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Fed. for Soc. Serv. 1928; Fed. Coun. Chs.;
mem. World Peace Com. of M.E. Ch.,
which recommends that the Gen. Conf.
of the M.E. Ch. uphold those refusing all
military service in defense of our Country
(see M.E. Year Book 1932) ; responsible
for adoption of Negro social equality
resolution at M.E. Gen. Conf. 1932; signer
Fell. Recon. Pet. Russ. Recog. 1932; one
of signers of telegram to Einstein asking
him to address them in Chgo. Mar. 14,
1933 (sent in Feb.) ; opponent of patriotic
activities; notices of Communist and other
radical acitivities appear regularly on
Bulletin Board of his church (Anna Louise
Strong's and Scott Nearing's lectures; The
Proletarian Ball to be held April IS, 1933,
at Knickerbocker Hotel, Chgo., for the
benefit of the Communist I.L.D.; Henri
Barbusse meeting, Oct. 23, 1933; John
Strachey, Nov. 26, 1933; F. L. Schuman;
etc.) ; nat. com. Nat. R. & L. Found,
and book ed. of its ultra-radical Bulletin
"Economic Justice," which sacrilegiously
prints Communist-atheist cartoons and
carries outright revolutionary propaganda
and distributes Communist literature; on
Jan. 15, 1933, in his sermon (later printed)
entitled "Where Is God?", he said that
during the War God was in Karl Lieb-

knecht, Ramsay MacDonald, Remain Rol-
land and Eugene Debs, who were pro-
testing war (see reference to these persons
in this "Who's Who"); endorsed and
praised by A. Lincoln Center "Unity,"
Sept. 4, 1933; see article "News"; sponsor
Berger Nat. Found, dinner, 1931; F. L.
Schuman spkr. in church Sun. aft. Jan
28, 1934.

TITTMAN, EDW. D.: nat. com

TODD, A. M.: nat. coun. L.I.D. for
Mich.; A.C.L.U.; died 1932.

TODD, ARTHUR J.: Northwestern U.
Prof.; A.C.L.U. Chgo. Com.; Chgo. Forum

TODD, LAWRENCE: communistic dir.
Wash., D.C., Bureau Fed. Press, and of
Tass (Soviet Union News Agency) ; was
Wash. rep. A.C.L.U. reporting on legis-
lation, etc.; now in U.S.S.R. for Tass

Am. com. and delg. W.C.A.W.; writer for
Intl. Pamphlets; Pris. Rel. Fund (I.L.D.).

TOOHEY, PAT: Communist Party
functionary; former student in Lenin Sch.,
Moscow; Communist Party org. Dist. No.
19, Denver, until Dec. 1933.

TOPCHEVSKY, M.: Chgo. John Reed
Club; artist; teacher Chgo. Workers Sch.;
A. Lincoln Center functionary; Communist.

Party cent, com.; born Russia; Wkrs. Sch.
N.Y. City; formerly very active Socialist,
beginning with radical student activities
while attending Trinity Coll. and Yale U.;
org. and treas. Collegiate Anti-Militarist
Lg. 1914-5; Inter-Coll. Socialist Soc. (now
L.I.D.) ; Rand Sch. 1915-21; sec. Am. Lab.
Alliance for Russian Recog. 1921-2; bd.
mgrs. N.Y. Call 1916-20; assoc. with Intl.
Ladies Garm. Wkrs. Un. 1920-2; delg. 4th
Cong. Communist Intl. 1922, delg. exec,
com. Communist Intl. 1923, etc.; Teachers
Un. N.Y.; now mgr. Intl. Publishers, N.Y.,
the official Soviet pub. house in U.S.;
writer for Intl. Pamphlets; Recep. Com.
Soviet Flyers; Cong. Exp. Radicals.

TRENT, LUCIA: husband Ralph Chey-
ney; both poetry eds. A. Lincoln Center
"Unity"; advis. com. Sacco-V. Nat. Lg.;
chmn. artists' and writers' com. for Tom
Mooney, 1933; Nat. Com. to Aid Vic. G.
Fascism; contrib. to communist pub.
"Rebel Poet," also "World Tomorrow."

TRESCA, CARLO: anarchist; born
Italy; Anti-Fascist Alliance; arrested many
times; see Eliz. G. Flynn, his wife; former
spkr. for I.W.W.; Recep. Com. Soviet
Flyers; John Reed Club; now starting
paper again N.Y.C.


