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SIMONS, WILLIAM: metal worker;
nat. sec. A.A.A.I. Lg. of U.S.; Am. com.,
intl. com., and delg. to W.C.A.W.; Am.
Com. for S.A.W. ; Communist.

SIMONSON, LEE: scenic designer; exec,
com. and dir. A.S.C.R.R.; in Russia 1933
on 2nd. trip; glorifies Soviet Moscow
Theatre; home N.Y.C.

SIMPSON, HERMAN: Communist Lg.
P. G. for F. & F. 1932; book reviewer for
"New Republic"; formerly ed. N.Y. Call
(Socialist daily, now discontinued).

SINCLAIR, DAVE: son of Upton Sin-
clair; instr. in physics, Columbia U.;
Socialist; exec. com. of N.Y. L.I.D.; in
publicity matter supposedly reproved father
as "backslider" for running for Gov. of
Cal. as Democrat (N.Y. Trib., 9/22/33).

SINCLAIR, JOHN F.: born Canada;
writer, lecturer, formerly Mpls. banker;
nat. com. A.C.L.U.; formerly active in
Y.M.C.A. work; People's Legis. Serv.; Am.
Acad. Pol. and Soc. Sci.; Garland Fund
Com. on Am. Imperialism; signer of tele-


The Red Network

gram to Pres. in behalf of Sacco and V.,
Aug. 1927; endors. "Professional Patriots";
endors. Lane Pamphlet; home Mpls.,
Minn., office N.Y.C.; appointee NRA
review bd. 1934.

SINCLAIR, UPTON: author; Lusk
Report calls him "a violent literary Social-
ist"; Garland Fund paid him $1100 for
work in selecting 200 titles for series of
cheap radical works in 1925; intl. advis.
bd. of Moscows' communist Intl. Liter-
ature, organ of Intl. Union of Revol.
Writers (Am. section Revol. Writers Fed.)
1933-4 ; nat. com. communist I.L.D.
1928; Socialist cand. for major offices (N.J.
and Cal.) ; founder Inter-Collegiate Social-
ist Soc. (now L.I.D.) ; nat. coun. L.I.D.
for Cal.; founder A.C.L.U., Cal. branch,
1923; Sacco-V. Nat. Lg.; Peace Patriots;
nat. com. communist Intl. Wkrs. Aid (now
W.I.R.) 1927; nat. com. W.I.R. 1928
Berger Nat. Found. 1931; N.C. to A.S.M.
F.S.; Emer. Com. So. Pol. Pris.; Nat. Com.
Def. Pol. Pris. 1932; permanent contrib.
"New Masses" (communist) ; intl. com.
and Am. com. W.C.A.W. 1932; officer com-
munistic Commonwealth Coll.; appealed
for funds Rand Sch. 1933 ; Intl. Com. Pol.
Pris. 1933; called Conf. Prog. Pol. Act.
1933; U.S. Cong. Ag. War; Am. Com. for
S.A.W.; Freethinkers Ingersoll Com. 1933;
Cal. cand. on Democratic ticket, 1933;
John Reed Club.

SO. INDIA: wealthy Prince of Nepal;
backer and speaker Fell. Faiths, Chgo.
1933; founder of "Humanistic Club."

SISKIND, G.: Communist Party func-
tionary; Wkrs. Sch. N.Y.C.; Party org.
Sect. 2, Dist. 2, and Agit.-Prop. dir.

SIVERTS, VICTOR: Unitarian min-
ister; arrested, Aug. 1932, in So. 111. with
Midwest College Com. for Investigation
and Relief of So. 111. Miners, of commun-
ist N.S.Lg.; Rev. Bragg is reported to
have phoned Franklin Co. Sheriff in his

her book "First to Go Back" Communist-
recommended; spkr. for communist F.S.U.
dinner, N.Y., Mar. 2, 1934.

