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JONES, WILLIAM N.: Communist Lg.
P. G. for F. & F.; Negro; mg. ed. "Balti-
more Afro-American"; chmn. Baltimore
Scottsboro Action Com.; nat. com. F.S.U.

Lg. P. G. for F. & F. 1932; speaker for
Foster-Ford Independent Com., 1932 Com-
munist campaign.

JURICH, JOE: sub-organizer communist
T.U.U.L.; Chgo. organizer Steel and Metal
Wkrs. Indust. Un.

KAHN, LEON: treas. N.C. to A.S.M.F.

S.; Nat. Com. Def. Pol. Pris.

KAHN, YERETH: Nat. Com. Def. Pol.

KALAR, JOS.: communist Intl. Un.
Revol. Writers; perm, contrib. Intl. Lit.;
New Masses; Revol. Writers Fed.; contrib.
ed. communist "Left" magazine of Daven-
port, Iowa; assoc. ed. "Anvil," communist
magazine; contrib. ed. "Left Front," Chgo.
John Reed Club publication, 1933.

Pres. of U.S.S.R. since 1923.

book com.; Recep. Com. Soviet Flyers;
N.C. to A.S.M.F.S.; active in behalf Sacco
and V.; New Sch. Social Research; con-
trib. "New Masses"; endorser "Letters
Sacco and Vanzetti."

A.W.; edu. dir. I.L.D. N.Y. Dist. No. 2;

A.C.L.U.; Labor Def. Coun. (I.L.D.),
1923 ; exec. com. Nat. Com. Prot. For. Born
Wkrs.; Sacco-V. Nat. Lg.; defended Com-
munist May Day rioters, Phila. 1932; his
sister, Mrs. Walter Cope (Eliza Middleton),
contrib. to Communist causes and active in
W.I.L.P.F.; Nat. Pop. Govt. Lg. charges
against Dept. of Justice; Nat. Save Our
Schs. Com.; Nat. Com. to Aid Vic. G.

KANTER, FRANK: mem. Chgo. exec,
com. F.S.U. , org. of Douglas Pk. branch.

com. W.C.A.W.

KAPLAN, NAT: Communist Party dist.
org. of Dist. No. 1, Boston, 1931; nat. org.
Nat. Textile Wkrs. Un. (communist) 1933

Prof. Cornell U.; vice pres. L.I.D. since
1924; Com. for Thomas 1928; born Lenin-
grad, Russia; author of many articles on
Socialism; nat. coun. Berger Nat. Found.;
apptd. Lieut. Commander U.S. Naval Re-
serve 1933, under Roosevelt admin.

garian communist sympathizer; intl. com.
W.C.A.W.; when Pres. Hungarian Republic,
turned over govt. to Lenin's Communist
leader, Bela Kun (Cohen), Mar. 20, 1919;
132 days of Red Terror, confiscation and
torture and murder of bourgeoise, nuns,
etc., followed; mem. Anti-Horthy Lg.; Nat.
Com. to Aid Vic G. Fascism 1933.

KATAYAMA, J. SEN: Japanese Com-
munist ; exec. com. Communist Intl. ; repres.
of Communist Parties in the East ; founder
of Japanese Socialist Assn. 1897; founder of
weekly Socialist journal "Le Kodo Sejai"
(The Labor World) ; forced to leave Japan,
came to U.S.; delg. Intl. Socialist Cong.
1904; joined Communist Party 1920; delg.
Berlin Socialist Unity Conf. 1922; delg.
and speaker at W.C.A.W., Amsterdam, Aug.
1932; home Moscow; died there 1933.

KAUFMAN, ABRAHAM: exec. sec. W.
R. Lg.; U.S. Cong. Ag. War; spkr. World
Youth Cong, sendoff and treas. of arrange-
ments com.

KAUN, ALEXANDER: advis. coun. A.

KAYE, MARTIN: ed. organ of com-
munist A.A.A.I. Lg., "Upsurge"; mem. unit
24, section 15, Communist Party District 2,
N.Y. City; author of communist pamphlet
"Who Fights for a Free Cuba?"

