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out the U. S. went on record. . . . The resolution reads in part: 'The Bench of
Bishops and the General Board of the Colored Methodist Church in Annual
Session desire to issue the following statement to the nation with reference
to the Scottsboro and Peterson cases in Alabama, and the Angelo Herndon
case in Georgia. . . we feel it our duty ... to call upon our entire congregations
throughout the Nation to contribute funds and moral support to aid in such
able defense as shown by the International Labor Defense organization ; and
that such donations be given concertedly, and funds sent to a designated com-
mittee and in turn to the headquarters of the International Labor Defense.' "
(Godless Moscow's Communist organization using this means to hook Chris-
tian Negroes into the revolutionary movement). "The Bishops of the bench
are: Elias Cottrell, Holly Springs, Miss.; C. H. Phillips, Cleveland, O.; R. C.
Carter, Chicago; R. T. Brown, Birmingham, Ala.; J. C. Martin, Memphis;
J. A. Hamlett, Kansas City, Kans.; and J. W. McKinney, Sherman, Texas."

The colored people are a sincerely religious race. As long as they stayed
in Africa un-Christianized, they remained, as did pagan white men, savages.
Their pagan brothers in Africa today are savages, while in a comparatively

36 The Red Network

few years, under the opportunities of the American government and the
inspiration of Christianity, the American Negroes have acquired professions,
property, banks, homes, and produced a rising class of refined, home loving
people. This is far more remarkable than that many Negroes are still back-
ward. The Reds play upon the Negroes' love of their own people and repre-
sent them as persecuted in order to inflame them against the very white
people who have in reality given the colored race far greater opportunities
than their fellow negroes would give them in Africa today. Only recently
the U. S. government was protesting slave holding by colored officials in
Liberia. The Reds look upon the Negroes as their greatest hope. They want
them to do their dirty work in stirring up bloody revolution and to bear its
brunt. Then whether the Reds win or lose the Negroes will be the losers,
for Sovietization is slavery.

The U. S. Fish report states: "The task of the Communists among the
negro workers is to bring about class consciousness, and to crystallize this
in independent class political action against the capitalist class; to take every
possible advantage of occurrences and conditions which will tend to develop
race feeling with the view of utilizing racial antagonism. At every oppor-
tunity the attempt is made to stir up trouble between the white and negro

"The negroes are made to believe that the Communists practice complete
racial and social equality and that only when a Communist Government is
set up in the United States will the negroes obtain equality and freedom from
exploitation by the 'white bosses,' and in order to attract and impress the
negro, the Communists make a point of encouraging mixed social functions
where white women Communists dance with negro men and white men Com-
munists dance with negro women. It is openly advocated that there must be
complete social and racial equality between the whites and negroes even to
the extent of intermarriage."

Put yourself in the Negro's place. Would you not be flattered by Dr.
Tittle's act in putting over a Negro social equality plank in the 1932 General
M. E. Conference in Atlantic City, following similar action by the Federal
Council of Churches, even though you knew in your heart that social equality
is guided entirely by human desires and feelings and that no law or plank
can alter this. Neither a white nor a colored person will invite another per-
son to supper in his home unless he wishes to. Sociability is won, not forced.
Force on this point only engenders real antagonism, even bloodshed.

To quote the Chicago Tribune report of May 8, 1932 concerning this
Conference, headed "Racial Question Jars Methodist Church Session":
"Doctor Tittle's resolution stated that future general conferences will be
held 'only in cities where there is no segregation of racial groups, no dis-
crimination in hotels, hotel lobbies, hotel dining rooms, restaurants, or ele-
vators.' ... In his argument for the passage of the resolution Dr. Tittle . . .
stated that the wording of his resolution 'followed closely a resolution recently
adopted by the Federal Council of Churches.' . . . Such possible inability to
find a city that would entertain the conference, Dr. Tittle said, would focus the
attention of church and nation on the 'cause of racial equality.' . . . The M. E.
Church South seceded from the northern church on the slavery issue nearly

"Methodists Turn Socialistic" 37

a century ago. It was pointed out in debate that The passage of this resolu-
tion would forever end all possibility of reunion of the two American branches
of Methodism.' ' :

