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Detroit br. 1928; nat. coun. Berger Nat.
Found.; Conf. Prog. Pol. Act. camp. com.

Religion Eden Theol. Sem. since 1927;

Who Is Who in Radicalism?


brother of Reinhold; nat. com. Nat. R. &
L. Found. 1933 ; Webster Groves, Mo.

NIGOB, EUGENE: pianist for Commu-
nist meetings; John Reed Club; nat. com.
W.I.R. (1929).

NILES, DAVID K.: sec. Mass. A.C.L.U.

NOE, A. C.: exec. com. A.S.C.R.R., Chgo.

NOONAN, JOHN J.: People's Legis.
Serv.; Nat. Save Our Schs. Com.

NORMAN, LOREN: Communist Lg.
(" Trotsky ite") ; Prog. Miners Un. and reg.
contrib. "Progressive Miner"; ed. with
Jerry Allard of "The Fighting Miner," offi-
cial organ of the Militant Left Wing Miners
of America.

Coun. for Intl. Coop, to Prevent War ; Non-
intervention Citiz. Com. 1927; Russ. Re-
const. Farms, 1925; Emer. Com. Strik. Rel.

NORRIS, GEO. W.: radical U.S. Sena-
tor from Nebraska; Com. on Coal and
Giant P.; was hon. pres. Nat. Citiz. Com.
on Rel. Lat. Am. 1927; nat. coun. Peo-
ple's Legis. Serv.; Nat. Pop. Govt. Lg.;
endors. Lane Pamphlet.

NORTH, JOS.: communist writer for
Intl. Pamphlets; John Reed Club; former
ed. "Labor Defender"; "New Masses" staff,

NUNN, WM. L.: nat. bd. dir. A.C.L.U.;
Pris. Rel. Fund of I.L.D.; contrib. to Fed.
Press Clip Sheet Service; Prof., formerly
of U. of Pitts., now of Dana Coll., N.Y.C.;
Nat. Com. to Aid Vic. G. Fascism.

NYE, GERALD P.: radical Rep.; U.S.
Sen. from N.D.; Nat. Citiz. Com. Rel. Lat.
Am. 1927; spkr. at Mooney protest meet-
ing, Wash., D.C., 1/25/32.

NYGARD, EMIL: Communist; elected
Mayor of Crosby, Minn., a town of 4,000
people, Dec. 6, 1932 (first Communist
mayor elected in U.S.) ; defeated for re-
election, 1933.


OAK, LISTON M.: N.C. to A.S.M.F.S.;
Communist editor of "Soviet Russia To-
day" (F.S.U. organ) ; Soviet propaganda
spkr. Dec. 3, 1933 in People's Ch., West
Allis, Wis. (pastor is pro-Soviet Ralph M.
Compere, who was active in Milk Strike).

O'BRIEN, PATRICK H.: chmn. legal
advis. com. A.C.L.U. Detroit branch; in-
strumental in securing injunction against
the alien registration law which is being
made permanent; elected Atty. General of
Mich., Nov. 1932; 1933, dismissed Bridg-
man Raid criminal syndicalism charges
against Wm. Z. Foster and other Commu-
nists, freeing for use of Communist Party

thousands of dollars of bond money held
by the State.

O'CONNOR, HARVEY: a communist
Federated Press Corres.; author "Mellon's
Millions"; N.C. to A.S.M.F.S.; bd. Pris.
Rel. Fund (I.L.D) ; spkr. communist United
Front Conf., 805 James St., Pittsburgh, Pa.,
Oct. 15, 1933; Recep. Com. Soviet Flyers;
corres. "New Masses," 1933 ; arrested in
Pittsburgh; John Reed Club; husband of
Jessie Lloyd, daughter of Lola Maverick
Lloyd and Wm. Bross Lloyd.

OEHLER, HUGO: nat. com. Commu-
nist Lg. Am.; Progressive Miners Union,
1933; former mem. cent. com. Communist
Party, U.S.A.; nat. com. A.A.A.I. Lg., 1928.