KEATING, EDW.: Nat. Citiz. Com. Rel.
Lat. Am. 1927; Cath. Assn. Intl. Peace,
1933 ; People's Legis. Serv. ; Nat. Pop. Govt.
Lg. ; mg. ed. "Labor," formerly the official
organ of Conf. Prog. Pol. Act., now of
R.R. Labor Unions; Nat. Save Our Schs.

WETSKY): Socialist; wife of a Russian;
deceased; Emer. Com. Strik. Rel.; was a
founder and pres. Inter-Coll. Socialist Soc.
(now L.I.D.) ; vice pres. L.I.D. ; gen. sec.
and leading spirit Nat. Cons. Lg.; bd. dir.
Nat. Child Labor Com. 1904-20; bd. dir.
N.A.A.C.P.; mem. Nat. Worn. Tr. Un. Lg.;
translator of Marx and Engels and per-
sonal friend of the latter; resident at Hull
House, Chgo., 1891-9; pres. Henry St. Set-
tlement, N.Y.C.; correspondent of Lenin;
People's Legis. Serv. ; Cong. Exp. Radicals ;
her correspondence with Engels collected
by his friend Sorge (head of U.S. Socialist
movement then), who placed it in N.Y.
Public Library.

KELLEY, NICHOLAS: son of Florence;
bd. dir. L.I.D. 1932 ; treas. A.A. for O.A.S.
1931; Emer. Com. Strik. Rel. 1933.

KELLOGG, PAUL U.: ed. "Survey";
exec. com. For. Pol. Assn.; Fell. Recon.;
endors. Lane Pamphlet; exec. com. Civil


The Red Network

Liberties Bureau; Am. Neut. Conf. Com.;
active "peace" worker during war with
Lochner, Jane Addams, etc.; Emer. Com.
Strik. Rel.; Nat. World Ct. Com.; Com. for
Thomas 1929; exec. com. Non Intervention
Citiz. Com. 1927; Nat. Citiz. Com. on Rel.
Lat. Am. 1927; bd. Lg. for Org. Progress
1931; nat. coun. Berger Nat. Found.

KENNEDY, J. C.: Brookwood Lab.
Coll. faculty mem. ; Socialist ; cand. for dir.
L.I.D. 1931; contrib. to "Labor Age," offi-
cial organ Conf. Prog. Labor Act. 1931;
resigned Jan. 1933 from exec. com. Conf.
Prog. Lab. Act.; former sec. Farmer-Labor
Party of Washington; former instr. Eco-
nomics, U. of Chgo.

KENYON, DOROTHY: nat. bd. dir.
A.C.L.U.; chmn. N.Y. A.C.L.U. Com.
(100 5th Ave.) ; mem. Nat. Coun. on
Freedom from Censorship, 1931; exec. com.
M.W.D. Def. Com.; Com. for Thomas,
1929; signer of resolution for Recog. of
Russia, of the Am. Women's Com. for Rus-
sian Recog.

KESTER, HOWARD A.: Nashville,
Tenn.; So. sec. of Fell. Recon.; nat. com.
Nat. R. & L. Found. 1933 ; Nat. Com. Def.
Pol. Pris. (see) ; Highlander Folk School
(Socialist) at Monteagle, Tenn.; nat. com.
F.S.U. and signer of convention call, Dec.
1933 ; spkr. at Citizens Scottsboro Aid Com.
meeting, Birmingham, Tenn., April 1933.

KILE, BERTON E.: exec. com. Nat. R.
& L. Found.