The Red Network

TROTSKY, LEON: known as Bronstein
while exiled in N.Y. prior to Mar. 1917,
when he left for Europe to join Lenin,
Stalin, etc.; ed. "Novy Mir" while in N.Y.;
People's Commissar for War under Lenin;
as such, reorg. the Red Army and ruth-
lessly carried out the bloody reign of terror
which followed the overthrow of the
Kerensky regime; exiled from Russia by
Stalin and now confined to Prinkipo, a
Turkish island; still the leader of a group
of Communists opposed to Stalin policies.

TRUAX, WM. R.: Conf. Prog. Lab.
Act, 1933; U.S. Cong. Ag. War; pres. Ohio
Unemp. Lg.; exec. com. Fed. of Unemp.
Wkrs. Lgs. of Am.; bd. admn. Militant
Left Wing Miners of America, new Red
miners union.

TRUMBULL, MILLIE R.: nat. com.
A.C.L.U.; vice pres. Nat. Cons. Lg. 1931.

org. Hawaiian Communist Lg. and
attempted to form a Communist unit in
the U.S. Army in Hawaii (with Paul
Crouch) ; convicted and served prison
terms; he and Crouch feted as heroes by
Reds upon their return to U.S.; one wel-
come arranged in Chgo. on anniversary of
Paris Commune (Aug. 10, 1928), with
Ralph Chaplin (I.W.W.) and Prof. Robt.
Morss Lovett as fellow speakers; dist. org.
Young Wkrs. Lg. (Communist) ; active
on Anti-Militarist Com. of Communist
Party (for boring from within all branches
of military service and breaking down all
nat. defense) ; formerly lived in Detroit ;
writer for Workers Library Pub. commu-
nist pamphlets; nat. sec. Wkrs. Ex-Service
Men's Lg. 1933.

minister; now pastor of St. Stephen's
Episc. Ch., Chgo.; leader of Am. Socialist
Party during War; convicted under
Espionage Act and given 20-yr. sentence in
1919; Ch. Socialist Lg.; an org. of infamous
People's Coun.; Emer. Peace Fed.; First
Conf. Democ. and Terms of Peace 1917;
reported as listed in I.W.W. organizers'
bulletin as on payroll of I.W.W. lecturing
on "Technocracy as seen by the I.W.W."
Jan. 1933 (Advisor) ; chmn. for North-
west side Fell. Faiths 1933 ; sponsor Berger
Nat. Found, dinner, 1931.

A.S.M.F.S.; sec. II Nuovo Mondo Nat.
Com.; Pris. Rel. Fund (I.L.D.) ; Com. for
Thomas, 1929.

TUGWELL, REX. GUY: contrib. ed.
"New Republic" ("advocate of revolution-
ary Socialism," Lusk Report) ; mem.
technical staff of communist-organized

First Am. Tr. Un. Delg. to Russia and
fellow-author of its Soviet propaganda
book "Soviet Russia in the Second De-
cade"; mem. of Pres. Roosevelt's "brain
trust" 1933 as asst. "commissar" of agri-
culture; see "Nat. R. & L. Found." for his
writings; as Prof, of Economics Dept.,
Columbia U., he offered Donald Hender-
son, ousted as Communist, a research fel-
lowship for one year in U.S.S.R.; Hender-
son refused because it entailed $700 cut in
his salary; Com. for Thomas, 1929; bd.
dir. socialist People's Lobby; Nat. Advis.
Coun. on Radio in Edu.

TULIN, JUSTINE WISE: daughter of
Rabbi S. Wise (see) ; nat. com. communist
F.S.U. 1933; author pro-Soviet articles;
com. of A.A.A.I. Lg. (Daily Wkr.


an ed. Milwaukee Leader; nat. com. A.A.
A.I. Lg. 1928; translator of Marx; delg.
to formation I.W.W. in Chgo. 1905.

UNTERMEYER, LOUIS: contrib. ed.
"The Liberator" ; contrib. "New Republic" ;
author; A.S.C.R.R. book com.; John
Reed Club; Emer. Com. So. Pol. Pris.;

Strik. Rel.; endors. "Professional Patriots";
founder Com. for Human Rights Ag,
Naziism; advocate of public ownership of
utilities; pres. Palestine Found. Fund;

U'REN, WM. S.: lawyer; sec. Oregon
Single Tax Lg. 1909-17; nat. com. A.C.
L.U.; Nat. Pop. Govt. Lg.; coun. People's
Lobby; home Portland, Ore.