OGBURN, WM. F.: Prof. U. of Chgo.,
formerly Columbia U.; advis. Pioneer
Youth of Am.; bd. Lg. for Org. Prog.
1931; mem. Com. of 100 (org. by A.C.L.U.)
to aid teachers dismissed in N.Y. as un-
patriotic and disloyal; a speaker at Sacco-
V. meeting held in Paris; mem. Pres.
Hoover's Com. on Social Trends, which
made radical report.

band and W. E. Zeuch, founded Common-
wealth Coll. at Mena, Ark.; convicted un-
der sedition law and served fourteen
months in Mo. State Pen.; was Socialist
Party lecturer and I.W.W. exec. ; led chil-
dren's crusade to Wash., D.C., 1922, in be-
half of "Amnesty for Political Prisoners";
was teacher Commonwealth Coll. until re-
cently; Cong. Exp. Radicals.

OHL, HENRY: Pres. Wis. Fed. Labor
(A. F. of L. affiliate) ; com. on action of
Conf. Prog. Pol. Act. 1933.

Group (anarchists), Chgo.; Nat. Mooney
Coun. of Action, 1933 ; contrib. "Recovery
Through Revolution"; born Oviedo, Spain
1893; active in movement since childhood
in Spain, Cuba, and U.S.A.

OLDER, FREMONT: newspaper ed.
San Fran., Cal.; vice chmn. nat. A.C.L.U.;
Nat. Mooney-Billings Com.; active in
Mooney agitation; Nat. Citiz. Com. for
Sacco and V. 1927; endors. "Professional

OLGIN, MOISSAYE J.: Jewish, born
Russia; exec. com. Communist Party U.S.;
ed. communist Daily Freiheit (see "Frei-
heits") ; contrib. ed. "Soviet Russia To-
day"; writer for Communist magazines;
instr. New Sch. for Social Research, 1932;
exec. com. N.Y. Wkrs. Sch.; Recep. Com.
Soviet Flyers; John Reed Club; head of
Jewish section, Communist Party.

OLMSTED, ALLEN S.: represented
A.C.L.U. before House Immigration Com.


The Red Network

advocating admission of alien anarchists
and Communists, regardless of their sedi-
tious beliefs and utterances; wife active in
W.I.L.P.F.; For. Pol. Assn.

OLMSTEAD, FRANK: exec. com. Nat.
R. & L. Found.; nat. coun. C.M.E.; nat.
com. War Resisters Lg., 1930, exec. com.
1931; coll. sec. of Y.M.C.A., scheduled to
speak at Tom Mann meeting, N.Y.Q.
(Daily Wkr. 10/11/33).

Total Disarm.; chmn. organization W.I.L.

OLSON, FLOYD B.: Farmer-Labor
Party Gov. of Minn.; vice pres. Pub. O.
Lg.; threatened confiscation of wealth in
Minn, and hoped present system of govt.
would go "right down into hell" (Lit.
Digest 4/29/33); endorsed by L.IP.A.

O'NEAL, JAMES: Socialist Party wkr.;
ed. New Leader (official organ of Socialist
Party); author "Militant Socialism," etc.;
infamous People's Coun.

O'NEALL, KELLY: nat. com. Nat. R.
& L. Found. 1933.

ORNITZ, SAMUEL: author; with
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studio, Culver City,
Cal., since 1929; claims to be an atheist;
Communist Lg. P. G. for F. & F. 1932;
N.C. to A.S.M.F.S.; Nat. Com. Def. Pol.
Pris. 1932; contrib. ed. "New Masses."

munist; Mexican fresco painter; "New
Masses" staff, 1933.

OSBY, LAURA: Lg. Strugg. Negro Rts.;
Communist Party functionary; cand. for
Aid. 20th Ward, Chgo. 1933; participant
unemp. demonstration (Daily Worker,
3/6/33); colored.