Dr. Tittle went out of his way to solicit support for Jourdain, a colored
candidate for Alderman, but not of Tittle's ward. He signed a letter sent
out for this purpose during the 1932 spring campaign and Jourdain was

The time was, when Methodism in its zeal for personal purity frowned
upon dancing. Some Methodists nowadays who are little opposed to dancing
even in a church were a bit surprised, however, when several colored men
were introduced into circle dances at a dance given in the parish house of
Tittle's church and were thus forced upon the young white girls as partners.
An M. E. Guild member whose daughter attended this dance reported that
when she phoned the assistant pastor about this he said that these colored
men had been invited by Dr. Tittle himself (one of them being the son of
a classmate of his at college), who felt that it was now time that the young
people learned to mingle with other races. (God created separate races, but
Communism insists upon racial inter-mixture and inter-marriage.)

The great American colored man, Booker T. Washington, voiced the
sentiment of the best elements in both races when he said the races should
be as separate and distinct as the fingers of a hand and as united for the
service of all humanity. Why should either race wish to lose its distinctive
characteristics? Neither the races nor the sexes can ever be equal. They
will always be different and have distinctive functions to perform in life.

Most shocking is the constant procession of Red and outright Communist
posters and notices which disgrace the bulletin board of this gorgeous M. E.
church, coupled with the fact that the minister himself is a "book editor"
of the National Religion and Labor Foundation and responsible for dis-
tribution of such Communist literature as "Toward Soviet America'' by Wm.
Z. Foster, "Little Lenin Library," etc.

One such poster advertised "We, the People," a play by Elmer Rice, for
the benefit of the militant Socialist L. I. D., in which Tittle is a leader. This
play is praised by the Communist press as "an argument for revolution."
Others advertised: lectures by George Soule of the "New Republic," on
such subjects as "The Chances for Revolution," at the Chicago City Club,
Mar. 6, 7 and 8, 1933, under the auspices of the Chicago Forum Council, of
which Tittle is a member; Scott Nearing's (Communist) lectures under the
same auspices; Reconciliation Trips to radical headquarters; and the Oct.
23, 1933 mass meeting for the visiting French Communist, Henri Barbusse,
whose "pacifistic" cure for war is bloody Red revolution. Perhaps most incon-
gruous of all was the large poster advertising the "Proletarian Arts Ball" of
April 15, 1933, given for the benefit of the communist International Labor
Defense, Moscow's propaganda and legal defense agency to aid Communist
criminals a dance given for the defense of Communism, which means destruc-
tion of Christianity, and advertised in a Methodist Church!

One can only regret that men like this minister possess the gifts of glorious
oratory, of charm and culture to bestow upon the Socialist cause and that
their humanitarian sincerity gives them additional power. For no hate-filled

38 The Red Network

grimy Communist, however sincere, cursing God and capitalism from a soap
box, could ever lure the Church-going "bourgeoisie" into Marxism as can
a truly sincere and altruistic "Christian" Socialist. Yet both are leaders to
the same ugly end Marxism. Those repelled by the crude who would shud-
der at raw Marxian doctrine, sit enraptured in a church to hear Marxism
falsely embellished with adornments stolen from Christianity. Under the
spell of soft organ music and dim religious light, they feel that whatever the
preacher's direction it must be toward heaven and they remain oblivious of
the fact, or uncaring, that the Communist notices sent out by Satan's pub-
licity bureau hanging in their very Church are calls to Christ's flock to hear
Communists like Henri Barbusse, advocates of Christ crucifixion and throat-
slitting Red revolution, preach Communism as the "Way and the Truth."
As one sees the blind leading the blind into the ditch, one realizes that Hell
must indeed live up to its reputation of being "paved with good intentions."
That some Methodists are awakening to the issue now being forced within
the church by radicals, and that they wish to cleave to the "faith once deliv-
ered" and to the Rock of Ages, rather than to the new social order of Marx
and Lenin, is shown by statements such as that of Methodist Bishop Leete
which I have quoted under "Christian Century." The survey of Bishop Lake
revealing that the Methodist Church had lost 2,000,000 members between
1920 and 1932 should also provide food for thought. The fault certainly
does not lie with the drawing power of Jesus Christ, "the same yesterday,
today, and forever."