SKINNER, CLARENCE R.; edtl. con-
trib. A. Lincoln Center "Unity"; nat. com.
A.C.L.U. and dir.; Universalist minister;
Prof. Applied Christianity, Tufts Coll.
since 1914 and vice dean; trustee St. Law-
rence U., Canton, N.Y. ; home Cambridge,

SKVIRSKY, BORIS: before recognition
was Communist Soviet Govt. unofficial

ambassador in Wash. D.C.; head of Soviet
Union Inf. Bureau.

SKOGLUND, CARL: nat. com. Com-
munist Lg. of Am. ("Trotskyite") ; delg.
to Mooney Congress, 1933, Chgo.

and Assoc. Dean Soc. Sciences, U. of Chgo.;
Chgo. Com. for S.A.W.

SMEDLEY, AGNES: Communist; Intl.
Un. Revol. Writers; perm, contrib. Intl.
Lit.; "New Masses"; Revol. Writers Fed.;
author "Chinese Destinies."

SMIRKIN, GEO.: Young People's So-
cialist Lg.; representing Socialist Y.P.S.L.
delegation at Communist Mooney meeting,
May 1, 1933, he said they were with the
Communists not only in the Mooney and
Scottsboro cases, but to help put over the
revolution; Nat. Mooney Coun. of Action,
1933; arrested; expelled from YP.S.L.;
now organizer in Illinois for Y.C.Lg.

SMITH, CYNTHIA: assoc. sec. N. C.
for P. W.

SMITH, ETHEL M.: left wing Social-
ist; legis. sec. Nat. Worn. Tr. Un. Lg.;
N. C. for P. W.; LaFollette-Wheeler Camp.
Com.; Lg. Worn. Voters; Nat. Cons. Lg.;
nat. com. Conf. Prog. Pol. Act.; Wash.,

Chgo. Com.; active Hull House supporter;
died Mar. 1934, leaving $25,000 to Hull
House and $5,000 to Jane Addams.

SMITH, TUCKER, P.: sec. C.M.E.;
Socialist; asst. treas. Fell. Recon.; former
gen. sec. Y.M.C.A.; exec. com. L.I.D.;
com. World Peaceways; Nat. R. & L.
Found. 1933; pres. Brookwood Lab. Coll.
1933; U.S. Cong. Ag. War Com.; exec,
com. W.R. Lg.; N.Y.C.

SMITH, THOMAS V.: Prof. U. of
Chgo.; sponsor Berger Nat. Found, dinner,
1931; A.C.L.U. Chgo. Com.; Chgo. Com,
for S.A.W. ; signer Fell. Recon. Pet. Russ.
Recog. 1932; contrib. to radical "New
Republic" and "Christian Century"; pres,
Chgo. A.S.C.R.R. 1933.

SMITH, VERNE: Communist Party
cent, com.; writer for Intl. Pamphlets; in
Moscow now as corres. for the Daily

SNYDER, PAUL J.: com. Chr. Soc. Act
M.; Minneapolis, Minn.

SOPER, EDMUND D.: Methodist;
pres. Ohio Wesleyan U. since 1928; nat.
com. Nat. R. & L. Found. 1933.

"New Republic" since 1924; nat. com,
Nat. R. & L. Found. 1933; a dir. Labor
Bureau, Inc., N.Y.C. ; nat. com. L.I.D.;
Com. on Coal & Giant P.; Am. Assn. Lab,

Who Is Who in Radicalism?


