthew
Woll of A. F. of L. as a teacher of Com-
munism; was vice chmn. Nat. Save Our
Schools Com.; was mem. 1918 Defense Com.
for I.W.W. ; Peace Patriots; People's
Lobby; Nat. Mooney-Billings Com.; chmn.
M.W.D. Def. Com.; head of Jt. Com. on
Unemp.; advis. of Pioneer Youth of Am.;
signer Fell. Recon. Pet. Russ. Recog. 1932 ;
Humanist, 1933; Open Road, 1933; a
"Communist-Recommended Author"; vice
pres. Berger Nat. Found.; Griffin Bill
sponsor; vice pres. Fell. Faiths; Conf.
Prog. Pol. Act. 1933, chmn. com. on ac-
tion; nat. com. Lg. Against Fascism, 1933;
Freethinkers Ingersoll Com. 1933; pres.
People's Lobby; lecturer and supporter,

Who Is Who in Radicalism?


Rand School, 1932; endors. communist
U.S. Cong. Ag. War 1933; endors. Lane
Pamphlet; ed. Prog. Edu. Assn. organ.

Strik. Rel. Chgo.; advis. coun. C.W.C. on

W.C.A. (see) exec.; exec. com. C.W.C. on
Unemp.; Non-Partz. Com. Lillian Herstein;
chmn. of scholarship com. for Bryn Mawr
Summer Sch. for Workers; C.W.A. Cook
County bd. Roosevelt appointee; cand. for
Cook County commr. on Newton Jenkins'
"Prog. Rep." ticket, April 1934.

for Boston, Fellowship of Faiths "Threefold
Movement"; edtl. contrib. A. Lincoln Cen-
ter "Unity"; Griffin Bill sponsor.

DILL, C. C.: radical U.S. Senator from
Wash.; vice pres. Pub. O. Lg. 1933.

DILLARD, JAMES H.: nat. com. A.C.
L.U.; nat. coun. C.M.E.; home Charlottes-
ville, Va.

DIRBA, C.: Communist Party cent. com.

Prof.; Chgo. L.I.D.; C.W.C. on Unemp.;
author "Economics of Technocracy," Chgo.
U. pamphlet edited by Harry Gideonse;
conducted Open Road Tours to Russia;
mem. Jt. Com. on Unemp. of Illinois.

DODD, WILLIAM E.: Prof. U. of
Chgo.; A.C.L.U. Chgo. Com.; Chgo. Forum
Council; Nat. Citiz. Com. Rel. Lat. Am.
1927; now Roosevelt appointee Amb. to

DOMINGO, THEO.: author; colored;
Communist sympathizer; mem. Negro Delg.
to Russia to study Communism, 1932, un-
der dir. Harold Williams (Negro Com-
munist) ; Am. com. W.C.A.W.

DON, SAM: Communist Party function-
ary; exec. com. N.Y. Workers Sch.; nat.
Agit-prop, dir., Communist Party; an asst.
ed. Daily Wkr.

DOONPING, R.: writer for Intl. Pamph-
lets; Communist; educational chairman,
I.L.D. 1932; Instr. N.Y. Wkrs. Sch. 1930;
says his first connection with the Com-
munist Party was made at the U. of Chgo.

DOS PASSOS, JOHN: Communist;
presidium Wkrs. Cultural Fed.; nat. com.
W.I.R.; winner Gorki award 1932; Intl.
Union Revol. Writers; chmn. N.C. to A.S.
M.F.S.; treas. Emer. Com. for So. Pol.
Pris. 1930; contrib. ed. "New Masses,"
"Student Review," "New Pioneer," and
"Soviet Russia Today" (all Communist)
and Common Sense Magazine; Emer. Com.
Strik. Rel. 1928; nat. com. W.C.A.W.;
treas. Nat. Com. Def. Pol. Pris.; mem. bd.

Pris. Rel. Fund (I.L.D.) ; with Hunger
Marchers in Wash., D.C., Dec. 1932;
Sacco-V. Nat. Lg.; was arrested in connec-
tion with Sacco-V. case; Communist Lg.
P. G. for F. & F. 1932; John Reed Club;
Nat. Coun. Prot. For. Born Wkrs.; Revol.
Writers Fed.; supporter N.S. Lg.; Am.
Com. for S.A.W.

DOTY, MADELINE Z.: wife of Roger
Baldwin; 1925-27 intl, sec. W.I.L.P.F.,
Geneva, Switz.; ed. of its Bulletin "Pax"
since 1925; was in Jane Addams' Women's
Peace Party.

munist Lg. P. G. for F. & F.