There is a saying: "When a dog bites a man, that is not news, but when
a man bites a dog, that is news." Red meetings are constant occurrences in
Evanston, Illinois. People either do not sense their significance or are used
to them. It is not considered "news" that James M. Yard should at the same
time be Dean of Religious Education of the Methodist Northwestern Uni-
versity, an active Communist-defending A. C. L. U. committeeman, an adver-
tised John Reed Club speaker, and an official sponsor of the communist
revolutionary Chicago Workers Theatre. (Once Methodists frowned upon
the ordinary worldly theatre.) Nor, when the post of Dean of Religious Edu-
cation was abolished and Yard lost his position, was the public announce-
ment by Pres. Walter Dill Scott that Yard was not let go because of his
radicalism, in itself, considered news. That Max Otto, a leader of the atheist
movement, should be engaged in successive years by this Methodist Uni-
versity to lecture to its students on such subjects as "Can Science Recognize
God" (Oct. 1933) and be praised and honored by the college paper for these
addresses, is not news; nor is Harry Ward's address in praise of Godless
Russia at Garrett Biblical Institute, or the sale of I. W. W. and other Red
literature at this Methodist college Y. M. C. A., news. But when, following
only two of the many Red meetings held in Evanston churches, a group of
patriotic Americans gathered outside and sang "America" in protest against
the sedition they had heard preached within, this was indeed as though a
man had bitten a dog. It was news and the newspapers featured it!

"News' 9 39

The first of these was an A. C. L. U. meeting held in Tittle's Evanston
M. E. Church and addressed by Carl Haessler, a teacher and official of the
Communist Party's school of revolution at 2822 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago,
and a fellow A. C. L. U. committee member with Dr. Tittle. Haessler ended
his talk with a little story illustrating the A. C. L. U. viewpoint, frankly say-
ing "And so what we want is not more liberty but more licenser'' On the
Church bulletin board hung an announcement of Communist Scott Nearing's
lectures. Tittle attended this meeting. Inside the door of the church at the
close of the meeting a Communist handed out leaflets reading: "A Lecture
of Vital Importance! by Romania Ferguson who recently returned from
the Lenin Institute of Moscow. On Tuesday, January 17th, 8 P. M., at The
Unitarian Church of Evanston Fight for the freedom of the Scottsboro
boys! Join with the International Labor Defense! Auspices: International
Labor Defense, Scottsboro Branch of Evanston."

The patriotic crowd who had attended this A. C. L. U. meeting out of
curiosity, indulged afterwards in some arguments on the church lawn with
Red sympathizers, among them Catherine Waugh McCulloch of the A. C.
L. U., who had presided at the meeting. But this would not have merited
publicity, only that a young Red who intruded himself into the conversation
I was holding with friends attempted to slap my face when I contradicted
him, and he was chased by my husband and some Legionnaires. The
attempted but unsuccessful slap was news!

At the announced communist I. L. D. meeting which followed, the Reds
were prepared to defend themselves against any patriotic utterances. Police
were stationed inside the Unitarian Church. And one menacing looking
Negro in front of us pulled out his gun and looked it over before returning
it to his pocket. Others had bulging pockets. A colored woman as officer of
this I. L. D. branch announced that regular meetings were held in this
Unitarian Church every first and third Tuesday of the month; also that all
of the 18 north side branches of the I. L. D. were expected to participate in
a Communist demonstration to be held before the Japanese consulate in Chi-
cago the following week as a protest against Japan's war against the Chinese
Soviets and Chinese revolution. When this demonstration actually took place,
an army of steel-helmeted policemen was required to disperse the surging
crowds of Red rioters which formed and reformed to advance on the building.
Several policemen were injured and one without a steel helmet had his skull
fractured by Communists.

Romania Ferguson, the colored girl advertised as speaker for this I. L. D.
meeting, who had been trained at Moscow's Institute for Red agitators from
all countries, was then teaching with Haessler (speaker in Tittle's church)
at the Communist Chicago school of revolution. She spoke of the Scottsboro
case and then contrasted the wonderful life and race relations of Soviet
Russia, and said that the only way for the 12,000,000 colored people in the
United States to obtain a similar "paradise" was to unite with the white
Communist "workers" in the "revolutionary way out" and set up a Soviet
government in the United States as the Russians had done. (Pure sedition
and in direct violation of the Illinois sedition law).