OTTO, MAX C.: Prof. Phil., U. of Wis.;
atheist; edtl. contrib. A. Lincoln Center
"Unity," 1933; endors. "Professional Pa-
triots"; his arguments for atheism are
printed in "Is There a God?" pub. by
(Herbert L.) Willett Clark & Co. (pub-
lishing affiliate of "Christian Century").

sec. T.U.U.L. council of N.Y.; nat. com.
F.S.U.; instr. N.Y.C. Wkrs. Sch.

City Coll. of N.Y. since 1911; lecturer New
Sch. for Soc. Research since 1924; war-
time "peace" worker, cooperating with
Lochner, Harry F. Ward, Norman Thomas,
etc.; exposed in Lusk Report; nat. vice
chmn. C.M.E.; endors. World Peaceways;
signer of Fell. Recon. Petition Russ. Recog.
1932; John Reed Club, N.Y.C. 1930; Labor
Temple Sch.; endors. "Professional Pa-
triots"; nat. com. W.R. Lg.; Freethinkers
Ingersoll Com. 1933; Cong. Exp. Radicals.

Pauw U. since 1928; was Prof, at U. of
So. Cal. 1919-23 and pastor of M.E.
Church of All Nations, Los A.; was active
exec, of A.C.L.U., So. Cal. branch, and
very active in advocacy of repeal of Cal.
criminal syndicalism laws; mem. People's
Edu. Lg. (of Communists, Anarchists, I.W.
W.'s, etc.) ; member "The Internationale"
(extreme radical group led by Fanny Bixby
Spencer) ; Federated Farmer-Labor Party ;
committeeman Meth. Fed. for Soc. Serv.
and its exec. sec. 1928; abolished compul-
sory military training at De Pauw soon
after he became president, urging its aboli-
tion entirely 1934; Nat. R. & L. Found,
nat. com. 1933; signer Fell. Recon. Pet.
Russ. Recog.; Lg. for Org. Progress; sec.
World Peace Commn., M.E. Ch. 1932;
see also under article "Who Are They?"

PACE, JOHN: Communist organizer
and "General" of the Bonus March to
Wash. 1932; was arrested in Detroit, and
given 60 days imprisonment. He had de-
manded a welfare check of $6.00 and re-
fused to work for it, arguing that he was
too busy organizing another Communist
march (Nat. Republic, Mar. 1933).

PACKARD, JOHN L.: nat. exec. com.
Socialist Party; nat. com. Lg). Against

PAGE, KIRBY: formerly minister and
evangelist; now ed. "World Tomorrow";
Socialist; Commn. on Intl. Justice and
Goodwill of Fed. Coun. Chs.; Garland Fund
Com. on Am. Imperialism; was chmn. exec,
com. Fell, for Chr. Social Order (now
Fell. Recon.) ; vice chmn. Fell. Recon.;
Non-intervention Citiz. Com. 1927; "in-
spiration" of L.I.P.A.; nat. coun. C.M.E.;
Peace Patriots; collaborator with Sherwood
Eddy; contrib. to "Disarm" (of L.I.D.) ;
pro-Soviet; author of infamous "slacker
oath"; signer, with Robt. Morss Lovett
and Rose Schneiderman, of ad. in "World
Tomorrow" for Aug. 1925 asking for con-
tributions to Garland Fund for use in aid-
ing Chinese Communists; endorser Lane
Pamphlet; in "Toward New Economic So-
ciety" (by Eddy and Page), recommends
reading of Daily Worker (Communist) ;
financial contrib. Commonwealth Coll.;
Nat. R. & L. Found. 1933; nat. com. Lg.
Against Fascism, 1933; nat. com. W.R. Lg.;
nat. coun. Berger Nat. Found.; leader with
Sherwood Eddy of delegation to Russia in

PAGE, MYRA: Communist writer; con-
trib. ed. "New Masses," "New Pioneer";

Who Is Who in Radicalism?