KILPATRICK, WM. H.: Prof. Teachers
Coll. Columbia U.; nat. coun. Pioneer
Youth of Am.; appealed for funds for
Rand Sch. 1933 ; chmn. A.C.L.U. Committee
on Academic Freedom; signer Fell. Recon.
Pet. Russ. Recog. 1932; spkr. with Norman
Thomas, Reinhold Niebuhr, Mrs. F. D.
Roosevelt, at Progressive Edu. Conf., Nov.
1933; spkr. L.I.P.A. radio broadcasts; con-
trib. "Education Worker" (Dec. 1932 issue),
organ of communist Education Wkrs. Lg. ;
endors. Lane Pamphlet; his books "Educa-
tion and the Social Crisis" and "Educa-
tional Frontier" recommended in L.I.D.
booklist of 100 books for radicals 1933.

KING, CAROL WEISS: communist I.L.
D. atty.; author monthly law bulletins for
A.C.L.U. 1923-5; N.C. to A.S.M.F.S.; atty.
for Garland Fund; one of women peti-
tioners for communist Hunger Marchers,
Wash., D.C., 1932; Nat. Com. to Aid Vic.
G. Fascism.

KING, JUDSON: Roosevelt Appointee
as Research Investigator, Tenn. Valley Au-
thority; dir. Nat. Pop. Govt. Lg. (see),
which issued attack on Dept. of Justice for
jailing Reds.

Mawr Coll.; advis. com. A.S.C.R.R.; hon.
vice pres. Nat. Cons. Lg.

C. on Unemp.; minister Ch. Good Shep-
herd, Chgo.; spkr. at Tittle's Church, Jan.
17, 1934.

CLARK) : daughter of Geo. W. ; dir. Gar-
land Fund; wartime "peace" worker; Inter-
Coll. Socialist Soc. (now L.I.D.) ; ed. bd.
"Nation" since 1918; nat. com. A.A.A.1. Lg.
1928; Fed. Unemp. Wkrs. Lgs. N.Y.C.
(Borders) 1933; Emer. Com. Strik. Rel.
1933; Labor Defense Council 1923 for de-
fense of Bridgman Communists.

KIRCHWEY, GEO. W.: nat. com. A.C.
L.U.; Socialist; associate of Lochner in
wartime "peace" activities; vice chmn.
Neut. Conf. Com.

exec. com. Chr. Soc. Act. M.; Meth. Ch.
Chgo. hdqts.; Non-Partz. Com. Lillian

KITTINE, I. A.: Nat. Coun. Prot. For.
Born Wkrs.; Recep. Com. Soviet Flyers;
John Reed Club; Nat. Com. to Aid Vic. G.

KLING, JACK: Chgo. dist. org. Young
Communist League; Nat. Mooney Coun.

KNIGHT, FRANK H.: U. of Chgo.
Prof.; speaker for communist N.S. Lg. at
U. of Chgo. (see Chgo. Tribune Nov. 3,
1932, for speech eulogizing Communism and
telling why he accepts it, also terming the
Bible a monstrosity) ; Sacco-V. Nat. Lg.
1928; endors. "Professional Patriots."

KNUTSON, ALFRED: alias Frank
Brown; dist. org. Communist Party; Non-
Partisan Lg. 1916-18, Bismarck, N.D.; sec.
United Farmers Edu. Lg.; organizer Eng-
land, Ark., food riots.

KOCH, LUCIEN: dir. Commonwealth
Coll. 1933 ; former teacher in Meiklejohn's
radical Experimental college of U. of Wis.;
signer Fell. Recon. Pet. Russ. Recog.

KOERNER, RAY: sec. Boilermakers
Union 626; Com. on Inf. About Russia;
Chgo. A.A.A.I. Lg.

Strik. Rel. Chgo.; Chgo. Com. for S.A.W.


KOHN, LUCILLE: left wing Socialist;
"Musteite" faculty mem. Brookwood Lab.
Coll. 1932; cand. dir. L.I.D. 1931; Com.
for Thomas, 1929; corres. Labor Action
School of the Conf. for Prog. Lab. Act.

Who Is Who in Radicalism?


representing U.S.S.R. in Sweden; took part
in 1917 Russian Revolution; was U.S.S.R.
commissar; exec. com. Communist Intl.;
Soviet Ambassador to Mexico, Norway,
etc.; author; "the world's greatest exponent
of free love, the nationalization of children
and the abolition of Christianity arrested
in Russia, Germany and Sweden for her
Communistic activities" (Marvin Data
Sheets, 25-2).