DOUGLAS, PAUL H.: Prof. U. of
Chgo.; A.C.L.U. Chgo. Com.; exec. com.
Chgo. L.I.D.; nat. coun. L.I.D.; vice chmn.
L.I.P.A.; M.W.D. Def. Com.; 1931 chmn.
Chgo. branch A.S.C.R.R.; Sacco-V. Nat.
Lg. 1928; signer of A.C.L.U. petition for
Sacco and V., May, 1927; advis. com.
C.W.C. on Unemp. (Borders) ; Am. Friends
Service Com., Chgo.; Am. Com. for Inf.
about Russia; Non-Partz. Com. Lillian
Herstein, 1932; ed. "World Tomorrow";
mem. Garland Fund Com. on American
Imperialism; pres. Util. Cons, and Inv.
Lg. ; Peace Assn. of Friends in America;
Fell, for Chr. Soc. Order, now Fell. Recon.;
Chgo. Forum Council; mem. of technical
staff of Communist-organized First Am. Tr.
Un. Delg. to Russia, repudiated by A. F.
of L., and author of three chapters ("Labor
Legislation and Social Insurance," "Wages
and the Material Condition of the Indus-
trial Workers," and "The Consumers' Co-
operative Movement") and co-author with
Communist Robt. W. Dunn of another
chapter ("The Trade Union Movement")
in its book, "Soviet Russia in the Second
Decade"; head of Thomas and Maurer
Socialist campaign com. 1932; now Roose-
velt appointee as asst. to U.S. Labor Bd.;
presided at Conf . Prog. Pol. Act. 1933 ; nat.
coun. Berger Nat. Found.; mem. Socialist
Party ; Nat. Save Our Schs. Com. ; endorser
"Professional Patriots"; appealed for funds
for Rand Sch. 1933 ; endorser Lane Pamph-
let; Conf. Prog. Pol. Act. camp. com. 1934.

DOUGLASS, GAYLORD W.: assoc. sec.
N.C. for P.W.

DREIFUSS, A.: sec. Cook Co. Socialist
Party; Emer. Com. Strik. Rel.; C.W.C. on
Unemp.; Socialist cand. for Sec. of State,
1932 ; Jt. Com. on Unemp. Conf., Illinois.

DREIER, MARY E.: Russ. Reconst.
Farms, 1925; pres. Worn. Tr. Un. Lg. 1906-
15, now mem. exec, com.; mem. nat. bd.
Y.W.C.A.; sister, Mrs. Raymond Robins;
Ch. Emer. Com. Rel. Tex. Strik.; Emer.


The Red Network

Com. Strik. Rel., 1933; endors. "Profes-
sional Patriots."

munist; Communist Lg. P. G. for F. & F.
1932; endorser "Letters Sacco and Van-
zetti"; head of Nat. Com. Def. Pol. Pris.;
Dreiser Com. on Coal; intl. com. and Am.
com. W.C.A.W.; Intl. Union of Revol.
Writers (hdqtrs. Moscow) ; author of arti-
cles urging break-down of moral sex stand-
ards; threatened with prosecution for
adultery in Ky., 1932, while agitating
miners (the famous "toothpick case") ;
perm, contrib. Intl. Lit.; Revol. Writers
Fed.; Intl. Com. for S.A.W.; Intl. Com.
for Pol. Pris. 1933; presidium Wkrs. Cult.
Fed.; endorser W.I.R.; supporter N.S. Lg.

nat. com. Sacco-V. Nat. Lg. 1928.

ist; Negro; nat. coun. Berger Nat. Found.;
book com. A.S.C.R.R.; Am. com. W.C.A.
W.; N.A.A.CP.; nat. com. A.A.A.I. Lg.
1928; ed. "Crisis"; Recep. Com. Soviet
Flyers; Communist sympathizer; received
money from Garland Fund in 1928; Nat.
Coun. Prot. For. Bora Wkrs., exec. com.
1930; vice chmn. L.I.P.A.; endorser "Pro-
fessional Patriots"; Am. Com. for S.A.W.;
endors. Lane Pamphlet.

French W.I.L.P.F. exec.; communist Lg.
Ag. Imperialism ; see World Cong. Ag. War ;
intl. com. of Nat. Com. to Aid Vic. G.

DUEL, HENRY: Chgo. A.A.A.I. Lg.;
arrangements com. banquet Meyer Halu-
shka, 1929; contrib. Commonwealth Coll.
1933 ; Chgo. L.I.D.