She was followed by Albert Goldman, fellow teacher with herself and

40 The Red Network

Haessler at the Chicago school of revolution. He said that it was a good
thing the capitalistic class in America were building fine homes and other
buildings as these would then be ready for the " workers" to take over and
occupy by revolution in from six months to a year. He said that only old
people cared for churches in Russia now; that no one under 35 went to
church and, as the old people would soon die off, churches would soon be
extinct there. He pointed out that children could be taught anything and
that the same thing could be accomplished in America by training the young
generation against religion. (A fine meeting to advertise in a Methodist
Church!) Red cards were passed out at this meeting advertising a Scott
Nearing lecture for the benefit of the Communist school of revolution. Near-
ing's lectures had been advertised on white paper on the bulletin board at
the Methodist Church, a slight difference in paper.

The police who had so staunchly stood by while Romania talked sedition,
at once attempted to disperse the patriotic crowd that stopped to discuss the
meeting outside. They were told to go back inside the church, but the group
objected saying they were not wanted inside the church, that the police
allowed sedition inside why not patriotism outside? When one policeman
kept insisting they must either go back inside the church or go home, some
in the crowd said "All right we will go back in. Come on!"; but as they
started to do so, a woman of the church aided by a policeman barred the door
of the church and flourished her arm at me and said: "You shan't come in."
I said: "Keep your hands off me" as she waved dangerously near my nose
and this flourishing falsely reported as "hitting" furnished the "news" for
the next burst of publicity, which, however, did some really enlightening
educational work. People who had been actually unaware of the Red move-
ment in Evanston started wondering and inquiring what it was all about.

Soon after this, a patriotic group in Evanston published a pamphlet of
authentic and indisputable information revealing the purposes of the organ-
izations these ministers support. They distributed a copy to practically every
home in Evanston at their own expense with the result that ? O, no, they
received no praise whatever! On the contrary the patriotic editor who gave
the situation in Evanston some truthful publicity and participated in pre-
paring the pamphlet lost his position owing, so he said, to the pressure brought
by M. E. Church supporters upon the wealthy "patriotic" men of national
reputation who owned the newspaper!

And what did the dear smart successful American capitalist Church
trustees, who collect $85,000 or more each year to support Tittle's activities,
do? They issued a public statement rebuking those who would interfere with
the "free" speech of the M. E. Church pulpit and expressing their staunch
admiration for and support of Dr. Tittle.

One feels like snickering at the thought of the triumph of Socialism, which
Tugwell, in the National Religion and Labor Foundation (see) Bulletin,
(of which Tittle is an editor) says will literally da away with private business.
One can picture with amusement these capitalists who support Socialism
having had their businesses "done away with." But the sad part is that we
"bourgeoisie" and the hopes and futures of the present rising "proletariat"
and of their and our children would all suffer as well with the sweeping away

Jail or Asylum for Me Suggests "Liberal" Mandate 41

of the American system. That is why a public political propaganda pulpit
becomes a public affair and deserves public and political opposition.
The communists' Federated Press news service, Mar. 29, 1933, stated:

"The trustees of the Unitarian Church of Evanston, where the Intl.
Labor Defense has been renting a hall for its fortnightly meetings, declare
that they 'consider it against the spirit of the church to deny the use of
its church house to any group of people who might wish to rent it for
political, economic, social or educational purposes, except those whose
meetings would be objectionable on moral grounds or those whose meet-
ings might be definitely forbidden by the law of the land.'