KONENKAMP, S. J.: La Follette
"Prog. Repub."; sponsor dinner of Berger
Nat. Found.; vice pres. Pub. O. Lg. of Am.;
Chgo. attorney.

W.I.R.; Boston symphony orchestra con-
ductor since 1924; born Russia.

KRATZ, A. ROGER: nat. com. Nat. R.
& L. Found.

Lg. P. G. for F. & F. 1932; Emer. Com.
So. Pol. Pris.; Recep. Com. Soviet Flyers;
Nat. Com. Def. Pol. Pris. (Dreiser) ; New
Sch. for Social Research; John Reed Club.

nomics at U. of Chgo. since fall of 1932;
Wkrs. Training Sch., Chgo.; nat. coun.
L.I.D.; vice chmn. Pa. Com. for Total
Disarm. 1932; Chgo. organizer Thomas
campaign committees 1932; close assoc. of
Powers Hapgood and Norman Thomas;
Nat. R. & L. Found. 1933 ; delg. 2nd Intl.
Paris 1933, where he advocated arming
proletariat according to press reports;
teacher Marxian Economics at Chgo. Sch.
of Socialism, 1933; reported to be suing
Chgo. Tribune for its "free speech" in edi-
torially referring to him as a "jackass."

U.S.S.R.; widow of Lenin; head of Intl.
Secretariat of Communist Intl.; hon. mem.
Wkrs. Cult. Fed. of United States.

KRUTCH, JOS. WOOD: bd. ed. "The
Nation"; A.S.C.R.R. book com.; Sacco-V.
Nat. Lg.; Roosevelt N.R.A. appointee,
Theatrical Code authority.

KRZYCKI, LEO: nat. exec. com. Social-
ist Party; nat. com. Lg. Against Fascism;
nat. coun. Berger Nat. Found.; gen. exec,
bd. Amalg. Cloth. Wkrs. of Am. since 1922 ;
Wis. State sec. Socialist Party, 1933; org.
of Needle Trades Socialist groups, leader
Reading strike, July 1933 of needle work-
ers; replaced Morris Hillquit as nat. chmn.
Socialist Party; delegated in 1930 by 24
Socialist, Polish, and Labor orgs. to visit
European countries to study labor legisla-

KUN, BEL A: real name Cohen; intimate
of Lenin; sent back to Budapest by Lenin

with Russian money, to agitate; on Mar.
20, 1919, became Communist dictator over
Hungary; twenty of his thirty-two Com-
missars were, like himself, Jewish; inaugu-
rated Red Terror, confiscating, torturing,
and executing; in 132 days, spent entire
notes reserve (two milliard kronen) of
Austria-Hungarian Bank, Budapest.

KUNITZ, JOSHUA: Communist; Intl.
Un. Revol. Writers and delg. 1930; perm,
contrib. Intl. Lit.; Revol. Writers Fed.;
A.S.C.R.R. book com.; contrib. ed. "Soviet
Russia Today"; was one of "first inter-
national brigade of writers sent out as
literary shock troops thru Russia"; Am.
com. W.C.A.W.; Nat. Mooney Coun. of
Action 1933; speaker for F.S.U.; John
Reed Club, N.Y.C.; Scottsboro Com. of
Act. 1933; exec. sec. Nat. Com. Def. Pol.
Pris. 1933; helped form Wkrs. Cult. Fed.;
Am. Com. for S.A.W.; "New Masses"
staff, 1933; Nat. Com. to Aid Vic. G.

LACKLAND, GEO. S.: nat. com. Nat.
R. & L. Found.; nat. com. Meth. Fed. for
Soc. Serv. 1928; Meadville, Pa.

book com.; Bureau of Legal Advice, N.Y.
1919, with communists Ella Reeve Bloor,
Chas. Recht, etc.