Intl. Union Revol. Writers; perm, contrib.
Intl. Lit.; Lg. Strugg. Negro Rts.; "New
Masses"; Revol. Writers Fed.; "New

PALMER, ALBERT W.: Congl. min-
ister; Pres. and Prof. Chgo. Theol. Sem.;
C.M.E. 111.; signer Fell. Recon. Pet. Russ.
Recog. 1932; introduced radical Sunday
Evening Forum in First Cong. Church of
Oak Park.

munist supporter; nat. bd. dir. A.C.L.U.
1933 ; former ed. "Colorado Labor Advo-
cate"; lecturer Brookwood Labor Coll.
1932; Nat. Com. Def. Pol. Pris. 1932; con-
trib. Daily Worker; field sec. A.C.L.U.
Chgo. Com. 1930; mgr. Eastern bureau Fed.
Press; speaker for various Communist
groups; arrested many times in riots, etc.;
he wrote in Communist "Labor Unity,"
Mar. 1928: "You will have to move fast
to catch me between jails. However, I
have written a little something for Labor
Unity. This was a great strike. Frater-
nally, Frank Palmer."; mem. First. Am. Tr.
Un. Delg. to Russia, 1927, which was re-
pudiated by A. F. of L. because of com-
munistic character; Pris. Rel. Fund (I.L.
D.) 1932; Dreiser Com. on Coal; Scotts-
boro Com. of Action; exec. bd. Federated
Press, 1927; Recep. Com. Soviet Flyers.

PANKEN, JACOB: Jewish Socialist;
born Russia; Judge, N.Y.C., 1917; exec.
com. infamous People's Coun. 1917; org.
Intl. Ladies Garm. Wkrs. Un.; II. Nuovo
Mondo Nat. Com.; delg. 2nd Intl. 1933,
Paris, where the Am. delegation was most
revolutionary of all, according to press re-
ports; nat. coun. Berger Nat. Found.; Cong.
Exp. Radicals.

English suffragist imprisoned fifteen times
(twelve hunger strikes) for woman's suff-
rage, anti-war, and Communist activities;
founder Montessori School Nursery; org.
British Communist Party; Nat. Com. to
Aid Vic. G. Fascism 1933.

PARK, MARION: Pres. Bryn Mawr
Coll.; Open Road; nat. coun. C.M.E.; Fell.
Recon. Pet. Russ. Recog.

Chgo.; edu. work among Negroes 1905-14;
dir. Race Rel. Surv. of Pac. Coast 1923-5;
A.C.L.U. Chgo. Com.

com. A.C.L.U.

Assn. Univ. Women; Non-intervention
Citiz. Com. 1927; Griffin Bill sponsor 1932;
attended Rosika Schwimmer's recep. for

Einstein, 3/16/33; endorser's com. World

Bishop of Cal.; also lecturer; active pa-
cifist; nat. coun. C.M.E.; Nat. Mooney-
Billings Com.; endors. Lane Pamphlet;
campaign com. Conf. Prog. Pol. Action,
1933; home San Francisco.

PASS, JOSEPH: Communist; "Labor
Defender"; Nat. Com. Def. Pol. Pris. 1931;
John Reed Club; bd. Pris. Rel. Fund

PASTERNAK, N.: Communist; instr.
Wkrs. Sch. N.Y. on "Principles of Com-

of Pa.; dir. A.S.C.R.R.; pres. Acad. Pol.
and Soc. Science; For. Pol. Assn.; Fell.
Recon. Pet. Russ. Recog.

PATTERSON, WM. L.: colored; nat.
sec. communist I.L.D.; Nat. Scottsboro
Com. of Action; Nat. Mooney Coun. of
Action; cent. com. Communist Party;
Sacco-V. Nat. Lg.; nat. com. F.S.U. 1934.

ologist Johns Hopkins U.

Nat. Cons. Lg.; endors. "Professional Pa-
triots"; advis. coun. For. Lang. Inf. Serv.

lesley Coll.; Open Road 1933; Fell. Recon.
Pet. Russ. Recog.; favors embargo on arms

PERILLA, JACK: Communist Party
cent, com.; writer for "Party Organizer,"
Jan, 1932; former circulation mgr. of
Daily Wkr.