Legis.; Advis. Coun. on Radio in Edu.
1934; co-author, with J. M. Budish, of
"The New Unionism in the Clothing
Industry" 1920; speaker for Chgo. Forum
Coun. Mar. 7, 1933, on "The Chances for
Revolution"; as "expert" investigator,
assisted in prep. "Report on the Steel
Strike" of the Interchurch World Move-
ment, 1919; in this connection, the Lusk
Report says (page 1138): "It is not gen-
erally known that the direction of this
inquiry was not in the hands of unbiased
investigators. The principal 'experts' are
David J. Saposs and George Soule, whose
radical viewpoints may be gathered from
their association with Mr. Evans Clark,
acting under the direction of Ludwig
C.A.K. Martens, head of the Soviet Bureau
in the United States; their connection also
with the Rand School of Social Science,
and certain revolutionary Labor organ-
izations further emphasizes their unfitness
to carry on an unbiased investigation";
Communist sympathizer; lect. Rand Sch.
1931-2; nat. coun. L.I.D. for N.Y.; nat.
coun. Berger Nat. Found.; home Lyme,

SPARKS, N.: Communist writer for
Intl. Pamphlets; instr. Wkrs. Sch.; Dist.
Org. Dist. No. 1; Boston.

Lg. of Am. 1933.

SPECTOR, FRANK: Communist Party
functionary; asst. nat. sec. I.L.D.; ex-

SPECTOR, MAURICE: nat. com. Com-
munist Lg. of Am. ("Trotskyite") .

SPEERS, J. GUTHRIE: Presb. min-
ister; Non-intervention Citiz. Com. 1927;
nat. coun. C.M.E.; nat. com. Nat. R. & L.
Found. 1933.

extreme radical group, "The Internation-
ale"; active W.I.L.P.F. and A.C.L.U. in
Cal.; deceased; author of Women's Peace
Union (see) pamphlet "Militarism."

SPOFFORD, REV. WM. B.: nat. bd.
dir. A.C.L.U. 1933; Prot. Episc. minister;
Socialist; nat. coun. Fell. Ream.; Church
Socialist Lg. and signer of its manifesto
calling for a "complete revolution of our
present economic and social disorder"
(June 29, 1919); pro-Soviet; sent appeal
to Pres. Wilson for cessation of interven-
tion, characterizing the Soviet govt. "as
the one budding system of democracy in
Europe" (Lusk Report) ; exec. sec. Ch.
L.I.D. since 1922; Fed. Coun. Chs.; mem.
coun. Jt. Com. on Unemp.; treas. Ch.
Emer. Com. Rel. Textile Strik.; N.Y.C.

Prof.; 5th Ward Communist campaign
com. mem. with Profs. Lovett, Haydon
and Schuman, backing Communist Jano-
wicz for Alderman in company with Com-
munist Party organizations, Feb. 1933.

STACHEL, JACK: Communist Party
cent, com.; asst. nat. sec. T.U.U.L.

STALIN, JOSEPH: real name Djugash-
vili; Tiflis bank robber, bomber, and
murderer; present dictator of Communist
Intl. and of U.S.S.R.; the guiding spirit
behind plans and activity for World Revo-

Chgo.; A.C.L.U. Chgo. Com.

Chgo.; A.C.L.U. Chgo. Com.; appealed
for Sacco and V. (in "Survey" appeal)
1927; then lived at Hull House.

munist Lg. P. G. for F. & F. 1932; as
part of anarchist group, Lusk Report cites
his and Louise Bryant's cablegram to Lenin
and Trotsky, 1918; went with W. C. Bul-
litt to Russia, 1919; Lg. for Amnesty Pol.
Pris. (anarchist Berkman's) ; Nat. Mooney-
Billings Com.; N.C. to A.S.M.F.S.; con-
trib. ed. "Labor Defender"; Nat. Com.
Def. Pol. Pris. 1932; sent greetings to
U.S.S.R. commemorating Russian revo-
lution in "New Masses," Nov. 1932 ; wife
Ella Winter; nat. com. Henry George
Foundation; Am. Com. for S.A.W.; spon-
sor San Francisco communist Workers
School, 1933; Cong. Exp. Radicals.