LA FOLLETTE, PHILIP F.: Socialistic;
pro-Soviet; ex-Gov. of Wis.; vice pres. Pub.
Ownership Lg. of Am.; Nat. Mooney-
Billings Com. (of the A.C.L.U.) ; Fell.
Faiths spkr. Chgo. 1933.

ceased; organized People's Legis. Serv.;
aided infamous People's Council; a founder
and leader of Socialistic "Progressive Re-
publican" movement backed by Socialist

radical Republican; U.S. Senator from
Wis.; Socialistic; pro-Soviet; vice pres. Pub.
Ownership Lg. of Am.; Nat. Citiz. Com.
Rel. Lat. Am. 1927; endors. Lane Pamphlet.

Def. Pol. Pris. 1932; Emer. Com. So. Pol.

C., of Italian- Jewish parentage; La Fol-
lette-Socialist Repub. Congressman from
N.Y., 1932; endors. "Professional Patriots";
Russian-American Indust. Corp. with Jane
Addams, Debs, Lenin, etc.; supporter Rand
Sch. 1033; nat. com. Sacco-V. Nat. Lg.;
Nat. Citiz. Com. on Rel. Lat. Am. 1927;
lawyer for Amalg. Cloth. Wkrs. 1925; ran
for Congress on Socialist ticket, 1924; see


The Red Network

article "New Deal and Roosevelt Appoin-
tees"; appointed Paul Blanshard and A. A.
Berle to his mayoralty cabinet after elec-
tion as Mayor of N.Y. City with support
of A. A. Berle and other Roosevelt lead-
ers; Carlo Tresca claims him as old asso-
ciate (N.Y. Trib., 1/21/34); Conf. Prog.
Pol. Act. campaign com. 1934 and one of
those issuing its call in 1933.

LAIDLER, HARRY W.: Socialist; exec,
dir. L.I.D. since 1910; Rand School since
1923; author numerous Socialist books;
exec. com. L.I.P.A.; Civil Liberties Bureau;
Fell. Recon.; contrib. ed. New Leader; nat.
advis. com. Sacco-V. Nat. Lg.; II Nuovo
Mondo Nat. Com.; Com. on Coal and
Giant P.; dir. L.I.D. tour to Russia 1931;
bd. Lg. for Org. Prog. 1931; U.S. Cong.
Ag. War com.; dir. People's Lobby; nat.
coun. Berger Nat. Found.; mem. Soc. Serv.
Commn. Fed. Coun. Chs. since 1924; Peo-
ple's Freedom Union, 1920; Nat. Advis.
Coun. on Radio in Edu. 1934.

LAMBKIN, CYRIL: Communist; born
Russia; mgr. House of the Masses, De-
troit; nat. sec. F.S.U. 1933; formerly with
Amtorg Trading Corp.; arrested in Bridg-
man, Mich, raid, 1922.

LAMONT, CORLISS: Prof.; son of
Thos. W. Lamont (partner in Morgan
Banking House) ; speaker for Freethinkers
(atheist) Society 1932; Am. nat. com. W.
C.A.W.; treas. M.W.D. Def. Com. 1930;
Emer. Com. Strik. Rel.; Com. for Thomas
1929; contrib. "Soviet Russia Today"
(official pub. F.S.U.) ; endorser communist
N.S. Lg.; nat. com. Student Cong. Ag.
War (U. of Chgo.) ; contrib. "New
Masses"; speaker F.S.U.; in reviewing a
Communist pamphlet by Bennett Stevens,
"The Church and the Workers," he said:
"It will take a long time to completely
liquidate the church the task cannot be
undertaken too soon or too energetically.";
his wife one of petitioners for Communist
Hunger Marchers, Wash. D.C. 1932; nat.
bd. dir. A.C.L.U., 1933 ; N.C. to A.S. M.F.
S.; Am. Com. for S.A.W.; parents directors
of For. Pol. Assn.; Nat. Com. to Aid Vic.
G. Fascism; nat. com. F.S.U. 1934; Conf.
Prog. Pol. Act. camp. com. 1934.