PETERS, PAUL: Communist; "Labor
Defender"; "New Masses"; N.Y. Suitcase
Theatre; Pris. Rel. Fund (I.L.D.) ; Nat.
Com. Def. Pol. Pris. 1931; John Reed
Club ; Scottsboro Com. of Act.

PETERSON, ARNOLD: nat. sec. Social-
ist-Labor Party.

PETTIS, ASHLEY: pianist formerly of
Eastman Sch. Music; Communist; "New
Masses" staff 1933; F.S.U. ; John Reed
Club spkr.; a "Communist-Recommended

PETTIT, WALTER W.: Russ. Reconst.
Farms, 1925; A.S.C.R.R. advis. com. and
book com.; Prof. N.Y. Sch. Social Work;
cooperating educator Recon. Trips. N.Y.

PICKENS, WILLIAM: colored; former-
ly coll. prof.; nat. com. communist I.L.D.
1928; field sec. N.A.A.C.P. since Feb. 1920;
nat. com. A.C.L.U.; bd. dir. L.I.D.; nat.
com. A.A.A.I. Lg. 1928; Pris. Rel. Fund
(I.L.D.) 1928-33 ; at one time regular con-
trib. of articles to Daily Worker; his book


The Red Network

"Bursting Bonds" was pub. by Gosidat Pub.
Hse. (Communist), at Moscow, 1923; con-
trib. ed. "World Tomorrow"; Nat. R. &
L. Found. 1933 ; rec'd diploma from Brit-
ish Esperanto Assn. 1906; Hands Off China
Com.; advertised as speaker at joint N.A.
A.C.P. and I.L.D. meeting, Waukegan, 111.,
May 29, 1933; delg. to A.A.A.I. Lg. con-
gress at Brussels, 1927, and at Frankfort,
Germany, 1929; fellow vice chmn. with
Earl Browder (sec. Communist Party) of
the Am. Lg. Ag. War and Fascism, 1933.

PINCHOT, AMOS R. E.: nat. com. A.C.
L.U.; nat. coun. Berger Nat. Found.; Emer.
Com. Strik. Rei ; endors. "Professional
Patriots"; nat. bd. dir. A.C.L.U. 1933; vice
pres. Pub. O. Lg. of Am.; Cong. Exp. Radi-
cals; home N.Y. City; brother Gifford is
Gov. of Pa.

PISER, M.: nat. org. communist Furni-
ture Wkrs. Indust. Un.; Recep. Com. Soviet
Flyers, 1929.

POINDEXTER, D.: Communist Party
functionary; exec, of Lg. Strugg. Negro
Rts.; Nat. Mooney Coun. Act. 1933; Chgo.
police record; cand. for Cong, on Com-
munist ticket, 1932; chmn. Wash. Park
Forum, 1933 ; under indictment on criminal
charges for rioting at relief station, 1933.

POLLAK, KATH.: N.Y. Socialist Party;
faculty mem. Brookwood Lab. Coll., 1932;
Conf. Prog. Lab. Act.; cand. for dir. L.I.
D.; mem. exec. com. Illinois division Cong,
of Farmers and Workers for EC. Reconstr.

lawyer, active in Scottsboro case; fin. con-
trib. to I.L.D. 1928.

POLLETTI, W. CHAS.: nat. bd. dir. A.
C.L.U. 1933.

PORTER, PAUL: mem. Socialist Party;
field sec. and lecturer of L.I.D. (see) ;
assoc. ed. "Revolt" (L.I.D. ), now "Student
Outlook"; tour conductor Russia, 1931.

PORTER, R. B.: com. Chr. Soc. Act. M.;
Eugene, Ore.