STEIN, CLARENCE S.: advis. coun.
and book com. A.S.C.R.R.

and delg. from communist John Reed
Clubs U.S.A. to W.C.A.W. 1932; endors.
W.I.R. letter for "Hunger Marchers" 1932 ;
Pris. Rel. Fund; N.C. to A.S.M.F.S.; Nat.
Com. Def. Pol. Pris.

sec. Nat. Coun. Jewish Women; L.I.P.A.;
World Peaceways; contrib. "Survey";
Conf. Prog. Pol. Act. camp. com. 1933;
1st. vice pres. Nat. Women's Council
(N.Y. Times, 11/25/33).

"Church and the Workers," a Commun-
ist anti- religious Intl. Pamphlet; "New
Masses"; instr. N.Y. Wkrs. Sch.

A.W.; chmn. Student Cong. Ag. War at U.
of Chgo.; delg. to Montevideo (Red)
Cong. Against War, 1933; N.S. Lg.; con-
trib. "Student Review" (of N.S. Lg.) ;
arrested in South River, N.J., riot Sept.


The Red Network

STEWART, GEORGE: minister; nat.
com. Nat. R. & L. Found. 1933; Russ.
Reconst. Farms, 1925.

Policy Assn.; nat. com. communist F.S.U.
1933; contrib. ed. "World Tomorrow";
his "Good News from Russia" is "Com-
munist-Recommended"; one of leaders of
Intourist Tour, 1933; signer of letter to
Pres. Roosevelt urging Russ. recog.;
former assoc. ed. communist Moscow Daily
News and tchr. with wife at Moscow
Institute (Russia) ; contrib. "Nation."

STEWART, RAY: communist writer for
Intl. Pamphlets.


STILLMAN, CHAS. B.: advis. ed. bd.
"The Am. Teacher" (radical) of Am. Fed.
Tchrs.; former associate Scott Nearing.

STOCKWELL, S. A.: bd. dir. People's
Lobby; nat. com. A.A.A.I. Lg.; Emer.
Peace Fed. 1917; vice pres. Pub. O. Lg.
of Am.

active in social settlement work; vice
chmn. nat. A.C.L.U.; vice pres. L.I.D.
(also while it was Inter-Coll. Socialist
Soc.) ; vice pres. and chmn. finance com.
Nat. Cons. Lg.; Worn. Tr. Un. Lg.; Fell.
Recon.; Cong. Exp. Radicals; nat. coun.
Berger Nat. Found.

nist; born Russian Poland; active in Worn.
Tr. Un. Lg. ; sentenced to ten years Mo.
State Pen., 1918, for anti-war activities;
indicted Chge. 1919 and Bridgman, Mich.,
1922, on charges growing out of illegal
Communist Party conventions; Commu-
nist Party exec. com. and org.; formerly
lecturer for Inter-Coll. Socialist Soc. (now
L.I.D.); died 1933.

A.S.C.R.R.; Am. com. W.C.A.W.; wife
on exec. bd. W.I.L.P.F.; nat. com. W.I.R.;
Am. Com. for S.A.W. ; conductor Phila.
orchestra since 1912; spkr. at Lenin
Memorial mtg. at Broadwood Hotel,
Phila., 1/19/34, on his symphony "Ode
to Lenin," played at this mtg.; Ella R.
Bloor, Max Bedacht, and other Commu-
nists, fellow spkrs.; announced he would
play the communist Internationale at
Phila. symph. concerts in spite of Am.
Legion protests (Chgo. Trib. 1/26/34).

STOLAR, M. A.: Communist, formerly
of 111. ; in charge of typesetting for Moscow
News in Moscow (1933); bd. dir. 4A;
daughter was in charge of Young Pioneer
Camp (Communist) at Paddock Lake,
Wis. 1930; she was teaching in Russia,

STONE, NAHUM ISAAC: born Russia;
nat. coun. L.I.D. for N.Y.; Am. Assn. Lab.
Legis.; Nat. Child Lab. Com.

STOUT, RUTH: Nat. Com. Def. Pol.