LAMSON, WARREN: Chmn. Cook Co.
111. communist Unemp. Councils; Chgo.
Wkrs. Sch. ; nat. com. Fed. Unemp. Wkrs.
Lgs. of Am.

Com. Strik. Rel.; exec. com. W.R. Lg.;
leader radical Bronx Free Forum, N.Y.
City; cand. dir. L.I.D. 1931; leader radical
pastors' march to demand relief for unem-
ployed from Mayor O'Brien, June, 1933.

LAND, YETTA: Communist Party
functionary; I.L.D. Atty. Cleveland.

LANDY, LUDWIG: Communist; exec,
sec. W.I.R. 1929; Recep. Com. Soviet

LANE, WINTHROP D.: Socialist; au-
thor of "Lane Pamphlet" against military
training, financed by Garland Fund thru
the C.M.E. and widely distributed by Fell.
Recon., L.I.D., A.C.L.U., W.I.L.P.F. and
to some extent by Fed. Coun. Chs.; au-
thor of pamphlet circulated by A.C.L.U.
telling of his activities in United Mine
Workers violent terroristic strikes in W.
Va.; amnesty com. of People's Freedom
Union, 1920; Inter-Coll. Socialist Soc. (now

P.F.; Util. Inv. & Cons. Lg.; Chgo. Forum
Coun.; Lg. Women Voters; Woman's City
Club; Fell. Faiths, Chgo. com.; sister-in-law
of Mrs. Salmon O. Levinson; Com. for
Human Rts. Against Naziism (Levinson

LANSBURY, GEORGE: English Social-
ist; Independent Labour Party, mem. Par-
liament; served two prison terms; author
of "What I Saw in Russia"; vice pres.
W.I.R. 1923; N.C. for P.W. of England.

LAPP, JOHN A.: former Prof. Mar-
quette U., Milw., Wis.; A.A.A.I. Lg., Chgo.
1928; dir. social act. dept. Nat. Catholic
Welfare Coun. 1920-27; nat. com. A.C.L.
U.; A.C.L.U. Chgo. Com.; chmn. Com. on
Inf. about Russia; former pres. Nat. Conf.
Social Work; vice chmn. N.C. for P.W.;
exec. com. L.I.P.A.; vice pres. A.A. for
O.A.S.; Labor Def. Coun. 1923 (I.L.D.) ;
advis. com. C.W.C. on Unemp. (Borders) ;
Nat. Citiz. Com. on Rel. Lat. Am. 1927;
exec. com. Nat. R. & L. Found. 1933;
active in behalf of Sacco and V.; vice
pres. Fell. Faiths nat. com. 300; Nat. Save
Our Schs. Com.; nat. coun. Berger Nat.
Found.; Non Partz. Com. Lillian Herstein;
exec. com. Chgo. L.I.D.; Roosevelt N.R.A.
appointee; mem. several corns, of Cath.
Assn. for Intl. Peace, 1933; Conf. Prog.
Pol. Act. campaign com. 1934.

N.C. to A.S.M.F.S.; contrib. to "The Com-
munist"; bd. Pris. Rel. Fund of I.L.D. ;
endors. W.I.R. Hunger March letter, 1932 ;
contrib. Inprecorr, Dec. IS, 1932; sec.
communist Film Forum.

Prof.; A.C.L.U. Chgo. Com.; lecturer at
Chgo. Workers School (Communist) 1932;
exec. com. Chgo. L.I.D.; Griffin Bill spon-
sor; nat. coun. L.I.D.; wrote scurrilous
attack on Nationalism and flag in "Christian

Who Is Who in Radicalism?


Advocate," Feb. 10, 1927; sponsor Chgo.
Wkrs. Theatre, 1933; spkr. Am. Friends'
Religious Forum, 1933.