POST, ALICE THACHER: editor; vice
pres. A.A.A.I. Lg.; Peace Patriots; delg.
Women's Intl. Cong., The Hague, 1915;
Women's Peace Party; W.I.L.P.F.; home
Washington, D. C.; widow of Louis F.

POST, LOUIS F.: former Asst. Sec. La-
bor; Nat. Pop. Govt. Lg. and author of
its "Deportations Delirium of 1920" at-
tacking Dept. of Justice for deporting an-
archists and Communists; wife Alice
Thacher; deceased.

munist; Intl. Un. Revol. Writers, etc.; de-
ceased 1933.

POTASH, JOE: Communist Party func-
tionary ; N.Y. sec. Needle Tr. Wkrs. Indust.

POTOFSKY, J. S.: nat. coun. L.I.D. for

of "Humanism"; Freethinkers Ingersoll
Com. 1933.

POUND, ARTHUR: nat. com. Nat. R.
& L. Found. 1933.

POUND, ROSCOE: Dean Harvard Law
School; contributed to I.L.D. funds for
Scottsboro boys (Daily Wkr. 4/22/33);
Fell. Faiths speaker Chgo. 1933 ; nat. coun.
For. Pol. Assn.; Nat. Pop. Govt. Lg.; Nat.
Cons. Lg.

F.S. 1931; educators' Com. for Thomas

POWERS, GEO.: Communist Party
functionary; Communist cand. for judge,
N.Y. City; sec. Steel & Metal Wkrs. Indust.
Un., N.Y. City; mem. Anti-Imperialist Lg.
delg. to Cuba, 1933.

S.M.F.S.; John Reed Club; novelist, lec-
turer and critic.

ten principal Communist leaders in U.S.;
formerly Prof. Hunter Coll.; now nat. org.
for Women's Division of Communist
Party; returned from Moscow, 1931; Am.
Assn. Lab. Legis.; Russ. Reconst. Farms,
1925; Recep. Com. Soviet Flyers; nat. com.
I.L.D. 1928; dir. Bureau Labor Research,
Rand. Sch.; very revolutionary.

Strik. Rel.

PRATT, ELIOT: nat. bd. dir. A.C.L.U.
1933 ; Open Road.

PRATT, GEORGE D. JR.: nat. coun.
L.I.D. for N.Y.; Emer. Com. Strik. Rel.
1933; Nat. Mooney-Billings Com.

PRESTON, EVELYN: nat. coun. L.I.D.
for N.Y.; Emer. Com. Strik. Rel. 1927;
Non-intervention Citiz. Com. 1927; Nat.
Save Our Schs. Com.; Com. on Coal &
Giant P.; ed. com. L.I.D. (N.Y. Trib.

PRICE, HELEN E.: nat. com. Nat. R.
& L. Found. 1933.

PURO, HENRY: mem. cent. com. Com-
munist Party ; head Agrarian com. of Com-
munist Party.



popular singer at Communist functions.
RALSTON, JACKSON H.: lawyer; lec-
turer at Stanford U.; pres. bd. commnrs.
(Hyattsville, Md.) which first applied Sin-

Who Is Who in Radicalism?


gle Tax system of taxation, 1892; Peace
Patriots; People's Lobby; Nat. Mooney-
Billings Com.; vice pres. Am. Peace Soc.;
Nat. Citiz. Com. Rel. Lat. Am. 1927; Peo-
ple's Legis. Serv.; A.C.L.U.; Nat. Pop.
Govt. Lg. (charges against Dept. of Jus-
tice) ; home Palo Alto, Cal.

RAND, BARBARA: wife of Joe Dallett;
former Fed. Press corres.; active in Com-
munist work in Chgo. 1930-31.