STRACHEY, JOHN: former mem. Brit-
ish Parliament; Communist; author of
"The Coming Struggle for Power," a
"forthright advocacy of Communist revo-
lution" (Communist "Left Front" for
June, 1933) ; staff corres. communist "New
Masses," 1933; "Foresees World Commu-
nism" (N.Y. Times, 10/11/33).

L.I.D. for N.Y.

Party functionary; Pioneer Camp con-
ductor; arrested (see A.C.L.U.) ; nat. com.
I.L.D. 1930.

nist; home in Moscow; founder and asst.
ed. Moscow News, an English-language
Soviet propaganda paper circulated in U.S.;
married a Russian 1932; daughter of Rev.
Sidney D. Strong; writer for Intl. Pam-
phlets; dismissed as Seattle sch. teacher;
corres. for Am. Friends Relief Mission in
Russia 1921-2; corres. Fed. Press; contrib.
ed. "Soviet Russia Today," 1932; hdqts.
at Hull House when lecturing in U.S.
(Whitney's "Reds in America") ; nat. com.
W.I.R. 1928.

STRONG, JOS.: Chgo. sec. communist

STRONG, SIDNEY D.: father of Anna
Louise; Congl. minister, formerly Seattle,
where he was nicknamed "the Red reverend
of Puget Sound"; now of N.Y.C.; infamous
People's Coun.; Emer. Peace Fed.; Conf.
Democ. and Terms of Peace; Fell. Recon.;
Peace Patriots; pres. All Nations Fellow-
ship; contrib. to Commonwealth Coll.;
edtl. contrib. A. Lincoln Center "Unity";
com. of A.A.A.I. Lg. 1927.

SUGAR, MAURICE: Communist I.L.D.
atty.; Am. com. W.C.A.W. and delg. 1932
from Detroit John Reed Club; atty. for
A.C.L.U. Detroit branch and exec. com.
Nat. Coun. Prot. For. Born Wkrs.; Pris.
Rel. Fund (I.L.D.) ; sent greetings to
Soviet wkrs. in "Soviet Russia Today,"
Jan. 1933.

Theol. Sem.; various Indian Freedom
organizations; edtl. contrib. A. Lincoln
Center "Unity"; nat. com. War Resisters
Lg. 1930-31.

for S.A.W. ; Chinese Communist; now
about 40 yrs. old; was young mistress, or
"wife No. 2," of Sun Yat Sen (first Pres.

Who Is Who in Radicalism?


of Chinese Republic, who introduced Com-
munism into China) ; the older wife was
never divorced; was named Ching Ling;
daughter of Soong, a Christianized evan-
gelist with whom Upton Close, sister and
husband, lived in China; attended col-
lege four years in Macon, Georgia; sister
married Chiang Kai-shek, at present anti-
Communist military leader, but formerly
dominated by Reds. He discarded two
Chinese wives and joined Christian church,
of which "Mother Soong" was sponsor.

SWABECK, ARNE: nat. com. Commu-
nist Lg. of Am. ("Trotskyite").

SWAN, ALFRED W.: A.C.L.U.; Fell.
Recon. ; minister First Congl. Ch., Madison,
Wis. since 1930; nat. com. Nat. R. & L.
Found. 1933 ; mem. com. to welcome Nor-
man Thomas to Madison, 1932; named as
"Communistic" at U. of Wis. investigation
(Wis. Capitol Times, 7/12/33).

SWEET, WM. E.: Conf. for Prog. Pol.
Act. claimed credit for his election as Gov.
of Colo.; supporter A.C.L.U. 1922 and
either supporter or associate of L.I.D. and
Fell. Recon.; endors. of radical pacifist
Lane Pamphlet; Public Relations Division
NRA, Roosevelt appointee (see article) ;
Colorado Com. Lg. of Nations Assn.