VAN DOREN, CARL: author and ed.;
formerly coll. prof.; lit. ed. "The Nation"
1919-22; A.S.C.R.R. book com.; Emer.
Com. So. Pol. Pris.; N.Y.

supporter of communist N.S. Lg.; lit. ed.
"The Nation," 1924-28; wife assoc. ed.
"The Nation" since 1926; asst. prof.
English, Columbia U.

VAN DUSEN, HENRY P.: nat. com.
Nat. R. & L. Found.; nat. coun. C.M.E.;
treas. "World Tomorrow"; Com. for
Thomas, 1929; Fellowship Socialist Chris-
tians continuation committee ; endors. Lane

A.S.C.R.R. book com.; supporter and lec-
turer Rand Sch. 1932-3.

Who Is Who in Radicalism?


VAN VEEN, SADIE: wife of Israel
Amter; Communist writer for Workers
Library Publishers, "New Pioneer," etc.;
instr. pub. speaking, communist Wkrs. Sch.,
N.Y.C.; sec. I.L.D, Dist. No. 2, 1933.

co; a beneficiary of Sacco-V. Communist


pamphlet "General Strike" devotes its
inner cover to quotation on revolution
from his "Engineers and the Price System" ;
Lusk Report (p. 1094) cites his aid in
preparation I.W.W. pamphlet published by
A.C.L.U. in 1918; People's Legis. Serv.;
his book "Engineers and the Price System"
is considered basis for "Technocracy."

and pub. "The Nation," ultra-rad. mag.;
nat. com. A.C.L.U.; nat. coun. Berger Nat.
Found.; treas. L.I.P.A.; nat. coun. C.M.E.;
Fell. Recon.; Peace Patriots; People's
Lobby; bd. dir. "World Tomorrow"; was
chmn. exec. com. N.A.A.C.P.; People's
Legis. Serv.; Am. Medical Aid to Russia;
nat. advis. com. Sacco-V. Nat. Lg.; Emer.
Com. Strik. Rel.; as mem. of Intl. Com.
Pol. Pris., he protested execution of Chinese
Communist general, Chen Du Hsui, Jan.
1933; urged wide open trade with Russia,
May 1932; signer of A.C.L.U. telegram to
Gov. Emmerson, Oct. 1932, demanding
removal of troops from S. 111., where they
were quelling Red activities in the mine
fields; signer of letter to Georgia prison
commrs., Nov. 1932, protesting prison
methods "exposed" by Communist John L.
Spivak in his "Georgia Nigger," which ran
serially in the communist Daily Worker;
was active "peace" worker during War;
org. Am. Lg. to Limit Arm.; Nat. Peace
Fed.; Neut. Conf. Com.; Garland Fund
Com. on Am. Imperialism; Non-inter-
vention Citiz. Com. 1927; treas. com. on
action Conf. Prog. Pql. Act. 1933; nat.
com. Lg. Against Fascism, 1933 ; Nat. Save
Our Schs. Com.; appealed funds for Rand
Sch. 1933; People's Legis. Serv.; Cong.
Exp. Radicals; endors. Lane Pamphlet.

Socialist; born Russia; mgr. Jewish Daily
Forward, N.Y.C.; nat. com. A.C.L.U.; bd.
dir L.I.D.; L.I.P.A.; Nat. Mooney-Billings
Com.; Socialist Aid. N.Y.C., 1918-21; nat.
coun. Pioneer Youth of Am. since 1924;
Rand Sch.; Conf. Prog. Pol. Act.; Non-
intervention Citiz. Com. 1927; Berger Nat.
Found. 1931; hon. mem. Amalg. Cloth.
Wkrs. of Am.; nat. com. Lg. Against Fas-
cism, 1933 ; Workmen's Circle.

VOORHIS, H. J.: nat. com. Nat. R. & L.
Found. 1933.

Communist; Communist Robert Minor
her third husband; Nat. Com. Def. Pol.
Pris. 1932; N.C. to A.S.M.F.S.; employed
by Garland Fund; Labor Defense Council,
1923; permanent contrib. Intl. Lit. of Intl.
Union Revol. Writers, 1933; Recep. Com.
Soviet Flyers; Revol. Writers Fed.; home
Provincetown, Mass.