City of New York; vice pres. A.S.C.R.R.
and on its Com. on Delg. to Russia; nat.
com. Foreign Pol. Assn.; For. Lang. Inf.
Serv. ; signer Fell. Recon. Pet. Russ. Recog.
1932; bd. trustees World Peace Found.;
Intl. Inst. of Edu.; Nat. World Ct. Com.

DULLES, SOPHIA: former sec. A.C.L.
U., Phila. branch; sec. W.I.L.P.F., Phila.;
exec. sec. Pa. Com. Total Disarm.

DUNCAN, THOS. M.: Socialist; was
State Senator; former bus. mgr. of Socialist
Milwaukee Leader (Victor Berger's) ; was
Mayor Hoan's sec. ; later was Gov. Philip
LaFollette's sec. and "resigned" from So-
cialist Party when political pressure was
brought on LaFollette for openly linking
his admn. to Socialist Party.

DUNN, ROBERT W.: very prominent
Communist; reputed mem. Communist Par-
ty cent, com.; nat. com. A.C.L.U., bd. dir.
1933; L.I.D.; dir. Garland Fund; publicity

dir. in Russia of the Am. Friends Service
Com. 1921-3; publicity agt. Russian-Am.
Indust. Corp. 1923; acting dir. A.C.L.U.
June-Oct. 1923 ; author A.C.L.U. pamphlets;
organizer and head of Labor Research Assn. ;
nat. com. I.L.D.; nat. com. A.A.A.I. Lg.
1928; Recep. Com. Soviet Flyers; chmn.
Pris. Rel. Fund, 1931; John Reed Club;
"Labor Defender," 1931; "New Pioneer";
N.C. to A.S.M.F.S.; Lg. for Mut. Aid; Re-
search Dept. Rand School; Garland Fund
Com. on Am. Imperialism; Non-interven-
tion Citiz. Com. 1927; Amalg. Tex-
tile Wkrs. 1921; mem. of "technical staff" of
First Am. Tr. tin. Delg. to Russia, repudi-
ated by A. F. of L.; editor and co-author
with Paul H. Douglas of a chapter ("The
Trade Union Movement") in its book,
"Soviet Russia in the Second Decade";
writer for Intl. Pamphlets; Nat. Com. to
Aid Vic. G. Fascism ; Lg. Strugg. Negro Rts.

DUNNE, VINCENT: nat. com. Commu-
nist Lg. of Am.

DUNNE, WM. F.: mem. cent. com. Com-
munist Party; ex-I.W.W.; sentenced June
3, 1927, to thirty days in workhouse and
fined $500 as ed. of Communist Daily
Worker, for printing obscene poem written
by David Goronefsky, alias Gordon (pro-
tege of Zona Gale), called "America,"
which likened America to a prostitute; nat.
com. A.A.A.I. Lg. 1928; "New Masses"
staff, 1933; Lg. Strugg. Negro Rts.; T.U.U.
L.; I.L.D.; etc.

DURANT, WM. JAMES: Socialist; dir.
Labor Temple School, N.Y.C.; Nat. Com.
to Aid Vic. G. Fascism.

ple's Freedom Union, 1920; World Peace-
ways, 1933.

lumbia U.; Nat. Citiz. Com. Rel. Lat. Am.
1927; Non-intervention Citiz. Com.; A.S.
C.R.R. ; Garland Fund Com. on Am. Im-
perialism; Nat. Save Our Schs. Com.

EARLY, D. E.: Communist Party func-
tionary; instr. Chgo. and S. Chgo. Wkrs.

EASTMAN, CRYSTAL: was ed. with
brother Max, of "Liberator"; infamous
People's Coun.; Women's Peace Party of
Jane Addams.

EASTMAN, MAX: Communist; an A.C.
L.U. founder; brother of Crystal; writer;
translator of Trotsky; advis. com. F.S.
Russia; ed. "Masses" 1913-17; "Liberator"
1918-22; divorced 1922; married Eliena
Krylenko of Moscow 1924; home N.Y.;
spkr. for People's Coun. during War; Con-

Who Is Who in Radicalism?


gressional Exposure Radicals; supporter N.
S. Lg.; John Reed Club.

EDDY, SHERWOOD: Socialist; nat.
com. A.C.L.U.; L.I.P.A.; M.W.D. Def.
Com.; formerly Asiatic sec. Y.M.C.A. (see) ;
very pro-Soviet; conductor of carefully se-
lected parties to U.S.S.R.; nat. coun. C.M.
E.; recommends in "Toward a New Eco-
nomic Society" (by Eddy and Page) read-
ing communist Daily Worker; speaker for

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