RANDOLPH, A. PHILIP: ed. "Messen-
ger"; pres. Bro. of Sleeping Car Porters;
exec. com. Nat. R. & L. Found. 1933 ; for-
mer Rand Sch. lecturer; listed as "Negro
agitator" in Lusk Report; signer of call for
Cont. Cong, for EC. Reconst. 1933; cand.
for dir. L.I.D.; active in behalf of Tom
Mooney; Tchrs. Un.; Socialist.

gresswoman from Mont.; nat. com. A.C.L.
U.; nat. coun. Berger Nat. Found.; assoc.
sec. N.C. for P.W.; Worn. Peace Union
1929; lobbyist against National Defense
legislation; her People's Coun. affiliation
exposed in Lusk Report.

Rel. Fund (I.L.D.) ; investigator for A.C.
L.U. in Scottsboro Case; Nat. Com. Def.
Pol. Pris.; exec. sec. Sacco-V. Nat. Lg. 1928.

RAPPORT, S.: Communist Party cent,

RASCOE, BURTON: Nat. Com. Def.
Pol. Pris.; Emer. Com. So. Pol. Pris.; John
Reed Club.

RASNICK, DR.: Communist; Doctor,
Pittsburgh, Pa.; advertiser in Daily Wkr.

cialist; nat. coun. L.I.D. for N.Y.; sec.
Com. on Coal and Giant P. ; staff mem.
Bureau Indust. Research N.Y.; Emer. Com.
Strik. Rel. 1927-33; formerly indust. ad-
visor to Gov. Pinchot; com. on action
Conf. Prog. Pol. Act. 1933; announced
formation of Pa. Security Lg. (Fed. Press
Clip. Sheet 1/10/33); reviewed Commu-
nist play "Peace on Earth" most favorably
(Daily Worker, 12/5/33).

Prof. U. of Wis.; financial contrib. Com-
monwealth Coll.; wife Eliz. Brandeis spkr.
for W.I.L.P.F. (Milw. Leader 11/3/33).

RAWLEIGH, W. T.: pres. of firm of
that name, Freeport, 111.; vice pres. Pub. O.
Lg. of Am.; Nat. Save Our Schs. Com.;
advis. com. Util. Cons, and Inv. Lg.

RAYMOND, HARRY: Communist Party
functionary; served 6 mos. in jail in 1930
with Foster, Minor, etc. for inciting riot; .
was org. Metal Wkrs. Indust. Un. 1930.

RAYMOND, PHILIP: Detroit Commu-
nist leader; nat. com. F.S.U., 1933; sec.

communist Auto Wkrs. Un. ; cand. on Com-
munist ticket for city council, 1933 ; police

RECHT, CHAS. S.: "legal representative
of Soviet Govt. in this country" (see Am.
Anti-Bible Society); Cong. Exp. Radicals;
finan. contrib. to "Soviet Russia Today"
(S.R.T. Oct. 1932) ; official Soviet atty.

Prog. Edu. Assn. and an author of its revo-
lutionary manifesto; bd. ed. of its organ.

REED, DOROTHY: assoc. sec. N.C. for

REED, JOHN: deceased; buried in
Kremlin, Moscow; an org. of Am. Commu-
nist Party ; Communist "John Reed Clubs"
named after him; returned from Russia as
"consul general" for the Soviet regime;
indicted for criminal anarchy in N.Y. ; wife
Louise Bryant Reed, who later married
Wm. C. Bullitt, of special Russian mission
(1919) fame and now Am. Amb. to Soviet
Russia; was Am. newspaper correspondent.

REESE, CHAS.: org. communist Labor
Sports Union; Chgo.

REESE, CURTIS W.: "Humanist" min-
ister of All Souls Unit. Ch., Chgo.; mem.
bd. and dean Abraham Lincoln Center,
Chgo.; mem. bd. Unity Pub. Co., pub. of
radical mag. "Unity," of which he is assoc.
ed.; exec. bd. A.C.L.U. Chgo. Com.; Chgo.
Emer. Com. Strik. Rel.; vice pres. L.I.D.,
Chgo. chapter; Chgo. com. Fell. Faiths;
Chgo. Forum Coun.; City Club, Chgo.; A.
Lincoln Center is meeting place of Workers'
Laboratory Theatre, I.L.D. , Unemp. Coun.,
and John Reed Club (all Communist) ; a
convention of the latter was held there
in May 1932; Communist notices fill the
bulletin boards; endorser communist Coun-
ter-Olympics Com. (for independent Com-
munist sports Olympic) 1932 ; sponsor of
communist Chgo. Workers' Theatre, Mar.
1933; Freethinkers Ingersoll Com. 1933;
Chgo. Com. for S.A.W.; presided at John
Reed Club dinner for Barbusse at Chgo.
Woman's Club (10/17/33 Daily News).