VROOMAN, CARL S.: Nat. Citiz. Com.
Rel. Lat. Am. 1927; Pub. O. Lg. of Am.;
Nat. Pop. Govt. Lg.; ex-Sec, of Agricul-
ture; Util. Cons, and Inv. Lg.; moderator
Cong'l. Ch. of 111.; Bloomington, 111.


Germany; exec. com. Communist Party
U.S.A.; admits being employed in revo-
lutionary movement for last 31 years; nat.
sec. Friends Soviet Russia; Recep. Com.
Soviet Flyers; relief chmn. Gen. Relief
Com. for Textile Strik. (of W.I.R.) 1926;
sec. Pa., Ohio, W. Va., Ky., Strik. Miners
Rel. Com. 1931; N.C. to A.S.M.F.S.; nat.
sec. W.I.R.; exec. sec. Nat. Com. to Aid
Vic. G. Fascism 1933 ; U.S. Cong. Ag. War.

Communist; Pris. Rel. Fund (I.L.D.) ;
I.L.D. organizer at Harlan, Ky. 1932;
arrested on sedition charges, released; wife
of Lowell Wakefield, dist. organizer for
I.L.D.; Seattle, Wash. 1932.

WALD, LILLIAN D.: a founder and
head worker Henry St. Settlement, N.Y.C.;
lecturer N.Y. Sch. of Soc. Work; vice
pres. A.S.C.R.R.; Am. com. W.C.A.W.;
nat. bd. W.I.L.P.F.; exec. bd. For. Pol.
Assn.; Am. Peace Found.; Russian Am.
Indust. Corp.; dir. Survey Associates;
stockholder in "Liberator"; was on Dept.
of Justice list of leading radicals 1921;
exposed in Senate investigation of radicals,
1919; Emer. Peace Fed.; on Emer. Com.
Strik. Rel. for communist Passaic Strike,
1926, led by Weisbord; Non-intervention
Citiz. Com. 1927; trustee Nat. Child Lab.
Com.; exec. com. N.Y. Child Lab. Com.;
N.Y. Lg. Worn. Voters; Worn. Tr. Un. Lg.;
Friends of Russian Freedom; vice pres.
Am. Russian Inst.; N.Y. Urban Lg.; Am.
Assn. Lab. Legis.; exec. com. Emer. Com.
Strik. Rel. 1933; Griffin Bill sponsor;
Recep. Com. Soviet Flyers; was in Jane
Addams' Worn. Peace Party; Cong. Exp.

WALDMAN, LOUIS: Socialist; born
Russia; Non-intervention Citiz. Com.
1927; ousted as Socialist Assemblyman of


The Red Network

N.Y. 1920; N.Y. State chmn. Socialist
Party and its cand. for Gov. of N.Y.
1Q30; L.I.D.; contrib. ed. New Leader;
nat. com. Lg. Against Fascism 1933; Lusk
Report, p. 554, states that as delg. to Chgo.
Socialist convention Sept. 1919 he said:
"If I knew we could sway the boys when
they got guns, to use them against the
capitalist class, I would be for universal
training"; attorney; announced Mar 2, 1934
reversal by Pres. Roosevelt of conviction of
Robert Osman, found guilty in the Canal
Zone (1931) of communicating military
secrets to Communists (Chgo. Examiner,

author of "Death and Profits"; formerly
N.Y. World staff; communist Daily
Worker (Washington Bureau head, with
Marguerite Young, 1933-4); during 1931-
2, editor of N. C. for P. W. International
Disarm. Notes; exec. bd. N. C. for P. W.,
1932; staff of "New Masses," 1933; grad.
U. of Pa.; instr. Eng. Dept., Coll. City
N.Y. 1927-8.

WALDRON, WEBB: Nat. Com. Def.
Pol. Pris.

Chas. R.; asst. sec. Nat. Com. Def. Pol.
Pris. 1931.

munist Lg. P. G. for F. & F. 1932; com-
munist "Labor Defender"; N.C. to A.S.M.
F.S.; Nat. Com. Def. Pol. Pris. 1932; bd.
Pris. Rel. Fund; with "Hunger Marchers,"
Wash., D.C., 1932; chmn. Theatre Union;
home Concord, N.H.