LATHROP, REV. CHAS. N.: minister
of Prot. Episc. Ch.; formerly Dean; exec,
sec. Dept. of Chr. Soc. Serv. of Nat. Coun.
Prot. Episc. Ch. since 1920; made typical
Socialistic class-hate speech at A.C.L.U.
meeting in N.Y.C., at which Harry F.
Ward presided, June 9, 1927; expressed
sympathy for Communists arrested in the
Bridgman (Mich.) raid, and falsely re-
ferred to first Christians as "communists"
likened Communists Foster, Ruthenberg,
and the others to Saint Peter, Saint John,
and the other Apostles; said "I want to take
my stand on the basic right for anybody in
the United States to be a communist who
wishes to be one." (Whitney's "Reds in
America") .

Unitarian minister; Fed. Coun. of Chs.;
dir. Nat. Cons. Lg.; Nat. World Ct. Com.;
Non-intervention Citiz. Com.; signer of
appeal for Sacco and V. (N,Y. Times, Aug.
22, 1927); Com. for Thomas 1929; nat.
com. W.R. Lg.; home Brooklyn, N.Y.

LATHROP, JULIA C: deceased; nat.
com. A.C.L.U.; advis. com. A.S.C.R.R.;
bd. trustees For. Lang. Inf. Serv.; N.C.
for P.W.; vice pres. Nat. Cons. Lg.; W.I.
L.P.F.; one of Jane Addams' Hull House
group; Lg. of Women Voters; dir. Immi-
grants' Prot. Lg. ; on com. to aid Mrs.
Kalinin, wife of Soviet Pres., when she
sought to enter U.S. for agitational tour in

LAUCK, WM. JETT: economist; em-
ployed by Garland Fund; author of radi-
cal pamphlets used by L.I.D. and other
radical agencies; labor arbitrator; People's
Legis. Serv.; Wash., D.C.

C.W.C. on Unemp.; Emer. Com. Strik.
Rel., Chgo.; mem. bd. "New Frontier," or-
gan of C.W.C. on Unemp.; mg. com. Chgo.
Forum Council; dir. men's work Chgo.
Commons (Graham Taylor) since 1917;
pastor Tabernacle Congl. Ch. Chgo. since
1917; Conf. Prog. Pol. Act.; Am. Assn.
for Adult Edu.; World Assn. for Adult
Edu.; Conf. Prog. Lab. Act.; studied Union
Theol. Sem.

com. Chgo. chap. L.I.D. ; Emer. Com.
Strik. Rel., Chgo.

HENRY GODDARD) : nat. com. A.C.L.U.
1932; was in Jane Addams' Woman's Peace
Party ; Civil Liberties Bureau ; exec. com.
A.A. for O.A.S.; endorser World Peace-

ways 1932; W.I.L.P.F.; New Sch. Social
Research, 1932; Cong. Exp. Radicals; Nat.
Citiz. Com. Rel. Lat. Am. 1927; nat. coun.
For. Pol. Assn.

LEE, ALGERNON: infamous People's
Council; pres. Rand School; Socialist
Party nat. exec, com.; nat. com. Lg. Against

gary; A.C.L.U.; Am. Fed. of Teachers;
co-ed. "N.Y. Teacher," since 1922; Social-
ist; dir. Nat. Urban Lg.; Brookwood Labor
Coll.; Pioneer Youth of Am.; ed. "Am.
Teacher"; Worn. Tr. Un. Lg.; mem. coun.
Jt. Com. on Unemp.; chmn. Mooney Conf.
1931; Com. for Thomas, 1929; Nat. Save
Our Schs. Com.; dropped as teacher in
N.Y. Schools; Conf. Prog. Pol. Act. camp,
com. 1934; home N.Y.

LE GALLIENNE, EVA: actress; advis.
com. A.S.C.R.R.; nat. com. W.I.R.; Nat.
Com. to Aid Vic. G. Fascism.

LEHMAN, LLOYD W.: exec. bd. A.C.
L.U. Chgo. Com. 1933 (exec. sec. 1932) ;
lives at Hull House, Chgo.; sponsor Ber-
ger Nat. Found, dinner, 1931; atty.