SWIFT, DUANE: treas. A.C.L.U. Chgo.
Com.; officer Amalg. Tr. & Sav. Bk.,
Chgo.; sponsor Berger Nat. Found, dinner,

SWIFT, HAROLD H.: millionaire
packer; mem. Am. Red Cross Mission to
Russia, 1917; pres. bd. trustees U. of
Chgo., which retains communistic profs.,
recognizes Communist student activities,
and allows its property to be used for
Communist meetings in violation of 111.
sedition laws; advis. com. Chgo. Forum
Coun.; sister is Helen Swift Neilson of
A. Lincoln Center "Unity."

L.U., S. Cal. branch office; Socialist; pro-
tested attack on Reds (Daily Worker Oct.
13, 1931).

TAFT, JESSIE: Young Pioneer, very
active in 1930; "parents born in Russia
and her name a recent acquisition; con-
cludes her speeches by such remarks as
'Remember, comrades, the only country
we have is Soviet Russia ... we children
of today will be the leaders of the revo-
lutionary movement a few years hence
when we will make this country another
Russia.'" (U.S. Fish Report).

TAFT, LOR ADO: sculptor; father-in-
law of Paul H. Douglas; Non-Partz. com.

Lillian Herstein; Fell. Faiths, Chgo. Com.;
wife member of same and also signer reso-
lution for Recog. of Russia of Women's
Com. for Recog. of Russia; Chgo. Com.
for Strugg. Ag. War.

"English Reds"; repr. of A. Lincoln Center
"Unity" in India.

nist Party cent, com.; nat. organizer
F.S.U. 1933; formerly Communist Party
dist. No. 9 org. at Mpls.

TAMBLYN, RONALD J.: pastor Congl.
Ch., Holyoke, Mass.; nat. com. Nat.
R. & L. Found.; Ch. Emer. Com Rel.
Tex. Strike; book reviewer for "Christian

Chgo. exec. com.

Communist Party functionary ; Nat. Miners
Un. org. in 111. and Pa.; police record.

TAUB, ALLEN: atty. for Communist
I.L.D.; atty. for Scottsboro boys before
U.S. Supreme Ct.

TAUB, BELLE G.: wife of Allen; assoc.
sec. Am. com. and delg. to W.C.A.W.;
petitioned Pres. for Communist "Hunger
Marchers," Wash. D.C. 1932; Pris. Rel.
Fund (I.L.D.); Am. Com. for S.A.W.;
mem. Office Wkrs. Un.; arrested in Port-
land, Ore. Dec. 1933, in Communist riot.

Louis A.C.L.U. Com.; EC. Dept., Wash. U.,
St. Louis; A.C.L.U. investigating com. in
So. 111. May 1933.

vard U. Prof. EC.; Nat. Citiz. Com. Rel.
Lat. Am. 1927; Com. on Russian Amer-
ican Relations of Am. Found. (pro-Soviet) .

Louis doctor; asst. treas. W.I.L.P.F.; sister-
in-law of Albert E.

TAYLOR, ALVA W.: Prof. Social
Ethics, Vanderbilt U.; sec. soc. welfare,
Disciples of Christ Ch.; studied with
Graham Taylor; Fed. Coun. Chs. (mem.
soc. serv. commn.) ; mem. com. Inter-
church World Movement prep, report on
Steel Strike, 1919 (see Soule) ; Nat.
Mooney-Billings Com.; Ch. Emer. Com.
Rel. Tex. Strik.; endors. com. World
Peaceways; signer Fell. Recon. Pet. Russ.
Recog. 1932; exec. com. Nat. R. & L.
Found. 1933 ; contrib. ed. ultra-rad.
"Christian Century"; Emer. Com. Strik.
Rel. 1933; Nat. Save Our Schs. Com.;
Conf. Prog. Pol. Act. camp. com. 1934;
home Nashville, Tenn.