WALKER, CHRISTINE: nat. sec. of
the Junior Atheist League of. the 4A. until

WALLACE, HENRY A.: radical Roose-
velt appointee as Sec. of Agric.; Nat.
Citiz. Com. Rel. Lat. Am. 1927; Nat. Save
Our Schs. Com.; exec. com. Des Moines,
la. "Peace Council"; la. Com. Lg. Nations;
ed. Wallace's Farmer.

WALLIS, KEENE: John Reed Club;
ed. Revol. Writers Fed. "Literary Service";

WALSH, FRANK P.: lawyer, formerly
of Kansas City, Mo., now of N.Y.C.; chief
counsel of the Lab. Def. Coun. 1923 (to
defend Wm. Z. Foster, Wm. F. Dunne, and
other Communists seized at Bridgman,
Mich, on charges of criminal syndicalism) ;
returned with John Haynes Holmes and
others from relief work in Moscow, 1922,
bitterly condemning U.S. for not recog.
Russia; mem. Am. Neut. Conf. Com. 1916-
7; worked closely with Roger Baldwin and

Nat. Civ. Lib. Bur. crowd in 1917-8, while
he was co-chmn. of the War Labor Board,
in behalf of indicted I.W.W.'s; cooperated
in the writing of I.W.W. pamphlet (see
Lusk Report) ; chmn. Am. Commn. on
Irish Independence, which presented claims
of Ireland to Peace Conf., Paris, 1919 ; Am.
counsel for Irish Republic; Nat. Citiz.
Com. for Sacco and V. 1927; signed tele-
gram to Pres. in behalf of Sacco and V.
(Boston Post, Aug. 21, 1927) ; leader and
counsel, First Am. Tr. Un. Delg. to Rus-
sia, 1927, and active in raising necessary
funds for exp. of delg. (see under Organ-
izations) ; signed Nat. Pop. Govt. Lg.
charges against U.S. Dept. of Justice be-
cause of its anti-Red activities, with Felix
Frankfurter, Ernst Freund, etc.; mem. N.Y.
Commn. on Revision of Pub. Util. Laws,
1929, appointed by F. D. Roosevelt, then
Gov.; went to Cal. to plead for release of
Mooney, 1932; Nat. Citiz. Com. on Rel.
Lat. Am. 1927; Nat. Pop. Govt. Lg.; Peo-
ple's Legis. Serv.; Nat. Save Our Schs.
Com.; "When some questions came up
about the Friends of Soviet Russia" (Com-
munist) "they were referred to Moscow for
settlement, and he went over as the agent
and representative of the F.S.R. and was
paid $7500 for the service." (Welsh).

WALTMIRE, W. B.: M.E. minister,
formerly Des Plaines, 111. (now a center
of communistic activity), now minister of
Humboldt Park Community Ch., Chgo.;
grad. Garrett Biblical Inst.; vice chmn.
C.W.C. on Unemp. (Borders) and mem.
ed. bd. of "New Frontier," its official
organ; exec. com. Chr. Soc. Act. M. and
designated corres. for its "Socialist Min-
isters' Protective Assn." (org. to give finan-
cial aid to ministers who lose their positions
for teaching Socialism-Communism in their
churches) ; presented demands of joint
Socialist-Communist "Hunger Marchers" to
Mayor Cermak, Chgo., Oct. 31, 1932; was
on A.C.L.U. Chgo. Com. when it was org.
(1930); teacher Workers Training School,

WANGERIN, OTTO: Communist Party
functionary; formerly of St. Paul, Minn.,
1933 Chgo.; sec.-treas. Nat. R.R. Wkrs.
Indust. Union (now called R.R. Wkrs.
Unity Move.) ; A.A.A.I. Lg. Chgo. branch.

from surgery 1919 to devote all time to
coop, movement; cent. com. Intl. Coop.
Alliance; delg. to four Intl. Coop. Con-
gresses; pres. Coop. Lg. of U.S.A. (145
affiiliated societies) ; Socialist ; exec. com.
Civil Lib. Bureau 1919; Com. for Thomas,

Who Is Who in Radicalism?


1929; Emer. Com. Strik. Rel.; Teachers'
Union, N.Y.; mem. Coop. Club, Moscow,
Russia; lecturer Brookwood Lab. Coll.;
Cong. Exp. Radicals; wife active in Jane
Addams' Women's Peace Party; Roosevelt
Appointee on NRA Consumers' Bd.