"The Rev. R. Lester Mondale of the church had been criticized by pro-
fessional patriots for allowing the I. L. D. to rent the church hall. Trustees
of the First Methodist Church of Evanston similarly supported the Rev.
E. F. Tittle when he was rapped by the patrioteers for permitting a civil
liberties meeting in his church hall."
The Advisor of March 15, 1933, stated:

"Following the activities of the American Legion and Paul Revere
Clubs in exposing the affiliations and red-supporting activities of the
Reverend Ernest Fremont Tittle, pastor of the First Methodist Church,
Evanston, Illinois, the government board of the church has issued a state-
ment expressing 'absolute confidence in Dr. Tittle's Christian character
and his deep unselfish devotion to his country and humanity.' We note
that these profound expressions of support come from Fred Sargent, presi-
dent of the Northwestern Railroad, William A. Dyche, donor of Dyche
Stadium to Northwestern University, R. C. Wieboldt, and others.

"This is quite typical of the warning we have voiced continually in
our bulletins. Knowing little or nothing of the ramifications of Com-
munism and Socialism, these 'Captains' of industry listening to the siren
voice of this misleader, come to his support with a vote of confidence.
The average man would sing pretty hard to get the support of the millions
represented by the three men named above. The moral and financial
support which is given the Communist and Socialist movements by the
very class that would suffer most if these agencies should win control, is
one of the principal factors in the perpetuation of these movements in this
country. Without this support Communism and Socialism would collapse
of their own weight.

"Men like Tittle are more valuable to the Communist movement than
if they were actual members of the Party. Lenin's injunction 'Get things
done and paid for by others' has been fulfilled to a remarkable degree.
The unfortunate part of things is that should either Communism or
Socialism succeed in their objectives the loyal would have to suffer for
the mistakes of the misguided. The more we study Lenin, the more we
appreciate his diabolical shrewdness and psychology."


The September, 1933 issue of the communist magazine "Anti Fascist
Action," published by the Chicago Committee to Aid Victims of German

42 The Red Network

Fascism of the communist W. I. R., contains, in addition to material by Com-
munist authors, a section headed "Correspondence," which invites "the true
expression of workers everywhere" and says: "Here is the space! Voice
your indignation, your protest, etc." To quote:

The following letter comes from R. Lester Mondale, Evanston, who takes
this opportunity to answer a worker who had written to him, asking "How

is it possible for Mrs. (a notorious red-baiter) to insult every worker

in this country, calling them 'gutter adherents,' without being thrown into
a prison or insane asylum?":

"Dear Frank:

"You ask, 'How is it possible that this woman can insult every honest
wage earner in this country without being thrown in a prison or insane

"Permit me to tell you how it is possible for these respectable women
to insult you and to get away with it. My answer will sound stranger than
fiction. But Frank, the reason it sounds strange is that you have been
fed up on the lies you read every day in the newspapers and the lies you
were taught in the public schools lies about every American being born
free, and equal to the richest.

"The lady you speak of is a well-known North Shore 'patriot.' She
speaks before fashionable churches; the Legionnaires admire her; the
D. A. R. ladies introduce her at speaking engagements. Now, Frank,
there is a man in Chicago (another patriot, who has an organization for
spying on communists and liberals) who also speaks before churches,
Legionnaires and D. A. R. conventions. This man is a great friend of the
lady who insulted the working men. In fact, Frank, this lady and this
man more often than not are seen together in public gatherings, and the
style of her anti-red pamphlets strikingly resembles the style of the reports
sent out by his spy organization.

"One sentence will explain why they insult you, Frank. This man I
speak of was for years a professional strike-breaker in the Clay Products
Industries. Do you see the connection now? By pretending to be super-
patriots these people can break up the workingman's unions, keep him
in poverty, and call all liberals like myself un-American Communists
because we would like to see these ladies get a little less of the country's
income and honest workers like yourself get your just share.

"To these respectable ladies, you are a 'gutter adherent.' To them,
the wife you love, 'stinks of the gutter'; to them, the babies you bring
into the world are 'rats of the gutter' and they can use the gutters (when-
ever the super-patriots haven't parked their Packards) for their play-
grounds. You 'gutter' people should be glad to kiss the hands of the
wealthy for their willingness to be compelled to pay enough in taxes to
keep you starving to death on the installment plan on the dole. You
'gutter' people should be glad to get a fifteen dollar week minimum wage
and to starve and freeze through life while the government dumps wheat
in China, plows under the cotton crops, closes coal mines, and slaughters
hogs. You 'gutter' people who complain if the Citizens Committee (whose

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