TAYLOR, GRAHAM: founder and res.
warden Chgo. Commons (social settlement


The Red Network

and hdqts. of Karl Borders and C.W.C.
on Unemp.) ; former minister (Dutch Ref.
Ch.); Prof. Soc. EC., Chgo. Theol. Sem.;
assoc. ed. "The Survey"; Chgo. Emer.
Com. Strik. Rel.; Fell. Faiths Chgo. com.;
advis. com. Chgo. Forum Coun.; Nat.
Citiz. Com. for Sacco and V.; also signed
appeal for Sacco and V., Aug. 1927; Chgo.
Com. for S.A.W. 1933.

TAYLOR, GRAHAM R.: son of Gra-
ham; Russ. Reconst. Farms, 1925; res.
Chgo. Commons 1896-1900 and 1904-12;
ed. staff "The Survey," 1904-16 ; spec. asst.
to Am. Ambassador to Russia 1916-19;
exec. sec. Chgo. Commn. on Race Rel.
1920-21; mem. Nat. Inf. Bureau commn.
on famine relief in Russia 1922; chmn.
exec. com. A.S.C.R.R.; bd. trustees For.
Lang. Inf. Serv.; home N.Y.C.

TAYLOR, LEA D.: Chicago Commons
executive; C.W.C. on Unemp. 1932-3;
daughter of Graham Taylor; opponent of
Baker Bills (against sedition) at hearing,
May, 1933; aided strikers at 711 W. Lake
St., July, 1933, with Karl Borders, Anetta
Dieckmann, Maynard Krueger, and a dele-
gation from red Nat. R. & L. Found.

TELLER, SIDNEY A.: Social Worker;
sec. Pitts. A.C.L.U. Com.

born Finland; pres. Coop. Cent. Exchange,
Superior, Wis.; mem. bd. Fed. Press; mem.
bd. Daily Worker Pub. Co.

TEXTOR, LUCY: advis. coun. A.S.C.
R.R.; Prof. Russian History, Vassar Col-
lege; leader Open Road tour to Russia,

munist Party leader, now imprisoned by

THOMAS, EDWARD: exec. com. Nat.
R. & L. Found. 1933.

recording sec. W.I.L.P.F.; Peace Patriots;

THOMAS, NORMAN: nat. exec. sec.
of Socialist Party in U.S.; grad. Union
Theol. Sem.; former Presb. minister; an
active wartime anti-American "peace"
worker with Lochner and other radicals;
Labor Defense Council, 1923, for Bridg-
man Communists; exposed in Lusk Report
and Cong. Exp. Radicals; a founder of
Garland Fund and a dir. since beginning;
A.C.L.U. founder and mem. of its nat.
com.; leading founder Fell. Recon. (Am.
branch); exec. dir. L.I.D.; exec. bd.
C.M.E.; L.I.P.A.; Emer. Com. Strik. Rel.;
N. C. for P. W.; nat. advis. com. Sacco-V.
Nat. Lg.; helped form Emer. Com. Strik.

Rel. to aid Passaic Communist strike, 1926,
led by Weisbord, called "lesson in revo-
lution," and was still chmn. 1933; Nat.
Citiz. Com. Rel. Lat. Am. 1927; exec. com.
Non-intervention Citiz. Com. 1927; nat.
com. Nat. World Ct. Com.; Berger Nat.
Found. 1931; advis. Pioneer Youth of
Am. ; II Nuovo Mondo Nat. Com. ; endors.
com. World Peaceways; vice chmn. Jt.
Com. on Unemp.; Com. on Coal & Giant
P.; Conf. Prog. Pol. Act.; Russ. Reconst.
Farms 1925; lecturer Rand Sch.; arrested
Paterson strike 1932; signer of protest to
Chinese Govt. in behalf of Mr. and Mrs.
Ruegg, alias Noullens, Communist agitators
convicted of sedition in Shanghai 1932;
exec. com. Nat. R. & L. Found. 1933 ; con-
trib. ed. "World Tomorrow," "The Na-
tion," and "The New Leader"; perennial
Socialist cand. for major office; voted for
united front with Communist Party (cited
in "The Communist," May, 1933, page
431), see under Socialist Party; U.S. Cong.
Ag. War; nat. com. Lg. Against Fascism,
1933; People's Freedom Union, 1920; Nat.
Advis. Coun. on Radio in Edu. 1933-4.