WARD, HARRY F.: born England;
M.E. minister, formerly of Chgo.; head
res. Northwestern U. Settlement, Chgo.
1898-1900; Garland Fund founder and dir.;
vice pres. Garland Fund, July 19, 1922-
May 7, 1924; a founder, gen. sec. Meth.
Fed. for Soc. Serv. and co-ed, of its Bulle-
tin (with Winifred L. Chappel, mem. of
Communist Lg, P. G. for F. & F. 1932);
statement in Meth. Fed. for Soc. Serv.
Bulletin No. 8, 1932, signed by himself and
Bishop McConnell, admits cooperation with
Socialists and Communists; nat. chmn. and
a founder A.C.L.U.; advis. coun. A.S.C.
R.R.; pro-Soviet enthusiast; returned, 1933,
from year's stay in Russia; speaker for
communist F.S.U., Oct. 1933, also Nov. 1,
1933, Webster Hall, N.Y.C. with Commu-
nists Henry Barbusse, Anna Louise Strong,
Robert Minor, and Herbert Goldfrank;
lecturing under communist F.S.U. auspices,
1934; was wartime anti-American "peace"
worker; active in infamous People's Coun.;
Emer. Peace Conf.; his admiration for
I.W.W. cited in Lusk Report; presided
over I.W.W. meeting (Feb. 9, 1920), held
at Rand Sch. to raise money for def. of
I.W.W. murderers of four Am. Legion men
at Centralia; active in aid of Wm. Z.
Foster, C. E. Ruthenberg, and other Com-
munists arrested at Bridgman, Mich.;
bd. dir. "World Tomorrow," and contrib.
to "The Nation" and "Christian Century";
Peace Patriots.; Fell. Recon.; com. on
Recon. Trips, N.Y.; sec. Social Serv.
Commn., Fed. Coun. Chs.; ed. Yr. Book
of the Church and Soc. Serv.; Prof, of
Chr. Ethics, Union Theol. Sem., N.Y.C. ;
contrib. "Soviet Russia Today" (Com-
munist) ; connected with Y.M.C.A. and
Y.W.C.A.; Teachers' Union, N.Y.; Cong.
Exp. Radicals; see Hands Off Committees;
signer of demand that the ban against
Communist Party in the Philippines be
lifted, signed also by Sherwood Eddy and
Harry Elmer Barnes, sent to Sec. War,
1931; given hon. degree by Glenn Frank,
pres. U. of Wis., for his A.C.L.U. activities,
1931; home Palisade, NJ.

WARD WELL, ALLEN: nat. treas. A.S.
C.R.R.; Russ. Reconst. Farms, 1925.

WARE, HAROLD: Communist writer
for Intl. Pamphlets; special student of U.S.
farmers assisting Henry Puro in agrarian
course at Wkrs, School, 1933; assoc. of

Lem Harris and Otto Anstrum in Russia,
1930 and before.

WARFORD, JOHN: nat. com. Nat.
R. & L. Found. 1933.

of Pitts. 1929, released for radicalism; Prof.
EC. Amherst Coll. since 1930; was mem.
Pitts. A.C.L.U. Com.; cand. for dir. L.I.D.
1931; signer Jt. Com. on Unemp. demand
for redistribution of wealth (Fed. Press
Wash, letter 4/7/33) ; L.I.D. Russian tour
conductor for Open Road, 1933; mem. bd.
Cooperative Lg. of U.S.A. until 1928.

Winnetka Public Schools (111.) since 1919;
pro-soviet co-author and technical staff
member of communistic First American
Trade Union Delegation to Russia (see) ;
contrib. ed. of Journal and mem. Progres-
sive Education Assn. (see revolutionary
manifesto) ; mem. and contrib. ed. radical
Nat. Education Assn. journal; endorser of
Open Road; admirer of "pacifist" Gandhi;
joined party of persons "blacklisted as sub-
versives" by Am. Legion report in wel-
coming Einstein (Chgo. Daily News) ; lec-
tured in Moscow, 1931; writer of articles
for radical "Christian Century"; held "open
house" for Karl Borders (Jan. 20, 1930),
who lectured to Winnetka public sch. tchrs.

WATSON, ETHEL: record, sec. L.I.D.,
Chgo. chapter; cand. Socialist ticket 1932;
wife of Clarence Senior; sponsor Berger
Nat. Found, dinner 1931.