Chgo. Com.

Russia; Prof. Economics Antioch Coll. since
1925; chmn. bd. of arb. men's clothing in-
dustry, Chgo. from 1923 ; Conf. Prog. Pol.
Act.; nat. coun. Berger Nat. Found.; Roose-
velt appointee, 1933, as sec. National Labor
Board; author of chapter on "Socialist
Theory and the Class Struggle" in Laidler-
Thomas book "The Socialism of Our
Times"; contrib. to L.I.D. pub. "The Un-
employed"; speaker at Brookwood Labor
Coll. 1926; head O. State Commn. on Un-
emp. 1932; chosen as arbitrator of socialist
Conserve Co. (see article "Capitalism,

MIR ILYITCH): died Jan. 21, 1924, of
syphilis; Russian Bolshevik revolutionary
leader; overthrew the Kerensky Govt. Nov.
7, 1917 (October, according to Russian cal-
endar; hence the term "October" is used
by Communists for "revolution") ; wife's
name Nadoshda Krupskaya.

of Wis.; defender of "free love" students
there; Sacco-V. Nat. Lg.; Am. com. W.C.
A.W.; endors. "Professional Patriots."

LE SUEUR, ARTHUR: lawyer, educa-
tor; nat. com. A.C.L.U. 1920-33; was vice
pres. of "Yours for the revolution" Peo-
ple's Coll. 1916; Non-Partiz. Lg.; war time
"peace" worker.

LEVIN, SAMUEL: Socialist; sponsor


The Red Network

Berger Nat. Found, dinner, 1931; born
Russia; gen. exec. bd. and jt. Chgo. bd.
Amal. Cloth. Wkrs. of Am.; exec. com.
L.I.D. Chgo.; C.W.C. on Unemp.; bd. dir.
Amal. Tr. & Sav. Bank, Chgo.; Chgo.
Emer. Com. Strik. Rel.

Party functionary; exec, of Wkrs. Ex-Serv.
Men's Lg. ; leader of bonus march to Wash.,
D.C. 1932.

LEVINSON, DAVID: prominent com-
munist I.L.D. atty. who was in Moscow,
June, 1933, and from there invited Arthur
G. Hays, Paul Cravath, and Felix Frank-
furter, to go to Germany to defend German
Communist leaders on trial for firing the
Reichstag (July 26, 1933); defended Com-
munists arrested in Wilmington, Del. 1932;
barred by Nazis from participating in
trial; now lecturing on Reichstag trial.

LEVINSON, EDW.: publicity dir. Social-
ist Party; edtl. staff socialist New Leader
from 1924 on; Workmen's Circle; author
of "The Facts about La Follette and
Wheeler," campaign handbook, 1924; for-
merly on New York Call, Socialist paper;
Non-intervention Citiz. Com. 1927;
com. U. S. Cong. Ag. War; cand. dir. L.I.
D. 1931; exec. com. N.Y. City L.I.D.; exec,
sec. Lg. Against Fascism; contrib. Milwau-
kee Leader; delg. Labor and Socialist In-
ternational, Paris, 1933; author "Russia in
Recent Years."

LEVINSON, SALMON O.: pres. and
trustee Abraham Lincoln Center (Commu-
nist meeting place), Chgo.; chmn. Am.
Com. for Outlawry of War; trustee North-
western U. Settlement; Nat. World Ct.
Com.; Chgo. Forum Coun.; wife pres. bd.
dir. A. Lincoln Center "Unity"; chmn.
Com. for Human Rts. Against Naziism

LEVY, MELVIN P.: Communist; "La-
bor Defender"; N.C. to A.S.M.F.S.; sec.
Nat. Com. Def. Pol. Pris.; Intl. Un. Revol.
Writers; perm, contrib. Intl. Lit.; New
Masses; Pris. Rel. Fund (I.L.D.) ; Revol.
Writers Fed.; "New Pioneer"; John Reed

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