THOMAS, WILBUR K.: exec. dir. Carl
Schurz Memorial Found., whose )ber-
lander Trust is financing Einstein's Amer-
ican activities; advis. com. A.S.C.R.R,.,
also mem. of its Phila. chapter; advis.
Pioneer Youth of Am.; vice chmn. C.M.E.;
nat. bd. Am. Com. Fair Play to China;
Russ. Reconst. Farms; dir. Am. Russian
Inst., Phila.; Intl. Com. Pol. Pris.; nat.
com. Paxton Hibben (Communist) Memo-
rial Hosp. Fund; speaker for Am. Friends
Serv. Com. and its exec. dir. 1918-29;
endors. Lane Pamphlet; home Lansdowne,
Pa., office Phila.

THOMPSON, CARL D.: Socialist;
former Congl. minister; directing head
Pub. O. Lg. of Am.; ed. "Public Owner-
ship" (monthly mag.) ; wartime anti-
American "peace" worker; mem. Ford
Peace Ship Party; Emer. Peace Fed. 1917;
one time nat. campaign mgr. Socialist party ;
nominated as Socialist Presidential candi-
date, Victor Berger making the nominating
speech; former trustee of the "Yours for
the revolution" People's College, Fort
Scott, Kans. (the chancellor, Eugene V.
Debs), which was closed during the War;
Fell. Faiths spkr. Chgo. 1933; sponsor
Berger Nat. Found, dinner, 1931; L.I.D.
forum lecturer, 1934.

TIALA, ALFRED: nat. sec. communist
United Farmers Lg., 1629 Linden Ave.,
Minneapolis, Minn.; sec. Minn. Farmers
Nat. Com. Action; nat. com. Lg. Strugg.
Negro Rts.; arrested Feb. 1934 and sen-

Who Is Who in Radicalism?


tenced to 6 months in jail for inciting to
riot (Warsaw, Ind.).

TIERNEY, AGNES L.: nat. coun.
L.I.D. for Pa.; vice chmn. Pa. Com. Total
Disarm. 1932.

com. Nat. R. & L. Found. 1933 ; nat. coun.
C.M.E.; Com. for Thomas, 1929.

TIPPETT, THOS.: left wing revolution-
ary Socialist; corres. and bus. mgr. Fed.
Press; now edtl. dir. Prog. Miners Un. of
Am. at Gillespie, 111.; spoke all over U.S.
in behalf of new trial for Mooney; edu.
dir. Brookwood Labor Coll. until 1933;
org. Amalg. Cloth. Wkrs. of Am.; con-
nected with Wm. Z. Foster's Trade Union
Edu. Lg. (now T.U.U.L.) 1922 ; bd. admn.
Militant Left Wing Miners of Am. Oct.
1933; org. com. American Wkrs. Party.

TIPPY, WORTH M.: Ch. Emer. Com.
Strik. Relief; see Fed. Coun. Chs. Sex
Pamphlet; Fell. Faiths spkr. Chgo. 1933;
Meth. Fed. for Soc. Serv. nat. com.

ister First M.E. Church, Evanston, 111.;
prof. Garrett Biblical Inst.; Northwestern
U. trustee; A.C.L.U. Chgo. Com.; nat.
coun. C.M.E.; exec. com. L.I.D. Chgo.;
advis. com. Chgo. Forum Coun.; North
Shore chmn. Fell. Faiths; contrib. "Chris-
tian Century"; chmn. nat. com. Meth.

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