PRICE): Communist Party org.; son of
Ella Reeve Bloor; on ed. staff Daily Wkr.
since 1923; now Communist Party section
org. at Omaha, Neb.

REITMAN, BEN: See Free Society
Group, also Emma Goldman.

RENN, LUDWIG: German Communist;
"Labor Defender"; Intl. Union Revol.
Writers; presidium Wkrs. Cult. Fed.; sen-
tenced to 30 months imprisonment for revo-
lutionary activities, Leipzig, Germany,
1/16/34; real name Arnold Friedrich Vieth
von Golsserau.


The Red Network

RENO, MILO: leader Farm Holiday
Assn.; nat. coun. Berger Nat. Found.; Conf.
Prog. Pol. Act. 1933.

RENZI. MODERATO: exec. com. C.W.

C. on Unemp. (Borders) 1933.
REYNOLDS, WM.: Communist Party

functionary ; police record in Detroit ; writer
for "Party Organizer"; cand. for Gov. of
Mich. 1932; pres. of Unemp. Councils, De-

RIBAK, LOUIS: communist "New
Masses"; John Reed Club.

RICE, ELMER: nat. bd. dir. A.CJLU.
1933 ; author of play "We, the People," an
argument for revolution, given Apr. 29,
1933, at People's Playhouse, Chgo. as a
benefit for the L.ID.; Griffin Bill spon-
sor; endors. Open Road; Nat. Coun.
Freedom from Censorship of A.C1.U.; sup-
porter Rand Sch. 1933; spkr. at election
campaign dinner for Foster and Ford, N.Y.
ity, Oct. 1932.

RICE, WM. G.: Prof.; chmn. Wis. U.
A.CX.U. Com.; mem. com. to welcome
Norman Thomas to Madison (Madison
Capitol Times, 9/22/32); praised Thomas
for Pres. Club at U. of Wis. ("Daily Car-
dinal," 9/23/32).

RICHARDS, EDW. C.: Socialist; LJ.

D. speaker; exec. com. W.R. Lg.; Peace
Patriots; coun. Pa. Com. for Total Disarm.;
home Pottsvflle, Pa.

RICHBERG, DONALD R.: socialistic
Chgo. lawyer; Com. on Coal & Giant P.
of LJJX; Util. Cons. & Inv. Lg.; Nat.
Citiz. Com. Rel. Lat. Am. 1927; Conf.
Prof. Pol. Act. and chmn. Resolutions Com.,
1924; sponsor and speaker, Berger Nat.
Found, dinner 1931; contrib. to "New Re-
public"; Emer. Com. Strik. Rel., Chgo.;
People's Legis. Serv.; Roosevelt appointee
as General Legal Advisor, N.RA. 1933.

RICHTER, H. M.: Chgo. surgeon and
mem. Am. Medical Assn.; financial contrib.
Daily Worker; Chgo. Com. for Strugg. Ag.
War; Recep. Banquet com. for Ford
(Negro Communist cand.) 1932.

mem. of its com. on delg. to Russia.

RIDGE, LOLA: Nat. Com. Def. Pol.
Pris.; Emer. Com. So. Pol. Pris.

RIEVE, EMIL: pres. Am. Fed. of Full
Fashioned Hosiery Wkrs.; coun. Jt. Com.
on Unemp. ; nat. com. Lg. Against Fascism ;
vice chmn. exec. com. L.I.PA.; signer of
call for Cont. Cong, for EC. Reconst.;

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