WATSON, GOODWIN: Prof. Columbia
U. Tchrs. Coll.; M.W.D. Def. Com.;
Friendship Tours; Peace Patriots; Prog.
Edu. Assn. and an author of its revolution-
ary manifesto ; contrib. radical pacifist book
edited by Devere Allen, "Pacifism in the
Modern World"; organizing a socialistic
organization "Forward America," Dec.
1933; Com. for Thomas, 1929; predicts a
new social order; contrib. "World Tomor-

RICE POTTER (WIFE): leaders with
George Bernard Shaw of the London
Fabian Society (Socialist), a potent force
in undermining present form of British
Govt. through injection of Socialism into
intellectual circles; British branch of A.S.

WEBBER, CHAS. C.: minister; assoc.
dir. field work, Union Theol. Sem., N.Y.C.;
L.I.D.; Hands Off China Com.; nat. coun.
Fell. Recon. 1928; com. Fell. Recon. Trips
N.Y.C. 1931; exec. sec. for industry of Fell.
Recon. 1933 ; Emer. Com. Strik. Rel. 1928-
33; Ch. Emer. Com. Rel. Tex. Strik.; exec,
com. Meth. Fed. for Soc. Serv.; Com. for


The Red Network

Thomas 1929; Socialist; exec. com. Nat.
R. & L. Found. 1933; John Reed
Club; author "Methodists turn Socialistic"
("World Tomorrow," July 1933).

WEBER, JOE: Communist; T.U.U.L.;
teacher of Strike Strategy at communist
Workers School, 2822 S. Mich. Ave., Chgo.
1932-3; Nat. Mooney Coun. of Action,
1933; police record.

WEIGLE, LUTHER A.: dean of Yale
U. Div. Sch. since 1928; nat. com. Nat.
R. & L. Found. 1933; nat. coun. C.M.E.;
dir. Congl. Edu. Soc. and Congl. Pub. Soc.
since 1917; chmn. commn. on Christian edu.
Fed. Coun. Chs. since 1924; chmn. admin-
istration com. same since 1929; New
Haven, Conn.

nat. com. F.S.U.; head of communist A. F.
of L. Com. for Unemp. Insur.; Nat.
Mooney Coun. Act. ; expelled by A. F. of L.
from Painters Union, Dec. 1932.

nist Party exec, com.; Russian Jew;
arrested Bridgman Raid ; Wkrs. Sch. N.Y.C.
since 1923; on exec. com. Communist Intl.
as repr. American Communist Party in
Russia; former ed. Daily Wkr.; cand. on
Communist ticket, N.Y. 1932; director of
holding company for the 26-28 Union
Square Corp. (Communist property).

WEISBORD, ALBERT: org.; teacher;
lawyer; grad. Harvard U.; former Social-
ist, Communist since 1924 ; conducted "first
lesson in revolution" in strike at Passaic,
N.J., 1926-7; nat. com. A.A.A.I. Lg. 1928;
now leader Communist Lg. of Struggle;
former instr. Coll. City of N.Y. and teacher
Rand Sch.

WELLER, CHAS.: dir. Fellowship of
Faiths (see) ; Emer. Com. Strik. Rel., Chgo.

WELLS, H. G.: English author; Social-
ist ; says "Pacifism is not enough ; you must
be politically unpatriotic"; British section
A.S.C.R.R.; Fabian Society; 1917 club
"combining pacifism with definitely revo-
lutionary aims"; endors. "Letters Sacco
and Vanz."; assoc. of Henri Barbusse in

WELLS, WM. (BILL) : org. communist
Shoe and Leather Wkrs. Indust. Un., Chgo.

WELSH, F.E.A.: colored Communist
Party functionary.

WERLIK, JOHN: Communist sup-
porter; born Czechoslovakia; Chgo. bus.
agt. Metal Trades Union; Am. Com. on
Inf. about Russia ; Tr. Un. Edu. Lg. ; joined
Socialist Party 1912; withdrew at time of
split into Communists and Socialists, 1919;
Nat. Mooney Council of Action, 1933;
C.W.C. on Unemp. 1933.

WEST, GEO. P.: nat. com. A.C.L.U.;
was mem. I.W.W. Def. Com.; Labor Def.
Coun. 1923; Cong. Exp. Radicals.

L.I.D.; exec. com. W.I.L.P.F.; Emer. Com.
Strik. Rel. 1928-33.

Dem. U.S. Senator from Montana; mem.
radical bloc in Congress; Prog. Party cand.
for Vice Pres. 1924 (with the elder LaFol-

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